Gabriel Prudhomme. (d.

January 15, 1856)
Gabriel was a French-Cree interpreter, the Metis s n ! Gabriel "rudh ##e $r. wh ser%ed with "eter $&ene '(den in 18)*-)5 at $p &ane h use and int Flathead c untry. Gabriel $r. settled at the # uth ! the +ansas ,i%er in 18-1 and died in 18-6. Gabriel Jr. was li%in( a# n( the Flatheads (.itter t-$alish) when Jesuit Father /e $#et arri%ed at "ierre0s 1 le in 18*2. $ubse3uently "rudh ##e beca#e a (uide and interpreter ! r /e $#et and the Jesuits ! $t. Mary0s Missi n, M ntana in the .itter t 4alley. 1e acc #panied /e $#et t the east in 18*6. 5saac $te%ens auth ri6ed 7ieutenant J hn Mullan t hire "rudh ##e in 185- as a (uide and interpreter. Mullan was the 8.$. 9r#y !!icer wh acc #panied 5saac J. $tephens n his e:pediti n int M ntana. 1e was an early trader ut ! F rt 1all, 5dah and w r&ed al n( the 're( n ;rail. 'ne ! the !irst traders n the <#i(rant , ad t 're( n, "rudh ##e was e%idently with J hn 'wen when 'wen b u(ht the #issi n at $te%ens%ille and established his tradin( p st in 1852. 1e (uided and interpreted ! r G %. 5saac $te%ens durin( e:pl rati n ! r a n rthern railr ad r ute in 185--5*. $te%ens auth ri6ed J hn Mullan t spend =522 a year n an interpreter that winter. ;he interpreter sh uld be a (uide, $te%ens instructed, >and the Flathead, Gabriel, is rec ##ended as c #petent and reliable? endea% r t secure his ser%ices.@ Gabriel died at F rt 'wen, M ntana in 1856.

C #piled by 7awrence .ar&well Metis 1erita(e and 1ist ry ,esearch C 7 uis ,iel 5nstitute

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