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Name: ___________________ Group#___________ Date of Hospital Experience: _______________

Danielle Danoski, D1, 10/22/13 - WEEKLY Hospital Reflective LOG !"R 313#L $% &lease 'eflect on t(e co)'se o*+ectives fo' t(e ,eek an- note specific si.nificant lea'nin. e/pe'iences, incl)-in. skills, t(at 0o) -evelope- an-/o' p'actice- t(is ,eek% Share at least one skill/interaction that you feel you did especially well with: The course objectives for the week were to learn how to ather the necessar! information from E"#$% interview a patient% check vital si ns% an& perform '$$()$HE*+ ,hen the "$' was watchin us take a patients vital si ns # learne& that the best time to count respiration rates was while !ou are takin the patients temperature because then the! will not be talkin + ,hen # was performin the '$$()$HE* # learne& that some patients woul& rather have the prick in the mi&&le of their fin er rather then on the si&e+ -rom now on # know # shoul& ask the patient where the! prefer to be pricke&+ # thou ht # &i& the '$$() $HE* especiall! well because # remembere& all the steps while makin small talk with the patient at the same time+ 1% 1ase- on t(is ,eek2s e/pe'ience ,(at a'e 0o)' specific .oals fo' ne/t ,eek2s clinical e/pe'ience in addition to p'acticin. ne, skills an- content3 .! specific oals for next week/s clinical experience are to take out an #0 an& perform a &ressin + # woul& like to practice vital si ns more because # reali1e& it is har& to count respirations the same time !ou are takin the patients other vital si ns+ 4% 5(e colle.e2s *'an-in. is 4a'e, Lea- an- 6nspi'e% Ho, 7i.(t 0o) 'elate o' c(a'acte'i8e 0o)'self to t(ese ,o'-s t(is ,eek3 -4$RE9 2! takin vital si ns an& checkin for bloo& lucose levels% # was a small part of the entire process of carin for those patients # worke& with+ -LE$D9 2efore enterin the patient/s room that m! roup was interviewin % # took the initiative of lo in on to E"#$ an& locatin all of the necessar! information% -6!:&6RE9 # was inspire& b! the healthcare professionals who tau ht me new skills+ 2ecause of their patience # am extremel! excite& to continue on with this clinical experience+ #/m not sure if # inspire& an! patient this week+ D% 6-eas fo' 7e ;fac)lt0< fo' an i7p'ove- lea'nin. e/pe'ience ne/t ,eek3 No+ # think the wa! !ou tau ht us an& havin us split up into roups at first was a reat learnin experience+ E% Do 0o) ,ant to 'eco.ni8e a special staff 7e7*e' fo' en(ancin. 0o)' lea'nin. e/pe'ience to-a03 &ositive co77ents ,'itten (e'e 7a0 *e s(a'e- ,it( t(e staff 7e7*e' an- t(e )nit 7ana.e7ent tea7% The "$'% .e an% who # was workin with to&a!% was extremel! helpful+ 3he pointe& out certain wa!s to make the process of takin vitals an& checkin for bloo& lucose level more efficient+ 3he was also ver! encoura in % even if we were unsure about somethin + =% $n0 ot(e' co77ents9