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A presidential system is a structure of government where the executive branch is in existence and it presides separately from the legislature

. In this system, the executive is chosen directly by the citizens. The head of state is the president. Parliamentary form of government is a system of government whereby the executive power is vested in a cabinet whose members are members of the legislature. The ministers and the executive are accountable to the legislature. There are many differences between a parliamentary government and a presidential system of government. The biggest difference is the principle of separation of powers; in a parliamentary system, the executive (the government or the cabinet) is usually drawn from the legislature and/or is dependent on the legislature for its mandate (the legislature must have "confidence" in the government). In a presidential system the executive (the president and the cabinet) are totally separate from the legislature and are not dependant on the legislature for confidence. In a parliamentary system there is a Head of Government (prime minister, premier, president of the council, president of the government, etc) who leads the government and a Head of State (President, Monarch) who usually has ceremonial but important functions; some of these functions include: dissolving the legislature, calling new elections (usually on the advice of the Head of government), appointing someone to form a government (Head of Government), bestow honors, and is usually the Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces. In a Presidential System, the President fulfills both roles (Head of State and Head of Government). In a Parliamentary System, theoretically, an election can be called at any time but there is usually a maximum time that a legislature can sit (4 or 5 years). If the government loses the confidence of the legislature (if 50% +1 of the legislature votes against an important bill like the budget or if there is a motion of no confidence and 50%+1 vote against the government) then one of two things occur: (1) the cabinet is reshuffled sometimes with a new head of government (2) the head of government will ask the head of state to dissolve the legislature, triggering new elections. In a Presidential system terms are fixed for the legislature and the executive. The legislature may only impeach the President (in the US) and even this does not ensure that the President resigns from office.