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Lander unlverslLy 1eacher LducaLlon Lesson lan 1emplaLe 8ev.

1eacher Cand|date: Sarah Dean Lesson # 1
Sub[ect]Grade: 2
Grade Genera| Mus|c Date and 1|me of Lesson: 11]22]13
Learn|ng Cb[ect|ve:
lO 1. 1be stoJeots wlll be oble to tecoqolze tbe otlqlo, motetlols, sbope, ooJ cbotoctetlstlcs soooJs of o Jjembe

A||gnment w|th Standards:
LC 1. - SC Mus|c Standard 4: 1he sLudenL wlll llsLen Lo, descrlbe, analyze, and evaluaLe muslc and
muslc performances.
MI2-4.2: LlsLen and respond Lo baslc elemenLs of muslc represenLlng dlverse genres and culLures.

Deve|opmenta| Appropr|ateness or Cross-curr|cu|ar connect|ons:
lo tbls lessoo stoJeots wlll leoto oboot tbe Aftlcoo losttomeot tbe Jjembe ooJ Aftlcoo Jtommloq wblcb
cottelotes wltb tbelt leotoloq of coltotes ooJ blstoty ftom otoooJ tbe wotlJ. 5toJeots wlll oeeJ o ptevloos
koowleJqe of tbe tetms tempo, steoJy beot, low ooJ blqb pltcb, ooJ tbytbm. 1bls lessoo wlll be o
telofotcemeot of tbose tetms tbey bove olteoJy leotoeJ lo oJJltloo to leotoloq oew moslcol tetms.

Assessment(s) of the Cb[ect|ves:
wbot ossessmeot(s) wlll yoo ose to Jetetmloe stoJeot leotoloq (pte, Jotloq, post)? ocb objectlve sboolJ be ollqoeJ wltb
oo ossessmeot.

lessoo Objectlve(s) Assessmeot(s) of tbe
use of lotmotlve

Objectlve 1 Ask tbe stoJeots befote,
Jotloq, ooJ oftet tbe lessoo
oboot tbe Jtom. uetetmloe lf
tbe stoJeots ote oble to
tespooJ to ooJ ose cottect
moslcol tetmlooloqy Jotloq tbe
1be Joto ftom tbls lessoo
wlll belp me koow wbot
coocepts tbe stoJeots stlll
oeeJ to wotk oo fot
fotote lessoos, especlolly
lo tbe oteos of tbytbm,
tempo, ooJ blqb ooJ low

SLudenLs wlLh speclal needs can slL aL Lhe fronL of Lhe llne for Lhe drummlng game so LhaL Lhey can have help wlLh Lhe
rhyLhms from Lhe Leacher. 1he Leacher wlll glve plenLy of Llme for quesLlons or help from sLudenLs need help durlng Lhe

Mater|a|s: SmarL board, compuLer, u[embe drum, whlLe board, and chalrs for sLudenLs.

rocedures: locloJe motlvotloo tecbolpoes, qtooploq, losttoctloool sttoteqles (steps lo tbe lessoo), ptobloq poestloos*,
ooJ lessoo closote. kefet to tobtlcs fot speclflc ltems tbot sboolJ be locloJeJ lo evety lessoo ploo.
"#$%&'()$'* +)*, -.&/)(' 0$%1-.2 3)'*,-%.* ,45, 6-// 1' 5*7'( ()$-.2 ,4' /'**%.8 #$%1-.2 3)'*,-%.* 9%&)* *,)('.,
5,,'.,-%. %. -+0%$,5., '/'+'.,* %9 ,4' /'**%. 5.( 4'/0 ,4'+ ,4-.7 +%$' (''0/: 51%), ,4' &%.&'0,*8

1. SLudenLs llsLen Lo a recordlng of Afrlcan drummlng and Lhlnk abouL prompLs: WhaL Lype of lnsLrumenLs are
playlng? uo you hear hlgh or low sounds? WhaL counLry Lo you Lhlnk Lhls muslc ls from?
2. Ask Lhe sLudenLs lf Lhey can guess where Lhe muslc ls from and whaL Lype of lnsLrumenLs were played.
3. 8rlng ouL Lhe drum and ask sLudenLs lf Lhey know whaL Lype of lnsLrumenL lL ls.
Lander unlverslLy 1eacher LducaLlon Lesson lan 1emplaLe 8ev. 2013
4. ulscuss Lhe maLerlals LhaL Lhe drum ls made of, Lhe name of Lhe drum, and where lL ls from
3. LxperlmenL wlLh hlLLlng Lhe drum ln dlfferenL ways and ln dlfferenL spoLs on Lhe drum head. WhaL happens Lo
Lhe sound when you hlL lL ln Lhe cenLer? 1he slde? WhaL happens Lo Lhe sound when you puL Lhe drum on Lhe
floor? Why does lL geL quleLer? WhaL happens Lo Lhe sound when you leL your hand resL on Lhe drum?
6. use Lhe whlLe board Lo wrlLe Lhe words bass" and Lreble" and boom" and Lap" Lo descrlbe Lhe sounds Lhe
drum makes.
7. SLudenLs wlll waLch a vldeo of Afrlcan drummers uslng d[embes of all dlfferenL slzes. Ask Lhe sLudenLs Lo llsLen
for Lhe dlfferenL rhyLhms LhaL each drum makes and lf any of Lhe drums make dlfferenL sounds.
8. ulscuss whaL Lhe sLudenLs heard ln Lhe vldeo.
9. 8evlew Lhe maLerlal learned. WhaL ls Lhe name of Lhe drum? Where ls lL from? WhaL ls Lhe head made of? WhaL
are Lhe Lwo words LhaL descrlbe Lhe sounds Lhe drum makes?

Act|v|ty Ana|ys|s: (musL show use of 1WS 1 daLa)

Act|v|ty 1: Watch|ng and ||sten|ng to Afr|can drumm|ng
- SLudenLs wlll crlLlcally evaluaLe Lhe performance of Afrlcan drummers and llsLen for sounds LhaL were
descrlbed aL Lhe beglnnlng of Lhe lesson. 1hls acLlvlLy Leaches sLudenLs Lo ldenLlfy dlfferenL sounds ln muslc
and relnforces vocabulary. SLudenLs wlll also waLch performers play Lhe drums ln Lhe correcL manner, whlch
wlll relnforce Lhelr performance for Lhe second lesson where Lhey wlll learn Lo play Lhe drum.
- SLudenLs en[oy waLchlng vldeos and are more engaged when Lhe lesson flows from
dlscusslon/demonsLraLlon Lo llsLenlng.
- 1he SmarL 8oard wlll be used ln Lhls acLlvlLy.


1obltoo ujembe - lolooqoto, oo1obe vlJeo otl. bttp.//