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Jamie Dennison 09/03/13 Personal Philosophy Early Childhood Education has always been an interesting and important field of study

and work in my life ! belie"e that the foundation of learning and interaction that a child recei"es at a young age greatly impacts their beha"iors and learning in the future ! belie"e that a child should be taught with lo"e and understanding Children should be "alued and treated with respect ! feel that it is "itally important to ha"e educated# knowledgeable teachers and caregi"ers in order to ha"e $uality child care/ early childhood schooling Children should be understood % guided according to researched information of children and their de"elopment !n order for children to truly learn to lo"e learning# ! feel that it is crucial to be in a positi"e# in"iting learning atmosphere !n my opinion# this is done through passionate teachers and caregi"ers &hese teachers should be teaching intentionally# with a purpose and design to their curriculum and methods of teaching ! fully agree with the idea of 'oth/(nd teaching ! feel that as we de"elop in science and studies# we are gaining "aluable information that can greatly aid us in the Early Childhood field ! belie"e it is important to always be looking at the way we do things and e"aluating the benefits or lack thereof )e should be adapting to the new information that we gain# as well as carry on "aluable# beneficial traditions of learning from the past ! belie"e that $ualified# intentional teachers can be one of the most influential people in a child*s life &eachers at the Early Childhood age le"el are greatly impacting a child*s opinion and feeling towards learning ! belie"e that good teachers teach with kindness and understanding ! belie"e in setting clear and distinct guidelines with children# howe"er ! belie"e that the most beneficial guidance and reinforcement is done positi"ely ! ha"e always been inclined to spend time with children# whether it is at a family party# at church# etc ! ha"e a natural pull to children ! lo"e to watch them learn and grow while e+ploring the world ! most especially lo"e to be an influence for good and for learning in their young li"es (s !

Jamie Dennison 09/03/13 Personal Philosophy del"e deeper into my studies of Early Childhood Education# the more ! recogni,e the importance and need for $uality education at this young# tender age ! am more and more satisfied with my line of work as ! recogni,e the great need for $uality childhood education in our society ! look forward to continuing my learning and studies of this great field and adapting my ideas and practices to become the best that they can be for the benefit of the children ! ha"e the pleasure of working with