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Display the program of POPWARE in Windows xp (English) correctly

Open the Control Panel firstly and then click the Data, Time, Language , and Regional Options You can ignore this step if you are in the indo!s sutra type model "Then click the Regional and Language Options, open the Page of Languages choose the #nstall files for $ast %sian languages and after all of that click %pply" &ystem may'e ask you to insert the system operation setup disk and copy a fe! files "(y that you can use the all the files and !e's after you ha)e restarted you computer

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Open Regional and Language Options in the control Panel and you !ill find the %d)anced page There is a setting of &elect a language to match the language )ersion of the non,-nicode programs you !ant to use it is a setting only for -nicode program language surroundings #f you use the simplification Chinese program usually, then you should choose the Chinese &ingapore in this getting do!n menu" You can change the Regional Options as same as that in fig . and after that click the O/ and restart the computer &o the program of POP %R$ can 'e normally used in the system

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Fig 3