*** (07:18:22):Welcome to the True Blood in Dallas Chat Room.

True Blood in Dallas says (07:18:31): welcome - thanks for joining us greeneyegirl says to (07:19:46): Waving hello Dallas sookiebontemps says to (07:20:00): HELLO! greeneyegirl says to (07:20:07): Hey Sookie !!!! alainanoelle says to (07:20:12): Hi Dallas! Have you stopped crying yet? I was practically bawling! sookiebontemps says to (07:20:14): Hey everyone! sookiebontemps says to (07:20:17): HOLY EFF! alainanoelle says to (07:20:38): Hi Sook! Katie Robinson says to (07:20:39): Hello Everyone Katie Robinson says to (07:20:47): Sook! Dallas! lafemmetopaz says to (07:20:51): hola True Blood in Dallas says (07:20:53): I really did get a little teary - ya know dallas has a very soft spot for godric sookiebontemps says to (07:20:55): Hey! JustAimer says to (07:20:55): hey room! sookiebontemps says to (07:20:56): OMG lafemmetopaz says to (07:21:03): its slow... I"m taping Mad Men.. sookiebontemps says to (07:21:04): Who bawled their eyes out tonight? Katie Robinson says to (07:21:04): I just wanted to do a big group hug Katie Robinson says to (07:21:09): I did Katie Robinson says to (07:21:13): Group Hug! Louisianagirl29 says to (07:21:16): Hey everyone alainanoelle says to (07:21:17): Yes, I confess I did! lafemmetopaz says to (07:21:20):

Dallas......lol lafemmetopaz says to (07:21:30): I thought Alex's ac ting was fabulous tonight lafemmetopaz says to (07:21:31): simply great moxiegraphix says to (07:21:33): I bawled my eyes out tonight. JustAimer says to (07:21:39): I sobbed - thank god I'm not PMSing! alainanoelle says to (07:21:40): Me too. sookiebontemps says to (07:21:43): I'm floored. VampsBloodMoney says to (07:21:46): its open!! i'm inn!! sookiebontemps says to (07:21:46): AGAIN. sookiebontemps says to (07:21:48): LOL alainanoelle says to (07:21:57): Sook was so brave too! Katie Robinson says to (07:22:00): Who was floored with the Eric/Sookie/Lorena scene beckyvtx says to (07:22:02): More than one human to shed tears for Godric tonight... lafemmetopaz says to (07:22:02): I only got teary eyed when ERic broke down sookiebontemps says to (07:22:08): WTF? *shakes fist at Ball* BillohBill says to (07:22:09): WOOHOOOO! lafemmetopaz says to (07:22:09): I"m mad they killed stan JustAimer says to (07:22:11): I needed more nekkid Alex, erm, I mean Eric Louisianagirl29 says to (07:22:18): that was a hot scene VampsBloodMoney says to (07:22:19): I cried soo much! Katie Robinson says to (07:22:23): Totally Hot lafemmetopaz says to (07:22:25): another vamp that is not down with the vamps "public image" and they kill the vampire off BillohBill says to (07:22:27): @VampireStan Rest in Pieces.....

alainanoelle says to (07:22:33): Yeah, that scene was hot!! JustAimer says to (07:22:35): The end was soooo sad - Eric was totally vulnerable, and hot! Katie Robinson says to (07:22:45): Eric again stole the scene again VampsBloodMoney says to (07:22:47): :( i was sooo saddd Katie Robinson says to (07:22:49): show I meant Debbie Pelt says to (07:22:51): i haven't even seen it yet (on the west coast) and ya'll are making me cry Katie Robinson says to (07:23:00): and Godricc Louisianagirl29 says to (07:23:02): amazing episode sookiebontemps says to (07:23:04): "And thus I see God." Holy Pete! alainanoelle says to (07:23:09): Get your tissues ready Debbie! lafemmetopaz says to (07:23:09): I Loved how ERIC'S DREAM.. he included lorena and told sookie stuff that she would want to hear lafemmetopaz says to (07:23:13): it was crafty and good Katie Robinson says to (07:23:17): Me too LukesLady09 says to (07:23:19): *sigh* Debbie Pelt says to (07:23:27): I am sad to hear about Godric JustAimer says to (07:23:31): I loved Sookie looking over at Eric during the meeting alainanoelle says to (07:23:35): I hope Godrics sacrifice is not in vain. BillohBill says to (07:23:35): Sorry LukesLady Debbie Pelt says to (07:23:36): I had hoped they would do like they did with Lafayette and keep him LukesLady09 says to (07:23:41): Thanks BOB lafemmetopaz says to (07:23:46): alaina.. it is Katie Robinson says to (07:23:52): Me too, Sookie totally has tenison and Bill knows he cant stop it lafemmetopaz says to (07:23:53):

come on.. we're talking about humans lafemmetopaz says to (07:23:56): lol smeykunz says to (07:23:58): Whoa! That was *sniff* OneCent says to (07:24:00): Evenin' all! VampsBloodMoney says to (07:24:03): :( my eyes are leaking... alainanoelle says to (07:24:05): Hi BOB! I know Lafemme. Damn! BillohBill says to (07:24:05): I love a triangle. greeneyegirl says to (07:24:08): Bob ! VampsBloodMoney says to (07:24:13): no thy r flooded sookiebontemps says to (07:24:15): Me too, mk BabyVampsucker says to (07:24:18): Holy cow!!Great ep.Hows everyone tonight?The fact that sookie had erics blood/attraction does that mean shes only attracted to bill because he gave her blood that first night they meet? greeneyegirl says to (07:24:19): Allainanoelle waving hello lafemmetopaz says to (07:24:20): and bill getting in a punch Katie Robinson says to (07:24:29): Lorena blood tears not so nice and Eric's classy alainanoelle says to (07:24:31): The triangle has begun! Hi GEG! greeneyegirl says to (07:24:32): Can i say Yowza! robi says to (07:24:34): BoB, how'd you like the punch? Hee hee lafemmetopaz says to (07:24:37): but bill looked scared as eric told him to deal with it and get out of his way OneCent says to (07:24:39): What a night! VampsBloodMoney says to (07:24:39): Hey Mary Kay!! Debbie Pelt says to (07:24:40): She was attractd to bill the second he walked into Merlottes Katie Robinson says to (07:24:44): There is was a lot of blood on the show tonight BillohBill says to (07:24:51):

It didn't even hurt, Bill knows he's sunk, LMAO Poor Bill! KitchenBitch says to (07:24:58): didn't realize Sam had cans a woop ass in da kitchen Katie Robinson says to (07:25:01): laffy kicked it tonight BillohBill says to (07:25:04): AND THE NEXT PERSON THAT SAYS BILL IS A PUSSY! Katie Robinson says to (07:25:11): Nice work Kitchen Bitch OneCent says to (07:25:14): Aww and Jessica/Hoyt--Sweet! alainanoelle says to (07:25:15): BOB, I'm afraid for Bill. He's in a bad situation. lafemmetopaz says to (07:25:16): he's not a pussy BOB greeneyegirl says to (07:25:20): Bill is not sunk this si the TV show not the books robi says to (07:25:20): poor bill is right, but I have to probably piss everyone off...I hated tonights episode. Super cheesy BillohBill says to (07:25:26): Kitchen Bitch gave a 1000 Viking Blood Ass Whoppin to Eggs. Katie Robinson says to (07:25:30): Bill just having some bad luck lafemmetopaz says to (07:25:30): Godric is a wuss.. but Bill is just... too emotional alainanoelle says to (07:25:33): I love Sam as a fly! smeykunz says to (07:25:38): Is gonna get the Belles kicking them in the a$$ BOB! moxiegraphix says to (07:25:39): And Sara saying she hated STeve's hair cracked me up with the way we joke about it on Twitter. Louisianagirl29 says to (07:25:39): No bashing people BillohBill says to (07:25:41): Bill will be fine. Newbloodfan says to (07:25:41): Hey hey everyone!!!!! robi says to (07:25:46): LOVED Lafayettes bitch slap to Eggs, HELLYEAH! OneCent says to (07:25:47): This Eric story is going to mess up the Eric losing his memory storyline! Katie Robinson says to (07:25:48): Me too Sam made a kick ass fly JustAimer says to (07:25:55):

As a reader of the books, was happy to see them remain faithful to Godric's demise, though I'll miss him BillohBill says to (07:25:56): Team Sam!!! lafemmetopaz says to (07:26:00): onecent.. amnesia does not work wel lon TV robi says to (07:26:09): I laughed at the hole tv interview, that was pretty freaking funny OneCent says to (07:26:12): It works on soap operas! lafemmetopaz says to (07:26:12): its looks weird and goofy Katie Robinson says to (07:26:13): Maybe the grieving maker storyline is going to be the storyline not the memory loss robi says to (07:26:24): what did she say? "Christmas, Easter Eggs..." to funny lafemmetopaz says to (07:26:25): does it work on soap operas? lafemmetopaz says to (07:26:34): really cuz it looks dumb on them too Katie Robinson says to (07:26:34): Way to go Mrs Newlin lol Newbloodfan says to (07:26:35): I think that storyline may still play out CajunRed says to (07:26:36): I cried like a baby at the end alainanoelle says to (07:26:37): Sarah is so crazy! BillohBill says to (07:26:38): Someone bashing? Stop that!! OneCent says to (07:26:40): Good point lafemme hoytscell says to (07:26:46): Bonsoir chers BillohBill says to (07:26:46): The Newlins? LMAO lady_bp16 says to (07:26:51): I am so glad Laf kicked Eggs' ass tonight!! Louisianagirl29 says to (07:26:51): I hate your hair BillohBill says to (07:26:53): And the whole fly thing. CajunRed says to (07:26:53): Sarah has lost her mind Katie Robinson says to (07:26:54): I love his bruise lol

JustAimer says to (07:26:55): I hope they stick to the memory loss storyline - I find it plausible - but want to see Alcide in the picture fist! JustAimer says to (07:27:04): oops First! Newbloodfan says to (07:27:07): Bring on Alcide Katie Robinson says to (07:27:08): Alcide would be nice robi says to (07:27:08): I did like the ending scene with Sookie and Godric, but the rest of the episode, I think rates WAY down on my list. (again, sorry), or maybe it is cause last weeks was so freaking good? JustAimer says to (07:27:10): lol Ryn Blair says to (07:27:11): i cant hardly contain myself its all so exciting lafemmetopaz says to (07:27:14): I am not a fan of Alcide mosaicstars says to (07:27:19): Who is sooooo happy that hoyt is standing up to his bitch of a mother? BillohBill says to (07:27:21): Vote for Alcide bring him on!! lafemmetopaz says to (07:27:27): sorry I couldn't stand alcide after book 4 alainanoelle says to (07:27:30): I am! Go Hoyt! smeykunz says to (07:27:30): YAY for Hoyt! OneCent says to (07:27:32): I'd like to see Alcide... lady_bp16 says to (07:27:32): I AM!!! Ryn Blair says to (07:27:35): im so glad hoyt is standin up for himself! smeykunz says to (07:27:35): He was so cute! Katie Robinson says to (07:27:37): I like Eric Bill Sookie and Alcide lol lafemmetopaz says to (07:27:41): Maxine did have a point all Sam Merlotte says to (07:27:42): I was real proud'a Hoyt. robi says to (07:27:42): The Hoyt/Jessica story line is a nice addition, I like it alot. smeykunz says to (07:27:42):

and kinda hot looking elilu says to (07:27:43): HOYT IS THE HERO! hoytscell says to (07:27:44): Well is hates Sarah's hairs too. 3 cans offa hairspray? CajunRed says to (07:27:45): I was thrilled Hoty stood up to his MOM....GO HOYT Debbie Pelt says to (07:27:46): yes brin gAlicide lafemmetopaz says to (07:27:48): Jessica can't have kids BillohBill says to (07:27:49): Katie, I like them all. GREAT EFFEN SHOW! lafemmetopaz says to (07:27:50): lol Louisianagirl29 says to (07:27:51): Thank you Alan Ball for naked Eric hoytscell says to (07:27:56): Mah Mister Hoyt is the bestest VampsBloodMoney says to (07:27:58): I love Alcide, but not his sense of judgement, whos with me?? Newbloodfan says to (07:28:00): Glad scene with Godric meeting the sun better than Bill's burnt one i♥vikingvamps says to (07:28:01): OMG! I made it here! lafemmetopaz says to (07:28:02): ERic was not naked isilwath says to (07:28:03): ok i'm here OneCent says to (07:28:04): Is it a square then, instead of a triangle? w/ alcide? BillohBill says to (07:28:09): I AM VAMPS JustAimer says to (07:28:10): thanks for a partially nekkid Eric, give us more next time Alan! alainanoelle says to (07:28:11): I know but I think this is still a good thing for Hoyt. But not Jess. Katie Robinson says to (07:28:11): It is such a great show Newbloodfan says to (07:28:13): IVV hey hey!!! i♥vikingvamps says to (07:28:13): izzy! heya! mosaicstars says to (07:28:14): Erik is yummy BillohBill says to (07:28:17):

One Cent, LOL! lafemmetopaz says to (07:28:18): I wanted to see some butt or a frank and beans Katie Robinson says to (07:28:21): Thanks for Eric in any way Katie Robinson says to (07:28:22): lol OneCent says to (07:28:25): Hey MK! i♥vikingvamps says to (07:28:26): nbf! isilwath says to (07:28:26): no butt shot. i used a box of kleenex for the l;ast 8 mins hoytscell says to (07:28:27): Its was a great show mosaicstars says to (07:28:27): I LOVE how he tricked Sookie into feeding off him VampsBloodMoney says to (07:28:28): Thank yah BoB robi says to (07:28:28): True NewbloodFan, that bill sun scene goes as my #1 worst. Hee hee JustAimer says to (07:28:34): we could have at LEAST gotten some arse on screen Katie Robinson says to (07:28:38): LoL alainanoelle says to (07:28:39): I'll take Eric any way!LOL! Ryn Blair says to (07:28:40): eric is so coniving BillohBill says to (07:28:41): Alex has a lovely form. OneCent says to (07:28:42): Can we please get rid of Maryanne? JustAimer says to (07:28:46): mmmm Eric... i♥vikingvamps says to (07:28:46): frank and beans! yummy! CajunRed says to (07:28:49): OneCent, AMEN Ryn Blair says to (07:28:50): yes get rid of maryanne hoytscell says to (07:28:50): Imma with OneCent isilwath says to (07:28:53): it was a good ep even if I didn't like how they did the bullet sucking scene CajunRed says to (07:28:55):

Maryann has to go! mosaicstars says to (07:28:56): Seriously, i hope ookie beats the *** out of maryanne Louisianagirl29 says to (07:28:57): give us the world class butt in Season 4 BillohBill says to (07:29:02): Mary Anne, please, gtfo alainanoelle says to (07:29:02): OK, next weeks promo looked good too. OneCent says to (07:29:02): BoB are you switching teams? Katie Robinson says to (07:29:07): Yeah Maryanne needs to go about time the whole crew is coming together to get her out of town lady_bp16 says to (07:29:08): Who thinks Sookie is a DUMBASS for fallin for Eric's trick? ChoChoMojo says to (07:29:08): Tell me when you have sound please VampsBloodMoney says to (07:29:09): I'm gonna get electricuted! so many tears on my laptop! BillohBill says to (07:29:10): One Cent, absolutely not. i♥vikingvamps says to (07:29:12): maryanne s/l is beginning to annoy me lafemmetopaz says to (07:29:18): its bill's fault greeneyegirl says to (07:29:18): BOB Alex hs lovely form?? What are you Ms manners? Katie Robinson says to (07:29:20): I wonder if Eric and Sookie will go to a "party" like in the book BillohBill says to (07:29:24): I MAY BE TEAM BILL, BUT SISTERS, I AM NOT BLIND! LMAO! BitterDeviant says to (07:29:25): Hey Everybody! i♥vikingvamps says to (07:29:26): no sound yet mosaicstars says to (07:29:27): i agreee, maryann needs to get whats coming to her JennLynnC says to (07:29:29): Hey Y'all! What an episode! http://twitter.com/JennLynnC OneCent says to (07:29:31): BoB Sounds like you may have gotten a few drops of Eric blood... Louisianagirl29 says to (07:29:34): That's how it happens in the book True Blood in Dallas says (07:29:33): ok folks !

lafemmetopaz says to (07:29:34): Bill needed to tell her about if she ingested another vamps blood this will happen isilwath says to (07:29:34): hey BDev. :D greeneyegirl says to (07:29:35): Hi ya Ms Questa! robi says to (07:29:38): I sort of liked the bullet sucking scene Izzy, it was the rest of the episode (minus the very last 5 minutes) that I couln't stand. Sorry. I don't know why, but Really REALLY didn't care for this one. Ryn Blair says to (07:29:39): lol billohbill lafemmetopaz says to (07:29:40): he told her after the fact Ryn Blair says to (07:29:44): hey Dallas! isilwath says to (07:29:44): hi dallas robi says to (07:29:46): super CHEEEEEESYYY! BillohBill says to (07:29:48): DALLAS! i♥vikingvamps says to (07:29:48): heya dallas! CajunRed says to (07:29:50): Hi Dallas lafemmetopaz says to (07:29:51): robi..... i♥vikingvamps says to (07:29:53): i made it! hoytscell says to (07:29:54): Bonsoir Dallas OneCent says to (07:29:55): Hey Dallas! isilwath says to (07:29:57): robi: really? hmm BillohBill says to (07:30:00): One Cent, I could use some, help with the health! LOL Katie Robinson says to (07:30:00): Yay PolarVamp says to (07:30:01): Hi Dallas greeneyegirl says to (07:30:02): Loved this episode.... BitterDeviant says to (07:30:03): Hey Isilwath

isilwath says to (07:30:05): hey ivv Ryn Blair says to (07:30:09): i really thought this episode was great aside from maryanne BillohBill says to (07:30:10): POLAR! lafemmetopaz says to (07:30:10): I did love how Eric stood up to MS Nan Newbloodfan says to (07:30:12): Izzy can we wave our Eric pompoms? VampsBloodMoney says to (07:30:14): okay im gonna have to refresh.... hoytscell says to (07:30:18): Sounds JennLynnC says to (07:30:21): Which book does Godric meet the sun, I am almost done with Book 5 robi says to (07:30:22): I know Izzy, I think I am the odd one out on this one. sob LukesLady09 says to (07:30:26): Oh my, Twitter Steve Newlin is cracking me up! BillohBill says to (07:30:28): Yes, and Eric was also standing up for Sookie too, did anyone notice that? JustAimer says to (07:30:30): Second book Jenn sabby77 says to (07:30:31): awesome show!!!! Louisianagirl29 says to (07:30:36): hey dallas PolarVamp says to (07:30:37): Hi BOB(}) JustAimer says to (07:30:38): "Living Dead in Dallas" i♥vikingvamps says to (07:30:39): I want some of that action NBF *waves pompoms* mosaicstars says to (07:30:46): I do love that erik is so protecting of her robi says to (07:30:48): I guess it was a bit "over the top" and they tried to cram too much into one episode. lafemmetopaz says to (07:30:48): robi and izzy.. what didn't you like about the show? lady_bp16 says to (07:30:50): How was he standing up for Sookie? Macyblue says to (07:30:51): Hi peeps!! robi says to (07:30:51): Not a fan.

Newbloodfan says to (07:30:55): :P IVV Konelli says to (07:30:55): Hey GEG i♥vikingvamps says to (07:30:56): I did notice that BoB- loved it!! Louisianagirl29 says to (07:30:56): book 2 bontempsgal says to (07:30:58): hello ev 1 Macyblue says to (07:30:59): awesome show...Godric was awesome BillohBill says to (07:30:59): SOUND! Konelli says to (07:31:01): Hey BOB smeykunz says to (07:31:02): BUNNY!!!! Newbloodfan says to (07:31:03): SOUND hoytscell says to (07:31:03): SOund kelleymarie says to (07:31:04): hey all mosaicstars says to (07:31:04): he threw himself on her to save her BillohBill says to (07:31:06): BUNNY!!! alainanoelle says to (07:31:07): No sound. Marleneemm says to (07:31:07): Dallas: I'm in the que~ look for 0459!! isilwath says to (07:31:09): BOB: whwre was Eric stadninup for sookie? LukesLady09 says to (07:31:09): WTF it kicked me out! BillohBill says to (07:31:11): MACY! bontempsgal says to (07:31:11): this show was wonderful Konelli says to (07:31:11): Hey Shannon Macyblue says to (07:31:14): WOWOWOWOWOW Macyblue says to (07:31:17):

BOB Newbloodfan says to (07:31:19): DALLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CajunRed says to (07:31:20): is there talking yet? Debbie Pelt says to (07:31:21): chat room seems to be acting up tonight hoytscell says to (07:31:21): Hell of an episode BillohBill says to (07:31:22): Marlene! i♥vikingvamps says to (07:31:24): hated to see godric die, but it was beautifully done Balou8900 says to (07:31:25): Hey all ChoChoMojo says to (07:31:27): I have sound HELLO@ sinnamon432 says to (07:31:27): loved it VampsBloodMoney says to (07:31:28): SOUND! greeneyegirl says to (07:31:29): BOB ! robi says to (07:31:32): (I love hearin Dallas's voice, HOWDIE!) Marleneemm says to (07:31:32): What a damn show!! I was screaming Konelli says to (07:31:33): Hey Miss Q BillohBill says to (07:31:35): SOOKIE! greeneyegirl says to (07:31:39): Macy you here too now ChoChoMojo says to (07:31:39): hEY BUNNY Ryn Blair says to (07:31:42): sound :) Newbloodfan says to (07:31:42): @sookie hello!!!!! bontempsgal says to (07:31:44): hi Dallas and Sookie BillohBill says to (07:31:44): Oh Marlene, I know! robi says to (07:31:45): WHOOHOOO SOOKIE!!!! sookiebontemps says to (07:31:45):

HEY EVERYONE! Marleneemm says to (07:31:46): BOB: Hi ! isilwath says to (07:31:46): sound kelleymarie says to (07:31:46): best episode yet! hoytscell says to (07:31:50): Bonsoir Miss Sookie Ryn Blair says to (07:31:51): hey Sookie! Louisianagirl29 says to (07:31:52): Can't wait to watch it again greeneyegirl says to (07:31:54): Bunny >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Where's my puck? LukesLady09 says to (07:31:55): Twitter @SteveNewlin is HILARIOUS moxiegraphix says to (07:31:55): Yay, I have sound for a change. lady_bp16 says to (07:31:57): He wasnt standing up for her...he was just being an asshole! i♥vikingvamps says to (07:31:59): heya @sookiebontemps! smeykunz says to (07:32:00): Yay sound! BillohBill says to (07:32:02): GEG SHUTUP! NelBearPig says to (07:32:02): Hi everybody sookiebontemps says to (07:32:05): Bonsoir, Monsieur Telephone! mosaicstars says to (07:32:06): hey BillohBill says to (07:32:11): HAPPY BIRTHDAY @SMEYKUNZ greeneyegirl says to (07:32:12): MOI isilwath says to (07:32:15): hi sookie!! :D heatherama says to (07:32:15): okay. wow. Konelli says to (07:32:21): Hey GEG it will be here soon its in Europe on vacation How r u doing feeling better BillohBill says to (07:32:23): HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEG! GREENEYED GIRL! sookiebontemps says to (07:32:23):

Hey, Izzy! smeykunz says to (07:32:23): Thanks! BOB! isilwath says to (07:32:23): AHppy Birthday Shannaon!! :D Marleneemm says to (07:32:24): Academy for Emmys should be ashamed of themselves for not including TB! sookiebontemps says to (07:32:25): Hello everyone! BabyVampsucker says to (07:32:27): 128 wow isilwath says to (07:32:30): hey GEG! robi says to (07:32:30): See, I don't think they spent enough time on things. I wasn't all choked up with Godric at the end, although the ending scene was good, I was WAY more choked up in the book. I think this episode fell short. smeykunz says to (07:32:30): Thanks Izz! CajunRed says to (07:32:34): WooHoo! mosaicstars says to (07:32:37): as much as Bill is a good man, I really, REALLY would love to see an Erik and Sookie hook up CajunRed says to (07:32:38): I have sound! Newbloodfan says to (07:32:39): Waving to Dallas BillohBill says to (07:32:41): AGREE ROBY PolarVamp says to (07:32:41): Love the ending!!!! (L) Balou8900 says to (07:32:43): Twitterverse characters rock! :D hoytscell says to (07:32:44): 135 Users Woo! Ryn Blair says to (07:32:45): insane Dallas :) Konelli says to (07:32:47): Hi Sookie sookiebontemps says to (07:32:47): Call in: 646) 929-0825 isilwath says to (07:32:48): robi: too much in too little time? LukesLady09 says to (07:32:48): 646-929-0825 For ya Dallas

Newbloodfan says to (07:32:49): Me too Polar BillohBill says to (07:32:51): Robi, he went up like a flare sookiebontemps says to (07:32:53): HEy everyone! robi says to (07:32:54): I am dieing to hear someone's reason why it was SOOO GOOOD, I am wanting my opion to change...please sob Katie Robinson says to (07:32:54): Hello again Katie Robinson says to (07:32:56): lol i♥vikingvamps says to (07:32:58): 1(646) 929-0825 heatherama says to (07:33:00): Godric was beautiful at the end. hoytscell says to (07:33:00): Issa a Twitterverse characters i♥vikingvamps says to (07:33:06): call in # reminder sookiebontemps says to (07:33:10): Holy smokes. . .I'm so bummed out right now. robi says to (07:33:14): i agree heatherama mosaicstars says to (07:33:15): it's just touching IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:33:19): i cried at the end. i'm bummed out too. lady_bp16 says to (07:33:20): Thay was a beautiful scene The_Angela says to (07:33:21): OMG amazing episode tonight. So emotional. OneCent says to (07:33:21): Y Sook? hoytscell says to (07:33:22): Me toos Miss Sookie BillohBill says to (07:33:22): WHO THINKS GODRIC SHOULD HAVE BEEN NAKED???? *RAISES HAND* heatherama says to (07:33:23): The blue was beautiful. sookiebontemps says to (07:33:23): I actually am so bummed out, I feel like snugglin' up to a Viking. i♥vikingvamps says to (07:33:24): i agree heatherama isilwath says to (07:33:24):

robi: eric weeping. *sobs* VampsBloodMoney says to (07:33:25): yay i'm so happy that my laptop is actually handling the show and the chat :) robi says to (07:33:26): sookie, it has been a rough night sookiebontemps says to (07:33:26): *snickers* CajunRed says to (07:33:27): Sookie,We are all bummed Konelli says to (07:33:29): BOB LMAO smeykunz says to (07:33:29): BOB LOL heatherama says to (07:33:31): I totally lost it when Eric started pleading and crying at Godric's feet. Katie Robinson says to (07:33:35): GROUP HUG!!!! Marleneemm says to (07:33:37): Loved how Eric knew that he "faked Sookie into sucking out the bullets~Loved the scenes bet.Jason/and Sookie CajunRed says to (07:33:40): heather, me too! The_Angela says to (07:33:41): Me too heatherama. mosaicstars says to (07:33:42): erik broke my heart i♥vikingvamps says to (07:33:42): same here! CajunRed says to (07:33:45): Cried like a baby BubbaLives says to (07:33:48): Ok...I'm here. I have an emotional headache. isilwath says to (07:33:50): heat: MNe too. I was sobbing OneCent says to (07:33:52): Sookie you naughty girl! Konelli says to (07:33:53): Hey Bubs PolarVamp says to (07:33:55): Hey BoB did you love the smile on Bill's face after he hit Eric haxxai says to (07:33:56): i have an emo headache too :( kelleymarie says to (07:33:57): it was weird to see eric cry Balou8900 says to (07:33:58): lol sookie

BillohBill says to (07:33:58): I loved Eric's reaction after Sookie finished getting the second bullet. heatherama says to (07:33:59): What a beautiful performance from Skarsgard tonight. isilwath says to (07:34:00): amy: *HUGS* lady_bp16 says to (07:34:01): Eric and Godric looked like gay lovers at the end robi says to (07:34:03): "ewwww yuk" best line NelBearPig says to (07:34:06): only eric can be so hot when he cries BubbaLives says to (07:34:07): Hey Izzy JustAimer says to (07:34:07): so did I Bob heatherama says to (07:34:09): Anna and Ryan were great in that scene together, too. Konelli says to (07:34:09): Happy Birthday GEG BillohBill says to (07:34:11): Polar, yes, Poor Bill AnjitheBeast says to (07:34:15): Hey all hoytscell says to (07:34:17): 144 Users heatherama says to (07:34:19): I agree Nelbear. BitterDeviant says to (07:34:22): I'm still in shock VampsBloodMoney says to (07:34:23): I wanted to give Eric a hug when he was crying :( LukesLady09 says to (07:34:25): VERY teary eyed Katie Robinson says to (07:34:26): I love Eric's smile when sookie was helping him i♥vikingvamps says to (07:34:26): teary eyed is an understatement dallas! BillohBill says to (07:34:26): Sookie, girl, YOU IN TROUBLE! BillohBill says to (07:34:29): LMAO mosaicstars says to (07:34:29): I think erik and goderich being as old as they are, 'being gay" wouldnt be such a strange thing hoytscell says to (07:34:32):

Mes toos Bitter i♥vikingvamps says to (07:34:33): emmy 4 sure!!! AnjitheBeast says to (07:34:33): I kept crying isilwath says to (07:34:36): VBM: Me too. so sos o sad. hoytscell says to (07:34:38): Is crried BitterDeviant says to (07:34:39): Eric Porn! LOL!! BubbaLives says to (07:34:39): I am still too stunned to really type and tweet and post Macyblue says to (07:34:40): i wanted to give Eric more than a hug gamesrider says to (07:34:41): I will be dreaming my own version of erik in bed tonight :) heatherama says to (07:34:41): lol katie that was awesome I chuckled a little. BillohBill says to (07:34:44): SNAP OUT OF IT EVERYONE! BubbaLives says to (07:34:45): Just sitting back and listening Konelli says to (07:34:47): Hey Miss Q so tell me how did it go on Saturday heatherama says to (07:34:49): Everything about Eric is pornographic. hoytscell says to (07:34:51): EMMY! BubbaLives says to (07:34:52): Alex Newbloodfan says to (07:34:52): Eric Thud greeneyegirl says to (07:34:54): Bubba here's a tissue i♥vikingvamps says to (07:34:55): bubba!!! omg-hey! BillohBill says to (07:34:55): TEAM SAM! CajunRed says to (07:34:55): SOMEONE WILL GET AN EMMY! Marleneemm says to (07:34:56): Alex's is going to get an Emmy for tonight's show PolarVamp says to (07:34:56): Ok I wanted to see ALL of Erics butt!!! robi says to (07:34:58):

huh? AnjitheBeast says to (07:34:59): heather- LOL mosaicstars says to (07:34:59): I agree, erik is delicious VampsBloodMoney says to (07:35:00): what are you talking about BoB??? BubbaLives says to (07:35:01): Thanks Auntie Ryn Blair says to (07:35:01): i cried Katie Robinson says to (07:35:01): I love Eric heatherama says to (07:35:02): I hope so Marlenee Macyblue says to (07:35:03): Alex was great IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:35:07): im so depressed. allan hyde is an amazing actor. CajunRed says to (07:35:08): Alex was great! greeneyegirl says to (07:35:09): Konelli >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> so where is it ...LOL BubbaLives says to (07:35:14): They finally let Alex act BillohBill says to (07:35:14): Playin around Vamps, LOL really_rachel says to (07:35:14): Alex was AMAZING! allshookdown says to (07:35:15): Eric is THE star now. Louisianagirl29 says to (07:35:17): Alex is a star JustAimer says to (07:35:18): Alex is doing a fabulous job portraying Eric heatherama says to (07:35:19): Or at least an international butt competition trophy am I right? Marleneemm says to (07:35:19): Who knows maybe Godric will be back in seasons to LukesLady09 says to (07:35:22): SteveNewlinJr You CRACK ME UP in Twitter! BubbaLives says to (07:35:22): Godric was fantastic Macyblue says to (07:35:25): agreed Bubbs OneCent says to (07:35:25):

Alex deserved an Emmy for Gen Kill, but maybe he'll get it now NelBearPig says to (07:35:25): i will so miss godric BitterDeviant says to (07:35:26): Alex was truly amazing! CajunRed says to (07:35:28): allan hyde is a fabulous actor BillohBill says to (07:35:29): VAMPIRE STAN, REST IN PIECES. Katie Robinson says to (07:35:29): Steve how is the bruise VampsBloodMoney says to (07:35:30): oh LOL BoB VampireStan says to (07:35:31): Peekaboo Marleneemm says to (07:35:32): come??? robi says to (07:35:34): he did a great job heatherama says to (07:35:34): I agree with you Onecent! hoytscell says to (07:35:34): Is agrees JustAmi KitchenBitch says to (07:35:35): Eric Godric flashbacks Ryn Blair says to (07:35:37): youre right onecent Konelli says to (07:35:40): geg I just sent you a message on Twitter Balou8900 says to (07:35:44): I cried when sam showed up nekkid at Andy's :D isilwath says to (07:35:47): we want more godric. :( sucks that he is gone, maybe oin flashbacks? *hopeful* JennLynnC says to (07:35:49): I hope he will be back in flashbacks greeneyegirl says to (07:35:50): Oh thi mus tbe serious tweetyrosel says to (07:35:54): That was sad to see Godric go hoytscell says to (07:35:54): lol Balou BillohBill says to (07:35:54): Andy answering the door and Sam is naked. heatherama says to (07:35:58): I wanted more Sam this episode. OneCent says to (07:36:00):

Alex did a great job with the sobbing-totally believable heatherama says to (07:36:00): Not nearly enough. Ryn Blair says to (07:36:01): godric flashbacks would be good :) mosaicstars says to (07:36:05): i think andy is going to be the hero of this series Katie Robinson says to (07:36:07): Andy didn't look shocked lol hoytscell says to (07:36:09): Is agrees Ryn mosaicstars says to (07:36:10): *season i♥vikingvamps says to (07:36:13): allan hyde for an emmy! lafemmetopaz says to (07:36:15): I'm sorry all.. I am missing the Godric love VampsBloodMoney says to (07:36:19): well sam was in fly mode... SteveNewlinJr says to (07:36:23): Listening to the show, rubbing my forehead with ice! Balou8900 says to (07:36:24): Andy's used to that stuff...don't ask, don't tell ;) BillohBill says to (07:36:26): AND SOOKIE GETS IT ALL OVER! IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:36:27): i cant believe godric is gone. besides that the rest of the episode was kind of uneventful. Newbloodfan says to (07:36:27): I love Godric CajunRed says to (07:36:28): Damn, if I knew Alex & Allan were in Dallas, I would have SO BEEN THERE! Marleneemm says to (07:36:30): Did anyone notice what Sam transfered into ?? A FLY! Katie Robinson says to (07:36:33): Hopefully Godric flashbacks IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:36:35): duh OneCent says to (07:36:36): I will think twice before I ever swat a fly again! lafemmetopaz says to (07:36:36): I think the actor is very good .. but lady_bp16 says to (07:36:38): I agree with mosaicstars i♥vikingvamps says to (07:36:40): dont u wish that you could be a fly on the wall...

LukesLady09 says to (07:36:44): Steve, you seriously put me in laughing fits on twitter! AnjitheBeast says to (07:36:45): Also, LaFayette and Tara's mama FTW BillohBill says to (07:36:45): Oh Marlene! That was fabulous, wasn't it! Newbloodfan says to (07:36:48): Yes Swexy Katie Robinson says to (07:36:49): I want to be a fly on the wall lol i♥vikingvamps says to (07:36:50): hehe one cent Ryn Blair says to (07:36:50): id youhe said he would turn into something little when he was on great on fox Sam Merlotte says to (07:36:54): My vision's all funny now... Louisianagirl29 says to (07:36:55): Alex is going to filming a movie in my area soon! BubbaLives says to (07:36:55): Dallas sounds like Darth Vader. What Up Blogtalk? robi says to (07:36:57): AH TOO FUNNY! Tex!!!! (LMAO SOOKIE!) elilu says to (07:36:58): Dallas keeps breaking up. Tester70 says to (07:36:59): I'm glad that sam found he can do more than dog mode JennLynnC says to (07:37:00): I loved Generation Kill tweetyrosel says to (07:37:02): Who is sad for Luke? Macyblue says to (07:37:04): lol mosaicstars says to (07:37:05): im happy that jason and sookie are getting into a better stride with each other gamesrider says to (07:37:06): I cant believe there is only 3 more episodes, so gonna be in withdrawl isilwath says to (07:37:07): tes would move the earth iof she knew Alex qwas w/in 10 miles of her. :D Ryn Blair says to (07:37:08): f luke heatherama says to (07:37:09): I'm not sad for Luke at all. JustAimer says to (07:37:09): Generation Kill was amazing too CajunRed says to (07:37:11): Dallas does keep breaking up!

BubbaLives says to (07:37:12): Kim My Bonded! I understand your pain BillohBill says to (07:37:12): DALLAS, YOU ARE NOT MY MOTHER mosaicstars says to (07:37:14): luke can burn in hell JennLynnC says to (07:37:14): yeah, is Dallas on a cellphone or something?? LukesLady09 says to (07:37:14): I Am SO sad for Luke Newbloodfan says to (07:37:15): Generation Kill was amazing sookiebontemps says to (07:37:16): HAHA! Marleneemm says to (07:37:17): I was so suprised to see SAM change into that! greeneyegirl says to (07:37:17): konelli Idid not get it..send me a pm on the wiki smeykunz says to (07:37:18): Or max Headrom Bubs NelBearPig says to (07:37:18): not me i'm happy luke is dead sookiebontemps says to (07:37:18): LOL heatherama says to (07:37:18): Alex/Anna so lovely. jessicacrimony says to (07:37:18): Bill irritated me BubbaLives says to (07:37:19): LOL BOB LukesLady09 says to (07:37:19): Hence the name... OneCent says to (07:37:21): I agree JustAimer NelBearPig says to (07:37:23): and in many pieces elilu says to (07:37:23): Luke was an idiot from the begining AnjitheBeast says to (07:37:25): So, who is going to kill Maryanne AnjitheBeast says to (07:37:26): ? Tester70 says to (07:37:28): At least Daphne was good for something Macyblue says to (07:37:29): this is Dallas baby!

mosaicstars says to (07:37:30): Sam SteveNewlinJr says to (07:37:30): I was there ! Waves at Dallas! Katie Robinson says to (07:37:33): Jason is awesome... Newbloodfan says to (07:37:35): That's when my love for Alex really became full swing BillohBill says to (07:37:38): Dallas is wearing the Darth Vader mask again. JennLynnC says to (07:37:41): Dalla is breaking up Ryn Blair says to (07:37:42): Sookie is going to get maryanne Marleneemm says to (07:37:43): Glad that HOYT got Balls and moved out on his MOTHER i♥vikingvamps says to (07:37:45): jason was great!! IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:37:45): i hope someone kills maryann soon Macyblue says to (07:37:46): LMAO BOB robi says to (07:37:46): dallas's connection keeps going Darth Vader style isilwath says to (07:37:48): funny echoing thing going on w/ the sound. :/ tweetyrosel says to (07:37:48): Luke was just brain washed like Jason was. VampHadley says to (07:37:50): Evenin BubbaLives says to (07:37:51): Hoyt was AWESOME greeneyegirl says to (07:37:54): Steve you had poofy hair tonight it needs conditioner Ryn Blair says to (07:37:56): hey hadley robi says to (07:37:57): Hoyt was great! BillohBill says to (07:38:01): Yes, Sookie sucks the horn out of Mary Anne VampsBloodMoney says to (07:38:04): Hey where is Hoyt gonna live? Macyblue says to (07:38:04): i really cant wait to watch the repeat BubbaLives says to (07:38:05): My hubs calls Maxie Fortenberry Charlaine Harris. LOL

VampHadley says to (07:38:09): Hello ryn IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:38:10): oh i thought the connection was just my phone ? ahah SteveNewlinJr says to (07:38:11): Did she just say boccadillo? tinacherry says to (07:38:11): Just curious since I am new here. Are most of you Eric fans? Ryn Blair says to (07:38:14): hoyt can live at bills :) BillohBill says to (07:38:17): BUBBA??? CRYING! IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:38:19): team eric hell yes! Balou8900 says to (07:38:19): Jason will get MaryAnne, rambo with a chainsaw (lol) Ryn Blair says to (07:38:20): or jasons.. JennLynnC says to (07:38:23): Seein the red mark on Steve's head from the paintball is hilarous tweetyrosel says to (07:38:23): Hoyt did great to stand for his girl not his mama JustAimer says to (07:38:24): I'm a HUGE fan of Eric Marleneemm says to (07:38:25): VBM: With Jessice or Jason??? LukesLady09 says to (07:38:26): In Timebomb, Luke had this look on his face like he was gonna tell the FotS to go F*** themselves! recordcozy says to (07:38:26): I don't think enough people are mentioning Eric right now... ERIC. He he he. Ryn Blair says to (07:38:28): rambo jason? :) TES2008 says to (07:38:29): HUGS to all. jessicacrimony says to (07:38:29): Eric <3 lafemmetopaz says to (07:38:30): Would bill let hoyt live with them VampsBloodMoney says to (07:38:30): if Bill alllows him..... BubbaLives says to (07:38:31): I know BOB! LMAO SteveNewlinJr says to (07:38:32): Boccadillo!

IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:38:33): i love eric . i♥vikingvamps says to (07:38:34): old lady fortenberry reminds me of my mother in law lafemmetopaz says to (07:38:34): Hoyt needs his own place JustAimer says to (07:38:34): from reading the books BillohBill says to (07:38:35): JennLynn, hysterical! isilwath says to (07:38:36): TES: *HUGS* NinaYvette says to (07:38:41): Hoyt was soooo sweet!!! he cut the umbilical!!!! Macyblue says to (07:38:41): TES TrueBloodinMyVains says to (07:38:47): I honestly forgot for like 5 solid minutes that Eric was nakey :P moxiegraphix says to (07:38:47): Dallas keeps breaking up. lafemmetopaz says to (07:38:47): Maxine was right... no babies BillohBill says to (07:38:47): TES! greeneyegirl says to (07:38:48): Tes baby waving hello ! IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:38:48): but jason is my favorite non vampire. SteveNewlinJr says to (07:38:49): Hi Suzy! lafemmetopaz says to (07:38:50): lol i♥vikingvamps says to (07:38:50): tessiepoo!!! isilwath says to (07:38:51): Tes: No butt shot, but omg the roof scene!! O.O Marleneemm says to (07:38:53): VBM: Think so that BIll Will allow it?? TES2008 says to (07:38:54): I'm still wiping tears from my eyes, but this pic cheered me up: http://i26.tinypic.com/2z5q77m.jpg JustAimer says to (07:38:55): It's about time Nina, lol... Hoyt is 28... Louisianagirl29 says to (07:38:56): maxine reminds me of kathy bates in waterboy

hoytscell says to (07:39:00): Miss Dallas yous cutting off tweetyrosel says to (07:39:01): WoW Eric Konelli says to (07:39:02): Go the Aussies!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah heatherama says to (07:39:03): Oh no Dallas is breaking up. :( lafemmetopaz says to (07:39:04): TES.. not you 2 Ryn Blair says to (07:39:05): you guys rock Dallas and Sookie! thanks for getting the song info! Macyblue says to (07:39:05): i was gonna watch entourage..but who cares! LOL Balou8900 says to (07:39:10): I want hoyt's mom to fix us all a sandwich for the show next week JennLynnC says to (07:39:14): whats up with the connection Dallas VampHadley says to (07:39:15): Wow Tasmania? Tester70 says to (07:39:15): @ louisianagirl she sure does tweetyrosel says to (07:39:18): Sookie dear... in bed with Eric!!!! heatherama says to (07:39:19): That sandwich looked so gross! Konelli says to (07:39:21): 16 hours in front TES2008 says to (07:39:23): ? Lafemme TrueBloodinMyVains says to (07:39:25): Omg yeah. elilu says to (07:39:25): what the hell did dallas just say? greeneyegirl says to (07:39:30): Holy Crap Tes that was fast Katie Robinson says to (07:39:30): 154 lafemmetopaz says to (07:39:31): I loved the pic.. TES Ryn Blair says to (07:39:32): DAllas you are really breaking up VampsBloodMoney says to (07:39:33): idk Marlene he gets all tight wad ish Katie Robinson says to (07:39:34): Yay

robi says to (07:39:35): oh, that sandwich looked soo good! Yum! Hee hee lafemmetopaz says to (07:39:38): everyone crying over godric NinaYvette says to (07:39:38): I know JustAimer, I was like the whole 30 year old virgin mamas boy thing has been done!!! tweetyrosel says to (07:39:39): Bill had to turn his head BillohBill says to (07:39:47): Dallas said to Hoyt, you are not my Father SteveNewlinJr says to (07:39:47): Blah, Blah , Blah JennLynnC says to (07:39:52): Is it just me ... or seeing Sookie with eric has been ruined now that she is REALLY engaged to marry Bill lafemmetopaz says to (07:39:53): I loved the dream sequence ChoChoMojo says to (07:39:53): noon there Macyblue says to (07:39:54): LMAO BOB IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:39:56): shut up steve Newbloodfan says to (07:39:56): LMAO BOB Ryn Blair says to (07:39:56): oh hush steve! Marleneemm says to (07:39:57): Hoyt's had enough of his mom's crap!! TES2008 says to (07:39:57): Enjoy this album Viking lovers: http://s305.photobucket.com/albums/nn204/iceicky/skars/?action=view&current=es7.jpg lafemmetopaz says to (07:39:59): very cheeky and funny gamesrider says to (07:40:00): Every time I see jason, i have flash backs to the role he played in the movie flicka, lol EricsTXGal says to (07:40:01): Hi everyone! heatherama says to (07:40:01): Screencaps are already up for the dream sequence.. dear Lord. BubbaLives says to (07:40:02): Peelo is on the wiki and at work, so it is after 8am Newbloodfan says to (07:40:05): TES THUD tweetyrosel says to (07:40:07):

(6) greeneyegirl says to (07:40:07): You need conditioner steve try Prell robi says to (07:40:08): Hey TX! NinaYvette says to (07:40:11): Did anyone notice the red dot in the middle of Steve Newlins head? NinaYvette says to (07:40:13): haha IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:40:15): hahahaahah i♥vikingvamps says to (07:40:16): tessie-you rock <3 Konelli says to (07:40:16): Miss Q its 16 hours in front I believe EricsTXGal says to (07:40:16): ROBI!!!!! jessicacrimony says to (07:40:17): lol TES2008 says to (07:40:19): Hello to all & HUGS to all. BillohBill says to (07:40:19): Nina, LOL Yes! Ryn Blair says to (07:40:22): i saw the naked pics of jason today ! lol NinaYvette says to (07:40:23): paintball bruise TES2008 says to (07:40:23): This room is moving way too fast. VampsBloodMoney says to (07:40:23): I did Nina!!! Flu says to (07:40:24): gahhhh! I'm late! BillohBill says to (07:40:24): Tes! robi says to (07:40:25): big hug! Konelli says to (07:40:25): HiTES Flu says to (07:40:27): hey everyone! NinaYvette says to (07:40:28): lmao!!! heatherama says to (07:40:30): Best. Dream. Ever. VegasJellyFish says to (07:40:31):

NinaYvette I noticed and laughed my butt off SteveNewlinJr says to (07:40:31): I would use hair conditioner but Sarah and Jason used it all! recordcozy says to (07:40:31): Yes. That was awesome. I laughed at that in the preview. OneCent says to (07:40:31): Maybe Stephen was afraid life would mirror art, so he slapped a ring on Anna? Katie Robinson says to (07:40:32): LoL BillohBill says to (07:40:33): FLU! Marleneemm says to (07:40:33): GEG: Wish they still made original Prell! JennLynnC says to (07:40:33): haha, nina, yea ,m from the paintball, too funny IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:40:34): naked pics of jason where?! BillohBill says to (07:40:42): 157 USERS HOLY ***! Flu says to (07:40:43): =DDDD Ryn Blair says to (07:40:45): I Hated Maryanne! shes such a bitch.. and tempting Tara's mom!!! i♥vikingvamps says to (07:40:47): loved watching newlin and his wife bicker! too funny! NinaYvette says to (07:40:47): That was priceless JennLynnC says to (07:40:47): haha, one cent TES2008 says to (07:40:53): Sookie doesn't put up a fuss about being turned into a vamp like she does in the books blorio says to (07:40:53): Wow, what an episode robi says to (07:40:55): you may be onto something Sookie. Konelli says to (07:40:58): Hey Bob I loved the left hook Bill gave LOL Flu says to (07:41:00): why the hell did godric burn blue?! XD elilu says to (07:41:00): did she just cut off? Newbloodfan says to (07:41:02): that's true TES JustAimer says to (07:41:05): I don't like seeing Eric in bed with sookie - I want him in bed with me! LOL hoytscell says to (07:41:07):

Dream squence kicked tukus robi says to (07:41:07): They do a good job with foreshadowing BillohBill says to (07:41:07): I still think they portray Eric to devious. VampHadley says to (07:41:10): I loved the big red dot on newlins face recordcozy says to (07:41:11): lol Louisianagirl29 says to (07:41:13): watching that over and over again everyday VegasJellyFish says to (07:41:13): I think it would be funny if Mrs. Newilin end up prego with Jason's baby LOL NinaYvette says to (07:41:16): I know, me too!!! Newbloodfan says to (07:41:16): Conversation very much Book 4 Ryn Blair says to (07:41:16): im a bill fan at heart 37ft says to (07:41:17): THey play Eric perfectly imho lafemmetopaz says to (07:41:17): Eric is devious isilwath says to (07:41:18): oh sookie was soo loving bing in bed with eric BitterDeviant says to (07:41:20): Eric was acting all filrty. So hilarious Katie Robinson says to (07:41:22): lol EricsTXGal says to (07:41:25): Who could tweet while Eric's in bed with you? Macyblue says to (07:41:26): That was a great scene riverdragon169 says to (07:41:26): yes.. soo book 4 37ft says to (07:41:26): he's devious and smart VampsBloodMoney says to (07:41:27): hey..... BabyVamp/Jessica isnt here :( JennLynnC says to (07:41:28): its weird seein them in bed, now that she is engaged to bill lafemmetopaz says to (07:41:28): Book eric is also loyal and funny and sexy IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:41:30): love eric TES2008 says to (07:41:31):

Many of us will want our faces PhotoShopped in that bed scene. :D Macyblue says to (07:41:32): made me think of book 4 heatherama says to (07:41:35): They were great in bed together... it reminded me of them together in the books. JustAimer says to (07:41:36): lol Tes VampHadley says to (07:41:37): Eric has a sexy smile! kelleymarie says to (07:41:39): new dimension to eric greeneyegirl says to (07:41:39): Izzy it was dram induced by Erics blood isilwath says to (07:41:40): lol tes 37ft says to (07:41:41): Eric and Sookie are waaaaaay hot Macyblue says to (07:41:42): hell yea...good scene Newbloodfan says to (07:41:42): Me too Macy blorio says to (07:41:43): Eric and sookie in bed, couldn't breathe greeneyegirl says to (07:41:45): that is dream robi says to (07:41:45): sookie, so are you saying...it did rock your socks? Hee he BitterDeviant says to (07:41:46): He was giggly too VampsBloodMoney says to (07:41:46): AHHHH book 4 :) heatherama says to (07:41:46): So sweet together. recordcozy says to (07:41:48): Ha ha ha. I couldn't think during that moment either. Flu says to (07:41:49): i dun really like eric isilwath says to (07:41:51): geg: i know i♥vikingvamps says to (07:41:52): heheh- I'll be photoshopping 2maro tes BitterDeviant says to (07:41:52): I knew it Newbloodfan says to (07:41:54): Couldn't breathe nor think Katie Robinson says to (07:41:55):

AHHHHH BillohBill says to (07:41:55): Well I am hopinh that it wasn't fricking Jason! recordcozy says to (07:41:56): He does mine! NinaYvette says to (07:41:56): I think we should have gotten a cheek or two from Eric. I mean we saw Sookies boobage... Flu says to (07:41:57): but i saw that scene, and my jaw dropped BubbaLives says to (07:41:59): Please. It was hot and they had major chemistry. Newbloodfan says to (07:42:01): Hyperventilating BillohBill says to (07:42:02): DALLAS 155 USER IN CHAT Marleneemm says to (07:42:03): OCent: YOU can say that again about Anna/Stephen/Eric: Their relationship is being used as 'Fodder" Why do you think AS/AP/SM were separated at ComC 37ft says to (07:42:03): does Bill forget that Sookie fell so fast for him becaus of his blood? blorio says to (07:42:04): Eric was so adorable in the dream Macyblue says to (07:42:06): me too BOB JustAimer says to (07:42:06): right Nina! I agree! i♥vikingvamps says to (07:42:07): like that yearbook yourself thing on fb! robi says to (07:42:07): I love Jason after the bomb..THUMBS UP! VampsBloodMoney says to (07:42:12): I just finished book 4 up to 5 now hoytscell says to (07:42:13): Miss Sookie could surely suck lol Ryn Blair says to (07:42:14): yea..they were stingy on eric's body.. IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:42:18): i love jasonn heatherama says to (07:42:18): Devious and total ERic. heatherama says to (07:42:20): That's totally him. JennLynnC says to (07:42:21):

I am almost done with Book 5 greeneyegirl says to (07:42:22): Marlene huh??? ChoChoMojo says to (07:42:22): missed bullet scene JustAimer says to (07:42:22): Book 4 is my all time favorite NinaYvette says to (07:42:27): Who do I have to stalk at HBO to get a cheek scene, lol alainanoelle says to (07:42:28): It was sooo Eric! robi says to (07:42:29): it is all about when eric grins...always hidden message behind that 'grin' BillohBill says to (07:42:29): 37 She liked him when he walked into Merlottes. BubbaLives says to (07:42:30): They held back on Eric's bod on purpose to tease us. VampHadley says to (07:42:30): He was cheeky! I loved it! ChoChoMojo says to (07:42:30): must rewatch heatherama says to (07:42:31): lol nina EricsTXGal says to (07:42:31): It's that damned smirk - you can't hate him! recordcozy says to (07:42:32): I loved that :) So happy it was in the show. Ryn Blair says to (07:42:33): i just finished book 9 and i am SOOOO sad!! blorio says to (07:42:35): never want to beat ERic over the head heatherama says to (07:42:36): check out Generation Kill nina! jessicacrimony says to (07:42:36): i loved jason "Even thoughi think you should cook for me more" LOL Konelli says to (07:42:38): Me too I thought Jason good this evening BubbaLives says to (07:42:39): Same with Bill and his stupid robe all season 37ft says to (07:42:43): she liked him but LOVED him and dreamed of him after drinking recordcozy says to (07:42:43): I thought he was going to wink just then. Oh, Eric. i♥vikingvamps says to (07:42:43): lol ny! moxiegraphix says to (07:42:45):

I don't think he was controlling the dream. JustAimer says to (07:42:46): yeah, we got Alex booty in Generation Kill greeneyegirl says to (07:42:46): Hi ETG long time no see BillohBill says to (07:42:46): I hate that fracking robe lady_bp16 says to (07:42:46): lol hoytscelol ur crazy Newbloodfan says to (07:42:47): The opening scene with Lorena OneCent says to (07:42:47): Absolutely Marlene! Balou8900 says to (07:42:47): Eric is becoming a metrosexual vamp lately robi says to (07:42:48): jessicacrimony, so funny JennLynnC says to (07:42:49): i love gen kill heather Louisianagirl29 says to (07:42:49): That's book Eric all the way gamesrider says to (07:42:50): I read the first 7 books in 9 days, got way tooo hooked\ Marleneemm says to (07:42:53): GREGirl: Original Prell was great for long hair recordcozy says to (07:42:57): Yay for Eric butt! Trublood69 says to (07:42:57): Hoyt And I Said I'm A Grown ass man At The Same Time! Lolz! heatherama says to (07:42:59): Amen LAGirl29 hoytscell says to (07:43:01): Mais thanks yous Lady_bp ;) SteveNewlinJr says to (07:43:02): Hey where's @VampireStan? Oh wait thats right! CLEAN UP AISLE 3! NinaYvette says to (07:43:03): I know heather, but its not the same. I was Gen Kill and Im not attracted to him at all JennLynnC says to (07:43:05): crap , way to many ppl to read everything! Macyblue says to (07:43:07): was he in control of the dream NinaYvette says to (07:43:08): weird!!! 37ft says to (07:43:09): so pleased with Eric scenes toniht

Katie Robinson says to (07:43:09): His smile was like the smile he had on the promo before the season tweetyrosel says to (07:43:10): Just had to post this on myspace too. heatherama says to (07:43:10): The bond in 9 is different because of how much blood she's had. BubbaLives says to (07:43:11): I don't think it was contro...I just think she was dreaming ChoChoMojo says to (07:43:12): lots of people here tonight! moxiegraphix says to (07:43:13): I think it was more a consequence of the whole 'attraction' thing. BillohBill says to (07:43:14): VAMPIRE STAN, REST IN PIECES, LMAO! heatherama says to (07:43:15): It was all Sookie. heatherama says to (07:43:16): !! Ryn Blair says to (07:43:16): yup moving too fast robi says to (07:43:20): why can't it be a bit of both? Macyblue says to (07:43:20): i think she just wants him BubbaLives says to (07:43:21): BOB! LMAO alainanoelle says to (07:43:22): What was up with Lorena in the dream? EricsTXGal says to (07:43:22): BoB! Poor Stan! isilwath says to (07:43:23): yeah but no she will blame the blood for liking erric, but then she can say taht bill's blood makes her want bill. :/ hoytscell says to (07:43:25): Luke issa deads YES! lol NinaYvette says to (07:43:26): But in True Blood, im offering my jugular, lol TES2008 says to (07:43:27): The ending to tonight's epi will not be forgotten; so powerful and magical. BubbaLives says to (07:43:31): Guess he won't be King Now! blorio says to (07:43:32): It was SOokie, she loves ERic! tinacherry says to (07:43:32): It's the blood. 37ft says to (07:43:32):

I loved when Sookie coudln't stop looking at Eric Ryn Blair says to (07:43:33): i cant wait for book 10!! Konelli says to (07:43:33): Hey Erics Tx gAL JustAimer says to (07:43:35): Wasn't that Sookies fantasy? BubbaLives says to (07:43:38): Who's going to hire barry? JennLynnC says to (07:43:38): macy ,,, she will want him now, hhaAA tweetyrosel says to (07:43:39): My husband bought me the first book.. YaY Macyblue says to (07:43:40): i agree TES heatherama says to (07:43:41): I'm sure it was aimer. NelBearPig says to (07:43:41): poor stan my but he deserved what he got robi says to (07:43:42): deep breath, we are reading WAY to deep into these scense LMAO VampsBloodMoney says to (07:43:42): yo, steve, hush please and put some makeup on ur red spot lafemmetopaz says to (07:43:43): nah it was eric blorio says to (07:43:44): Hey Hoytscell EricsTXGal says to (07:43:48): Waving @ Bunny!!! lafemmetopaz says to (07:43:49): Sookie can't love ERic.. its too soon riverdragon169 says to (07:43:50): that is the whole struggle that Sookie has in the books..she doesnt know if she loves him or is it the bond Balou8900 says to (07:43:52): agree, ending was perfect NinaYvette says to (07:43:53): LOL VAMOS heatherama says to (07:43:53): Like Eric told Bill, it would have happened eventually! bontempsgal says to (07:43:54): I think it is sookie creating the dream because of the blood. Don't think Eric sent the dream to her BillohBill says to (07:43:54): WHERE THE HELL IS BARRY? BubbaLives says to (07:43:58):

Absolutely Dallas! ChoChoMojo says to (07:44:00): noppe sabby77 says to (07:44:01): lol tweetyrosel says to (07:44:02): The funny thing is that he started to read it before the show started.. Flu says to (07:44:02): BARRY!!! i♥vikingvamps says to (07:44:03): good set up 4 season 3! the dream sequence heatherama says to (07:44:04): Amen Dallas. robi says to (07:44:04): Good point BoB Louisianagirl29 says to (07:44:04): lol lafemmetopaz says to (07:44:04): It was eric telling sookie what she wants to hear Flu says to (07:44:05): where'd he go? TES2008 says to (07:44:05): That's what I asked BOB. SteveNewlinJr says to (07:44:05): Tomorrow there will be 1/2 of a Bloody Black Stetson on sale at the Dallas EBAY Newbloodfan says to (07:44:05): Question, Godric burned up within 2-3 minutes. Why didn't Bill do that in Season 1? IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:44:06): yeah. what ever happened to barry? Ryn Blair says to (07:44:07): stupid bond.. NinaYvette says to (07:44:08): How come Bill didnt sense the dream? BillohBill says to (07:44:08): Tricky Bastard! LOL Marleneemm says to (07:44:09): Dallas: WHen are you going to have that hunk of Swedish MANhood on your show again??? hoytscell says to (07:44:10): Woot woot sexiness issa here <3 Blorio alainanoelle says to (07:44:12): I know BOB! What happened to Barry? recordcozy says to (07:44:12): She's definitely attracted at this point. Not love, oh well. tweetyrosel says to (07:44:13): It was for me and he took it first LOL

37ft says to (07:44:16): could eric send a dream to a telepath? IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:44:17): because godric is old JennLynnC says to (07:44:18): I KNOW BILLOHBILL, i was asking on Twitter ... where the heck did Bill take Barry! Konelli says to (07:44:21): Hey Erics TxGal how r u doing you must have enjoyed this evenings episode jessicacrimony says to (07:44:22): stan eventually became king in the books, so is ixxy gonna play that role in the show instead? NinaYvette says to (07:44:23): Godric is older, he dies faster TES2008 says to (07:44:25): Isabel is now Sheriff of Dallas. She'll treat Barry well if he ends up working for her. JustAimer says to (07:44:26): I honestly don't want Eric & Sookie to fully be together - like boyfriend/gfriend - just the tension heatherama says to (07:44:27): No, Eric can't send dreams. tweetyrosel says to (07:44:30): Godric was just so ready to let go Macyblue says to (07:44:33): Anna was great in the scene with Godric VampsBloodMoney says to (07:44:34): wait what?? that was Eric's Fantasy, I thought it was Sookies??!! Ryn Blair says to (07:44:35): seems like he would die slower Flu says to (07:44:36): and vampires shouldn't burn blue fire BillohBill says to (07:44:38): BILL SHOVED BARRY IN ALCIDE'S CLOSET! LMAO! Macyblue says to (07:44:39): i was crying with her Ryn Blair says to (07:44:40): lol dallas sookiebontemps says to (07:44:41): It was Sookie's dream. heatherama says to (07:44:42): It was all Sookie's dream! hoytscell says to (07:44:43): Is cried JustAimer says to (07:44:46): I believe it was Sookie's Vamps... robi says to (07:44:47): I was not a fan of the effects. sorry

i♥vikingvamps says to (07:44:47): Eric can send me dreams like that anytime! Konelli says to (07:44:47): Poor Godric I liked Godric which he didnt leave EricsTXGal says to (07:44:47): Bunny - I watched in bits and pieces, have yet to sit and watch all the way thru lafemmetopaz says to (07:44:48): it was eric controlling the dream sookiebontemps says to (07:44:48): SOOKIE'S DREAM blorio says to (07:44:51): The tension between Sookie and Eric is amazing, but I want to see more heatherama says to (07:44:51): Just look at how she kept checking him out at the meeting with Nana! heatherama says to (07:44:54): I mean Nan. BitterDeviant says to (07:44:55): Eric crying did it for me VampsBloodMoney says to (07:44:57): BoB!!! LMFAOO!!! JustAimer says to (07:44:57): Bill told Sookie she'd have sexual feelings Newbloodfan says to (07:44:58): Hot potato Sookie? LOL!! lafemmetopaz says to (07:44:59): the whole's vampire turning scene is the reason 37ft says to (07:45:00): we don't know eric was controlling the dream Ryn Blair says to (07:45:02): idk who was controlling the dream.. robi says to (07:45:04): it was good dialog, but horible effects, just my opinion JennLynnC says to (07:45:05): BILLOHBILL - I can NOT WAIT to see who they get to play Alcide! Tester70 says to (07:45:06): Godric burned quickly because he was old and willing Trublood69 says to (07:45:08): WHO CRIED @ THE END OF THIS EPISODE? lafemmetopaz says to (07:45:10): Eric wants to turn Sookie IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:45:11): the blood is controlling the dream robi says to (07:45:12): it was a good scene hoytscell says to (07:45:13): Bitter when Mister Eric Started cryings I losts it

BitterDeviant says to (07:45:13): Me recordcozy says to (07:45:14): Yes. SEXUAL. He said that like a Health teacher. Macyblue says to (07:45:15): Eric on his knees crying...i lost it JennLynnC says to (07:45:15): I CRIED BillohBill says to (07:45:17): I DID NOT CRY TES2008 says to (07:45:18): I cried Tb69 isilwath says to (07:45:19): tb69; ME i♥vikingvamps says to (07:45:19): i balled! IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:45:20): and i cried my eyess out heatherama says to (07:45:21): Yup, Macy. Konelli says to (07:45:23): I had some tears for Godric jessicacrimony says to (07:45:23): i cried Flu says to (07:45:24): i don't understand, how being older would make you weaker AnjitheBeast says to (07:45:24): I ***ING BAWLED Balou8900 says to (07:45:26): If Mary Ann would lose the God complex, I think I could lust her :D Trublood69 says to (07:45:27): I Cried Sooo Hard alainanoelle says to (07:45:29): I cried too! Ryn Blair says to (07:45:30): i cried..didnt think i ever would tweetyrosel says to (07:45:30): Tears almost came out... they might of if I was alone. Marleneemm says to (07:45:30): TB69: Sookie cried for Godric! Trublood69 says to (07:45:31): And I Have A BEARD Macyblue says to (07:45:31): I cried 37ft says to (07:45:32):

Alexander Skarsgard owned this episode BillohBill says to (07:45:34): SNAP OUT IF IT PEOPLE! really_rachel says to (07:45:35): I cried OneCent says to (07:45:36): I teared up Flu says to (07:45:37): you're faster, stronger, but weaker against sun? heatherama says to (07:45:40): hell yeah 37ft! smeykunz says to (07:45:40): I didn't cry 37ft says to (07:45:42): I loved Sookie again at the end Louisianagirl29 says to (07:45:45): The books are amazing. I'm glad they are coming to life. Thank you Alan EricsTXGal says to (07:45:46): Did anyone else get a strange feeling when Bill was explaining to Sookie the affects of taking Eric's blood? Almost like he was confessing he'd done same thing to her... JennLynnC says to (07:45:46): billohbill - snap out of what? lafemmetopaz says to (07:45:47): lol BOB BillohBill says to (07:45:48): SICK OF MARY ANN BitterDeviant says to (07:45:48): LOL@Hoytscell robi says to (07:45:50): me neither smeykunz blorio says to (07:45:51): I cried VampHadley says to (07:45:51): Godric, Eric and Sookie was the winner for the night! Konelli says to (07:45:52): Hey Shannon I have to admit I liked the left hook LOL alainanoelle says to (07:45:54): BOB, you'e too funy! robi says to (07:45:56): wish I could have though tweetyrosel says to (07:45:57): Sookies tears came out fast and in a bunch all at once. lady_bp16 says to (07:45:57): Bill should let Sookie go...Im sure he will have no trouble finding another dumb blonde SteveNewlinJr says to (07:45:58): I cried! That tie of mine looked awful!

isilwath says to (07:45:59): BOB: Me too. getting sick of her 37ft says to (07:45:59): EricsTXgal bill knows he did the same thing to Sookie heatherama says to (07:46:00): Yeah I got the same feeling, txgirl. smeykunz says to (07:46:02): I did too Buns 37ft says to (07:46:05): Eric just did it up front IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:46:09): shut up steve. i♥vikingvamps says to (07:46:09): it was wierd txgal... lafemmetopaz says to (07:46:12): getting sick of whom izzy LukesLady09 says to (07:46:13): LOL steve! lafemmetopaz says to (07:46:13): Sookie? heatherama says to (07:46:18): He did the same thing to her. Exactly, Eric is always up front. TES2008 says to (07:46:18): Lucky Sookie! She's bonded to 2 SEXY vamps. smeykunz says to (07:46:19): It did Steve, you looked disheveled AnjitheBeast says to (07:46:19): Old Vampires and sun don't mix well because they are so far removed from 37ft says to (07:46:19): what an awesome scene too Eric was such a bad boy Ryn Blair says to (07:46:20): i love sookie and bill.. but ijdk about this NinaYvette says to (07:46:23): Steve you should be more worried about ur red dotted forehead, screw the tie!!! JennLynnC says to (07:46:26): will eric have more respect for sookie for staying with godric Trublood69 says to (07:46:26): Yeah I Do EricsTX EricsTXGal says to (07:46:28): Sookie will figure it out Marleneemm says to (07:46:30): Did anyone notice what SAM shifted into?? Konelli says to (07:46:31): Shannon you have good taste LOL isilwath says to (07:46:32): 37ft: you're right, bill DID do the same thing to Sookies

kelleymarie says to (07:46:34): tx gal I felt the same way about Bills explanation BitterDeviant says to (07:46:35): Alex was awesome! sookiebontemps says to (07:46:37): Marleene: The Fly! hoytscell says to (07:46:39): Sam shirteds into a fly NinaYvette says to (07:46:39): haha, a fly on the wall 37ft says to (07:46:39): Eric respects Sookie completely IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:46:40): yeah he shifted into a fly heatherama says to (07:46:40): A fly. BillohBill says to (07:46:41): MARLENE HE SHIFTED INTO A FLY. lady_bp16 says to (07:46:43): A frickin fly alainanoelle says to (07:46:44): Sam the Fly! robi says to (07:46:46): i think sookie is going to understand eric more now, blood or no blood Ryn Blair says to (07:46:48): Dallas, i read what you recommend TES2008 says to (07:46:49): Maybe Sookie will have a dream of being in bed with both Bill & Eric. :D 37ft says to (07:46:49): he doesn't treat her like a child like Bill does tweetyrosel says to (07:46:50): What about Lafayette taking Tara and punching kicking Eggs! allshookdown says to (07:46:51): EricsTXgirl - i thought so, too. It made his previous bloodswapping seem more manipulative. greeneyegirl says to (07:46:51): Bunny did you pm on the wiki? BillohBill says to (07:46:53): Agree'd Robi BubbaLives says to (07:46:54): I cannot believe I have a headache after tonight's show. Need to take some advil. BB NinaYvette says to (07:46:55): I'll think twice about swatting a fly now SteveNewlinJr says to (07:46:55): What's a book? smeykunz says to (07:46:55):

You know I do Bunny :) alainanoelle says to (07:46:57): I was hoping no body would swat him! blorio says to (07:46:58): alex was amazing:D Konelli says to (07:46:59): GEG no on twitter sorry Trublood69 says to (07:47:02): Lol @ TES Sam Merlotte says to (07:47:02): Screws with your vision, too. AnjitheBeast says to (07:47:04): tweety- YES lafemmetopaz says to (07:47:05): robi... but this is how AB does it KitchenBitch says to (07:47:09): Camp Blood and Blond Bonds are my fave recaps JennLynnC says to (07:47:11): i wonder how sam will get andy to help him, haha VampHadley says to (07:47:15): Steve Newlin you are a dork. jessicacrimony says to (07:47:15): The whole eric sookie scenes makes me more wishful of a pink spandex scene lady_bp16 says to (07:47:16): I am glad Laf kicked ass tonight lafemmetopaz says to (07:47:16): he makes eric very vulnerable Konelli says to (07:47:16): Shannon I might do a hello this is BOB LMAO 37ft says to (07:47:19): BloodBonds has a great recap i♥vikingvamps says to (07:47:23): if i had eric in my bed, I could care less if he respects me or not! ;-) PubChick says to (07:47:23): hard to keep up in here tweetyrosel says to (07:47:25): Woo Hoo!!! YaY Lafayette!!! smeykunz says to (07:47:26): Blood Bonds is HILARIOUS! heatherama says to (07:47:26): Lafayette was awesome! NinaYvette says to (07:47:26): he was naked and all at Andys door, lol Marleneemm says to (07:47:26): I know he Shifted into a fly~ But can you beleive how he got around and listend in to conversations

Balou8900 says to (07:47:28): By putting on some clothes, for a starter lafemmetopaz says to (07:47:28): this is their "connecting" scene BillohBill says to (07:47:38): NINA That was hysterical. Andy is not surprised anymore. JustAimer says to (07:47:39): so is Sam going to show Andy he's a shifter? Flu says to (07:47:40): i would like to believe it's eric's dream - but i don't think eric would throw in lorena, he's cocky enough just to have his body in the dream lady_bp16 says to (07:47:40): Eggs should have known he was no match for him alainanoelle says to (07:47:41): I knew Sam would go to Andy. Konelli says to (07:47:45): Where is BOB Hello this is BOB :) Sam Merlotte says to (07:47:46): Clothes might be good. Ryn Blair says to (07:47:47): im glad lafayette is coming back 37ft says to (07:47:47): I might also add that I loved Eric going against Nan blorio says to (07:47:51): Eggs needs to go away! IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:47:53): why wasnt andy surprised when he saw sam naked at his door? recordcozy says to (07:47:54): Andy was probably boozing. i♥vikingvamps says to (07:47:56): loved Laf 2nite SteveNewlinJr says to (07:47:57): 3 Pros! Steve, Steve and Um...Steve! PubChick says to (07:47:58): I think Andy would believe anything at this point Marleneemm says to (07:47:58): MAxine's got what she was due! AnjitheBeast says to (07:48:02): I'm afraid for Tara tweetyrosel says to (07:48:02): Yes Nina, I was telling my husband I can't believe he let him in (Sam) being naked. NinaYvette says to (07:48:04): BillohBill!!! I know!!! he was sooo at ease with him in his bday suit!!! 37ft says to (07:48:05): Lafayette was fantastic i♥vikingvamps says to (07:48:05):

only the priests! PubChick says to (07:48:05): best to show him he's not going nuts TES2008 says to (07:48:07): My three pros: 1) Eric's shoulders; 2) Eric's arms; 3) Eric's hip bone. Ryn Blair says to (07:48:07): nan is definitie;y a politician AnjitheBeast says to (07:48:07): seriously though ChoChoMojo says to (07:48:08): Bunny you gotta call me soooon hoytscell says to (07:48:08): Maxine drunk issa a crazy freaks lol IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:48:09): SHUT UP STEVE kelleymarie says to (07:48:09): lafayette kicked eggs butt!! woohoo!! lady_bp16 says to (07:48:13): I agree blorio 37ft says to (07:48:15): lol TES BillohBill says to (07:48:16): LOL TES! 37ft says to (07:48:17): agreed hoytscell says to (07:48:22): Red shoes LukesLady09 says to (07:48:23): Steve, qui looking in that Magic Mirror...It lies just like you DO! NinaYvette says to (07:48:23): I guess after the pig sighting, nothing phases him, lol EricsTXGal says to (07:48:24): Flu - so true...if that had been Eric's dream there would have been more sex and no lorena isilwath says to (07:48:25): and red shoes BitterDeviant says to (07:48:26): Lafayette whooped Eggs' butt hoytscell says to (07:48:26): lol i♥vikingvamps says to (07:48:26): tes- 40 eric's eyes Ryn Blair says to (07:48:27): i dont like eggs anymore either Trublood69 says to (07:48:27): lafayette IS A BAMF BitterDeviant says to (07:48:28):

LOL JennLynnC says to (07:48:29): when she said ... shhh thats a secret , sooo funny tweetyrosel says to (07:48:29): I wonder if Sam will let Andy know about himself alainanoelle says to (07:48:32): Oh and then Jess mentioned red shoes. 37ft says to (07:48:33): Lafayette still strong from Erics blood? smeykunz says to (07:48:33): Man, maxi would hate me LOL Louisianagirl29 says to (07:48:35): That's most Louisiana momma heatherama says to (07:48:36): I think Sam will. jessicacrimony says to (07:48:36): ONLT THE PRIESTS VampHadley says to (07:48:36): Maxine, we all know someone like that. Balou8900 says to (07:48:37): lafayette may wanna pump up on some V before the war that's coming SteveNewlinJr says to (07:48:38): Lafayette made scrambled Eggs! KitchenBitch says to (07:48:38): <--- has red shoes BillohBill says to (07:48:40): LOL TEXAS! recordcozy says to (07:48:42): lol NinaYvette says to (07:48:42): Lafayette made an omelette outta eggs, lol Konelli says to (07:48:45): Hey Miss Q maybe after this? Ryn Blair says to (07:48:46): and red shoes PubChick says to (07:48:47): Eric looked fantastic in the dream scene when he wasn't all angry Eric mode IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:48:47): HAHA hoytscell says to (07:48:49): Issa have red shoes! alainanoelle says to (07:48:51): So do I! ChoChoMojo says to (07:48:52): suuure Konelli says to (07:48:55):

NP lady_bp16 says to (07:48:56): lol Steve elilu says to (07:48:58): Lets not stevenewlin. lets not. hoytscell says to (07:48:58): Everyones wear red shoes tomorrow Ryn Blair says to (07:48:58): i was raised methodist and went to catholic schoool robi says to (07:48:58): KitchenBitch looks good in Red Shoes, if I must say so myself tweetyrosel says to (07:48:58): Nina... LOL PolarVamp says to (07:48:59): So because Sookie sucked Erics blood 3 times does that mean they're Bonded??? blorio says to (07:49:04): LOL kitchenbitch, you have lots of red shoes?? recordcozy says to (07:49:04): Yes. Lafayette is Tara's hero :) 37ft says to (07:49:06): soft and sweet ERic is as sexy as bad ass eric isilwath says to (07:49:07): wow 150 users in chat!! jessicacrimony says to (07:49:09): I felt bad for Jessica i♥vikingvamps says to (07:49:09): loved eric's hair in the dream scene! Ryn Blair says to (07:49:11): how can you hate all thaT? kelleymarie says to (07:49:11): I love erics smile!! priceless! blorio says to (07:49:16): I should wear red shoes i♥vikingvamps says to (07:49:17): H-O-T!! Marleneemm says to (07:49:22): Loved how LaFayette went to Tara's rescue~and how greeneyegirl says to (07:49:22): Bunny got it ....My son is driving me crazy Konelli says to (07:49:22): Miss Q I hd to call in because I couldnt get sound got chat though :) robi says to (07:49:22): PolarVamp, yeah, would this count as 2 times? Hee hee NinaYvette says to (07:49:23): Do u think Jessicas gonna eat Hoyts mom? Tester70 says to (07:49:23):

I have red shoes AND I'm black people 37ft says to (07:49:29): I believe I can sense her emotions hahahahaha Konelli says to (07:49:32): GEG sorry BTW how r u feeling Trublood69 says to (07:49:34): I HOPE NINA IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:49:35): i hope jessica does! NinaYvette says to (07:49:35): ME TOO Tester 70!!! tweetyrosel says to (07:49:35): Sookie should have called Jason to do the sucking BillohBill says to (07:49:38): LOL TESTER! KitchenBitch says to (07:49:44): Maxine is gonna get it real soon blorio says to (07:49:45): I wanted to suck the bullets out of Eric's chest heatherama says to (07:49:45): Oh please! She wanted to get her lips all over him,. Ryn Blair says to (07:49:46): lol Flu says to (07:49:48): Sue-key, lol BillohBill says to (07:49:48): Tester, Don't go by Maxines, unless you wanna smack her! LOL VampHadley says to (07:49:49): She wanted to suck on him tweetyrosel says to (07:49:49): Just seeing Eric's face when Sookie was sucking his chest. robi says to (07:49:53): best line from the bullet scene..."ewwww yuk" jessicacrimony says to (07:49:54): Sookie Dumb? psh i have no idea where you got that from lol Flu says to (07:49:55): it's Suckeh peeps XD tweetyrosel says to (07:49:55): That grim was priceless!!! Marleneemm says to (07:50:00): how her Mom more or less resisted the bottle of Vodke IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:50:02): i love erics smile NinaYvette says to (07:50:08): I know, when Sookie was saying "gross" I was saying, DAMN, I WISH!!! Tester70 says to (07:50:11):

I work with a bunch of them billohbill BitterDeviant says to (07:50:11): And Eric playing the victim. HILARIOUS! SteveNewlinJr says to (07:50:14): Chest Bullet, Suck..hey! 37ft says to (07:50:15): Sookie knows the consequences of drinking vampire blood people JennLynnC says to (07:50:18): i think the show is so much better than the books Flu says to (07:50:21): Eric - "I'm dying" Trublood69 says to (07:50:22): She Does BillohBill says to (07:50:23): DID ERIC GO AFTER NAN BECAUSE OF THE WAY SHE WAS TALKING TO SOOKIE? ANY ONE? TES? VampsBloodMoney says to (07:50:23): Laf friggin suplexed him!! and i dont even know what a suplex is!!!! lady_bp16 says to (07:50:24): she is if she fell for Erics bull*** Louisianagirl29 says to (07:50:28): Sookie, my little bullet sucker. Eric, my bull***er robi says to (07:50:31): Eric was like when drama in high school playing dieing...to funny NelBearPig says to (07:50:34): i would have sucked the bullet out of eric no problem JennLynnC says to (07:50:34): i barely recall the godric scene from book 2 recordcozy says to (07:50:38): I loved that. He he. Yes. LA girl! heatherama says to (07:50:38): BOB I think it was both Godric and Sookie. greeneyegirl says to (07:50:43): No he went after nan for Godric heatherama says to (07:50:43): He was defending both of them. hoytscell says to (07:50:45): Jason issa awesome! BitterDeviant says to (07:50:46): LOL @Robi 37ft says to (07:50:46): I think so too heather isilwath says to (07:50:48): bob: hmm, I dunno... was he? I thought he was defending Godric BubbaLives says to (07:50:49): No BOB-it was all focused on Godric

NinaYvette says to (07:50:50): Me too, chest, neck, anyplace!!! smeykunz says to (07:50:52): his sexabilities LOL SteveNewlinJr says to (07:50:52): Sookie! I got shot in the crotch! hurry I'm dying! BubbaLives says to (07:50:55): IMHO Ryn Blair says to (07:50:57): sexabilities? lol Tester70 says to (07:50:57): I wanna sleep with Jason Louisianagirl29 says to (07:50:58): so hot IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:50:59): shut up steve Trublood69 says to (07:50:59): lol greeneyegirl says to (07:50:59): Yes all on Godric heatherama says to (07:51:00): lol steve! recordcozy says to (07:51:04): Ha ha. Steve. IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:51:07): i wanna sleep with jason too hell yes alainanoelle says to (07:51:07): Sorry Steve. jessicacrimony says to (07:51:10): I loved JAson/Sookie scene kelleymarie says to (07:51:10): whatever STEVE! LukesLady09 says to (07:51:12): ROFL Steve! VampHadley says to (07:51:12): *groan* @steve smeykunz says to (07:51:13): LMAO @Steve tweetyrosel says to (07:51:13): LOL Steve!!! NinaYvette says to (07:51:13): Sorry Steve, wheres your lil taste of heaven? Marleneemm says to (07:51:13): Just let Jason have sex with let's say Isabel??? Jason will think hes an amature when it comes to SEX Ryn Blair says to (07:51:14):

jason is hot Louisianagirl29 says to (07:51:14): that was sweet alainanoelle says to (07:51:14): Leave Sook alone Steve. FangsNRoses says to (07:51:15): Sookie believes in universal boob-sharing. BillohBill says to (07:51:16): I thought Godric might take a lick of Sookie's tears. OneCent says to (07:51:16): & he wants her to cook for him more...typical! 37ft says to (07:51:17): I love how Sookie hates Eric around bill....but not Eric greeneyegirl says to (07:51:18): Steve...you still need conditioner Tester70 says to (07:51:19): and I don't like white guys JennLynnC says to (07:51:19): i loved the tara playin poker scene robi says to (07:51:21): it was a lovely moment. I almost forgot about that one lady_bp16 says to (07:51:25): lol Steve...and she would be dumb enough to do it NinaYvette says to (07:51:27): Or does she only suck when she cheats? recordcozy says to (07:51:27): That was awesome. Awkward brother-sister talk. BillohBill says to (07:51:30): Tester, LOL Ryn Blair says to (07:51:31): i hated that scene jenny greeneyegirl says to (07:51:33): Fangy.. sookiebontemps says to (07:51:37): YO! Trublood69 says to (07:51:39): I LOLED SO HARD @ STEVE NEWLIN BECAUSE HE HAD A HUGH BRUSIE ON HIS FORHEAD!!! sookiebontemps says to (07:51:40): I can hear y'all. Ryn Blair says to (07:51:43): yo at ya sookie! BitterDeviant says to (07:51:44): Man Jason needs a hug. sookiebontemps says to (07:51:45): LOL

heatherama says to (07:51:46): Tonight was just a little treat for Eric/Sookie fans. LukesLady09 says to (07:51:48): Hi Sook! lol JennLynnC says to (07:51:48): DONT CALL ME JENNY ;) seriously, Jennifer or Jenn FangsNRoses says to (07:51:49): GEG! blorio says to (07:51:55): Jason was too cute tonight BillohBill says to (07:51:57): SOOOKIE, I TOLD YOU, DON'T SUCK THE BULLETS! SteveNewlinJr says to (07:52:02): I thought Sookie and Jason were gonna DO IT! Eeeew! IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:52:03): jasons always cute hellooo 37ft says to (07:52:03): I hope this means we get more Eric recordcozy says to (07:52:03): He's always cute. heatherama says to (07:52:04): LOL BOB. tweetyrosel says to (07:52:07): Now your laughing Sookie??? alainanoelle says to (07:52:09): She never listens BOB! 37ft says to (07:52:11): though, again NOT NEARLY ENOUGH heatherama says to (07:52:11): I think we will 37ft. Balou8900 says to (07:52:12): lol BillohBill smeykunz says to (07:52:13): You did BoB I fav's that tweet LOL JennLynnC says to (07:52:17): I LOVED the Tara scene smeykunz says to (07:52:18): Fav'd LukesLady09 says to (07:52:19): Steve....Jason doesn't believe in the same things YOU do! lady_bp16 says to (07:52:20): Nasty Steve LukesLady09 says to (07:52:20): lol Macyblue says to (07:52:20):

hated eggs tonight BubbaLives says to (07:52:24): Eggs really does suck robi says to (07:52:25): Bob, sookie should have listented ot you last week, hee hee heatherama says to (07:52:25): Me too Macy. JennLynnC says to (07:52:26): eggs is annoying VampHadley says to (07:52:26): Domestic violence is never the answer. tweetyrosel says to (07:52:26): What does Bill call you??? Suckie Louisianagirl29 says to (07:52:29): I hope Eggs dies NinaYvette says to (07:52:30): Eggs got a beat down 2nite tweetyrosel says to (07:52:30): LOL NelBearPig says to (07:52:35): i can't wait for eggs to die jessicacrimony says to (07:52:36): I think Bill was dumb for punching Eric at that moment, it was horrible timing! IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:52:38): i dont like eggs. the character or the food lol 37ft says to (07:52:39): I rewatched the whole season to date this weekend nd I don't think the writers want us to root for Bill Ryn Blair says to (07:52:40): i dont like eggs hoytscell says to (07:52:41): But Eggs wassa bads character in dah books as wells he was an alcoholic smeykunz says to (07:52:48): Mary Ann should leave and take Eggs with her JennLynnC says to (07:52:48): hahaha Trublood69 says to (07:52:49): lafayette Threw It Down Tonight Son! Flu says to (07:52:51): Real Domestic Violence = 52in flat screen tvs blorio says to (07:52:53): eggs needs to go far far away 37ft says to (07:52:54): BIll is dumb about Eric. Period. lady_bp16 says to (07:52:55): Someone should boil eggs

NinaYvette says to (07:52:57): scrambled fried boiled whatever u wanna call it, he got a beat down IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:53:01): haha Trublood69 says to (07:53:01): HAHA @ FLU BubbaLives says to (07:53:02): Bill doesn't feel for his character the way Eric does. He doesn't understand it Tester70 says to (07:53:03): Eggs got body, but he got scrambled tonitge hoytscell says to (07:53:04): lol Nina VampsBloodMoney says to (07:53:06): LMFAO FLU!!!! KitchenBitch says to (07:53:08): unles it's me beating Taras BF BillohBill says to (07:53:08): lol Flu! recordcozy says to (07:53:09): I'm not a Godric fan either! Apparently the minority. heatherama says to (07:53:10): Here, here Bubba. Marleneemm says to (07:53:11): Dallas: I'm in the que~0459 marleneemm jessicacrimony says to (07:53:11): i just really hate bill SteveNewlinJr says to (07:53:12): Lorena Does a PSA for Domestic Violence! BubbaLives says to (07:53:13): His Maker's character...Geez Ryn Blair says to (07:53:13): i would kick his ass isilwath says to (07:53:14): jessica: you're right but it's why bill survived the encounter Ryn Blair says to (07:53:18): lol dallas @ lorena NinaYvette says to (07:53:18): hey, what happened to Maryannes stooge? The guy that would cook/clean for her? IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:53:19): I LOVE GODRIC heatherama says to (07:53:20): I don't hate Bill but he's not my favorite. lafemmetopaz says to (07:53:22): I agree.. Nan is media driven JennLynnC says to (07:53:22):

Is NAN a vampire, i have never seen her fangs Flu says to (07:53:22): hate bill?!?! *clutches heart* OneCent says to (07:53:23): Lafayette has vamp strength heatherama says to (07:53:26): Nan was awesome! Trublood69 says to (07:53:28): WHY JESSICA? 37ft says to (07:53:29): I don't hate Bill, but he doesn't hold a candle to eric IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:53:31): i like eric better than bill now Ryn Blair says to (07:53:31): i love me some bill heatherama says to (07:53:33): Total political pundit. jessicacrimony says to (07:53:35): OKOK hate is a strong word :P blorio says to (07:53:36): I like godric in the show, not so much in the book BitterDeviant says to (07:53:37): Eric is was gonna kill her Balou8900 says to (07:53:38): I loved the paintball bruise on Steve's forehead! SteveNewlinJr says to (07:53:43): IO9? recordcozy says to (07:53:44): We should all take Lorena's advice... IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:53:44): me too JennLynnC says to (07:53:44): has anyone noticed Eric has an overbite? 37ft says to (07:53:46): Eric is way better to Sookie Ryn Blair says to (07:53:46): godric i think was better in the show robi says to (07:53:46): alright, yap at you all later, nice seeing you! Got to run! tweetyrosel says to (07:53:47): That dream was just messed up! NinaYvette says to (07:53:47): nan is fame hungry BitterDeviant says to (07:53:48): *was lady_bp16 says to (07:53:49):

Thanks KitchenBitch for whoopin Eggs ass tonight smeykunz says to (07:53:49): LOVE LOVE LOVE io9 BillohBill says to (07:53:54): NO TEAN FIGHTING, DON'T BE RUDE! BubbaLives says to (07:53:56): The headaches is winning. Logging out. night guys tweetyrosel says to (07:53:57): Eric, Sookie and Lorena... Tester70 says to (07:53:57): Nan...what can you say hoytscell says to (07:53:58): Thas dream was hot! isilwath says to (07:53:58): jenn: yes AS has an overnite Ryn Blair says to (07:53:58): nan is a bia BillohBill says to (07:54:04): Thanks Meredith! smeykunz says to (07:54:04): Yay Meredith! alainanoelle says to (07:54:05): bye Bubba tweetyrosel says to (07:54:06): Lorena was enjoying watching SteveNewlinJr says to (07:54:06): Thank you M greeneyegirl says to (07:54:07): I think Sookie was staring at ERic at the meeting thinking about her dream ...not because she was thinking abotu havign sex with him or not ? Discuss Flu says to (07:54:09): bye meredith!! NinaYvette says to (07:54:09): Night Bubbalives Ryn Blair says to (07:54:10): Thanks Meredith! KitchenBitch says to (07:54:12): SteveNewlin i09 is for sinners NinaYvette says to (07:54:12): feel better thatdallasgirl says to (07:54:13): I REALLY hope sookie ends up with Erik. And I love the part when Lafayette beats Eggs' ass!!! hoytscell says to (07:54:14): Merci Meredith OneCent says to (07:54:16):

Overbites photograph better... alainanoelle says to (07:54:19): Yeah GEG. JennLynnC says to (07:54:19): ISIL - haha, i thought i was the only one who saw that Trublood69 says to (07:54:21): I THOUGHT I WOULD HATE WHEN ERIC AND SOOKIE WERE TO HOOK UP! BUT NOW I"M INTRESTED! smeykunz says to (07:54:21): Bye Bubs *hugs* KitchenBitch says to (07:54:22): STAY OUT! VampHadley says to (07:54:25): bye meredith! 37ft says to (07:54:25): how does one lok at ERic without thinking about sex? heatherama says to (07:54:27): GEG I think she was watching the way he reacted to Godric and what was going on in the meeting. greeneyegirl says to (07:54:29): Night Bubba heatherama says to (07:54:33): She's definitely responding to the softer side of Eric. recordcozy says to (07:54:35): Greengirl... Isn't that one in the same? Stormie Cutz says to (07:54:35): GUYS I NEED U TES2008 says to (07:54:37): Goodnight Bubba! NinaYvette says to (07:54:40): I know!!! Eric reeks of sex BitterDeviant says to (07:54:40): LOL @KitchenBitch IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:54:42): i couldnt stop crying at the end of the episode tweetyrosel says to (07:54:47): Vamps & all fighting for next Sunday blorio says to (07:54:50): Eric is absolute sex LukesLady09 says to (07:54:50): I miss my Lukinator,,,:'( 37ft says to (07:54:50): he's like sex on a stick that vampire Tester70 says to (07:54:53): Andy is going to save BonTemps Stormie Cutz says to (07:54:56):

GUYS..... VampHadley says to (07:54:57): Eric is sex on a stick... wait :) JennLynnC says to (07:54:57): Eric looks like such a giant when he is around ANYONE lady_bp16 says to (07:54:58): Steve looked like an Idian tonight...lol BillohBill says to (07:54:58): DID EVERYONE SEE THE TOWN? LOL! SteveNewlinJr says to (07:54:58): Attention! Attention! We are accepting applications for LODI! 37ft says to (07:54:59): I hope Andy does! Stormie Cutz says to (07:54:59): GUUUUYYYS alainanoelle says to (07:54:59): Right Tester. Ryn Blair says to (07:55:00): next sunday is way too far away!! jessicacrimony says to (07:55:02): Alex pulled it of great NinaYvette says to (07:55:06): sex on a stick,platter,ME **slurps and drools** Trublood69 says to (07:55:11): @ I LOVE EVERY SUNDAY! LukesLady09 says to (07:55:12): Shove it, Steve! greeneyegirl says to (07:55:15): No I disagree, she was looking at him strangely and Bill did not notice heatherama says to (07:55:16): I wonder how many times I'll watch this episode this week. Flu says to (07:55:20): i wonder how stephen felt about that alainanoelle says to (07:55:21): I really think that Andy is going to be a wierd hero. Trublood69 says to (07:55:26): WHO IS STOKED FOR TRUE BLOOD THE DRINK!!!! KitchenBitch says to (07:55:26): I need some lip gloss after dat ass kickin' JennLynnC says to (07:55:27): I cant wait to see Alcide, who do u think should?? Flu says to (07:55:27): eric in bed with sookie 37ft says to (07:55:28): I would like to thank the wardrobe people for always making AS look tall hot and sexy hahahaha

Trublood69 says to (07:55:28): ??? isilwath says to (07:55:29): yay buffy!! :D IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:55:29): @ flu , me too SteveNewlinJr says to (07:55:30): Is this Buffy the Vampire Slayer? alainanoelle says to (07:55:31): Hi Ms. Buffy! lady_bp16 says to (07:55:31): Bill did notice her lookin Flu says to (07:55:32): aka alex and anna Tester70 says to (07:55:33): I ordered some true blood t-shirts, can't wait to get them heatherama says to (07:55:33): GEG I think that's why Bill punched out Eric.. because he saw Sookie checking him out. Ryn Blair says to (07:55:36): i cant wait to mee some of you! i hope i get to!! tweetyrosel says to (07:55:37): Maryann LukesLady09 says to (07:55:38): LOL Steve! BillohBill says to (07:55:38): Bill noticed, wtf is he suppoose to do, put horse blinders on her? LMAO isilwath says to (07:55:43): KB: You wre awesome tonight! :D 37ft says to (07:55:45): Bill never stops provoking Eric heatherama says to (07:55:45): I felt so bad for Eric. Godric was about to die and Bill hit him. Ryn Blair says to (07:55:46): Hey Buffy! recordcozy says to (07:55:48): AS doesn't need clothes to look tall and sexy.... NinaYvette says to (07:55:49): @KitchenBitch" Your lip gloss is poppin, Your lip gloss is cool!!!" VampHadley says to (07:55:49): Alcide - Jeffrey Dean Morgan 37ft says to (07:55:50): like a dumb dumb SteveNewlinJr says to (07:55:52): AustinHush! Call in! JustAimer says to (07:55:52): lol - horse blinders - that was funny

JennLynnC says to (07:55:56): who is buffy IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:55:56): i felt bad for eric too OneCent says to (07:55:57): I still don't think Alex realizes what is going to happen to him w/ regards to fame... greeneyegirl says to (07:55:59): You think heather I think he was jsut getting even with him Flu says to (07:56:01): @BoB, lol, he should've staked his claim! put his arm around her tightly!! JustAimer says to (07:56:02): mmmm Jeffery Dead Morgan JennLynnC says to (07:56:04): is buffy a twitter person? JustAimer says to (07:56:07): Tho I don't think he's big enuff Konelli says to (07:56:07): Give Bill a break I mean he hurt his hand giving that left hook LOL 37ft says to (07:56:07): OneCent I agree heatherama says to (07:56:08): Those would have to be big blinders to block out that gorgeous viking vamp! sookiebontemps says to (07:56:11): Buffy is from the HBO Wiki. Trublood69 says to (07:56:14): WHO IS STOKED ABOUT TRUBLOOD THE DRINK? Macyblue says to (07:56:15): i was surprised Stan was killed IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:56:16): still waiting to be picked up. SteveNewlinJr says to (07:56:19): Speak up Buffy! I can't hear you in the back row! JennLynnC says to (07:56:21): thanks sookie Ryn Blair says to (07:56:25): i dont want to open my trueblood drink! jessicacrimony says to (07:56:26): Bill Shouldnt have hit Eric, god. alainanoelle says to (07:56:28): Lorena is going to be back! NinaYvette says to (07:56:28): Shut it Steve Tester70 says to (07:56:29): *raised hand* LukesLady09 says to (07:56:29): Steve PLAY NICE

hoytscell says to (07:56:36): I dons reads spoilers AvengingAngel1 says to (07:56:37): Alex deserves an award for his acting..shows so many different abilities...just great!!! lady_bp16 says to (07:56:38): and that left hook was ***in awsome!!! Flu says to (07:56:38): ERic totally deserved the hit JustAimer says to (07:56:39): Lorena has to be back BillohBill says to (07:56:39): WTF? IheartJStackhousex23 says to (07:56:40): no one likes you steve Trublood69 says to (07:56:41): DO U HAVE ONE RYN? Tester70 says to (07:56:44): 24 bucks for a $ pack \ JustAimer says to (07:56:44): for next season... heatherama says to (07:56:45): I knew it woudl be stan and godric. JennLynnC says to (07:56:45): Sookie ... who do u think should play Alcide? I cant wait to see who Alan Ball gets Ryn Blair says to (07:56:46): i do VampHadley says to (07:56:47): Bill will pay for that indiscretion i♥vikingvamps says to (07:56:47): odered mine already! greeneyegirl says to (07:56:48): Bob WTF?? tweetyrosel says to (07:56:48): My husband had a hunch that Godric was going to be killed off Macyblue says to (07:56:49): Lorena will be back! Tester70 says to (07:56:50): 4 pack heatherama says to (07:56:50): and i knew lorena woudl be in sookie's dream alainanoelle says to (07:56:52): Right..next season. NinaYvette says to (07:56:56): Buffy the Vampire Slayer?!?!?! Original Steve sookiebontemps says to (07:56:56): Alcide? Gerry Butler.

Ryn Blair says to (07:56:56): i just like to look at it i♥vikingvamps says to (07:56:56): illa got some early, didn't she?? BitterDeviant says to (07:57:00): That got me sookiebontemps says to (07:57:00): *LUST* Trublood69 says to (07:57:00): Yeah! Ryn Blair says to (07:57:02): im gonna order some and open those Balou8900 says to (07:57:05): I love Lorena! She's gotta be back greeneyegirl says to (07:57:05): Macy no Lorena hate her Konelli says to (07:57:06): Hey Shannon HAPPY BIRTHDAY (H) have a few drinks for me too :) BillohBill says to (07:57:06): lmao sookie sookiebontemps says to (07:57:06): LOL OneCent says to (07:57:08): U wish Sookie! hoytscell says to (07:57:09): Mister Eric <3 Trublood69 says to (07:57:11): WHERE DID YOU GET IT FROM!? sookiebontemps says to (07:57:11): HAHA! Flu says to (07:57:15): woah, the person talking, has this low sensual voice going XD Marleneemm says to (07:57:16): This was the first time we really saw Eric "Feel" him losing Godric is such a wound to his heart JennLynnC says to (07:57:16): has gerry butler already been cast? heatherama says to (07:57:18): I love to hate Lorena. smeykunz says to (07:57:20): Thanks Bunny! *smooch* sookiebontemps says to (07:57:21): No. . .but holy eff! Ryn Blair says to (07:57:23): HBO sent it to me i guess! major thanks to them! i♥vikingvamps says to (07:57:23):

the HBO store sookiebontemps says to (07:57:23): WOW! heatherama says to (07:57:23): Total book Eric. FangBangerSisters says to (07:57:25): Team Eric!! JennLynnC says to (07:57:25): haha OneCent says to (07:57:27): Alcide is younger NinaYvette says to (07:57:29): What? Gerry Butlers cast? hoytscell says to (07:57:29): Lorena has the best lines Macyblue says to (07:57:30): she will be back to torture bill and sookie next season tweetyrosel says to (07:57:31): Sam turning into a fly heard and saw everything going on NinaYvette says to (07:57:31): as who? jessicacrimony says to (07:57:34): I think Sooie seeing Eric in that emotional state will soften her up to him. Flu says to (07:57:35): my mom's next to me, and she's talking like that about eric, and i feel like i'm listening to something wrong XD greeneyegirl says to (07:57:36): Ohhh Gerard Butler as alcide..yeah baby sookiebontemps says to (07:57:40): No, I'm just sharing dream casting for Alcide. recordcozy says to (07:57:41): That was sweet. Poor Eric. Macyblue says to (07:57:43): i agree jess heatherama says to (07:57:44): I think so too Jess. sookiebontemps says to (07:57:45): Gerry Butlr. JustAimer says to (07:57:47): Gerard Butler is too much a movie actor Ryn Blair says to (07:57:49): gerard butler would be wonderful JustAimer says to (07:57:50): can't see him doing tv sookiebontemps says to (07:57:56): Who cares!

NinaYvette says to (07:57:57): Oh, for I moment, I just choked on my own drool lady_bp16 says to (07:57:58): There will be no more Bill and Sookie BillohBill says to (07:57:59): I wasn't waiting all season people, LMAO Ryn Blair says to (07:57:59): thats not the point :) FangBangerSisters says to (07:58:00): Do you guys think Andy is supernatural? JennLynnC says to (07:58:01): i didnt think alcide had dark brown hair greeneyegirl says to (07:58:01): Gerard butler had teh eyes that go with teh body i♥vikingvamps says to (07:58:03): hell ya dallas!!! 37ft says to (07:58:03): Eric and Sookie are just different to each other when Bill is around OneCent says to (07:58:03): Gerard Butler is too....clean alainanoelle says to (07:58:05): Gerry Butler would be great. heatherama says to (07:58:06): I've been waiting 2 seasons for this. JustAimer says to (07:58:08): I don't think he's big enough size wise to be Alcide, but he's a hotty VampHadley says to (07:58:08): *hollers* Jeffrey Dean Morgan!!!! :) blorio says to (07:58:09): Best episode heatherama says to (07:58:09): Man. isilwath says to (07:58:10): it'll be nice to see what the ratings are for this ep. :D heatherama says to (07:58:12): It was worth it. NinaYvette says to (07:58:13): Gerard and Eric in the same place. Vagina overload, lmao BillohBill says to (07:58:16): What the hell is Andy, if anything. Tester70 says to (07:58:16): Aparrently Maryanne can't sense Sam or being a fly was insignificant greeneyegirl says to (07:58:17): no curley black hair Konelli says to (07:58:18): YES there will be more Bill & Sookie just wait and see

EricsTXGal says to (07:58:19): Sookie - you should get to pick who you sleep with...oh wait, you didn't sleep with Alcide...hmmm heatherama says to (07:58:20): LOL Nina! tweetyrosel says to (07:58:20): No No No... we didn't want to See Godric die OneCent says to (07:58:22): LOL NinaYvette! isilwath says to (07:58:27): but he didn;t call her "my lover" ! O.O i♥vikingvamps says to (07:58:27): shower???? JennLynnC says to (07:58:28): we distracted sookie JennLynnC says to (07:58:33): ;) heatherama says to (07:58:33): Yeah I needed more butt. heatherama says to (07:58:36): haha. SteveNewlinJr says to (07:58:37): Eeeeew! FangBangerSisters says to (07:58:38): He's never been under maryanns spell! sookiebontemps says to (07:58:39): LOL 37ft says to (07:58:40): I needed more butt too Heather lol greeneyegirl says to (07:58:42): Tes show them the picture again VampHadley says to (07:58:42): You can't handle full on eric butt! Trublood69 says to (07:58:43): HAHA FangBangerSisters says to (07:58:44): he's something ChoChoMojo says to (07:58:46): that was hot just sayin blorio says to (07:58:47): I don't want to live without the butt tweetyrosel says to (07:58:49): LOL Butt action BitterDeviant says to (07:58:49): Teaser Eric Porn! LOL!! recordcozy says to (07:58:52):

Hell yes we did! Marleneemm says to (07:58:53): Will get Alexander Johan Haljmar Skarsgard's butt later on in the season! NinaYvette says to (07:58:57): Full on Eric butt= happy girl seizures heatherama says to (07:58:58): Generation Kill has some nice AS butt. lol. i♥vikingvamps says to (07:58:58): eric's hair was great in the bed scene 37ft says to (07:58:58): NICE NelBearPig says to (07:58:59): What i saw of his but was amazing Ryn Blair says to (07:58:59): the eric ppl got teased!!! LukesLady09 says to (07:59:01): We ALL know Steve Newlin Jr wants Eric's perfect BUTT! TES2008 says to (07:59:01): http://s305.photobucket.com/albums/nn204/iceicky/skars/?action=view&current=es7.jpg JustAimer says to (07:59:02): two more seasons to see his booty - say it isnt so! Flu says to (07:59:03): skarsgard is freaking gorgeous XD JustAimer says to (07:59:03): lol

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