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Published by: gaynaughtypride on Aug 19, 2009
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gaylovemusical Trilogy Romeo and Romeco a pure gay love story ********PART ONE**************** Last spring, I met Romeco

when I joined a whale watching tour in Victoria. The bumpy boat ride was killing me but a chance to see Orcas diving, it's all worthy. Romeco had seasick so I gave him some medicine. He was so thankful that a stranger would offer help voluntarily. I had no idea that he is gay or not but I invited him for a cup of coffee after the tour. He looked at me in a funny way and test the water.......... Ro: "Do you have a girl friend?" I : "No, but I am looking for a boyfriend!" He was speechless for a few minutes. Ro: "So you are gay! Does your mom know?" I : "Oh, sure. Mom and Dad are openminded and they are very supportive." Ro: "You are so lucky. I don't know I dare to tell my family if I were in your shoes." I : "What do you mean? Are you gay?" Ro : "I love girl but I had some strange dreams, about kissing some cute guys....." I told him I had such feelings before coming out. He insisted that he is not gay so I just dropped the whole subject. We got along so well so we went to Tofino hot springs together. When we jumped into the hot spring with our tiny speedo, Romeco stared at my six pack abdomen in a funny...... He did something I could never forget...... What happened? tell you later.......... He did something I could never forget...... What happened? tell you later.......... ***********PART TWO********************** Romeco touched my wash-board stomach in a non sexual way and said, "With such strong core muscle, you can be my wingman if you are in the me." He was enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and would report duty a few later. I don't like wars and I was shocked that one of my friend would battlefield someday. I hated that feeling, wondering if your friend is in the war zone...

field with months go to the safe or not

We stayed in one beach cottage facing the ocean while exploring Tofino. It was a stormy night. We drank beer and watched the stormy ocean, sharing our funny stories in our high school days. All of a sudden, Romeco asked, "Romeo, will you date me if I am gay?" I knew he was teasing me so I replied, "I can't go out with a cute swimmer that kills...with guns, not with a heart." "No! Romeo, I am serious. I may like you in a way that I am trying not to!" "But you told me that you are sure you are not gay, you like girls, right???" He rubbed his head against my chest and shouted, "I don't know, I don't know myself anymore!" I kissed him on his forehead and said, "Relax, just take it easy! We all have doubt in who to love, what we love. You will figure it out someday." Next day, we travelled like good friends and never talked about that "love" issue

again.............until...... last Christmas Eve. I received one postcard from Iraq. My dear, How are you? Did you remember that stormy night? Seriously, I am still waiting for your answer. Will you??? *****PART THREE/ THE END ***** Roger.. Roger... dragonfly 969 is going down...... Romeco was flying the F-35 way up high in the sky but one friendly fire hit the tip of the left wing all of a sudden. He managed to make a quick vertical landing but it was all pitch black after that..........total darkness.. POSTCARD FROM IRAQ Dear Romeo, How are you? Did you remember that stormy night? Seriously, I am still waiting for your answer. Will you??? I am writing you this postcard in complete darkness. I am blind and I don't know I can get my vision back in the future. However, that is totally not important to me, really ???? Now, all I can see is your beautiful smile and your handsome face. I think I love you more than anything because all I can see is having fun with you at that stormy night in Tofino, everything is so sexy so wonderful........................ until I told you that I am not so sure about my sexuality .......... It really hurts when someone shuts you down like that, all of a sudden........ I don't blame you but it is not easy to be the man of an old fashion family.. one Italian family................. But I don't care anymore! I love you and I am not scare of anything now. Romeo, do you miss me, really ??? Anyway, this new year, I will stay in the same beach cottage we visited last spring in Tofino. I hope you can come and join me. Miss you deeply. love, Romeco New Year's Eve Romeco welcomed me with open arms and his vision is getting better and better. He said, " Mi sei mancato molto!I was blind but now I see, it is just pure simple love when you closed your eyes and taste it, nothing gay, nothing wrong, just sweet love, right !!! " THE END

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