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Q1 A generator connected to an infinite bus. With loss of prime mover which relay will be act? Ans- a) Ground directional relay b) phase directional relay c) fault directional relay d) power directional relay Q2 For successful parallel operation of two single-phase transformer, the most essential condition is that? Ans- a) % impedance are equal b) polarity are properly connected c) turn ratio are exactly equal d)kva rating are equal Q3 The insulation of modern EHV line is designed based on? Ans- a) the lightning voltage b) corona c) radio interference d) switching voltage Q4 In power station, the cost of generation of power reduces most effectively when? Ans- a) delivery power factor increases b) both delivery power factor & load power factor increases c) load power factor increases d) both delivery power factor & load power factor decreases Q5 A dc generator beyond critical field resistance will generated? Ans- a) maximum power b) maximum voltage c) maximum current d) no voltage Q6 The voltage regulation of a dc generator at full load being zero implies that the generator is? Ans a) shunt connected b) differently c) cumulatively compound d) series connected Q7 if the applied voltage to a dc machine is 230v, then back emf for maximum power developed is? Ans- a) 115v b) 220v c) 230v d) 460v

Q8 A 200V dc machine has an armature resistance of 1Ω. If the full current is 20A,the difference in the induction voltage when the machine is running as motor and as a generator is? Ans- a) 20V b) zeroV c) 40V d) 50v Q9 If dc series motor is used for an over hauling torque load. It can work stably if Ans- a) armature shunted by resistor b) field winding reversed c) a resistor is put in series with armature d) a diverter put across the field Q10 Speed control by variation of field flux results in? Ans- a) constant power drive b) variable power drive c) constant torque drive d) variable torque drive Q11 To save energy during braking? Ans- a) Dynamic braking b) plugging braking c) regenerative braking d) mechanical braking Q12 A dc shunt motor operating at no load. If the armature is shunted by a resistance its speed will? Ans- a) Increase b) decrease c) remain same d) be unpredictable Q13 Running a machine at no load is inadvisable? Ans- a) shunt motor b) series motor c) induction motor d) synchronous motor Q14 Armature torque of a dc motor is a function of the following factors? Ans- a) speed b) field flux c) armature current d) both a & b Q15 Synchronous capacitor is? Ans- a) An ordinary static capacitor bank b) an over excited synchronous motor driving mechanical load c) an over excited synchronous motor without mechanical load d) none of these Q16 Damper winding is used in Synchronous motor is? Ans- a) Power factor improvement b) efficiency improvement c) eliminate hunting of the rotor d) minimize temperature rise Q17 Four identical alternator each rated for 20 MVA, 11KV having sub transient reactance of 16% are working in parallel. The short circuit level at bus bar is? Ans- a) 500 MVA b) 400MVA c) 125MVA d) 80MVA

Q18 A smaller air gap in a poly phase induction motor help to? Ans- a) Reducing the chance of crawling b) increasing the starting torque c) ) Reducing the chance of cogging d) Reducing the magnetizing current Q19 A 3-phase induction motor is running at slip s. if two leads are interchanged , then its slip at that instant is? Ans- a) 2s b) 1- s c) 2-s d) zero Q20 A 4 pole, 50 Hz induction motor runs at a speed of 1440 rpm. Frequency of the rotor? Ans- a) 3Hz b) 2.5Hz c) 1Hz d) 2Hz Q21 An induction motor has rotor resistance of 0.002 ohm/phase. The increase in resistance to 0.004 ohm/phase . than maximum torque will be/ Ans- a) reduced to half b) increase by 100% c) increase by 200% d) remain unaltered Q22 Stator voltage control for speed control of induction motor is suitable for? Ans- a) Fan and pump drive b) drives of crane c) Running it as a generator d) constant load drive Q23 Pole changing method of speed control used in? Ans- a) Slip ring induction motor b) DC shunt motor c) DC series motor d) Squirrel cage induction motor Q24 Synchronous speed of induction motor can be increase by Ans- a) Reduction mechanical friction b) increase supply voltage c) increase number of poles d) increase supply frequency Q25 The concept of v/f control of inverter drive induction motor result in? Ans- a) constant torque operation b) speed reversal c) reduced mechanical loss d) harmonic elimination Q26 A graphical representation of the discharge and time is known as? Ans- a) load curve b) load duration curve c) monograph d) hydrograph Q27 Flow duration curve at a given head of a hydro electric plant is used to determine? Ans- a) Total power available at site b) total units of energy available c) load factor d) diversity factor of the plat

Q28 The specific speed of a water turbine is the speed at which turbine develops? Ans- a)Maximum horse power b) units horse power at all heads c) units horse power at unit heads d) minimum horse power Q29 An adjustable blade propeller turbine is called a? Ans- a) Pelton turbine b) kaplan turbine c) francis turbine d) high head turbine Q30 for a user most economical power factor is usually? Ans- a) 0.25-0.5 lagging b) 0.25-0.5 leading c) 0.85-0.95 lagging d) 0.85-0.95 leading Q31 In distribution system for power factor improvement , the powers of factor correction derives are installed? Ans- a) At the sending end b) near earthing point c) at the load end d) anywhere in the circuit Q32 A gas turbine power plant is best suitable for? Ans- a) Base load b) peak load c) emergency d) non of these Q33 The reason for low power factor is owing to installation of? Ans- a) Synchronous motor b) dc motor c) induction motor d) commutator motor Q34 A 100km transmission line is designed for a nominal voltage of 132 kv and consist one conductor per phase. The line reactance is 0.726Ω/km. the static transmission capacity of the line in MW wound be? Ans- a)132 b) 240 c) 416) 720 Q35 The inertia constant of a 100 MVA, 11KV water wheel generator is 4. The energy stored in the rotor at synchronous speed is? Ans- a) 400MJ b) 400KJ c) 25MJ d)25KJ Q36 Solid earthing is done for voltage below? Ans- a) 400V b) 600V c) 11KV d) 66KV

Q37 Resistance earthing is employed for voltage rating between? Ans- a) 3.3-11KV b) 11-33KV c) 33-66KV d) 66- 132KV

Q38 Which of the following neutral systems will require the lighting arrester of least voltage rating? Ans- a) Insulated b) solid earthed c) resistance earthed d) Reactance earthed Q39 The voltage of a transmission line can be controlled by? Ans- a) Excitation control b) using induction regulator c) reactive var injected method d) any of the above Q40 In a distribution system the voltage can be controlled by using Ans- a) tap changing transformer b) booster transformer c) induction regulator d) any of the above Q41 The maximum torque angle in a directional over current relay depends on? Ans- a) Impendence of pressure coil b) impendence of current coil c) impendence of both the coil d) none of the above Q42 With change in source impendence which relay is not affected? Ans- a) Over current relay b) directional Over current c) distance relay d) differential relay Q43 The frequency of the carrier in the case of carrier current pilot scheme is in the range of? Ans- a)1 KHz to 10 KHz b) 15 KHz to 25 KHz c) 25 KHz to 50 KHz d) 50 KHz to 500 KHz Q44 In order to quench the arc quickly and also optimize the dimension of circuit breaker generally? Ans- a) oil C.B b) air blast C.B c) SF6 C.B d) minimum oil C.B Q45 With help of reactive compensation it is possible to have? Ans- a) constant voltage operation only b) unity p.f operation only c) both constant voltage & unity p.f d) either constant voltage or unity p.f Q46 Efficiency of a power transformer under no load condition is approximately? Ans- a) 75% b) 50% c) 25% d) none of these Q47 A synchronous generator connected to an infinite bus delivers power at a lagging p.f? if its excitation is increased ? Ans- a) The terminal voltage is increased b) reduce power losses c) increase power transfer capability d) a and b

Q48 An alternator has a phase sequence is RYB for its phase voltage. In case the field current is reversed, the phase sequence will become? Ans- a) RBY b) RYB c) YRB d) none of the above Q49 If the effect of earth is taken account, then the capacitance of the line to ground? Ans- a) decrease b) increase c) remain same d) become infinite Q50 Which of the following statements regarding corona are true? Ans- a) It causes radio interference b) it attenuates lighting surge c) it amplifies switching surge d) it causes power loss Q51 A static Kramer drive allows the motor to run at? Ans- a) synchronous speed b) super synchronous speed c) sub synchronous speed d) both (a) and (b) Q52 In a 3 phase induction motor the regenerative braking occur when? Ans- a) Load is lowered by hosting machine b) ) Load is raised by hosting machine c) motor falls due to overload d) no. of pole is reduce in pole changing motor Q53 In a self excited induction generator to keep the frequency of generator voltage constant, with increase in the load, the speed of induction machine should be? Ans- a) Increase b) decrease c) maintained less than the synchronous speed d) maintained more than the synchronous speed Q54 Liner induction motor used in ? Ans- a) Traction b) magnetic attraction c) mechanical workshops d) textile mills Q55 A 3 phase induction motor is feed from balanced 3 phase supply on rotor side short circulating the stator terminals the speed of rotating magnetic field is? Ans- a) Zero b) equal to rotor speed c) equal to synchronous speed d) equal to slip speed Q56 For the purpose of starting an induction motor Y/∆ switch is an equivalent auto transformer of ratio? Ans- a) 33.7% b) 57.7% c) 73.2% d) 100% Q57 Power factor of slip power recovery scheme of speed control of induction motor?

Ans- a) Near unity b) very low c) above unity d) a & c Q58 When Rs is the resistance of secondary winding of transformer and K is the Transformation ratio the equivalent secondary resistance referred to primary side is given by ? Ans- a) KRs² b) K²Rs c) Rs/K d) Rs/K² Q59 A transformer having 100 turns of primary is applied with 200V ac. In order to get 400V ac on secondary side, the number on secondary side turn must be? Ans- a) 200 b) 800 c) 50 d) 100 Q 60 A transformer can have zero voltage regulation at? Ans- a) Zero p.f b) unity p.f c) leading p.f d) lagging p.f Q61 In a 50kV transformer the number of turns in primary and secondary winding are 834 and 54 respectively. If primary connected 3300V supply the secondary current will be? Ans- a) 156A b) 30A c) 218A d) 438A Q62 For large transformer the best utilization of the core be made by using? Ans- a) Square core section b) rectangular core section c) stepped core section d) none of the above Q63 Zero sequence current can flow from a line in to transformer bank of winding are? Ans- a) Ground star/delta b) delta/star c) star/grounder star d) delta/ delta Q64 The magnetizing current in a transformer is rich in? Ans- a) 3rd harmonics b) 5th harmonics c) 7th harmonics d) 13th harmonics

Q65 What is the phase displacement in primary and secondary voltage of a 3 phase transformer with Dy11 connection? Ans- a) Zero degree b) 180 degree c) 30˚ lead d) 30˚ lag Q66 What is the phase displacement between primary and secondary voltage in a 3 phase transformer with Yy6 connection? Ans- a) Zero degree b) 180 degree c) 60 ˚ d) 30˚ lag Q67 The armature reaction effect in synchronous machine depends on? Ans- a) Load current b) p.f of load c) speed d) current and p.f Q68 Unbalanced 3 phase stator current cause? Ans- a) Vibration b) heating of rotor c) double frequency current in rotor d) all of above Q69 Slip test on synchronous machine is performed to determine? Ans- a) Direct and quadrature axis reactance b) slip c) positive sequence and negative sequence reactance d) sub transient reactance Q70 For maximum current during slip test on a synchronous machine the armature mmf aligns along? Ans- a) d axis b) q axis c) 45˚ to q axis d) 45˚ to d axis Q71 Higher synchronous reactance is preferred in the present day alternator, because one can have?

Ans- a) Reduce sub transient current b) Reduce harmonics current c) Reduce transient current d) high voltage regulation Q72 When synchronous generator is designed with lower value of SCR it? Ans- a) Will give higher stability limits b) will have low short circuit current c) will have better voltage regulation d) will have high synchronizing power Q73 Which is the best conductor of electricity? Ans- a) iron b) silver c) copper d) carbon Q74 Which one of the following does not have negative temperature coefficient? Ans- a) Aluminum b) paper c) rubber d) mica Q75 All of the following are equivalent to watts except? Ans- a) (Amper)²ohms b) joules/sec c) amper.volt d) amper/volt Q76 Ohm’s law is not applicable to? Ans- a) Semi conductor b) DC circuit c) small circuit d) high current Q77 The resistance between points A and B in circuit shown below?

Ans- a) 4Ω b) 6Ω c) 8Ω d) 12Ω Q78 A delta circuit has element of value R/2. Equivalent element of the star circuit will be? Ans- a) R/6 b) R/3 c) 2R d) 3R

Q79 If a circuit does not contain any source of energy or emf it is known as? Ans- a) Utilateral b) bilateral c) passive d) active Q80 Thevenin’s equivalent for circuit shown in figure below will be?

Ans- a) 4.5 V, 6Ω b) 12.5 V, 3Ω c) 10.5 V, 2Ω d) 7.5V, 1.5Ω Q81 While measuring power in a 3 phase load by two wattmeter method, the reading of two wattmeter will be equal and opposite when? Ans- a) p.f is unity b) load is balanced c) phase angle between 60˚ and 90˚ d) load is inductive Q82 In the circuit shown in the figure below, the voltmeter indicate 30V. the reading of ammeter

will be? Ans- a) 20A b) 102A c) 10A d) zero

Q83 For the network shown in the given figure below Z(0)=3Ω and Z()=2Ω. The value of R1

and R2 will respectively be? Ans- a) 2Ω, 1Ω b) 1Ω, 2Ω c) 3Ω, 2Ω d) 2Ω, 3Ω

Q84 The ratio of the reading of two watt meters connected to measure power in a balanced three phase load is 5:3 and load is inductive. The power factor of the load is? Ans- a) 0.917 lead b) 0.917 lag c) 0.6 lead d) 0.6 lag Q85 W1 and W2 are the reading of two wattmeter used to measure power of the a three phase balanced load . the reactive power drawn by the load is? Ans- a) W1+W2 b) W1-W2 c) 3(W1+W2) d) 3(W1-W2) Q86 Lamp of 40W, 100W and 200W ratings are connected in different phase of a three phase, four wire supply. If the neutral wire breaks, the lamp likely to fuse will be ? Ans- a) 200W b) 100W c) 40W d) all lamps Q87 In an RC series circuit excited by a dc voltage of V volt the initial current is? Ans- a) 00 b) v/r c)v/c d) vc/r Q88 Secondary breakdown occurs in? Ans- a) MOSFET but not in BJT b) Both MOSFET and BJT c) BJT but not in MOSFET d) none of these Q89 when a thyristor is reversing biased the number of blocked pn junctions is?

Ans- a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 Q90 In a thyristor ? Ans- a) latching current Il, is associated with turn off process and holding current Ih with turn on process b) both Il and Ih are associated with turn off process c) Ih is associated with turn

off process and Il with turn on process

d) both Il and Ih are associated with turn on process

Q91 The function of snubber circuit connected across an SCR is to? Ans- a) Suppress dv/dt b) increasing dv/dt c) decreasing dv/dt d) keep transient over voltage at a constant value Q92 The objective of connecting resisting and capacitance across gate circuit is to protect the SCR gate against? Ans- a) Over voltage b) dv/dt c) noise signal d) over current

Q93 To generate triggering signal IC 555 is often used in? Ans- a) Monostable b) bistable c) astable d) none of these Q94 In a signal phase full converted if output has peak and average valve of 325v and 133v respectively then firing angle is? Ans- a) 40˚ b) 140˚ c) 50˚ d) 130˚

Q95 A freewheeling diode across inductive load will provide?

Ans- a) Quick turn on b) slow turn off c) reduce utilization factor factor

d) improve power

Q96 In a single phase full converter the output during overlap is equal to? Ans- a) Zero b) source voltage c) source voltage minus the inductance drop d) average value of the conducting phase voltage Q97 SMPS are superior to liner power supplies in respect of? Ans- a) Size and efficiency b) efficiency and regulation c) regulation and noise d) noise and cost Q98 The output of a feedback control system must be a function of? Ans- a) Reference and input b) Reference and output c) input and feedback d) output and feedback signal Q99 The initial response when the output is not equal to the input is termed_____ response? Ans- a) Dynamic b) transient c) error d) none of these Q100 The time required for the response to reach half the final value for the first time is called the? Ans- a) Rise time b) decay time c) delay time d) settling time

Q101 If the system has multiple pole on the jw axis, the system is? Ans- a) Stable b) unstable c) marginally stable d) absolutely stable

Q102 Root locus diagram can be used to determine? Ans- a) Absolute stability b) relative stability c) conditional stability d) none of the above Q103 If a zero appears in the first column of the routh table the system is? Ans- a) Marginally stable b) necessarily stable c) necessarily unstable d) conditional stable Q104 Nyquist stability criterion is employed for determine of? Ans- a) Absolute stability b) relative stability c) both a and b d) none of these Q105 Concept of phase margin and gain margin is applicable ______ system only? Ans- a) open loop unstable b) open loop stable c) closed loop stable d) closed loop unstable Q106 Phase margin of a system is used to specify? Ans- a) relative stability b) Absolute stability c) time response Q107 A stable variable approach can be applied to ______ system? Ans- a) time variant b) non linear c) liner and time variant d) all of the above Q108 The unit newton/coulomb is the unit of? Ans- a) Electric field intensity capacitance Q109 The quality of a capacitor can be expressed in terms of its? Ans- a) Size b) power dissipation c) capacitance value d) none of these b) electric flux density c) electric motive force d) d) frequency response

Q110 Deflection method of direct measurements are most widely used as these are? Ans- a) Most simple b) accurate c) least time consuming d) most simple least time consuming Q111 Air friction damping is used in the instrument which is? Ans- a) Moving iron b) Moving coil c) induction d) hot wire Q112 For a sensitive galvanometer, the type of support used is? Ans- a) suspension b) taut suspension c) unit pivot suspension) none of these Q113 If two 300v full scale voltmeters V1 and V2 having sensitive of 100kΩ/v and 150kΩ/v are connected in series to measure 500V, then? Ans- a) V1 and V2 will read 250V each b) V1 will read 200V and V2 will read 300V c) V1 will read 300V and V2 will read 200V d) V1 and V2 will read 0V each Q114 Electro dynamometer type moving coil instrument are mainly used as? Ans- a) Indicator type instrument b) standard instrument for calibration of other instrument c) transfer instrument d) both standard and transfer instrument

Q115 Electrostatic type instrument are primarily used as? Ans- a) Ammeter b) voltmeter c) watt meter d) ohm meter

Q116 The instrument which is cheapest for dc measurement is? Ans- a) moving iron b) PMMC c)not wire d) electro dynamic

Q117 Suppose the potential coil and current coil of a wattmeter are changed accidently and supply is given, then? Ans- a) Wattmeter will not read d) nothing will happen Q118 A dynamometer type wattmeter responds to the? Ans- a) Average value of active power b) Average value of reactive power c) peak value of active power d) peak value of reactive power Q119 Induction wattmeter can be used to measure? Ans- a) AC power b) DC power c) AC and DC power d) none of these Q120 A single phase energy meter is operating on 230V, 50Hz supply with a load of 20A for 2 hours at unity power factor. The meter constant is? Ans- a) 695 rev/KWh b) 150rev/KWh c) 0.15rev/KWh d) 1/150rev/KWh b) current coil will burn out c) potential coil will burn out

Q121 Computer memory used for temporary storage of data and program is called? Ans- a) RAM b) ROM c) PROM d) EPROM

Q122 Which is the following not an example of an output device? Ans- a) CRT monitor b) Voice recognition on device printer c) Dot matrix printer d) Laser

Q123 Which of the following is the only language that a computer can understand? Ans- a) High level language b) Pseudo codes c) machine language d) assembly language Q124 A macro is? Ans- a) A collection of commands b) A subroutine Q125 X window is an application with? c) Assembler d) A machine instruction

Ans- a) OS/2



d) none of these

Q126 The base of hexa decimal number system is? Ans- a) 2 b) 8 c)16 d) 10

Q127 Bird flue is disease at which affects and spread through? Ans- a) Cattle b) sheep c) prawn d) poultry

Q128 Carbon credit is connected which one of these internationally sensitive issues Ans- a) Deforestations trading b) rural infrastructure c) protection of environment d) diamond

Q129 The term deficit financing means the government borrows money from the Ans- a) IMF b) local bodies c) RBI d) Public at large

Q130 The simon commission was appointed in? Ans- a) 1927 b) 1929 c) 1927 d) 1930

Q131 Which of the following countries attained the status of world sixth largest economy? Ans- a)Russia b) brazil c) china d) japan Q132 What was the real mane of Chanakya? Ans- a) Kautilya b) Bishnu gupta c) Ramtanu mishra d) none of these Q133 When was the Burma separated from India? Ans- a) 1947 b) 1942 c) 1937 d) 1932

Q134 The red fort of Delhi was built by? Ans- a) Akbar b) Shahjahan c) Jahangir c) Shershah

Q135 University in presidency towns in India was established in? Ans- a) 1857 b) 1858 c)1900 d) 1909

Q136 Who had an explosive idea and first patented dynamite? Ans- a) J.R Gluber b) A.Nobel c) G.Fawks d) W.Bickford Q137 What Enrico Fermi invented?

Ans- a) X ray machine b) betatorn c) cyclotron

d) Nuclear reactor

Q138 The last Maha Kumb of 20th century was held at? Ans- a) Nasik b) Ujjain c) Allahabad d) Haridwar

Q139 The word “Satyamev Jayate” incribbed below the base plate of emblem of India are taken from? Ans- a) Rigved b) Satpath brahmana c) Mundaka Upanishad d) Ramayana

Q140 Which of the following groups of river originates from Himachal Mountain? Ans- a) Beas, Ravi and Chenab b) Sutlej, Beas and Ravi c) Sutlej, Ravi and Jhelum d) Ravi, Chenab and Jhelum Q141 Which atomic power station in India is built to completely indigenously? Ans- a) Kalpak kam b) Rawat Bhatta c) Tara pore d) Narore Q142 National Institute of Aeronautical Engineering is located at? Ans- a) Dehradun b) Lucknow c) Banglore Q143 National police academy is located at? Ans- a) Banglore b) Hyderabad c) Abu road Q144 Central rice research institute located at? Ans- a) Rajahmundry b) Madra c) Cuttack d) Cochin Q145 Indian cancer research institute located at? Ans- a) New Delhi b) Calcutta c) Chennai d) Mumbai d) Dehradun d) Kanpur

Q146 The present lok sabha is the? Ans- a)9th lok sabha b) 10th lok sabha c) 14th lok sabha d) 15th lok sabha Q147 The minimum age of the voter in India is? Ans- a) 15 year b) 18 year c) 21 year d) 25 year Q148 Who invented Electrical generator? Ans- a) Sir alexender graham bell b) Micheal faraday c) Alfed Nobel d) Thomsan Alva Edison

Q149 Which scientist discover the radioactive element radium? Ans- a) Issac Newton b) Albert Einstein c) Benjamin Franklin d) Marie curie Q150 The book of Parasis is? Ans- a) Torah b) Bible c) Zend Avesta d) Gita