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13-11-27 US-ISRAEL: DC Attorney James Jatras' request for Bank
of Israel FATCA policy statement by new Bank of Israel
Governor Karnit Flug, and corresponding FOIA request
FATCA – a US law that requires banks worldwide to report on all
financial translations of US citizens, is inherent part of the US
surveillance apparatus. The law is not yet in effect even in the
United States today, and there is no legal basis for its enforcement
in the law of the State of Israel. However, Bank of Israel supported
its enforcement, starting January 1, 2013, by Israeli banks .
Under the current circumstances, Israeli banks are permitted to
fabricate FATCA regulations, adjudicate the law, and enforce it on
US citizens in Israel.
The attached records were forwarded by Washington DC Attorney
James Jatras, from the Repeal FATCA organization, to the new
Governor of Bank of Israel Karnit Flug. The records include a
request for FATCA policy statement by Bank of Israel, and
Freedom of Information Act request regarding the same. The
records were filed in attempt to at least achieve publicity of the law,
pertaining to banking in Israel.
The current circumstances, established by former Bank of Israel
Governor Stanley Fischer, where an unpublished, unlawful law is
enforced by Israeli banks, ridicules the Rule of Law in Israel, and
established Israel as a corporatist province of the United States.
1) November 27, 2013 letter by Attorney James Jatras, Repeal
FATCA, to Governor of Bank of Israel Karnit Flug.
2) November 27, 2013 Freedom of Information Act (Israel)
request by Attorney James Jatras, Repeal FATCA





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