Beckett's Wolf Pack, Triad Mates

Laurie's Loves
Alpha Jace Beckett is not willing to commit himself to a mate— even if his hold on humanity is quickly slipping away without the grounding presence of the final member of his triad. Jackson Scott is beta and triad partner to Jace. Jackson knows they both need that one woman to complete their triad, love them, and give them a future filled with tenderness, caring, and cubs. Laurie Young is their fated triad mate—a human who knows nothing of their world. They need her to accept their wolves and their mating. Her children would be theirs, and they would do everything to protect her from her abusive ex. They just have to convince her to stay with them and accept that they were fated to share a life together. She has to know that they loved and wanted her even before they realized she was carrying their baby. Note: This book contains double vaginal penetration. Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men. Genre: Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves Length: 107,312 words

Beckett’s Wolf Pack, Triad Mates

Lynnette Bernard


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I love you. and my intelligence. and who encouraged me to go for my dreams – my father.DEDICATION This book is dedicated to a man who loved me unconditionally. who respected my opinions. my humor. Daddy. .

Once again.LAURIE’S LOVES Beckett’s Wolf Pack. He could smell her. He should have known better. The new arrivals consisted of two newly married couples. It would serve him right. He did know better. get your tail to the main entrance. And he didn’t much care right then. But only a brief moment. Now! The anger in Jace’s voice was unmistakable. The small group looked around with barely contained excitement. damn it! He looked over the group of tourists with a critical eye. He had looked over the list that morning. But Jace hadn’t wanted to open his pack to the dangers of what humans could do them. The last thing he needed right now was another complication in his life. he hoped his anger echoed in Jackson’s head and gave him a blinding headache. And it pissed him off. Triad Mates LYNNETTE BERNARD Copyright © 2012 Chapter 1 This is not happening! Jace Beckett halted his advance on the group of guests as they exited the shuttle van to stand before the entrance of the Circle Three Ranch. and four single bookings. and he had a brief moment of sympathy for his beta. Jackson. he had to push down his anger. Jace? What’s wrong? Jackson’s concerned voice entered Jace’s head. Jackson had said that the vacation getaway would be an instant success. He had finally allowed his beta to introduce this new addition to his ranch. Hell. a family of four. .

watching the group as they made their way around him. What had he been thinking? “If you would all come inside and sign in. He took in a deep breath. his disposition did. its . and that made him immensely glad. If his size and fighting skills didn’t deter the challengers. Outside packs were not willing to chance a physical challenge against him. Where was she? He turned and saw one woman standing to the left of the shuttle. unwilling to play the cordial host. No woman was going to get him to take care of her for the rest of her life.Laurie’s Loves 9 He stalked toward the guests. he wouldn’t let that happen. scenting her once again. struggling with luggage from a car that was obviously on its last leg. He protected his pack members with a fierce loyalty and would do so until the day he took his last breath. The scent wasn’t coming from the group that had just passed him. His height of six feet five inches and his heavily muscled frame served to deter many would-be challengers to his position of alpha of one of the largest and strongest packs in Colorado. putting his pack in jeopardy. none of them even drawing any interest from him. staring down at them. He indicated the main entrance to the ranch and stepped back. He knew he scented her. The guests walked up the front porch steps quickly. He knew he was an intimidating bastard. He scanned the group slowly. with no thought of contribution to his life or his pack. They looked like every one of the women in town who had tried over the years to trap him with their lies and phoniness. Reaching up to settle his black cowboy hat more securely atop his head. But even this was not something he was willing to do. seeing the fear in their eyes as they looked up at him. he looked them over with cool. obviously giving him a wide berth. He had long since realized that no woman could be trusted.” he told them gruffly. It was not his nature to welcome outsiders to his ranch. a determined fighter. He never lost a challenge. Well. He had proven himself an expert and strong fighter. Two of the women looked at him with definite interest. we’ll get you assigned to your room accommodations. the sky blue shade flashing briefly with anger as he tried to figure out which of the five women before him was the one who was sending his senses into overdrive. They had only one thing in mind—using him to live a life of excess. but he found no appeal in either their looks or their demeanor. who would not back down. hard eyes. His brow furrowed in confusion.

Now. her large brown eyes bright with gratitude.” she told him finally. he reached forward and took the bag from her.10 Lynnette Bernard make more than ten years old. but when she opened them again and looked up at him. It tipped precariously. and in three long strides was by her side. his breath caught in his chest. He had to take a step back from her and clutch his hands into fists at his sides to stop himself from reaching out and pulling her into the safety of his embrace and holding her until her sadness abated. unable to do more than stare at the voluptuous beauty before him. Every bit of denial left him. Her desperation was obvious. and she used her body to hold it against the back of the car. Her scent filled his lungs. and he found himself holding his breath as he watched her close her eyes and take in his scent. “It’s really nice out here. How could that one small smile send him into such a tailspin? He struggled to fight down his wolf. She stopped suddenly. and he saw her take in a deep breath. Damn it! There was no mistaking it. and he wanted to touch every bit of her. He looked down at her. awkwardly trying to keep it from falling. reaching out to take the bag from him.” she told him sincerely. even though she didn’t understand it. he could sense her sadness. His heart raced. Arguing with his wolf wasn’t an option right then. He pushed it down with every bit of strength that he had. Jace stepped forward. and he barely contained the growl of possession that threatened to erupt from him. When she looked up at him and smiled openly. but her scent soothed him deep down to his very soul. letting it fall to the ground before she reached back in to pull a larger suitcase to the edge. his heart raced. Breathing in deeply. “Thanks. She was beautiful in a way that nearly hurt him. and he had no doubt that she was doing just that. opening her eyes to look at him and smile. And that pissed him off more than anything. Instead. He wanted to lay her out before him and feast on her. If she caught his scent and recognized that there was a difference. He wanted to reach out and pull her into his arms and never let her go. She was reaching into the trunk and pulling her overnight bag out. And he wanted her naked. the softness of her eyes capturing his attention. There was no denying her. Damn. He watched her silently as she took another deep breath and closed her eyes in satisfaction. She had curves in all the right places. he was doomed. .

Jace! What’s going on? Jackson’s voice resounded in his head. up the stairs. He could feel his triad partner’s confusion but was at a loss to do anything but follow the retreating form of the unsuspecting female with his eyes. spilling his seed deep inside her. Before he even had a chance to decide how to handle his wolf or deny her as a man. He could sense Jackson’s concern as well as his anger. shoulderlength. . and a curvaceous body that he had an all consuming desire to feel beneath him while he plunged into her sweet warmth. bringing her delectable scent deep into his lungs once again. Our mate. The instant image of her filled with their child made his breath catch in his throat. dark brown hair. He mentally shook the vision out of his head. knowing that Jackson saw exactly what he had just envisioned. disappearing from sight without an ounce of flirtation. He watched her delectable ass as it swayed with each step she climbed. flashed through his mind. and fought back a growl as he envisioned grabbing onto the feminine flare of her hips as he plunged deep inside her warmth and lost himself in the feel of her wet and welcoming channel. with her beautifully expressive brown eyes. Jace’s voice sounded defeated as he spoke to the man who had been his best friend and second-in-command more years than he cared to remember. That little slip of a woman. he could feel the spike of desire Jackson felt when he had shared the erotic vision Jace had unwittingly sent to him. He watched in stunned silence as the woman dragged her suitcases across the front porch. along with her overnight bag. What the hell? Jace had never been more confused in his life. I found her. The vision of his cock pumping in and out of her sweet pussy.Laurie’s Loves 11 His wolf paced restlessly and demanded that he take her in his arms immediately and claim her. she took a step away from him and tugged the large suitcase. had dismissed him without a thought. But underlying it all. Who? Jackson’s voice held only confusion.

He had to fight it. She was the perfect person to greet them. she had lived a lifetime of insecurity that she was not the perfect petite person that every woman aspired to be. overstuffed . Laurie was immediately intimidated by her. And she had the perfect body. dark brown. Always larger than other girls. Laurie put her bags down beside her gently and patiently waited for her turn to check in. concentrating instead on the woman he had an overwhelming urge to protect and care for. “Welcome to the Circle Three Ranch.12 Lynnette Bernard Chapter 2 Jace followed the group into the visitors’ lodge. and vivid blue eyes. Slim. feeling a sense of peace overcome her as she took in the comfortable. she was a heartbreaker and the type men drooled over. pretty.” Laurie smiled at the woman behind the counter. but he ignored her. and I’d like to welcome you on behalf of the Beckett family. Please don’t hesitate to come to me with any questions or concerns. “My name is Janine. He would not give in to this. She looked around the lodge. With beautiful blonde hair that curled slightly just below her shoulders. He made no attempt to hide his irritation as he watched the women of the group flirt with the other guests as well as with his men. with just the right size waist and proportions. smiling at them as they stepped forward. She was young. realizing that he had automatically taken his place beside the woman whose destiny was meant to intertwine with his and Jackson’s. Jace ignored them and stalked across the large foyer to oversee the check-in. He could see that Janine watched him curiously from behind the long desk where she was checking in their guests. My brain is turning to mush! He was careful to shield his thoughts so that Jackson would not know the turmoil he was in. and outgoing.” the young woman at the counter welcomed each guest. who were standing just inside the doorway waiting for their alpha.

where the hell are you? He couldn’t keep the panic from his voice. “Miss Young?” Janine called to Laurie from behind the counter. Is that correct?” Janine asked her as she verified the information in the computer before her. the one who listened and guided with an understanding that was typical of his beta personality. hurry. Jace clenched his teeth and fisted his hands by his sides as he heard Jackson’s chuckle in his head.” . “Hi. Laurie pulled herself away from her silent thoughts and turned to face the young woman. He would have a serious talk with him later. He couldn’t deal with this alone. Jace watched her. along with a glossed piece of paper. Jackson. There was an overwhelming sadness that surrounded her. “Here’s a flyer with the list of events this week. Jackson.” Laurie answered. and he fought the urge to step forward and take her into his arms. He was used to Jackson being the voice of reason. The flash of this place being her haven from the world was vivid in her mind’s eye. She could picture sitting before it with the fire within burning hot and bright as she sat there lost in thought and finally relaxing. Jackson’s voice was soothing as always. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them. He needed his friend beside him right now. She could envision the snow falling outside and the warmth and coziness of the lodge embracing her. “You’re planning on staying for two weeks. You need to deal with this. She stepped toward her. but it did nothing for Jace at the moment. nodding and accepting the pen from the young woman to fill out and sign the guest card. Janine took the pen and card back from her and handed her the key to her room.” she said warmly as she stepped toward the counter. “Yes. You’re welcome to attend any of them. How she wished that was a real possibility. unable to tear his gaze away from the woman who looked to be a thousand miles away.Laurie’s Loves 13 couches and the huge fireplace that was surrounded by beautifully cut gray slate. smiling despite the melancholy that had gripped her. I’m about five miles out.

” he told her quietly. third door on the left. She hoped it would be just what she needed. happy that there would be no plastic electronic cards. “Oh. just old fashioned keys and rustic surroundings.” Laurie said quietly. She did not want this man anywhere near her.” Jace looked down at her and smiled despite his resolve to remain devoid of emotion. aware that the giant of a man followed in behind her. Get your ass here and do something.” she told him quickly. and a face chiseled to perfection. he was a walking wet dream. She wanted to lose herself in this vacation—her first in fifteen years. Their hands touched briefly. A man had no right to look that handsome. if that look he just gave her was any indication of his mood. taking the paper and tucking it securely within her purse. heal. And so out of my league. “It’s all part of ranch services. “Down that hallway and to the left. Laurie walked nervously toward her assigned room. “You’ll be in 5B. reaching down to grab her larger suitcase as well. hesitating when the hulk of a man that had helped her outside reached for it at the same time. The unbidden thought raced through her brain. that’s all right. soft blue eyes that sparkled with a clarity that unnerved her. It wasn’t his size that intimidated her. She turned and bent down to pick up her overnight bag. “I have it. and she pulled back immediately. “Lead the way. afraid and unsure. we’re heading toward 5B. She wished he had just let her go to her room alone. He turned back to look at her with such anger in his eyes that she looked down at the computer as quickly as she could to avoid his censure. if she were lucky. She had come here to relax and maybe. She wasn’t going to mess with him today. Jackson. He pushed his hat up with his index finger and gently took her bag from her. She walked to the windows and .” Janine looked at her alpha in shock as he followed the woman down the hallway to her room. With midnight black hair that fell in waves to the top of his collar.” Janine told her. ma’am.” Laurie took the key from the girl and smiled warmly. swinging the door open wide and stepping inside. a jolt of electricity shooting up his arm as her hand brushed his. She didn’t think she would be attending any events. It was his looks. She sighed audibly as she faced the door to 5B and reached out to unlock it.14 Lynnette Bernard “Thank you.

her eyes filling with sincere gratitude as she sighed and nodded. she felt a squeezing in her chest and had to shut her eyes briefly. “Jace Beckett. The wonderful smell that invaded her senses made her feel a sense of peace and belonging that she didn’t understand.” he spoke quickly. She couldn’t help the blush that crossed her cheeks as she looked up at him. “Sorry to interrupt. He removed his hat to hold it in his hands.” she told him warmly. “I’m Laurie. reaching to open her purse and take out her wallet to tip him.” she told him warmly as she smiled up at him. Jace nodded.” She introduced herself. smiling as she pulled her soft hand from his. . reaching out to offer him her hand. stopping her and stepping back for fear that he would pull her into his arms before he could control his wolf. and she really did have to look up at him. He’ll only be here a little longer. When he straightened and looked at her. taking her hand in his. And he didn’t like it one bit. “Thank you for your help. feeling the loss of her touch immediately. “No need for that. Laurie looked up at him and smiled. immediately feeling her warmth and caring. “Thank you. but this mountain of a man was unbelievably tall and built like an Adonis.” he answered. Jace. quickly looking away shyly to study the carpet as she tried to pull herself together. I appreciate it. smiling openly at the woman Jace feared was destined to be theirs. The brief contact made her shiver slightly. Ms. turning the brim slightly before catching himself and stopping the nervous habit he hadn’t resorted to in more years than he cared to remember. Young. “Nice to meet you. she was used to having to look up at men. unable to stop the emotions that her touch pulled from him. Jace shook his head and reached out to touch her hand lightly. and it scared her a little. and she struggled to calm her breathing. This woman had already reduced him to a randy teenager. The thought did little to help her nerves.” Jackson’s voice invaded their space as he entered the room. And all that male gorgeousness before her wasn’t helping the situation either.” she told him honestly. Being five feet five inches tall.Laurie’s Loves 15 turned to watch him as he placed her bags on the floor in front of the double bed.

16 Lynnette Bernard unable to stop himself from walking toward her. but his hair was a deep brown that flowed in soft curls to his shoulders. She closed her eyes momentarily. stepping closer toward the men without realizing it. He found himself relaxing. She stepped back and blushed. Jace growled. It sure does smell great doesn’t it. He didn’t want to acknowledge it. transfixed by the gentleness that poured from her and already soothed his soul. and he knew he and Jace had finally found the one who would complement them. He had hoped he had been wrong. Her forehead furrowed in confusion. needing to ease her discomfort. Laurie Young was their mate. He looked at Jace and nodded. His wolf recognized her immediately. his body couldn’t hold on to his denial. Mate. “I smell it. fighting the proof. “It’s stronger than before. lowering her head to hide her total embarrassment.” she told them. with a body that rippled with muscles. Jace felt his stomach tighten. taking a deep breath to calm herself. love them. He could barely contain himself. and be the gentle soul that would nurture their pack. But Jackson knowing it the moment he walked into the room sealed their fate. . and she found herself smiling and stepping forward. “Do you smell that?” she asked of both men. enjoying her touch and her humor. He was nearly as tall as Jace. his eyes dilating with sudden passion and hunger. drawn to him just as much as she was drawn to the serious man beside her. “I’ve never smelled anything like it before. smiling as he gazed at her. His brown eyes held a mischievous sparkle to them. but it’s the most wonderful smell. He inhaled deeply. fighting the attraction. Laurie smiled at the man who entered the room. his voice filled with humor. At Laurie’s light touch on his arm and the sound of her gentle laughter. He didn’t want to accept it. needing to deny with every ounce of his being that there was the most delicious scent linking them together.” Jace told her quietly. big guy?” Jackson asked him. “I’ve never smelled that before either. too. her breath catching at the sight of him.” Laurie tried to explain. and her eyes opened slowly to look at the two most gorgeous specimens of the male gender she had ever seen. “What?” Jackson asked. stopping suddenly when she realized just how close to the two men she had gotten. Goodness and kindness radiated from her.

” Jackson told her quietly. she actually felt uncomfortable feeling it. Laurie smiled and reached out to shake his hand. Young. Tears welled up instantly. wanting to touch her more than he could have ever thought possible.” he told her. She had to be careful. He wanted nothing more than to reach out and hold this adorable woman in his arms. reaching forward and extending his hand. What was it about these two men that pulled long-buried feelings of longing from her? She had to pull herself together. Looking around the room. He knew Jace had no idea what to do. He had to make that happen. “I’m sorry. Laurie had come to them at the time that his alpha needed her the most. Panic filled her eyes at the thought that her vacation might end before it had even begun. “I’m Jackson Scott. smelling her.” Laurie’s head snapped up. trapping her between him and Jace. touching her. leaving her more alone and hurt than before. “but I’ve just been told that we’ve overbooked these next two weeks. and this room has already been assigned to another couple. She couldn’t let her imagination and her secret desires lead her to the deep sorrow she knew she would feel when she realized once again that reality did not hold such things for her. The Fates always knew what they were doing. Jackson nodded and smiled at the two of them. smiling up at Jace briefly before turning to Jackson and winking good-naturedly.Laurie’s Loves 17 “At least it’s a good smell.” Laurie teased. Now it was up to him to help nudge their destiny along. Ms. Once again. feeling the warmth of his touch all the way down to her toes. . “Laurie Young. she was overcome with loss that this comfortable haven would not be hers. She hadn’t been touched in kindness for so long. smiling softly as she gently pulled her hand from his. Her shoulders sagged as she looked at both men sadly. shaking his head slightly at Jace as he turned his attention toward him. bonding with her. and the soft brown of her eyes filled with a deep sadness that tugged at the two men’s hearts as they saw the glistening of unshed tears that she fought to hold back. the reality of her life slammed into her. And she couldn’t risk feeling the kindness only to have it disappear when she left. His friend was already losing his grip on his emotions.” she told him. and she knew a sadness deep down to her bones.

“We have to move you to the private compound. “Really?” Jackson nodded and brushed his thumb across her cheek. Laurie would be the one to give them caring and comfort. “Darlin’. reaching out to touch his arm lightly. leaving the overnight bag for Jace to grab. A picture of her massaging his shoulder flashed through his mind. is all. It wasn’t a fantasy. “You don’t have to do that. There wasn’t one bit of deceit in this woman.” he told her soothingly. You can even see the lake from there. Both could sense the rightness of it. “No arguing now. You’ll have your own balcony that looks out over the ranch. “Are you all right?” Laurie asked him. We just have to relocate you. He took a steadying breath to calm his wolf.” Jackson told her.” He reached forward and lifted the heavy bag. . winking.” Jace stepped toward her. don’t cry.” “Oh. Let’s get you to your new room. Fix this! He looked at Jackson with an anger that would have fallen any other man.18 Lynnette Bernard “Please. his wolf tearing at his chest as he fought to get out to comfort their woman. And we’ll comp your stay to show you how sorry we are for the inconvenience. We have a room there for times just like these when we have an overflow of lodgers. I’ve waited forever for this vacation. they appreciated her genuine concern. She saw his pain and reacted to it with genuine concern and kindness. Jace winced in pain as his shoulder twinged when he lifted the bag. darlin’. it didn’t stop them from knowing that she would ease their aches in both body and spirit. no. Even though both men knew that Jace’s shoulder would be totally healed by the evening. “I can’t go back home.” Laurie smiled through her tears and took a soothing breath.” “It would be our pleasure. More than anything. Jace straightened slowly and looked down at her. “You don’t have to leave.” she said in a pained whisper. but Jackson only smiled and reached out to gently brush the stray tear that slid down their mate’s cheek with the pad of this thumb. and he saw Jackson turn toward him and smile knowingly. closing his eyes briefly as the warmth from her soothed his heart. but the scent of her made him all the more determined to protect and cherish her.” Laurie protested.

Down. and was finding himself stumbling more often and nearly losing control of his wolf. He did want them all. Jackson had told him that the reason he was having more difficulty containing his emotions in order to keep his anger in check. His shoulder did hurt from his morning run when he had stumbled and had collided into a fallen tree. You can use it on your shoulder before you go to bed tonight. too. unwilling to give in to the need he had to crush her to him and claim her. Jackson couldn’t stop himself from chuckling as he turned and led the way out of the room. Her stomach did a little flutter as she found herself between these two very masculine men. ignoring his bad temper. The admonishment whispered in her head.” .” she told him quickly. He was amazed that she could pick up on his pain but even more surprised that her eyes held no fear when she looked up at him.” she warned him. Don’t get caught up in thoughts that could never be your reality. “And you can stop your grumbling. He didn’t want her to sense his pain. He didn’t want to appreciate her real concern. And now they had found her. She would be the warm and loving force that would center them.Laurie’s Loves 19 “I’m fine.” Jace told her calmly. But he did—every one of those damn things. but she could also sense the pain. She could sense the pride in him. Laurie followed behind Jackson. Laurie looked up at him and smiled sadly. ignoring the growls coming from behind her. Just what he needed. He fiercely pushed aside the feelings he was beginning to have for her. Jace scowled down at the woman. girl. It angered him that things like that had been happening to him more and more lately. “No you’re not. was because they hadn’t found their mate. This little spitfire was going to be just what Jace needed. He didn’t want to need her.” she finally whispered. Once they found their mate. She shook her head as she faced the man called Jackson. He didn’t want her to understand him. And it was scaring the hell out of him. “Your shoulder is hurting. “Stubborn man. Have you had someone look at it?” Jace straightened and looked down at her. unable to stop himself from scowling down at her. exasperation evident in her voice. hesitating slightly as she saw him smile. “I have some liniment in my bag. she would ground them both.

What room do we have for the overflow of guests. admiring the view of Laurie’s beautiful curves as she walked before him. Jackson? The one across the hall from mine and next to yours. How he wanted to reach out and squeeze that delectable ass. He just rolled his eyes and followed them out of the room.20 Lynnette Bernard Jace said nothing. .

Martha. The two elderly women standing before the stove looked up at her entrance. She could feel the goodness in this one. it was there.” Martha looked up. “I’ll speak with you later about the staff schedules. “This isn’t a job for me. “I’m sorry to have disturbed you. Even though the scent was faint. “I would like to help if you don’t mind. Laurie. “Martha Gregg.” Vera nodded abruptly at Laurie. “Oh. don’t worry about that. feeling instantly welcomed by the kind woman. Laurie looked at her retreating form and frowned with concern.” she said sincerely.” she assured her. She wondered if there was .” she greeted her warmly.” she answered.” She looked at Laurie and winked. Young. “She’s never been one who likes to deviate from routine. Ms.Laurie’s Loves 21 Chapter 3 Laurie walked into the kitchen of the main house and looked around. The amount of guests this week is overwhelming her. This is my family. stepping back and facing Martha without addressing the young woman. startled. The taller one faced her and smiled at her with welcome in her eyes. And she could smell her alpha and beta on her. and she doesn’t want to make a mistake. “I don’t want to interfere with your jobs. “Don’t mind old sourpuss. call me Laurie.” she whispered conspiratorially. Martha.” Martha laughed and reached out to touch Laurie’s arm lightly before returning her attention to the many pots on the stove. Both men had touched her. Vera Moore. “Please.” Turning. “Hello. smiling. It’s very nice to meet you. “I have duties to attend to.” Laurie smiled at her.” she said quietly.” Laurie told her quickly as she made her way across the kitchen to stand beside them. Don’t take it personally. “This is our housekeeper. the small woman left the kitchen without another word.

” Laurie stepped back and looked away. And now this woman was suddenly here instead of in the lodging assigned to guests. She could see there was much sadness in this young woman’s life. Though they weren’t her own children by birth. but after this past month I just had to get away. They had put her in the bedroom near theirs.22 Lynnette Bernard something going on that she was not privy to just yet. “You don’t have to help. I didn’t really have the money now. shrugging her shoulders slightly. I just wanted some time away to relax. It had to be something. “I was alone with my kids.” “Why ever not?” Martha asked. unwilling to allow her to catch a glimpse of the tears that threatened to fall.” Martha told her sincerely. . Something was definitely up. “Not much to tell. and she was really at a breaking point. Now that they’re older. Actually. It was just for pack. she loved Jace and Jackson as if they were. The constant harassment and abuse of her ex-husband had really worn her down. He had been especially cruel to her lately. She could feel it in her bones that this was the woman who would be the mate to her boys. “I really don’t want to participate in any activities. “I was too busy raising them. She was barely holding it together. Tonight there will be a big dinner at the main dining hall to welcome all the lodgers. They’ll have lots of activities set up for all of you to enjoy your time with us. And no money to do anything for myself. shocked. shrugging slightly. “You’re a guest. “One day is pretty much like every other. I haven’t had a vacation in fifteen years. but the older woman recognized her pain immediately. and I’ve saved up so I could come here and just enjoy the beautiful country and have no responsibilities for a little while.” “What happened?” Martha watched silently as Laurie averted her eyes slowly.” Laurie told her softly. I have some time to myself. and she worried that they were destined to never find their mate. No human had ever shared the private compound with them before. Maybe the Fates had finally smiled on them and had sent them this woman.” She was not about to embarrass herself and tell this kind woman the misery of her life.” Laurie explained.

” “Okay. closing her eyes and giving in to the total beauty of the world around her.” “Luck has nothing to do with it. She could hear the rustling of the wind as it blew through the trees that surrounded the main house.” the matronly woman told her as Laurie made her way out through the glass doors that led to the back deck. She leaned her head back and relaxed.” Laurie blushed lightly. No one but her best friend Nikki had ever given her credit for how she had raised her children.” Martha told her knowingly.” Laurie smiled and nodded.” “Don’t worry if you find two wolves come up onto the deck and sit with you. the other dark brown. “They’re twins. “A mother guides her children to be the people they are. Maybe you can help me tomorrow after you’ve had tonight to rest after your travels of today. Very slowly. changing the subject. I would like that. who continually told her she was worthless and did everything wrong.” Laurie answered proudly. one black. She held her breath as they took up spots on either side of the lounge chair she was sitting on and sat down on their haunches. I’m very lucky.” Laurie’s voice drifted back to her as she walked out onto the deck and sat in one of the extra wide lounge chairs. We aren’t always lucky enough to have our children be the upstanding people we all wish they would be. one slightly bigger than the other. They advanced toward her slowly. She was curious about the woman she thought might be the one destined to be the mate of her alpha and beta. You must be a wonderful parent. A girl and a boy. Both had dark fur. They were both huge. They’re the best kids. settling back to enjoy the crisp afternoon air. she looked out toward the tree line and held her breath as she saw two wolves making their way toward the deck. “Two. the . and she couldn’t help the fear that gripped at her as they stepped up onto the deck and made their way toward her. “Just relax. but our influence has to have something to do with how they turn out.” Martha told her quietly. “They’re tame and often come up to sit on the deck with us after a long day. Opening her eyes. and I love them to death. They just graduated from high school. “Why don’t you go out and sit on the deck while I finish getting dinner ready. “That would be nice. Certainly not her ex.Laurie’s Loves 23 “How many children do you have?” Martha asked.

She leaned back and placed a maroon. heavy. She looked across the table and smiled shyly at Jackson as he sat at Jace’s right. She didn’t know how she knew that. but she sensed that there was a . They were gentle wolves.” The black wolf chuffed. Martha looked through the window at the wolves as they sat so comfortably with Laurie. black wolf leaned forward to rest his chin on her left thigh. but she did. Their eyes held hers. She felt a sense of rightness. Both raised their paws to jump up onto the lounge. The night was quickly gaining on them. and warm bodies. and the rumblings in their chests were almost purrs of contentment—if a wolf could purr.” she told them. And. she smelled that wonderful smell she had experienced earlier. she touched their heads gently and began to pet them. and the temperature was turning cold.24 Lynnette Bernard larger. The softness of their fur was a wonderful feeling under her hands. Yup. linen napkin on her lap. She couldn’t help but think that he belonged there at Jace’s side. “You’re both so beautiful. Reaching out slowly. **** Laurie took the seat that Jace held out for her. smiling as she felt their rumbling of contentment beneath her touch. you guys are heartbreakers for sure. “I bet you could just steal someone’s heart with your gorgeous eyes and beautiful fur. settling comfortably to his left as he sat at the head of the table. Martha hummed a sweet song to herself as she turned to concentrate on the meal she was preparing. and just enjoyed their companionship. and it nearly made her drool. The dark brown wolf did the same to her right. forgetting that they were wolves. that is. the thought never crossing her mind that she should be afraid. It was a combination of sweetness and muskiness. She soon relaxed. and the brown wolf rubbed his face across her leg. once again. waiting for her acceptance.” she told them softly. laughing as they both laid their heads on her chest and looked up at her with their beautiful eyes. It confused her. She was definitely the one. her heart light with happiness. “Oh. and she couldn’t help but laugh out loud as she was suddenly surrounded by their big. She welcomed their heat.

It was the voice of reason and acceptance of what her lot in life was. Laurie watched them with caution as she saw how they stood inside the kitchen. Even though it was not something she understood. She felt calm. who also seemed to be a part of their relationship. looking out at the beautiful land that surrounded the ranch and sitting with the two wolves who .Laurie’s Loves 25 hierarchy of power that the men shared. Get a grip. Laurie. Her time outside on the deck. and her four-year-old granddaughter Tammy. No one would ever desire you in that way. she couldn’t help but feel comforted by their presence. the two other men that seemed to complete the family. she couldn’t deny the genuine caring that the three of them seemed to have for each other. Her inner voice did not mock her. By that time. Colin and Butler. Especially the two men who are sitting beside you. chastising herself for thinking anything about any man— especially these two men. Laurie couldn’t help but feel the warmth of their family and felt welcomed and at home with them immediately. reminding Laurie of sentries who remained on alert for an impending attack. Even more than that though. These were unique feelings for her. her daughter-in-law Julia. Martha had taken Laurie into the circle of her family and had introduced her to her daughter Janine. She couldn’t stop the smile that spread across her face as she became immersed in the love that they seemed to feel deeply for each other. her sons Alexander and Adrian. She felt content. Despite their obvious seriousness. she saw how all the men treated Martha and Julia with obvious caring and respect. Her thoughts drifted to how powerful they both were. And they touched her heart with the way they teased and showed love to the little girl. She saw that Julia and Adrian were a couple and was a bit confused by the third man Colin. Jackson and Jace had come in from outside shortly after she had left the deck. Martha’s son Alexander and his friend Butler were nearly as massive as Jace and Jackson. She could picture herself sitting here with this family and experiencing the warmth of this home. she looked around it to the people who made up the Beckett family and was impressed by the ease with which they interacted with each other. What they could do to her. and couldn’t stop herself from imagining what they could do to a woman. were also introduced to her. She blushed and lowered her eyes. Sitting at the table.

” she said quietly. smiling brightly. “She’s adorable. Jace and Jackson looked at each other briefly. but he was having too much fun to care.” Tammy answered. hugging her tightly before looking up at her. giggling and leaning forward to bury her face in Laurie’s shirt. because they sure do smell good. She hoped that they would come up on the deck often. Tammy’s mom laughed and reached forward to cut up the chicken on her daughter’s plate. “Thank you. Their warmth and their contentment as they settled themselves beside her on the lounge chair made her feel a sense of peace and security that she hadn’t felt in her life—ever. She would be sure to be out there every night in case they decided to share their time with her again. hugging the child quickly and helping her scoot her chair closer to the table. “Sorry if she’s a bit forward. handing the sweet child a dinner roll with a wink.” she told her quietly. “I think she’s already stolen my heart. He was enjoying this way too much. smiling at Tammy as she sat beside her. She gently pushed the little girl’s hair back from her face. and he knew Jace would eventually make him stop. “I’ll take that as a compliment. . “Do I?” Laurie laughed.” she whispered. Both wolves made her feel good. smiling at the growling man.” Laurie told him with obvious honesty. Laurie?” Jackson asked her as he passed the mashed potatoes to his alpha. “So how do you like it here so far. looking at her alpha and beta worriedly.” Laurie spoke up immediately. What sweet animals they were. Laurie. Although Laurie had whispered. they had heard her perfectly. seemed to settle her and feed a need that she had to connect with something that she couldn’t quite put into words. “Here you go.” she told them honestly.” Julia apologized quickly. and what she said pleased them both. kissing the top of her head lightly. “I really like the peacefulness of your ranch. She thought of the two wolves who had already wormed their way into her heart. honey. smiling as the little girl shyly accepted the roll.26 Lynnette Bernard had come up to spend time with her. “You smell like Unca Jace and Unca Jackson. And she looked forward to feeling that way again.

looking at Jace with all the innocence of youth. giggling. “I love you. She couldn’t help it. cub?” he asked her seriously. Tears filled her eyes. “All right then. her light brown curls bouncing as she nodded her head enthusiastically.” Jackson smiled at her. Just don’t you forget it. “Hey. winking. His expression was one of tenderness as he looked at her. unsure of their reaction.” “You do?” Laurie asked. what about me?” Jackson chimed in. matching Tammy’s whisper with her own. She saw the flash of sadness that consumed them as they looked at her before they carefully schooled their emotions. and Laurie felt her chest squeeze with emotion at the sight of this obviously powerful man looking at this child with such love. The men’s honest love and caring for the little girl touched her heart and nearly made her cry. But she had seen the raw pain and loneliness that had consumed them. “Why?” “Because they don’t have a little girl to tell them that.” she answered him quickly with a seriousness that made Jace smile. I guess it is possible for men to really love children. Her inner dialogue was interrupted when Tammy leaned over and spoke to her in a voice that would rival any stage whisper. “I have to tell Unca Jace and Unca Jackson every day that I love them. Jace smiled at the little girl with obvious caring in his eyes. cub. and she found that she was unable to talk. “Unca Jace.” Laurie looked at the two men quickly. pulling the little girl’s attention to him.” he told her calmly as he picked up his fork and speared his steak. Unca Jackson!” she told him. Tammy smiled at Jackson.Laurie’s Loves 27 Julia smiled at Laurie. too. Unca Jace!” Tammy told him happily. “Have you been good today.” Jace answered her immediately. are you gonna read me a story tonight?” Tammy spoke up. genuine happiness shining at Laurie’s acceptance of her child. so taken by the genuine kindness and caring of this young woman. too. “I love you. “Then I guess I’ll have to read you a story. “Love you. “I have. “Oh. smiling at her with open caring. I promise. Unca Jace.” Laurie felt herself smiling despite her resolve to remain aloof. even if it had only been for a brief .

” Tammy smiled and giggled as she lifted her miniature fork and speared one of the pieces of chicken that had been cut up for her.28 Lynnette Bernard moment. trying to placate his mother. taking the bowl of mashed potatoes from Martha. “Why?” “Because it would be nice for them to know that the people they love. it’s not. my children love me very much. Her heart went out to the two men.” Jace spoke up.” Laurie spoke quietly. “No.” Laurie finally whispered back to Tammy. “Just like you love your parents. love them back. Throughout the day. “It’s okay. “Even when they do have a little girl to tell them. reaching out to touch Julia’s hand.” Colin agreed. love you back?” she asked Laurie with obvious concern. looking at her parents and smiling as she popped it into her mouth and chewed. “You’re very lucky to have her. she realized that they made a truly loving team.” Laurie answered immediately. When she had first seen the three of them together.” Julia’s husband Adrian answered. “Janine!” Martha snapped. “Yes. but as she saw how they were together. Who was she to question it? “Can you be any more nauseating?” Janine complained as she took the bowl of potatoes from her brother. . She knew what it was like to be so sad because of isolation. she had seen the same three-person relationship throughout the group of people that worked and lived at the ranch. you should still tell them that you love them. soft brown eyes. Mom. reaching out to touch the small child’s head and gently stroke her hair before turning her attention back to her own plate. we are. “Do the people you love. Laurie watched the three of them and couldn’t help but smile at the love the three of them seemed to share. They all seemed so happy and so supportive of each other. It seemed to her that the men desired their own family. And her heart softened toward them because of it. she had been confused by the relationship. horrified at her daughter’s rudeness. “She is wonderful. She had quickly realized that it was the norm here. his voice deep with anger as he looked at Janine.” Adrian spoke up.” Tammy looked up with wide. “Yes. and she had come to accept it without reservation.

and he in turn felt the same relaxation. their triad. The anger he felt at Janine’s uncaring comment to her brother. flashing a warning before he turned to look at Martha. immediately. He could feel the way Jace relaxed under her touch.” Janine whispered. and his heart melted at the unconscious need Laurie displayed to soothe Jace. He saw the concern that the older woman had for her daughter and nodded to her. “Do not disrespect anyone in this family again. Jace’s fist slowly opened. lowering her head and placing her hands in her lap. Jace looked at Jackson and smiled before turning to look at Laurie’s hand that gently held his. When he saw Jace finally open his hand to take hold of Laurie’s and gently wrap his fingers around hers to hold her hand. Alpha. he couldn’t help but smile at the concern that shone in the softness of her brown eyes. Jackson watched as Laurie reached out to Jace. his eyes reflecting the anger of his wolf. time and time again. nearly made Jace lose control of his wolf. but she was more concerned with the fact that he was so upset with Janine. Laurie looked from Jace to Janine. He squeezed her hand gently and loved the blush that crept across her cheeks as she carefully pulled her hand from his. He would not tolerate her insolence for much longer. feeling the link between the three of them. and she moved to cover his hand with her own. he knew at that moment that everything was as it should be. He would not let her ruin this night for them. He looked at Janine briefly. He reached out his own hand and touched Jace’s forearm. Raising his eyes to look up at Laurie.Laurie’s Loves 29 “I’m sorry. as well as her mother. Janine. Some of the words Jace used confused her. . Only his love for Martha had caused him to show any lenience toward her at all. she reached out and touched Jace’s hand as it lay clenched on the table. His eyes glowed golden as he struggled to calm himself. his triad partner and their mate. gently stroking across his knuckles with her thumb in a soothing fashion. She was worried by the way she saw Jace trying to control his anger. They would talk about Janine later. Without hesitation. Janine’s constant and ever-growing coldness and cutting remarks had hurt the people he loved and protected.” he warned her quietly.

She was content that her son Adrian and his triad partner Colin had found happiness with their mate Julia. She was happy they sat with Jace and Jackson. Jace. he kissed her cheek lightly and straightened to wink at Jace before returning to his seat. forming the triad of love that was destined to be. waiting for them. Leaning down. She didn’t know why her daughter had become such an unkind and bitter young woman. Couldn’t resist. He looked at Laurie. Raw need and want flashed in them. Jace smiled and looked at Laurie. loving the adorable blush that covered her cheeks as she looked across at Jackson in absolute shock. and his heart pounded as he watched her gentleness with Tammy. and Jackson had to stop himself from reaching out to touch Jace’s forearm.30 Lynnette Bernard Martha looked at her children as they sat around the large table with their chosen triad partners. He looked back at Jace and nodded. The sight stole his breath for a moment. She was proud that her son Alexander and his triad partner Butler had found their calling as lieutenants for the pack. his eyes flashing golden for a brief moment as he sent back the image that appeared in his mind of Laurie holding one of their babies to her breast while her womb was swollen once again with another of their children. Jace closed his eyes briefly and then looked at Jackson with the same golden glow in his own eyes. Jackson got up from the table and retrieved the large pitcher of water. Do you think it’s too soon to claim her tonight. Now that Jace and Jackson had found their mate. she was even more content with the way her children were living their lives. It would only be a matter of time before they found their triad mate. returning to place it on the table in front of Laurie. then join his other hand with Laurie’s. and his chest constricted with emotion at the thought of this woman filled with their child. I know her scent proves she’s our mate. smiling and rubbing her very swollen belly. Jace couldn’t help but project the image that flashed in his mind to Jackson. It was of Laurie. Unable to control his thoughts. but the way she reached out to calm you proved to me without a doubt that she was meant for us. Jace? Jace looked at Jackson and scowled. What do you think? . Jackson’s breath caught in his throat at the mental image Jace sent him. the two men that she loved like her own sons. sitting on the deck in the lounge chair. too. Just Janine was her source of frustration. Jackson explained calmly as he winked at Laurie.

“Is your room all right. And when they climbed up onto the lounge chair with me and I held them.” She helped Tammy spoon some corn onto her dish then turned to face Jace once again. Jackson smiled at his friend then looked across to their mate. her brow furrowed in confusion. “The room is beautiful. “I’ve never had such a nice room. “but they were so calm and gentle. Jace’s voice was tired. The woman’s total openness and lack of guile was refreshing. They were absolutely beautiful. They would never have another.Laurie’s Loves 31 Jackson blushed slightly. or wanting to experience sex with him and. Women in general made Jace uncomfortable. “At first.” She looked at Jackson and then back at Jace. Either reason left him cold and untrusting. Whether it be for improving their rank in the pack by mating with the alpha male. Laurie?” Jace asked her. drawing her attention to him.” The sparkle in her eyes showed her excitement and happiness. and two wolves came up and sat with me. But the reason I’m here is for the peacefulness of the ranch. “Were you afraid?” he asked her quietly. He was glad that Jace already felt the bond beginning to form with Laurie and didn’t want to risk losing her. And he couldn’t wait to claim her and start their future. I have never felt so calm and protected in my life. it was amazing. Laurie was their one. He forgot what he asked when she turned to him and smiled with such genuine happiness. bind him to them. She made him feel comfortable and happy just to talk to her. didn’t play. He had been afraid that Jace’s stubbornness would cause him to reject the woman and seal their fate to a lifetime of loneliness by refusing to accept the mate the Fates had destined to be theirs. holding his breath without realizing it as he awaited her answer. and we can’t have that happen.” Laurie admitted.” Laurie’s answer drew him back to the present. Those that flirted with him did so with ulterior motives. “I was on the deck before. Jace couldn’t keep the smile from his face as he watched her talk about him and Jackson. “Does that make sense?” . But we have to do this right or risk losing her. I think I can’t think at all with my cock as hard as steel! I know. in turn. And he had never experienced that before when talking with any woman. She didn’t flirt.

but not from a wolf’s. Their triad mating was going to happen. He settled back in his chair. he knew she was going to be everything they had hoped for and more. I’m not going to be able to hold back much longer. winking playfully. Jace. Her private fantasies would remain just that. they would laugh at her. but they would enjoy every moment of helping her to accept them and the future the Fates had planned for them. Laurie looked from Jackson to Jace again and blushed lightly. When he looked at Jackson. Jackson nodded slightly. Jace looked at Laurie and smiled. He looked at Jace and barely contained the growl of possession that threatened to escape him. Jace nodded and smiled slyly.” he told her warmly. Mate. . She wanted to enjoy her time here. unable to keep the desire she was feeling under control. the scent of her arousal reaching him and making his already achingly painful erection throb. Jackson. She would not allow that to happen. Time was important. Jackson’s voice was strong and sure as it resounded with conviction in Jace’s mind. Jace inhaled sharply. It may be fast from a human’s perspective. we will claim our mate together within the next few days. And he needed to do it soon. More than that.32 Lynnette Bernard Jackson smiled and lifted his glass of water to her. knowing both he and Jace needed Laurie with an urgency that she had no way of understanding. Looking at Laurie as she spoke quietly with the rest of their family. Private. his deep voice making her shiver slightly. He would do what it took to have this gentle woman accept them. “It makes absolute sense. He had only one thought. relaxing as the realization that they were finally going to be part of a mated triad came over him. If they knew that she was thinking about them and that she was attracted to them. and she would have no choice but to leave the ranch in humiliation. Jackson. and it was going to happen soon. Laurie may be unaware of what he and Jace already knew to be true. he knew that his friend was suffering a similar fate.

drawing her scent into his lungs with a slow inhale. Smiling. Our mate is fertile.Laurie’s Loves 33 Jackson’s eyebrows rose in question as he watched Jace look over at their mate. Jace turned his attention back to Jackson. .

brown. taking the book from her and settling her back against his chest as he opened the little book.” Jackson told her. squealing with delight as she pointed to the picture in the book.” Jace told her warmly.34 Lynnette Bernard Chapter 4 Laurie sat silently beside Julia and her husbands on the oversized. “I see. “The little puppy is so cute!” Jackson laughed as he leaned over and kissed Tammy’s cheek quickly. cub. “Not as cute as you. Laurie watched them silently. There was an ache in her chest as she saw the way Tammy snuggled against Jace’s chest. she almost lost her composure. It touched her in a way that scared her. watching Tammy as she climbed awkwardly onto Jace’s lap. Unca Jace. Laurie found herself pushing back tears as Jace read the story about a little puppy to Tammy.” Tammy told him happily.” Tammy giggled as she shoved the little storybook she had in her hand against his chest.” he told her. “Story time. to tenderly touch Tammy’s hair as she giggled about the story. And when she saw Jackson leave his recliner to sit on the floor beside Jace. “Look. darlin’.” “Yes. suede couch. amazed at the honest comfort level both men had with the little girl. Unca Jackson. hanging on tightly as Jace finished the story. She couldn’t help but smile when she saw Jace’s unmistakable joy as he reached down and helped the adorable girl climb up his legs and settle comfortably within the safety of his arms. Tammy reached out and grabbed a handful of Jackson’s hair. . The way he pointed to the pictures as he read and had her talk about each one showed that this was a common occurrence with the small child. I did. “You promised. smiling as she looked at him with such happiness. and her eyes went from the book to Jace and then to Jackson as she enjoyed herself so totally. smiling at her.

They watched silently as Laurie slowly pet Tammy’s hair. Both men grew immediately serious at the sight of Laurie opening her arms and cuddling the child to her quickly. .” she told him sweetly before turning and jumping into Jackson’s arms.” he argued. reaching out to touch Julia’s belly gently. lulling the child to sleep and holding her tenderly as she snuggled against her chest.” Laurie spoke softly to Tammy’s parents as they sat next to her on the couch. It was a beautiful image that made them feel a desire so strong for the scene in their minds to be their future reality. The men looked at each other. leaning down to kiss the top of her head. “She’s the sweetest baby. and touched their hands gently. Tammy let go of Jackson’s hair and twisted her little body to turn into Jace’s embrace. Jackson laughed as Tammy quickly scrambled off of him and ran to the couch to climb up quickly onto Laurie’s lap. “She’s such a great kid.Laurie’s Loves 35 When Jace finished the book. Jackson stood and walked back to the matching black recliner that sat at the opposite side of the fireplace and leaned back to lounge comfortably. they both flashed a picture to the other of Laurie cuddling their own child against her. “Hopefully the next baby will be just as sweet.” Adrian smiled and held his mate’s hand. leaning in to kiss her cheek tenderly. squeezing it tightly before bringing it to his lips to kiss it lightly. Jace sat back in the big leather recliner that sat at an angle to the fireplace. giggling as she kissed his face sloppily. Unca Jace.” Colin added. “She’s just like you.” she agreed. Laurie held her gently. rubbing her shoulder lovingly as she slept peacefully. honey. whispering her fingers across her mates’ hands lovingly. “She is at that. “That was a good book. As Tammy settled against Laurie and they watched their mate tenderly stroke the little one’s hair. tumbling him to the floor before kissing his cheek as well. neither able to put into words the feelings that rushed through them as they watched the warmth that Laurie shared with a child she barely knew. smiling. just like her daddies. Julia smiled at Laurie then turned to her husbands Adrian and Colin.

How wonderful that this young woman could be so happy with these two men. “Do the majority of the people here end up in relationships of three people?” Laurie asked them curiously. “It’s just so different. Colin reached forward and lifted his sleeping daughter into his arms. Unable to stop herself. her eyes sparkling at the joy she felt for the three of them. it is. She couldn’t help but . wishing it had been that way for her. She couldn’t help the emotions that filled her as she watched the loving trio as they sat cuddled against each other.” he told her quietly. She turned toward Jace and Jackson and smiled sadly. kissing her cheek lightly as he tenderly covered her growing baby bump.” she agreed. “It’s the way it should be. it doesn’t bother me. “Congratulations. She sighed sadly. Adrian stood and gently pulled Julia to her feet. Julia looked at her with such happiness that Laurie couldn’t stop the tears from falling down her cheeks.” Laurie nodded and smiled at them as they walked away. “Does that bother you?” “Bother me?” Laurie asked. “No.” Jace answered her instantly.” Jace agreed. suddenly remembering his injury. she reached out and touched Julia’s hand. Her eyes filled with tears at the news. his voice strong. “Yes. “I’m glad for them. “It was nice meeting you. their arms around each other. Turning to Laurie. looking back at the doorway that the happy family had just exited through. “How’s your shoulder?” she asked Jace. her brows furrowed in confusion. touching his daughter’s face gently as he spoke.” “I think so. squeezing it lightly. she turned away from the three of them to find both Jace and Jackson watching her silently. Laurie. She hesitated briefly. wanting to choose the right words as she worked out exactly what she felt about these uncommon relationships. But it hadn’t been. “See you in the morning.” she offered sincerely. the sureness in his voice never wavering.36 Lynnette Bernard Laurie looked at Julia and smiled. too. Standing slowly. Laurie.” “Yes. The surprise on Jace’s face made her smile.” she admitted softly. not one hint of judgment in her voice. But it seems to be right for them. who obviously were just as happy as she was at the prospect of having another child.” she answered slowly.

” she explained to him quietly. smiling. he closed his eyes and turned his face into her arm and breathed in deeply. Placing the tube of liniment on the side table near . Jace. “Every moment we spend with her makes me calmer and more centered. Pulling it from his body. The muscles upon muscles that graced his body made her mouth drop open in awe. My wolf is so calm. too. “We’re all crazy!” Laurie laughed and reached up to wipe the tears from her cheeks. When her hand gently touched his shoulder. He actually purrs when she touches us. When she laughed. I can’t believe it. I would have never believed it if I hadn’t seen it. “What are you doing?” Jackson asked him. Jackson turned to Jace and was happy to see the look of contentment on his triad partner’s face. “Getting ready for Laurie to rub the liniment into my shoulder. and he wanted nothing more than to pull her into his arms and kiss her senseless. he threw it on the chair behind him and reached down to grab the hem of his T-shirt.” Jace stood up and began to unbutton his shirt. She stumbled slightly as she walked through the doorway and saw Jace with no shirt on. Just the fact that she was looking at him and smiling as she came closer to him made his heart race. “I’ll go get the liniment for you. “They seek her out.” she told him as she left the room.” “It’s amazing. I smell it. turning to Jackson to smile at him. she turned to walk away. “She makes me smile all the time. Taking another breath. Jace turned in his chair and watched as Laurie made her way toward him. “She’s already made the members of the pack feel comfortable with her. “She’s perfect for us.” He turned to Jackson and sighed. “I never forget anything.Laurie’s Loves 37 laugh as she stepped closer to him. he opened his eyes and looked up at her. unable to stop himself from being as close to her as he could.” Jace nodded and leaned back in his chair. pulling it up and over his head to throw it on the chair as well. embarrassed at having been caught. “I know.” Laurie looked at Jackson and smiled as she caught him taking in a deep breath as well. What is that smell? It smells so good. It’s as if they know she’ll comfort them and accept them.” Jackson agreed. winking at him quickly and schooling his features as Laurie came back into the room. Her scent encompassed him.” Jace told him.” he told him quietly. He couldn’t have spoken if his life had depended on it. Jackson stood and walked toward her.

” she told Jace quietly. “Good night. She fought the urge to turn around and gaze at the stunning loveliness of his body. Laurie was just what they needed to bring joy into their lives. and lick every inch of his body. “Too much?” Jace teased. her face blushing hotly as she forced herself to look up at him. she took the steps two at a time and quickly ran to her bedroom. Once she made it to the stairway. . “Use as much as you need. She leaned her back against the door and struggled to control her breathing. closing the door behind her and locking it quickly. seen him so carefree and happy. grinning devilishly. He had never. Jackson turned to Jace and shook his head. kiss him.38 Lynnette Bernard the couch.” With that. Yup. she turned and left the room as quickly as her legs could take her. She wanted to touch him. she stepped back and looked at both men before quickly lowering her eyes. Jackson burst out laughing. in all the years he had known Jace. holding his side as he struggled to contain his laughter so Laurie wouldn’t hear him.

“I’ve been needing to taste you since the moment I saw you. threading her fingers through the silkiness of his black hair and pulling him back toward her breast. Her legs were slowly parted. He reached up and covered her mouth with his.” “Oh. “I have no intentions of stopping until you scream my name as you come. moaning his approval as she responded shyly with her own tongue. One of his large hands was holding the back of her head as he leaned in to claim her mouth once again while the other swept her body to feel the silkiness of her skin and settle gently against her breast.Laurie’s Loves 39 Chapter 5 Jace leaned in and kissed the side of Laurie’s neck.” Laurie moaned and reached out to grip his head. Needing. She lost herself in the sensations of his mouth suckling at her breast and his hands petting her body.” she pleaded. and he trailed kisses down her body to her full breast before taking the rosy nipple into his mouth and sucking hard before laving it gently with his tongue. gently thrusting his tongue into her mouth and sweeping its sweetness.” he moaned as his mouth left hers. her body arching up toward his touch. Wanting. coaxing her lips open to accept him. laughing. “Laurie. circling her already taut nipple. Laurie moaned and reached out to clasp her hands around his neck to pull him closer to her. She reached down and touched his head lovingly as he leaned back to look up at her. and she felt Jace kiss his way down to her inner thigh.” he groaned. opening his mouth and scraping his canines against her body where her neck met her shoulder. gently spreading her lower lips to reveal the shiny pinkness that . his voice gruff with passion. She was floating in sensations as her body received such total gentleness and love.” he whispered. “I need you. baby.” she gasped. “Please don’t stop. “Jace.

They slowed their movements to gently coax her down from her orgasm. Laurie?” he asked her quietly. and he pulled out to latch onto her clit and suck gently before biting down on it carefully. It took every bit of effort to work his way into her body with careful thrusts. moaning against her neck as she took hold of his shaft and brought it to her waiting channel. Moving as one. and he wanted to make her know the ecstasy that they would give her. and he smiled as she cried out his name. so . her breasts.” she whispered. leaning in slightly so she could feel the pressure of the tip of his erection. as they soothed her. Make me yours. humming in satisfaction at the glorious taste of her juices. Jace chuckled and reached forward with his large hand to gently rub the swollen bud as Jackson inserted two fingers into her tight opening and curled them slightly to rub against the elusive spot inside her. her stomach. and she saw the love he had for her shining back at her. “Please make love to me. “Do you want this.” She looked over at Jackson. easing himself into her with a gentleness that would ensure he didn’t hurt her. but her eyes filled with tears at the love she also saw there. She was so tight. Tears filled her eyes as she looked from Jackson to Jace. She looked up at him and saw the need in his face. He waited beside her on his knees as he watched them. groaning at her tightness.40 Lynnette Bernard awaited him. “If you say yes. Laurie nearly shot off the bed at the explosion that shot through her body. “If you say yes. “I love you both. Laurie’s hips lifted off the bed. The moan that escaped her made him smile as his tongue took one long swipe from her delicate opening to her clit. Jace settled between her legs and placed his cock at the entrance to her body. kissing her face. there’s no going back.” His voice was deep and serious. He rocked into her in small increments. his heavy cock hard and dripping with pre-cum. stilling all movement until she gave him permission to enter her body. you’ll be ours. his body pressing against her hip as he settled comfortably beside her. His tongue speared deep inside her.” Jace covered her body with his. her heart nearly breaking at the love she felt for both men. and she reached out to gently touch Jace’s face with her right hand and Jackson’s face with her left. She was already wet and ready for them. His eyes held a longing that stole her heart.

Laurie held him tightly. Hearing her moan with pleasure as he pushed the last inch of his rock-hard cock into her. she swallowed. searching her face for any fear or pain. Laurie moaned and turned to Jackson. reaching out to grab his cock and gently pull him toward her mouth. wanting all of them to reach their fulfillment at the same time. Her moan made him smile. “I love you. then slowly rocked in and out of her body. Mate. he feared he would spill his seed before he even seated himself deep within her. he had to stop and gather his control as he felt the tip of his shaft touch her womb. picked himself up on his arms to get a better angle. sending surge after surge of his seed deep into her body to her waiting womb. Jace collapsed against her. Only when he felt her body grow pliant beneath him. The rhythmic . but Laurie was determined to take every inch of him. his breath coming in hard gasps as he held her against his chest.” he whispered in her ear. allowing her body the needed reprieve to relax and open to accommodate his size. pulling his orgasm from him. She canted her hips to take him deeper into her body. making her moan in pleasure at the feel of him deep inside her. His cock pulsed repeatedly. Jace picked up speed and was thrusting harder with each inward stroke. She pulled Jackson’s cock from her mouth and screamed her climax. he reached down between their bodies and stroked her clit quickly. Pulling out gently. his voice heavy with emotion. His length and girth were impressive. groaning in ecstasy as her internal muscles gripped him as if she never wanted him to leave the warmth of her body. putting pressure on it and pinching it lightly. Each pull of his cock within her silky channel made the most erotic sounds escape her mouth. squeezing down on his cock and sending Jace over the abyss. He stilled. rubbing her hands up and down his back. When he hit the back of her throat. he surged back into her waiting warmth. He leaned down to kiss her gently. her nails scoring him lightly as small tremors still shook her body. and he moaned her name as he pet her hair and rocked slowly back and forth within the warm depths of her mouth. rubbing his face in the crook of her neck before kissing her pulse point and biting down gently. did he start to move again. Knowing he was about to come.Laurie’s Loves 41 exquisite.

“Deep inside me.” Jace told him from his spot next to their mate as he gently pet her belly. Laurie held him against her chest and turned to Jackson. Jackson. kissing her shoulder lightly before leaning down to take her breast in his hand.” He kissed her lips tenderly then moved slowly to gently pull from her body. his eyes shimmering with tears. smiling weakly up at him. his eyes sparkling at the joy and fun she brought him. “I . “I love you. her voice filled with need for him. Laurie smiled up at him and stroked her hand over his cock. “I’ll be even better when you put this where it belongs. watching her face as he pushed into her core. pulling a gasp of pleasure from him as she ran her finger over the weeping slit and drawing it back to her mouth to suck her finger slowly. “And just where does it belong?” he teased. He pulled back to look down at her with eyes sparkling with emotion that made her own eyes instantly fill with tears. “Please.” he whispered.” she whispered. “I thank the Fates that you have come into our lives. reaching down to brush a strand of hair from her sweaty face. Her moans pleased him. Jackson moved slowly at first.” she told him. tugging on his cock and smiling at the deep groan that escaped him. He reached up and slowly brushed her hair from her eyes. Reaching down. “Love her.” she whispered against his neck as she leaned in to kiss it tenderly.42 Lynnette Bernard pulsing of his cock deep inside her made her smile as she felt the repeated release of his warm seed surge from him into her welcoming body. leaning forward to kiss her forehead with exquisite care before leaning back to look down at her. and he couldn’t help but smile when she pulled at his hips to get him to settle between her legs. smiling at the moan she released at the deepness of him inside her. honey?” Jackson asked her worriedly. Jace. “You are my heart and soul. Jackson. capturing her peaked nipple within his mouth and sucking on it lightly. “Are you doing okay. she took firm hold of his rock-hard shaft and guided him to the entrance of her body. smiling at the moan that escaped her at the loss of him. both of them groaning as he sank into the warmth of her body and seated himself balls-deep.” Jackson lay down beside her.

And so did she. and he staggered out into the hallway. “Holy shit!” Jackson roared. Jackson filling her with his seed as she settled back into the blankets and lost consciousness.Laurie’s Loves 43 love you. Laurie. his cock still fully engorged despite the fact that his briefs were soaked from the spilling of his seed. the tears of happiness falling from her eyes as she looked up into the honest caring of his soft brown eyes. too?” Jace’s heart was slamming against his chest. “You belong to us now. Jackson was in the very same predicament. and not caring one damn bit that they were. When he leaned back and looked down at her. “It was absolutely unbelievable!” Jace managed to get out. still shaking with desire. “Have you ever heard of any mates sharing dreams like that before they had actually mated?” Jackson asked Jace in astonishment. Jackson. down to their very souls. meeting Jackson as he stumbled out of his own room. wiping his face and looking at Jace.” Jackson growled in triumph at her words.” he said. He stood in the hallway with just his black boxer briefs on. Leaning forward.” he whispered as he held himself still and felt her warm channel squeeze him. he kissed her lips with a passion that stole every bit of oxygen from her lungs. Looking up at her face. . he looked down to where their bodies were joined and growled in appreciation. Jace reached between them to find the swollen bud that begged to be stimulated and rubbed it firmly. Laurie screamed out their names as she came. “You both belong to me now.” “Love you. groaning as he tried to adjust himself behind his own navy boxer briefs soaked with his own seed. Forever. he watched as pleasure burst through her as he plunged deep and hard. “Did she project that dream to you. “Never. Jace shook his head. Pulling out so that just the head of his cock remained inside her. there was no doubt in her mind that they meant what they said.” she whispered. **** Jace’s bedroom door slammed open. still winded from the experience. nearly losing control as she moaned and her hips rose to meet each thrust.

you were right to mistrust all those women. “That woman in there doesn’t want anything from us except our love and respect.” Jace agreed. He turned to face his friend. Jackson looked at his best friend and alpha and smiled sadly. he knew his eyes had to be glowing as his wolf fought for control just as Jace’s eyes mirrored his own wolf’s struggle. reaching out to grab Jackson’s forearm to prevent him from doing just that. we could lose our chance to have that for real. “I know. he stared at Jackson. “She is going to be perfect for us. They wanted something from us that would never satisfy either of us for a lifetime. “If we do. Just tenderness and caring. Jace?” he demanded. “You’d better make sure that room at .” he admitted finally. “I can smell her arousal.” Jace took a deep breath and smiled.44 Lynnette Bernard “That was fucking amazing!” Jackson barely whispered. “Maybe I was wrong about having a mate.” Jackson told him.” His voice broke slightly. “We can’t. Jackson. I don’t think I can stop myself from going into her room right now and making that dream a reality. There was not one feeling of being played. Opening his eyes.” Jace told Jackson quietly.” he told him. and he closed his eyes to gather his strength. When he looked back at Jace. “Tomorrow. “When. he took a deep breath.” His heart constricted at the thought that this woman would truly love them both and give them the gentleness and love that they both needed so desperately.” Jackson rubbed his free hand across his face in frustration. Not one ounce of deceit.” Jackson nodded and stepped toward the closed door. too. “They were wrong for us. I felt so much love and desire. “I did. his blue eyes flashing with determination. Leaning his hands against the door at shoulder level. “And that’s exactly what we’re going to give her. trying to steady his breathing. Jace looked at him and smiled slowly.” Jackson nodded and turned to go back to his bedroom. “Jace.” he told him with certainty. “Jace. his eyes mirroring just how unsure he was. stopping and turning to face his alpha once again.” Jace nodded and looked at the door that separated them from the woman who already meant more to him than he had ever dared to acknowledge or hope for. just as frustrated as his triad partner was.” “I know.

One person could not be expected to live as she had lived. They were just being kind as they were kind to every guest. Stepping into the bathroom. It didn’t matter that it was what she hoped for deep in her lonely heart. she turned on the shower and stepped inside. She knew that. She’d had erotic dreams over the years but never to the extent and detail that she had just experienced. She didn’t know how much longer she could stand this life of loneliness. Her breathing was still labored. They had no desires for her. It was not because that was what they felt for her. closing her eyes and letting the warmth of the water soothe her tense body.” **** Laurie woke up drenched in perspiration. It was as if she could feel their needs and their desires. and so embarrassingly decadent. The dream had been so real. She sobbed into the wet washcloth that she pressed against her mouth to mute her anguish. It was just too much.Laurie’s Loves 45 the end of the hall is ready because after we claim her tomorrow. She was still experiencing tremors from her orgasms. Tears filled her eyes as she slowly got out of bed and pulled her drenched nightgown from her body. It was just that she wanted them to be attracted to her. What kind of a horrible person was she that she wanted both men . The dream made her feel their deep love for her. but she knew that she was overreacting. She knew that her dream to have them be a permanent part of her life was strictly because of her own needs and desires. the three of us will be sharing that room for the rest of our lives. But one dream about these two men. Only when she couldn’t hold back any longer did she allow her tears to fall. without love or respect. had drawn her to them. But it had been just a dream. Their kindness to her and all the people at their ranch. Her fantasy about Jace and Jackson just made her feel even worse about herself. especially little Tammy. How could they? They didn’t even know her. They were genuinely nice to her—something that was foreign to her. and off she shot like a rocket! Twice! Her attraction to Jace and Jackson was powerful. She couldn’t stop the shivers that still wracked her body. Multiple orgasms! She had never had an orgasm during sex with her ex-husband.

There was only one way to deal with it. Maybe she should just leave. desperate dreams? Very pathetic. . She would keep her distance from the two men. and more depressed than ever that she could only find happiness in her fantasies. or worse. she would be embarrassed and devastated. pitied her.46 Lynnette Bernard and dreamed about having sex with both of them? At the same time! She was disgusted with herself. If they ever realized her ridiculous obsession with them. She couldn’t risk them guessing even one bit of her attraction toward them. Her ex-husband was right after all. She couldn’t handle it if they laughed at her. How pathetic was she that she could only get by from day to day with unrealistic.

bacon. Martha turned and faced the woman who had already brought happiness to Jace and Jackson. Laurie. soon there would be pups in the house again. And she was wonderful with the children. It didn’t matter that the rest of the pack didn’t know what she already knew just yet. She noticed that there were dark circles under Laurie’s eyes.” Laurie greeted her. She couldn’t help but already care about her. unable to allow any lie to pass her lips. She would have to have a talk with them so they would include Laurie in their protection from now on. She was everything that was needed as the mate of the pack’s alpha and beta. Did you sleep well?” Laurie hesitated before looking at the kind woman and pasting a practiced smile on her face. sitting on one of the stools behind the counter so she could visit with her. and a toasted bagel on the counter. . “It’s so beautiful here. They had proven to be fierce protectors and took their jobs as lieutenants for the pack very seriously. Martha smiled and placed a plate filled with scrambled eggs.Laurie’s Loves 47 Chapter 6 Martha stood by the sink. Her heart hurt at the obvious pain that this young woman was in. “Good morning. It would only be a matter of time before her alpha and his beta would claim her. No one would harm their alpha or beta with them on the job. knowing that they needed to let their wolves run free.” she said finally. She nodded. She had a natural gift of understanding and showed genuine caring and support to all of the pack members she had met so far. “Good morning. She smiled as she saw her son Alexander and his triad partner Butler shadowing the two leaders. And then. smiling as she walked into the kitchen. Martha. She was proud of them. maybe. watching Jace and Jackson stride toward the tree line. and there was an aura of sadness surrounding her. Martha.

she faced the older woman and smiled sadly. Martha.” With that. She was just so very tired of it all. “You’re good for my ego. making her way out onto the deck and walking down the steps to lose herself in the beautiful countryside of the ranch. Martha. and still unbuttoned flannel shirts.” “But you’re so wonderful with Tammy and the children in our family. Lifting up her small backpack. having just allowed their wolves to run free. **** Jace and Jackson entered the kitchen two hours later to find Martha sitting at the counter.48 Lynnette Bernard Walking to the refrigerator. a worried frown crossing her face. She placed her hand over her mouth to muffle the sob that escaped her as they .” Martha encouraged her.” Laurie snorted and took a quick drink of the orange juice before spearing a small amount of eggs and eating them slowly.” Laurie put down her fork slowly. staring up at them with concern. laughing. “You must eat a balanced breakfast so that you remain healthy and not waste away to nothing. Martha’s old gray eyes crinkled with enjoyment as she watched Laurie eat. “Nonsense!” Martha told her sternly. “That’s not a possibility. pouring a glass of each and placing them before Laurie and smiling. all appetite sufficiently killed. Have a nice day. T-shirts. She would not let any of them miss out on any of the happiness she knew was in store for them. Martha. They stood before her in just their jeans. she turned and left the kitchen. taking the fork and napkin that Martha handed her. “You must stay healthy for the babies you will carry. She didn’t have the strength to explain herself. she opened it and took out the pitcher of orange juice and a carton of milk. “Martha. You would have beautiful babies.” she told the woman seriously.” Laurie told her. Laurie stood slowly and put on the heavy black cardigan sweater she had brought with her to the kitchen. “I’m going for a walk. She would do her best to comfort her and then have a talk with Jace and Jackson as soon as she could. this is too much for me!” Laurie laughed. “I’m not going to be having any more children.

I didn’t mean to upset her. Jace stood before her silently. Jace’s eyebrows went up at Martha’s referral to Laurie as being their mate.” she told him quickly. place her between Jace and himself and protect her from the world. shaking her head slowly. He stepped toward him with a practiced ease that spoke of years of knowing and understanding the needs of his best friend. “Martha?” Jackson echoed. she had been the one to raise them after their own mothers had died when they had been just cubs. “That part didn’t upset her. squeezing lightly to reassure him that he was not alone in his worries. bringing with her the compassion and caring that they desperately needed. after all. He shouldn’t be surprised that she was able to identify her as their mate. Stepping toward the older woman. “I was telling your mate that she was wonderful with our Tammy and the children of our pack. “What happened. He suddenly felt an overwhelming need to find their mate. . He gently placed his hand on Jace’s shoulder once again. “Alpha. He felt the loss immediately.” Martha explained. sincerity evident in her voice. and his agitation ramped up.” “Babies?” Jace whispered.Laurie’s Loves 49 entered. Martha?” he asked her. Something was wrong. especially lately. easing his body closer to Jace’s as he felt the tension rising in his alpha. the connection to Jackson was broken. Jackson’s hand on his shoulder helped a little. His beta’s words and touch were always a balm to his riotous emotions.” she told them quietly. Martha?” Jackson spoke for them. tears filling her eyes as she spoke. panic squeezing his chest at the thought of their mate upset. He was secretly relieved and proud to be able to confirm that they had finally found the one woman that would complete their triad and join their pack. controlling his emotions as best he could. knowing immediately that one of his pack was in need. “Why did that upset our mate. his own heart pounding in his chest. almost unable to breathe at the thought of their mate carrying their babies. “It was when I told her that she needed to stay healthy for the babies she would be carrying that she got upset. Jace took a step toward her.

” Martha stood and reached into the deep pocket of her apron to pull out an item that she held reverently in her hand. let alone well enough to make that decision. “I’ve never heard of this prophecy.” Jace told her sadly. but it was something that had manifested in both of them as teenagers. “Laurie became very sad and told me that she was not going to have more children and left the house very upset.” Jackson turned to Jace in shock. Despite their young age. She hasn’t gotten to know us at all. who would bring goodness and caring to our people.” Jace looked at Jackson and could feel the sadness grabbing hold of him. “Tell us about the woman in this prophecy. but the pack would help them grow. She would be a strong defender of justice and would have a strength of character and compassion that would help heal the sorrow and loneliness of her two mates. Alpha. Jackson?” Jackson shook his head and stepped forward to reach out and touch Martha’s hand. Martha. “My mother told me that the alpha would be the son of Clarice and the beta would be the son of Cara. “It could be any alpha or beta that may rule our pack in the future. We don’t know that. Martha. We have to give her time.” “That prophecy doesn’t mean that Laurie is the one who will do that. She told me these women would not live to see their sons grow to manhood. sniffing her tears away. they knew it was something unique to be kept only between them. a teacher of children.” Martha whispered.50 Lynnette Bernard “I’m sorry. These abilities were gifted only to bonded triad mates. . Have you. She won’t want to have children with us.” “The prophecy said that this woman would be a human. tears falling freely now. she looked up at them and sighed. Stepping toward the two men. and these boys would be friends who would share a bond that only they knew about.” Martha told them. helping them to calm their inner demons and helping them to lead us to a future of successful and loving triad families. Jace. No one knew about their ability to see each other’s thoughts or talk to each other in their minds. “I was thinking of the prophecy that my mother told me when I was a little girl about the human woman who would form a triad with the alpha and beta of our pack.

If this prophecy were . unable to speak. it seemed it was more and more difficult to help ease the pain and anger that was constantly growing within his friend. The joy he was feeling was incredible. Martha?” he asked her. Martha reached forward to take Jace’s hand in hers and turned it palm up to place her hidden treasure in it. It does look like Laurie. Each wolf’s face was turned inward to nuzzle against her neck.” he whispered as he saw what it was. And it’s exactly how we looked when we were with her on the deck last night. Jace looked at the charm and turned to his friend. and both men stared down at the delicate gold bracelet that looked so tiny and fragile in Jace’s large hand. her head was tipped back.” Martha’s voice pulled their attention back to her. Jace looked up from the bracelet and found Jackson’s shocked brown eyes studying him. Each day. Jace’s hand closed around it as he fought with his emotions.” Taking the bracelet gently from Jackson. “She told me I was to give it to you when you both found your mate. Jackson. his voice cold and hard as the anger seeped through him. Jackson looked down at the charm and then back at Jace. “Is there anything else you’ve been keeping from me. Laurie’s appearance had given him hope that they could finally ground him and offer him a sense of calm that Jackson knew was needed to center him and save him from himself. but the anger he fought was undeniable.Laurie’s Loves 51 Before either man had an opportunity to speak. Jackson reached for the bracelet and lifted it gently from his friend’s hand. allowing the small golden charm to dangle free. and her hair was in motion as if a breeze blew its shoulder length tresses back from her face to reveal what could only be described as pure joy on her face. Even Jackson’s calming touch on his shoulder could not stop the fire burning within him. This was not something that should have been kept from him. She took her hand away. Only then was I was to tell you about the prophecy. The charm was of a woman sitting on the ground with a wolf on either side of her. “Jace. “This bracelet was given to me by your mother. Her arms were wrapped around the wolves’ bodies. Jackson could feel his alpha losing control. Jace.

holding on to his human side with every ounce of strength he possessed. he saw that his beta’s wolf was fighting within him as well. and his wolf howled to be set free. Jackson was right on his heels. “When did she leave.” Martha told him. “My mother also told me that this mate would be in danger from outside the pack as well as from within the pack. “I saw her walking toward the tree line. “About two hours ago. reaching out to touch both of their arms as fear gripped her. Looking at Jackson.” Martha told him fearfully. then their mate was going to help them both finally find inner peace and a sense of belonging and love that had so far eluded them. ripping the clothes from his body as he followed. turning to stalk outside.” Jace pushed the bracelet into Martha’s hand. Neither man broke stride as they bounded off the deck in wolf form and ran with lightning speed in search of their mate. and where did she go?” Jace growled. destroy both of you. and he hoped with all his heart that it was.” he told her. “I want this back when I return. pulling his clothes off as he strode across the deck. “She said some would not want a human to have such influence over our leaders and would do all that they could to destroy the woman and.52 Lynnette Bernard true. Someone was threatening their mate. in doing so. .” Jace’s head snapped up.

“We won’t get hurt. “Come on. their powerful bodies never tiring as they raced toward the one woman they were destined to love and protect.” Seth whined. with a touch of anger letting the young boys know she was deadly serious.Laurie’s Loves 53 Chapter 7 Laurie’s scent was strong. “Absolutely not. holding little Tammy’s hand as the four-year-old giggled and skipped beside her. Laurie. and they ran in silence.” Laurie told them. The sound of Laurie’s laughter had them both stopping short and looking across the open expanse of field that bordered the rushing stream that ran through the middle of their ranch.” she warned them seriously. were balancing precariously on the fallen tree that extended out into the rushing water. Jace and Jackson ran together toward their mate. “You two get over here right now. the two rambunctious ten-year-olds that had often been the recipients of Jace and Jackson’s guidance over the years. kicking his feet into the water as he taunted her. Seth and Ben. She was running toward the stream. her voice firm. come on. “Climb on the tree and see if you can reach the water!” Tammy pulled her hand from Laurie’s and started to run toward the water.” Seth and Ben started to protest.” . Tammy!” Ben called out to the small girl as he hung from the tree. “Oh. She didn’t even get two steps away from Laurie when she was scooped up into Laurie’s arms and held protectively against her chest. “Don’t make me come over there and get you. Worry spurred them on. but Laurie cut them off before they had a chance to really deny her. afraid to voice their deepest fear of losing her before they had even gotten the chance to love her.

“They’re mine. Both boys smiled at the little imp before turning to run with her toward the small playground that Jace had built for the children of the pack. Mate? What? “We love her.” Seth told her. She’s good with the young ones.” she told them in her firmest teacher voice. What are you thinking putting her in danger like that?” Both boys carefully made their way off the fallen tree and walked up the incline to stand beside Laurie and Tammy. “And don’t even think about telling Tammy to go toward that stream. keeping firm hold of her hand. Laurie couldn’t help but smile at them as they ran at Tammy’s pace to keep even with her. smiling as the two wolves made their way toward her and sat down beside her to rest their heads on her thighs. their shoulders hunched and their heads hung in shame. “She belongs to us. “We would never let Tammy get hurt.” Tammy let go of Laurie’s hand and walked toward the two boys. The happy growls coming from the two wolves made her smile. She didn’t really understand why she felt the need to cuddle them to her. Jackson. “She’s our mate. Their softness and their warmth made her feel safe and calm. If she could have growled. They really were adorable together. reaching out to take hold of their hands. she turned and pulled the boys toward the main house. .” Ben told Laurie quietly. She recognized them immediately. Laurie stepped back and gently lowered Tammy to her feet. his tone sincere. her brow furrowed in confusion. let’s go play on the swings. she ran her fingers through the soft hair of their bodies before hugging them closer to her. Giggling.” Laurie looked down at the two boys.” she said happily as she looked over her shoulder at Laurie. Without hesitation. It’s our job to protect her. “Come on. She is.54 Lynnette Bernard “You two get your butts over here right now. The small moment of fear she felt at their appearance quickly left her. She sat down on the ground. She’ll be good with our cubs. The two large wolves walked toward Laurie slowly. She will. but it was a need that she couldn’t deny.” she told them as she tugged them along. she would have mirrored their sound. Jackson turned to face his friend and nodded his head.

Jace remained silent.” Her soft laughter made them both chuff in contentment at her joy. resting their heads on her shoulders.” she told them. the two wolves moved against her. “Those kids sure are adorable. . He hoped Laurie would continue with her thoughts so he could understand why she was so upset with Martha’s comment. And how wonderful it will be to see her filled with our cubs and nurse them at her gorgeous breasts. I need time to adjust to having eight children as well. “People would laugh at me when I said I wanted eight kids. Jackson. I’m just getting used to the idea of having met our mate. Just think about what a great mother she’ll be.” Eight! Jace couldn’t prevent his voice from echoing in Jackson’s head. called to them on a basic level. Laurie lay back. stroking her fingers through the wolves’ silky pelts as she spoke.” She does want more kids. her laughter. I feel the same. “I wish I had been able to have more. The slightly smaller. smiling as she pet them gently. Jace.” she told them as her hands stroked their backs. I know. unable to stand any space between them and their mate. her gentle touch. brown wolf did the same. Jace. The large black wolf turned his head toward her and looked up at her with the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen. Jace. As she settled back against the soft grass. his deep brown eyes tugging at her heart as she looked down at him. “I love it here. Hauntingly familiar eyes. They found the peace they needed as she held them. Her warmth. They cuddled in closer. unaware of the silent conversation the two men were having. The simple joy she gave them settled them in a way they could never have hoped for.” Laurie continued almost wistfully. The constant happy growls from the two wolves made her smile. I need her. Jackson’s voice was relieved. “I always wanted a big family. Jackson’s burst of laughter made him look at his friend warily.” she whispered. “You guys are so easy to please.Laurie’s Loves 55 “You two sound pretty happy. and Jace could sense his happiness immediately.

And staying here at this wonderful ranch to be reminded every day that I’m not good enough to have any man desire me is too much. naked in bed. turning to gently kiss each wolf tenderly on the top of each of their heads.56 Lynnette Bernard Jace couldn’t prevent the picture of Laurie pregnant and nursing their babes from filling his mind. and I don’t want to do it alone again. relaxing as the smell of their mate reached deep into his soul. He leaned into Laurie’s neck and inhaled her scent. His heart broke at her words. Laurie held him to her tightly as if she could sense that he needed her touch. “I know it’s too late for me to have eight kids now. I know that’s one dream I’ll have to let go. I want him to want that baby with every bit of his soul and share with me in the joys and the worries. he felt a sense of calm and rightness in it. Both men growled at the contact. The image of Laurie between them. I tried to get him to love me and the kids. I did that with my two kids. needing the comfort of them both without really understanding it. . They wanted to hold their mate tenderly and kiss her until she forgot all about her sadness and thought only of the pleasure and happiness that they would give her. He just didn’t. sadness heavy in her heart. she held him tightly as well.” she said sadly. Rather than feel panicked. My life just didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped. wanting to shift into their human forms so badly they ached. welcoming them into her body. I want him to want to touch me and feel his child growing. “You just can’t make someone love and care about you. When the dark brown wolf leaned into her. Jackson’s voice was heavy with desire for their mate—a desire that Jace felt as well. I want a man who wants to be a part of his baby growing inside of me.” She hesitated a moment. “I’m not meant to have that in my life I guess. “It’s just not meant to be. “I guess it’s for the best. her hands gently stroking the two wolves as she thought silently. I can’t go through all that again without someone who really loves me and wants our baby just as much as I do. I couldn’t bring myself to have even one more child and raise it alone.” Jace closed his eyes as she held him against her side tightly.” Her voice was sad as she spoke. And think how much we’re going to love getting her pregnant. and protect and cherish us. I want my baby’s father to want to love me and his baby with everything he is.” Laurie shifted slowly. made Jace growl.

she folded her arms across her chest and looked toward the rushing stream. And it’s something I’ve never felt before. “There’s something wrong with me. her voice barely a whisper as she spoke to herself. “Kids always know. trying to focus herself. “I’ve never seen such gentleness and honest caring with a child before. Jace. Laurie turned to look at the two wolves who seemed to sense her anguish. and she damn well will know that we desire her. “I’ve never even kissed anyone but my ex-husband.Laurie’s Loves 57 Jackson. petting them as they moved restlessly against her. “Kids know. Laurie sat up. “I can’t stay here feeling the way I do about Jace and Jackson. “I don’t really understand it.” She was quiet for so long. I have no experience with men. How can I feel so strongly about them so quickly? And for two men!” She walked toward the stream. pulling away from them and standing slowly. Jackson soon followed his lead and leaned up to look down at Laurie.” she told them quietly. sighing sadly. And the way she loves them!” Opening her eyes.” Hugging her arms around her torso.” She hesitated briefly. “I don’t even think I’ll be able to stay the full two weeks. And here I am having such erotic dreams about two men that are the kindest men I’ve ever met. she let her tears fall freely. Brushing off the seat of her jeans as she walked away from the two of them. “I don’t know what it is about them.” Laurie closed her eyes and took a deep breath. concerned by the sadness that he saw on her face. Jace followed her silently.” she whispered. They really care about the people here. “I’m going to really miss this place when I go home. she couldn’t prevent the deep feelings from echoing through her body. “I’ve never seen such kindness from men before. How can I want them so much? It’s .” Laurie told them. unable to look anywhere but at the woman who had already captured his heart with her kindness and gentleness. I don’t care that it’s too soon. Jace lifted his head to look down at her.” she said finally. wiping at her eyes as she went. I’ve never dated. we have to show her today what she means to us. sinking her hands into the softness of their fur. Maybe she’ll finally realize just how much she means to us when we claim her. Why should we hide our attraction to her? She’s our mate. but they call to my heart. knowing Jackson was right beside him but never turning to look at his friend. And they’re absolutely wonderful with Tammy. I’m with you one hundred percent.

wiping at her eyes angrily. I’ve given in to this fantasy of believing I can feel their thoughts. I’m so pathetic.” she told them both as she turned toward them. Her brows furrowed in confusion as she looked into their eyes. I am so desperate for them to be with me. feeling a sense of rightness as they walked beside her. Kneeling down before them. sliding her fingers back into their fur to lightly scratch them behind their ears. she stood silently for a moment.” she whispered. “And what kind of sick slut am I that I want both of them?” She stepped up onto the fallen tree that she had warned Ben and Seth off of just moments before and made her way out across it to balance herself several feet above the stream. she reached out and touched the top of their heads. each man couldn’t prevent their worry from transmitting to the other. She hugged herself and looked toward the crystal-blue stream. the crystal blue of the black wolf and the soft brown of the dark brown wolf. “See. and she felt the rumbling of their soft growls against her hands. aware that the two wolves mirrored her moves. staring down at them. I can sense their feelings. standing slowly and looking down at them with eyes that were quickly filling with tears.” She walked toward the water’s edge. gorgeous men. Here I am fantasizing about those two incredible. that’s exactly what’s wrong with me. and felt a flash of recognition that made her step back as a vision hit her of the two men who haunted her waking and sleeping hours. she reached out to touch each wolf tenderly. She smiled down at them and leaned forward to kiss the top of each of their heads quickly. “I’ve lived my life alone. and dream that they could want me. Turning to face the two beautiful wolves. Leaning back.” She was quiet as she looked out across the stream. teetering dangerously as she faced them. without any love. laughing with pure delight at their contentment. Both wolves leaned into her touch.58 Lynnette Bernard like I can feel their sorrow.” She was quiet for so long as she looked down at the water. “I can’t live my life with only fantasy dreams to give . swallowing to push back the tears. “I really am losing my mind. Laurie took a deep breath and hugged her arms around her waist.” She turned and walked toward the stream. “You remind me of Jace and Jackson. and I just can’t do it anymore.

” . and she knew she had better warm up quickly or risk getting sick. she felt cold down to her very core. pulling herself up as quickly as she could but not before becoming totally soaked in the uncomfortably cold water. she was shivering violently. her eyes filled with concern.Laurie’s Loves 59 me the love I want. God.” she muttered as she strode past the wolves and headed toward the ranch house. “Do you think you could get me a towel so I could dry off a little before I walk into the house?” “Nonsense. She turned then and wiped at her eyes. “Okay. child. and it made both men feel true fear at her heartbreak. her clothes drenched and her sweater hanging heavily on her body from the weight of the water.” Her voice was beyond sad. By the time she arrived.” Martha interrupted her. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind you wearing them so you can get up to your room with your modesty intact. Laurie righted herself and stormed out of the water. Cool off.” Laurie explained quickly. Laurie girl! Stop your crazy thoughts about men who could never want you!” Grabbing her small backpack.” She opened the door to the room and quickly ushered her inside. she saw Martha open the sliding glass doors to meet her. “Take your clothes off. and leave them in the sink beside the washing machine. Losing her footing. Martha. Laurie?” she asked her. just waiting to be given to Jace and Jackson. “There are clothes on top of the washing machine right now that you can put on. I’ll take care of them for you. looking to her alpha and beta quickly before turning her attention to the woman who would soon be her queen—if these two men would just claim her and not waste any more precious time. Although the morning had turned quite warm. They’re clean. making it to the ranch house in less than fifteen minutes. “I get the hint. she fell forward into the stream. she flung it over her shoulder as she walked quickly and determinedly away from the stream. As she stepped up onto the big deck behind the house. shivering as she stood before the woman who had been so welcoming and kind to her. “I fell into the stream. Before either man could shift. taking her arm and leading her into the house and then to the laundry room off to the right of the kitchen. “Are you all right.

” Laurie nearly cried. The reminder of her less-than-petite size caused another pain of realization in her chest. “Look at you. “And they deserve to have someone beautiful and young. “I’m sure Janine would be willing to do whatever they wanted.” Jace growled at the mention of Janine’s name. she tried to calm herself. Taking a deep breath. Jackson mirrored his anger. And claim her quickly. She turned toward the washing machine and saw that the wolves were watching her silently. trying their best to soothe her. cursing her curves as the material refused to budge easily. “Thank you.” Laurie wiped her cheek slowly. and with a perfect body. she smiled sadly as she saw the intense stare of the two wolves as she stood before them in nothing but her bra and panties.” She laughed despite the way her heart . growling their pleasure at their mate wearing their clothes.” she spoke out loud as she dropped her backpack to the floor. “Like I would ever have a chance with those two wonderful men!” Laurie muttered. and they both found themselves stepping toward Laurie and rubbing their shoulders against her thighs. laughing softly as she heard the two wolves’ constant growls. “How could those men ever desire you when they have so many women here who would be just perfect for them?” She pushed her hair back with an angry swipe and wiped at the tears that she couldn’t prevent herself from shedding. Laurie!” she muttered to herself as she threw her jeans into the sink. unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it from her body. The joy that filled Martha threatened to explode within her chest. taking great joy in the fact that both men in wolf form followed them into the room. Now she just had to get them to claim her. sighing with relief. She toed off her sneakers and pulled at her soaking wet jeans. taking a deep breath as she resigned herself to the truth of the situation.60 Lynnette Bernard Martha laughed to herself. Then their destinies to lead their pack to a successful and loving future would be fulfilled. “Okay.” she told them finally. and they would enjoy every minute of it. Martha. “I’m so cold. Looking down. She loved that her boys had found their mate. She pulled off her sweater. I’d think you were actually getting a kick out of this. fellas. careful to place them into the sink beside the washing machine. but pushed it aside quickly. She thought it odd that Martha closed the door to the room. leaving her alone with the wolves. “If I didn’t know better.

and found Martha waiting for her. Something is wrong with me. boys.” she whispered sadly. She was grateful that the shirts were large enough so that they came to just below her knees. “No. she peeled off her pink panties and matching bra. licking at her hands as she reached down to pet them. she took both the T-shirt and flannel shirt in her hands and lifted them to her face to inhale . “I have to leave before I make a total fool of myself. but she couldn’t get rid of the feeling of shame and embarrassment that bled from her.” Martha offered.” Laurie insisted. I think I’ll take a nap for a while. Really.” She settled her backpack across one shoulder. Pulling the T-shirt over her head. Quickly placing the rest of her wet clothes and sneakers in the sink. “I’m so tired.” “I’ll check on you later. she reached out to grab the black T-shirt and the red checked flannel shirt from the stack of clothes that looked like they had been thrown on top of the dryer. She wiped at her face quickly then tried to squeeze as much of the water from her hair as possible. “Thanks.” The two wolves crowded her against the washing machine. “I’m freezing! I have to go up and take a hot shower. she smoothed it down over her hips then reached for the flannel shirt and slipped her arms into it.” She turned to walk away and stopped to turn and face Martha once again. she picked up her backpack and turned to walk toward the laundry room door. Martha smiled at her and then at the two wolves. I’ll be fine. Laurie nodded. Laurie had an uneasy feeling that the older woman knew something she wasn’t about to tell. Martha. “I have to get upstairs and shower before I freeze to death. The walk to her room wouldn’t exactly be a walk of shame after all. and pulled one of the fluffy maroon towels from the cabinet above the dryer. stepped out of the room. I’m so ashamed. I’ve never been such a slut in my life. Without realizing that she did it. “Okay.Laurie’s Loves 61 was good and truly broken. Their soft chuffing noises soothed her.” “If you’re sure. Putting aside the towel. Both wolves walked toward her and rubbed against her legs soothingly.” she said quickly. Quickly toweling her body down. buttoning it up quickly. “I’m sure.” Martha said softly.

concern on her face as she watched them shift to their human forms. We will claim her tonight.” With that.” Jackson spoke first. closing the door quietly behind her and locking it. “See that you do. **** Martha watched her future queen leave the room. intending to put them back on after her shower. Looking to Jackson. I’ll be leaving in the morning. “We’ll talk with her when she wakes up. Although their scent made her feel a peace she had never felt before. Jackson took a deep breath and tried to calm his own anger.” Jace told him firmly.” she told the kind woman quietly. turning to Jace with an expression of desolating sadness. even if it was just for a little while. she turned and left the kitchen. placing them almost reverently on the counter beside the sink. She turned to face Jace and Jackson. feeling Laurie’s sorrow deep in her heart. She knew in her heart that she could never truly belong to the two men. unconcerned with his state of undress. “It’s been very nice knowing you.” she told him sternly. there were tears in her eyes. When she opened her eyes and looked at Martha. he nodded briefly and started walking toward his room.” “She’s not leaving. Laurie needs to know that what she’s feeling is true and beautiful. There was determination in Jackson’s voice as he spoke to his best friend. “We’ve just found her. “Martha. Jace? Jace kept on walking. knowing his beta would follow. it also made her experience a deep sadness. Walking into her bathroom.62 Lynnette Bernard deeply. his voice strong with determination.” Martha reached out and handed the delicate bracelet to Jace. Jace took the bracelet and looked down at it in his open palm. making her way through the ranch house and up the stairs to her room. but she could gain a little comfort by being surrounded by their scent. . she carefully removed the shirts she wore. “She can’t leave. closing her eyes as the scent of Jace and Jackson surrounded her. Where are you going. and this will all be settled.

We have to show her that she is exactly what we need and want. And I suggest you do the same. Jace’s jaw clenched as he struggled to control his anger. And nothing to be ashamed of. “Mine.” Jackson nodded and stepped forward to walk beside Jace. “We’ll show her that what she feels for us is how we feel about her. they were completely golden.” Jace stopped before his bedroom door and turned to face his friend. too.” Jackson told him quietly. “I’m going to take a shower to try and calm myself. She doesn’t understand the attraction. doing his best to help his alpha calm down. Jackson reached out and touched his shoulder. Jace took a deep breath and closed his eyes as he fought to control his anger. She needs to know that what she is and how she feels is how the Fates have destined her to be.Laurie’s Loves 63 Jace nodded and started walking up the stairs toward his room.” he told him honestly. She doesn’t know that this is the way of triad mates. Jackson. “My wolf is fighting me. Then I’m going to move my things into the room that we will share with our mate.” . the anger and frustration evident on his face. “He wants to protect her and take away the hurt she’s feeling. He turned to face Jackson. And not in a temporary way. I will not have her saying such things about herself ever again. She needs to understand that this is forever. When he opened them to look at Jackson.

and the children ran toward their goal with Laurie cheering them on as she ran with them. His angry growls echoed through the kitchen as he raced out through the deck door to protect their mate. The woman’s good mood was contagious. . Jackson walked up behind her. their young faces fierce and determined as they readied to play football. the children lined up facing the men. Laurie was huddling the children around her and speaking to them secretly. Before Martha’s eyes. pick her up effortlessly. “Your mate. pointing out the window. Jace and Jackson walked into the kitchen at that moment and stopped to look at each other and smile at the older woman’s obvious enjoyment. Martha?” Jace asked her. turning to catch the ball that Aidan threw toward her. followed closely by Jace. her eyes sparkling with enjoyment. laughing softly. Laurie had several of the children of the pack. looked over at the line of men briefly then returned their attention to Laurie. as they looked out at the scene of controlled chaos before them. Her heart was filled with such happiness at the sight before her.” Martha answered. She tucked it against her stomach and ran toward the goal as the children threw themselves into the opposing team to slow them down so Laurie could make a touchdown. The smile on Jace’s face disappeared immediately when he saw Butler reach for Laurie. There was a flurry of movement. Butler and Alexander had several of the pack’s adult males lined up on the other side. and bring her down to the ground. Martha laughed out loud. lined against one side of the open yard. The children listened to her intently. covering her mouth as excitement and pure joy escaped her. along with Aidan and Colin. “What’s so funny.64 Lynnette Bernard Chapter 8 Martha chuckled as she looked out the kitchen window over the sink at the scene that was unfolding before her.

Laurie’s eyebrows rose in surprise as she saw Jace and Jackson now a part of the other team. She couldn’t be so close to the two men who made her long to be with them.Laurie’s Loves 65 Jackson was right behind him. prepared to do whatever it took to care for Laurie.” The men laughed. bringing a smile to Jace and Jackson’s faces. but the cubs. she would draw attention to herself and possibly make them aware of her attraction. but they are. “we were taking it easy on them when we started.” The group quickly huddled together. running to the field. “We’re in.” Butler admitted. they stopped suddenly as they saw all the cubs pile on top of Butler to knock him off Laurie. Alpha. unable to keep his excitement contained. The men moved aside quickly to enfold both men in their midst. She laid on her back.” she told them all sincerely. When they reached the open lawn. which she could never do. Laurie laughed and smiled down at him. The two teams were soon facing each other once again. her heart fluttering a bit as she took in the pure . Instead. But if they score one more touchdown. I’m not holding back anymore. Aidan. Both Jace and Jackson stepped forward and joined the men who huddled together to make their own plans. breathing heavily. Laurie!” Seth yelled. “I couldn’t have done it without you guys. “Just so you know. He looked at Jackson and saw that his beta understood and was feeling the same way. None of the men would. she smiled and waved at them. She blushed with embarrassment and thought briefly about leaving the game.” Alexander warned him quietly. She was laughing as she stood and high-fived Ben and Seth once they helped pull her to her feet. once again whispering their plan to get by the wall of men. “Let’s do it again. The intense pride Jace felt about his pack at that moment nearly overwhelmed him. Both men knew Butler would just as soon hack off an arm than cause pain or sadness to any woman or child. and not be embarrassed by her thoughts. “That was awesome. But she realized that if she did that.” Jace told them. “It’s been a long time since the pups have had such fun.” “But we’re not playing to win. I don’t know how they keep coming up with plays that spin us in circles. and Colin have been playing for real. joining in their planning. the football still clutched to her chest. Laurie.

She had to stay in control of her desires. honey!” she praised the little girl. She gazed down to look at Jace. She laughed out loud as she saw Tammy squealing in joy as Alexander picked her up and carefully brought her to the ground with him. Laurie pulled him up quickly then turned to run toward Tammy and scooped her up into her arms. Laurie ending up on top of him as he held her securely against him. who in turn tossed it to Tammy. The little girl’s legs pumped furiously as she ran toward Alexander. Once again. but his strength was too much for her. . bending down to offer him her hand to help him up. She never could walk away from children. Pulling herself back to the present. and she soon found herself organizing the football game. Laurie tried with all her strength to hold back Butler from reaching Tammy. or did Jace’s arms tighten around her waist briefly before letting her go? She stood up. She knew it was her weakness. she focused on the game. a mixture of emotions filling his eyes. After her shower she had been too wound up to take a nap. Tammy!” Laurie shouted. And she was determined she would never let Jace and Jackson know of her desire for them. She wanted them to enjoy themselves.66 Lynnette Bernard masculine strength that oozed from both men. running with her back to their huddle. She had been determined to check out and go home. Jace looked up at her silently. the children ran. and she would do her best to help them do just that. She heard the menacing growl before she realized who it came from and found herself plucked away from Butler and enfolded in Jace’s arms as he brought them both down to the ground. and Aidan threw the ball toward Laurie. “She got so far!” she told him happily as she tried to get up off of him. She would just enjoy what little time she had with them and bring the memories of their kindness along with her when she went home. Was it just her imagination. She was determined her team would make another touchdown. she had seen the children milling about the backyard. Their adorable faces and excitement drew her to them immediately. “Go. her face filled with joy. She could always leave later. She mentally chastised herself. kissing her cheek lightly before setting her down and taking her hand. pushing herself up on Jace’s chest to look at the little girl as she ran. “You did so good. but when she had come down to say good-bye.

” he told her quietly. He was even more content that her body lay so completely on top of his. He was suddenly very happy to be participating in this game. He felt his cock harden immediately as she shifted her hips against him as she tried to remove herself from his hold. She looked down at him. touching his shoulder then clapping him on the back.” He smiled at the shocked expression on his mate’s face and knew he couldn’t hold back anymore. “I’m sorry. hugging her tightly as he brought them both down to the ground so that Laurie ended up on top of him. and turned back to the huddle to plot with her teammates. unsure what to do or how to react. Wasn’t he teasing? Of course he was teasing! Men like him and Jace couldn’t possibly be attracted to someone like her. his eyes glowing gold briefly as his wolf paced restlessly. Laurie gasped and pulled back. embarrassed. He couldn’t contain his happiness as he looked up and saw Laurie grinning down at him. . walking toward the huddle of men. Turning to face her.” she told him. He had to be teasing. “I’m too heavy. Jace turned to him and smiled. blushing immediately when she saw him wink at her. his voice deep with emotion.” Jackson held her tight. Laurie launched herself at Jackson. She looked over her shoulder at Jackson. “You lucky bastard!” he told him quietly.” He winked and playfully kissed her chin. reaching around his waist and holding him back so he couldn’t reach Seth—not that he gave much of a fight. I hope I didn’t hurt you.Laurie’s Loves 67 Jackson came up behind Jace. Aidan threw the ball. “Darlin’. she stood up quickly and went over to her team. “The only thing that would make me happier is if we were totally naked right now. “you could stay right where you are for the rest of your life and make me a very happy man. forcing her to stop her movements. As the men ran toward the young boy. “Laurie. his arms went around her body. bumping knuckles with Seth as he joined them. holding onto Laurie’s hand as she bounced on the balls of her feet. and he pulled her flush up against him. confused. but he could see her embarrassment and wondered if she could possibly be more adorable. are we winning?” Tammy asked her excitedly. but this time Seth caught it. Once again. He nodded once then turned toward the playing field. Right? Pulling out of his hold.


Lynnette Bernard

“We sure are, sweetness,” Colin answered, leaning down to kiss his daughter’s forehead quickly. “We’re creaming them!” Ben’s excited voice chimed in. “I think the men are going to make sure that we don’t score again,” Colin told them, laughing. “I think we’ve bruised their egos. And I think our alpha is going to make sure that they show us we can’t get the better of them.” Laurie looked at Jace and smiled, watching him as his serious expression melted into a heart-stopping smile that reached out to tug at her very soul. She loved the way his eyes sparkled with his enjoyment. Watching him for a moment, her chest felt heavy as she had the sudden feeling that the leader of this combined family hadn’t had much fun in his life. She was happy that she could give him this little bit of joy. She wished she could give him much more. But she couldn’t. She had to leave—even though, with every ounce of her being, she wanted to stay here with all of them and take the chance of being a part of their family. “One more play, and then we have to stop,” Aidan told the kids, smiling. “Your parents are ready to take you back to your cabins to get ready for lunch. It’s already late for lunch as it is.” All of the children turned to look at the back deck of the main house. Sure enough, it was filled with their parents, enjoying the impromptu game. Laurie was happy to see that they were all enjoying themselves and knew the kids were happy to be playing. She saw Martha wave to her, and she happily waved back, a feeling of belonging overwhelming her at the kindness of the older woman. She felt as if she had her grandmother back with her. It was going to hurt big time when she left. “Well, guys,” Laurie said quietly, leaning in to the huddle so they wouldn’t be overheard. “Let’s make this one a good one. I have an idea.” Jace watched Laurie as she turned away from him. His wolf was pushing against his chest, demanding that he claim her, but he knew he had to bide his time. That brief moment when he had held her luscious body against his had nearly made him lose control. It wasn’t just his wolf who demanded the claiming. The man in him wanted her more than he had ever wanted anyone in his life. Despite his determination not to succumb to the mating need, he knew that the Fates had chosen well for him and Jackson.

Laurie’s Loves


Laurie was perfect for them. And he couldn’t wait until they could show her just how good it would be with them. The children lining up to face them once again pulled him out of his thoughts. Jackson was to his right, ready for the game to continue. Before they realized it, the children were running in all directions, confusing the men temporarily. Aidan threw the ball, and both Jace and Jackson could see that Laurie would be the recipient. They ran toward her, their growls warning off any of the other men who might try to go after Laurie, the men deferring to them immediately, giving them the lead. Their men knew better than to touch their mate. As they neared her, Laurie tucked the ball into Tammy’s hands and began to run toward Jace and Jackson, stumbling before she reached them and falling heavily to the ground with a moan. The men froze. Laurie lay still before them. With their hearts pounding in their chests, they made their way to her quickly and gently turned her over. Her eyes were closed, and she wasn’t moving. “Laurie,” Jace whispered, pulling her gently into his arms as he sat on the ground and lifted her easily to cradle her on his lap. “Please, honey, open your eyes.” Jackson was kneeling beside them, holding her hand in his as he reached up and pushed back the length of hair that had fallen forward and covered her face. “Sweetheart, please,” he whispered, leaning forward to kiss her forehead lightly. The sudden cheer that went up from the pack members watching the game from the deck shocked them. Looking up, they saw Tammy doing a little victory dance as she threw down the football as she made the final touchdown. Jace looked at Jackson in shock, then down at Laurie as they felt her shaking. “Did she make it?” Laurie asked, laughing as she looked up at the two stunned men. Jace passed his hands across Laurie’s body, unbelieving that their mate had actually faked getting injured so Tammy could score the touchdown. “You aren’t hurt?” he asked her, his voice concerned. “I’m fine,” Laurie told him, laughing as she tried to remove herself from his lap.


Lynnette Bernard

But Jace was having none of it. He tightened his grip and held her still on his lap. “You scared us out of our minds. And you were just playing?” His voice was hard as he spoke, his fear turning to anger. “Laurie, we thought you had seriously injured yourself,” Jackson told her quietly, reaching out to touch her face gently. Laurie looked at both men and smiled. “All’s fair in love and war,” she teased. “Or football.” Before she could say another word, both men surrounded her, and she found herself lying back on the ground with them nearly on top of her. She was stunned into silence. Jace rested his forehead against her cheek, nuzzling into the right side of her neck. “You will never do that again,” he told her quietly, his voice firm, but she could hear the desperation in it. Jackson leaned into her face, kissing her cheek gently before breathing deeply against the left side of her neck. “I thought my heart would stop beating when I saw you go down and not move.” Laurie rubbed their backs gently, unable to understand the concern they had for her but knowing she had to comfort them. “I’m sorry,” she whispered. “We were just trying to confuse you so the kids could score.” Both men leaned back to look down at her. She could see the worry in their eyes. She didn’t understand. No man had ever worried about her. And to have these two men show her such concern unnerved her. They couldn’t have feelings for her, could they? And both of them? No way! Before she could contemplate the unlikely possibilities, Jace leaned down and gently covered her lips with his own, tasting her with exquisite tenderness. She looked up at him in shock when he pulled back and saw the raw hunger in his eyes. She thought she must be mistaken, but it seemed as if his eyes shone with a beautiful golden glow. She turned to Jackson and saw the same glow, opening her mouth to speak but finding Jackson’s mouth claiming hers just as tenderly before she could say a word. What the hell? Every instinct in her body screamed at her to get up and run. And that’s exactly what she did. Well, not exactly run, but she did pull herself out of their embrace and power-walked herself into the main house, smiling and nodding at the happy parents as she passed them. She didn’t stop until she was safely in her bedroom with the door locked solidly behind her.

Laurie’s Loves


What had just happened? She walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her, pulling off her clothes and quickly climbing into the shower stall and turning on the warm water for her third shower of the day. She stood under the soothing spray as her body shook with fear and, if she had to admit it to herself, desire. Those men couldn’t want her. But deny it as she would, it didn’t change the fact that they had gently embraced her and had cared for her. And their kisses were heart-wrenching and sweet. And their hard erections were luscious against her hips! God help her, she was scared, and suddenly very tired. **** Jace stood beside Jackson, watching in amazement as members of their pack came up to both him and Jackson, each praising Laurie and her natural ability with the children. This simple game of touch football had brought such fun to the pack. Both men stood there for nearly an hour, accepting the compliments, proud of their mate. It was beginning. The prophecy was being fulfilled. The children of their pack were being pulled together and growing as a family. Never had their cubs been so happy. And both Jace and Jackson knew why. It was because of Laurie. They walked together to their office and slowly took their seats. Their desks faced each other with only five feet between them. Over the years, they had realized that having separate offices wasn’t efficient in the running of the ranch or in the running of the pack. They were a team, and they worked better when they were together. The level of comfort that they felt by their close proximity was something that eased both their personalities. Jace was calmer, and Jackson was more secure. Now that Laurie was with them, they finally felt a sense of peace that both of them knew they had been lacking. She bridged their needs, their emotions, and their worries. With her so close to them, they felt a sense of rightness, of relief. Jace looked across at Jackson and smiled. “She sure tasted sweet, didn’t she, Jackson,” he said quietly. Jackson nodded and relaxed against the high back of his office chair. “The sweetest,” he agreed. “And the feel of her body under mine nearly


Lynnette Bernard

made me take her right there. I don’t think I’ll be able to hold back much longer, Jace.” Jace nodded. “I know,” he said finally. “She seemed to be open to both of us. Maybe we’ll be able to convince her of the bond we’ll have. I already feel it growing stronger every day. She has to be feeling it, too, even if she doesn’t understand it.” Jackson was quiet for a long time. “We need to make her understand, Jace,” he said finally, his voice filled with emotion. Jace nodded and leaned back in his chair, making it tip back until he was resting at an angle. “I think it’s about time we step forward and claim our mate.” They were quiet for a while, each man consumed with his own thoughts. “Do you feel it, too?” Jace asked Jackson as he looked up from his desk to stare at his best friend. Jackson nodded. He didn’t need Jace to clarify. He knew he was talking about the influence Laurie had on them both. “My wolf is fighting me to let him out and claim her.” Jace nodded. “Mine, too,” he admitted. “Even though my wolf is fighting me, I feel a calming like I’ve never felt before.” “She’s good for us,” Jackson said quietly. “She’ll make a good queen. And a sexy mate.” Jackson’s grin was infectious, and Jace couldn’t help but smile. Jace rubbed at his perpetual hard-on and laughed. “I can’t get rid of this,” he told Jackson, trying to push his cock to a more comfortable position within his jeans. “You’re preaching to the choir, Jace,” Jackson told him sighing, unsuccessfully trying to adjust his constantly hard cock behind his zipper.

He can’t hurt me anymore. she kept telling herself. Your body disgusts me. It’s just a dream. A baby’s cry cut through the silence of the house. You’re a terrible mother. She tried to push the memory away but couldn’t.” Her voice was hoarse from the tears she couldn’t help but shed.Laurie’s Loves 73 Chapter 9 “You’re nothing but a whore. and an ugly one at that!” The voice echoed in Laurie’s head.” The tears slid silently down Laurie’s face until they nearly choked her. You’re good for nothing. “No one will ever want you. but the rough. tried to pull away from him to go to her child. You’re stupid. She had to stay strong. They don’t need you right now. I’m at the Circle Three Ranch. I must have been crazy to marry you. There’s not one redeeming quality in you. deep voice that haunted her was very real. but his strength was too much for her to fight. “You spoil those brats. and the words that were spoken were ones that she had heard often.” Laurie’s tortured voice echoed through the darkened room. pushing her hand against her ear to stop the ranting that tore at her heart. “You’re not going anywhere!” He pushed her down and pinned her hands above her head. She turned into her pillow. A sob escaped her as she tried to calm herself. “It’s not real. She looked up at the ceiling. I’m safe. She ached to hold her son and prayed that he . She couldn’t crumble. It was just a dream. She didn’t want to remember or experience the cruelty again.” “Please stop. She wanted to make her way to her daughter and hold that precious bundle against her chest and pray that her baby girl would be smart enough and lucky enough to find a man who truly loved and respected her. Look at you. She tried to lift herself from the bed. praying he would stop his ranting. but the dream continued.

she sighed contentedly as they latched onto her nipples and began to suckle. and they both rushed into the darkened room. Opening the tie of her nightgown to expose her engorged breasts. The vision of her dream was clear in his head. She sang to her babies quietly. At the sound of Laurie’s crying. and growls filled the air as they rushed from their office to run up the stairs to Laurie’s bedroom. She would do anything to protect these dear little ones. with pillows under her arms to support her precious bundles. Thankfully. Furniture was shoved aside. loving how they settled against her breasts and cuddled tightly against her. and she quickly made her way to her children’s room.” he told her angrily. Laurie’s huddled form was trembling under the blankets in the middle of the bed. pushing her toward her side of the bed as he turned his back to her.74 Lynnette Bernard would become a man of honor who would love and cherish his wife some day. Even if it meant ruining her own life and committing herself to a future of loneliness in the process. Jace broke the lock on the door with one push. Jackson closed the door quietly behind them. he settled beside her without another word. Jace couldn’t stop his growl from escaping when he heard the whimper of pain that was torn from Laurie. she lifted both her daughter and her son into her arms before settling in the big rocking chair. Holding them against her breasts. anger consuming them as they were witness to the abuse Laurie had experienced. unsure what they should do. and he could feel her fear and pain as it wracked her body. “I’m going to have to decide if I want to stay with a woman who doesn’t give me fireworks during sex. and within moments she heard his even breathing. doing his best to secure it to protect . Jace hesitated as they stood outside her bedroom door. He turned to Jackson. **** The sudden projection of Laurie’s dream had Jace and Jackson both gasping for breath. all bets were off. not daring to move until his loud snores filled the room. Both men were on their feet immediately. Her babies’ cries pulled her out of her misery.

” Jace kissed her forehead and groaned as Laurie leaned against him and reached out to wrap her arms around him. She knows we belong inside her. and Jackson lay to her left. Jace closed his eyes. Jackson smiled at the way Laurie cuddled against Jace and let out a growl of possession as Laurie reached back and grabbed his hand. Jace smiled down at her. interlacing her fingers with his and wrapping his arm around her to press it gently against her breasts. They made their way to the bed as one. pulling the blanket down slightly to reveal her face so they could wake her gently. They walked carefully toward the bed and slowly climbed up to lie beside the woman who had made them finally see a future with a possibility of happiness and love. and she whimpered quietly. I want to try something. He looked to Jackson. Jackson nodded. baby. He watched silently as Laurie’s brow furrowed. He would not scare or hurt Laurie in any way. she had been abused repeatedly over the course of her marriage. pulling at them both to get their bodies closer to hers. Jace looked across their sleeping mate to look at his friend. who couldn’t help but feel his heart bursting with emotion that his mate was comforted by their scents. Very gently. Her trembling body slowly relaxed between the two men.” Jackson whispered against her face as he placed a gentle kiss on her cheek. raising his eyebrows in question. Jace lay to her right. “Laurie.Laurie’s Loves 75 Laurie’s privacy. unable to quell the desire he felt for her. Jace. Very carefully. Judging from her dream. willing his wolf to stay under control. Jace smiled as he saw that she was again wearing their shirts. Her hand . Jace. She knows we belong beside her. they pressed their bodies against hers and carefully caressed her arms and hair. The time for waiting had come to an end. determined to comfort and love their mate. Laurie’s whimpers of fear and pain slowly faded away. and she cuddled against them. “Wake up. honey. Jackson unlaced his fingers from Laurie’s and pulled back from her to leave a few inches between his body and hers. Jackson. He was amazed that she was able to maintain her kindness and caring despite how she had been treated.

She sighed. her belly heavy with their child.76 Lynnette Bernard reached out behind her. Jackson? Testing our mate. Jackson. A sudden vision of Laurie lying between them. lifting her right leg and hooking it across his hip to settle herself intimately against him. pushing his body against hers so that she was sandwiched between the two of them. . He knew in his heart that that was exactly what Laurie was. her back to his chest as he spooned against her. his heart nearly pounding out of his chest as he realized that Laurie was trying to get to him. Jackson’s responding growl echoed his own. flashed through his mind. Jackson’s possessive growl soothed her further. Jace. searching for Jace. nuzzling against her hair and breathing in the sweet scent of their mate. and he couldn’t prevent the image from flashing to Jackson. Jackson’s arms surrounded her immediately. closing his eyes and thanking the Fates that he had been proven wrong and that they had actually found their true mate. searching for Jackson. He couldn’t stop the growl of contentment that escaped him. sighing contentedly as she settled against his chest. Jackson leaned closer to Laurie and kissed her temple lightly. He leaned in toward Laurie and kissed her cheek lightly. Laurie turned away from Jace’s body and moved restlessly across the bed as she searched out Jackson. Jace hesitated just a moment. When he heard her whimper and saw that she was getting upset. he moved toward her and took her searching hand. He couldn’t keep the smile from his face as she finally lay next to him and reached out to throw her arm across his waist and pull herself toward his body. Moving restlessly. Jace had no words for the strength of feeling that overwhelmed him. she reached behind her. and both men watched as a peaceful smile transformed her face. She’s reaching for me. bringing them up to her lips to tenderly kiss them before settling them against her breasts. but he edged farther back on his side of the bed so she couldn’t reach him. She tucked her head into his neck and breathed in deeply. What are you doing. and Laurie kissed his chest lightly before cuddling deeper into his embrace. Laurie turned onto her back and reached out to take both men’s hands in her own. she’s more than I’ve ever hoped for.

reaching up to carefully push back the hair that had fallen across her cheek to tuck it gently behind her ear.” he whispered. his voice strong and determined despite its softness. Jace smiled and rubbed his hand across her stomach. content as she lay on her back as each man rested his hand upon her stomach while they nuzzled against her neck.” Jackson whispered back. Pulling back. beside her. Laurie pulled herself from the dream she was having.” he whispered. “We’re going to love her and fill her with our seed throughout the night. and he looked up to face Jackson. I think she’s already chosen. and if the Fates are kind to us. he leaned forward and lightly kissed his mate’s soft lips.” she whispered. “We need to give her the choice. Jackson. she’ll be pregnant by morning. sighing contentedly at the feel of Jace and Jackson holding her between them. so real. Pulling her left hand down her body. Turning slightly. beside Jace’s. Jace. trying to pull herself back to reality. “Kiss me before I wake up. Laurie turned her body into his and carded her fingers through his hair. pulling him closer to her as she opened her mouth to accept his seeking tongue. then at Jace. not able to pull herself out of the warm feeling of being held so tenderly by the two of them. “I don’t want to wake up. bringing Jackson’s hand with hers.” Jace whispered. unable to wait a moment longer to claim her. kissing her gently. “Mmmm?” she answered. but it was difficult to do when her dreams were lying. Not allowing himself to hesitate anymore. she placed his hand on her abdomen. The taste of him exploded in her mouth. and she moaned against the softness of his lips. he smiled down at her as a sigh of contentment passed her lips. she looked at Jackson.Laurie’s Loves 77 Jace couldn’t stop himself from gently pulling his hand from Laurie’s and tenderly covering her belly.” she mumbled. He smiled at the contented sigh Laurie released at his touch. “Laurie. “Baby. . Jace grinned at Jackson then leaned forward and took their mate’s lips in what could only be described as a claiming. smiling in her sleep. then covered both their hands with hers and pushed them into her belly. Laurie reached down and covered Jace’s hand with her own. we need you to wake up so we can talk to you. aching to know the reality of their baby growing within her womb.

“I’m going to have to leave because I can’t stay here knowing how much I want to be with you both. When his lips left hers. she found him waiting to claim her mouth. The sight of her safe. unable to keep the sense of peace and happiness from rushing through their bodies. lying on her back and resting her hands gently on her stomach. and he tightened his arms around her body. Turning. and he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold back from mating with her for much longer. She belonged to both of them. made everything in the universe fall into place.” She closed her eyes and settled back onto the mattress. honey. and happy. content. He was overwhelmed with desire.” Jackson told her quietly. Knowing that she was happy to be with them.” she admitted softly. they both felt the sense of rightness in their mate’s acceptance of them. “There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be with us.” Jace told her seriously. even though she thought she would have to leave. humbled them in a way that they could never have believed. and that’s okay. Laurie moaned and pushed her body against his. “Baby. leaning forward to brush his lips across hers once again. She knew it deep down in her soul. even though they knew they would have to wait just a little longer before claiming her. A growl of possession escaped him. “And you won’t be leaving. feeling Jackson holding onto her tightly as he moved closer to her. lying between them. wiping away the tears from her face with the pad of his thumb. “But this is just for now. Tears formed in her eyes as she felt the fear of losing her heart to these two men. “I really feel that I do belong with you. Both men watched her silently. but she felt a need to include Jackson in their closeness.78 Lynnette Bernard The taste of her called Jace’s wolf to the forefront.” Laurie closed her eyes and sighed as she tried to calm herself. “You belong with us.” she whispered. and he allowed it to revel in the feel of their mate giving them exactly what they needed. she was panting with desire. loving the feel of his hard body against her softness. and she opened to him easily. knowing that they couldn’t possibly want her as well. looking at both men sadly. In that one moment. that she chose them. Not in the way that she wanted them. his taste having the same effect on her. . why are you crying?” Jace asked her.

a gentle sound of contentment leaving her lips. . breathing deeply and sighing happily as his head also joined hers on her pillow. If she even thinks she’s going to leave us. Both men couldn’t stop the low growls that escaped them. Turning toward Jackson. Jace! Way to make sure I have the hard-on of the century! Jace’s laughter echoed in Jackson’s mind. smiling up at them as they held her gently between them. He smiled as she turned toward him and kissed his chin softly.Laurie’s Loves 79 Jace gently stroked Laurie’s face. Jackson. relaxing fully for the first time in their lives. she kissed his neck slowly. knowing that their mate slept peacefully between them. Aw hell. and they felt her tension leave her body as she leaned against them. was enough to make Jackson whimper with instant desire. falling back asleep within moments. They settled in beside their mate and closed their eyes. Laurie’s body was sandwiched between them. He sighed contentedly and leaned back to rest his head next to hers on her pillow. That makes two of us. we’ll just have to tie her to our bed and show our stubborn little mate just how much we’ll love her. tied naked to their triad bed. leaning forward to kiss her lips. his tongue reaching out to taste the flavor that was their mate. The vivid picture Jace sent to Jackson of Laurie.


Lynnette Bernard

Chapter 10
“Laurie, look at me,” Jace told her quietly, taking her face firmly but gently in his hand and turning her to look up at him. When she opened her eyes and smiled at him, the gentle softness of her melted any last bit of control he had. Leaning forward, he covered her lips with his, teasing her with his tongue as he tasted her sweetness. When he pulled away, he kissed her gently one last time before Jackson pulled her toward him and covered her mouth tenderly with his own. She melted into his arms as he tasted her, gently stroking her face with his hand as he leaned into her soft body. Pulling away slowly, he smiled down at her and couldn’t help but chuckle at her confusion. “This is not a dream, honey,” he reassured her quietly. Laurie looked at Jackson then turned to Jace, blinking slowly as she tried to wake up and fought to come back to reality. This can’t be real. It’s too wonderful. Deciding that she would choose the dream, she closed her eyes and sighed quietly. “It’s okay,” she insisted sadly. “I don’t mind. It’s the perfect dream for my last night here.” Jace growled and covered the right side of her body with his with a quickness that made Laurie open her eyes in shock. He enfolded her in his arms and kissed her lips quickly, pulling back to look down at her, leaving only inches between his face and hers. “Listen very carefully, Laurie,” he told her seriously, his blue eyes sparkling with emotion as he looked down at her. “Jackson and I have waited a very long time for our mate. Our mate will form a triad that cannot be broken. The Fates knew that we needed a special woman who would give us the comfort and love that we would need to soothe our souls. We’ve been waiting for the one woman who would give us the gentleness and love that we both ache for. Without our mate, we would lose ourselves to anger. We

Laurie’s Loves


would lose control of our emotions. Every day we would suffer until we lost our humanity and were unable to lead our pack.” “Your pack?” Laurie asked, confused by the use of the word she had heard often since she had arrived at their ranch. Jackson leaned toward them, his body covering the left side of her body, kissing her gently. “Our family is our pack, honey,” he explained gently. “And your family will be our pack from now on.” “My family?” Laurie looked at Jackson with a longing in her eyes that was tempered by fear. “Yes, honey,” Jackson told her softly. “Your children will be part of our pack, and we will watch over them, love them, and take care of them from now on. Just like we will you.” “I know this is very quick for you, baby, but you’re meant to be ours. You’re our mate,” Jace told her quietly, his eyes never wavering from hers. “We know it with everything we are. Your kindness and caring soothes us. Your humor lightens our hearts. Your gentleness touches our souls.” He leaned toward her then and claimed her lips softly, gently coaxing a response from her. He pulled back slowly, smiling at the sleepy expression on Laurie’s face. He turned and smiled at Jackson, leaning back and giving him access to their mate’s mouth. Jackson wasted no time in leaning forward and tasting the unique sweetness of Laurie’s mouth, smiling against her lips when she whimpered slightly and gave herself to him without reservation. Pulling back to look down at her, he waited until she opened her eyes and looked at both of them. There were tears in her eyes as she gazed up at them silently. “Baby, why are you crying?” Jace asked her quickly, reaching up to lightly follow the path of the tear that fell from the corner of her eye to disappear into her hair. “You can’t possibly be right, Jace,” she told him sadly. “I’m not the person for you. You deserve a perfect woman who is pretty and small with no baggage and...” Jace and Jackson growled at the same time and pulled her body against theirs, not allowing her to continue berating herself. “No, Laurie,” Jace said angrily. “You will not talk about yourself in that way ever again.”


Lynnette Bernard

Laurie looked at both men in shock at the vehemence in their expressions and their words. She looked from Jace to Jackson and back again. Dare she hope that what she saw in their eyes was unconditional acceptance and desire for her? “You are all that we want and need. Ever. For the rest of our lives.” Jace was firm and strong, and Laurie’s brow furrowed in confusion. “You’re the mate that was destined to find us,” Jackson told her quietly, reaching up to tenderly stroke her check. “You were meant to be ours.” He hesitated, worry creasing his forehead as he looked down at her. “Do you think you can learn to care about us as we already care about you, Laurie?” “You care about me?” Laurie gasped, unable to stop her heart from racing at their words. “How can that be? You don’t even know me.” “We do care about you,” Jace insisted. “It’s the way of true mates. We’re drawn to you first by your scent.” Laurie looked at both men with her eyebrows raised. “That’s what the wonderful smell is every time I’m near either one of you?” Jackson chuckled and nodded. Laurie looked at him and couldn’t help but smile. She took a deep breath and turned to look at Jace, loving the scent that she drew deep within herself. “I do love the way you smell,” she admitted on a sigh. Jace laughed and leaned forward to kiss her lightly. “Your scent draws us to you, Laurie, but the Fates wouldn’t pick someone as a mate for us unless they were perfect for us in every way that we need.” “Your kindness, your understanding, the way you’re supportive of every one of the members of our pack, everything that is your nature is what we need,” Jackson told her quietly, tenderly rubbing his hand up and down her arm as he spoke. “We’re drawn to you because of the person you are, Laurie,” Jace continued, his voice tender as he leaned forward and nuzzled her chin before leaning back to gaze down at her with an openness that took Laurie’s breath away. “You center us. You make us feel a hope that we’ve never felt before.” “You are the most kind and giving woman we have ever met.” Jackson’s brown eyes softened as he looked down at her, his words emphatic.

Laurie’s Loves


Laurie looked up at him in shock. Before she could utter one word of protest, Jace continued Jackson’s thoughts. “We’ve watched you with our family and see how you help, how you listen, how you make them laugh.” “The children look forward to the time you spend with them,” Jackson continued. “Martha adores you. You’ve stepped in without hesitation and have brought a new sense of togetherness to our home.” “I haven’t done anything,” Laurie protested. Jace stroked the pad of his thumb over her bottom lip, leaning forward to gently claim its softness. “Yes, you have, Laurie,” he whispered against her lips. “You’ve done that and more by being the adorable and loving woman that you are. When you’re near us, we’re centered. We feel at peace and relaxed. It’s only when you’re near us that we finally feel that everything is the way that it should be in our lives.” Laurie looked at both men and couldn’t stop the tears that filled her eyes. The fact that they needed her was nice, but once again, she realized that her friendship and support was what they needed from her. Could she settle for that to stay with such a warm and welcoming family? It would be wonderful for her children to be accepted unconditionally. Maybe she could put aside her desires and dreams and just live as she had been living for the last seventeen years. Could she stand to live without love in her life? She looked at the two men who stared down at her silently. Her heart broke. She knew that she couldn’t stay with these men feeling what she already felt for them. She wanted them as her husbands. Yes husbands. She couldn’t pick between them. She wanted to be with them both, but she couldn’t stay with them just to fill their void. She needed to be desired. She needed to be loved. “I can’t.” Laurie’s tortured voice was barely above a whisper. “I need you both to leave my room. I’ll be leaving in the morning.” Jace growled and leaned against Laurie’s side. “Why?” he demanded, his wolf raging inside of him. “Explain to me why you don’t want us.” Jackson wrapped his arm around her waist and squeezed her tightly against him. “Tell us why you don’t think we could have a happy and loving triad.” Laurie looked at both men through her tears. She was more than confused. “You want to be in a loving relationship with me?” she asked, her voice shaky with emotion.


Lynnette Bernard

“What the hell do you think we’re talking about?” Jace answered angrily, his eyes flashing an eerie golden color before turning back to his beautiful ice blue shade. “I thought that you meant that you needed me to help you by supporting you as your friend,” she explained softly. “That’s how everyone sees me, Jace. Why would you and Jackson be any different?” The words no sooner left Laurie’s mouth when Jace covered her lips with his own. He gave her no chance to protest. The growl that sounded from deep within his chest sent tingles down Laurie’s spine. When he pulled back, her breath was coming hard and fast. There was no doubt of the passion he felt for her. She looked up at him in total shock. When she turned to look at Jackson, his brown eyes flashed the same golden color and held the same feral look of desire. Before she could speak, his mouth descended over hers, and he kissed her with such passion, she barely had time to breathe. “Laurie, you’re our triad mate.” Jace spoke finally, looking to Jackson briefly before turning to pin her with his stare. “You are more than a friend, more than a lover. You are the heart of our joining. You are the keeper of our souls. Never doubt that we desire you. There hasn’t been a moment since we first set eyes on you that we haven’t wanted to wrap our arms around you and protect you and bury ourselves deep within your body until you scream out our names. It just is, honey.” Laurie’s eyes went wide at Jace’s words. He wanted her? They wanted her? They wanted her as a lover, and not just a friend? Was that possible? The vision he painted in her mind of him buried deep inside her made her womb clench and her sex gush with arousal. Jackson growled and leaned in to kiss her just as passionately as Jace had. “We can smell how your body readies itself for us, Laurie.” He leaned against her and allowed her to feel the steel hardness of his cock as it rubbed against her hip. “Are you going to tell me you aren’t wet for us?” Laurie blushed and looked away from his intense gaze, unable to look at either man. “I can’t help it,” she whispered finally. “I don’t understand it, but I can’t deny that I want to be with you both. There are so many things that I want to do to you.” Jace laughed and leaned his body against hers, allowing her to feel his own hard cock against her right hip. “Baby, we want to do so many things to

We’ll be able to do the same with you once we claim you. I agree. I just know it. She’s definitely our alpha female.” Jace’s voice was deep with sincerity. The happiness that filled Jace at Laurie’s belief in his statement was palpable. I can feel your worry. The ability that they said they shared didn’t scare her. Jackson. Just you. Without thought. honey. “Why do you think that I’ll share that ability?” she asked finally. “Please don’t worry. knowing that he was preparing to tell her something important. “We’ve been able to do this since we were teenagers. too. There’s no other explanation. The way she can share her dreams with us has to be a part of the abilities we’ll share. and she often found herself calling him when she thought he needed her. He knew that Jackson felt it. He felt Jackson’s hand on his back as his beta reached out to center him.” she told him quietly. she’ll be able to share our ability to communicate with each other telepathically even though she’s human. Jace nodded and reached out to brush the soft lock of hair that rested against Laurie’s cheek. “There’s something else you need to know. tell her our secret. often calling her when she was suffering through the abuse of her marriage. her thumb rubbing below his ear as she reached behind his neck to massage the tension from him gently.” Jace smiled down at her. Jace. We will never want another woman. . She accepts what we say without question. You were destined to be ours. “Laurie.Laurie’s Loves 85 you.” Laurie looked at him silently. she reached up and rubbed her hand across his cheek.” he told her finally. She had a close bond with her father before he died. She truly believed that such things were possible. “Jace. She’s able to sense my emotions. She could feel the tension radiating from him. They were able to know when the other was upset. He did the same. Jackson and I have an ability to talk to each other in our minds. looking at Jackson briefly before leaning forward to kiss her lips lightly. too. We will never desire another woman. Jace. When we claim her. Now we just have to convince her without scaring her.” Laurie looked from one man to the other. Laurie.

86 Lynnette Bernard She’s not going to be happy when she hears why we think that.” Jace whispered against the side of her face. covering her face with her hands. smiling.” The horror that crossed Laurie’s face was immediate. she began to fight in earnest. his voice deep with desire.” Jace told her.” Jackson told her. She couldn’t stop the whimper that escaped her as she tried to pull out of their embrace. Jace. we can only thank the Fates that we’re a part of it. “Oh my God!” Laurie sobbed. “If you could have seen what your . but then again. it only makes sense that our abilities with you would begin once we met you. “We’ve never heard of any triad mates being able to share dreams before. When she turned to look at Jackson with fear. “Please. he knew they had to do something to prove to her that she was exactly what they wanted and needed. “Don’t get upset. revealing the anguish in her tear-filled eyes. honey.” Jace told her quietly. “What you dreamed is exactly what Jackson and I want with you every day for the rest of our lives. She looked at him in such total humiliation that his heart ached for her. you had a dream about the three of us. I know. “And we loved every minute of your dream. unsure what to do or say. “Laurie. we’ve never heard of any triad partners being able to communicate mentally before a mating bond had been made.” “Sharing that dream with you was unbelievable.” Jace looked down at her and smiled gently.” Laurie looked from one man to the next. Embarrassment didn’t even begin to cover the utter humiliation she was experiencing. when you were sleeping yesterday. “We both experienced your dream while we were sleeping. “Laurie. Since Jackson and I have been able to do that since we were fourteen. “You don’t think there’s something wrong with me for wanting you both?” she barely whispered. if that’s your fantasy.” Jackson tried to soothe her. “Isn’t that wrong of me to fantasize about that?” “Baby. When they both tightened their arms around her.” He reached up and gently pulled her hands away from her face. seeing you making love to us in your dream was the most erotic thing I have ever experienced.

And we’ll make sure you know you’re loved and wanted every day of your life. We barely held ourselves back from breaking into your bedroom and making your dream a reality.” “The fact that we’re able to do that before we’ve actually claimed you makes us know that our bond is stronger than any other triad mating has ever been. “Oh. honey.” .” Jace pulled her attention back to him.” “See. And to know that they desired her as much as she desired them was more than she could have ever hoped for. we came so hard. To know that they would soothe her deepest secret sorrows. palm up.Laurie’s Loves 87 dream did to us both.” Laurie’s eyes got huge. and our hearts were racing. Could she take the chance? “Laurie. You call to our minds and our hearts. Jace pulled her into his arms and kissed her neck gently. To have them offer her exactly what she wanted and needed in her life. to kiss her lightly before nuzzling his cheek into the softness of her caress. Jackson leaned in and kissed her temple gently. “When we all came in your dream.” That was it for Laurie. “We were sleeping when you had your dream. “Please say you’ll stay with us and be our mate. pulling back to look at her with such open desire and want. you wouldn’t be questioning the rightness of what you want with us.” he whispered. we were soaked in our seed. honey. “What happened to you both?” she asked. “your dream being projected to us was just another clue that you were our destined mate. honey.” At Jace’s deep laughter. his voice comforting. using every bit of his control to hold back his wolf from claiming her.” he told her quietly. Jackson and I did the same in our sleep. his blue eyes twinkling. opening his mouth to bite down carefully. trying to remain serious. “You did?” Jackson laughed and leaned in to kiss her lips gently. it took her breath away.” Jackson reached up to take her hand in his and bring it to his mouth. Please accept us. We wouldn’t be able to share your dreams with you unless you were the third in our triad. “We’ll be good mates for you. And what we share will only get better and stronger. We want the same with you.” Jace told her. Laurie looked at him and couldn’t help but smile at him. “You’re exactly what we want and need.

He began to unbutton his shirt. looking at both men with open longing in her eyes. His body was glorious. Laurie crawled to a kneeling position. He could feel Jackson move in beside her to do the same. That was it. unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it from his body.” Jace’s voice had a growl to it that made Laurie’s heart race with longing. causing Jace’s cock to pulse with need. His chest was broad and muscled. his gaze never leaving hers. She felt the bed move and turned her head to watch Jackson remove himself from the bed to stand next to Jace. He was lost to her. reaching down for the hem of his white T-shirt and pulling it over his head to throw it carelessly on the floor somewhere behind him. inhaling her sweet scent deep inside himself. sitting back on her heels as she watched the two gorgeous men before her. Her brow furrowed in confusion. she felt her sex gush with fluid at her immediate need of him.” Jace told her. Laurie’s eyes widened as Jace pulled the black flannel shirt from his body. “We need to mark you with our scents so no one will mistake just who you belong to. “Baby. When he began to unbuckle his belt and slowly unbuttoned and unzipped the fly of his jeans. causing her body to clench with arousal. Neither one hurried. take off your clothes. Jace closed his eyes and said a prayer of thanks to the Fates that she was at least willing to entertain the idea of mating with them. He leaned in and rested his head against Laurie’s cheek. fear and indecision warring within her. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Leaning forward he kissed her gently one last time then removed himself from the bed to stand beside it. “I want to. Their movements seemed to flow together. . his voice deep with need. She didn’t want to walk away from them and the life of love and happiness that they were offering her. but she could tell they were holding themselves under control with great determination.88 Lynnette Bernard Laurie looked at both men. She wanted it so badly. she felt a pain deep in her chest.” she whispered. She wanted to belong to them. “What do you mean?” Her voice was soft and gentle. stroking against him. a scattering of black hair dusted his firm and muscled torso.

Her grip tightened as she pulled up on their shafts. She felt no . Growls mixed with moans as each man felt her touch. tipping her face gently until she looked up at him. “No. reaching out and gently caressing their heavy sacs. She couldn’t wait to feel them deep inside of her.” Laurie explained. and despite the worry that they could never fit inside of her. Laurie blushed lightly. They stood facing her without an ounce of embarrassment.Laurie’s Loves 89 “You mean our clothes. They couldn’t risk scaring her or pushing her too fast. closing her eyes as desire overcame her at the feel of the delicate orbs inside them. her breath caught in her throat as she looked at their fully aroused and weeping cocks. and it took every bit of their control to hold back and wait for her to make the next move. reaching out to lift the hem of the flannel shirt that belonged to Jace and tug at the T-shirt that belonged to him.” Laurie smiled as happiness stole its way through her chest.” Jackson laughed gently. Jace and Jackson both growled at her shyness. She had never initiated sex in her life. she moved toward them. and she appreciated the beauty of them. And she had certainly never wanted to touch any man like she needed to touch these two men before her. wetness gushing from between her legs at the erotic feeling of touching them both. unable to stop herself. she sighed with desire. removing her hands from their balls to take hold of each of their impressive lengths to stroke them gently. They wanted her forever. Unable to stop herself. She felt a buzzing in her head just before an overwhelming sense of warmth filled her body. Laurie wasn’t sure what was happening to her. huh?” Jackson leaned forward and caressed her cheek lightly.” he assured her. At the sound of their moans. “It’s the way of mates. She stopped speaking as she saw them both kick off their boots then bend to push their jeans and boxer briefs down their legs and step out of their clothing. “Stupid. she opened her eyes and smiled up at them. but I feel safe when I have your smell surrounding me. Their bodies screamed power. Her hand couldn’t quite close around their girths. Lowering her gaze. wanting to hold her against them until she wasn’t afraid anymore. “I don’t know why. and if it meant they had to wait for her to let them know when she was ready for them. darlin’. then that’s what they would do.

her eyes wide with discovery at his words. his eyes searched her face for any sign of fear or distress. When he released her. How had he known what she was thinking? Could Jackson hear her thoughts. Jace and I will make sure your body is ready for us. and she could feel it dripping down the inside of her thighs. Reluctantly pulling away from her. “Don’t worry. she sighed heavily. she watched him as she opened her mouth and licked her finger to taste his essence as well. too? “Baby. We’re going to make you so wet. it’s easy to figure out what you’re thinking. She only felt the caring that these two men seemed to be projecting to her with their thoughts. Laurie girl. Leaning back slightly. Jace’s hand carefully thread its way behind her neck to grasp the softness of her hair as he pulled her toward him and devoured her mouth. They crushed her body to theirs. Another rush of liquid escaped her. Jackson’s eyes flashed golden as he leaned forward. They were both at least as thick as her wrist and nearly as long as her forearm. she smiled up at them lazily. and pulled her to him to capture her mouth in an owning kiss. She felt no awkwardness. She saw the soft golden glow that flashed back at her from his eyes. unable to balance herself on her own at that moment.” Laurie’s eyes flashed up to meet Jace’s eyes. “You are?” . loving the heavy veins that ran on the underside of their shafts. we’ll fit inside you.” Jackson told her softly. their breathing heavy and labored as they held her softness to the granite-hard wall of muscle of their chests.” Laurie turned her attention to Jackson. honey. Reaching out. Looking down.90 Lynnette Bernard fear. Turning to Jackson. Bringing her fingers slowly up to her mouth. How were they ever going to fit inside of her? Jace chuckled and reached out to touch her cheek tenderly. She gently traced her fingers up the lengths of each man. she placed one at her lips and licked Jace’s pre-cum from it. she ran her index finger over the slit in each man’s length to collect the drops of pre-cum that pooled at the tips of their very formidable cocks. Her eyes opened. closing her eyes as the flavor of him burst through her mouth. “And you don’t have to worry. placed his hand behind her neck. and she sought out his as his growl of pleasure escaped him. releasing a little growl of her own as she reached out to take both their cocks in her hands once again.

” Jackson told her. She watched their faces as she pulled away from their mouths and slowly sank to her knees before them. She couldn’t help but smile at the flash of pure desire that crossed their features. Carefully making her way to the edge of the bed. The look they gave her made her feel sexy and wanted and needed. her voice husky with need.Laurie’s Loves 91 Jace chuckled. looking at her with so much desire and longing that Laurie had a difficult time breathing.” “Baby. reaching out to touch her cheek gently. He watched the softness of her hair as it fell to brush below her shoulders. She fought to keep her eyes on them as they both reached out and reverently caressed her full breasts. gently tugging it over her head. if it were possible. sending another gush of liquid to her sex. She had never felt that way in her entire life. She could feel it dripping down her legs but felt no embarrassment that her body was readying itself for them. She only felt a sense of rightness. petting her face gently as he ran his fingers into the deep softness of her hair. totally naked. he threw the shirt toward the end of the bed. Without a thought. Both men’s growl of approval made Laurie blush. “but I want to please you first. then opened them and smiled softly at the two men. making their eyes take on that soft golden glow once again. she stepped down slowly and stood silently before them. “We are. growling softly at the feminine sexiness of their mate. she grasped the base of their . Her curves were lush and. and they couldn’t wait to taste the beautiful rosy buds of her nipples. Her nipples were already hardened with desire. Her full breasts were gorgeous. gasping as they drew their thumbs across her turgid nipples. a moan escaped her at the jolt of desire that raced through her. She closed her eyes and took a steadying breath. Reaching up. their cocks got harder as they pictured holding onto her feminine hips as they pumped into her sweet body. it was worth it to see her kneeling before them on the bed. Even though she had to release her hold on both of their cocks to allow them to remove her clothing.” she told them. you already do.” he told her quietly. “Okay. Jackson reached forward and slowly pulled the flannel shirt from her body. throwing it to the floor behind him before reaching down and pulling the T-shirt up the length of her torso. When they leaned forward and each took a breast into their mouth. but she made no move to cover her nakedness.

He closed his eyes briefly then opened them to smile down at her and reached forward to caress her cheek gently. Leaning in. She moaned at the taste. reaching beneath the engorged shaft and stroking his sac firmly. and she looked up at him and smiled before leaning forward to gently kiss the tip of his shaft. her fingers unable to wrap around them completely.” he told her softly. she pulled as much of his considerable length into her mouth as she could. letting the delicate morsels escape her mouth as she looked up at the man who had already taken possession of her heart. kissing his hip tenderly. She pulled the delicate orbs deep into her mouth. “I love the way you smell. baby. Pulling back slightly. and moaned with pleasure. Pulling them both toward her. her breath caught in her chest as she saw the complete and utter joy that encompassed his features. caressing them with her tongue. She stroked the length of Jackson’s cock. Pushing forward as far as she dared. She loved that she could make him feel so good. He groaned with pleasure as she increased the intensity of her sucking. loving the feel of the silky steel of his shaft. Turning to look up at Jackson. she gently held up his heavy sac and sucked it slowly into her mouth. smiling at the answering moan that fell from Jace’s lips. Leaning away from Jace. running her tongue along the underside to the sensitive tissue beneath the head. she swallowed and pumped him into her mouth with deep strokes. she kissed the tip of Jackson’s cock and licked at the slit to bring his flavor into her mouth. Sucking deeply. as she opened and took the head of Jace’s cock into her mouth. her mouth popped off his cock. feeling him swell within her mouth as he fought his desire to come. she opened her mouth and slowly licked at the weeping slit of Jace’s shaft. Jace.” she whispered. smiling with satisfaction as she successfully found the hot . she ran her tongue under the mushroom head. she watched Jackson’s face as she sucked his cock gently into her mouth. not understanding but uncaring that she didn’t know why these two men’s tastes and scents called to her so deeply.92 Lynnette Bernard cocks. “So good. She pulled back slowly. Pulling back. Laurie smiled and nuzzled her face into the crease of his thigh and took a deep breath to smell the wonderful scent that was totally Jace. Opening her mouth. She couldn’t prevent a moan from escaping her as she heard Jace groan.

Laurie smiled as she looked up at them. and looked up at him. she touched their faces gently and traced their lips with her fingertips. Laurie looked up at him and smiled when she saw the quiet desperation on his face. I want to be deep inside your body.” he urged her. “Baby. Jace and Jackson moved as one as they reached for her. she pushed back down onto his length and swallowed to take him to the back of her throat. you can tell us anything.Laurie’s Loves 93 spot that made his moans intensify. “No.” she whispered. baby. worry evident in her voice. Looking at both men’s thick erections as they reached up toward their stomachs. Reaching up. “Did I do something wrong. the first time I come with you. Both men took a deep. “What.” “Then why?” she asked. She didn’t want him to see the tears that were forming in her eyes as his rejection hit home. She pulled back. “Baby. leaning forward to take his heavy sac into her mouth and suck at his balls gently for just a moment before releasing him.” Jackson whispered. Without hesitation. “Baby. “You’re amazing. calming breath and couldn’t stop the growl that escaped them as her naked body leaned against theirs and the scent of her arousal enveloped them.” he told her honestly. allowing him to fall from her mouth. leaning against the corded. please stop. but Jackson’s hand stopped her. thick muscle of his thigh as she turned her face to sigh against his groin and take a steadying breath. taking her under her arms and pulling her up into their embrace. leaning forward to kiss her forehead gently. Jackson?” she asked him. Laurie blushed and tried to look down. she groaned and felt a tingle of pleasure tighten her clit and make another gush of fluid escape her body. touching her face gently. unable to look up at him. honey?” Jace asked.” Jackson told her. determined that her eyes met his so she couldn’t keep any secrets from him. taking her hand and kissing her palm before laying it on his chest to cover his heart. stroking her hair and holding her close to his hip. He gently tipped her face up. “That sounds nice. . and seeing their heavy sacs hanging tightly below.

not allowing her embarrassment or fear to have a chance to keep her from enjoying what they were about to do with her. honey. unable to hide the emotions that she felt for these kind and gentle men. you’re gonna be making just as much noise as we are.” Jackson told her softly.94 Lynnette Bernard Laurie looked directly into Jackson’s eyes. comfortably settling himself between her legs. “Well. moaning when she sucked it desperately. Jace. Jace looked up and faced Jackson with a knowing look. unable to say more. sweeping her lips with his tongue. “I’ll be so embarrassed. laughing roughly.” Laurie snapped her head up in horror. “Oh. the whole ranch is gonna hear us. His eyes closed with pleasure at the intimate way her body held his. loving the taste of her. growling at the scent of her. “I just like the noises you both make when you’re with me. desperately wanting to bury himself deep within her warmth. He smiled when he saw her nod her head slightly before she buried her face into their chests as they held her close. sucking it . “You’re in for more sounds because when we finally come when we’re deep inside of you. careful not to break the skin. he sighed into her mouth. “You mean when you make us crazy with your hands and your mouth?” Jace prompted her. kissing her neck quickly before laying her back onto the center of the bed and climbing up to cover her body with his. “No!” she barely whispered. his cock pulsing against her sweetness. His mouth found hers.” Jace laughed and picked Laurie up in his arms.” Jace promised her. He allowed himself to bite her lightly. opening and searching hers thoroughly. caressing it gently before leaning in to claim her nipple. she saw that his eyes showed her the same caring. barely able to hold back from doing what his wolf was pushing him to do.” she told them. When she started kissing him back with rising passion. Looking at Jace. Jackson leaned into her neck and kissed her pulse point. Laurie. Jackson nodded and reached out to gently take Laurie’s left breast in his hand. He kissed her then. I need to claim her. We both need to be inside of her.

He leaned up and claimed her mouth in a passionate kiss while Jace trailed kisses down her body until he settled himself between her legs. “Jace!” Laurie called out. Jace growled as he reached up to spread Laurie’s lower lips. wishing he could be drinking the milk her body would soon be making to nourish their cubs. His tongue swirled around the erect tip before he bit down lightly on it. but these men made her feel and desire things she never knew were possible. He knew that this woman was the one who would bring them joy and peace and a sense of family that they had never dared to hope for. careful to pay attention to her other breast and the beautiful rosy nipple that begged for his attention. reaching out to thread her fingers through Jackson’s hair and pull him closer to her body.Laurie’s Loves 95 deeply into his mouth. She opened her legs wider for him. Kissing her intimately. and he licked and suckled. he slowly crawled up her body to kiss her desperately. She was never one to enjoy oral sex. sucking hard just before he bit down on it gently and she exploded into a thousand pieces. you have the most beautiful breasts. “More. holding her to him tenderly as her heart rate and breathing . Laurie moaned and arched her back. Jace kissed his way down her throat.” she moaned. pushing her breasts into Jackson’s tender and loving care. The beautiful pink color of her most delicate flesh glistened with the wetness of her want for them both. his heart squeezing in his chest at the thought of Laurie breastfeeding their babies. He kissed and suckled. driving both of them to a level of excitement that stole his breath and made his heart ache with the joy of finally finding their mate. His tongue found its home within her sweet pussy. Laurie moaned into Jackson’s mouth as Jace laid claim to the very core of her. Jackson moaned at the image Jace projected in his head. Jace groaned as he lapped up the juices that escaped their mate’s body. unable to stop herself from yelling his name as he pulled her clit into his mouth. “Baby. spreading her thighs with his broad shoulders. wanting him more than she ever thought was possible.” Jackson moaned as he held the fullness of her breast once again before leaning forward to take her nipple into his mouth and suck on it deeply. pulling it into his mouth. taking a deep breath to take in the scent of their mate’s arousal.

She trembled with little aftershocks that made both men feel a deep contentment that she was experiencing complete satisfaction with them. her body relaxed and satisfied. She has. he sucked hard on her clit and was rewarded by Laurie’s mewl of pleasure and a renewed gush of liquid at her release. Her hips started to move with him as he pushed two fingers into her. He felt Laurie’s hand in his hair as she pet him gently. Spreading her lips carefully with his thumbs. Jace looked down at Laurie and smiled at the happy and satisfied expression on her face. And they intended to have her continue achieving ultimate pleasure every time they made love. She needs to choose us. He circled her clit with his tongue. loving the scent of her release. carefully bringing her down from her orgasm. Jackson. Her gasp of his name made him smile.” Jackson whispered softly. he kissed the inside of her left thigh before making his way to the sweet ambrosia that awaited him. They lay quietly in each other’s arms as they gently soothed Laurie down from her orgasm. “I need to taste you. sucking gently as he carefully inserted one finger deep inside her and slid it in and out in a gentle rhythm. We need to claim her. Kissing his way down her body to claim his spot between her legs. Jace. loving her need to be close to him. he leaned in and lapped at the soft pinkness that greeted him. She has to say the words. He crooked his fingers just slightly. . It wouldn’t be fair to her otherwise. When he slowly made his way back up her body to lie beside her. carefully looking for and finding the elusive spot that would drive her over the edge. He lapped every bit of it up and soothed her with his tongue. He leaned into her touch. he kissed her mouth gently and lay beside her on her pillow. tenderly stroking her body as he shared the moment of closeness with their mate and with Jace. sure to find that spot each time. He breathed in deeply. He looked at Jackson and smiled at the satisfaction that encompassed his beta’s face.96 Lynnette Bernard returned to their natural levels. once Laurie’s trembling abated. Pumping his fingers inside their mate.

” Laurie looked at both men as they looked down at her. Both men looked at her and then at each other in surprise before anger rushed through them at the uncaring and brutal treatment their mate had received at the hands of her ex.” Jace leaned forward and gently took her mouth in the most exquisitely tender kiss she could ever have imagined. He leaned back to rest his head on her pillow. She knew they couldn’t possibly be in love with her. “It feels right when I’m with you. They were right together. Laurie moaned into Jackson’s mouth. What she saw before her were two wonderful men who were kind and caring and who treated her with a respect that she had never received from any man before.” Jackson whispered. “I feel right when I’m with you.” she admitted shyly. It was right.Laurie’s Loves 97 “I’ve never had that happen before. doing the same to Jackson and bringing them both toward her face. touching her chin gently as he turned her head to nuzzle into her neck. baby?” Jace asked quietly. Whether she wanted to voice it or not. “I’ve never had an orgasm during sex before. He leaned back and smiled down at her. . Even if it was just for a little while. his voice heavy with emotion. She knew that she couldn’t refuse them.” she told them quietly. She kissed their lips gently and sighed at the feel of their warmth surrounding her. Jackson leaned in to nuzzle against the side of her neck. running her hand down each of their arms. she knew that she already cared about these two men. She wouldn’t allow the guilt of her upbringing to get in the way of how she felt. but she would take what they offered her and give back the loving she had no strength to deny them. losing herself to the incredible sensations of the two men loving her body. running his palm across the hard nub of her engorged nipple. we’re gonna love you so good. reaching out to touch them. giving Jackson access to the sweetness of her mouth.” Laurie whispered. “Please let us. She faced them quietly with tears in her eyes. “Baby. “What. leaning forward to claim her lips gently. Turning to Jace. turning to look at both men with honest sincerity before continuing. casually caressing her breasts as he lay beside her. she reached up and touched his cheek tenderly. Even if she never saw them again after her vacation. she would have the memories of their gentle loving to last her a lifetime.

Jackson could feel the surge of happiness that raced through Jace and knew Jace had to be feeling the same from him. She knew she should demand proof of their status. Laurie. and the love that enveloped her as she heard the gentle words made her trust what she had heard. They were indeed blessed. “You’re our mate. His face was tight with desire. we’ll do that for you so you can be certain you’re safe with us. Neither man could speak. “If you need us to go and get tested.” Jackson told her. honey. It was as if the Fates that Jace and Jackson kept referring to had given her the power to understand and trust the concept of fated mates. His tone was certain and clear. To have the Fates speak to Laurie on their behalf was truly a miracle. Trust in the joining. And she would never believe any other man who told her what they had just told her. She turned to Jackson and saw the same sincerity in his eyes. Your triad mates will never jeopardize your safety. She had the deepest feeling of rightness and safety in their lovemaking. A woman’s gentle voice echoed in her head.” Laurie looked up at Jace quietly. She knew she should be diligent about her own health. Laurie’s eyes filled with tears as she looked first at Jackson and then at Jace. she also accepted the safety of their joining.” Jace told her sincerely. smiling at the joy that came over both men’s faces. At first the voice frightened her.” Her constant reminders to her own children about having safe sex flew through her mind. “We would die before we’d ever put you at risk. . the sincerity of the message. They will love you and your children for all time. creating a feeling of warmth and safety. And in accepting her part of this triad mating. She felt their honesty and caring wrapping around her.98 Lynnette Bernard “Laurie. But she did believe them. They had never heard of that happening to any other bonded triad. “I just heard a woman’s voice in my head tell me to trust in this joining. but the gentleness of the voice. you need to know that you don’t have to worry about any diseases with Jackson and me.” Laurie whispered. but she could see how he held himself in check to allow her to make her decision.

She gasped in pleasure as his unbelievably hard cock nudged against her opening. Jace halted all movement. willing his excitement under control as he looked down at the shy blush that stole across their mate’s face. Laurie’s moan of desire brought both their attentions back to her face. blushing immediately at the sound she couldn’t prevent from escaping her. sweetheart?” he whispered. and her hands gripped both of their shoulders as she pulled them toward her. He worried he would explode inside her before he ever got a chance to love her properly. Her head was arched back against her pillow. her face flushed with arousal. she reached down and took the satiny hardness of Jace’s incredible length in her hand and guided him to her already wet and engorged pussy. and the rightness of being welcomed back into her . loving the warmth. the wetness. She felt their tender kisses on her cheeks and reached up to tenderly caress their heads. and she squeezed him deliciously. He pulled out of Laurie slowly until only the head of his cock sat just inside the opening to her body. Jackson. As Jackson kissed and suckled her breast. Laurie opened her eyes and smiled.Laurie’s Loves 99 They closed their eyes and leaned against Laurie’s forehead. his eyes closed in ecstasy at the feeling of Laurie’s velvet channel gripping his shaft. Jackson lifted his head and watched as Laurie’s hand led Jace’s cock to her body and caressed his length as he slid inside her with one smooth stroke. She nodded and moaned. “I trust this joining. he looked down at the sweet woman who would forever be theirs. she’s guiding me inside her body. and slowly pushed back into her with exquisite tenderness. holding himself up so that his body weight wouldn’t be too much for her. Jackson’s breath caught in his chest as he watched Jace’s considerable length disappear into the welcoming warmth of their mate’s body.” she finally whispered. “Are you all right. It would be a memory that he would never forget. Only when his own cock entered her and found true heaven inside of her would that memory of their first shared intimacy equal what he was witnessing right now. Opening his eyes. Jace laughed softly.” Jace covered her body with his. She was incredibly tight and warm. his hips opening her legs wide to accommodate him. “I trust you. and smiled.

leaning down to kiss her. loving her.” he told her. Leaning forward to kiss her lips gently. and the abundance of his seed exploded into her welcoming womb in burst after burst of release. She wrapped her legs around his waist. He was a happy man. Her touch soothed him. before that could truly happen. “I want to hear every sound you have for us. He smiled as he saw her bite her lower lip to keep from crying out. Laurie’s responding moan made joy burst through him. smiling at the erotic moan that left her mouth as he did so. Picking himself up on his arms. and he was lost to her. knowing he fought to claim her now. licking at her lower lip to ease the pain he knew she had to have caused with her teeth. She met each of his movements with her own. He held himself above her on shaky arms and looked down at her with a tender smile. What a responsive lover she was. but he had to be sure she would accept all that there was about Jackson and himself. and she stroked his back gently as his release continued to pump into her.100 Lynnette Bernard sweet body. kissing his chest lightly before reaching up to cup his face in her hands and kiss his lips with every . and he knew no more perfect moment in his life when she screamed out his name and found her release just before he found his own. Very slowly. unable to hold back. Laurie. petting her. He pulled back on his wolf. baby. I want to hear that you enjoy what we do to you. canting her hips to meet his thrusts. He was going to enjoy every moment of their loving for the rest of their lives. he pounded into her. especially their wolves. She turned to him and gently hugged him to her. “Thank you. he leaned back and tenderly stroked her body. keeping up the steady rhythm and pulling such sweet sounds from her that his heart nearly exploded in his chest at the joy he was feeling. Her arms slipped around his body. He could hear her rapid breathing against his shoulder as her own release made her body shudder repeatedly against his. “No. His hips continued to move in short jerky thrusts as his balls pulled up close to his body. his eyes glowing softly as he saw the tender smile on her lips. and not wanting to. Her body welcomed him. he pulled his spent cock from her body.” he told her sincerely.” He withdrew and pumped back into her with a little more force. Don’t hold back. Never had he felt such acceptance and love in his entire life.

His growl of possession overwhelmed her. “I’ll just have to do better next time. her voice muffled against Jace’s chest. She wanted him just as much as she wanted Jace. his eyes sparkling with enjoyment. and she gave herself over to his needs. Their mate. Jace reached up to gently wipe them away then leaned forward to kiss her forehead tenderly. Laurie winked at him and smiled. Laurie opened her eyes and smiled at the gentle man who lay patiently beside her. “Couldn’t you tell?” Jace laughed and leaned forward to bite her shoulder gently. “Hi. The way she fit perfectly within his embrace said it all. “Not at all.” she teased.” he told her seriously. She wasn’t delusional enough to fool herself that she didn’t have those very same needs. baby. Turning slowly. right now. It was acceptable in their world. kissing her shoulder lightly.” she whispered. “Hi. encompassing her with his warmth. biting at his lower lip playfully as he leaned in to take over the kiss. words inadequate for what he was feeling right then. petting her arm and shoulder gently as she settled against Jace’s body. His heart was still beating rapidly. He was content to hold her at that moment.Laurie’s Loves 101 bit of longing and feeling that was in her. He rested his head against the back of Laurie’s neck and inhaled the intoxicating scent of her. How could she ever give him up? “Laurie?” Jackson’s soft voice turned her attention back to him. “Jackson?” Laurie murmured. but the contentment he felt at her total acceptance of their lovemaking made him happier than he could have ever imagined. smiling. She turned her body toward him and leaned in to kiss his lips gently. Jackson moved toward them and cuddled against Laurie’s back. The soft expression of caring that took over his features made her heart ache. “I’m here. She could no more deny him . There were tears in her eyes as she pulled away.” he whispered. She was where she belonged.” he answered. “Did you enjoy yourself with Jace?” Laurie blushed and looked back at Jace to see him watching her with a contented grin on his face. causing her to gasp with excitement. He cuddled her against his chest and held her. and his cock was painfully hard. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t acceptable in a society that she was so ruled by.

he pushed deeper inside her. When her legs came up around his hips and she leaned forward to kiss his chest lightly. He pumped inside her. It was right. His wolf pushed him to claim her. he was lost. slowly at first then picked up speed as her soft moans of pleasure spurred him on. “Baby. .102 Lynnette Bernard than she could deny Jace. Jackson looked down and watched as Laurie’s body accepted him inside her. loving the moan that escaped her as she felt him rub against the one spot inside of her that would give her deep pleasure. do you want me inside of you?” Jackson whispered as he looked down at her face. “Laurie. He would not claim her without her full knowledge. The sounds she made as he loved her made his balls pull tight against his body. Jace! He couldn’t stop himself from crying out in his mind to his triad partner. She would deal with reality when her time was up at this ranch. she was going to go with her heart. covering her body with his and settling his hips in the cradle of her pelvis. she gasped at the feel of him entering her slowly.” Jackson whispered as he buried himself balls-deep inside her. seeing that it was already flushed with desire for him. but the welcoming throb of her already drenched pussy dispelled any thoughts of not continuing with their joining. and he knew he didn’t have much time left before he exploded in total rapture. He went to her easily. She wrapped her arms around Jackson and pulled him toward her. Jackson. She felt it in her soul. I know. When she placed the leaking tip of his cock into her opening. He concentrated instead on making this one moment in time the best he could offer the woman who would be their future. Seeing the tender smile she had for him was the catalyst. For now. Laurie smiled slowly and reached down between their bodies to take firm hold of his shaft and lead it to the waiting warmth of her body. He used every bit of his willpower to love her like she deserved to be loved. and he nearly cried out from the pure joy of being inside their mate’s body. It only gets better. Tipping her hips up just slightly. A burst of emotion squeezed his chest. And her heart demanded that she share her love with these two men. She gasped at the feel of his engorged cock rubbing against her already sensitive tissues.

He needed it more than his next breath. Laurie looked up at Jace. He moaned with contentment as her arms surrounded him. “Do you understand that?” “And it will be forever. Somewhere in his mind. mirroring his actions. bowing against him as her release slammed through her body. He could happily stay within her embrace for the rest of his life. He ached for this bonding. He reached out and pulled Jackson toward them so that his forehead touched both his and Laurie’s. we can’t! Jace looked up at him with a desperate look that probably equaled his own. “The three of us will be one. he pulled back when her body arched off the bed. Jace closed his eyes and leaned his forehead against hers. She moaned against his head and reached out to hold him tighter to her. He slumped against her and leaned into the crook of her neck. but saw that Jace was in the same position against the other side of her neck. With every ounce of tenderness within him. and she tenderly stroked his back. and the feeling of happiness that spread through her chest was replaced by . They could not claim her without her full acceptance of what they were. he palmed her breast and squeezed it gently.” Jace added. but they had to win. enjoying the closeness as their bodies calmed. Jace. licking at it lightly before biting down. feeling her caring with every touch. Biting down on it gently.” Jackson whispered. leaning down to kiss her lips gently. and he followed her into oblivion. “Laurie. The tightening of her inner muscles around his cock was all it took. he reluctantly pulled from her body. feeling her heart pounding against his chest. bringing it up to trace his lower lip. She smiled as he kissed it lightly.Laurie’s Loves 103 Reaching up. spewing his seed deep into her body as pulse after pulse of his release took him to a place of joy that he had never experienced in his life. pinching the nipple lightly before leaning forward to take it in his mouth and suckle enthusiastically. trying to make sure Laurie realized it was not a one-time thing. He leaned against her. reaching up to touch his chin with her index finger. we need you to understand what being with us means. They both fought their wolves in earnest now. he came back to reality before actually drawing blood. He lay within her arms.” Jace told her quietly.

pulling her attention to him. Laurie. And if we’re lucky. “What do you bring to this relationship. her voice breaking with emotion. She stood next to the bed.” he told her with an honesty that took her breath away. who watched her with equal seriousness. The growl that escaped Jace was feral. “I have two children. putting the closed bathroom door between her and the men she wanted more .” Jackson leaned in and kissed her cheek.” She looked at both men. He leaned forward and took Laurie’s face between his hands. his expression serious.” Laurie pulled herself from both men with a strength that surprised them both.” She turned to walk away quickly to walk into the adjoining bathroom. Laurie. we’ll be adding to those children with more. And I don’t have a lot of experience with men. “You don’t know what I bring to this relationship. feeling immediate pain in their chests at the separation. Laurie. unable to stop the tears that were already falling down her cheeks. I can’t go through that again. his voice heavy with desire.” Laurie thought seriously. “I can’t have more babies by myself. “I can think of nothing more beautiful than you carrying our children within your womb. unaware how she gently stroked Jackson’s hand and Jace’s face. but they just leaned above her with smiles on their faces. “I feel the same.” Jackson smiled and leaned forward to take her hand in his and bring it to his lips to kiss the back of it gently. “Well. They watched in silence as she climbed out of the bed and took a step away from them. “No.” Jace told her immediately.” “You want children with me?” Laurie asked.” Laurie told them with complete honesty. I’m not financially sound. “Your children will be our children. “We would welcome them into our pack with love. her voice almost a whisper. “Our seed is meant to find a home within you. “The thought of your body filled with our babies makes me very happy.104 Lynnette Bernard concern as she looked first at Jace and then at Jackson. “I don’t know if you will want that with me.” he told her. sure they would be turned off by her admission.” she whispered. Laurie?” he asked her gently.

we need you to make Jackson and me part of a family that we’ve never had. “We need you to help us stay focused and grounded as we rule our pack. Jackson stood and walked toward the closed door to stand beside Jace. baby. “Laurie. Jace looked at Jackson. “We’re not going away. Jackson smiled at his alpha. And.” Jace was silent for a moment. unsure how to continue. please. rule with us every day. He was going to fight for their mate side by side with his best friend. You bring us a happiness and a calm we’ve never felt before in our lives. Jace looked at Jackson and growled. His heart was breaking at the fear that was emanating from their mate. and sleep beside us every night for the rest of our lives. Their future happiness depended on their discussion with Laurie right now. “Laurie.Laurie’s Loves 105 than she had ever wanted anyone in her life. The soft click of the bathroom door stopped him from continuing. Laurie. honey. Now what? Jackson’s thought echoed in Jace’s head. And only honesty was going to prove to the one woman meant for them that they would have a wonderful future together. Jackson knew exactly how he felt.” He looked at Jackson to see him looking back at him with such longing that he had to take a deep breath to center himself and not get caught up in the emotions that they were both feeling.” Jace called to her calmly through the closed door.” Laurie’s soft voice answered him.” he told her.” “Go away. “Listen to me. When he stood and walked toward the bathroom door. Laurie didn’t have a prayer of winning this fight. He had to stay focused. “You’re important to both of us. Both he and Jackson held . worry.” Jace told her gently. looking at Jace and nodding. We want you to be a part of our future. They need your love and guidance to help them be loving and supportive families. listen to me. We need you to work beside us. He could tell she was crying from the small hitch in her voice. She just couldn’t. But she could not go through the years of loneliness. and pain again. not hiding one bit of the frustration and sadness that he was feeling. This was the one moment in his life when his words to the woman they both already loved would determine their future happiness.

Jace and Jackson both growled. closing his eyes in pleasure and relief as her back leaned against his chest and her naked rear end nestled against his growing erection. honey. Jace stepped behind them. We would touch you every chance we could to feel our baby growing inside you.106 Lynnette Bernard their breath as the door slowly opened. Only you. helping our babies grow and learn. and Laurie stood before them.” “We would be with you when you give birth. kissing her forehead lightly.” Jace told her honestly. We would love the changes your body would go through. unable to hold back the pleasure of their wolves at the sight of their mate standing naked before them.” she told them finally. “I don’t want to live my life without you.” Jackson added. “Darlin’. . Wrapping his arms around her waist. “Laurie. and we will cherish every moment you share with us. “But you need to know that if we were lucky enough to find that the Fates have gifted us with a baby. and they wanted nothing more than to carry her back to bed and fill her again with their life’s essence. The scent of their lovemaking enveloped them.” Jace whispered against her face as he nuzzled her neck lightly.” Jackson spoke softly as he stepped toward her and enveloped her in his embrace. And we would love every minute of your pregnancy. both their seed dripping down her legs.” “And even if we don’t have the blessing of children with you. Just thinking about our baby nursing at your breast makes my heart ache to see that really happen. we will love your children as our own. he pulled her against him tightly. glorying in the feel of the way she leaned in to the hug that they both gave her. we would never pressure you to have children with us. Please give us a chance to show you how much we want that with you. beautifully naked and cautiously hopeful.” Laurie looked from one man to the other and closed her eyes. honey. we would be thrilled. unable to make such a decision while the three of them were standing together naked. How could she refuse the kindness and honesty of these men? Could she take the chance to believe them? “I need to think. “We would help you take care of every child. Neither of us do.

Laurie’s Loves


Jace reluctantly took a step backward, releasing Laurie. We need to give her space, Jackson. Jackson nodded, knowing what Jace said was true. Turning as one, both men walked toward the bed and retrieved their clothes. “We’ll be downstairs,” Jace told her as they walked toward the bedroom door, carrying their clothes. “We have a meeting before dinner.” He opened the door, and both men stepped out into the hallway. “You can let us know your decision at the end of the night.” Laurie watched both men silently. She nodded her agreement as they turned to face her. “The room at the end of the hall is for the three of us to spend our future together,” Jackson told her quietly, his voice hopeful as he looked at her. “We can have you moved in there within five minutes of your decision.” He smiled at her with the jaunty smile she had come to know was so much a part of his personality. But his teasing smile held a sadness to it that she wanted nothing more than to wipe away. Jace looked at her silently, his eyes betraying the worry and pain that filled him. They closed the door quietly behind them, and Laurie was left alone in her room. She had a lot to think about.


Lynnette Bernard

Chapter 11
Jace and Jackson sat facing their lieutenants at the kitchen table. Martha stood nervously at the kitchen sink. Janine sat smugly beside her brother Alexander and his triad partner Butler, who remained silent as they faced their alpha. Lucian and Cole, guarding members of the pack’s security team, stood behind their lieutenants, alert and ready. Their towering heights and impressive physiques displayed their readiness to defend or fight, depending on Jace’s decision. “I have no defense, Alpha,” Alexander told Jace, his apology sincere. “I don’t know how the intruder made it into the private compound, but I accept full responsibility.” “It’s your fault, Alexander,” Janine interrupted. “If you had been guarding the compound as you should have, instead of sniffing out females in heat, no one would have been able to get by you.” Jace’s hand that rested on top of the table clenched in an effort to control his anger. “I believe you, Alexander,” he told him angrily, his voice hard. “But that doesn’t excuse the fact that an intruder was found on pack land. If you hadn’t come upon him before he made it to the main house, we would have had several females at risk. We cannot have this happen again. They must be protected at all costs.” “Yes, Alpha.” Alexander nodded, lowering his head and exposing his neck in deference to his leader. Laurie walked quietly into the kitchen, realizing immediately that everyone was under a great deal of stress. She could tell by the way Jace and Jackson raised their heads and took in a deep breath as she stood just outside entrance to the kitchen that they were aware that she was there. “You can’t be serious, Jace!” Janine sputtered, aware that Laurie watched from the far end of the kitchen. “What would have happened if one

Laurie’s Loves


of us had been attacked or killed? Would you forgive Alexander then? Or does it only matter if your bitch was attacked?” Jace’s growl of anger shut her up. “Never question the way I protect everyone in this pack, Janine. And never, ever, disrespect my chosen mate again.” The anger rolling off Jace was palpable. Janine had the good sense to lower her head, but her smug expression never faltered. There was no true sense of apology in her response. Sensing the impending meltdown of his alpha, Jackson stood and placed his hand reassuringly on Jace’s shoulder. He could feel the tension radiating from his friend, and he didn’t think he would be enough to help center his emotions this time. Jace’s wolf was too close to the surface. Laurie could hear the anger in Jace’s voice as she made her way into the room. When she stepped into the kitchen and felt the tension that Jace and Jackson were in the middle of, she didn’t hesitate. She slowly walked forward, drawn toward the two men who had come to mean so much to her. She had to do something. She could feel the emotions that were twisting inside of Jace, and the desperation to help calm his friend running through Jackson. She needed to help. Without thought, she walked toward Jace to stand behind him and placed her hand on his shoulder, then reached out and took Jackson’s hand in hers, entwining their fingers together. Jackson turned to face her and smiled, his brown eyes twinkling at her. He squeezed Jace’s shoulder and felt the anger drain away from his friend. Their bond was growing, and he knew in his heart that this woman made their triad complete. He knew that with Laurie they would never have to worry that either he or Jace would ever lose control of their wolves and go feral. Laurie would ground them and love them. They had truly found the one woman who would be the perfect mate for them. If only she would choose to stay with them. “Alexander, retain the intruder. I will speak with him later,” Jace told Alexander calmly. Alexander stood and bowed slightly. “Yes, Alpha.” He turned and walked away from the table, knowing his partner Butler would follow. Both men would make sure no member of their pack would be at risk because of the intruder. Lucian and Cole followed silently, prepared to support them in their defense of the pack.


Lynnette Bernard

Jace took a cleansing breath as he felt Laurie’s hand tenderly rubbing his shoulder. He could feel the beginnings of their bond radiating through the three of them, the soft tendrils of the bond a silky white ribbon gently reaching out and surrounding them. He knew Laurie had to be touching Jackson as well or he wouldn’t be feeling the sense of calm and centering that he was feeling. He closed his eyes in an attempt to keep hidden the total joy he felt at finally being a part of a fated triad. He had to deal with Janine, and his happiness could not prevent her from receiving the discipline that she deserved. Opening his eyes, he looked at Martha’s youngest child and felt a sense of fear he had never felt before as he saw the open hatred she was directing at Laurie. He saw Janine take in a deep breath and looked from Laurie to Jackson and then back to him. Jace knew immediately that she could smell their scent on Laurie and Laurie’s on them. That seemed to make her even angrier. Jackson, look at how Janine is looking at Laurie. The worry in his voice was unmistakable as he called out to his friend. I see. Jackson took a step toward Laurie, removing his hand from hers in order to place his arm around her waist and pull her toward him. He held her in his embrace, and they both leaned against Jace’s back. No one would hurt their mate. She was theirs to protect and love. “Janine, you will be restricted to the compound for the remainder of the week,” Jace told her, his voice steeled. “You will not work in the lodge until you can show us that you have put your pack-mates’ welfare above your own. If I hear of you showing one bit of disrespect toward anyone in our pack, especially your brothers or my chosen mate, you will be banished from this pack. Are we clear?” “But, Alpha, I didn’t do anything,” Janine protested. “Janine, you have placed every one of us in danger by allowing the intruder to make his way past the entrance to the lodge so that he was able to slip into the private compound. You should have been able to identify his scent to know that he was not pack. And that should have made you notify pack security of the possible risk to our people.” “Alexander and Butler are responsible for that,” Janine started to protest.

Laurie’s Loves


“Yes, they are,” Jace told her, raising his hand to stop her. “But they depend on the rest of us to notify them of any concerns, and you did not do that. Go to your cabin, and do not come out until I give you permission.” Janine stood and glared at Jace and Jackson, then turned to look at Laurie. The pure hatred she showed her made Jace stand and growl at her. “Go now, Janine, or I will not be so forgiving.” Janine turned and left the kitchen, ignoring her mother as she passed her. Martha twisted the kitchen towel that she held in her hands. Looking at Jace and Jackson, she wasn’t sure what to do or say. “Don’t worry, Martha,” Jace assured her. “You are not responsible for your daughter’s actions.” Martha nodded, wiping at her tears as she smiled sadly. “I’m so sorry for what she has put everyone through.” Jace nodded at the woman he loved like a mother and smiled sadly. His heart went out to her. He could never fault her for Janine’s actions. She had always been a troubled child. Martha’s love and guidance never seemed to have an effect on her. He watched silently as Martha turned and faced the kitchen sink, sadness evident in the way she held her body. Jace turned to face Laurie. “Thank you for helping me,” he told her quietly, leaning forward to kiss her forehead lightly. Laurie nodded, accepting his appreciation, but pulled away to walk over to Martha. She put her arms around the woman as she stood with her back to them and held her gently. Martha turned in her embrace and looked at her with such pain in her eyes. Laurie couldn’t stop her own eyes from filling with tears. “It’s going to be okay, Martha,” she whispered against the older woman’s soft age-lined cheek. “Give Janine time. She’ll realize as she gets older how lucky she is to have you, and she’ll settle down.” “I don’t know, Laurie,” Martha whispered, agony evident in her voice. “She’s always been such an angry child. I don’t know what else to do.” Laurie nodded and pulled Martha closer to her, giving her a heartfelt hug as she kissed her cheek lightly. “Sometimes we have to let them make their mistakes and just be there to help them when they need us. Hopefully, they’ll see the right path that we’ve shown them. We can only hope they choose it.” Laurie stepped back and looked at Martha quietly. “And if that doesn’t work, we can beat them.”

loving the feel of her sandwiched between him and Jackson. His heart hammered in his chest as he waited for . “I want to stay with you.” he whispered reverently.” he told her honestly. Things will be better tomorrow. Laurie looked at it and smiled. looking up at them slowly.112 Lynnette Bernard Martha laughed and wiped at her tear-stained cheeks. waiting until the older woman returned to the kitchen. The soft glow of his eyes made her gasp. Reaching into the front pocket of his jeans. “It reminds me of myself with the two wolves. “I hope it doesn’t come to that. “Martha!” Jace called out firmly. She was meant to be their queen.” Laurie smiled and squeezed Martha’s hand gently. He was too angry with Janine to be able to show any compassion just then. Jace and Jackson watched silently as she left. feeling a deep sense of loss at not touching her. but I don’t know how much longer we can hold off claiming you as ours. he pulled out the delicate gold bracelet with the charm of Laurie and the two wolves and gently took Laurie’s left wrist in his hand. leaning into the crease of her neck and inhaling deeply the welcoming scent of their mate. “Go and get some rest.” Martha smiled and turned to walk from the kitchen. snickering at the suggestion. She reached out to wrap her arms around both men’s waists. Laurie’s innate ability to comfort the members of their pack showed them again that she was the one destined to unite their pack with caring and love. “Thank you.” Jace nodded and pulled her into his arms. her eyes meeting theirs with hesitation. And Jackson was too concerned with the look of hatred Janine had shown Laurie to care about much else. She was meant to be their future. Jace knew he wouldn’t have been able to have shown the same kindness.” she said quietly. Laurie watched as he unclasped the bracelet and placed it around her wrist to close it securely. “Thank you. “It’s enough for now. looking up at Jace. “Have you thought about your decision?” Jace asked her quietly as he stood apart from her. walking toward the two men as they watched her silently. pulling them into her embrace. Laurie. grateful for their mate’s caring. Laurie.” she said softly.” she told her. Laurie nodded. “I just don’t know about forever. and she looked at Jackson to find the same thing happening to his eyes.

what we need. and very probably losing his humanity in the process. Laurie.” Martha told her.” Jace asked the older woman gently. We’ll accept whatever you decide. “Martha. and himself. honey. Laurie watched them silently as they walked out onto the deck then turned to face the older woman. he knew he would lose his battle to keep his sanity and his humanity. is to have you accept us as your mates and live here with us. smiling as Martha looked at her with open love in her eyes. “After you’ve heard what Martha has to tell you. She knew that Laurie was Jace and Jackson’s fated triad mate who would honor their secrets and make their lives complete. She would learn to trust her destiny just as Jace and Jackson trusted that the Fates had chosen someone who would accept them unconditionally. Jace leaned forward to kiss her gently then both men turned to leave the kitchen. “Have a seat.” Jackson promised. He knew that what he was going to ask of the older woman would help determine the future for Laurie. please tell Laurie the story about the bracelet. Forever. smiling. Laurie. Alpha?” Martha asked quietly as she came into the kitchen. but understand that what we want. The Fates were never wrong. Laurie. “Yes. and he could feel his tenuous hold on his control slipping daily. joy radiating from her as she detected Jace and Jackson’s scent on her. Time would help Laurie accept what was meant to be. Nothing scared him more than losing the mate that they had finally found. He knew that the last few months had been a slow path of decline for him. but she had no such thoughts. leaning in to gently kiss her lips before stepping back to give Jace access to their woman. Martha saw Laurie’s indecision and worry. then a decision needs to be made. “I have a story to tell you. They both said a silent prayer to the Fates that Laurie would accept their wolves. Without Laurie and Jackson forming the triad bond with him. Our future is you.Laurie’s Loves 113 her.” “We will never give you a moment to regret your choice. Jackson. looking from one man to the other in concern.” **** .

“I feel it.” Jackson told Jace as they stepped onto the front porch of the cabin made specifically to house anyone within the pack or outside the pack who posed a threat to the safety of them all. “I have a gut feeling about this guy. He looked to Jackson and knew that his beta was doing the same thing. unwilling to look away from the man who stood before him. Alpha.” he admitted. allowing his alpha to enter before him.” he explained calmly. “I can’t shift. “He was this way when we found him in the visitors’ lodge. Why is that?” The young man looked up at Jace and swallowed nervously. Despite their fears of their mate rejecting them. his imposing muscles and intense stare making his nerves stretch tight. Before they could speak. taking in a deep breath to scent him. his hands resting on his thighs. too. the young man raised his head and looked at them without fear. Their thoughts were consumed with the possibility of Laurie not accepting them once Martha told her of their secret. Jackson noted the dirty. “You are wolf. they had to put them aside so they could protect their pack. Jace stood before the man. ripped clothing that the young man wore that hung loosely on his slim frame. “Is there a reason this man has been injured?” Jace asked them calmly. The bruise on the left side of his face surprised Jace. He watched silently as Alpha Jace Beckett crossed his arms over his broad chest.114 Lynnette Bernard Jace walked with purpose toward the cabin where Alexander and Butler had placed the intruder. “We’ll see if we’re right once we talk to him.” Jackson nodded and reached out to open the door to the cabin. And that protection would begin with the questioning of the intruder. not liking the way the young man’s left eye was swollen shut and his bottom lip was split and nearly twice its original size. Lucian and Cole stood guard at the cabin door.” Jace began calmly. Alexander and Butler were standing on either side of the man who sat with his head bowed. .” Alexander answered without hesitation. They looked at the small cabin and hesitated. Jackson walked silently beside him. Jace turned to face Jackson and nodded. and he looked at his lieutenants in concern. “Yet you did not shift to heal yourself.

“What’s your name. and that was exactly what he was going to get. The young man hesitated.” he told his lieutenant gruffly. get Doc Barrett. “When the alpha of my old pack decided to help me make the decision to leave today. I have no triad partner.” There was no bitterness in the young man’s voice. He could never tolerate another’s cruelty.” he said finally. and because of me. The light blond hair that hung forward onto his face did little to hide the pain and sorrow that looked back up at him. “I had a dream that I would find my triad partner within your pack.” Jace stepped forward and reached out to take hold of the young man’s chin. cub?” . especially to a child. Jace could tell he was trying to decide what to tell him and hoped the boy would be truthful. “Why have you come here?” Jace asked him with a firmness in his voice that would make any man know that he was an alpha to be reckoned with. He couldn’t be more than twenty years old—if he was even that old. I agree. Have always been different from the rest of my pack. There was only a calm acceptance of who he was and what he was. When the boy turned his attention to the beta. I packed up my stuff and came here. drawing attention to the fact that he was severely undernourished. “I’ve been told that I’m a mistake. He was a cub who needed his protection. He looked down at the boy and sighed. hoping that my leaving would lift the curse that they say has affected our pack since the day I was born. our pack will never be healthy. there is no evil intent in this kid. as his boney shoulder protruded through the tears in his shirt. It didn’t matter that this boy was into young manhood. The old ones of the pack have told my parents that I’m defective. turning his face one way and then the other.Laurie’s Loves 115 “Why can’t you shift?” Jackson asked. “Butler. Jackson stepped toward the boy and touched his shoulder lightly. Jace. there was something in his gray eyes that called to Jackson’s soul. stepping beside Jace to look down at the man. The young man shrugged. The pack decided that I was to be banished. I can’t shift. sighing as he waited for the alpha to laugh at him and throw him off his pack’s land.

his voice hesitant. Get him something to eat and some clean clothes. “Am I going to be able to stay here?” he asked.” he told the boy with deep sincerity. unsure what was happening. She felt at home.” Mitchell nodded. He felt Jace’s power as he shook his hand. let me know. Alexander.” Jace nodded. turning to leave the cabin.” he warned with every ounce of sternness he could muster. “When you find your triad partner. It seemed to speak to her very soul. “If you cause harm to anyone in this pack. Two large shadows emerged from the tree line. Jace didn’t know it yet. “I will be a good member of your pack. It was peaceful. It was wonderful.” he answered quickly.” he promised. but his sister had also told him that Beckett was a fair leader. They crossed the open distance.” Jace turned to face the boy once more. She felt protected. Mitchell. “See that you are. “Show Mitchell to the single males’ quarters after Doc has seen to him. and she was unable to hold back her sigh of contentment as . but he could also sense his goodness. She would never take this beautiful land for granted. swallowing nervously. Almost. His sister had been correct in her recommendation that Mitchell would be safe within this pack. you will answer directly to me. **** Laurie sat in the oversized lounge chair. He had heard about Alpha Jace Beckett. “But know this. His eyes never left the alpha as he left the cabin. cub. “You will have my protection. offering his hand to his new alpha. “When you are sufficiently healed. His older sister had told him that he was a strong alpha.” Mitchell nodded. And I want to know more about your dreams. but he had just earned himself one loyal shifter—even if he couldn’t shift. Jace looked from the boy to Alexander and then to Jackson.” The relief in the boy’s face almost brought a smile to Jace’s face. She smiled as she saw the two large wolves slowly make their way toward her. And you will pray that all I do to you is banish you.116 Lynnette Bernard “Mitchell. He could see that they felt the same way he did about this lost soul. looking out at the gorgeous scenery before her. Alpha. we’ll sit and discuss your role within the pack. too.

I must have known what you were. “But on some level. Both wolves stepped forward and rested their heads on her thighs. Laurie looked at both wolves silently. . She walked into the ranch through the sliding glass doors.” Laurie leaned back in the chaise lounge and rubbed at her face tiredly.Laurie’s Loves 117 they each took their place on either side of her chair as they had done before. and I felt a connection to you immediately even if I didn’t understand it. glad that everyone had already eaten dinner and they had the kitchen to themselves. determined to stay calm despite her nervous fear because of the secret she now knew. and both wolves stepped back to give her space.” she warned them angrily. They showed me your hearts. They stayed where they were. She knew they wouldn’t move until she made the decision they waited for. Your eyes pulled at me. Laurie looked down at them quietly. “And we need to talk about you both being totally honest with me from now on. She smiled when she saw both wolves close their eyes and lower their heads in obvious shame. They were silent as they watched her. The large black wolf with the blue eyes that she knew had to be Jace stepped toward her and licked at her hand when she lowered it to her lap. The dark brown wolf with the soft brown eyes that could only belong to Jackson did the same. “Oh.” She stood up then. Her breath caught in her throat as the air around the two wolves shimmered blue. and Jace and Jackson soon stood before her in their place. “This is a lot for me to take in. and she had to admit to herself that she was a little afraid at the miracle that had just happened before her.” she said finally. waiting for her acceptance of them.” she told them both firmly. Both wolves followed her into the kitchen and stood next to the counter as she turned around to face them. don’t think your sweetness is going to make me forget that you watched me get naked in the laundry room when I fell into the stream. “Shift. “Did you have a nice run?” she asked them quietly. sighing slightly as she finally reached forward to run her fingers through the silky hair on their heads and stroked them both gently.

Jackson. “Yes. “Yes. “But I have to tell you. The two men retrieved the folded jeans Martha had left for them on the table. reveling in the wonder of Jace’s touch. a true alpha female. Tears filled her eyes as she realized that she was actually being touched with caring and gentleness. am going to keep you naked as much as possible.” she said finally. for one. baby. blushing profusely as she remembered being naked before them.” She knew that this miracle was one that she would keep a secret to her dying day. These men offered her that affection with open . Jackson’s hand as he encircled her waist felt warm and sure. She held up her hand. laughing.” Jace answered seriously.” Jace couldn’t help but chuckle as he leaned in and kissed Laurie’s forehead gently. She had been truly starved for affection her whole life. the corner of his lip threatening to give way to the smile he barely held back as he looked at their mate. “Will you apologize for secretly watching me in the laundry room?” she asked. darlin’. sweetheart. She had never been touched that way in her life. pulling them on quickly. not even trying to keep the smile from his face. “Yes. They faced each other briefly before turning to step toward Laurie. “What have you decided. “I guess I’m going to have to be really good about keeping secrets because I can’t let anything ever happen to any of you because people don’t understand or are afraid.” Laurie looked up at both men and couldn’t keep the smile from her face. and they stopped immediately. his voice strong. “Does this affect your decision?” Laurie was quiet for a moment as she looked at the two men before her.” she told them. Laurie closed her eyes and breathed deeply. Laurie?” he asked her quietly. “Do you promise to be honest with me in everything from now on?” she questioned them sternly. I intend to watch you every moment I can and will be thrilled out of my mind whenever you’re naked. “And I. There was no way she would ever put these men or their pack in danger.” Jackson answered.118 Lynnette Bernard “Laurie?” Jace spoke finally. Jace’s smile fell from his face as he looked down at her with such seriousness that Laurie’s heart stuttered in her chest. “You both are bad influences on me. “I’m with you on that. To finally feel it nearly brought her to her knees.” He reached forward and cradled her cheek in his hand.

her men. She could see the longing in their eyes and knew that she could never deny them the happiness that they deserved. desirable. . leaning up to look at them as they stared down at her. I plan on carrying you up to our bedroom and making love to you all night. Jace. Reaching down.” The contempt she had for herself was obvious in her voice. and willingly leaned into the warmth of their bodies as they engulfed her in their embrace. She pushed at Jace’s chest until he allowed her to slide down the length of his body to stand before him. body and soul. Jace looked down at her in shock. “Laurie. “Do you have any idea how much it angers us to know that you truly believe that you’re not the beautiful. She turned slightly to look at Jackson. Jace stepped toward her.” she begged. “But I’m only going to warn you once. is exactly what Jackson and I want and need. and they offered it with nothing but kindness and caring. The anger on his face made her turn away and lower her eyes. he gently lifted her to settle her on it. She took a step away from them both. He pulled her toward him. and feminine woman that we know you are?” Jackson asked her quietly. Maybe they actually could grow to love her. You are never to talk about yourself in a negative way again. and she could feel his erection straining against his jeans as he leaned into her body. Before she could say another word. Jace reached out and picked her up in his arms.” he told her calmly. Laurie smiled at both men. feeling her face burn with embarrassment. “I don’t have a model figure that’s easy for you to carry. “Please put me down. Am I clear on this?” Laurie looked up at him in stunned silence. Every insecurity she possessed overwhelmed her at that moment. reaching up to gently spread her legs and step between them. “You have no idea how much I want to be with you both. She kissed their chests gently and wrapped her arms around their waists. making every effort to calm himself and not lose his temper. hugging her arms around herself as she fought to control her nervousness.Laurie’s Loves 119 hearts.” she told them quietly. backing her against the counter. Maybe it was time to take a chance. She squealed in surprise and struggled to get down. The person you are. She had always been afraid to hope that such a thing could be a part of her life.

They had finally . honey. His word is never questioned. The three of us will form the ruling triad of our pack. “What does that make me?” she asked carefully. I am your alpha. My word is law here.” Jackson explained quietly. leaning forward to kiss her forehead lightly. He groaned into her mouth and reached around her to pull her body closer against his chest. He pulled back from her and smiled at the dazed expression on her face as she looked up at him. loving the sound of her whimpers against his mouth.” Laurie looked at Jace. “You.” Jace told her softly. rubbing his groin against hers. Her lips were swollen. and he couldn’t stop the growl that escaped him as he felt her body submit to his. confusion making her forehead furrow. your intelligence. Your scent. don’t you understand?” Jace continued. Every one of our pack members knows that what he says and does is on my behalf. “Without you. your humor.” “You’re the woman who will help us keep a healthy balance between wolf and man. your gentleness. When she reached around to pull him toward her. “You are the one who tempers our emotions and centers our lives. Without you. are our heart. “But you will be from now on.” he told her quietly.120 Lynnette Bernard “I know you haven’t been treated with much respect in your life.” “Laurie.” He leaned forward to kiss her lips gently at first. and your body. we would lose our humanity and be ruled by the animal side of our nature. Laurie. soon becoming more demanding as his tongue searched along her lips until she opened up and accepted him. growling at her eager acceptance of his claiming. Jackson is next in command. Jackson is your beta. your caring. There is no more perfect match for us. She looked to her left and saw Jackson move toward them and wrap his arms around the both of them. he felt a surge of happiness burst through him. her eyes half closed. Jackson leaned in and covered her lips with his own. “You are the mate we have waited our whole lives for. your kindness. we would live our lives searching for the love that would save us. Everything about you calls to us. “It’s you who will bring the love and caring that we need to rule to the best of our abilities. your guidance.” He reached up then and gently caressed her check.

A sense of panic overtook them. They couldn’t even speak to each other in their minds.Laurie’s Loves 121 found their jewel. “Do you understand how your body drives us crazy with desire?” Laurie looked at him silently. . She had left them. and he could feel the same sense of despair overpowering him. Jackson was right beside him. Silently. She had made her decision. Jace turned to Jackson and knew his face held the same anguished look as his beta’s. “We’ve lost her.” Jackson insisted. And empty. The pain in his heart was immediate. They saw the door to Laurie’s bedroom was wide open. She turned to face Jace and saw that his expression was guarded. Jace. but he held the same desire and want in his eyes. It took every bit of strength to make it up the stairs. and they feared the worst. And they were damn sure going to protect and love her for the rest of their lives. quickly searching the room for Laurie and finding it totally empty and all of her belongings gone. “Do you have any idea how much we love touching you?” Jackson finally asked her.” Jace said tiredly. Jackson was wrong. she turned and left them alone in the kitchen. They were totally and utterly devastated. Stepping toward her room. Neither man knew what to say. and they looked at each other in confusion. searching his face for any sign of deceit. she climbed down off the counter as they stepped back to give her space. With Laurie’s departure from the kitchen. “We can’t give up. “I’ll be in my room. all life had left the room. She has to know in her heart that we’re meant to be together. not waiting to hear a response from her. “No we haven’t. Her empty bedroom proved that. There was nothing to say. Pushing at them both gently.” Jace shook his head and turned to leave her bedroom. they walked out of the kitchen and made their way to their rooms. they realized that it was dark. Jackson. Jace reached in and turned on the light. She reached the doorway that led to the main living room and turned to face them. She saw the concern in their faces as she walked away from them. This time. She found none. but didn’t give them any indication of what she was thinking.” she told them quietly. Without another word. She saw only a look of pure longing and what she hoped was unmitigated lust.

he walked toward his bedroom.” she told them quietly. The sound of a door opening at the end of the hallway pulled both of their attentions toward it immediately. Laurie stood in the open doorway of the room that they were meant to share with their mate. “It took you long enough. “Please don’t make me go to bed in this room without you. They froze as one at the sight before them.” .122 Lynnette Bernard Stepping out into the hallway with Jackson right behind him.

“I’m not very good at seduction. happy that the sadness was gone from his eyes. She turned to look at Jackson and saw that his eyes . never. Laurie’s brown eyes filled with tears as she looked at both men. “I’m sorry. rubbing his cheek against the softness of her hand. sweetheart. Jackson locked the door with a resounding click.Laurie’s Loves 123 Chapter 12 In four long strides.” Jace looked down at her and smiled. I’ve never wanted to seduce any man before now. “You were trying to seduce us?” His voice held both amusement and arousal. then stepped beside Laurie and joined Jace in pinning her with their bodies. Her breath caught in her throat as she saw the total devastation and pain in his eyes. “You will never. Jackson reached forward and gripped Laurie’s hair in his hand to pull her head back so that she looked up at him. she touched each man’s face tenderly. Mate.” he told her softly. Laurie. biting lightly to emphasize his words.” Jace growled against her throat. She had. Jace leaned away from her neck and stared down at her. entering the room quickly then turning to push her roughly against the closed door. would be a smile and a kiss. Jace reached Laurie and lifted her into his arms. And she would never forgive herself for it. “All it would take for you to seduce us. “Really?” she asked. It didn’t matter that she hadn’t meant to. The same deep sadness that she saw in Jackson’s eyes was mirrored in his as well.” Laurie smiled at his words. realizing that she had hurt them. his gentle brown eyes flashing golden just briefly as he looked at her. “You hold our hearts in your hands.” she whispered sincerely. Jace’s growls joined his as they looked down at the woman in their arms. do that to us again. the same golden glow flashing in his eyes as he looked at her. and gently rubbed her thumb across their cheeks. Reaching up.

too. . Laurie shivered at the command. “Just remember that I’ll have the right to tell you to take off your clothes any time I want. their erections standing hard and proud as they faced her. And it was a command. sweetheart?” Jace asked as he leaned into her neck and took a deep breath. “Really?” Laurie answered. reluctantly releasing his hold on her. “And are you going to tell me all about these different kinds of kisses?” Jace stepped back.124 Lynnette Bernard had regained the mischievous twinkle that she had come to enjoy. “No. watching as she pulled her shirt over her head and reached down to unzip her jeans and push them over her hips. baby. They slowly left her eyes and rolled down her cheeks. She licked her lips in anticipation as they started closing the distance between them. He took a step toward her and reached up to slowly unclasp the front closure of her peach-colored bra. smiling. Jace’s voice was nearly breathless in Jackson’s head. She is gorgeous.” he told her.” “Take off your clothes.” she told him. honey. taking in her scent and hugging her to him as he brought her slowly away from the wall and walked them backward toward the center of the room. smiling as his right eyebrow lifted in surprise. “Do you think just a kiss from me would seduce you. They stopped just a foot from her and waited. smiling at him shyly. there’s no doubt in my mind that one kiss from you would make me so hard I wouldn’t want to stop until I was buried so deep inside you we wouldn’t be aware of anything except that we were one. appreciating the expanse of beautifully tanned skin and muscle as they slowly removed their jeans until they stood gloriously naked before her.” His gaze went to the custom-made bed that dominated the room. “We’re going to show you. reaching up to unsnap his jeans. “Did you know that there are many kinds of kisses. Jackson?” she whispered. Laurie smiled at the two men. smiling at him.” Jackson told her quietly. “Baby. The softness of his voice could not mask his power. His tender smile made her tears flow harder. before his eyes flashed a soft gold. and his cock jerked at the vision of the three of them sleeping and loving in that bed for the rest of their lives.

They stepped forward as one and wrapped their arms around her. “And that would be kiss number two. loving the gentle way he touched her. loving the way her expression was soft and open. Jackson growled as Laurie’s bra fell to the floor. spiking their arousal. Jackson took her mouth in a kiss that nearly made Laurie cry with the tenderness of it. Her worries and insecurities were pushed aside for now. He was definitely liking the way she was so pliant in their arms and so open to their touch. closing his eyes and breathing in her wonderful scent. baby. The growl that escaped him was matched by Laurie’s moan as she opened to accept his tongue and reached with her own to dance with his. Jace leaned forward and tenderly kissed Laurie’s forehead. increasing the pressure of his lips against hers as he demanded entrance. not even realizing when Jackson’s mouth took over and kissed her until she was barely able to breathe. “Yes.” he whispered softly.” Jace whispered. “That was number five. “That’s kiss number four. “That was kiss number five?” she asked. She felt the warmth of their happiness surround her. sucking her flesh into their mouths before biting down gently. and she stood before them naked from the waist up. Jace leaned in and took her mouth gently. “That would be kiss number three.” . breathless and aroused beyond measure. growling against her neck. using every bit of his control not to bite her too hard. and she knew that she would be happy for the rest if her life if she made them happy. Both men’s deep laughter made her smile.” Laurie couldn’t stop herself from giggling as both men nuzzled against her neck and kissed her against her pulse points.” he whispered as he pulled back and looked down at their mate. that would be kiss number one. Laurie’s moans of pleasure spurred them on. Jackson leaned against her face and gently kissed her cheek.” Jackson told her. “As types of kisses go. Laurie smiled and leaned into his lips. She wanted to be the one who gave them joy.Laurie’s Loves 125 I’m going to lick every luscious curve of her body. Leaning into her hair. chuckling. Her arms tightened around both men as she lost herself in the kiss. he whispered into her ear very softly.

” Jackson whispered against her neck. but his human side fought to control his claiming. to her shoulders. leaning forward to inhale the scent of arousal that flooded her as she lifted her feet to allow him to remove the delicate material from her body. unable to give voice to the power they had over her.” Jace told her. Standing. leaning forward to bite her right shoulder gently. Jackson came up behind her. then increased the pressure and bit down gently until Laurie moaned and laced her fingers through their hair to pull them closer against her body. growling as his fully engorged cock dragged against her body to find its home between her legs to rest tightly against the warmth of the swollen folds of her sex.126 Lynnette Bernard Both men stepped back. they kissed the soft undersides of her breasts before settling on the rosy pinkness of her areolas. up her spine. Laurie lifted her arm and reached behind her to tenderly stroke Jackson’s soft hair then turned her face to kiss him gently. they were struck by the beauty of her softness. his voice deep with desire. and she felt their loss immediately. He pushed against her once to appease his wolf. “Jace. they suckled gently at first. Jace drew her into his arms. . He said a silent prayer to the Fates that she would realize just how much they both loved her. Laurie moaned once again from the double onslaught of the two men’s loving. kissing his way from the sweet swell of her ass. They looked at each other and smiled as they knelt before her as one and reached out to take hold of her waist and pull her toward them. Jackson. “That would be kiss number seven. Lifting their hands to cup her breasts and gently stroke the fullness of them.” she moaned. Leaning forward slowly. He reached up and hooked his index fingers in the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them past her hips. His heart was full as he saw the caring she couldn’t help but show him. Pulling the erect tips of her nipples into their mouths. “That’s kiss number six. Jackson smiled down at her and couldn’t keep the emotions from his face as he looked at her with all the love he was feeling for her. She couldn’t stop the sound of distress that left her as she lost the connection.

Jackson growled as he looked down at the forbidden star. nodding slightly after thinking. and he smiled down at her with a mischievous smile that made her heart race in anticipation.” Laurie whispered. his tongue carefully playing with her before pushing in lightly.” Jackson leaned over her back. continuing to caress her tight ring of muscle. He turned her body so that she lay on her back. not really sure what to ask. Everything we do with you is out of love and desire to bring you the most pleasure and happiness. Laurie?” he asked. When Jace reached out and took her in his arms.” He leaned forward and licked at her opening. she went willingly.Laurie’s Loves 127 Jace moved to climb onto the bed. pulling at her waist to settle her on her hands and knees. When she tried to kiss her way up his body.” Laurie searched his handsome face and was amazed that she was actually experiencing such beautiful lovemaking with these two incredible men. He kissed each cheek softly. “We’re not small men. honey. “Just let us love you.” Jackson told her calmly. Separating the mounds of her ass. then leaning back to kiss the sweet opening that he knew they would soon find ecstasy within. he stopped her with strong hands and pulled her up to kneel beside him. confused by the excitement she felt at Jackson’s touch and the thought of them both entering her body there. baby. “Jace?” she questioned. bringing Laurie with him as he went. this night is for you. Laurie. “We’ll have to prepare you over time to stretch you before we can try this. We don’t want to hurt you. “No.” he told her gently. Laurie looked up at Jace.” he told her as he reached forward to squeeze the cheeks of her ass and moan at the soft fullness of them. “Don’t be afraid.” he told her firmly. . biting her gently as she gasped in surprise at his touch. reaching forward and rubbing the puckered opening with the pads of his thumbs. “That would be kiss number eight. you’re both mine.” she agreed. “but next time. “Okay for now.” Laurie looked at him silently for a moment. “Sounds good. smiling as he felt her lean into his touch. sweetheart. her passion obvious on her face despite her confusion at the newness of what Jackson was doing and promising. “Have you ever been taken here. “No.

Both men laughed softly. sliding his tongue up to circle the engorged nub of her clit before drawing it into his mouth and suckling gently before biting down with just the right amount of pressure. understanding immediately the strength of her emotions.” he told her quietly. kissing his way down her body until he settled between her legs. Laurie. And they couldn’t be happier. He reached forward and spread her swollen lips. Laurie sighed and reached up to take their hands in hers. and she shuddered repeatedly as her orgasm raced through her. loving every intimate moment with their mate. reverently. She was so overwhelmed that she couldn’t even begin to tell these men just what they meant to her. He couldn’t stop himself from leaning in and reaching out with his tongue to slowly lick the sweet nectar of her crème. The very width of his broad shoulders forced her to spread her legs wide. Giving her clit one last sweet kiss. smiling as he saw Jackson lay beside her and take her into his embrace immediately. Jace gently licked up the glorious release that Laurie’s body gave him.” she repeated mindlessly. She had no words for what she was feeling. helping her to calm down from her intense climax. sharing the afterglow of her orgasm with Jackson. “Number nine. . loving the feel of her naked body pressed so intimately against theirs. his joy evident in his voice. “That would be kiss number nine. loving that she opened herself to him without hesitation. He couldn’t stop. loving the sound of Laurie’s mews of pleasure as he quickly plunged in and out of her warmth. Her body bowed as she reached her climax. sending shockwaves through her body. They rested their bodies against her sides. Their large hands pet her body softly. didn’t want to stop. Jace leaned in to take a deep breath and absorb the wonderful scent of their mate’s desire for them. he made his way up her body and took her in his embrace. They both leaned in and kissed her temples gently.” he told her softly. Laurie came apart in Jackson’s arms as Jace pushed her over the edge.128 Lynnette Bernard “My turn. and he settled himself within the cradle of her hips. Each man was content in a way that they had never been in their lives. hoping her emotions would somehow be expressed to them. running his finger along her cleft and growling at the wetness that awaited him. she kissed them gently. Pulling each man’s hand to her mouth.

Watching his eyes. Laurie. his voice tight with tension. “We’ll be gentle. baby.” he told her. then at Jackson. her moans joined theirs. The sound of each man’s intake of breath made her smile. and she pulled up on their shafts with just the right amount of pressure. Jace pulled Laurie toward him until she straddled his waist. The tension they were feeling rolled over her.” Jackson assured her.” Jackson echoed.” Jace whispered.” “We need to love you together and claim you together. “We need to claim you as our mate now. she . knowing that they wouldn’t hurt her.” he told her gently. and saw the way they held themselves. “I think I know how to make you feel really good. Jace stopped her with his hand and quickly covered her body with his own. Mate. but afraid nonetheless. Laurie. barely able to speak. “Don’t worry. They both kissed her lips gently. “Thank you. judging by their moans of approval. Laurie reached down and took hold of his erection. When she rubbed her thumbs across the tips of their cocks to gather the leaking fluids there. He gently held her hips as she sat up and settled herself over his cock. “Yes.Laurie’s Loves 129 Laurie smiled and sighed contentedly. baby. resting their foreheads against hers. She looked at both men. Letting go of their hands. “Thank you. It felt right to be with these two men who put her needs and care before their own. “Will you accept us into your body together?” “Together?” she asked worriedly. “Take me inside you. pushing down on their cocks and pulling up again.” she whispered. she reached down and took their velvet shafts gently in her hands.” Jace explained. At her acceptance.” Laurie looked at Jace. And we’ll make it so good for you. squeezing lightly.” he told her quietly. she was aware of their cocks. looking into her eyes with such intensity Laurie couldn’t look away. There was no choice as far as she was concerned. “No.” she whispered. hard and leaking against her thighs. “It’s how we’ll bond us as a triad. As her surroundings came more into focus. caressing him gently as she positioned him at the entrance to her body. the tension left them immediately. needing to finish the mating ritual with every fiber of his being.

She did it one more time. inching their way deeper with a slow-but-steady stroke. Reaching down. matching the head with his triad partner’s and pushing in slowly so that both their lengths entered their mate at the same time. she breathed in a sigh of contentment. “Are you all right?” “Baby. Both she and Jace moaned at his tender strokes. They felt their hearts reaching out to each other. struggling to remain still. smiling down at him. All three of them moaned as the men pushed inside her sweet body. Jackson took hold of his engorged length and brought it to rest beside Jace’s cock. gasping as her body opened to accept his fullness. Jackson carefully climbed behind Laurie and leaned forward to kiss her back tenderly. Laurie heard the snap of the opening of a bottle and the sound of liquid squirting. He had never seen anything so erotic in his life. gripping her upper arms gently and pulling her down to settle her against his chest. Jace reached up. When he was content with the way she was settled against him.130 Lynnette Bernard slowly lowered herself down onto his hardness.” she whispered.” he told her softly. When she settled herself all the way down on his incredible width and length. laced his fingers with hers and pulled them up to settle on either side of his head. He coated his painfully erect cock and took a deep breath. panting as intense pleasure coursed through her. The tightness of Jace’s and Jackson’s cocks inside her warm and wet pussy brought them such intense pleasure they all struggled to catch their breaths. He was going to make sure the lube he had would ease his passage inside of her. pushing gently into her and filling her with the needed lubricant. moaning her enjoyment of him deep within her body. The rightness of the moment surrounded them with a blanket of emotion. searching for the . just move a little to get me covered in your crème.” Laurie lifted her hips carefully and slowly settled down on him once again. “Then you need to lie on my chest so Jackson can get behind you and enter you. Jackson watched in amazement as Laurie’s body slowly opened to accept them. Jace moved his hips gently so that only the head of his shaft remained inside of her. “So good. She could see his face tight with strain. he reached down. stretching her slowly to accept them both. Laurie gasped as she felt Jackson’s hand spreading the cool gel around Jace’s cock. Jackson was taking no chances in hurting her.

they leaned forward to bite Laurie where her neck met her shoulder. Once he and Jace were seated all the way inside Laurie. He could hear Jace taking shallow breaths and knew he was trying not to move.” Laurie moaned. Jackson stopped and took a breath to calm himself. gasping as the two men’s cocks were pulled out of her channel until just the mushroom heads remained. “So full. “I need to move. She pushed back down slowly. As she moved. and they accepted each other without reservation. and the joy of their hearts forming their triad. A spark of pleasure raced through her as they touched that special spot inside her that made her gasp in ecstasy. Both men’s canines dropped. Jace on her right shoulder and Jackson on her left. all three found their release. Jackson kissed Laurie’s left shoulder tenderly. As their lengthened canines sank into Laurie’s flesh. Jackson’s and Jace’s hips snapped with each thrust. Neither would chance hurting their mate. They knew only the sounds of their lovemaking. both men picked up her rhythm and met each rise and descent of her body with matching movements of their own. experiencing such intense pleasure and joy at finally joining with their mate.” Laurie told them almost desperately. Leaning forward. taking their lengths back inside her until they were inside her so deeply she could feel them touching the mouth of her womb. Laurie’s keening signaled her impending release. The next move had to be Laurie’s. “Darlin’. Laurie couldn’t stop the tears from falling as she felt the warmth of a ribbon of white energy reaching out from herself and each of her men. “Are you all right. Time dissolved into a myriad of emotions and feelings. As one.” Jackson pleaded softly. There was no more perfect moment in their lives as this moment when everything in the world fell into place. honey?” Jace whispered. surrounding . the feel of their bodies joining. and their moans and howls blended to form a symphony of completion.Laurie’s Loves 131 bond that was destined to be theirs. tell us if you’re okay. he covered their hands with his and entwined his fingers with both of theirs. and their eyes changed to a golden hue indicating their wolves were finally free. losing themselves in the dance of their mating. Before either man could answer. Laurie slowly moved forward. his voice filled with concern when Laurie remained quiet.

Jace looked at Laurie in shock then turned to look at Jackson. “Is she all right. Both men licked at Laurie’s mating marks tenderly. for only a truly bonded triad could talk to each other telepathically. Laurie’s vaginal muscles squeezed them tightly. Three hearts soared in total joy and joining as Jace’s and Jackson’s cocks swelled and knotted inside of Laurie. pulling another moan of pleasure from her. a satisfying grin covering his face. Yes we are. are you all right?” Jace asked. Jace?” Jackson asked worriedly. . Their seed filled her as pulse after pulse shot deep inside of her. and one last spurt of seed was released from each of them. “Baby. I’m tired. Be quiet and go to sleep. Their mating was complete. They each felt the immediate bond of emotions as they snapped into place. Their triad of love was formed. drawing gasps of pleasure from them both. We are that good. Jace looked at Laurie and smiled proudly. They were finally one. Both men chuckled.132 Lynnette Bernard them and interlacing with each other. Jace? She’s passed out. She was good and truly claimed. finding a warm and loving home within her. closing the wounds and feeling a deep satisfaction that she bore their marks. irrevocably joining their souls. They couldn’t be happier or prouder that they had pleasured their mate into unconsciousness. Jackson. gently pushing her hair from her face as she lay against his chest. Their triad mate was completely bonded to them.

needed him to be. The black hair that dusted Jace’s chest made her breath catch in her throat. “Sore. Opening her eyes slightly. honey?” he asked her quietly. not stopping until she placed soft kisses across his chest to stop at the small.Laurie’s Loves 133 Chapter 13 Laurie moaned as she turned into the warmth that cuddled against her right side. relaxing immediately when his arms tightened around her and pulled her closer. claiming possession. She was glad her face was turned into the hard wall of muscle of his chest. kissing the top of her head gently. Reaching between them. and she couldn’t stop herself from lifting her leg and encircling his hip. She knew her face had to be red with embarrassment at his intimate question. kissing it gently before sucking on it and gently biting down. she leaned forward and kissed his chest lightly. relying purely on instinct and need. and she pulled his body against hers. She smiled at the sound of his indrawn gasp and moan of appreciation as she suckled the morsel with alternating flicks of her tongue. Goodness. copper colored disc of his nipple. She leaned into Jace’s chest. The impressive erection that nestled against her belly kicked up her need for him. Her arms tightened around his waist. she couldn’t help but sigh at the mouthwatering sight before her. loving the feel of his naked skin in full contact with her entire body. She opened her mouth slightly and took it into her mouth. she grasped the velvet steel of him and placed him between her legs to rest against the swollen lips of her pussy before releasing him and rocking against him slowly. inhaling his scent slowly. Her forehead furrowed as the soreness in her body settled into one steady throb between her legs. maneuvering her . His moan of desire soon turned to a growl as his right hand reached for her hip and pulled her toward him. Without thinking. bringing his cock closer to where she wanted him to be. loving the feel of him pressed so intimately against her. she ached.

Having both of us deep inside of you at the same time had to have been a shock to your body. successfully trapping his cock tightly between her thighs. “The triad partners enter their mate at the same time. I know you’re sore. Despite the passion that filled her soft brown eyes as she looked up at him.” she whispered. It made her feel cherished. And he’d be damned if he would be the cause of her pain. It made her feel loved. “I’m sorry. he traced his mating mark on her right shoulder. “Jackson and I are big men. Pulling back.” he whispered. “During a triad mating. loving the feel of her body surrounding him and bringing him intense pleasure. “But I liked having you both inside me at the same time. sweetheart. “More than just a little.” Laurie smiled up at him and nodded. unable to keep the emotion from his voice. “Why what. Reaching up. “It made me feel like I belonged to both of you. He looked down at her and smiled. “Just a little.” Jace’s heartbeat doubled at her words. he removed his cock from between her legs and reached out to gently pet her face.” Laurie looked up at him. Unable to stop himself. “You do.134 Lynnette Bernard leg off his hip. kissing her lips lightly. That connection is strengthened when their seed is released deep inside of their . “Why?” she asked suddenly. baby. She would never get used to the way he looked at her. she couldn’t stop herself from sighing contentedly.” he corrected her. Hearing her moan of discomfort. blushing prettily. Jace chuckled but sobered quickly as he searched the adorable face that looked up at him with total trust and honesty. She didn’t realize that what she said was what they hoped she would feel. he froze and pulled back to look down at her. both men need to be inside their mate at the same time.” he explained softly. accepting the men as hers. I don’t want to hurt you. “I should have controlled myself. he canted his hips back and forth.” he whispered. uniting their essence in their mate’s body. This makes their woman’s body adapt to the bonding. baby. When she saw the soft golden glow that flashed at her before dissipating and returning to crystal blue as he looked down at her with obvious caring.” she admitted quietly. honey?” “Why were you both inside me at the same time?” The passion that ignited in Jace’s eyes shocked her. The way both men looked at her. he could see that she was hurting.

honey. and their mating knot prevents them from withdrawing until every last bit of seed finds its way to their mate’s womb. the ritual is completed. “What do you mean?” “Talk to him. “We’ll just have to wait and see. “Where’s Jackson?” she asked. and he couldn’t stop the smile that covered his face at the joy of his mate’s quiet intelligence. Once the men mark their chosen mate with their mating bite. Ask him where he is. baby. . “Ask him and find out.” he told her. but they hadn’t. sure.” Laurie couldn’t help but smile at his words.” he insisted. Jace chuckled and shook his head. won’t we?” Laurie nodded and realized suddenly that they were alone. stroking her shoulder gently. “Yeah. smiling. “You received that gift when we bonded last night. It seemed ridiculous to her.” Jace explained quietly. they were determined to tell her everything before she consented to accept them as mates in her bed.” Laurie looked up at him silently. Well. Maybe he was telling her the truth.” Jace chuckled and leaned forward to kiss her forehead gently and pull her into his embrace. taking in his words. but she did as she was told. Call to him in your mind. She vaguely remembered doing just that.” Jace told her. “Doc says the combining of our seed within your body will change your DNA to be compatible with ours. but she couldn’t be sure if she had done it verbally or mentally.Laurie’s Loves 135 mate’s body. He could see her mind racing. their bed. He’ll hear you. laughing quietly.” Laurie shrugged. “Really. You even told us to be quiet because you were tired. And they could very easily have withheld secrets from her about their wolf nature.” she said finally. “Will it always be that way?” “What way?” “The mating knot. “Jackson. worry edging her voice. “No. her voice strong. Bossy little mate. “I’ve never been mated before. He hadn’t told her anything but the truth so far. where are you?” she called out. As a matter of fact.” Laurie eyed him warily.

She closed her eyes and covered them with shaking hands as visions of years of being humiliated by her ex flashed through her mind. getting as close to Laurie as he dared. tears immediately stinging her eyes.136 Lynnette Bernard “How do I do this?” she asked. “Just think it. both verbally and mentally. Before she could say a word. She’s giving me something to ease your soreness. honey. Their instant low growls of anger filled the room. “Baby. reaching out to touch her hand gently. Jackson will hear you. Jace. Laurie pushed away from Jace. and placing two plastic containers on the nightstand beside the bed. I can feel her falling apart. please don’t be upset. I’m on my way. and Jackson stood there looking at her with such anguish she almost relented in her anger. where are you? She thought it calmly. Almost. believing that she was about to be let in on an amazing miracle. He sat on the edge of the bed. As one. pulling the sheet with her to cover her nakedness as she scooted to the far side of the bed. horror and embarrassment warring within her.” . She didn’t realize that she was projecting her memories to Jace and Jackson until she heard them gasp. locking it securely before walking toward the bed. unsure if she expected an answer or not. We need to help her. Jace. She pulled away and pressed her back against the headboard. “How can you share such intimate things with someone else?” she gasped in horror. “I can’t even keep my thoughts to myself? You’ll know every humiliation.” he tried to soothe her. every secret I have. I’m with Martha. “You saw what I was thinking?” she whispered. Her anger and hurt rolled off her and filled his chest.” Jackson. Jackson closed the door behind him. Hurry. and her embarrassment quickly turned to anger. they reached forward to draw her into their arms and settle her between them. Jackson. the bedroom door opened. Her tears broke his heart. is she doing all right? Laurie gasped more at Jackson’s words than at the fact that she could hear them. “You are discussing my soreness with Martha?” she nearly screeched in embarrassment. She could hear Jackson chuckling in her mind.

then slammed them with a picture of the three of them. Closing her eyes. Without realizing she was doing it. and send us a picture of some thought that you have. make the bubble only surround you for now. It bothered her that she wasn’t protecting them. causing both men to look at her in confusion. willing her emotions under control as they tenderly held and comforted her. “Now try to open a small part of that bubble. causing all three of them to orgasm immediately.” Laurie nodded slowly and concentrated on opening only a small part of the bubble. . she pictured herself surrounded by a white light of protection. She opened her eyes and smiled seductively.” Jace assured her. she squeezed them tightly as the bubble of pure white light surrounded the three of them.” “Try it. we’ll only be gifted with what you want to share with us. Her vision was projected to them both with a clarity that made his heart happy. “It’s just because this is new to you.” Laurie nodded and very slowly pulled at the white light of protection so that it surrounded only her. naked. Jace looked at Jackson and smiled.” Jace’s deep voice praised her sincerely. “Keep yourself in a white light of protection at all times. Without hesitation.” “It’s like putting a barrier in place.Laurie’s Loves 137 “No.” Jace encouraged her. “That way we can show you how to open it to send us thoughts. And when you want to talk to us or send us a thought or a picture. She instinctively included them in her protection. Bringing them up to her chest. honey. “Close your eyes and picture yourself in a bubble of protection. Laurie threw complete sexual release at both of them. drawing Laurie away from the horror she had experienced and unknowingly shared with them. “Honey. But what we saw is something you will never experience with us. She didn’t like that Jace and Jackson were outside the bubble.” Jackson told her gently. Once you learn how to control it.” Laurie looked from one man to the other. “Very good. sweetheart. Laurie. you allow the bubble of white light to open to include us in your thoughts. like opening a window. Ever. rubbing her arm soothingly. You’ll get used to doing it without having to think about it. she reached out and took both men’s hands in hers.” Jackson explained gently. with Jace’s cock deep in her pussy and Jackson’s cock deep in her mouth.

every member of our pack knows what happens during a bonding. amusement evident in his voice. honey. pulling her tightly into their embrace as they lay beside her. “I’ll only kill you if you tell anyone about what happens between us again. He looked at Laurie and saw the sated look of their woman. It’s a way for us to always be sure that the others of our triad are safe. We’ve never told that to anyone else. reaching up to possessively cover her breast and caress it lightly. “Really?” she whispered. We knew that . completely satisfied with herself. wanting desperately to believe them. “Laurie.” Jace told her finally. “Reach out with your heart and call to us.” she warned them both. smiling softly at her. “The way a woman is taken during the bonding is always the same. I did not tell Martha one thing about us. It’s a part of the gift of the bonding.” Jackson insisted. and his breathing was labored. you’re going to kill us.” Jace explained softly. breathing heavily as they fought to calm down. And they know that the woman of the triad needs to be cared for after the bonding. You’ll be able to feel our emotions. Jace was speechless.138 Lynnette Bernard “Holy shit!” Jackson roared as he came so hard in his pants he nearly passed out. too. “Think so?” she asked proudly.” “Martha was just giving me what she gives to every newly bonded triad. Laurie looked up at him and saw the anguish in his eyes. We can’t hide anything from you.” Laurie looked at both men. “Close your eyes and open yourself to us.” Jace told her quietly. His cum soaked the sheets. “What Jackson said.” Jackson laughed. “I swear to you. Laurie. Both men leaned against her. She didn’t want to give in. “Baby. leaning up to look down into her eyes. Both men nodded. but she could see the honesty there. You’ll always be able to reach out and sense what we’re feeling. his voice sincere. “I think you’ve got the hang of it.” Jackson told her. Jackson and I have been able to do that from the time we were teenagers.” he finally rasped out. Every member of our pack knows this. “She is taking care of you just as she takes care of every newly bonded female. Laurie.

“Are you very sore. “Our saliva has healing properties.” Jace explained. And she gave me an herbal ointment to rub around and into your sweet pussy. They nuzzled into her neck and sniffed the scent of their bonded mate. she turned to Jace and saw him smiling down at her. She blushed immediately and covered her face with her hands. “Now what are you going to do to help me?” Jackson kissed her quickly and lay next to her on her pillow. “But the first thing we need to do is something we knew about without Martha having to tell us. They could feel her fear and her uncertainty.” Laurie looked at Jackson and waited for him to explain.Laurie’s Loves 139 what we could do was not the way it was for others. smiling at both men with a sparkle in her eye.” Laurie closed her eyes and concentrated on the two men beside her. “When we bit you to mark you. smiling. And tears immediately filled her eyes as she felt their honest caring for her.” she whispered. totally at a loss. his voice tender. “I’m glad. She could sense their honesty. The Fates would not allow her to keep that part of herself from them. “Only for you. She could feel their concern. we used our tongues to help in the healing of the mark and the easing of the pain. “What?” she asked. But what caused their hearts to seize with happiness was the true and pure sense of love and longing that she tried to hide behind the protective bubble of white light.” . “Martha gave me some healing salts to put in your bathwater. Jace and Jackson closed their eyes and reached out to her. Both men laughed then growled as they leaned in to pull her hands from her face and smile down at her. licking at their mating marks and drawing a groan of appreciation from Laurie. They would allow her the cautious shielding of her heart. sweetheart. she would allow them to see what they already knew to be true.” Jace promised. concerned. “Have you looked at the size of your cocks?” she asked. It usually only happens when a triad bonds. When the time was right. stunned by her inability to prevent herself from saying exactly what she was thinking. When he remained silent. trying to deflect the intensity of the moment while at the same time needing to know. “So what did Martha give you to help me?” she asked. baby?” Jackson asked.” He smiled as she blushed brightly.

“Our saliva. Jackson pulled the sheet away from her body. she felt no pain at all. Her eyes widened as understanding finally hit her. gazing at the beauty of their mate and growling in anticipation. Their tongues had eased her pain. understanding his explanation. She had no power to deny him.” he told her. Her blush deepened even as her desire for the intimacy with her two men spiked within her body. spreading her swollen pink lips carefully as he kissed and licked every drop of her wetness from her. he captured her clit in his mouth. Leaning forward. She felt the appreciation they had for her kindness and her intelligence. . but she knew it was right. mixed with your crème. When did he move down her body to place himself intimately against her? When did she open her legs without any hesitation or fear? She had no memory of her immediate acceptance of his ownership. She turned and faced Jace. unable to say a word before his lips covered hers and demanded entrance to the sweetness of her mouth. nor did she want to. She felt the desire they felt only for her. sucking on it and swirling his tongue around it before biting down gently and drawing the swollen nub into his mouth. will speed up the healing process. his eyes flashing with need.” Jace told her. Looking down at him. His responding growl sent bursts of happiness through her. She moaned into his mouth. feeling beginning relief in her soreness immediately. She gently touched the marks on each side of her neck and found that they were already healed. She cried out with pleasure as she felt Jackson’s mouth cover her clit. she carded her fingers through the soft silkiness of his dark brown curls and pet him as he continued to lave her swollen folds. accepting his tongue and sucking on it lightly. Jackson continued to lick every inch of her pussy. And she felt their primal male attraction to her body. when we join with you. In fact. “Open your mind to us.” Laurie’s breath caught in her throat as she opened her bond and felt the immediate warmth from both men. You will never question our feelings again.140 Lynnette Bernard Laurie looked at him and nodded. She was overwhelmed by their honest and total acceptance of who she was. when we touch you. Laurie. “Feel what we feel when we look at you. Keep your bond open to us.

. Carefully caressing her body.” she gasped. He would never get enough of her body. She held both men to her. scoring her nails down the bulging muscles of their torsos until she landed on their backsides.Laurie’s Loves 141 Laurie’s scream of release made him smile.” she told him. knowing his triad partner would find pure ambrosia waiting for him there. And the thought ramped up his desire for her. he found himself wanting to take away all the pain from their woman and give her unbelievable pleasure. He was aware that Jace moved down her body and placed himself between her still-open legs. And something more. Reaching in to the sweet depths of her body with his tongue. Once her breathing was more under control. loving the feel of their weight as their chests lay heavily against her. he soothed her with gentle words as Jace tenderly kissed her face. he tasted her arousal. By tonight she would be ready to take them again. demanding entrance to her mouth and moaning when she immediately opened to him. He gently kissed her pussy then rose to lie beside her. When Laurie moaned against his mouth he knew that Jace had begun the healing ritual. Jackson reached over to take her lips with his. sucking on his tongue as if she would die if she didn’t kiss him. Before they were through. or her heart. She rubbed her hands soothingly across their backs. Licking up to her clit. He tasted her need. The taste of their mate satisfied a hunger in him that he never could have believed would ever be quenched. not letting up until he heard his mate cry out his name as her release slammed through her body. pulling at the waistband of the offending material. Laurie’s body would have no soreness. “You need to take these off. He licked up the proof of her release and kissed her intimately. “Enough. and he eagerly extended his tongue to lap up the fresh gush of crème that rushed from her body. She loved the feel of Jace’s naked ass and whined with distress that Jackson’s was covered by his jeans. pulling at his hair to bring him up to her embrace. her taste. he sucked the distended nub into his mouth and suckled with sure-and-constant pressure. Laving the delicate pink folds before him. Jace was in heaven. loving the scent and taste of their woman.

142 Lynnette Bernard Jackson chuckled and lifted himself off of her. seeing it for the first time. Laurie was amazed by its size. Jace’s six foot five inch frame fit comfortably as he sat. had made this suite with every thought of sharing it one day with their triad mate. She saw the empty plastic container on the side of the tub and realized that she had missed quite a bit of time as she was lost in thought about her men. its design. She felt the loss of him immediately. “We need to get you into the bathtub and let you soak in the water with the salts Martha gave us. She looked over at Jackson and smiled as he was carefully peeling his pants from his body. She looked around the bathroom. her men. Both men’s broad shoulders and muscled bodies sandwiched her between them. she saw that Jace was already in the sunken tub and was reaching out his hand to help her step down into it.” Jackson encouraged her. and was grateful for the help. As the three of them sat back in the tub. Turning to look at Jace. baby. She moved slowly. for them. She could feel it.” Jace’s voice held tenderness for her. Everything about its size. Looking up. Closing her eyes. something she had never felt in her life before now. Jace reached forward and turned on the tap of the most incredibly decadent bathtub Laurie had ever seen. his long muscular legs stretched out before him with room to spare. she couldn’t help the sigh of complete and utter contentment that escaped her. After grabbing the small plastic container of bath salts from the bedside table. My men. and she found that she felt small and protected. Step in. When she reached out for him. a home. she realized that Jace had also removed himself from her side and knelt beside her. still a little sore. and he held out his hand to help her from the bed. Jackson was by her side quickly. She didn’t see the men look at each other and . was meant to create a cocoon of warmth and love to provide a haven. Jackson was no slouch with his six foot three inch frame fitting comfortably as he happily sat beside her. taking her other hand and leading her into the bathroom. its decadence. a small moan of appreciation escaping her as she saw the sticky proof of his release clinging to the material of his underwear and his already hard cock. “Come on. She realized that these men. she saw that he was in the same state of arousal.

She opened her heart to them and smiled as she felt the total joy that they experienced at her words.” she agreed. Their eyes flashed with lust. Jackson turned to her and lifted her slowly into his arms. “Must be all that satisfied lovin’. confused. glowing golden as they looked at her.” Jace’s voice called to her as if from a distance. She opened her eyes and reached out to touch both men’s arms gently. leaving her naked before them. She smiled as she felt each man gently wash her with soft cloths and allowed someone else to take care of her for the first time in her life. smiling at Jace as he knelt before them. “Yes. touching the soft curls that covered her sweet pussy. He couldn’t prevent the burst of emotion that exploded through him at the sensual look she gave him. looking up to share his happiness with Jackson before smiling down at the gentle softness of their mate. “Let’s get you out of here before the water gets too cold.” he whispered softly. pulling Laurie into his embrace to cradle her with his legs. “Must be. She lay before him.” he teased her. walking the remaining two steps toward the bed and gently placing her in the center. Jackson sat against the headboard. When she looked at him silently. “Yes?” She looked at him with such open trusting that he could barely breathe. opening Laurie’s legs and running his hands gently up her thighs to lightly pass his thumbs across her pubic bone. . “I’ll be gentle. “Come on. baby. He smiled at the moan that escaped Laurie’s mouth. sweetheart. She leaned into his body without hesitation. “Laurie.” Jackson answered as he helped Jace steady her beside the tub so they could wrap a large. open to him and accepting his touch without hesitation. “I need to massage you with some of the salve Martha gave us. waiting patiently as Jace covered the wet spot where he had released earlier with the towel that Laurie wore. he leaned forward and kissed her lips lightly.Laurie’s Loves 143 exchange a smile and a silent communication of their own complete happiness. They led her back toward the bed. soft towel around her. waiting for her to open her eyes and look at him.” “Did I fall asleep?” she asked. smiling softly at them both.” he told her.

Leaning back slowly. smiling when Laurie leaned into his kiss and gave herself to him completely. “I’m going to push some of the salve deep inside you. She turned to look at Jackson.” he whispered against her lips. but it will make you more sensitive. Jace leaned toward her neck and breathed in deeply. She could see his wolf below the surface. amazed that she could now distinguish the difference. Jackson moved from behind her and sat to her left as she lay back against the bedding. Once she settled herself down on the soft towel.” Laurie laughed and reached out to touch his cheek gently. “Okay.” she whispered lightly. She leaned into Jackson’s embrace as she watched Jace pull the washcloth away from her body and carefully touch her swollen folds. And Laurie knew without a doubt that Jace truly did own her. He reached out and gently pet her swollen mound. There was a sense of possessiveness as he looked at her. Laurie moaned lightly as Jace moved her legs to open her totally to him. baby. dragging his face against hers. leaning back and smiling at the flash of arousal that lit Jace’s eyes. amazed to see the same level of possessiveness emanating from his wolf. she watched in silence as he gently covered her mound with a warm washcloth. It will help with your swelling. Would she ever get used to being so tenderly held and cared for? Did these men realize how much their comfortable acceptance of her made her feel so totally cherished? Jackson kissed the side of her neck gently. “Lift up. body and soul. too.” Jace’s deep voice broke into her thoughts. he looked into Laurie’s eyes and smiled. making her moan in response. She felt Jackson’s rumble of laughter behind her.” she told him with complete honesty. growling at the scent of their mate. He nuzzled against her cheek. He looked from her sweet pussy to her face and smiled. gently running his index finger through her folds as he carefully examined her. pulling a moan from her at his touch. She snuggled against the warmth of his chest and reached down with her left hand to take his hand in hers and squeeze it gently. wanting her scent on him as much as he wanted his own on her. his eyes flashing with the same look of possessiveness that . “If I get any more sensitive I’ll never be conscious. She turned to face him once again and lifted her hips so he could adjust the towel beneath her.144 Lynnette Bernard I promise.

moaning slightly as their thick fingers eased the gel into her. “You don’t ache?” Jackson added. that she felt no embarrassment at this intimacy. The man and wolf of both of them truly owned her. honey?” Jace asked her. and she found. They carefully massaged it repeatedly into her still-swollen folds. Jace reached down and took her right leg in his hand. unable to keep quiet as their fingers entered her and rubbed the salve deep inside of her.” Before either man could question her meaning. passing her thumb over their weeping slits before she firmly squeezed and pushed down the length of them again. gently running his hand up to her thigh and urging her to open herself up to them. to her utter surprise. Laurie nodded and reached up to touch each man’s face tenderly as they moved to kneel beside her on the bed.” she whispered. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. and was careful to keep her feelings of inadequacy from them. handing Jackson the small plastic container that he had taken from the bedside table. “It’s the herbal salve Martha gave me. She sent them a burst of warmth and happiness to show them how much she loved being with them. his voice filled with concern. careful to keep their touch light and soothing.” Her voice was barely audible. She gasped slightly at the coolness of the healing balm as they rubbed it against her pussy. Jace moved to her right side. Laurie reached up and took both of their erections in her hands. Jackson did the same to her left leg. She smiled as . “No. “Is the soreness gone.Laurie’s Loves 145 Jace’s own eyes had flashed just seconds before. They were the most caring and gentle men she had ever known. his soft brown eyes searching hers. She would never be able to forget the way they looked at her at this moment.” Jackson explained when he saw Laurie look at the container in question. “But you do. Their growl and immediate response of contentment made her know that they felt the same. She could feel the effects of the healing properties immediately. They gasped in pleasure as she stroked them slowly. She shook her head and opened her eyes to look at the two men. She could feel the men reaching out with their bond to make sure that she was all right. “That feels so good.

“You need to heal.” Jace told her sadly. Each man’s flavor was unique. “Please come inside me. because I desire you. his voice heavy with emotion. pumping furiously. coating her with their essence and scent. both men reached down and grabbed their painfully swollen members. taking them in her hands to squeeze them gently. Reaching beneath both engorged shafts.” Jackson explained carefully. kissing it lightly before turning to do the same to Jace’s. He had that same insistent and urgent need. smiling softly as each man looked at her with such need and desire. It didn’t take long. Jace nodded. “Do you know how much I love touching you?” she asked.” she whispered. Both men moaned.” she told them honestly. “I love that you desire me. You make me feel cherished.” “But I need you. “Baby.” “I need to mark her. She couldn’t stop. unable to explain the deep need she had to have their seed inside of her. your naked skin touching mine. Their howls of pleasure erupted from them as they came. she licked the drop of pre-cum from Jackson’s cock. “I love the strength of your bodies. “You need the day to allow the healing balm to help you. knowing exactly what he meant.” Laurie continued to gently caress their heavy sacs. but both satisfied a need in her.” Laurie looked up and saw that both men had tears in their eyes as she spoke to them. not waiting for an answer as she stroked them carefully. She loved the taste of them. As one. Their seed shot out in continuous pearly ropes onto Laurie’s chest and belly. Leaning up. and she was consumed by a deep happiness at pleasing them. “Tonight we’ll be able to bury ourselves deep inside of you. She could feel through their bond that they needed to hear what she felt for them. I love the way your hands are so gentle when you touch me. Jace. . I love the way your bodies feel lying beside mine. I love the way your muscles tighten when you hold me. and she wanted them to know exactly what they meant to her even if baring her soul to them made her afraid. a sharp contrast to the gentle caressing they felt as Laurie held their sacs tenderly in her hands. She could barely contain her joy as they allowed her to do what she wanted to them. and strong when you protect me.” Jackson groaned. each was different. we can’t. she found their heavy and full sacs.146 Lynnette Bernard both men groaned and pushed into her touch.

Laurie’s Loves 147 Their chests heaved from their release. Mine. and she opened her heart to them without hesitation. wrapped in each other’s arms. and their strong heartbeats against her chest made her happier than she had ever been in her life. “I think we need another bath. They quickly went into her embrace and settled to lie beside her. “Jace? Jackson?” she finally whispered. Without hesitation. The tears that filled Laurie’s eyes were tears of joy. Time slipped away as they gave themselves over to the feeling of complete and utter contentment. totally happy to be covered with the warmth of their seed. Laurie smiled up at them. Laurie sighed in contentment as their hands continued to massage their seed into her body. caressing her breasts and belly as they did so. she reached out and opened her arms to them. They looked down at their mate lying before them and growled as their possession of her was strengthened. she would have the most wonderful memories to last her a lifetime. Reaching forward. They lay quietly. A sweeter sight was never possible. both of them echoing the same word in her head at the same time. nuzzling into her neck and licking at their mating marks.” . Both men looked down at their woman. they rubbed their release into her body. They growled low in their throats. If this were to end tomorrow. The men’s warmth soothed Laurie.

“Are you okay. She found herself immediately hugged by the woman and melted into the softness of her embrace. and little Tammy was clinging to her leg. “Please. reaching out to take the pieces of the broken bowl from her and handing them to Julia as she came to stand beside them. Laurie! Jackson’s panicked voice called to her as he followed Jace. stopping short as he saw Laurie kneeling down to pick up the broken pieces of a ceramic mixing bowl. I’m so sorry. She realized as Martha soothed her. All that matters is that you’re all right. trying to soothe Laurie. Julia’s hands were rubbing her arm. my Alpha. allowing the older woman to help her to her feet. “A broken bowl means nothing.” Martha murmured.” she told them as she leaned back. I’m fine. reluctantly stepping out of their embrace. Laurie?” Tammy asked her sweetly. “You are all so wonderful. where are you. honey? A scream and the sound of a crash answered Jace’s question. reaching out to take Martha’s hand.” Laurie assured her. Laurie’s tear-filled eyes met theirs as she looked up at them briefly before turning her gaze back to the older woman. Did you cut yourself?” “No.148 Lynnette Bernard Chapter 14 Laurie. . “Martha.” Laurie’s anguished voice met their ears as they slid to a halt beside the kitchen sink. The open caring of the three females touched her heart. and she couldn’t help but laugh through her tears. Both he and Jackson raced from their office and ran into the kitchen as fear gripped them. trying very hard not to cry. Martha knelt down beside Laurie slowly. Just Tammy still clung to her leg. looking up at her with fear in her eyes.

” Martha stepped forward and hugged her quickly. “When Julia and I go shopping later.” she assured her. honey. all drama and worry leaving her.” “No. pulling open the cabinet door and sitting on the floor to study the stack of bowls before her. Her voice was choked as she mentally voiced her thoughts so sincerely. wanting to pick just the perfect one for their task. You have something you’d like to say.Laurie’s Loves 149 Laurie reached down and took the tiny child in her arms to lift her onto her hip and hug her tightly. she lowered Tammy to the floor. watching the women before her. and started taking down ingredients from the pantry for the cookies Tammy wanted to make. she turned and faced the sink. “We’re lucky that you’ve found your way to us and have made my boys so happy. We care about each other and help each other. smiling softly at him before her face changed to one of annoyance. “Come on. Laurie raised her right hand to her face.” she told her sincerely. “I guess we’ll have to find another bowl so we can make the cookies. not an outsider. “I’m really sorry. “I’m fine. Tammy dissolved into giggles. They are so kind. With one last hug. “Let’s find another bowl and get all the ingredients we’ll need to make the chocolate chip cookies. leaning forward to whisper in her ear. Julia smiled at her and reached out to take Tammy’s hand in hers. Laurie smiled down at the little girl then turned to face Martha. Jace’s voice spoke softly in her head. “You will not do that.” She kissed the little girl’s cheek sloppily. honey. I’ll buy you a new bowl to replace the broken one. smiling at her mom and winking.” Martha stopped her quickly. She turned to face him. You’re part of our pack now. Jackson? . trying to hide the quiver of her mouth as she fought to keep her tears at bay. just as Laurie had intended. I wouldn’t have dropped the bowl if you hadn’t scared the hell out of me! Jackson snickered and fought to control himself when Jace turned his annoyance toward him.” Tammy said happily.” “Okay.” Stepping back. they love you. Sweetheart. Martha. tugging at her hand and bringing her with her to the cabinet underneath the center island. rubbing into her face to tickle against her neck.” Julia told her daughter gently. Mommy. reached out to open the tall cabinet to the right of it.

Stepping out of his embrace. Laurie nodded and smiled openly at him. pulling her sweet body against his. I didn’t realize that I would scare you. Just try to talk softly until I do. Memories of them showing her nine different kisses the night before made her more than determined to give them just enough to heighten their anticipation because she intended to kiss them senseless in ever-increasing intensity and variety over the course of the day. Laurie leaned back and lifted her hands to gently frame his face. almost too overwhelmed to speak. Turning. **** Jace? Jackson? Are you in your office? Laurie’s hesitant voice called to both men. baby. Laurie looked up at him and couldn’t stop herself from leaning into his arms. Jace. Alpha. comforting her.150 Lynnette Bernard Jackson raised his hands in defense and stepped back. sweetheart. “She’s amazing. and snuggling into his embrace. Jace leaned forward and took Laurie into his arms. Give me some time to get used to it. she walked back toward the women and focused on their project. laughing softly as she heard the two men growl behind her. But she’s right. No. it didn’t occur to me that I would frighten you. I’m sorry. smiling as he opened his arms to her immediately and leaned down to accept the light kiss she offered him. Their mate’s voice in their head made them feel a sense of happiness that they had been lacking in their . she walked over to Jackson. Jackson leaned forward and kissed her lips gently. isn’t she. Thank you. I’m so used to talking to Jackson that way. Any time. Both men smiled at her before turning to leave their mate to her project. You have to let her get used to being able to hear us in her mind before you boom in her head when you talk to her. pulling him down toward her and sweetly kissing his lips. She looked up at both men and winked. Jace sent the picture he had in his memory to Jackson of Laurie holding Tammy and kissing her. laying her head on his chest. They looked at each other and smiled. That’s kiss number one. Jackson smiled at the image and reached out to place his hand on Jace’s shoulder.” Jace nodded. Jackson.

Baby. Jackson looked at Jace and stood immediately. loving the soft whimper of arousal that escaped her. They knew that her being with them made them know that all was right in their world. a platter filled with cookies in her hand. reaching over her shoulder to steal a still warm cookie from the plate she was trying to balance as the men embraced her. and she sucked on his as she moaned into his mouth. fear grabbing at their hearts. Nothing. Hugging him tightly then stepping out of his embrace. and she walked the short distance to him immediately. Their tongues met. Leaning down into her neck he took a deep breath. smiling as Jace opened his mouth to her without hesitation. Jace answered her immediately. Laurie’s voice answered immediately.” he teased. She reached up and took Jace’s face in her hands to pull him toward her. Laurie. but he quickly turned the tables on her and pulled her toward him in a whirlwind of want and need. she leaned into him and wrapped her leg around his thigh. “Especially if you bring us something to eat. sweetheart. Gently passing her lips over his. kissing his mating mark gently. and he found that the difference made him extremely happy. Jackson stepped up behind her. taking in her delicious scent. She leaned back from the kiss and smiled lazily at Jace. He opened his arms to her.Laurie’s Loves 151 lives. Is everything okay? There was only silence. Jace walked over to the door of their office. Yes. Her intent was to make him lose himself with her forwardness.” she accused.” Jackson told her warmly. Laurie laughed and turned to place the plate on Jace’s desk. bringing the kiss to a deep level of passion immediately. careful to keep his voice soft in her head. she turned to give her attention to . “You’re always welcome wherever we are. Would you mind if I came into your office? Of course not. her eyes sparkling with humor. He could detect a subtle difference in her scent. stepping into the warmth of his embrace and allowing him to pull her into their office and close the door behind them. pulling it open quickly. successfully pinning her between them. what’s wrong? Jackson’s voice held the panic he was feeling. sweetheart. “So you only want me to feed your stomachs. He looked toward the kitchen and saw her standing by the sink with Martha and Julia.

quickly unbuckling their belts. Laurie gently knocked on their office door.” Jackson answered. Wrapping her arms around him.” she whispered. baby. the three of them were breathing heavily. When she pulled away.” he warned her. opening the door of their office and exiting quickly. “Hands to yourselves.152 Lynnette Bernard Jackson. kneeling down between them.” He leaned forward and kissed her forehead gently. all bets are off. Laurie smiled and reached out to caress both men’s denim-covered erections. unable to stop himself. “That’s kiss number two.” she whispered.” Jace groaned. “Okay. pulling gasps of pleasure from both of them. Both men watched her walk away. the door was pulled open. This was going to be a long day. Before she could even lower her hand.” Jace interrupted. pushing them away from her with determination. guys.” she warned them. she kissed him lightly just as she had done with Jace then quickly ramped up to the all-consuming passion that was so easy to reach with both of these wonderful men. the feminine sway of her backside drawing their attention. and unbuttoning and unzipping their jeans to release their fully engorged cocks. the humor evident in his voice. the growl in his voice filled with need. sucking deeply and bringing him to the back of her throat. “Damn!” Jace whispered as he watched her sweet bottom move seductively. A squeak of surprise escaped her before she laughed out loud at the joy she felt as the two men surrounded her. pulling herself away from both men. “Laurie. “We’ll play your way for now. **** An hour later.” Jackson groaned and reached down to adjust his erection. “But in five minutes. baby. . “She has no idea how sexy she is. although a little unsteadily. “I’m giving her two. “I only need one. reaching out to grab for Jackson’s shoulder to steady himself as she took him into her mouth. and she found herself being pulled roughly into Jace’s embrace while Jackson closed and locked the door behind them.

The taste of their seed on her mouth made the intimacy more profound. Jace knew exactly how he felt. Her voice was raspy with passion as she spoke in their minds. fondling his balls tenderly as she pulled him to the edge of his orgasm. His hand stroked her hair gently as he fought to catch his breath. “I have kisses four. She gently licked and sucked his cock. five. reaching up to capture Jackson’s heavy sac in her hand to pull down lightly as she swallowed. she focused on Jace and winked at him as she opened her mouth to take his glistening cock into her mouth. amazed that he was still hard. you’re going to kill us. Laurie held his hip to keep him close as she swallowed every bit of his release. honey. pulled him over into ecstasy. He held her head tenderly as he kept her still against him. Jackson’s moan of approval filled the office. “Baby. swallowing him down in one smooth move. kissing the tip gently before smiling up at him.Laurie’s Loves 153 Jackson moaned beside him as she stroked him with sure. he was going to throw her over his shoulder and take her up to their room and love her until she screamed their names in ecstasy. When she was through with whatever she planned to do with them. She loved on him passionately. erupting in great spurts. Both men were suddenly on their knees beside her. strong pulls.” she told them quietly. then. His seed burst from him. laughing as he leaned down to kiss her lips gently before standing and pulling her up to stand before him. She pulled back from Jace. The immediate pleasure Laurie gave them was unselfish and passionate. loving that she swallowed every drop and then licked him tenderly as he came down from his release. and six planned for when Julia and I come back from shopping.” Jace told her. with one last strong pull of her mouth. Turning. That’s kiss number three. He howled her name as he spilled his seed into her mouth. . his cock thickening and pulsing as she pushed him over the edge. Laurie hummed. wrapping their arms around her and kissing her repeatedly. smiling up at them with open desire. allowing him to slip free from her mouth with a pop then grabbed his length to stroke him firmly. placing a gentle kiss at the tip before looking up to smile at him. Jackson’s moan made her smile. He watched as she turned and took Jackson into her mouth. and Laurie couldn’t stop smiling at the two men who looked down on her with absolute adoration on their faces.

Jackson’s growl of approval sounded behind her as he stepped forward and helped Jace remove her clothing. and then I’m going to return the favor for him so he can feel the pure pleasure of being gripped by your sweet pussy. one article at a time. holding onto his shoulders as he pulled her hips toward his waiting erection. taking the time to kiss and suckle every bit of her flesh as it was revealed. kneading them gently and pinching her nipples lightly. Jackson is going to hold you up so you don’t hurt yourself.154 Lynnette Bernard Laurie smiled as he reached up and gently caressed her cheek with the back of his hand. loving the clenching of her passage around him. loving the feel of their hard bodies pressed against her. reaching out to take Laurie’s legs and position her exactly as he wanted her. She was wet and ready for him. she was shaking with desire. he pushed inside her. unable to hold back the passion he was feeling for their mate. . honey. licking at his mating mark as his excitement grew. Jackson’s hands cupped her breasts. In one smooth move. By the time she was totally naked. His voice was deep with passion as he spoke to her in her mind. Her moan was met by his growl as he leaned down and nuzzled her neck. Her breath caught in her throat as he lowered his hand to tenderly rub against her breast with the back of his fingers.” he gasped as his body gave in to the deep need to claim her this way. “Harder. God. When she reached down to pull his at hips so he was able to bury himself deeper inside of her. standing before them. Jace looked at Laurie and leaned toward her to capture her lips.” she moaned. reaching up to tangle her fingers in his soft black hair and pulling him toward her to devour his mouth. She leaned toward him. unable to stop himself from slamming into her and taking her hard. he lost any measure of control that he had on himself. I’m going to take your clothes off and bury my cock deep inside you. smiling when she moaned with pleasure as her nipple pebbled beneath his ministrations.” Laurie moaned. “Oh. Jackson lifted her carefully as Jace swept the contents off the top of his desk.” She reached out and held both men to her. “Laurie. He thrust into her with unbridled lust. please tell me this is okay. “I can’t wait anymore.

Small tremors passed through her as she felt the knot rub against the most sensitive spot inside her channel as pulse after pulse of his release was expelled deep within her. he looked down at her. The sense of peace he felt was strong. caring men. He looked at her with complete devotion. . that connection of his joining. and released his life seed deeply into her waiting body. She saw his hesitation and couldn’t deny she wanted him just as deeply as she wanted Jace. It allowed him to hold the woman who meant the world to him. he kissed her lips lightly. Jace lightly kissed Laurie’s forehead and leaned his cheek against the side of her face. he opened his heart to her so she could feel the utter joy and contentment he was feeling because of her. rubbing his finger into her wet heat to gather her crème. careful to not hurt their mate. She opened her eyes slowly and smiled at Jackson. loving the reason for the change and knowing that Laurie was not aware of it yet. “Come here. his desire for her obvious. Laurie pet his back as he removed his canines from her shoulder and licked the bite closed. smiling at her totally disheveled and well-loved appearance. sweetheart. Leaning forward.Laurie’s Loves 155 Jackson reached down. Instead.” he whispered. taking her in his arms and gently turning her so that she rested against his chest and she faced Jackson. then slid his finger up to rub roughly against her clit. Jace’s roar of release matched Laurie’s whimper as she found her own completion. Once the knot released. At Laurie’s sigh. gathering her in his arms once again and holding her against his chest tenderly. growling as his shaft knotted inside her. he knew that she had felt his emotions. he tasted the difference in her and smiled against her soft skin. At that moment. Jace leaned forward and bit into her shoulder where his mark already graced her beautiful skin. and his cock pulsed as it lay heavily on the top of the desk. Pulling back. Jace pulled out gently. Sucking her blood into his mouth. He had no words. she knew a sense of completion that she had only found with these wonderful. His eyes glowed golden. pulsed. Waiting for the mating knot to recede was not a hardship at all. Holding her tenderly as their bodies calmed.

156 Lynnette Bernard “Jackson. gasping as she reached out to pull him toward her chest. his canines descended. “Our mate looks good naked. quickly picking up speed and strength. he drew her blood into his mouth. helping Laurie put her shirt back on. Sucking deeply. I won’t break. Jackson.” she whispered. reaching out to cover her mound gently. She reached down and guided him into her body. Moments passed. She leaned back against Jace. and he quickly bit into their mate’s neck where his mating mark already declared her as his. kissing her lips lightly as he reached down to pick up her underwear and pants. rubbing his thumbs across her still-sensitive nipples before pulling away and smiling down at her. he leaned down to pick up her bra and reached out to gently put it back on her. but neither moved. slowly at first. Jackson slowly withdrew from her warmth once the mating knot released and moved away from the desk. Jackson?” Jace teased. . carefully pulling Laurie with him. naked from the waist down. reaching out to take him into her embrace. devouring her. Jace smiled against the back of Laurie’s neck. He smiled against her soft skin as she screamed her release against his neck. Jace was beside them quickly. slamming his cock deep into Laurie’s depths.” she whispered. Jackson’s hips thrust forward. He would never get enough of her. each content to hold the other in their arms. She held him tightly to her as his cock knotted and locked inside her as he emptied another load of seed into her waiting womb. doesn’t she. The soft moan that escaped her made his heart light with happiness at her total acceptance of his touch. He smiled as Laurie moaned between the two of them. Jace’s left hand covered her belly as his right hand reached down to gently stroke her already sensitive nub. Making sure that she was steady on her feet. kissing it lightly as he nuzzled against her. He began to move. moaning with pleasure as his length was buried deep inside her. “Don’t hold back. “Baby. he couldn’t prevent the smile that came to his face as she stood before him. knowing he would hold her and make sure she wouldn’t fall.” Jackson moaned as his mouth covered hers. loving the taste of her. He hooked it carefully. Stepping back. I need you. His mouth sought her shoulder. “Why are you smiling?” Laurie asked him shyly.

“I love seeing her naked. and she was going to hang on to them with all the strength she could muster. and it scared her. He kissed her quickly and stepped back. she smiled up at him as she watched his eyes close with pure pleasure and contentment. “I think I need to go clean up and change. Laurie couldn’t have spoken at that moment if her life had depended upon it.” she said quietly. “Only for you. She wiped at her legs carefully. She desperately wanted the future these men offered her. Both men stepped toward her slowly. She didn’t know what to feel about their level of devotion. she repeated the process then stepped back and smiled shyly. .” He winked at her. Jackson leaned his face against her cheek. “For the rest of our lives. and she didn’t know how to react. Turning to Jackson.” Laurie gasped and grabbed her panties from Jace’s hand. she froze at the sight of the two men as they stared down at her.” Jace whispered. stepping out of their embrace to look up at them. quickly pulling on her underwear and jeans. “I especially love seeing our seed dripping down her legs. Honest to God giggled! What was wrong with her? She was turning into a giddy teenager! Jace smiled at her happiness. “You guys certainly have an abundance of seed. she determinedly pushed away her fears. reaching out to touch Laurie’s face gently. She could feel their sincerity. Looking up.Laurie’s Loves 157 Jackson smiled and moved toward them. reaching out to enfold her in their embrace. Laurie laughed and reached out to push both his and Jackson’s hands away as they tried to tuck themselves away. gently taking Jace’s softened cock in her hand and carefully placing him back into his jeans and zipping him closed with utmost care. “I think you should stay exactly as you are.” she whispered. closing his eyes as he tenderly kissed her forehead. “She does. reaching down to take his cock in hand. “I want everyone to smell our scent on you.” Laurie blushed and giggled. she had never had anyone care about her in her entire life. “Mine. Laurie.” he said quietly. Jace. Even though she still had doubts and worriedly questioned her worth.” he whispered against her ear.” she told them.” Jackson teased. Other than her two children and her best friend Nikki. Gently cupping his sensitive cock one last time.

158 Lynnette Bernard “Now you’re shy?” Jackson laughed. our queen. “Why?” Laurie asked. “Yes. “We will never take a chance with your safety. “Baby. Jackson stepped up behind her and plastered his body against her back. “If Jackson and I can’t be with you. “Now that you’re the female alpha of our pack. you will have our lieutenants with you. “I’m not playing. taking her neck in his large hand and pulling her toward him so he could impress upon her the need they had to keep her safe. “I just came to say good-bye before you distracted me.” Laurie looked to Jackson for support but saw the same hardened expression on his face. confused by his switch to alpha mode. “It’s the job of the alpha female to keep our pack members focused and our families close.” “We couldn’t have hoped for a better alpha female. “I can’t be an alpha. reaching out to tuck her soft hair behind her ear. Laurie. you’re open to the dangers of anyone who would try to hurt you or our pack. reaching out to tap her nose affectionately. “Julia and I are meeting my friend Nikki at the mall.” he told her seriously.” “Alexander and Butler will be going with you. our children. You have a fierceness in you that shows us you would protect our people.” Jace stepped forward and gently reached out to take her into his arms. you are. kissing her neck gently before licking his mating mark. Laurie couldn’t stop the blush that crossed her face. his tone allowing no discussion.” “I’m the what?” Laurie nearly squeaked. honey. ignoring Jackson’s comment. Laurie looked up at him and smiled. “Alexander and Butler will go with you and Julia. Alpha. not missing the way his eyes flashed golden at her words.” Jace told her seriously.” he warned her seriously. . And the love you show our people let them know that they’re important members of our pack. honey. or Jackson.” Jace told her softly. making her shiver with desire.” he explained carefully. “Don’t think you aren’t.” Jackson told her with complete sincerity. and I’m certainly no queen. me.” she told them. Laurie.” he told her softly.” she told him quietly. You lead by example.” Jace told her with finality. “This is not up for debate.

“But when I get back and wear what I want to buy. you’ll get kiss number four.Laurie’s Loves 159 Jackson reached around Laurie and rested his hand on Jace’s shoulder.” Jackson whispered against the side of her face. “Okay. her knees nearly buckling at the wave of emotion the men sent to her through their bond. baby. smiling down at her. “We need you to be safe.” she told them. pulling away from them both and walking over to the office door. finally giving in. “Please.” Jackson groaned. They can wait outside the entrance. needing to calm his alpha just as much as he needed to calm himself. Their caring and concern surrounded her. “But they are not going into the store we want to go into.” “What store do you want to go into?” Jackson asked. “Hell.” Laurie closed her eyes. “I’m hard again. She opened it quickly then turned back to face them both and smiled. sighing. .” Jace whispered.” She turned and walked out of the office. “Never mind. Just thinking about Laurie getting hurt or taken from them caused his heart to beat rapidly in his chest.” Laurie told him. quietly closing the door behind her.

and verbally. They loved her to death. waving her hand at her friend. she was a powerhouse. that color is perfect for you. Being a nurse. “Nikki. She was fiercely protective of Laurie and her children.” Laurie smiled at her reflection in the dressing room mirror. I’ve known you forever.” Laurie couldn’t stop the laughter that burst from her.” Nikki told her. I never said I loved them. Despite Nikki’s innocent and fun-loving demeanor. knew the depths to which her ex had hurt her physically. you and I both know you would never be . as did Laurie. “Honey. Certainly not with Pigface. smiling at the sensuality of the lilac colored negligee that she was trying on. Nikki knew everything about her marriage and the abuse she had been subjected to. She had also protected Laurie’s babies from the time they were born and was a second mother to them. “I can’t wait to meet these two hotties that have you so in love. “Oh. “Right. Nikki had been her best friend since fifth grade. above anyone else. come on!” Nikki snorted. stunned that she had called her on her feelings so quickly. How many times had Nikki physically put herself between Laurie and her ex? More times than she cared to think about. “Look who you’re talking to. “It’s beautiful. she was often the one to take care of the injuries Laurie had sustained at the hands of her abusive ex.” Julia told her.” Nikki answered quickly. laughing with pure joy at the happiness of her good friend.160 Lynnette Bernard Chapter 15 “Laurie. honey. She looked up to see both Julia and her friend Nikki looking at her with big smiles on their faces. Nikki. dismissing her words.” Laurie protested again halfheartedly. You’ve never been so happy. emotionally. “Who said I’m in love?” Laurie turned to face her best friend.

her soft brown hair pulled up into a ponytail. she had no time to date. her golden brown eyes showing caring and concern as she looked at Laurie. “Quiet!” Laurie hissed. And we need to pick out some toys. “Okay. Her own bad experience with an ex-husband had made her determined not to give any other man control over her again.” “Tell me. I do care about them very much. She wore a soft pink maternity dress that hugged her form just enough to accent her belly. taking the exact same stance. swollen with the new life that she carried. But Laurie knew that was just an excuse for Nikki. I’m happy for you. Looking at her brought tears to Laurie’s eyes. honey.” Nikki leaned in and whispered so that only Laurie and Julia could hear her.” She crossed her arms across her chest and stared at her friend. “Go ahead and tell me otherwise.” She reached out and took Laurie by the shoulders .” “Aha!” Nikki shouted. Despite her tough attitude. She couldn’t help but smile at the united front that the pair made. too. on the other hand. “You’re right. accentuating her full curves. Nikki. was dressed in tight.” Laurie smiled. Laurie looked at her two friends and knew she wouldn’t be able to deny her feelings to either woman. Both looked ready to take her on. “Sorry. I give. Laurie knew the sensitivity that Nikki possessed. She worked so many hours at the hospital. but Laurie knew it was deep and had hurt her beyond the ability to recover from it. She also knew the deep loneliness Nikki felt. too. She had never met a kinder or more caring person. You deserve to be loved. “Let’s get the same negligee in another color. “You do. Talk about an odd couple.” Julia chimed in. and her blue eyes flashed with defiance as she dared Laurie to try and lie to her. She knew her friend was afraid to put herself out there and meet anyone new. Nikki had kept her pain to herself.Laurie’s Loves 161 intimate with those men without truly caring about them. Her short black hair was styled in layers to brush her shoulders.” she said finally.” Laurie admitted. She looked like the most contented and perfect mother. Nikki’s face registered a brief moment of sadness before she turned to face Julia. Nikki. black jeans and a red baby-doll shirt. “Don’t go advertising it to the world. Julia looked soft and sweet. too.

sending his own caress through their link. Baby. Jackson’s voice explained. Do you want anything else?” “Whatever you think. “I’m sure your men will thank me later. sending shockwaves of passion through her body. it had nearly destroyed her. and she knew that it was because of the two men who waited for her back at the ranch. And the fact that her exhusband continued to torment her and threaten her made it so that Laurie was never allowed to feel safe or confident in herself.” Nikki told her. She closed the dressing room door. Even though Laurie’s marriage had only lasted five years. In all those years. and food for the children but had never been allowed to help Laurie. you look beautiful. Nikki was determined to make sure that Laurie had some happiness and confidence now that she had found not one but two men who seemed to have taken her within their hearts. scraping by to support herself and her children. . clothes. She couldn’t prevent the happiness that filled her. She was a proud woman who had been determined to make it on her own. Nikki had only been allowed to splurge on gifts. She. “I really wouldn’t know what else to pick. It’s been so long since I’ve bought anything pretty for myself. sweetheart. surprised at the sight before her. She actually felt beautiful.162 Lynnette Bernard and turned her to face the mirror. winking. Nikki. “How can you see me?” she spoke softly out loud.” Laurie blushed and looked away. her heart pounding at the thought of Jace seeing her dressed so scantily. Nikki also knew how Laurie had been abused during her marriage and the toll it had taken on her self-esteem.” Laurie told her honestly.” Nikki’s eyes softened as she looked at her dear friend. “Take that off so we can pay for it. We can see your reflection in the mirror through your thoughts. Laurie jumped at the sound of his voice. unable to say a word. “Leave it to me. looking at her reflection once again. Jace’s husky voice caressed her mind. knew exactly how Laurie had lived for the past fifteen years. Laurie had refused any monetary help from Nikki. more than anyone else.

Laurie pulled her hands from her eyes and looked at herself in the mirror. Turning toward the bench seat in the dressing room. Opening the small window she pictured within the white light that surrounded her. Now just open that small window when you want us to see things. Laurie smiled at the way the two women were already bonding and was thankful that her friends liked each other. and she vowed to always show them just how much they meant to her. But please don’t cut us off completely. Jace’s strong voice touched her heart. We still can’t believe that we were lucky enough to find you. laughing. She could feel their happiness and contentment immediately.” she whispered. She opened the door just a crack and handed the soft creation to Julia and smiled as she saw Julia walk over to Nikki and hand it to her before leaning forward and whispering to her. Laurie projected every bit of caring she had for them. may I talk to you for a minute?” Julia smiled and walked into the cubicle to sit on the padded bench that lined the far side of the changing room. Jackson’s calm voice talked her through it. “I wanted to surprise you later. sweetheart. She closed her eyes and pictured herself kissing each of them. knowing she was successful in projecting her thoughts when she heard both men groan in her head. not seeing her own reflection but the image of her men holding her between them. putting it on quickly. That’s good. kissing her temples and hugging her tightly.Laurie’s Loves 163 Laurie slapped her hands over her eyes to hide herself from their link. Picture yourself in that white light of protection again. “Sure.” she told her. Laurie did as he instructed. I don’t want you to see any more of my secrets.” she begged. she pulled the door open and saw that Nikki was at the counter paying for the items while Julia stood patiently near the dressingroom door. every moment you’re with us surprises us.” Baby. Jace’s voice was filled with emotion. Picking up her jeans and pulling them on quickly. she removed the negligee and reached for her shirt. “Tell me how to stop you from seeing what I’m seeing. “As . She sighed contentedly as she leaned back and relaxed against the wall. baby. We need to feel your presence so we can be sure you’re safe and happy. “Julia. “Please don’t look.

that love increases to include that new life. And when we’re lucky enough to find ourselves expecting a child.” “Does either man worry that you will love the father of your child more than the other man?” Laurie asked quietly. When a triad is formed. Our pack has had triad mates for as long as we have been in existence. closing her eyes at the feeling of her baby moving beneath her hand.164 Lynnette Bernard long as I can rest my feet for a few minutes.” “Really?” Laurie asked.” “That won’t happen. Laurie. Affection is given freely and often to each other. “You don’t have to worry about that. “We are wolf. “Do you ever worry that you can’t give enough attention to both of your mates?” Laurie asked worriedly. “I did?” “We’re not human. confused. Laurie. And we are triad mates.” “How is that possible?” Laurie asked. both fathers contribute sperm that fertilizes the egg. “I don’t want to hurt either one of them by showing affection to the other. Julia opened her eyes and turned to face Laurie with a gentleness that calmed her immediately. her worry evident in her tone.” Julia explained patiently. smiling.” Laurie looked at her in confusion. “You should know that there are several packs in the area that have triad relationships. Even more important. It’s natural and not something you have to try to accomplish. “When a triad creates a baby. reaching out to touch her hand gently. and their bodies become one.” Julia assured her.” she told her honestly. the souls of the three entwine. “I can see that you love both Jace and Jackson. What we feel for each member of our triad is valued by all of the members. “That goes against basic human biology. Laurie.” She rubbed her belly. “Both men are the fathers of my children. “You just answered your own question. The baby carries the DNA of both men. It just is. They can see it. The Fates have given us the gift to love our mates without worry. Triad mates fall into a comfortable relationship almost immediately. Laurie. We find joy in the love we have for each other. They’re not going to be keeping score that you’re spending too much time with one of them and not the other.” Julia laughed quietly.” .” Julia explained. they can feel it through the bond that you share. too. The children that we produce are the product of the love the three mates have for each other.

Laurie watched as Nikki walked away. . Doc Barrett explained it to me as nature’s way of adapting and changing to accommodate our history as triad mates. several bags hanging from her hands.” She chuckled as she walked away. Nikki?” Laurie asked her warily. leaving Laurie with instant visions of how her sex life was going to change. smiling as if she were the cat who ate the canary. Knowing Nikki.” “That’s amazing. They’ve found that when a male becomes part of a bonded triad. “You’ll need the plugs. “You’ll need them to prepare yourself for some really hot nights of sex. “You guys ready to go?” she asked.” Julia burst out laughing while Laurie blushed profusely. “And wonderful. laughing. she couldn’t help but admit that she already did love them. “Nothing much. I put in some toys I think you’ll be needing.” Nikki told her innocently.” Julia offered as she slowly stood and turned to face Laurie.” Laurie whispered. I’ll bet the whole ranch will hear their howls. it is. just some different sized butt plugs. Nikki came up to the doorway. Laurie knew immediately that she was in for a surprise she wasn’t sure she would be able to handle. And she had to admit to herself that she was looking forward to learning every bit of it with Jace and Jackson. Love. More than she had ever thought was possible.” “Yes. “What have you done. she could feel her body tensing in anticipation of the love she would share with the two men. “Our doctors have researched why this happens. Just wait until Jace and Jackson see you wearing one. “Be sure to open all the bags when you get home. he and the other male in the triad partnership together contribute half of the DNA for the baby while the woman contributes the other half of the DNA.Laurie’s Loves 165 Julia leaned forward to whisper so that only Laurie could hear her.” Julia agreed. knowing her friend was up to something. “Oh.” “What kind of toys?” Laurie’s voice was wary as she looked at her friend. Did she love them? Despite her fears. She turned to face Julia and smiled. Despite her embarrassment. her blue eyes twinkling with mischief. “She’s right. you know. unable to speak.” Nikki told her.

Who is that. and she could feel the immediate response from Jace and Jackson. The sound of Jace’s growl filled her head as his emotions met hers. I really like your friend. Her mind screamed out in panic. Patrick looked exactly the same.” Julia said. making Laurie freeze in fear. she made her way over to the two women who were definitely her partners in crime today. He was still well-dressed. Her fear sent a jolt of terror through her link to Jace and Jackson that she was unable to shield from them. Laurie?” he practically sneered at her.” she whispered.166 Lynnette Bernard Standing. “Well. Patrick’s vicious sneer was coldly familiar. She felt their warmth surround her immediately. making Laurie blush and Julia laugh out loud. “I made sure to get several bottles of lube. wiping the tears of laughter from her eyes. “There’s nothing in this world that would make you look appealing. what’s happened? Jackson called out to her. black pants and red button-down shirt spoke of the money he was always willing to spend on himself. Laurie. too. She couldn’t control her thoughts and knew everything she was feeling and seeing was bleeding through to both men. Her ex-husband. baby? Jackson’s voice held a panic that Laurie was feeling herself. sending Laurie back to a terrifying place that she had lived during the years of her marriage as well as despaired to for the last fifteen years. Why would you even bother trying?” She couldn’t prevent the attack of pure panic that raced through her. His tailored. His short blond hair was styled to perfection. but she couldn’t answer or stop the immediate. “What could you possibly want to buy in that store. and his green eyes were as cold as ever as he looked down at the three women. “Laurie. Sweetheart. are you safe? . what have we here?” a deep voice bellowed. Laurie! Jace’s voice was filled with fear. She didn’t have it in her to be in control of anything at the moment. Nikki smiled at her and took her arm as she led her to the front of the store. frantic pounding of fear in her heart. She looked up and saw before her the one person that she never wanted to see again.

Julia reached out to pull Laurie into the safety of her arms as Butler held them both. “Don’t you know that dressing up a sack of shit doesn’t change anything? It’s still a sack of shit. She had seen his cruelty over the years and had seen how he had often hurt Laurie’s children as well as her friends in order to keep Laurie under his control. squeezing tightly. reaching out to touch both of her friends. slamming against the store wall and falling to the ground. “I’m so sorry. What happened next happened so quickly. making her cry out in pain. unconscious. Reaching down. She fell backward. my Alpha. She staggered and fell forward. Nikki was not about to allow Patrick to show his violence toward Laurie again. Pigface!” Nikki stepped forward to put herself between Laurie and her ex. going down to her knees. but she was frozen by old feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy.” she whispered. uncaring that they had a crowd gathering around them. “We should have been . her concern for them outweighing the concern for herself.” Butler told her quietly.” “Back off. connecting with the right side of her face. he helped Laurie and Julia stand and cuddled them against his massive chest. but he turned and backhanded her. Laurie held her wrist against her body as tears fell down her face. closing his eyes as he fought to control his anger. but he wrenched her wrist back and squeezed with all his strength. lifting her to cradle her against his body as he turned to face Laurie and Julia. Laurie barely had time to react. Their divorce had never stopped him from continuing his abuse. Fierce growls filled the air as Alexander and Butler burst forward and pulled Laurie’s ex away from the women and slammed him down onto the ground. “I am the one who should apologize. Butler rushed to Nikki and gently pulled her into his arms. Laurie reached out to grab for Nikki. Julia reached out to try to pull his hand from Laurie’s wrist. shoving her hard. Patrick reached up and pushed his hand against Nikki’s chest. Alexander held him by his throat.Laurie’s Loves 167 Their deep voices echoed through her. She couldn’t prevent the whimper that escaped her and was transmitted back to them through their link. Patrick reached out and tugged at the bag from the boutique.

Alpha. She pushed herself out of Butler’s embrace and walked over to look down at Patrick. That man would not have been able to touch any of you if we had done our job. Butler.” he croaked. a deadly calm coming over her as she spoke.” Her voice allowed for nothing but his complete compliance to her order. careful to remain alert in case he had to prevent another attack on the women. Laurie looked down at him with a hardness that surprised even her. unsure what to do.168 Lynnette Bernard closer. Patrick was splayed out on the mall floor.” She waved her hand. Laurie lifted her sneaker-clad foot and placed it firmly on her ex-husband’s genitals. She didn’t hesitate. “You’re not to accept blame for what my ex-husband did. Now. He looked up at Laurie with murderous intent in his eyes.” Laurie told him. “I’ll kill you. her voice strong. Very slowly. . indicating the wall of stores across the mall walkway that faced them. “No.” Laurie’s foot increased the pressure on his groin. Patrick. Alexander looked up at her. “Let him go. “It was my fault for telling you to stand against that far wall while we shopped. “No. His face was decidedly purple as Alexander’s massive hand squeezed his neck without mercy. for the first time in her life. “My Alpha?” he questioned. pushing down just enough to get his attention. At his choked groan of pain. Butler. Alexander. “Let him go. She didn’t blink. the fear that usually paralyzed her left her and was replaced by a hardness that promised retribution. She stared at him with such anger that.” she told him quietly. his hands ineffectively pulling at Alexander’s grip. She stood between his sprawled legs. To the utter amazement of Alexander. he removed his hand from her ex-husband’s throat.” Alexander responded quickly. “And then I’ll kill the kids and your friends. stepping close to his crotch. You won’t. pulling another groan of pain from him and making him freeze his movements.” she said. “I cannot risk your safety. and Julia.” Laurie looked up at Butler and saw the raw pain that filled his face.” she told him. Patrick took in great gulps of air as he pulled at his throat. his face a mirror of concern. indicating the man who lay pinned by Alexander’s hand.

And you won’t go near the kids. increasing the pressure on his genitals as she spoke. it’s Alexander.” he told his triad partner. Laurie walked silently beside them. reaching up to touch Julia’s bruised cheek. her voice controlled and soft. He turned and gently pushed her toward Butler.” she told him calmly. worry overwhelming him. “Clayton. looking at her injured friends as they walked. “We have a situation at the mall.” he said quietly as the phone was answered. He nodded and stood. An attack was made on our . She looked at Alexander and nodded to him. his hands resting against his massive thighs. Turning to Nikki. She was especially worried about Nikki. Alexander pushed speed dial for the local police department. he gently brushed her hair off her forehead.” Butler nodded. He faced the poor excuse of a man.” she told him. Taking out his cell phone. but Alexander stopped him with one large hand on his shoulder. Julia reached out and took Laurie’s hand in hers. Patrick’s groan of pain satisfied the need in her to show him that she meant exactly what she said. “You won’t go near them. Alexander turned to face the man who was still lying on the floor. “Take them to the truck. I’ll call Clayton and wait for him and Hunter.” she told him quietly. He looked up at Butler and saw the same concern mirrored on his triad partner’s face. He walked over to squat down beside him. who was still unconscious in Butler’s arms. pulling her toward them as they turned and walked away. who still cradled an unconscious Nikki in his arms and a stunned Julia against his side. “Because if you go anywhere near the people I love. She felt a sickness deep in her stomach as she saw the pain that they were experiencing because of her. I’ll cut off your balls and feed them to you. both their eyes flashing golden as their wolves fought to get out.Laurie’s Loves 169 “These people belong to me. indicating the people who stood behind her.” She pressed down with her foot to emphasize her words. He watched Patrick silently as he waited for the connection. I’ll be out shortly. his jaw clenching in controlled anger. taking her arm and pulling her back away from Patrick. “Let’s go home. He was careful to put his body between Laurie and her ex-husband. “Call Jace and let him know what happened. Patrick tried to scuttle away. No one was going to hurt the people who belonged to her. looking at Alexander. He wasn’t taking any chances that the man would reach out and grab their queen.

” Alexander waited. It took every bit of control to hold back his need to destroy this man. “Remember my warning. His face showed his hatred. Alexander did nothing to mask the wolf any longer. knowing that he was able to do so only because the giant before him allowed it. He carefully schooled his features and looked up at the massive man before him.” Ending the connection. fighting for release.” Alexander spoke softly. but he didn’t utter another word. “You have threatened Laurie. before Officers Clayton Forest and Hunter Stewart showed up. her children. Clay. “If I catch you within one hundred miles of us.” Patrick sneered at the mention of her name. “Laurie is much more forgiving than I am. Alexander stood and waited while Patrick slowly rose to his feet. “I will not hesitate to protect what is mine. if I catch you even thinking about coming anywhere near them. Taking a step back.” He hesitated. but the men were determined to book Patrick for assault of the three women and take . All of the females have been injured and need medical attention. “Listen to me. Being part of Jace’s pack. they knew the need for discretion in this situation. making Patrick wince in pain.” Alexander told him quietly. he put the phone back into the holder that was clipped to his belt. “But first I’ll make you scream in pain for several hours before I put you out of your misery.170 Lynnette Bernard queen and two of our females. listening to the officer’s response. “Thanks. I will rip you apart in so many pieces no one will be able to identify your remains. He brushed off his black pants and straightened his shirt.” The growl that emerged from his throat was deep and menacing. Make it fast. watching as he saw the man before him process his thoughts. Only a few minutes passed. Patrick’s eyes widened in fear. he ran his hand through his hair and faced him silently. He nodded briefly and pushed away.” Alexander’s deep and deceptively calm voice continued.” He looked down at the man whose false bravado quickly dissipated. and Alexander’s hold on his shoulder tightened. His eyes flashed golden as his wolf pushed forward. although it felt like an eternity to Alexander. He looked down at the man who still lay before him. looking at Alexander with contempt. and the members of my family. Smart man.

Alexander followed his triad partner’s line of vision and saw the vacant look on Laurie’s face. “Thanks. “Go on and get the women home so Doc can see to them. “We need to get home fast. He looked down at Nikki. He swore to himself as he carefully closed the door and walked around the front of his truck to open the driver’s door and step up inside. holding Nikki’s hand with one of hers. Alex. looking down at the unconscious woman in his arms.” Alexander nodded. He clicked his seat belt in place and started the engine.” Clayton told Alexander as Hunter took Patrick away in cuffs. She was probably in shock. putting it in drive and carefully pulling out of the mall parking lot and entering the highway to get them home. he saw that Butler was holding a still unconscious Nikki in his arms. Alexander’s powerful steps ate up the distance between the store and the parking lot where his black truck was parked. wishing the entire way that he had killed the bastard who had hurt these women.Laurie’s Loves 171 him into custody.” he told him sincerely. and his chest hurt as he saw her pale complexion. while the other held Julia’s hand as she sat in the front passenger seat. seeing the strain on his face. . When he arrived and opened the door. They took statements from the store manager and several witnesses. guaranteeing the safety of the women for the time being.” Butler told him quietly. Alexander looked at Butler. then turning to face Laurie and nodding slightly. making sure they had enough evidence to keep Patrick in custody overnight. even though the right side of her face was bruised and already swelling. Laurie sat next to him. Clay. he was relieved to see her calm and quiet. placing his hand on the fellow pack member’s shoulder in relief. “We’ll come by the compound to speak to the women. Looking at Julia.

his worried gaze flitting from each woman then back to Jace. encompassing them both in his arms. She couldn’t prevent the pain that ripped through her heart as she watched Julia’s husbands hold her tightly against them as they ran their hands over her body to assure themselves that she wasn’t injured. When they touched her face. closing his eyes briefly as he fought to control the anger that filled him.172 Lynnette Bernard Chapter 16 Jace and Jackson were standing on the front porch of the private compound. still swollen from Patrick’s attack. “Are you all right. She stepped back as Alexander walked around the truck to open the rear door and take Nikki from Butler’s arms. releasing her as Adrian and Colin rushed to their mate immediately. honey?” he whispered. kissing her forehead gently. She held her gently to steady her. Jackson was immediately by his side. They quickly walked down the front porch stairs and went to the truck as it pulled to a stop. Laurie nodded and pushed out of their arms. Jace pulled back and looked down at her. they finally saw Alexander’s black truck pull into the driveway and head toward them. “Let’s get everyone inside and see to our women. hugging her tightly to his body. He held Nikki gently. engulfing her in their embrace and pulling her gently into their arms and holding her tightly. Laurie felt a pain in her heart that her new friend had been hurt because of her. Jace pulled open the rear door and reached in to take Laurie into his arms. . Laurie remained still and stiff in their arms. turning to walk around the truck to open the front passenger door to help Julia step out. After what seemed like hours had passed. Neither man had felt such fear in their lives as when they had seen the attack through Laurie’s eyes and had felt her terror.” Jackson spoke softly behind them. fear gripping at him as he saw her vacant look.

” Martha told him quietly. But that link was closed now. Alexander was sure his own eyes mirrored the same strong emotions that Butler was feeling. and knowing immediately what needed to be done. Doc is already on his way. Jace nodded and looked to Jackson as he saw how Laurie had distanced herself from them. Jace turned to Martha. unable to stop himself from petting her soft hair before looking up at Alexander with pain in his eyes. taking in the situation. Aidan. “Clay and Hunter said they’ll be coming by to take the women’s statements. Alexander looked at his mother. Nikki’s head lay trustingly against his chest. He was more than concerned.Laurie’s Loves 173 He could feel his friend’s concern. and Colin up the steps. Laurie followed them. displaying a calm that concerned all of them. I can’t feel her. unable to speak. No matter what thoughts or feelings he or Jackson sent to her. He watched silently as Butler hesitantly raised his large hand and tenderly touched Nikki’s head. her eyes filling with tears at the helplessness in her son’s eyes. He could not feel her through their bond at all. . nothing got through. He had other things on his mind right then. They felt the isolation of the wall that she had put between them. Alexander nodded. knowing that the woman would make sure that she provided whatever Doc needed her to in order to help each of the injured women. ignoring the attempts that Jace and Jackson made to aid her. “Take her to your suite. Martha was there waiting for them. and anger overwhelming him. Jackson. holding his precious bundle as if she were made of glass. He watched silently as Laurie followed Julia.” she tried to soothe him. Butler following closely behind them. Butler led the way up the stairs to their suite on the third floor. “She’ll be all right. Alex. his eyes filled with anguish. He and Jackson had seen the whole confrontation at the mall and had felt the fear that had paralyzed Laurie through their link with her. and I’ll be up shortly. fear. Alexander stopped at the bottom of the steps. His alpha followed him as he carefully made his way up the stairs. and he knew there was nothing he could do to stop it. He felt the exact same way.” Alexander told Jace.

knowing and understanding that the doctor had to touch Nikki in order to help her.” Butler nodded stiffly. She sat silently. watching silently as he examined her. reaching out to place a comforting hand on Alexander’s shoulder. Alexander laid Nikki in the middle of the huge bed. Alexander finally nodded his agreement. Jackson’s voice was filled with the grief that he knew surrounded them both. Laurie was oblivious to their words. Butler reached forward and brushed her hair back from her face. He looked to his mate and felt his chest nearly caving in at the feeling of isolation.” she told them quietly. Doc looked at both men with raised eyebrows. caressing her cheek lightly before stepping back and standing silently beside the bed. relieved that one of their women was doing well. facing her friend. Laurie walked to the opposite side of the bed and sat on its edge. baby. but she couldn’t focus on anything but her friend right then. She walked up the stairs. touching her face gently before reluctantly letting her go and stepping back. Martha entered the room. Alexander and Butler growled as the doctor touched her. following Alexander and Butler as they entered their suite. “Julia has been looked at and has an icepack on her cheek.” he explained patiently. But that didn’t make it any easier to accept. “I will not harm your mate. oblivious to anything or anyone but the woman who lay so pale and still before her. but the fear and longing he was feeling was obvious. She smiled at them lovingly then turned to face her alpha and beta. She could only look at the face of her friend who had once again put herself in harm’s way to protect her.” Jace nodded. with Doc Barrett following closely behind her. “I need to touch her to examine her. Laurie. She knew that Jace and Jackson followed them. she couldn’t help the feeling of elation at the thought that Alexander and Butler had found their triad mate. please open yourself to us. Jace’s voice was calm. reaching out to hold her hand. Alexander and Butler stepped back to allow the man to go to Nikki.174 Lynnette Bernard I can’t either. “She’s gone back to her cabin with Adrian and Colin. smiling slightly as realization hit. . Despite Martha’s worry. Unable to stop themselves.

“No. . “It’s not broken.” he said finally. “She’ll be a little bruised and sore. She has a concussion.Laurie’s Loves 175 “Julia will be fine.” Doc spoke up as he examined Nikki. I’ll leave one for you and check on you again in the morning. Doc hesitated a moment. It’s good that you’ve already claimed her.” Jackson told her soothingly. “Check her right wrist. Laurie?” he asked cautiously. “I’m more concerned that this woman is still unconscious.” he spoke to Jace and Jackson. “I’m fine. Walking around the front of the bed. “But you’re going to be pretty sore from these bruises.” Jace told Doc firmly. and she remained silent.” He ignored the rest of them while he checked Nikki’s eyes with a small pen light. his voice rough with emotion. Laurie’s gaze never left Nikki’s face. “And what about you. then reached down and gently lifted Laurie’s right hand and turned it gently so he could examine it. Laurie didn’t even blink as he gently flexed her wrist. surrounding her wrist.” Laurie finally spoke softly. There were dark purple bruises in the shape of fingers.” He stood then and looked across the bed to Laurie. you’re not. Her eyes were vacant.” Nikki’s moan brought their conversation to a halt.” Butler answered. Doc stood beside Laurie and looked her over from head to toe. I would suggest icing her wrist on and off for twenty minutes throughout the night. He remembered the vision of Laurie’s ex grabbing her and the pain that she transmitted to him through their link. gently feeling the bump on the back of her head. baby. “That will help in her healing. “Well. it was the catalyst that broke Laurie’s trance. When she opened her eyes and looked up at Laurie. but that should go away within a few hours. I’m going to have you take her to the hospital. A compression bandage would help. How long has she been out?” “About twenty minutes. and I don’t want to chance that this could be life threatening. “Have you been injured?” Laurie didn’t answer. She just shook her head and continued to stare at her friend. if she doesn’t come around soon.

It’s common practice for concussions. “You go. “You have two hotties that can do that now. Facing her friend. “Don’t you dare blame yourself for what Pigface did. reaching out to touch her cheek gently. stunned. this time slowly so the room wouldn’t spin. “Really?” she asked.” Alexander laughed despite his worries. “Thank you for helping our mate. “I hope you guys kicked his ass. she was not going to touch them! She belonged to them. causing her to groan in pain at the sudden movement. shaking it quickly and allowing Jackson to do the same before they both stepped back and bowed to their lieutenants. And. Jace took Nikki’s outstretched hand. “I know that. I’m so sorry Patrick hurt you. she reached up and pulled at Laurie’s hair gently.” Nikki’s gaze flew back to Laurie. “She should be woken up every hour to make sure she’s lucid. “Jace and Jackson I presume?” Alexander and Butler both growled at her words. “We didn’t have a chance.” Nikki told her dismissively. smiling weakly at their concerned expressions. Let’s leave Nikki to heal.” “I’m going to stay with her. “I’m so sorry. respectfully acknowledging their claim on the woman.” she whispered against the side of Laurie’s face. Come here.” he explained quickly when he saw the panic on Alexander’s and Butler’s faces.” She smiled and looked at the two men who stood beside the bed.” she said finally. unable to stop the tears that finally fell free.” Laurie told him determinedly.” She climbed up to lie beside her friend and held her gently in her arms. “Nikki. “We’ll leave you to rest.176 Lynnette Bernard “Nikki. hell no. . They did not like the fact that she had called their alpha and beta hotties. unable to keep herself from enjoying her friend.” Laurie smiled.” she gasped. her eyes squinting as she tried to understand what her friend was telling her. “Oh stop. Laurie. you will never have to protect me again.” Doc spoke up. I promise you. “Someone does need to stay with her through the night. Our queen took care of him. She turned then and faced Alexander and Butler.” Nikki looked at Laurie.” Jace told her quietly. her voice steady. She turned back and saw both Alexander and Butler nodding and smiling. girl.

honey. then stepped back.” Both men nodded and watched as Laurie got up from the bed and stood silently beside it. Alexander was relieved to see her smile as she looked down at her friend. Jace and Jackson reached out to shake hands with their lieutenants.” Alexander told her. noting their wide grins at Nikki’s admission.” Nikki smiled and closed her eyes. her voice soft and weak. his voice gruff with emotion. . I’ll come back to check on you later. “Get some rest. honey?” Laurie asked. “You’re in our suite. before leaving to follow their mate. She found herself relaxing at the thought that Nikki had finally found the two men who would love and cherish her for the rest of her life. “Do you smell that?” Laurie hesitated. “Laurie?” Nikki whispered. “I’ve never smelled anything like it before. “She’s been through a lot in her life. aware that the men in the room became instantly alert. her eyes wide with emotion. I have a headache. where am I?” Nikki asked groggily. congratulating them on finding their one. Nikki?” she finally whispered. “Smell what. kneeling on the bed to lean closer to her friend. Looking at Laurie. looking down at the adorable woman he already had a strong connection with.” Laurie smiled and looked to Alexander and Butler.” Both men laughed despite their worry. realizing that she didn’t recognize the room.” Butler spoke up. “You will stay here with us.” Nikki answered. it does. and walked out of the room. “Yes. obviously trying to come to a decision. unable to find the words. never opening her eyes. Laurie was quiet for a moment then turned to look up at them. Her gaze went to Alexander and Butler and then back to her friend. “Don’t hurt her. “Okay. I don’t think she can handle any more pain. “What. okay?” she whispered.Laurie’s Loves 177 “We’ll be here with her.” Laurie finally whispered. but it smells wonderful.” she whispered as she settled back into the softness of the bed. turned. “Hey. “But don’t expect anything from me. “I don’t know.” She leaned forward and kissed her friend’s forehead.

178 ****

Lynnette Bernard

Laurie headed out through the kitchen to walk quickly across the deck and down the steps toward the home that Julia shared with her husbands. She was aware that Jace and Jackson followed her, but she didn’t have it in her to talk to them right then. She was humiliated and devastated that her friends had been hurt because of her. The door to the beautiful log home opened before she even made it up the steps. Colin stood before her silently, his emotions raw. “Thank you for defending my wife, Laurie,” he spoke quietly, his voice choking with emotion. Laurie ignored his thanks. She didn’t deserve it. She alone was responsible for Julia and Nikki being hurt. Her screwed-up life had caused them to be dragged into the pain that was such an intricate part of her existence. She had been crazy to think that she was through with it. She had been a fool to think that she deserved anything but the life of loneliness and abuse that she had come to accept. “May I see her, please?” she asked, her voice calm and strong despite how she shook inside. She clamped down on the metal box she envisioned around herself, not allowing any emotions out or in. She refused to hurt anyone ever again. Colin nodded and stepped back, allowing Laurie to enter their home and guiding her into the kitchen. Julia sat at the table, laughing, with Adrian kneeling before her holding a cold gel pack against the right side of her face. “Stop it. I’m fine!” she told him, laughing as she pushed his hand away. Adrian lowered the gel pack, placing it carefully on the table. He reached up and held his wife’s face gently between his large hands and drew her toward him, placing loving kisses across her bruised cheek before covering her lips with his own, gently licking at them until she opened to him and welcomed him inside. Her arms wound around his neck, and she leaned toward him, enjoying every moment of the kiss. Laurie smiled at the love before her. Colin left her side and walked forward to kneel beside his triad mates, encircling them in his embrace and leaning his head in to rest against theirs. Julia pulled away from Adrian, giggling as she turned to kiss Colin just as sweetly. Laurie watched the triad, tears filling her eyes as they cuddled against each other, the men’s hands

Laurie’s Loves


resting against Julia’s tummy to gently caress their baby growing inside of her. Her heart hurt to think that she might have been the reason for them to lose this if Patrick had fatally injured Julia or her baby. The metal box around her tightened even more. “Are you all right, Julia?” Laurie finally was able to ask, her throat still tight with the tears she was trying to hold back. Julia looked up and smiled at her. How she could look at her with such open joy after what she had caused was beyond her grasp. Didn’t she realize that she should not want to be anywhere near Laurie or her messed-up life? Julia laughed and stood, drawing both men up to stand beside her. She stepped forward and walked toward Laurie, opening her arms and embracing her. “I’m fine,” she said with exasperation. “I’m not made of glass, you know,” she admonished them all. “Do I have to remind you that I’m a wolf that can fight with the best of you?” “Yes, you can, honey,” Adrian admitted, having been on the receiving end of more than one of her fights. “But you shouldn’t be fighting now that our baby is growing inside of you.” He leaned forward and kissed her cheek. “And don’t get mad at us for being overprotective. Just let us fuss.” Colin leaned forward to kiss her neck before stepping back to avoid the hand that was swatting at him. He knew better than to coddle his wife, but he still enjoyed doing it and riling her up. It made for some hot nights of lovemaking. “Go away, both of you, or you’ll be sleeping in the spare room tonight!” Both men smiled as they took a step away from their wife. They would let her have her way for now. But after their alpha and beta and their mate left, they were going to love her until she screamed both their names. They flashed the picture of their intent into their wife’s head, and she turned to them, winking and nodding in acceptance. Seeing their immediate grins, she turned to face Laurie once again. “Is Nikki all right?” she asked, concern evident in her voice. Laurie nodded, her eyes filling with tears once again. “She’s awake. The doctor said she has a concussion, but she should be fine.” “What about you?” Julia asked, her concerned gaze watching Jace and Jackson as they stood silently beside Laurie.


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“I’m fine.” Laurie’s answer was clipped. She was not important. Her friends were. “I just wanted to make sure you’re okay and tell you I’m sorry for what happened.” Julia’s brow furrowed with confusion. “You don’t owe me an apology, Laurie. You’re not responsible for that man’s actions. Don’t you understand that?” “Yes, I am.” “No. You’re not.” Laurie shrugged and stepped away. “I’ll let you rest,” she said quietly. There was no use arguing. She knew the truth. Leaning forward, she took her friend in her arms and hugged her gently. Turning, she walked away, aware that Jace and Jackson remained behind. She would expect them to make sure that a member of their pack was all right. That’s why they were good leaders. They truly cared. **** Laurie turned off the shower and slid open the glass enclosure. She was too tired to even jump when she saw both Jace and Jackson standing before her, each holding a towel, waiting for her. She looked at them silently, seeing the worry in their eyes. She couldn’t hurt them anymore. Stepping out, she allowed them to wrap the towels around her body and her hair, not moving as they rubbed the cooling water from her body. Throwing the damp towels into the sink, they pulled the terrycloth robe from the back of the bathroom door and helped her into it, tying the belt loosely before turning her gently and leading her toward the bedroom. Jace sat in the large wingback chair facing the fireplace, pulling her down to straddle his legs, facing him. Carefully pushing up the sleeve of her robe, he gently placed a cotton cloth around her wrist before wrapping a cold gel pack over the material and securing it carefully with the compression bandage Doc had given them. Throughout his ministrations, she sat as he had positioned her. Jace looked at Laurie with concern, noting how her eyes were devoid of emotion as she stared off, not really focusing on anything. “You should feel better by tomorrow, Laurie,” Jace explained to her quietly. “Our claiming bites have changed your physiology. You’ll be able

Laurie’s Loves


to heal faster, be healthier, and your lifespan has been expanded to match ours.” Laurie barely acknowledged his words. She was aware that Jackson stood behind her, brushing the tangles out of her hair. A moment later, she heard the whir of the blow dryer and felt the heat of it against her hair and scalp as Jackson dried her hair. At another time she might have relished the spoiling but not now. She just wanted to sleep. Jackson looked at Jace as his concern for their mate grew. He brushed her hair until it shined, loving the softness of it in his fingers. He wanted to pull back on it to tip their mate’s head back so he could take her lips in a sweet kiss, but he fought back the urge. He saw the way Jace gently caressed her arms and knew that he was fighting his own desire to hold her tightly against his chest and shield her from all the cruelty of the world. Careful to make sure that his movements were slow and gentle, Jackson pulled her from Jace’s lap so that she stood before him. Guiding her slowly, he turned her toward their bed and settled her in the middle of it, toeing off his boots and climbing up to lie beside her. Jace did the same, and they gathered her gently against their bodies, not allowing one inch of space between them. She lay between them, unmoving. They could feel her body tensing and knew her mind was racing with thoughts and emotions. Despite their efforts, they couldn’t break through the barrier that kept them from her thoughts and feelings. “Just rest, baby,” Jace finally told her, gently caressing her forehead until her eyes closed. They lay together silently for more than an hour. Jace and Jackson could feel the exact moment that Laurie fell asleep. Her tense body finally relaxed, and she allowed herself the luxury of feeling cocooned between them, but the barriers her mind had put in place stayed firm. She’s shut us out, Jace. Jace looked at Jackson and nodded slightly. I feel like a part of me is missing. The soft brown of Jackson’s eyes misted with tears as he nodded at his triad mate. My heart hurts. Jace nodded, unashamed of the tears that came to his own eyes. Mine, too.


Lynnette Bernard

He reached down and slid his hand inside Laurie’s robe to rest possessively against her belly. When Jackson’s hand met his to rest gently against Laurie’s abdomen, he smiled despite the deep loss he was feeling at being unable to connect with her mind or emotions. Our baby is growing inside her. Can you feel him? Jace’s voice was filled with emotion as he gently caressed her belly. Yes. But it might be a girl. Jackson whispered in his head, smiling at the thought of their little girl growing within Laurie’s womb. Laurie moved restlessly between them, reaching down to cover their hands and push them gently against her stomach. She sighed softly and whispered both of their names. “You can feel it, too, Laurie,” Jace whispered against her temple, kissing her lightly. “You know that our baby is growing inside of you.” Jackson nuzzled against her cheek and kissed it tenderly. “I hope you know how happy that makes us, sweetheart,” he whispered against her ear. “We can’t wait to feel our baby moving and growing inside of you.” Jace smiled through his tears. A vision of him holding an adorable little girl of about three years old flashed through his mind. Her hair was dark brown like Laurie’s, and her face was sweet and beautiful as she snuggled against his chest. She was reaching out, and he saw Jackson move forward to kiss her cheek gently, causing her to giggle. “Papa, Daddy is tickling me!” the little girl squealed with delight as she snuggled into Jace’s chest, laughing as Jackson surrounded them both in a loving embrace. Jackson, I didn’t create that vision. Jace quickly told him, astonished at the realness of the pure joy that they had just experienced. I didn’t either, Jace. Jackson told him quietly. He caressed Laurie’s belly lovingly, looking across the sleeping beauty of their mate to face Jace with tears in his eyes and smiling. I think our daughter did.

Jace and Jackson’s arms tightened around her as they pulled her back into their embrace.” Jace whispered. She needed him with a desperation that she couldn’t deny.” Laurie turned to face him. Opening her eyes. The vision of her ex’s face bombarded her.” Jackson whispered against her ear. “We should have been there for you. “She’s fine.” She looked at him with fire in her eyes. “You’re nearly healed. “I’m sorry we weren’t there to protect you. His hand rubbed her bruised skin carefully. she refused to open them. Squeezing her eyes shut.” Jace assured her. He gazed across their mate to look at Jace. pulling the gel pack away from it. Laurie looked at her arm and was shocked by what she saw. She flexed her wrist carefully. “Alexander and Butler are with her. her voice soft and unsure. Laurie. She could feel his love and desire for her in the way he held her. sending shivers up her arm. They won’t let any harm come to their mate.” she told him firmly. “Is Nikki okay?” she whispered. and she kept replaying the violence he had directed against her friends. she kissed him with all the love she truly had for him. reaching up to touch the dark stubble on his cheek gently.Laurie’s Loves 183 Chapter 17 Laurie woke with a start. She could . reveling in the fact that he opened his heart to her immediately and drew her body against his. pulling her hand up so he could place gentle kisses against her wrist. Jackson carefully removed the compression bandage from her wrist. running his finger gently over Laurie’s wrist. Her heart was racing as she fought to remember what had scared her so thoroughly. “None of you are responsible for what happened.” He leaned forward and kissed her temple gently. Leaning forward. “Don’t. surprised that she felt very little pain.

He had been afraid that they had lost her forever last night. joining them together. “I need to be inside you. and she shook with tremors. Laurie. Pulling out slightly. crying out Jackson’s name as the mating knot formed. She hurt too much and felt too much guilt to allow them to see her thoughts or feel her emotions. She gasped as Jace’s fingers continued to rub against her.184 Lynnette Bernard feel the same from Jace as his body molded against hers. The fact that she had turned to Jackson and was allowing him to love her made his heart have hope that everything would be all right between them. When Jace pulled the robe from her body and kissed her back tenderly. Jace reached out to gently caress her breasts. taking them to the small bundle of nerves that he knew would make her soar. and pulled him toward her. Jackson lay against her chest. Laurie reached down and guided his shaft to her opening. she leaned back against him. Pulling Laurie toward him. “Come for us. needing the connection. He rubbed her gently. Without hesitation. pinching her clit as Jackson slammed home and held himself still as he pulsed deep within her.” he whispered. Laurie moaned as her orgasm took hold and raced through her body. her eyes never leaving his face as he stared down at her with such open love that her heart actually hurt. He could feel Laurie’s body tightening and knew she was close. She needed to show them that she felt the same. kissing her neck gently as he fought to control his breathing. increasing the pressure as Jackson’s thrusts became more forceful. His hand trailed down to gather some of her juices. She rocked her hips to meet each thrust. he covered her body with his and leaned down to capture her mouth. but she just couldn’t open her mind to them. He was knotted . reached up to card her fingers through his hair. He claimed her mouth as Jackson stepped from the bed and quickly divested himself of his clothing before rejoining them. his face nuzzled against her shoulder. he was lost to her. Laurie. he inched back inside. fueled by the steady pumping of Jackson’s release deep inside of her. When she wrapped her legs around his waist and moved with him. moaning as he pushed into her waiting channel.” he whispered desperately against her mouth. rocking his hips to gather the moisture that awaited him to ease the passage into her body.

she turned and faced Jace as he released her to allow her to settle against his chest. winking devilishly. she had to close her eyes to the emotion that she saw. they thought about her feelings and her finding her release before they found their own. She didn’t want to do either. “My pleasure. When Jackson lifted his head and smiled down at her. kissing his shoulder lightly as she breathed deeply. Even when they pulled out of her body. his hand splayed across her belly. Jackson kissed her forehead. They truly put her first in all that they did. She raised her leg over his hip and gasped as his hard cock brushed against her folds. pulling up on the silky hardness. As Jackson lay beside her. “Thank you. Without hesitation. her eyes. as well as the rest of their family. She knew she would put them. caressing her gently before reaching up to tenderly cup her breast as he kissed her neck. He . a sad smile covering her face. closing her eyes in joy at the feel of him in her hand. and his seed was bathing her warm channel. moaning as the knot slowly released and he was able to pull from her warmth very gently. When they made love to her. caressing his cheek lightly. He kissed her lips as he slipped from her body. pushing the mushroom head into her and angling her hips forward to take him inside her. and saw how happy that made him. Her heart hurt more as she thought about how tender they both were to her.” he told her. These men continued to amaze her. Laurie rubbed his back tenderly. She could feel his arousal against her bottom and was surprised that he was content to just hold her.” she whispered.Laurie’s Loves 185 deep inside his mate. It hurt too much to care about someone so much. they thought of her physical well-being. she reached down and took hold of his shaft. never allowing her to feel any amount of pain. her temple. she turned to kiss him gently. and he couldn’t be happier. She couldn’t help the small laugh that escaped her. She also knew she would hurt both of these wonderful men emotionally if she left. She heard his moan against her forehead as she guided him to her body. Jace snuggled against her back and wrapped his arms around her. in physical danger if she stayed. He helped her then by pushing against her until his entire length was taken in by her warm and willing body. willing her racing heart to settle down. She saw him close his eyes at the intimate contact and knew she needed him just as much as she had needed Jackson. His baby was resting safely within her womb. Kissing Jackson’s chest lightly.

He settled beside her. pulling Jace tightly against her as he stiffened. Jackson reached out and tenderly cupped her breast. She couldn’t stop the moan that escaped her as she found her second release of the morning. She just wished she could give back to them onetenth of the joy that they gave her. there was a sadness that still enveloped her. Her body tightened as Jace’s thrusts brushed against her already stimulated clit. He bellowed her name as his body pulsed with pleasure as great spurts of his seed emptied into her body. loving every thrust and retreat.186 Lynnette Bernard pumped carefully for a bit before turning her body so that she lay open and inviting beneath him. she covered his hand with her own and pushed it against her swollen breast. Breathing in contentedly. his mating knot taking hold inside her. and her mates were pained by each throbbing ache that emanated from her. Laurie reached out to entwine her fingers with his hand as Jackson reached for her and encircled her waist and pulled her back so that she lay on her back between the two of them. Both Jace and Jackson could feel it. “Laurie. loving the strength of his large hand touching her. tensing at the immediate rush of excitement. making them both moan at the sensation. Despite their intimacy. made different by the miracle of their child that was growing deep inside of her. The feeling of utter despair bled from her soul.” he moaned as his body found the rhythm that allowed them both to feel the building of physical and emotional heights that Jace admitted he had never hoped to find with anyone in his life. Jace kissed the side of her face tenderly. gently stroking her body as he waited for his knot to release her. Jackson’s voice spoke softly through their bond. Lying in her soft embrace. he kissed his mating mark and smiled as she sighed softly beneath him. Their bodies made hers sing. teasing her distended nipple and pulling on it lightly. please open your mind to us. The still-hard length of his cock slid slowly from her body. Her body opened to him easily. he was content. pulling her against his chest and kissing the top of her head lightly as he breathed in the new scent of his mate. . but only Jace heard him. As they fought to control their breathing. Laurie held him to her tightly. Gasping at the feel of his touch. taking every inch with total joy and yearning. Laurie.

Reaching out. he covered their mate’s belly and rubbed it tenderly. “We want you with us all the time. settling his right hand beside her hip. Jace’s worried voice mirrored his own concern. How could she ever live with herself if these men were hurt because of her? Before she could say anything. unable to look him in the eye. She brought danger and sadness to everyone whose lives she touched. their kindness touching her heart and filling her with warmth. but she wasn’t surprised by that. you’re welcome in this office whenever you want. beautiful. holding onto the banister as she went. Because of her.” Laurie said quietly. she stepped inside the office and hesitated. Jace ended his call and stood . She walked to him slowly. reaching out to touch his hand. Every waking moment and those few moments she had been able to sleep had been filled with worry and guilt. She felt exhausted and a little dizzy. It didn’t matter what everyone told her.” Laurie nodded absently.” he whispered against her neck. Pushing the door open quietly. **** Laurie slowly made her way down the wide staircase. gasping as he pulled her gently toward him so that she was seated sideways on his lap. Her friends had been hurt.” Jackson pulled her toward his body. “Morning. She couldn’t allow anyone else to be hurt because of her. nuzzling her and taking in her wonderful scent. and laying the flat of his left hand against her stomach. and he wanted to cuddle her against his chest and assure her that everything was fine. Jackson. “Morning. Knocking lightly on the office door. She still had her mind closed to them. “I’m sorry to bother you both. holding his left hand out to her. She knew the truth. He could sense her unease and worried at her distance. waving her in. He looked up as she entered and smiled. Jace was on the phone.” he stopped her.Laurie’s Loves 187 She’s still closed herself to us. she heard Jackson’s voice call for her to come in. “Honey. Jackson reached out. sending love to their baby sleeping peacefully within Laurie’s womb. Jackson nodded sadly but refused to give up.

“They’re pack now and will be protected by all of us. “He said she’s doing well and should be back to normal by tomorrow. Laurie. She’s had a hard life.” Laurie told them quietly. “I checked with Doc. closing his eyes and breathing in her scent. One of the perks of being a wolf shifter. unable to look at either man as she spoke.” Jace interrupted her. reaching out to stroke her cheek with his index finger. especially her children. His face was filled with determination. She couldn’t allow him near these wonderful people. smiling down at them both.” Jace looked down at her silently. She looked up at Jace. I can scent her pregnancy. Jackson smiled up at him.” she said so softly they barely heard her. But they didn’t know the extent of Patrick’s cruelty. “Jace. “I’m glad.” Laurie wished with all her heart that what he was saying could be true. and he could tell she was trying to hold herself together.” Unable to hold back any longer. “We won’t let that man hurt any of you ever again.” he promised. he reached out and took her by her upper arms to pull her up into his embrace. but he wants her to take it easy for a while. He leaned forward and kissed her forehead lightly.188 Lynnette Bernard up to walk around the desk and stand before them. “I saw Nikki this morning. Jace nodded. He smiled as he noted that Jackson’s hand covered their baby in their mate’s body. who were often the recipients of his cruelty. “Everything will be fine. The baby has made her smell even sweeter. “He’ll go after my kids because he knows that’s the one way that will hurt me the most. tucking her head under his chin as he kissed the top of her head gently. barely able to contain his joy.” Jace told her. you don’t know what he’s capable of. She feared for all of them. “And I’m glad Alexander and Butler are going to protect her. She’s totally healed. His heart almost hurt at the emotions he was feeling at finally being a part of a mated triad.” she told him sadly.” Laurie nodded. and she knew that the anger that was rolling off of him was . I want them here with us from now on. He was truly an evil man. “I checked on Julia.” Laurie looked up at him in surprise. I can’t wait to feel the baby moving and growing.” “Then you need to bring your children here.

She wanted more than anything else for her children to be their children. . she never got what she wanted. She could feel the power of the man. She was afraid that if she dared to hope. “If he dares to come near you or the children. gentler side of him. Bring them home to us. She wanted to believe that everything would be okay. His size. “Please. Laurie. too.Laurie’s Loves 189 directed at the man who had hurt her and her children repeatedly over the years. centering him and calming his anger.” Jackson whispered against her temple. “Bring your children here. or any member of this pack. all of the immediate family members were. his fierce loyalty and ability to protect his pack made him alpha. Leaning in toward them both. It was evident in all that he was.” The quiet calm of Jace’s words made her shiver. They’re our children now. Jace was a force to be reckoned with. but that did not diminish the fact that he could and would protect every one of them to his last breath. except for the birth of her children. Actually. and this knowledge slammed through her full force. She realized that she was privy to a softer. his musculature. Jackson reached out and rested his hand on Jace’s shoulder. he will not live to see another day. he cocooned Laurie between them and leaned his head down to rest against the side of her face. she would just be disappointed. But she didn’t always get what she wanted. seeing him as Patrick would see him. Laurie stepped back as she looked up at him. Again.” Tears filled Laurie’s eyes as she felt the strength of the two men as they held her tightly.

Her mind finally made up. he still haunted her and tormented them all. She had so much to think about. She felt a pain in her chest as she thought about how she deeply loved both men. disappearing from their lives. comfortable chair before the fireplace. It didn’t matter that their relationship was unconventional. It wasn’t that he cared about her or the kids. but she couldn’t stop the fear she had that Patrick would make true on his promise to hurt her by hurting the people she cared about. . Before she left she would have to make Nikki promise not to give anyone her address or phone number. in her case. Time didn’t matter when it was the right one. It would be best for everyone if she left.190 Lynnette Bernard Chapter 18 Laurie slowly made her way to their bedroom. Her eyes filled with tears as she realized she would be giving up the only time she had ever truly felt like she belonged somewhere. taking a seat in the large. and the rest of the family had been very forgiving of the incident with Patrick. into the empty fireplace. That would only put them in danger. Ones. She knew Jace and Jackson would try to contact her and try to find her. lost inside her own head. And she couldn’t allow that to happen. It was the classic case of if he couldn’t have them. The last two days had been difficult for her. She had come to care about them all too much to put them in any more danger. No matter how many years had passed since their divorce. unseeing. no one else could have them. It didn’t matter that she had only known them a short time. She reached for her small suitcase and spread it out on the bed that she shared with Jace and Jackson. she stood and walked to the large walk-in closet. Jace and Jackson had been loving and supportive. She knew she had to leave. She wasn’t aware of how much time had passed as she stared. so they would be safe. It was that he felt he owned them. And danger is exactly what they would be in when Patrick found her.

She reached for it quickly. I’m sorry. “Have you called my son yet?” Laurie asked quietly. Patrick was making good on his promise to hurt the kids.” “Oh my God. forcing the panic down. breaking the silence of the room and scaring her in the process. But you should know that she was clear and lucid when she handed me her cell phone to give me your phone number and told me to call you. this is Laurie Young. Laurie Young?” a woman’s voice asked from the other end of the line. has been in a car accident and has been brought to Denver Memorial Hospital. causing Laurie to stop dead in her tracks as fear gripped her. “Yes.” “This is Officer Pauline Thomas from the Colorado State Police. “Hello. She knew without a doubt that the dark sports car was his. is this Ms. Mia Young.” Laurie nearly choked on the pain that bubbled up inside her. “We’ll question your daughter as soon as the doctor allows us in to speak with her. she didn’t recognize the number. . she prayed it wasn’t Patrick.” the woman continued. It had already started. “I’m calling to inform you that your daughter. Looking at the display. “Hello?” she answered quietly. nearly falling to the floor as she stretched to reach the nightstand where her phone lay. Opening it quickly. standing up and grabbing for her purse as she nearly ran from the bedroom.” Laurie told her.” she told her carefully. “The attending physician is checking her out now.” the officer apologized.” Laurie whispered. “It appears that your daughter was run off the road by someone driving a dark sports car.Laurie’s Loves 191 She nearly jumped a foot when her cell phone rang. She was pretty adamant that the only people she wanted me to call were you and her brother. He somehow always found out her phone number no matter how many times she had it changed. dropping down to land with a thud on the floor. “Can you tell me what happened?” There was a hesitation on the other end of the line. “Is she okay?” “I don’t have that information at this time.” “I’m on my way. She held her breath as the officer cleared her throat and answered firmly.

and she couldn’t wait another minute to leave. the housekeeper she had been introduced to when she had arrived. snapping her cell phone shut and making her way through the lodge quickly. All she knew was she had to get to the hospital and protect her babies once again. She couldn’t hold the tears at bay any longer. Their alpha and beta had not given the order to detain their mate if she tried to leave the compound. ma’am. She knew she must have looked a sight. she started it quickly.” Laurie told her quickly. Laurie only had a moment to worry about it before she turned and ran from the main house. “Be sure to drive safely. . making Laurie hesitate in her journey toward the woman. but the house was empty. She drove with determination toward the hospital. crying and driving with abandon. we haven’t. Climbing into her car. By the time she reached her car.” “Yes.” she told her firmly. the tears were falling freely down her face. turning and walking away without a backward glance. ma’am.192 Lynnette Bernard “No. buckling her seatbelt and pulling away from the ranch.” Laurie whispered. Lucian turned to Cole as Laurie passed them and rushed to her car.” the officer answered. As she drove she prayed that all would be well. doing everything she could to keep herself under control. thankful that she wasn’t pulled over for speeding along the way. Vera nodded briskly. Spotting Vera Moore. pulling open the driver’s door and throwing her purse onto the passenger seat. but she didn’t care. The older woman watched her warily with definite coldness in her eyes. not speaking a word. unwilling to go into detail with a woman who had been less than welcoming to her. would you please tell Jace and Jackson that I have a family emergency and I have to leave for a while.” “Thank you. “Please tell Mia I’m on my way and that her brother Dean will be there before I can get there. She could only hope that God would see fit to watch over her babies until she arrived. but seeing her tears made him know that this was not something to be ignored. Laurie walked to her quickly. She wished she could have found someone else to ask. “Vera. ignoring the pack members who saw her leaving.” “I’ll call him.

have you seen her yet?” she asked quickly.Laurie’s Loves 193 Without hesitation. trying very hard not to cry and make him more nervous than she knew he already was. The nurse who finally came through with the information pointed toward the elevators at the end of the hall. The ride up the one flight was endless. Luc pulled out his cell phone and called Jace. and she was very upset. Laurie squeezed him tightly. waiting. they let me in to see her a little while ago but just made me leave so they could examine her. She stood with her back against the corridor wall. Laurie’s heart was beating hard against her chest as the doors finally slid open and she was facing a waiting room partitioned off with floor-to-ceiling glass doors. It went right to voice mail. “Yeah. It took nearly ten minutes to find out where her daughter was being held.” the nurse told her. . “Alpha. Parking and jumping from the car. she pushed the automatic lock on her key chain and ran for the main entrance. It looked like she was crying.” Dean whispered as he pulled her into his arms and held her firmly in his embrace. stepping back as Laurie rushed by to head toward the elevators. “Room 206. “Your mate just left the compound. this is Luc. knowing that they couldn’t go in just yet. He stepped back and put his arm around her shoulder as he directed her out of the waiting room toward the semi-private room that housed his sister.” he said quickly. she pulled the doors open and stepped into the waiting arms of her son Dean. and he was concerned. “Cole and I are going to follow her to make sure she’s safe.” **** A great sigh of relief escaped Laurie as she finally pulled into the hospital parking lot. thankful that he was there. “Mom! Thank God you’re here.” They stood together outside the room. cursing as she searched for an empty parking space. second floor. It was killing Laurie to be so close and be unable to get to her daughter. He knew that this situation was one that needed to be addressed immediately. She nearly cried with relief when she finally found one.” He turned to face Cole and saw that his triad partner was just as concerned. “Dean. Stepping forward.

How had she ever gotten so lucky to have such amazing children? “When did you up and turn into a man?” she asked him. she would have stopped to talk and be friendly. After what seemed like an eternity. but her only thoughts were of Mia. “This is my mom Laurie. rolling a portable blood pressure machine.” he introduced her. “Mom. reaching out her arms and trying to lean up to embrace her. She saw the worry in him as he stood straight and tall as he faced the closed door to the room that his sister was in. and his face covered in a day-old beard. She had to get in to see her. Laurie turned and nearly cried out as she saw her daughter’s form lying so still in the hospital bed. the blinds pulled to allow as little light in as possible. “I can see the resemblance between the three of you. a confused expression on his face before he smiled slowly. she walked into the room. The woman smiled. glad to see the smile that covered his mother’s face. she saw he was equally agitated as he stood with his arms folded across his broad chest. Turning to look at Dean. “The doctor will be in shortly to speak to all of you. He turned toward her. . the door to the room finally opened. Mia turned toward her mother’s voice and smiled. Laurie smiled as she watched him. All three of them had the same brown eyes and dark brown hair.” Laurie smiled. loving the way people always commented that her children looked like her in both features and coloring. Only Dean was different in that his height was already surpassing six feet and she and Mia were tiny in comparison.” he teased her. tears filling her eyes immediately. Turning quickly.194 Lynnette Bernard nervously wringing her hands together as they waited. At any other time. smiling. “Baby girl?” she spoke softly. smiling at the young nurse.” “Thank you. the muscles of his arms bulging under his T-shirt. “When you weren’t looking. “You can go in now. A young nurse with short black hair and a soothing smile stepped out. The room was darkened.” she said quietly to them both. knowing that he had turned into a wonderful person.” Dean answered.” she whispered.

They grew up with him being absent except for rare moments over the years when he made sure they knew he hated their very existence. reaching out to embrace both her and their mother.” she said with such anger that Laurie had no doubt that if he were here right now.” .” he told her calmly. Neither kid ever referred to him as Dad. Mia?” he asked her softly. They took some X-rays to be sure. Sorry. holding her head immediately as the pain shot through her. smiling as Dean grumbled and sat back to stare down at his sister. Mia and Dean both knew that Patrick had never been much of a father to either of them. “I’d be much better if you two weren’t squeezing me to death. “How ya doing.” Mia turned to her mother and looked at her with fire in her eyes. “It was Patrick.” Mia answered disgustedly. Dean. knowing before she spoke what the answer would be. He would continue to hurt them and prove he had control over them until they took their last breaths.” he said immediately. Mom. “You saw him?” Laurie asked. Mom. pulling her daughter gently into her arms and hugging her as tightly as she dared. Laurie laughed and gently released her hold on her daughter. “Don’t make me laugh. Luckily. Laurie could hear Dean walking around the other side of the bed to sit on the edge to face his sister. “He didn’t try to hide himself. “He swerved into me three times before I couldn’t hold the car on the road anymore. “Okay.” she whispered against her daughter’s face. “What did the doctor say?” “She said I’ll be sore for a while. It hurts. Mia would unleash all her pent-up anger and frustration. but she didn’t think there were any broken bones or internal injuries.Laurie’s Loves 195 Laurie was beside her immediately. kissing her cheek and breathing in the scent that was uniquely Mia. “I’m here.” “Sorry. She had no doubt in her mind that Patrick was putting in place his form of judgment and sentencing. She knew that he would never leave them alone. I hit a guardrail. baby.” she mumbled against their shoulders. I just spun out on a section of dirt next to the highway. brat. My neck and shoulders hurt from gripping the steering wheel and trying to keep control of the car. I think the car is totaled. “Is that better?” Mia smiled and let out a small laugh.

“Thank you. “This is my mother Laurie.196 Lynnette Bernard “I don’t care about the car. I’ll make sure one of the nurses schedules a follow-up visit so I can check on you in about a week. “I’m Dr.” Laurie let out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding. trying to hold back the tears. and all three of them tensed. I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself before. and angry. but I can never replace either of you. Mia.” she greeted her warmly. they saw the woman who Mia recognized as being the attending physician when she had been admitted. He didn’t know what he would do if something ever happened to his sister or his mother.” Mia nodded. The three of them were a team. Looking up. “You’re very welcome. we’ll be able to discharge you in the morning. honey. and my brother Dean. . But now that her mom was there. We can always replace a car. looking at the two obviously very concerned people who sat on the bed beside her. Rogers. We were all a little busy when you were brought in. “I only care that you’re okay. The older woman smiled down at them. she could finally let go. We’d like to keep you in the hospital overnight for observation. You have no internal bleeding and no broken bones. you should expect to be pretty sore for the next few days at least. and always would be. Dr. She pushed up her wire rimmed glasses and took a calming breath as she held a clipboard in one hand against her chest.” Dean squeezed Mia’s hand. The door to the room opened.” Mia answered quickly. Due to the severity of the crash. “Hello.” Laurie answered vehemently. Rogers. No one ever messed with her.” The doctor nodded to them and looked down at the chart that she carried. As long as your condition remains stable. unable to talk. “I just wanted to let you know that all of your tests and X-rays came back negative. She didn’t want to be in control anymore. in pain. He was more than relieved. her deep blue eyes filled with caring as she looked down at the obviously loving family.” she said. trying with all her might to keep herself under control.” “I remember. She needed her mom to help her give up that control. They always had been. She was scared. She had always been the strong one who took on the protection of her mother and brother.

unsure what to say. “Mia?” she whispered.” Laurie looked at her daughter. “I think I’ve finally found love.” Mia spoke up strongly. unsure how to tell her children about Jace and Jackson. It was from a man who claimed to be your father.” she warned her son. “So.” The doctor nodded and left the room without another word. “Yes. “It’s actually two men. one eyebrow quirked with humor. He knows where we are! “I don’t have a father. how’s your vacation.” Laurie’s heart stopped beating. Then I’m going to press charges. “They said they were going to pick him up for questioning. I told the police that Patrick was driving the car that ran me off the road. then hesitated and turned to look back at the three of them.” Mia told her. Mia’s voice was filled with concern. Here goes nothing. “He died when I was a baby. and don’t tease. . Laurie lay down next to her. Laurie blushed and lowered her eyes.” Mia smiled for the first time and relaxed against the pillows. “So who is this guy. “Good. God.” Dean began. Dean lay down on the other side of her and did the same.” Laurie nodded. He wanted to know the status of your condition. Mom?” Dean asked. “Yes. Mom? Does he treat you with respect?” As always. “I’m not. Dean. “It’s really nice. Oh.” Laurie told them honestly. “Really?” Dean asked smiling. gently holding her daughter’s hand as she did so. you are. “There was a call that came in to the main switchboard that was forwarded to me a little while ago.” Mia told him quickly. Hopefully. stunned. smiling at the feeling of finally being able to relax.” she began hesitantly. reaching out to open it. they’ll see the damage to his car and hold him for a while.” Mia and Dean looked at her in shock. No one else should even know I exist. Shut up. “Mom. her voice strong and sure. Dean. She hesitated a moment. The people in this room are my only family. “Don’t give out any information about me to anyone who calls.Laurie’s Loves 197 The doctor turned and walked to the door.

brat. You deserve to be happy. They value their family and friends. “We take after our mother. you’re their children. or two someones. They want us all to be a part of their family.” Laurie answered. “Go. It’s different.” . The whole community there is amazing. thinking through what she wanted to say to her children. brat. smiling into the pillow as she lay next to her daughter. “You scared the crap out of us. and you’re not a shy seventeen-year-old anymore. She reached out to take hold of Dean’s arm as he embraced the both of them. “Geez. If you’ve found someone.” she whispered.” “Of what.” Mia told her quietly. They want you two to be with us.” “Mom!” Mia whined. you’ve been alone for a long time. Dean. “They are the owners of the lodge where I’m staying. wincing slightly at the pain it caused her sore muscles. but it seems to work for them. “Mom. They’re wonderful men. They say that because you’re my children. “You heard your brother.” Laurie hesitated. too. you shouldn’t let that pass you by. Mom!” Laurie blushed but couldn’t help but laugh at her daughter’s enthusiasm. and they treat me with such tenderness and caring it makes me afraid. “We were born that way. Nothing like I’ve ever seen before.” Mia answered sleepily. “Jace and Jackson seem to feel that we were fated to meet to form a triad. you’re squishing me!” “Quiet.198 Lynnette Bernard Mia laughed out loud. Mia grumbled and pushed at Dean. “We know you’ve given up a lot to take care of us. Don’t make a mistake and throw it away. “That was a long time ago. “I’m not exactly the best judge of men.” Laurie smiled across at her two angels.” Dean cautioned her seriously.” Laurie smiled and snuggled against her daughter.” he told her calmly. “Quiet. You deserve to be loved. so just be still and let us hold you. who care about you. “When did you two get to be so smart?” she asked them sarcastically. I’ve never seen people so happy. They’re all in triad relationships.” “Mom. don’t let your lack of judgment over Patrick ruin your future. Mom?” Mia asked quietly.

Jace. Everything in him broke at that moment. and that had helped Jackson resolve his worry about his own wolf. Some of Laurie’s clothes were scattered inside it. His voice was dead. “She’s left us?” Jackson whispered. and Jace appeared. unable to wrap his head around the concept of never seeing their mate again. . He knew in that instant that she was gone. reaching forward to steady himself against the bed. He didn’t know how long it took for Jackson to reach their room. Her presence centered him. It was moments like these when Jace was thankful for his wolf. After a long run. he could feel that something was not right. He was able to embrace both parts of himself with little worry.Laurie’s Loves 199 Chapter 19 The large black wolf appeared. he felt refreshed and ready to take on more pack business. Jackson! He screamed through their bond. walking purposely toward their home. what’s wrong? She’s gone. as well as Jace’s. taking them two at a time. he no longer feared his wolf overpowering his humanity. Opening the door quickly. Walking quickly into the house. Since he and Jackson had mated with Laurie. his heart thudded in his chest as he saw the opened suitcase on top of the bed. slowly emerging from the edge of the tree line and making his way to the private lodge of the pack. A blue shimmer of magic encompassed him. and headed straight for their bedroom. He knew Jackson sensed his peaceful acceptance. As dead as his heart. When Jace stepped up onto the back porch. but he could sense his best friend’s pain as he stepped toward the bed and sat down beside him slowly. he made his way up the stairs. unable to stop the pain clutching at his chest. he saw the pain and anguish on Jackson’s face that he knew mirrored his own. When he looked up at him.

waiting silently beside him. Laurie left. he looked at it briefly and saw that he had two missed calls. Stalking through the bedroom. have you seen Laurie?” he asked. “Alpha. this is Luc.200 Lynnette Bernard Jace stood slowly and looked around the room. Jace pulled the phone from its cradle on the bedside nightstand and dialed the front desk. going to the laundry room to retrieve his clothes and pull them on with angry tugs.” Jace’s heart was beating painfully in his chest. cracking the base. his voice firm. he made his way back down to the kitchen.” Jace waited while he heard Janine’s muffled voice ask whoever was next to her if they had seen Laurie. and he slammed down the phone. We were unable to locate your mate. “Alexander and Butler are in their suite.” . Alpha. We took a chance and drove to the highway. with Jackson following quickly behind him. There was no way he was going to deal with any of her shit right then. “Why would she leave without taking her things?” “Maybe she wanted to leave quickly so we wouldn’t try and stop her. “Has anyone seen her?” “I’ll check. but we’ve seen no signs of her. and she was crying? What had happened? The message ended. By the time we got to our truck and made our way out to the entrance of the ranch. his voice filled with pain and loss.” Jackson offered.” Janine told him quickly.” A growl left Jace’s throat.” Janine answered quickly. knowing his tone meant not to mess with him. “No one in the lobby has seen her. Each moment of not knowing where his mate was made him more uneasy. and she was very upset. He pushed the button to call and retrieve his messages. “Alpha. Your mate just left the compound. and I haven’t seen Lucian and Cole. Cole and I are going to follow her to make sure she’s safe. We’re on our way back to the compound now. this is Luc. there was no sign of her. Jackson stood and made his way toward Jace. trying desperately to make sense of the scene before him. and Jace pushed the button to retrieve the last message. It seemed an eternity before he heard Janine’s voice answer. “No. Picking up his phone. It looked like she was crying. “Janine.

Taking a deep breath. she could see how Laurie had lost her heart to them so quickly. he made an obvious effort to calm himself before raising his hand and knocking twice on the door. he took a step back and gestured with his hand to allow them entrance into the room. “Down. boys. with purpose and determination. and he could feel the despair that was consuming him as well. She turned to them and was surprised to see that both men’s eyes were flashing golden. He didn’t remember heading into the kitchen. but it was the pure pain and concern that looked out at her from those eyes that caught her heart. making every effort to calm himself.” Nikki told them. Sitting down. Looking them over from top to bottom and back again. . with bodies wrapped in bulging muscles. then to Alexander. Jace took a deep breath.Laurie’s Loves 201 The immediate tightening in Jace’s chest made him reach for the chair before him. Jackson’s hand on his arm did nothing to soothe him. but there he was. and it looked like their incisors had elongated as they looked at Jace and Jackson. before turning to walk toward Nikki as she sat on the oversized brown suede couch against the far wall of the living room. They could hear the heavy trod of feet approach the door before it was pulled open and Butler stood before them. until he reached the suite of rooms that belonged to Alexander and Butler. if there was such a term. Jace nodded to Butler. There was no doubt in Jackson’s mind that Jace had a plan. Looking up at Jackson. Nikki’s eyes widened in surprise as the two mountainous men made their way toward her. Jackson immediately followed him. She was pulled from her appraisal of them when she heard the warning growls emanating from Alexander and Butler as they took their place on either side of her on the couch. He could feel his tenuous hold on his control slipping. Jace pushed his phone into his pocket then turned and left the kitchen. She could tell by their actions that they truly cared about everyone. He needed Laurie. his eyebrows raised in surprise to see his alpha and beta standing before him. They needed Laurie. he saw the strain on his face. He knew Jackson had heard the messages. They were stunningly gorgeous. Jace took the steps two at a time. Both were well over six feet tall. Ending the connection. Their faces were rugged and beautifully manly. patting their legs reassuringly. Without hesitation. Their eyes were ice blue and soft brown.

waving her hand to dismiss the name she had always given him. too. “What happened?” Nikki asked them. every bad thing that happened.” “She is not responsible for what Pigface did!” Nikki nearly shrieked.” Alexander warned her. “For as long as I’ve known Laurie.” Jace nodded.” His voice brooked no room for refusal. “And stop that mate crap. “She was upset by what happened at the mall. Something has to be wrong. shush. “Her ex. She doesn’t have her phone on. was .” Jackson told her quietly. Alexander. you need to be careful.” Nikki pushed at him.” “Why? Where is she?” Nikki asked worriedly. taking a deep breath to try to calm himself. Then a smile crept over his face. “Mate.” Nikki pointed to the end of the couch where her bag sat next to him. She blames herself for what happened to you and Julia.” Butler warned her gruffly. “What happened?” she repeated. glad that Nikki affirmed his suspicions. I know you need to rest. “We don’t know. taking his phone and quickly programming Laurie’s number into it.202 Lynnette Bernard Jace nodded abruptly. “Pigface?” Jackson asked. “It’s going straight to voice mail. Jace stared at Nikki in shock. “Laurie wouldn’t just leave like that. “You be quiet. Nikki looked up at the two men. He waited silently while Nikki pulled her phone from her purse and flipped it open. his voice tinged with humor. “Give me my purse. Turning to Jackson. “Nikki. pushing speed dial to connect to Laurie’s phone. but we need to know if you can help us get in contact with Laurie. “Oh. reaching for her arms to grip them while wrapping their arms around her waist to hold her steady. trying to stand but wobbling a little. Jace rubbed his hands over his face. “Program her number in for me. he’s had her convinced that every bad thing he did.” Jace handed Nikki his phone.” Nikki warned him. ignoring both of them to focus on Jace. Both Alexander and Butler were by her side immediately. her forehead creased with concern.” Nikki explained. she put out her hand to take his phone to do the same for him. not budging him an inch. Nikki didn’t even hesitate.” “Nikki.

When Alexander stepped up behind her and encircled her in his embrace.” she told them quietly. And if that didn’t scare the shit out of her. He’s been harassing her for the last fifteen years that they’ve been divorced. “Please don’t tire yourself. exhaustion overtaking her. “Watch me!” Nikki nearly shouted at them. raising her index finger to point at them both. and her eyes narrowed as she sized them up. nothing would.” she told them.” . you can’t threaten our alpha and beta.” Alexander told her sternly. I hate that guy!” Nikki looked up at Jace and Jackson. she was powerless to stop the feelings of yearning she had to truly belong to them. woman. she was aware that she was only able to do so because they allowed it.” Nikki stopped struggling immediately. “You will get out of my face before I show you just how I’ll injure you. “Please accept our apology. “If you disrespect Laurie in any way. “I will not apologize for what I said.” “Nikki!” Alexander and Butler both gasped at the same time. I couldn’t bear to see you suffering again. she lost her fight. “Please. if you crush her spirit and make her feel worthless again. “Honey. “You will calm yourself. you big Neanderthal!” Butler turned to face her and reached out to hold her tightly against his chest.” Alexander whispered against her neck.” he warned her angrily. “I’ll do the same to you if you think you’re going to tell me what to do or what to say!” “Alpha. Mate. you big jerk!” Nikki struggled against Butler’s chest with no results. and for the entire five years that they were married. if you hurt her in any way. her voice strong and sure. No one except Laurie and her children had ever cared if she was ever hurt in her entire life. she faced Jace and Jackson again. It rips my heart out. Alexander’s genuine concern for her took her by surprise. Pulling away from both of them. Turning. “Don’t you dare apologize for me. I will rip your dicks off. God.Laurie’s Loves 203 her fault.” Nikki grabbed Butler by the shoulder and pushed with all her strength.” Butler stepped forward and lowered his head. Standing between the two men who held her so gently. “I will not allow you to hurt Laurie. before you injure yourself further. “I’m only going to warn you both one time.

204 Lynnette Bernard Jace smiled down at Nikki. too.” he told her honestly.” Jace promised. “I’ll bet Laurie does. “All right then. “We both like our dicks exactly where they are. “You have nothing to apologize for. See that you do. Jackson and I would never hurt her.” “We will. Nikki. .” she teased. smiling.” Nikki remained silent for a moment before nodding when she accepted what he had said.” Nikki laughed despite her worries. “Laurie has a good friend and protector in you. But you don’t need to worry. We want to protect and love her for the rest of our lives.

She didn’t understand it. taking what meager savings she had and carrying the money and all their personal documents in a small fire safe she had tucked away in the trunk of her car.Laurie’s Loves 205 Chapter 20 Laurie’s heart was racing as she turned onto the long driveway that lead to the Circle Three Ranch. Laurie also took the time to close out her bank accounts. They contacted the college that both Mia and Dean would be attending in the fall to give them the address of the Circle Three Ranch so that any materials they needed would be sent there. but she couldn’t deny the need she had to be with them. Laurie had all three of their cell phones changed to new. She hadn’t been able to eat much. They couldn’t take any chances that Patrick would be able to find them and hurt them. They also put into place restrictions so that no information would be given out to anyone but the three of them. so they wouldn’t show up on caller ID. She and Dean had stayed at the hospital with Mia until she was released. there really wasn’t much for them to take. It took them no time at all to pack their few personal items. as was Laurie’s. their clothes. it would be a while before his new girlfriend could post bail. Hopefully. The panic attacks she’d been having had also taken their toll on her. Since it was a furnished apartment. She hadn’t been sleeping. unlisted numbers that were blocked. some picture albums. It had been a long three days. but it felt good that they were getting away before Patrick was released from jail. feeling nauseous and exhausted almost constantly. Each day away from Jace and Jackson actually made her physically ache. they had made plans to separate and travel around the Colorado area in opposite directions for a day. to touch them. and she knew she looked awful. just in case . going back to their apartment and packing up what little they had. When they had left their apartment. and their materials for school. Dean’s car was packed to overflowing.

Their despair slammed into her and nearly brought her to her knees. she envisioned a small window within the bubble of protection opening and felt herself searching for Jace and Jackson. Parking the car. Closing her eyes.206 Lynnette Bernard they were being followed. **** Jace looked across the kitchen table to the pack’s doctor and the young man who had been a recent intruder on their land. The last check-in phone call Laurie had received from Mia let her know that they were about two hours behind her. shutting the door quietly and leaning against the car for support. Her heart beat a rapid tattoo against her ribs. every bit of loss that they had suffered by her absence. and past Janine as she stood behind the check-in counter. Just looking at the result of this boy’s beating . I want to come home. she made her way through the lodge. The young man’s face was still horribly bruised. and his left eye was still swollen shut. to the private residence behind it. Jace. Only once they were sure they were not being followed did they head toward their true destination. She could feel every bit of anguish they felt. She didn’t know what she would do if the men decided they didn’t want her or her children after all. Laurie was actually glad for this. “At least the cars are packed. every bit of loneliness that consumed them. and she prayed she was still welcome. Jackson. With hesitance. Both Doc and Mitchell sat quietly before him. she pictured the heavy metal chest she had shielded herself in opening slowly. The main building for the tourists loomed before her. and she couldn’t keep the fear from her thoughts as she walked slowly up the main steps. Very carefully. and we can just move on if they don’t want us. she unbuckled her seatbelt and opened the driver’s side door to step out of the car and stand beside it. Her heart whispered to them. past the curious glances of the pack members in the main room. to be replaced by a white light of protection.” Laurie told herself as she drove toward the ranch. She couldn’t stop the tears that filled her eyes at the aching love she could feel they had for her. so she would have some time with Jace and Jackson before the kids arrived at the ranch.

well. waiting to hear what Doc had to say.” “This is your pack now. You are not bad luck. “I know you’re trying to be supportive.” His clear gray eyes were filled with pain as he looked at Jace. pulling them back to the situation at hand. “He appears to have a dormant gene that may or may not be activated once he finds his triad partner.Laurie’s Loves 207 made Jace’s anger build. Mitchell.” Jace reminded him. resigned to his fate. his role as alpha making him give this cub what he needed. I can’t shift. He turned to the doctor and nodded at him. It was rolling through them both in waves that neither man was able to control. In the current state of turmoil that they both were in. I’m a freak and bad luck. “I’ve run quite a few tests on Mitchell. I’ll be moving on as soon as I’m healed. he could feel his control on his emotions slipping more and more as the days passed without their mate’s presence in their lives. his voice soothing. Jackson knew that he wasn’t physically or emotionally able to give Jace the support he would need if he lost control. It was his job to see to the welfare of his pack. “You are not a freak.” There was no room for argument in Jace’s voice. “I was wrong to come here. It had been a long time since he had talked with his fists. “Alpha. he knew Jace could feel his anxiety. I don’t have a triad partner. “You don’t know that. Alpha.” Mitchell began sadly.” Doc Barrett told them. No alpha worth his title would ever rule his pack with violence. but you have to know that there is something wrong with me. He was in the perfect mood to have a serious talk with Mitchell’s old pack leader. Mitchell. “I have a theory that Mitchell did not have a triad partner in his old pack because he . And Mitchell was now a member of his pack. “Continue. Jackson’s own mental state was beyond despair. And you will not be leaving here. his voice low. Jackson could feel Jace’s emotions tearing him apart. but it was one discussion he was looking forward to having. I don’t want to bring bad luck to your pack.” The doctor cleared his throat. Doc.” “Doc. Jackson stood silently behind Jace. Despite his attempts to shut himself off from his alpha.” he began hesitantly. “Yes. He was barely holding it together. I won’t find my triad partner. Since Laurie’s disappearance. neither was in any shape to calm the other.” the young man interrupted. My dream was probably just wishful thinking that I would actually find my triad partner.” Jace interrupted.

you couldn’t have your first shift. We went through our first shifts together. “Okay. that bond will cause a spark in the dormant gene in his DNA sequencing.” Jace looked at the young man. It makes sense that you would find your triad partner here. “Sometimes I have my moments of brilliance. “I think you’ve created a monster. Mitchell.” he told him finally. I also think that once he finds his triad partner here. it made sense that he would find his triad partner within their pack. So if he was pack. “You were meant to be a member of our pack.” Getting up. “That’s a nice fairy tale. Does that make sense. “We all have known our triad partners since we were kids. “Mitchell. If you didn’t have your triad partner with you. “Now that we’ve established that you’re going to be staying with us. He wouldn’t have been able to sense his emotions otherwise.208 Lynnette Bernard was destined to find him in our pack.” . He could feel his pain. I think Doc is right. but it’s not gonna happen.” he told him. and he’ll be able to shift. Doc. Just that fact alone made him know that Mitchell was indeed part of his pack.” “What do you mean?” “I want you to think about what you want to do. “That’s great. it also explains why you can’t shift.” Mitchell looked at Jackson with shock on his face before he sobered and looked back down at his hands.” Jackson offered. his voice sure. Jackson smiled a half smile. surprised and encouraged by Doc’s words. Think about what college you want to attend. You’re going to be a productive member of this pack.” “Really?” Jackson finally spoke.” “If you think about it.” Jace said quietly. not really able to put his heart into it. “I think I’d like to do more tests on some triad partners who haven’t found their mates yet. Their blood composition might show something different in its genetic makeup than what’s in Mitchell’s blood. it does. shrugging.” Doc answered slowly. Jackson. Doc?” “Actually. unsuspecting triad partners that would become Doc’s pincushion for a while. and the way to do that is to arm yourself with education. once they bond. we need to make plans for your future. Jace couldn’t stop the grin that briefly came to him as he thought of the poor. Doc left the room in a hurry.” Jace’s voice was strong as he turned to the young man.

What good would talking about it do? It wouldn’t bring her back. “And you’re going to decide what you want to go to college for. “Yes. his eyes meeting and holding Jackson’s gaze. And the baby that she carried. “I’ll do any labor you want me to do to help support this pack. “You did a good job. They physically ached for her touch.” “Yes. I owe you my life. Never in a million years had he ever thought or hoped to have the ability to better himself. I can’t afford to go to college.” Jace’s voice was hard as he looked across at him with eyes that flashed with anger. They would never feel the warmth of her caring and love. my friend. It hurt too much to try to talk. One day of her cell phone going to voice mail and two days of hearing a recording that her phone number was no longer in service had made them accept that she was lost to them. The reality of the situation hurt them beyond devastation. he bowed his head in deference to both men and turned to leave the kitchen. smiling sadly. They would never hold Laurie in their arms again or see her smile. their future.” Jackson told him quietly. Neither had words for the other. Standing.” he said finally.” he finally whispered. They loved her. Jackson waited until the door closed behind Mitchell before he walked around the table to take the seat Mitchell had just vacated. Jace nodded and looked across the table. was also lost to them. every bone in his body screaming with exhaustion. “You look like hell. They sat in silence for a moment. They would never see Laurie growing round with their child. we will have this discussion again so we can see how you can help us with the skills you have learned. you do. And when you graduate.” Jackson answered. “So do you. They needed her to help them control their anger and their pain. and the pack will provide the tuition for you to learn your profession. He thought he was destined to a life of misery. taking in the dark circles under his best friend’s eyes and the defeated way that he held his body. to be alone and struggling for the rest of his life. And what would they say? They missed Laurie.” Mitchell said quietly. Alpha.Laurie’s Loves 209 “Alpha. They would be deprived of the feel their . their child. Jace.” Mitchell’s eyes grew large with surprise. He sat back and sighed. leaving an empty chair between him and Jace.

They would never see Laurie again. Both men looked at her silently. Their life had become a living hell. They held their breath as they heard her soft footsteps hesitantly enter the kitchen. or seeing her nurse at Laurie’s breasts. Jackson nodded. Laurie’s soft voice came through in a blinding white light of feeling.210 Lynnette Bernard child’s first movements within their mate’s womb. “Hi. hold her in their arms. Neither moved. They turned as one to face the entrance. and then she would hand two pieces to me and two pieces to my grandfather. They would never know the love of their daughter. Jace. too. She knew she was in no better shape.” Their hearts raced as the feeling of Laurie’s presence came nearer. She would take an apple and peel it in one long continuous spiral strip. and my grandfather and I would watch her and smile. she pulled out the empty chair between them. Jackson. she opened a drawer and took out a sharp knife. unsure if their sorrow had finally made them lose their minds. “I felt her. “When I was a teenager. Both men looked at each other in shock. It always amazed us how she could do that and never break the strip.” Jace and Jackson watched silently as Laurie peeled the apple just as she said her grandmother used to. I used to visit my grandmother and grandfather. Turning silently and walking toward the sink. sat down. They remained silent as she made her way around the table to step behind the empty chair that sat between them. “When my grandmother finished peeling the apple. My grandmother would sit down at the table between me and my grandfather and talk to us quietly about her day. Going back to the table. or participate in the joy of helping to raise her. “Did you hear that?” Jace asked. being a part of the miraculous birth of their baby. The dark circles under their eyes and the paleness of their skin also concerned her.” Her voice was barely a whisper.” . shock freezing them in place as they saw Laurie walk in slowly. his voice barely above a whisper. she would cut it into four pieces and cut out the core. I want to come home. She saw the raw pain in their eyes as they looked up at her. almost afraid to speak. and reached for an apple that was in the bowl on the table.

feeling that his hold on his human side was more fragile. and she reached out with her other hand to lightly touch his arm. handing two pieces to Jace and two pieces to Jackson. she placed a gentle kiss on his forehead before stepping back and releasing her hold on him. and he found his center as Laurie’s hands led him to total and complete surrender.Laurie’s Loves 211 Laurie did as she explained. unsure what to do or say. she faced Jace first. She got into the habit of doing it every night for him. His breathing settled into a slow rhythm. The moment she made contact with him and began to massage his temples and the sides of his head. Her heart actually hurt as she acknowledged that their pain was because of her. The immediate feeling of peace and love that transmitted through them was louder and clearer than any words or any story could ever be. his eyes clear as he watched her. only knowing that her touch had calmed him in a way that he only was able to feel when he was with her. knowing he was relaxing. The men took the pieces from her without a word. she carded her fingers through his hair and began a slow massage of his scalp. Laurie watched him with tears in her eyes as he chewed. she watched him do the same. Jace closed his eyes and relaxed under the gentle caressing of her fingers against his temples and scalp. The delicate balance between their two natures was nearly destroyed. . she told me that cutting up that apple always calmed my grandfather down after a stressful day at his job. It was also her way of spoiling him and letting him know just how much he meant to her.” Jace slowly brought a piece of apple to his mouth. Even though her intent was to help him relax and feel the tenderness that he needed to keep control of his humanity. she stepped closer to Jackson and lifted her hands to sink her fingers through the softness of his curls. She reached out and touched his arm gently. biting it and chewing slowly. Laurie looked at him and smiled. Laurie could sense the echoes of pain that lingered inside both men’s heads. she realized with sudden fear that Jackson’s hold on humanity was nearly as fragile as Jace’s. it helped ease her own pain at being away from them for so long. Turning. Reaching up. Leaning down. Because of her. Turning to Jackson. They had nearly lost themselves to their wolves because of her. He looked up at her silently. It was her way of showing him how much she loved him. Standing. “One night while my grandmother and I sat on their front porch.

“I know. breathing in her scent as if only it could give him what he needed to breathe.” she told them. “We tried calling you but couldn’t get through. When she felt Jackson finally relax.” she protested against Jace’s chest. Mia told me that her father ran her off the road.212 Lynnette Bernard “I’m so sorry. There was no doubt in her mind what she needed to tell them both. sending the chair he had been sitting on flying across the room. “I’ve missed you. she kissed his forehead tenderly. “I had to get to the hospital.” “You told Vera?” Jace pushed her away from his chest to look down at her with murderous intent.” “Why did you leave without telling us what was wrong?” Jackson’s voice cracked as he finally gave way to the tears he had been holding back for three days. When I got there. . “What about your daughter?” Jackson asked her. She only hoped she was the one who could give them what they needed. nearly unable to speak because of the emotions that were clogging her throat.” She barely got the words out when Jace bolted to his feet.” “Is Mia all right?” Jace asked. The noise behind them proved Jackson was a split second behind Jace’s instincts as his chair thudded against the wall and his arms encircled them both.” Laurie explained quickly. “I didn’t want to tell her what happened because I didn’t want her to know about my daughter. He reached out and grabbed Laurie by the arms and pulled her into his embrace. “Mate. crushing her to his chest. She couldn’t hide anymore. I feel the same way. “My daughter was in a car accident. “Where have you been?” Jace muttered against the top of her head.” Jackson whispered against the back of her neck. “I told Vera to tell you I had a family emergency. looking at both of them with tears in her eyes. then lowered her hands and took a step back to face both men. concern evident in his face. barely able to hold his anger in check.” Both men’s immediate growls filled the kitchen. She couldn’t let her fear stop her from being honest with them. turning her to face him. They deserved the best in life.” she finally whispered. “I love you.

damn it! We belong with you. Two—we never got your message from Vera. I will find you and turn you over my knee and paddle that sweet little ass of yours until you can’t sit down for a month! Am I clear?” His voice was pure alpha now. But if you had opened your link to us immediately. “In case you hadn’t noticed. I don’t have a little ass.” Jace pushed away from her in anger. Laurie. You’re our mate.” Jace began. I thought if I left. She had hurt them. “The kids and I decided to take you up on your offer for us to live here with you. I’ve told you that before. “I’m sorry. But then I got the phone call from the police telling me about my daughter’s accident. She had been wrong. They will live here. realizing. Never question that. sending Laurie’s heart to her stomach. luckily. But we can’t face a life without you in it. “And three—if you ever.Laurie’s Loves 213 Laurie nodded. She was pretty bruised up. looking up at Jace with tears in her eyes. and he’s being held until bail can be raised. She turned and looked at Jackson. “I told the kids you would welcome them into your family. and Laurie could see the wolf within him fighting to get out. we would have known what had happened and would have gone with you. “Three things. His anger flashed in his eyes. and our pack will welcome them and protect them. how inadequate her explanation was. “Yes. and I ran to her without thinking about anything but getting to her. She’s going to be pretty sore for a while.” Laurie’s voice was quiet as she looked at both men. The chills at his power and his tender words of love filled Laurie’s heart near to bursting. But she pressed charges against Patrick.” She looked up at both men.” Laurie hesitated. and then I had all our numbers changed so Patrick couldn’t harass us anymore. I couldn’t use my phone in the hospital. If you still want us.” Laurie teased. leave us or close us out of your mind again. seeing his anger melt at her comment. as she told them. “By the time we packed . I will deal with her directly. ever. We’re here to help you and to share your life with you. Believe me.” she whispered sincerely. “One—your children are our children. They didn’t want her or her kids. As a team.” His voice softened with the last sentence. trying very hard to keep his voice down. That includes joys and problems. “I closed myself off from you because I didn’t want to hurt you with the threat from Patrick. I could protect all of you. the three of us can face anything. her fear making her chest hurt.

biting down gently. Laurie touched his head gently. “What. Laurie laughed. Leaning forward and pushing up her T-shirt.” Her head lowered in defeat and shame. sniffing her tears indelicately. she laughed. hugging her tightly. his voice hoarse with want. lifted her shirt and pulled down the waist of her jeans to place a tender kiss just below her belly button. “Hold that thought. so I kept myself closed off until I got here. running her fingers through his soft curls. whispering against her. When they felt the emotions that reached out from Laurie until they were surrounded by her love and her sorrow. turning to Jackson and smiling. they stepped toward her as one. touching and petting Jace’s head as he kissed her belly and leaned his cheek against her. Jace reached out and tugged at Laurie to have her stand between his legs.” Laurie told them. Call me when you get here. his eyes sparkling as he looked up at her. pulling at her hips and drawing her toward him as she made her phone call. honey?” she asked. “What are you guys doing?” “Just welcoming our family home. relief evident on their faces. I’ll meet you outside the lodge. he kissed her belly gently. She giggled and looked down at both men. “Mia.” he told her.” . “I’m truly sorry. then turning and winking at Jace.” Both men looked at her silently then looked at each other.214 Lynnette Bernard up and drove here I was afraid that you wouldn’t want us. “I think you have a perfect ass. “Okay. Taking the phone away from her ear. She could feel Jace’s chest move against her face as he chuckled. taking her in their arms and holding her tightly. “We’re going to drag you up to our bedroom and claim you again.” Jackson whispered against the side of her neck. laughing as she pushed out of their arms and pulled her cell phone from her pocket. Jackson tugged her toward him. where are you?” Laurie spoke into the phone. Both men stepped back then sat down in two of the chairs that still stood next to the kitchen table.” Jackson told her. then gasped as he bit down on her shoulder with a little more force. Laurie laughed and put the phone back to her ear. Good.

Jackson smiled down at her and leaned in to kiss her lips gently. “I would like that. loving the softness of his eyes as he looked down at her. She would never tire of looking at him. She took a cleansing breath. allowing her worry to show. Do you think you can get some people to help us unload the cars when they get here?” Jace nodded and stood. Jackson smiled and held her possessively against his chest. “What I want to do is bury myself deep inside your sweet body until you scream my name. embracing her so tightly she could barely breathe. “Love you. kissing her one last time before gently placing her in Jackson’s waiting arms. loving her with his mouth. finally feeling as if everything was as it should be. Pulling back. grabbing Laurie and covering her mouth with his in one swift move. I told them to drive around for a while when they left Denver so they would lose anyone who might be following them. They should be here in about two hours. Jackson?” she asked quietly. Laurie closed her eyes. Mate. he smiled down at her. holding her against him as he tasted her. smiling when he turned into her hand and nuzzled it before kissing her palm lightly and licking it.” he told her as he slowly licked her lips before claiming them once again. When he pulled away and looked down at her. looking up at him with eyes glazed with passion and filled with tears.Laurie’s Loves 215 She closed her phone and stepped out of her mates’ embraces.” he whispered. “Laurie. Laurie reached up and touched his cheek tenderly. I love you with all that I am. too. Laurie smiled and looked up at Jackson. she was dazed and nearly limp in his arms. She looked at Jackson and smiled.” she whispered. But it was the feeling of love that they surrounded her with that made her finally accept that what they felt for her was deep and lasting. obviously struggling to control himself. He turned and walked toward the main lodge to gather his men to be ready to help when the kids arrived. “The kids are still on the highway. We split up to make sure we weren’t being followed. . Her men’s words of love were sincere and wonderful to hear. “Do you have a welcome home kiss for me.” he whispered against the top of her head.

” She hesitated.216 Lynnette Bernard “What’s wrong.” Jackson whispered. looking toward Jace as he returned to the kitchen and stood beside them. unable to form words at the relief and pleasure they were feeling. Getting stronger every day. petting them and loving them as she sat in the big chair that they had shared not so many nights ago. . “She’s good. we’ll all come right now. “I’m not sure if it will be enough. Is that okay?” Both men growled at the image Laurie sent them of her kissing and hugging them in their wolf forms. Both men tightened their hold on her. sweetheart?” Jackson asked. “I promise it won’t happen again. Mate?” he asked. “And how do you plan on doing that. you’re killing us.” she told them honestly. The feeling of total acceptance of their wolves and the honest joy she felt when she spent time with them in that form seeped into their hearts and lifted their souls.” Laurie whispered. seeing the difficulty Jace was having at controlling his wolf. reaching down to adjust his cock. “Hell!” Jace whispered. reaching up to gently caress his face. But she’s not happy about being unable to get in touch with you. “If I send you a vision of what I’m going to do with you. but I want you to go and let your wolves run for a while tonight and then come up on the deck so I can pet and hold them. “How’s Nikki?” she asked quietly. Laurie looked at both men and smiled sadly. palming his own cock through his jeans and squeezing to send just enough pain to lessen his erection. “That will soothe the wolf. “I’m sorry. his voice deep with emotion and need. his voice hoarse with emotion. “I need to soothe your wolf. his eyes glowing briefly with anger. reaching up to gently touch her face. What are you going to do to soothe the man?” Jackson asked her quietly. they saw that she still wore the bracelet with the charm of her with their wolves. The joy at that display of her acceptance of them made them relax against her. “Baby. As she leaned back and lifted her hand to wipe the tears from her eyes. looking down at her.” Jace said sternly.” Jace was momentarily shocked by her understanding that the wolf within him was pacing restlessly.

Laurie quickly told Nikki what had happened. Jace took her hand in his and pulled her out of the kitchen and up the wide staircase. He swatted her bottom lightly and laughed when her hands quickly covered her ass. As he followed Jace into their bedroom. She wanted to show them how much she loved them.” Jace growled at her before turning to open their bedroom door and striding inside. As she stroked their cocks. And she did love them with every ounce of her being. and then I’m going to go to our room and I’m going to love you both so good. They would have plenty of time to catch up after Laurie showed some loving to her men. As she placed her hand on the doorknob to their room. Nikki understood. .” she told them softly.Laurie’s Loves 217 Laurie gasped and pulled both men’s hands away. He reached for her then and kissed her quickly. laughing as she waved her hands at Laurie to shoo her away. and she giggled as she ran up the stairs to Alexander and Butler’s suite. Anticipation of their desires made her blood race. turning her to face Jackson so he could also kiss her. his heart suddenly light and free. covering both bulges and caressing them tenderly. She wanted to caress them. “I want you to go up to our room and get undressed. she moaned at the feel of their lengths under her hands. butterflies raced in her stomach. pushing into her hands and closing their eyes as pleasure rushed through them. apologizing for making her worry and explaining that she couldn’t stay because she had two men to show how much she missed them. **** True to her word.” she whispered worriedly. He quickly pulled her from Jackson’s arms and pushed her toward the stairway. His own joy was projected back to the two of them. Both men groaned at her touch. She wanted them. Jackson could feel the happiness from both Jace and Laurie. “I’m going to go up to talk to Nikki for five minutes to let her know what happened. “Make it fast. “Don’t hurt yourselves. not stopping until the three of them stood before their bedroom.” Before she could say another word. his only thought was of how quickly they could get Laurie naked.

she took her breasts in her hands and squeezed them carefully. Reaching up. Jace had her lifted into his arms and splayed out on their bed. She nearly cried at the realization. His hand skated down her body to reach her core and stroke her hard and swollen clit as Jace lapped her juices. Their erections drew her attention. she stepped inside and smiled as two very handsome and naked men walked toward her. loved her. She reached down and hooked her index fingers into the waistband of her panties and pushed them down her legs. silently waiting to see what she wanted. Standing there before them in her pink bra and panties. watching as both men’s eyes flashed golden when she sucked their essence into her mouth and licked her thumbs clean. She smiled as she saw their cocks leaking as they watched her.218 Lynnette Bernard Opening the door. his face buried in her sweet pussy. Reaching behind her. catching the drops of pre-cum and bringing them slowly toward her mouth. she pushed them to the floor.” Jace groaned. Their desire and excitement was for her. and wanted her. “Baby. And she could feel through their shared link that their desire for her was because they cared about her. sucking and biting her gently as his passion grew. Smiling softly. She raised her hands to stop their advancement. moaning at the feel of her breasts pressed against his chest. causing both men to moan. They stopped. you’re so wet. she smiled at the growls that rumbled from their chests. lapping at her wetness as Jackson claimed her mouth and drew her against his body. Both men gasped as the sweet scent of her arousal reached them. Reaching out. reaching deep inside her with a gentle finger to search for her sweet spot. In two seconds flat. and she looked at them without embarrassment. She ran her thumbs across the heads. Both men stared at her movements as if in a trance. carefully stepping out of them and walking toward her men. she reached down and grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head. she unclasped her bra and pulled it forward to let it fall from her fingertips. . Unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans. she took their incredibly swollen shafts into her hands and pulled up on them gently. She was especially tender lately and was careful when she rubbed her fingertips across her already peaked nipples. stepping out of her sneakers and kicking the jeans to the side.

Please. “I need to be inside you. Squeezing a generous amount onto his fingers. Laurie smiled. she kissed him. he squeezed .” Jace told her. climbing up her body and nuzzling against her neck. holding Jackson against her as he kissed her slowly. “We can get more salve from Martha.Laurie’s Loves 219 Laurie mewled with pleasure as her orgasm tore through her. his kisses growing rougher. “I need you both inside me to claim me again. Jace nodded. Laurie straddled Jackson slowly. They would never risk causing her any pain or put their baby in any danger. stroking it tenderly before placing it within the engorged folds of her pussy. “Jace. “You’re always careful. Jackson smiled against her mouth. Both men growled as their wolves fought to claim her and bond with her again. capturing his moans with her mouth.” she whispered. Laurie looked at him. Leaning down. It took all of their strength to hold back to let Laurie control the mating. he reached out and inserted them into Laurie’s already stretched vagina. looking over her shoulder at the man who looked at her with raw need. reaching for the bottle of lube that was in the drawer of the nightstand. She lowered herself slowly down onto his incredible thickness. He smiled as he heard both Laurie and Jackson moan as he carefully pushed his fingers in and out.” Jace warned her quietly.” she whispered. “I want you both inside me again. He couldn’t stop the growl of need that escaped him as he felt how wet she was for the both of them. not stopping until he was fully and deeply imbedded inside of her. just like you did before. excited beyond reason at the way she clutched his body and dug her nails into him when she exploded in ecstasy. reaching out to touch Jace’s face. her gaze sleepy as the orgasm abated. spreading the lube. He carefully soothed the lube within her velvet warmth.” After struggling with the decision for a moment. pushing at Jackson until he lay back against the mattress.” “We need to be careful. Pulling his fingers out. reaching down to take his shaft in her hand. and her heart sang at the tenderness and care they both showed her. loving the silky feel of her. thinking about the baby that was so new growing inside of her.” she told them. and you can make me all better later. He projected his concern to Jackson and saw that Jackson had the same worry.” she teased. “I need you inside me.

greasing it from base to tip. and they found the spot where they had already marked Laurie’s shoulders with their mating marks and bit down. As their climax neared. When his entire length was settled inside of their mate. drawing in her blood and coming deep inside her at the same time. moaning at the feel of his hand moving across his sensitive length until he was at the mushroom head. They gasped as Laurie’s body gripped and squeezed their oversensitized shafts as her orgasm rippled through her. It was only a matter of moments until all sane thought was gone as they were swept up in the intensity of their joining. Between the lube and the precum that dripped from him. Jace’s movement matched Jackson’s as he pushed back into Laurie slowly. both men held her tightly between them. unable to release their hold on her. The sounds of their lovemaking echoed in the silence of the room. Jace smiled and began a slow pull out of Laurie’s sweet passage. they were never letting her go. lifting his body to get as deep as possible with each plunge into their mate’s sweet body. Laurie’s scream of pleasure heightened their own. groaning at the tightness and the warmth that their mate’s body held for them. his heart pounding. Jackson pushed in deeper.220 Lynnette Bernard some more lube onto his hand and reached for his cock. Their cocks knotted deep inside Laurie. He was experiencing such complete peace and happiness that he couldn’t stop himself from projecting his feelings to both of his triad mates. The love and happiness that they projected back to him through their bond made tears come to his eyes. somebody move. he should be able to get inside Laurie’s glorious pussy without too much difficulty. both Jace and Jackson’s incisors lengthened. . Taking hold of his shaft. Not moving. Now that she had come back.” Laurie’s voice was strained as she finally spoke. Their rhythm was slow and gentle. he stilled. “Please. It took a few strokes in and out until Laurie’s body opened to accommodate the both of them. and their bodies spurted stream after stream of seed deep within her. he carefully guided himself into Laurie alongside Jackson’s shaft. and both men sighed with contentment at the connection to their mate. Jackson’s cock sliding out with his.

Our baby is making her tired. carefully pushing the ointment into her welcoming channel and over her swollen lips. “Just really tired. Jackson nodded and blinked away the tears of happiness that came to his eyes. Together. content and happy for the first time in three days. Jace carefully pulled out of the warmth of their mate. and they were glad that she was finally resting. they licked her sensitive tissues. darlin’.” “K. And their baby was growing peacefully within her welcoming womb. “Just rest. When he returned to the bed.Laurie’s Loves 221 “That was wonderful. To stay. Laurie was finally home. She remained asleep through their entire ministrations. they gently applied the soothing salve into Laurie’s sweet pussy.” Laurie whispered.” Laurie whispered. he handed Jackson a warm cloth to clean himself. Pulling the covers over the three of them. Jace lay next to Laurie and reached out slowly to tenderly cover her abdomen with his large hand. Taking turns. “Yes. allowing the healing properties of their saliva to heal whatever soreness they had caused. “Are you okay. “We’ll take care of you. smiling against Jackson’s chest. He lifted her off of Jackson and gently laid her next to his triad partner.” Jace’s deep voice made her shiver as he kissed the back of her neck gently.” Jace told her finally. projecting his concern for her to Jace. drifting off immediately. Jackson smiled down at her sleeping form. then slowly parted Laurie’s legs and tenderly wiped away their combined seed.” she told them. Once their mating knots released. reaching out to touch her face lightly as Jace went to the bathroom to get a warm cloth to clean their mate. His voice whispered in Jackson’s head. The possessive feelings that slammed through his body were sent back to him from Jackson. laughing quietly. it was. He smiled when he felt Jackson’s hand next to his. honey?” Jackson asked her.” Jace lifted his head and met Jackson’s smiling eyes knowingly. They would sleep for just a little while. **** . “I’m great.

baby. I’ll be out front waiting for you. loving the feel of her taut nipple under the palm of his hand. Their concern for her was overwhelming. Reaching out and touching their faces gently. “So are the men soothed?” she asked quietly. Jackson laughed and leaned down to kiss her lips gently. Unable to put into words how much their care meant to her. “How are you feeling?” Jace asked her. honey. Laurie’s intake of breath caused both men to pull back and look down at her. enjoying the closeness of her. “Where are you?” Jace nuzzled against her neck. Grabbing it quickly.” Jackson told her. “I’m good. “What’s wrong?” Laurie couldn’t even speak. his concern evident on his face. just tired. reaching down to gently cup her mound and pet her carefully. “Baby?” Jackson asked her carefully. protected.” “We took care of you while you were sleeping.” he told her. stretching and arching her back as total satisfaction raced through her body. She felt cherished. “We used the healing salve Martha gave us after we licked your sweet pussy. and loved. his hand resting possessively on her breast.” she whispered. Jace stumbled from the bed to pull it from Laurie’s jeans that were still on the floor by the door. kissing her once more before leaning back so Jace could kiss her as well. “Mia?” she asked. There were tears in her eyes as she looked up at them. The fact that they had taken care of her while she was sleeping proved how much they truly did care about her. “I’m not really sore. He remained still as she spoke on the phone.” he whispered against her lips. “Okay. she couldn’t help but blush as she remembered what they had just done. She didn’t feel uncomfortable with their treatment of her while she was asleep. who took it and opened it quickly. “You did?” Jace nodded and nuzzled his face against her neck. “Yes. he climbed back onto the bed and handed it to Laurie. What they saw surprised them. she opened her heart to them through their link and surrounded them in warmth and love . her voice rough with sleep.” She closed the phone and smiled at the men who were looking at her so calmly.222 Lynnette Bernard Laurie’s phone woke them.

A man had no right to look that good. “I can dress myself.” he told her as he helped her get out of bed. Jackson chuckled quietly. Laurie. kissing her quickly before going to the doorway to retrieve Laurie’s clothes. and Laurie felt bathed in their love. Laurie smiled and watched Jace’s hot ass as he walked toward his clothes. exasperated.” He opened the door. laying them on the bed and reaching out to pick up her underwear. reaching out to cover her left breast with his hand and caress it lovingly. He walked back toward her. “God. “The kids will be here in about twenty minutes. They couldn’t help but return the feeling. He dressed quickly and walked toward the bedroom door.” she told him. she had to admit that she enjoyed Jackson’s help. and she saw his erect cock standing proudly as he faced her. Jace turned back toward her and smiled.” Laurie muttered. Laurie turned to face Jackson. and she looked up to face two very handsome and happy faces. extending his hand to offer them to her. his eyes sparkling with happiness. his voice deep with emotion. She felt her hands being covered as the sheet was drawn down. Despite her determination to dress herself. “I’ll be in the front of the lodge with the pack. “We feel the same way about you.” Jace told her. kissing her sweetly before leaving the bed. stroking her hands down their backs as she held them in her arms. Come down when you’re ready. She felt the bed dip with the weight of her men as they climbed up beside her. “I’ll help you get dressed. He was smiling down at her. Jackson. and he winked at her.” she told them lazily. turning to wink at her before leaving and closing the door behind him. She especially enjoyed the kisses he lavished on her body before he covered her with the .Laurie’s Loves 223 so deep they looked down at her with awe and happiness. Jace pulled out of her embrace. this is so embarrassing. “I’ll make sure our pack is ready to meet us outside to help unload the cars. pulling the sheet over her head. “Now what fun is that?” he teased. Laurie laughed and reached for her clothes. kissing her nose lightly before getting off the bed. She blushed deeply when she realized that she had let them hear her thoughts.” Jackson left her side. Jackson’s equally hot ass turned.

her belly filled with their child. It wasn’t right that they had to grow up thinking they weren’t good enough for their father. Jackson. “Would you have liked it if Jace and my babies were growing inside of you?” It was as close as he could get to finding out if she might be accepting of her pregnancy. and he turned to face her with confusion. Jackson smiled and pulled her toward the doorway. Pure joy rushed through him at the vision of her standing before him. Picturing the way he and Jace held her between them.” Laurie’s eyes filled with tears at his easy acceptance that her children belonged to them. baby. “Our kids are waiting for us to help them. “I wish it were true. sorrow surrounding her as she walked away from him and made her way to the front of the lodge. “Yes. looking up at him in confusion. made him feel deeply happy and content. “That was a beautiful vision. “Do you mean if I would like it if Mia and Dean came from you and Jace?” she asked. Jackson nodded. Are you okay with that?” Laurie nodded and reached to wrap her arms around his waist. Thank you. She pulled at his hand to stop him. I wish you both helped me to make my children. “You have no idea how much I wish they really were your babies. There were tears in her eyes when she looked up at him.” she whispered against his chest.” She pulled away from him then. You would have loved them and protected them as they deserved. laying their hands on her swollen stomach to feel their baby moving. Jackson reached up and stroked the back of her head gently.” Jackson smiled down at her. “Your children belong to me and Jace now. “Laurie?” “Our kids?” she whispered. Once they were both dressed. Jackson . but inside his brain was running wild with the thoughts of Laurie in her final stages of pregnancy. His face softened with understanding. his heart pounding with love at her words. waiting patiently. laughing. too.” he told her. our kids.224 Lynnette Bernard articles of clothing. Laurie made a quick stop in the bathroom and walked out to step into Jackson’s waiting arms.” he told her sincerely. He knew that Laurie had seen his vision when she gasped and looked up at him in surprise. not speaking. “Come on.

The thought of her being pregnant. their children. There was a definite jaunty spring to his step as he followed their mate outside. know that they belonged with the pack and would be cherished and loved. getting pregnant again.Laurie’s Loves 225 hesitated a moment. knowing only time would help Laurie and her children. And so would the baby she was carrying and the babies she would be carrying. . and he and Jace getting her pregnant made him deliriously happy. And horny.

Jace stood to her right. He watched as the car came to a halt and the engine was turned off. Once she was standing a moment and had achieved her footing. elbowing him quickly before she made her way down the stairs to stand at the bottom to wait for Dean’s car to come to a complete stop before her. ma’am. She heard you. Jace looked at Jackson. Jace laughed and looked at Jackson.” . Look how cute our mate is when she’s nervous.” “Yes. Jace. “Shush!” Laurie whispered. He pulled her carefully and slowly out of the car. I’ll be fine once I move around. “Just stiff from sitting in the car for so long. Jackson smiled over at Jace as he watched Laurie twist her hands nervously.” Mia answered quickly. The driver’s side door opened. barely containing her nervousness as she watched her son’s car pull into the long driveway that led to the ranch entrance. “How are you feeling. and he saw the same concern in his face as they watched the young girl accept the young man’s help. “I’m okay. Laurie went to the girl immediately and carefully embraced her. Mia?” she asked worriedly.” she whispered.226 Lynnette Bernard Chapter 21 Laurie stood on the front steps of the main lodge. stepping down to stand beside her. walking around the front of the car to kiss Laurie’s cheek quickly before continuing around to open the passenger side door and reach in to help a young girl out. the young man stepped away and waited until she was clear of the car before shutting the door behind her. winking at Laurie as she turned around and glared at them both. and a young man stepped out. joy filling him that she was open to their thoughts and feelings again. and Jackson walked over and stood to her left.” Jace drawled. waiting beside her. “Stop teasing. Jackson nodded. “and come here please.

“Welcome to the Circle Three Ranch. She was so proud of them for protecting her. “We’ll give you both a chance because we love our mother. He could scent their honesty and caring.” He reached out and offered his hand first to Mia and then to Dean. this is my daughter Mia and my son Dean.” Jace greeted them. reaching out to take hold of Dean’s hand as they stood before Jace and Jackson. “No one is ever going to cause one moment of pain in our mother’s life again. Crossing his arms across his broad chest.” Laurie introduced them proudly. and feeling the rightness of it when they finally did. Both children looked like their mother. Jackson was careful not to project his thoughts to Laurie. a bit of hostility. her eyes firing with a warning as she looked both men over with a seriousness that would make any alpha proud. “You don’t want to mess with us. she was proud that they were strong enough to face Jace and Jackson without hesitation. She hoped they would respect the strength of character that her children showed. But she really didn’t need it. or if you hurt her. stepping forward. Jace. He could feel the goodness in them. too. Not with these men.” As much as Laurie was stunned by her children’s comments.” Dean took a step forward to shield both his sister and his mother from both men.” Mia began. if he was not mistaken. Both children stepped back. there won’t be a place in this world that you’ll be able to hide from us. “Jace. Jackson.” he told them quietly. too. he looked both men up and down. But if you disrespect her in any way. . his biceps bulging as he fought to control his anger. We’ll hunt you down and make sure you never hurt another living soul again. and Dean assumed a pose that showed both men that he was not a pushover. smiling inside when he saw their hesitance at accepting it. She remained silent. I feel it. Jace felt everything settle into place. “And welcome to the family. waiting for her mates’ reactions.Laurie’s Loves 227 Laurie took Mia’s hand in hers as she led them to the steps of the lodge. And. Jackson offered his hand and waited for them to do the same with him. Looking at the three of them as they stood before him. “Just so you know.

right now. we expect you to come and talk to us about it. We couldn’t hurt her.228 Lynnette Bernard “Since you want to talk about this out here. “Okay.” he said quietly. They’re awesome. “Yeah. he faced Jace and Jackson accusingly. “No. And that’s just the way we want it.” Jace added. then turned to each other and came to an unspoken agreement. they didn’t do this to me.” a voice from the top step spoke up.” Mia answered seriously. his authority evident. they turned as one and faced the two men who professed to care about their mother. or with your life here. Reaching out to hold onto Dean’s arm. “Your mother is our mate. reaching out to take Mia’s elbow and hold her hand as he turned to face Dean.” “Really?” Dean asked as they helped Mia up the stairs.” . Mitchell came down the steps quickly. “Who messed you up?” Turning. “I really need to lie down.” “If you have a problem with us. Jace and Jackson have taken me in and have been great. “She looks pretty banged up. “I used to live with another pack.” he told him honestly.” Mitchell told him quietly. and they did this to me. Dean’s shocked expression as he looked at Mitchell’s bruises was hard to mask. I like living here with this family. “Is this how you treat members of your family?” Before Jace or Jackson could protest.” Jackson finally spoke up. I was in pretty bad shape.” “Let me help you. And you don’t have to worry about having to deal with us if we mess up. speaking for them both. and we expect any issues to be brought forward immediately.” “Our lives are complete now that she’s here with us. we’ll accommodate you. We cherish her. his tone sure. they’ve been great to me. “We work together for the good of everyone. “I don’t know what would have happened to me if they hadn’t allowed me to stay.” Jace nodded to both Mia and Dean. “Dude!” he said in horror. Mitchell reached out and touched Dean’s shoulder with his free hand. “And we’re glad you’ll both be staying here as part of our family. Nodding.” He waited silently as both kids looked them over. she finally gave in to her exhaustion. I’m sure your mother won’t let us get away with anything.

He never could tolerate bullies.” she told them. unsure. watching as the members of their pack. Mia. “Come on.” Mitchell looked up and saw that Dean wasn’t angry with him.” Jackson spoke up as more of their pack members descended the stairs to help with the unloading. “You have to know my sister. He was not going to allow his mate to carry one thing from the cars. “Don’t be. “I’m fine. And he would keep an eye on Mitchell just to make sure no one else caused him any more harm.” Martha whispered against her face. Mom. it took no time at all before everyone was inside and seated at the kitchen table with Martha fussing over them. turning to run back down the stairs.” Laurie stepped back and smiled. relieved. pulling out of Mitchell’s and her brother’s careful holds. “Bring everything up to the second floor into our private quarters. Laurie was happy to see her and all but melted in her arms as the older woman embraced her. Mitchell stepped back immediately.” Dean told him. Jace was by her side immediately. their new family. “My boys were beside themselves with worry while you were gone. and then we’ll tackle sorting out their things. He had been bullied by his own father his entire life. quickly unloaded the cars and carried their meager belongings into the lodge. Laurie.” Dean said finally. With so many people helping.Laurie’s Loves 229 Dean looked at Mitchell with evaluating eyes. “I’m so happy you’re home. and he wouldn’t let anyone else suffer the same fate if he could help it. “Do you want help unloading your car?” he offered. They can have my old room and Jace’s old room. “Okay. The look she gave Dean and Mitchell was a combination of annoyance and exhaustion.” he whispered. She’s a force to be reckoned with. He would reserve judgment on Jace and Jackson. “That would be great.” .” Dean told him. “Let’s get inside so you can sit down and rest. Her job would be to direct them where she wanted everything. “We’ll get everyone something to eat. looking down at his feet. “I’m sorry. He smiled back at him.” Mia stopped on the top step and took a steadying breath. where should be put all our crap?” Laurie laughed and stepped forward to open her car and reach in to take the first load of belongings from the trunk. touching his shoulder and smiling.

and I know you have to be exhausted.” Martha stepped back and crossed her arms as anger consumed her.” Jace told her as he came up behind Laurie and pulled her back into his arms. and get some sleep. covering her belly with his hand as he held her to him. too. It’s late. “I’ll deal with her later. are you okay?” . I don’t know why she didn’t. She had been around enough pregnant pack members to pick up on the subtle change and know that Laurie was pregnant. “Let’s get something to eat.” Martha smiled at her then looked up at Jace. “Hey. melting against the strength behind her. that’s why. Both kids went to her immediately and let her hug and kiss and fuss over them.” she spat out.” Dean greeted her. “I guess these last few days have really taken their toll on me. Martha turned away quickly so Laurie wouldn’t see her tears of happiness.” Laurie whispered back. A squeal of delight came from the kitchen entrance. It’s good to see you. turning to gently take Mia into her embrace. honey. Bless the Fates! Not only were there two new children to add to their family. kissing it lightly and breathing her scent in deeply. “I am pretty tired. Nikki shushed them impatiently and waved her hand back at them. effectively dismissing their jealousy. “Hi. get everyone settled. “I do. He knew Martha could tell there was a change in Laurie’s scent. confused. Martha. Aunt Nikki. but there was going to be a cub born to Jace and Jackson. letting her know not to say anything. “Why would she be jealous of me?” “Because she wants her daughter to be mated to your men. turning all attention to Nikki as she rushed toward Mia and Dean with her arms spread open. The growls from the two men behind her were immediate.” Laurie admitted. “Stop it!” she told them quickly. He shook his head just once.” he whispered against Laurie’s neck. “That jealous old biddy!” “What do you mean?” Laurie asked. Laurie would soon know that she was pregnant. I can barely keep my eyes open lately. Martha. and Martha prayed she would be happy.” Martha answered curtly.230 Lynnette Bernard “I’m sorry. laughing as he embraced her and kissed her cheek lightly. “I told Vera to tell them that I had a family emergency.

She smiled and reached out to hold his hand. Jace and Jackson’s thoughts of love and caring surrounded her. lightly licking her lips before giving her one more kiss. wrapping her arms around her waist and hugging her lightly. loving that he immediately entwined their fingers as he led her to the table and pulled out a chair for her to sit. sit and relax. “I could go for a pizza. Laurie looked at her daughter with obvious love in her eyes. She hoped with all her heart that her mother had finally found the love and caring that she deserved. cherished. he leaned down and kissed her tenderly. He immediately sat beside her at the head of the table. allowing Nikki to soothe her briefly before carefully stepping out of her embrace to look toward her mother as she stood next to the two men who seemed to really care for her. “Martha. his eyes sparkling with pleasure as he looked down at her. running her hand gently down the soft brown tresses of her hair. I think you need to eat and rest while we visit with the pack. Without hesitation. “I’m sore but getting better.” he told her before she could fuss about making dinner. loving. Jackson chuckled and reached down to touch Laurie’s cheek gently. She was so proud of her. “I’m proud of you. sending them the warmth of her appreciation and smiling when she saw their eyes flare with happiness and need at the feel of her sharing with them. Aunt Nikki. She couldn’t help the tears that filled her eyes. . And so the pregnancy cravings begin. She was grateful for the emotions they sent to her through their bond. Jackson’s voice held humor. Mate.” she said angrily. He turned to Jace and couldn’t stop the grin that spread across his face. “He’s hurt us for the last time. “Pizza it is. yet they had remained kind.” Mia nodded silently. making her feel protected and. looking at Jace with longing. She turned to smile at both of them.” Nikki nodded and kissed the top of Mia’s head.” Mia told her quietly. but much more. and supportive people. for the first time in her life.” he said quietly.Laurie’s Loves 231 Mia leaned against Nikki.” Laurie spoke up. They had survived a life of abuse and poverty with her. She was proud of both of her children. honey. You did the right thing by pressing charges. “Damn straight. Jace’s voice was warm and caring in her head. We’ll order take out.

He couldn’t help the surge of happiness that he felt. . knowing that the baby growing inside their mate was already making its presence known.232 Lynnette Bernard Jace smiled and nodded.

Martha had fussed over both her children. She settled back against the lounge chair and smiled as the wolves stepped up onto the deck. She was happy to see that Dean was already becoming fast friends with Mitchell and knew her son would be just what the young man needed to help him get over his insecurity of being new to the pack. It was Dean’s way. Little Tammy had already stolen their hearts. waiting with anticipation for the two wolves to reach her.Laurie’s Loves 233 Chapter 22 Sitting on the oversized lounge chair on the back deck. Mia had set herself up as protector as far back as Laurie could remember. Everyone was finally settled in for the night. Laurie sighed contentedly. Despite Mia and Dean’s wariness. He would make sure that the abused man would be looked out for. No matter how many times she saw them in their wolf form. she could tell that they were already warming to their new family. Shadows emerging from the tree line surrounding the ranch drew Laurie’s attention. coming to stand on either side of her chair. Julia had made Mia laugh. Yet here she was. . she would have thought them certifiable. wanting to welcome them into her embrace and hold them. It was about time her daughter could enjoy herself and not worry so much. and Laurie knew the woman was sincere in her welcome and immediate acceptance of them. Her heart sped up at the sight of the two beautiful wolves walking toward her. Dean would be good for Mitchell. their steps quick and sure. but Laurie knew they would soon feel welcomed and a part of Jace and Jackson’s pack. it still sent a thrill of wonder through her. Both were tired and a little unsure. The kids were safely tucked away in their new rooms. and Laurie could never thank her enough for helping her daughter see humor again. If someone would have asked her just two weeks ago if she could ever believe in the possibility of wolf shifters.

The soft rumble of their contented growls made her smile. ghosting his hand across Laurie’s forehead to gently caress her cheek. . Laurie patted the spots on either side of her then held her arms out wide to the beautiful wolves. In the darkness of the back deck. Jackson moved slightly and nuzzled his nose against Laurie’s neck.” she told them. “She’s so tired. drawing them toward her until they were both resting their heads on her shoulders and their bodies lay flush against her sides.234 Lynnette Bernard waiting patiently. Jace’s deep voice echoed soothingly in her mind. content to sit quietly and listen to the soothing sounds of the night. “Can you understand me when you’re in your wolf form?” She looked down at them. Laurie smiled and scratched his head behind his ears. leaning forward to kiss her softly. She reveled in the feel of their weight against her and sighed contentedly. laughing out loud at his satisfied rumblings.” she told them quietly.” she told them. When you pet us like this. running her hands slowly down the softness of their pelts. Laurie settled into the warmth of the wolves’ bodies and found herself dozing off. “You’re beautiful. absently petting them as she spoke. They cuddled her into their arms and held her tightly against them. “I love holding you against me. Both wolves climbed up onto the chair and settled on their haunches. her voice soft with wonderment. loving the way she immediately reached out to hold their arms tightly against her chest. “Come up here. making her giggle at the touch of his soft tongue. waiting patiently for them to somehow answer her. her voice barely above a whisper. the two wolves transformed into men and embraced their sleeping mate.” She leaned forward and nuzzled against their faces. “You guys are so easy. “I still can’t believe the magic of you both. Laurie smiled and reached out to stroke their heads. it’s difficult to think of anything but your touch.” she told them honestly. “Can you talk to me through our bond?” Yes. She loved their strength and felt warm and protected as they lay against her.” Jackson whispered. sweetheart. The same sounds escaped Jackson as he received the same scratch. Closing her eyes. They settled back in the lounge. licking her slowly. and she hugged them to her tightly for a minute before resuming her petting. waiting.

leaning in and kissing his neck gently. laughing against the back of their mate’s neck. his voice conveying his worry.” he said quietly.Laurie’s Loves 235 Jace smiled and settled his hand on Laurie’s belly. and she moved restlessly. Jackson began to worry that he didn’t want to answer because he felt the same fear that Laurie would not be happy to know that she was pregnant. too. Now all they needed to get her to accept was that they would be there for her for the rest of their lives. knowing the wonderful secret within her. “I’ve got you.” he whispered. .” Jackson chuckled low in his chest. “I want to touch her all the time. “We have to make sure she rests as much as she can. “Me. Laurie turned into Jace’s arms.” she whispered. And forget about when the baby is born.” Jace smiled. baby. Jackson nodded and smiled. settling in and relaxing against him. “Jackson?” Her voice held confusion. his chest squeezing tightly at the total joy he felt as he touched her. “Do you think she’ll be okay with this. “That’s going to be easy. As Laurie settled back against him and rested comfortably between the warmth of their bodies. Laurie sighed softly.” Jace whispered as he pulled her tighter into his embrace. reaching out to touch Laurie’s hand and bring it to his chest. his eyes hard with determination. “I’ll want to hold and love that cub forever. Jackson moved closer to her and embraced her from behind. “I think she’ll be more afraid to be alone to have the baby. settling his hands firmly around her waist and holding her tightly.” Jace said finally. I can’t even imagine how much more possessive I’m going to be when she starts showing.” Jackson nodded. “Jace. “I don’t think her reaction will be based on her want of our baby. “I think she’ll finally accept that we’ll always be there for her and our babies by the time we get to the third pregnancy.” Jackson said softly.” He kissed her knuckles softly before returning her hand to her lap. he could feel her body relaxing and giving herself to them both. caressing it lightly. Jace was quiet for a very long time. knowing they would take care of her as she slept. snuggling against his chest and tucking her head under his chin. “We’ll just have to show her that we’ll be with her every step of the way.” He turned to Jackson. Jace?” he asked.

Jace’s voice echoed in Jackson’s head alone. he touched Jackson’s shoulder in support. “I’m sorry I fell asleep. and they held her gently between them. Jace. “Why are you blushing?” Jace asked her softly. Reaching out. leaving her vulnerable within the pack as well. opening her eyes to see that both of her men were watching her silently. “At least I have a few more weeks to rest before I have to go back to school. And we’ll be there to support her in whatever she decides. Jackson reached up and tugged on the silky strand of hair that rested lightly across her breasts. I have a feeling that it will all work out. But we can tell her how much we’ll miss her. They wanted to support her decision. “You sleep as much as you want. Don’t worry. “Your body must need the rest. will it? We’ll see.” he told her sweetly. her voice soft with sleep. rubbing her eyes in an attempt to wake herself up. And they still had to deal with the prophecy that Martha had told them about. too. He could feel the concern and worry emanating from Jackson and did his best to shield Laurie from it. Neither man had thought about the possibility of Laurie leaving to go back to work at the beginning of the school year. We want you to take care of yourself. But we don’t have to worry about it yet. leaning forward to taste her lips with a gentle kiss. Their eyes were smiling. honey. She blushed profusely when she realized that she had fallen asleep on them.” she apologized. . I don’t know if I’ll be able to be parted from her. We will deal with this. She has to find out about the baby first. He had to settle himself.236 Lynnette Bernard **** Laurie stretched slowly. I know. Being mated to him and Jackson would put her in a position of power that would open her up to attacks from other packs. Me.” Jace looked at Jackson in concern. That won’t be suffocating.” Laurie smiled and pushed her hair from her face. but they feared for her safety. Her face was adorable as she looked up at both of the men. Jackson.

Laurie backed up until she was at the edge of the steps. Is she amazing or what! Jace chuffed in agreement. sparkling blue light surrounding them as their wolf forms took possession of them. Her sweet scent was easy to pick up. Waiting. Her scent was masked by the water. And she was exactly what their wolves needed. Their mate was amazing. Jackson certainly had that right. crossing their arms across their chests and looking at her with unbridled lust. The half moon sent a subtle light over the water and the . She smiled at them and winked. There was a shimmer of blue. Jace began to worry. The five minutes they waited served to heighten their excitement. unsure where their mate was. When they reached the lake at the edge of the clearing. She was just what they needed. sitting there all naked and gorgeous. breathing in deeply to find their mate’s scent. The men rose and faced her silently. “Laurie. They paced restlessly. “You look awesome. their wolves fighting for release as they stalked her.” Both men smiled. in search of their mate. The men shifted immediately. too. they took one step toward her. “I want you to give me five minutes. It was quiet except for the sounds of the night animals.Laurie’s Loves 237 Laurie scooted down off the front of the lounge chair to turn and stand before them. and the two men walked toward the pile of clothing that sat at the edge of the lake. Jackson close on his heels. Then you need to shift and see if you can catch me. Having the five minute head start had certainly given her somewhat of an advantage. They looked across the rippling water. and they raced to follow her. but their wolves’ powerful bodies ate up the distance between them quickly. where are you?” Jace called out into the darkness of the night. After a few moments. panic nearly overtaking him. both wolves skidded to a halt. Laurie turned and ran down the steps.” Before the men had a chance to answer. With each step she took. anxious to run after their mate. It seemed like it took forever before Jace finally leaped from the deck. laughing as she raced across the open expanse of the field. He looked at Jackson.

Jackson came up behind her and kissed her shoulder gently. She sent a silent prayer of thanks to the Fates who had destined them to find each other.238 Lynnette Bernard surrounding area. Laurie reached up to wrap one arm around Jackson’s neck while her other hand held the back of Jace’s head to her as he made love to her breast. She laughed as she dipped backward to smooth her hair back from her face. “It took you long enough. “Hi. finally diving deep beneath the surface to come up on either side of her. kissing her neck tenderly. gloriously naked. They raced toward her. He had never felt so free. Mate. their bodies cleanly slicing through the seasonably warm liquid as they dove into the water.” she whispered against Jackson’s mouth before turning to Jace and reaching up to touch his face gently. lifting her legs to wrap around Jace’s waist. “I love you. Both men growled and ran toward the water. growling at the feel of her naked breasts against his chest. offering them to Jace. I need you. who leaned forward to take a pebbled nipple between his lips and draw her soft breast deeper into his mouth. Laurie laughed and reached out to hold both men to her. their powerful strokes quickly eating up the distance. Every moment of pain and loneliness in her life seemed to melt away under the tender love of these two men. She could feel their erections bumping . but they still couldn’t see their mate. the action causing her to arch her breasts up and expose them to the cool night air. her laughter gently dying away as she leaned in to kiss them both lazily. “I love you both so much. This woman had come to mean more to him than he could have ever thought possible. engulfing her in their embrace. while Jackson moved to get closer.” The men moved as one. moaning softly as Jackson’s hands smoothed over her body to gently caress her breasts. slowly biting down on his mating mark. “Please. and so content. There was a rush of water as Laurie’s body burst up through the lake’s surface until she stood before them. unable to keep her emotions in. so happy. He lifted them carefully. Laurie leaned back against him. as Jace had told her repeatedly. The men’s superior vision helped them to see the lake.” Jace laughed and pulled her into his arms.” he whispered.” she moaned.

“I love you.” he told her softly. and her back bowed as Jace thrust into her.” she insisted. his tongue mimicking the movements of his cock plunging in and taking what was his. “You won’t hurt me. “No. She moaned Jace’s name.” Laurie looked at him with nothing short of adoration in her eyes. stilling when his release slammed through him.Laurie’s Loves 239 against her body.” Jace whispered against the side of her face. she held onto him tightly as Jace began to pump into her. She screamed his name as she came. Laurie. causing her breasts to bounce gently in the buoyancy of the water.” he insisted. Both men’s groans filled the silence as she pulled them toward her. causing all lucid thoughts to escape her. Especially now.” she whispered before he took her lips in a tender kiss and pulled her from Jackson’s arms to hold her gently against his body. and she grabbed onto them as a burning need flashed through her.” Laurie’s brow furrowed in confusion. She moaned as his thick cock filled her completely. Unless we’re in our room and we can prepare you with lube. drawing in the sweet taste of her blood as her own orgasm blinded her. “Especially now?” Jace chose that moment to slide inside her. taking his cock from her hold. Jackson growled at the sight of her luscious breasts on display for him. and bit down on his mating mark. knotting deliciously and joining them together securely. Leaning back against Jackson. Each movement she made served to heighten his arousal. He leaned forward. loving the feel of his cock pulsing spurt after spurt of seed deep within her body. “Yes. Jackson reached down and gently placed his hand between her legs. Jace. Jackson eased away from her. “I can’t take the chance of hurting you. ramping up her excitement as Jace sped up with thrusts that increased in depth and force. When at last they lay against each other. He could gladly watch her naked form forever. They could feel the orgasm building in her. there is no way I’m going to take the chance of causing you pain. “You are my life. “I will. opening his mouth as his incisors lengthened. . Her body tightened. slowly rubbing her clit. she lifted her head and looked into the sparkling blue of Jace’s eyes. breathing heavily. kissing her temple softly. and he leaned forward to capture her mouth.

supporting and petting her body as Jackson pumped into her with deep. He placed his hand on Laurie’s belly. “So good. claiming her once again and sending Laurie over the edge as he stilled and emptied his seed within her.” she whispered. Pulling out until just the head of his cock remained inside her. reaching down to search for the bundle of nerves that would send her flying. she took gentle hold of his straining shaft and guided it to the opening of her body. Jackson’s thrusts grew erratic. They were truly blessed with this beautiful gift that Laurie was giving them. You’re more than we could have ever hoped for. Turning slightly. Jace held her against his chest. Reaching down. “You’ve brought us so much love and happiness. He kissed his mating mark gently. He slid her carefully from Jace’s arms and turned her to hold her to him tightly. Jackson looked down at the woman he loved with all his heart and smiled at the way she accepted and enjoyed him. but I’m so grateful that I did.” he whispered in her ear.240 Lynnette Bernard Laurie leaned back and cradled his face in her hands. He rubbed her clit roughly as he saw Jackson lean forward and bite her shoulder.” she whispered. She moaned quietly as the mating knot released. he pushed back into her sweet warmth. . She felt Jackson against her back and reached for him. His heart swelled with love for their little one. feeling the connection to their child immediately. She turned and lovingly opened her arms to Jackson. We never thought we would ever find our triad mate. It was so exquisitely tender that Laurie couldn’t prevent the tears that filled her eyes. reaching out to him. she saw that there were tears in his eyes as he looked at her. careful thrusts. They were both determined to make Laurie enjoy every moment of lovemaking with them. and Jace’s cock slowly slipped from her body. her eyes filled with tears. “I don’t know what I ever did to deserve finding you and Jackson. moaning as he entered her fully in one long push. Laurie. leaning forward to tenderly kiss his lips. and he knew his triad partner was close to completion. Laurie’s moans made him smile.” He kissed her then. “We’re the ones who have been blessed. He smiled at the care Jackson was taking with their pregnant mate. She was an unbelievable lover who was the perfect fit for them both.

we’ve filled you with more than that.” Jackson whispered.” “Baby. allowing the water to support their bodies as they recovered.Laurie’s Loves 241 His cock swelled. They lay in each other’s arms.” she whispered as she lay against both men in the warm water. joined in intimacy and love. She hoped so. “You go on and get some rest. Jackson. knowing the secret that slept so safely within Laurie’s body was part of the reason for her tiredness.” Jace looked at Jackson and smiled. Laurie wondered if it would always be this way.” she whispered. his heart overflowing with emotion. “You guys are going to have to carry me home.” Laurie sighed and smiled. and the mating knot held them together. She was already asleep.” Laurie whispered against his shoulder as he held her. “You both have filled me up with love. But she didn’t hear him. baby. We’ll carry you home and tuck you into our bed. sweetheart. “Love you. closing her eyes tiredly. . “Don’t worry.” Jace told her quietly.” Jackson whispered against her mouth as he kissed her tenderly. kissing the top of her head tenderly. “I’m so tired. “Love you. “Okay. I can barely move.

They make me want to do things with them that I’ve never in my entire life desired to do. but she couldn’t keep the laughter or her embarrassment from his knowing presence. Stay out of my head. And I have to say. and he wants to compare them to those of us in a bonded triad. He already took samples from unmated triad partners. sweetheart. Doc just wanted some blood samples. Jackson! Her voice was stern. blushing immediately. And the sex! Man! Earth shattering would be putting it mildly. Laurie. Laurie. As soon as we’re finished we’ll head out to the lake to meet you. No one can hear us. I think Jace and I need to take you up to our bedroom and make you scream as you come. Jace and I are just finishing up with Doc. Baby. . He’s still working on trying to figure out why Mitchell isn’t able to shift.242 Lynnette Bernard Chapter 23 Laurie stood silently before the lake. Don’t worry. and the warmth of his happiness spread through her like a warm blanket. but embarrassed her nevertheless. His laughter warmed her. let alone knew how to do! I can hear you. She jumped slightly. I love every minute of it. Jackson! Laurie’s voice admonished him quickly. She smiled. We’re fine. You’re with Doc? Are you two all right? She could hear Jace’s laughter in her head. She never in her life had ever hoped to find such love and tenderness as she found with Jace and Jackson. unable to keep the happiness at bay. looking across its serene stillness as her mind raced with thoughts of the night before. embarrassment making her look around quickly as if someone could hear his words. you’re the one who is showing me your thoughts. Jackson’s voice entered her thoughts.

he was also fair and caring—something Mitchell never knew could be a possibility in pack dynamics. Laurie could see how much it amazed him that the three of them were such a loving family who really were a team that helped each other in every aspect of their lives. “What are you three up to?” she asked them. I’ll wait for you both at the lake. Mia’s protectiveness and caring for all of them was also something that had had a major impact on Mitchell. “I think you guys . smiling as they neared her. “Do you feel like getting away for a while?” Laurie smiled and looked at the three of them. but with both men’s help. Mitchell. And her son’s strength and sense of right and wrong also gave the abused shifter a good indication of what a true friend should be. Dean’s easy humor was a good influence on Mitchell. Her daughter was slowly returning to the confident and strong young woman that she had always been. At first it had scared her and had made her nervous that everything she thought and felt was no longer private. She was really starting to like this bond connection thing. Mitchell was also learning that Jace’s pack was much the same. who seemed to be less jumpy lately. Although Jace was the alpha and ruled with undeniable strength and power. Turning. What the heck was wrong with her? Her emotions were all over the place lately. and Mia walking toward her. She felt the push of warmth that both men sent her through their bond and pictured herself opening her arms to them to hold them to her tightly. she was so happy she could cry. “We were just gonna go to the movies and wanted to know if you wanted to come with us. glad to see that Mia’s injuries were starting to fade and both her body and her spirit were healing. and Laurie couldn’t be happier about it. In fact. she smiled as she saw Dean. Mom. She liked that they were good and truly a bonded triad. she was beginning to learn to control it so that she still had her sense of self and privacy when she needed it. fighting back tears once again at the thought that they wanted to hang out with her.Laurie’s Loves 243 Laurie smiled. It seemed that the three of them had become fast friends.” Dean called to her. She smiled at the three of them. “There you are.” Mia told her as she stood next to her mother.

and we can go. “Let me just grab my purse. Once they got their mom away from the ranch. making her smile. Their mother had never been the recipient of such unselfish giving in her life. and they knew she wasn’t sorry at all. they had all plotted together. And their generosity in getting all of the supplies for the party and the way they helped to organize it with them shocked both Mia and Dean. Mates. and they cherished every thought.244 Lynnette Bernard should go and enjoy yourselves. knowing that her use of the word had just made both men happy. Jace and Jackson had been adamant that no one slip up and ruin the surprise for her.” she relented. The kids and I are going to the movies. Sorry.” Laurie smiled at him. You don’t need your old mother hanging around. Laurie. What? Mates. Nikki and Martha would be decorating the back deck for her surprise birthday party. you’re not old. I like the sound of that. you’re going to make me come. every touch she sent their way. Jackson’s teasing voice filled her with desire as he pushed his thoughts of both men taking her at the same time.” Mia smiled at her brother and nodded. she pushed her thoughts of kissing them both with passion through their link. Jackson’s voice was strained. Jace’s deep voice sent a shiver of desire through her. Jace and Jackson’s contented growls vibrated through her chest. Without hesitation. But they wouldn’t change her honest feelings toward them for the world.” “Ma. honey. “Okay. “Come on. Mission accomplished. Her giggle echoed in her mates’ heads. come with us.” Dean stopped her immediately. . Their mom deserved every bit of happiness that the men were determined to give her. sweetheart. I’m heading up toward the lodge. Although their mother’s birthday wasn’t for another three days. The two men’s obvious love for their mother had gone a long way in endearing them to both Mia and Dean. It had taken them forever to find her. every emotion. Remember what they say about payback. Laurie smiled.

” Janine answered quickly.” Good save.” he answered gruffly.Laurie’s Loves 245 Laurie stumbled slightly as she fought to control her shaking. turning to face Jackson as he sat across from the doctor. Make sure the men guard them until we get there.” Laurie answered quickly. . baby. “Just a little daydreaming. “I heard.” “Call Alexander and Butler and have them go to Laurie and the children. I can’t wait. “Jace. Laurie. “Where is he?” he growled. “Alpha. he pulled the phone from his belt and pressed to connect the call. “He was really creepy.” Janine’s voice spoke quickly across the phone connection. and he just followed him out the door. and his stomach knotted in fear as he felt Jace’s anger curl around him. I told Lucian. there was a man here asking questions about your mate and her children. She was whispering. “I’ll be fine. “Are you okay.” Both men burst through the door of Doc Barrett’s clinic.” he began. He gave me a really bad feeling. Reaching down. and I didn’t watch my footing. Mom?” Mia asked. his wolf close to the surface as the anger consumed him. bringing it quickly to his ear as he leaned back in the chair at Doc Barrett’s office. Jackson. His immediate thought was that their mate was in danger. his anger consuming him. but I don’t think he believed me. “I told him I didn’t know anyone named Laurie Young. **** Jace’s cell phone vibrated at his hip. “Jackson. just see what happens when I get you alone.” He disconnected the call and turned to Jackson. Jackson stood and stepped toward him. shifting immediately as they went. They’re heading toward the back deck of our lodge.” Jace stood immediately. and Jace could hear the fear in her voice. Let’s go. He knew something was wrong. “He just walked out the front door of the main lodge. reaching for her arm to help steady her.

She could smell the overpowering aftershave he wore and felt the familiar body that had abused her for so many years as it was pressed against her. They had always been that way. Laurie turned and reached for Mia’s hand. She was exhausted from the run but was more scared than anything else. and Mitchell followed Laurie as she ran toward the lodge. We’ll be there in just a few minutes. She had to calm down. Just get all of you inside our room and lock the door behind you. . “How do you know?” “Jace just told me. They knew she wouldn’t tell them to do something without just cause. Even as young children. “I warned you.” she explained quickly. we need you to take the children and get inside the lodge as soon as you can. Laurie’s instant fear gripped them both. and she slowed to a stop. We’re almost to the lodge. Mia. bending over and holding her stomach as she took great gasps of breath. She turned to face them when she felt an arm wrap around her waist and saw a masculine hand bring a knife to her neck. and they stumbled as her panic slammed into them. Alexander and Butler will meet us and make sure Patrick won’t hurt us.246 Lynnette Bernard Laurie.” he spoke quietly in her ear. Your father is here. Why. She knew immediately that it was Patrick. honey. and the fear was making it difficult for her to breathe. As the back deck of the lodge came into view. She froze. where are you and the children? Jace’s voice growled through their bond. She couldn’t take care of the kids if she panicked. Dean. We have to get inside the lodge. Just trust me. Laurie was grateful that they didn’t question her words. Laurie breathed a sigh of relief. Don’t worry.” Dean turned to face her immediately. Jace and Jackson are on their way. Come on. “We have to hurry up to the lodge. Why? Are you okay? Baby. Alexander and Butler will meet you. they trusted her implicitly.” Without hesitation. Let’s go. Now all of you are going to pay. Jace? What’s wrong? I think Patrick is here and is looking for the three of you. “I’ll explain it to you later.

” The blade cut a little deeper to make his point.” Laurie told him firmly. Dean.” he warned her. “Oh. Come here. but you are. She would not be the cause of her children doing something to help her and then getting hurt themselves. dismissing the unknown kid beside them. Patrick pressed the knife to Laurie’s throat. fighting the nausea that was welling up inside of her. and blue light encompassed him as he shifted into a light brown wolf with golden streaks and pounced on Patrick. . “You see. Mia. and his body weight slammed the man down to the ground.” Patrick told him. and Mitchell looked at her with wide eyes. Laurie looked up at the sky as she was thrown down and covered by her children in time to see Jace and Jackson in wolf form sail over them to land on Patrick’s chest. his voice deceptively calm. The knife flew from Patrick’s hand as he howled in pain. Laurie kept silent despite the pain. She bit down into her bottom lip to keep the whimper from escaping her. I’ll just kill your mother right here. right now. Both children lunged for her as Mitchell growled. pulling her body tightly against his.” he told her calmly.” Dean reached out and took hold of Mia’s forearm and pulled her behind him. “We’re all going for a little ride.Laurie’s Loves 247 Mia. “Now. if you don’t.” Mia demanded. “If I had stayed married to you. Laurie. His teeth sank into the arm that held the knife. She could feel the emotions roaring through them and knew they were afraid to do anything that might trigger Patrick’s violence toward her. grabbing her hair and preparing to cut deeply into her neck. “Don’t say a word. “I valued my sanity. I would have lost my mind.” “Bitch!” he growled. son. “We’re not going anywhere with you.” He looked at Dean and Mia.” His voice was firm as he stepped toward his mother. stepping forward slowly. Very slowly. “You should never have divorced me. The flurry of movement happened so quickly. “Let her go. And then I’ll kill you both. Two more wolves leaped from the back deck to land on either side of the man as Laurie was pulled away by her children. drawing blood as he slowly sliced into her skin. it took a moment before Laurie realized what was happening.

Mitchell. Laurie caught the towel Martha tossed her and handed it to Mitchell. Dean pulled both Laurie and Mia to their feet and pushed them protectively behind him as he gaped at the wolves in shock. let him go. The other four wolves growled deeply. “Mitchell. There was going to be an abundance of naked men on the back lawn very soon. . their fangs bared. she knew that Laurie. smiling at the blush that covered his cheeks. Mitchell shook his head angrily. Laurie walked to Mitchell carefully and knelt down beside him. Taking in the situation. And you did it to protect me and my children. Mia hung onto his arm as she stepped aside and viewed the surreal scene before her.” Laurie spoke to the young wolf calmly. She was so happy for him. ready to do serious injury. His shift had given him the miraculous ability to heal as was the norm for shifters.248 Lynnette Bernard The vicious growls of all of the wolves filled the air. By that time. and Mia would be. that was awesome!” Dean’s amazed voice broke the silence. “Dude. Dean. You’re a brave wolf. and Patrick’s eyes grew larger as he looked at each one until his eyes rolled back in his head and he lost consciousness. did you really think you would get away with this?” Laurie asked incredulously. Alexander and Butler stood on either side of him. slowly petting him as she tried to calm him. Martha turned to go back into the lodge to quickly return with several large bath towels from the laundry room. their teeth bared and snapping at him.” Mitchell looked up at Laurie with something close to adoration in his eyes. There was a blue shimmer of magic. pulling another sharp cry of pain from Patrick. Nikki. Laurie stepped out from behind them and walked toward the wolves. Nikki and Martha had run out onto the deck.” she told him honestly. growling. “I’m so proud of you. and although the shifters would not be concerned with their nudity. and the young wolf transformed back to his human form. Jace and Jackson leaned over him. “Patrick. “You shifted. Mitchell still had his teeth embedded in Patrick’s forearm and shook it angrily. She was glad to see that his injuries from his beating by his previous alpha were now completely healed.

Alexander and Butler both growled at her at the same time.” Nikki called down to him. “I have?” Mitchell asked. “I don’t know what that means.” he told Butler. she found Jackson’s hand as it cradled her hip and took his within her grasp. Laurie looked up to see that all four wolves had shifted back to their human forms and were wrapping towels around their waists. Jackson reached for her and pulled her onto his lap as he sat quickly to cushion her fall and cuddled her in his lap. His triad partner. “I’ve only met Dean. “No. . his voice dying out as he looked up at his new friend. “Woman. “Yeah right. “Aw. but if meeting me made you shift. “It’s the first time I’ve ever shifted into my wolf form. Jace was beside her immediately. touching her face as the anger left him and concern took its place. and you are nothing like him.” “That’s because you found your triad partner. Reaching down.” Butler told her angrily. snapping the order angrily before returning his gaze to Laurie. that’s freakin’ amazing!” Dean told him. Laurie reached up and touched his face gently. wasn’t it?” Mitchell agreed. I didn’t get a good look at all that naked flesh before you guys covered up. “In your dreams.” Laurie laughed quietly then found her legs giving out on her as her nerves took over. buddy. “Find out what happened to Lucian.” Nikki complained from the deck. “I should have killed him. and she felt herself falling to the ground. you will not look at anyone but your mates. I never could before.” she said firmly.Laurie’s Loves 249 Mitchell looked up at Dean and smiled.” She leaned forward and kissed his lips tenderly. facing his men with fire in his eyes. running her hand down his shoulder to hold his hand in hers. confused. “It was. totally in awe of him. grateful that Martha had thought to get them. entwining her fingers with them both.” he protested.” he commanded Alexander quickly. “I love you. He reached out and held his hand to her throat to try to stop the blood that was escaping her in a steady stream from the wound in her neck.” she whispered as their heads leaned in to rest against hers. “That would make you as bad as he is. “Get Doc Barrett.” he whispered angrily.” Jace’s deep voice startled them.

” Jackson whispered against the side of her face. baby. But Dean had just one question for him. Dean just smiled. “And don’t you even start about how cool it is to be a triad partner to a wolf!” she told her brother. She couldn’t help but smile at her fierce little warrior. “And then we’re going to have a long talk about all this wolf business. too?” . She looked up at Dean and saw that he stood there with a wide grin on his face.250 Lynnette Bernard “We love you. “Let’s call the police and get this piece of trash taken away. “So damned much!” “Okay. “Way to keep a secret. Mom!” she told her proudly. “Do I get to shift into a wolf. Mom.” Mia crossed her arms across her chest.” Laurie looked up and saw her beautiful daughter looking down at her with determination. poking him in the chest as he stood beside her.” Mia’s voice chimed in. her voice conveying her amazement. He looked at Mitchell and saw his new friend looking at him in wonder.

and she had blushed at the memory of everyone looking at her with knowing smiles. and all the ways they had reassured her that they loved and desired her just as she was. She wasn’t a small woman. Only when everyone was satisfied that she had been taken care of and her wound was not life threatening. but her curves were proportionate. never had been. She was relieved that they were . she couldn’t help but become overwhelmed with anxiety. She brushed her hair slowly. It didn’t matter how long they were divorced. did everyone stop hovering over her. Patrick’s intrusion in her life once again had that effect on her. As she had sat on the steps of the back deck. Doc Barrett had cleared his throat softly to remind them that they were surrounded by people. wanting to look perfect for the two men who waited for her in their bedroom. she couldn’t help but wince at the pain. She could be considered attractive. but she had been so caught up in the sensuality of feeling their tongues against her neck that she found herself clutching their arms and pulling them toward her. Jace and Jackson certainly made her feel that way. both Jace and Jackson had licked the wound repeatedly. Gently touching the bandage that covered her throat.Laurie’s Loves 251 Chapter 24 Laurie looked at her reflection in the full-length mirror in their bathroom. her men had given the doctor the space he needed to dress the wound. Men liked that. Laurie was relieved when Officers Clayton Forest and Hunter Stewart arrived and took up their time and attention. right? She looked at her face. Even after all that they had been through. determined to help the healing process along. she lightly passed her hand over the lavender negligee. Lowering the hairbrush to the counter. His cruel words and actions still sent her into a tailspin of insecurity and despair. her breasts on the large side. Her hips were full. Finally. She tried to look at herself objectively. turning her head first to one side and then the other. He had methodically destroyed her confidence over the years.

No one would believe him anyway. and caring leader of his pack. It wasn’t long before there had been a constant stream of visitors as each pack member stopped by to show their concern and support. It seemed as if the entire pack had just needed to be together. Jace had reminded her that Hunter and Clay would be sure to keep the details of the wolf shifters out of the incident report since the crime being committed was committed by a human. Luc had recovered quickly. He had stood before Jace utterly dejected. She had worried when she had found out that Patrick had caught Lucian by surprise and had knocked him out with one of the fireplace logs that had been stacked outside the visitors’ lodge.252 Lynnette Bernard already familiar with her ex from the fiasco at the mall. He was a good. Luc had apologized profusely for allowing Patrick to get past him. He was shaking with fear as Alexander whispered something to him before he was lead away. but now she was speechless as the pack showed her just how much they truly cared about her as well. When she had seen the relief on Luc’s face as he had nodded and lowered his head. she had to fight back the tears at the sense of respect. If the crime had been committed by a shifter. She had been especially glad to see Lucian and Cole come by. . Laurie had been awed by their kindness and had nearly cried at the way every member had welcomed her children when they had arrived at the ranch. insisting that Luc was not responsible for what had happened. feeling totally responsible for putting Laurie and her children at risk. Jace. She doubted he would confess to such insanity. Jace had put a stop to his apologies. the kids had decided to forgo the movie. Thankfully. She would always be amazed by the healing capabilities that the wolf shifters had. Laurie had a feeling that Patrick wouldn’t be telling anyone about his wolf experience. and justice that was at the heart of this incredible group of people. would have made a swift and fair judgment to protect the pack. wanting to spend the night relaxing quietly in the living room instead. as ruling alpha. Patrick did not fare as well. and she felt safe knowing that they were part of Jace’s pack. Once the officers had left with Patrick in custody. honor. Laurie was so proud of her mate. baring his throat in deference to Jace. Laurie was proud of her children as they spoke clearly and without fear to the officers. fair.

she immediately froze. Pulling herself back to the present. The negligee fell to just above her knees and swirled out in a full skirt of decadent silk fabric that made her feel very feminine as it brushed against her thighs.” he finally whispered. molding itself to her. tenderly petting her hip as he leaned in to claim her lips. Both men were standing before her. because I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of you either. reminding Laurie that his wolf wanted her just as much as the man did. she had been relieved to see that the five of them seemed so at ease with each other. reaching up to hold onto his forearm. she pushed aside her fears and turned to exit the bathroom. “I can’t get enough of you. “Do you like it?” she asked hesitantly. The neckline of the soft lavender lace plunged to just below her breasts. Their feelings of desire surrounded her immediately. pulling away from her mouth to look down at her. A giggle escaped her at the thought. her hand squeezing tightly as the sensations of his touch fired through her body. filled with wonder that this amazing woman belonged to them.” he whispered. Nikki and Julia had insisted that it fit her perfectly. she took one more glance at her reflection in the mirror. She also hadn’t missed the glances the two men had kept stealing at Mia. turning his head and biting down on her shoulder. he kissed it tenderly. Laurie smiled up at both men. “I’m glad. Jace wrapped his arms around her waist. her voice barely above a whisper. rumbling growls emanating from deep within their chests. leaning in to kiss her neck. Both men quickly closed the distance that separated them from her. Would Jace and Jackson like the way she looked in it? Taking a calming breath. Jackson’s hand immediately covered her left breast.” she told them. beautifully framing her breasts and giving just a hint of her nipples through the soft silk that covered them.Laurie’s Loves 253 When she had seen Luc and Cole make their way over to her children and Mitchell. . you’re gorgeous. She wanted to please her men. His eyes flashed golden for a brief moment. Laving his tongue over the mating mark he had renewed there just the night before. tenderly stroking her nipple through the nearly sheer material. How in the world had this happened? Her men? Really? When she stepped out into the bedroom. “Baby. She was surprised by the fact that she actually felt sexy in the negligee. She gasped at his contact.

They had feared for her safety as well as Mia’s and Dean’s.” Laurie climbed in and sighed as the coolness of the sheets surrounded her. careful not to disturb her. “Sleep. Just lie back and rest and let us hold you. and she stepped toward him immediately. She watched with admiration as both men began to take off their clothes. Jackson nodded and leaned forward to kiss her cheek softly. And they also worried for the baby she was carrying. Jace couldn’t prevent the growl that escaped him as he held her tighter against his body. her breasts. leaning forward to turn the blankets down before turning back to Laurie. I would have lost my mind. I know. Me. sweetheart. Laurie had been lulled to sleep by her men’s deep voices and soothing touches. her face. Jackson’s voice broke as he thought of a future without her. needing to feel her against him. kissing her lightly as he moved closer to her so that his entire body lay flush against hers. even breathing. We’ll have to tell the kids to move the surprise party for their mom to another day. They were both determined that she relax after all that had happened to her.” he told her gently. We almost lost her today. The stress and injury her mama had sustained could not have been good for their little one. Jace smiled as he felt her body relax against them and heard her soft. she allowed herself to finally relax after such a stressful day. she felt her pulse quicken. she knew what it was to be truly cherished. “We’ll take care of you. “Climb in. Before she realized it. When they stripped off their jeans and climbed in on either side of her. She could feel her eyes closing as their warmth soothed her.254 Lynnette Bernard Jackson stepped back and walked to their bed. too.” Jackson’s voice soothed her as he moved closer to her. revealing their tanned and muscular physiques. . holding her gently. resting against her. He held out his hand. baby.” Jace’s voice whispered against her temple. “You’ve had a tough day. feeling them caress her arms. Jackson. Seeing their bodies rippling with power as their muscles moved. reaching out to take his hand and allowing him to guide her to the bed. With them beside her.

They are. allowing him to concentrate on the love the children had for Laurie. her voice soft. Do you mind?” She looked at them worriedly and waited for their answer. “I couldn’t be happier. “I think I’m pregnant again. His hand settled around her to gently hold her around her waist. We’re lucky. she pulled him toward her until his body spooned hers. Jace saw himself sitting down beside them both. playing with their daughter. He had no words to express how much it meant to him that not only did Laurie want children with them. but she also envisioned the joy of raising a family with them. “Do you mind being pregnant again?” Laurie smiled at them both. They looked at her silently. Could life get any better than this? Jackson’s voice spoke exactly what Jace was feeling. Jace.” the Laurie in the vision told them. They really are good kids.” vision Jace told her. Both men were silent as they held her.” The vision ended as Laurie turned on her side to face Jackson. entered both of their minds. Jace. She was laughing and reaching out to hand the toddler to Jackson before leaning over to kiss him sweetly as he sat on the floor beside her. Laurie’s hand reached back. “Sweetheart. unable to stop the tears that filled her eyes. . leaning forward to kiss her lips gently.Laurie’s Loves 255 Jackson’s voice soothed Jace. aren’t they? Jace’s voice was soft in Jackson’s head. and a cub on the way. “I have something to tell you both. Finding his hip. we already knew. lovingly petting his daughter’s hair as he leaned in to kiss the top of their sweet child’s head. two children. “I love every minute of having children with you.” Laurie’s voice whispered into the darkness of their room. unaware of the words that had escaped her as she slept.” she told them. The Fates have gifted us with our mate. smiling as she reached down and took both their hands in hers. “You’re going to be wonderful fathers. sighing heavily as she cuddled into his chest. Jace smiled at the sight of his triad partner cuddled against Laurie and breathing in her scent as he nuzzled against her temple. waiting. A beautiful vision of Laurie sitting on the floor in the living room. That came from her. searching for Jace. Jackson looked at Jace in surprise.

. pushing every feeling of gentle caring she had for him through their bond. Laurie smiled and enveloped him tighter within her arms. She loved them with every bit of her heart. Jace? I’m in the office meeting with Doc Barrett. and she couldn’t prevent the feeling of instant desire she had to take Jace into her arms and hold him gently against her chest from rushing through their bond to him. smiling at the instant acceptance of her touch as he held her hand lightly against his chest. Turning slowly. she found Jace’s side of the bed empty. They belonged to her as much as she belonged to them. Are you near. reaching out to touch his hand gently. Do you need me? I’ll always need you. He lay on his back with one hand resting against his chest. Never in her life had she felt so cared for. Her response was instant and sincere. You soothe me like no other. She watched him quietly. Jace’s growl of need echoed in her mind. She could feel the slow beat of his heart beneath her palm and lost herself in the feeling of peace and contentment that his presence gave her. and her brow furrowed in confusion. Mate. Reaching out. Her feelings must have been transmitted to Jace because she could feel the instant love and warmth he sent to her. and she couldn’t prevent the knowing.256 Lynnette Bernard Chapter 25 Laurie stretched as she fought to wake up. The strength of both men in the way they immediately protected her made her heart fill with feelings she had never thought she would ever have in her life. she breathed a sigh of relief when she found Jackson still sleeping peacefully next to her. and she smiled at the innocence of him as he slept. She knew he was certainly no innocent. imagining rubbing her hands across his back soothingly. lustful smile that crossed her lips as she thought of the very thorough and very erotic lovemaking that they had shared.

How do you explain the feeling of total love and caring or how it makes you feel to finally mean something special and important to someone? Turning her attention to the gorgeous man who slept beside her. It lay half hard against his thigh. leaning forward to kiss his chest.” he whispered. Okay. that’s so good. Breathing in deeply. Laurie. Knowing that both men would always be a part of her every waking minute settled her in a way she couldn’t put into words. She was glad that she could still sense him on the outer edges of her awareness. and she decided it was about time to do some serious worshiping of that glorious member. When he didn’t move. Leaning forward. paying close attention to tracing the prominent veins that ran up the underside of his quickly thickening cock.Laurie’s Loves 257 Thank you. she slid down his body. I’ll see you when you’re through. moaning her approval at the taste . his scent filled her. she opened her mouth and licked up the length of him. pushing down the sheet and blanket as she went. Okay. so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy yourselves. Jackson can go to him this afternoon instead. I’ll send Doc to his office. Laurie felt his warmth surround her one last time before his presence left her mind. I’ll be up later to give you some loving. and desire spiked through her. Reaching the head. Jace’s chuckle made her heart light. tell him to get his lazy ass down here to see Doc. she leaned closer toward him and kissed his shoulder lightly. I’ll hold you to that. baby. carding his fingers through her hair and holding her gently against him. she decided to be bolder. But you’re going to have to wait until I love him a little first. She saw the drop of moisture that was leaking from the slit and reached her tongue out to lap up his essence before pressing against the opening and flicking her tongue to quickly capture it. revealing the chiseled physique of his stomach and the beauty of his cock. “Baby. Pulling her hand from his. When Jackson wakes up. Get back to your meeting. He still has to have a sample of his blood taken. she swirled her tongue around the underside of the mushroom cap and hummed with pleasure at the sound of his responding moan of approval. moving to his nipple and laving it with her tongue and sucking on it lightly. She hoped it would always be that way. She smiled against him as she heard him groan.

she took him deep. Laurie couldn’t prevent the sigh that escaped her as his body settled so comfortably and intimately against hers. sucking with a strength that made him gasp with pleasure. Jackson sat up. She loved making him lose control. carefully lifting his hips to thrust shallowly into the heaven that was her mouth. both hands gripping her and sinking into the softness of her hair as he guided her toward him. dislodging himself from her mouth and reaching down to grab her under her arms to pull her up until her face was directly in front of his. She could feel the strength of his body as he pumped up into her mouth. His groan of approval made her smile at her success. and his teeth had elongated. holding herself against his groin and rubbing her nose into the dark curls there as she reached up and tenderly took his heavy sac in hand and caressed it with utmost care. Her heart pounded. he flipped her as if she weighed no more than a piece of paper.258 Lynnette Bernard of him. Turning his body. Pushing back down. She wanted him to lose himself to the ecstasy of the moment. His eyes were glowing golden. only to suck him back into her mouth and begin the decadent descent down his length once again. He pulled the negligee from her body and threw it to the floor. sensuously running her tongue along his shaft as she pulled back. she opened her throat as best she could and swallowed him to the root. . Suddenly. She wanted him to shout out as he found his completion. She once again pulled back. Jackson’s growl of approval made her smile. Jackson held her head gently. “I need to be inside of you. She leaned forward to take all of his length inside her mouth. And that’s exactly what was happening. wanting to give him mindnumbing pleasure. keeping her head still as he reached up to plunge in deep over and over again. and she could feel the moisture dripping down the inside of her legs as her desire for him filled her to overflowing. sucking and flicking her tongue across the tip as she nearly released him. Opening her mouth. until she was settled below him and his hips found their place in the cradle of her pelvis. She wanted to drink down every drop of his seed. She needed the intensity of the way she felt about him to be the way he felt about her.” His voice was hoarse with desire. Now. a moan escaping him as he felt her breasts against his chest.

quickly adding another as he felt her open to him. His length and thickness filled her to capacity. She could feel him touching a place inside her that made her shiver with a spike of desire and need. growling when he saw the glistening proof of her arousal. his eyes glowing. and she would be very happy to have him stay exactly where he was for the rest of their lives. He could feel her desire. A moan of approval escaped her as he took over and pushed home the final inches. he brought them to his mouth and carefully sucked her juices from them. Laurie. Jackson smiled as he leaned forward to take her lips gently with his. pushing him inside her. and her thoughts were echoing in his head. The love and caring that poured from her . leaning back to look down at her as he spread her already swollen folds gently. Closing his eyes. Love poured through him at the thought of this beautiful woman filled with their baby. he smiled against her neck. Laurie watched him in silence. her pupils dilating with arousal at the erotic scene before her. he allowed his love for her to bathe her in a rush of white light.” she whispered against his neck. “So ready for me. kissing her gently before pushing himself up on his arms and rocking his hips forward and back as he made gentle love to her.Laurie’s Loves 259 She could feel the head of his cock nudging her waiting channel. and she smiled at him with such tenderness that his heart ached. He watched her as tears filled her eyes. He was careful not to let her hear his own teasing thoughts that he couldn’t stay where he was or their baby wouldn’t be able to be born. baby?” he whispered. then reached out to grab his hips and pull him closer until he sank deep within her. Would she laugh with him or scold him for being fresh? Either would make him immensely happy. “I love you so much.” Taking his fingers from her body. his wolf at the forefront. Although he was careful to withhold that bit of information from her. He looked forward to every intimate moment of their mating.” he told her honestly.” he whispered. Reaching down. Running his finger through the warm wetness that awaited him. he smiled at the whimper that left her as he pushed one finger inside her gently. Jackson. He leaned back and smiled down at her. “I love you more than my life. she took firm hold of his cock and guided him to her already overflowing pussy. and she opened her legs wider to accommodate him. “So wet. and tenderly stroked in and out of her. “Are you wet for me.

Licking her shoulder to close the mating mark. “Harder.” Jackson told her. She had her eyes closed. .” she pleaded. Jackson. “I think Jace will be up here pretty soon to share our love. Their mate. A moan escaped her. He howled against her shoulder as spurt after spurt of his essence filled her and her sweet blood filled him. Leaning back. and they reached out to Jace to encompass him within their love. supporting some of his weight on his arms as their bodies fought to calm down. and he knew it wouldn’t be long before they both soared. hitting her clit with every push deep into her body. His wolf was doing a mating dance in his head. reaching down and taking hold of his ass cheeks to pull him roughly toward her. With each deep plunge she could feel her climax building. he kissed it softly before pulling up to look down at her. Feeling Jace’s instant response of happiness made them look at each other and smile. Jackson’s hips snapped with more force. reaching down to hold Jackson’s hips against her as she felt his mating knot swell and take hold as his seed emptied deep inside her. feeling the emotions that both men surrounded her with. Laurie could only smile. he clamped his mouth onto her shoulder and bit down hard. he pulled her up onto his thighs and plunged into her over and over again. Leaning toward her. He could feel their bond enveloping them. baby?” he asked her worriedly.260 Lynnette Bernard into him filled him beyond capacity. and his growls became more feral as she drew out the beast in him. and he couldn’t stop him from taking over and completing the frenzied mating that he needed. Laurie’s gasps of pleasure spurred him on. reinstating his claim on their mate as his hips slammed into her. He lay against her. and there was a smile on her face. “I didn’t hurt you. and pleasure surged through her as Jackson increased his plunges in tempo and strength. pounding against her. did I. smiling down at the most beautiful woman in the world. She was moaning continuously. For the first time in her life she actually believed that she was totally and unconditionally loved by two men that she absolutely felt the same way about. and he found himself unable to contain the happiness that burst from him. Laurie screamed as her orgasm exploded through her.

No one will ever question that we belong to each other.Laurie’s Loves 261 He watched as she slowly opened her eyes and saw the tenderness and love that shined back at him. that’s good. then nodded and smiled up at him. baby.” she whispered softly. biting down on it ever so slightly. “Okay. “Unless you want to. honey?” “I just want to make sure that everyone knows who you two belong to. unable to keep the jealousy from her voice. and he moaned as she milked one last spurt of seed from him. he reached down to carefully wipe the seed that was escaping her. reveling in the fact that she lay pliant beneath him. “What are you thinking so hard about. He couldn’t prevent the smile that covered his face as he saw her laid out before him. and he carefully crawled onto the bed to settle himself between her legs. “Do I need to mark you and Jace the way you’ve marked me?” she asked suddenly. Throwing the wet cloth onto the side table. wanting him as close to her as possible. Jackson. he lay down beside her and gathered her into his arms to pull her against him until her head was settled on his shoulder and her arm lay across his chest. “You don’t have to worry about that. “You could never hurt me. kissing her slowly.” he told her. tracing her lips with his tongue before pulling back and reaching up to gently touch her face. leaning up to kiss his neck. He leaned back and looked down at her. gloriously naked and seriously loved. The internal muscles of her body clenched. he came back with a warm washcloth. At his growl of approval she moved to his shoulder and bit down a little harder. Leaving her briefly to go into the bathroom to clean up.” she said finally. Jackson smiled and leaned down to kiss her softly. laughing quietly. She smiled at his reaction and pulled his hips closer against hers. and no one better ever try to take you from me. She looked sexy and rumpled after their lovemaking. He . holding him gently.” Laurie seemed to think about it for a moment. smiling. and you’re it for us.” she told him. willing to accept his ministrations and intimate touch.” He winked down at her and couldn’t stop smiling at the serious expression on her face. Your scent is all over us as ours are all over you.” She moaned as he gently pulled from her body. “I want you both to belong to me. baby. “No.” he told her honestly. smiling at her words. “Wolves mate for life. Pushing them apart gently.

reaching down to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. pouring them sweet tea to go with their sandwiches as they sat eating at the large kitchen table. laughing.” he answered.” Laurie whispered tiredly against Jackson’s chest. “Mmmmm. She smiled at Martha as she fussed over Mia. He walked around the opposite side of the bed and eased back the covers. Leaning forward. “Nikki bought me a butt plug that I need you and Jackson to help me put in. breathing in the delicious scent before carefully sipping the hot concoction. Jace chuckled and kicked off his boots. “Hey. They were . He closed the door behind him and locked it. A great sigh of contentment escaped him as his naked body made contact with hers. “Tired.” she barely managed to get out before closing her eyes and settling against Jackson for some much needed rest.262 Lynnette Bernard pulled the sheet over them both. saying a quick prayer of thanks to the Fates for giving them this wonderful woman. Dean. and then I need you to help me with something. and Mitchell. “What do you need help with. The door to their room opened slowly. “Hi. climbing in beside Laurie and spooning against her back. he began unbuttoning his shirt and pulled it from his body. Jace. and they both looked up to find Jace looking at them with a smile on his face.” she hummed against Jackson’s chest. his pants quickly following. Walking toward them.” she whispered. “Just give me a few minutes.” Jace looked across her and smiled at Jackson. “Come to bed. baby. Both men looked at each other in shock before decidedly wicked expressions crossed their faces. Laurie?” he asked her. She felt a sense of peace envelope her as she saw how happy her children were. he gently kissed her shoulder and smiled when she reached out to take his hand and bring it to her chest to snuggle him against her as close as she could. **** Laurie stirred her cup of cinnamon apple tea. baby?” he whispered against her temple. snuggling tighter against them both and promptly falling asleep.

are we going to trade one cage for another? How long have we lived worrying that Patrick would hurt Mom? We can’t always live in fear. You three are open to danger from other packs who know that they can destroy our alpha and beta by harming you. even if she won’t admit it. her back straightening as she lost her temper.” Mia spoke up. That’s no way to live.” “I think Aunt Nikki would prefer those two guys stay here with her. as she headed toward the group. He felt the soothing touch of Mitchell’s hand on his shoulder and was grateful for the support that his friend offered.” Martha spoke up. Mitchell. her struggle obvious on her face as well as in her body language. “Mom. “It’s my job to worry. holding her mug against her chest as her emotions threatened to spill forward.” Mia looked at Dean quietly. we have to make sure no one can hurt them because of us.” Jace’s deep voice came from behind Laurie. But she wasn’t about to give in. You three should not be away from the pack without Alexander and Butler with you to be sure you’re safe. “You and Dean have to understand that you are now the children of Jace and Jackson. offended. coming to stand next to Laurie and crossing her arms across her chest. “Dean. “We don’t need babysitters.” “Little one. “Then we can have Lucian and Cole go with you.” Laurie protested. “Hey!” Laurie called to them. “You sound just like my mother. startling them all. too. stepping forward to touch Mia’s shoulder lightly. her intuition spot on.” Dean reached out and touched Mia’s hand. his voice calm as he tended to be when he pointed out the obvious. you know you worry too much. She sat up straighter in her chair.” Martha told her quietly. Mia blushed lightly at the mention of the two men who seemed to always be on her mind and who always seemed to be around her.” “I agree. pushing aside Martha’s worry that they were going to go into town to see a movie together without the men that were their constant bodyguards. “Mine. you’re also under their protection.” Martha interrupted. . commenting on her tendency to worry too much.” Dean spoke up.” Mia laughed.Laurie’s Loves 263 comfortable and enjoying themselves as they teased the older woman. “We have reason to worry. You’re as good as their son whether you want to admit it or not. “Mia.

irritation evident in her tone. that they’re always charged. You need to make sure you always have your phones. They met his gaze head-on. He squeezed her hand to comfort her as he looked down at her and smiled. Laurie could tell he was carefully weighing the need to keep the three of them safe while understanding that they needed their space. his love for her obvious in his eyes.264 Lynnette Bernard He stepped forward until he was standing in front of the table to look down at the three young people. And that made them outstanding in his eyes. you’re to call us immediately. He admired their courage as well as their concern for their mother and their new pack. “We wanted to go to the movies without an escort. Stay in public places if you aren’t sure of your safety. knowing she was just as concerned as he was. “Jace?” Laurie’s concerned voice touched his heart as she stepped forward.” He turned back to face the three who were now his children. reaching out to hold his hand tightly. The three of them need to know they can take care of themselves. Jace faced them silently. He was also proud that they looked up at him with confidence.” Mia told him. who in turn faced Mitchell. “What about today?” Mitchell spoke up. her voice strong. and that you’re always aware of your surroundings and the people around you. “You’ll be going off to college. and they turned to face him as a united front. They seemed to come to a consensus. “Do you have your phones?” Jace asked them.” He watched the three of them. “Trading one limitation for another isn’t acceptable. And if you have any inkling of anything wrong. confused. smiling at the way they refused to show submission. “What about it?” Jace asked. waiting for their response. He squeezed her hand gently. and we trust them to make safe choices and look out for each other. I mean anything. . There is nothing more important to us than your safety. and we need to be comfortable with the fact that you’ll be away from us but that you’ll be safe. They nodded. and someone from a pack closer to you will be with you until we can get to you. accepting his words and direction. They nodded. He waited silently as Mia turned to Dean. One of us will come to you as soon as we can.

In that moment. released Laurie’s hand. we’ll know you’re being coerced and will take the appropriate action to find you and get you home safely. The number one rule of our pack is that we protect each other. If someone should force you to contact us and your texts include complete messages. sending it back to her to surround her.” He looked at Laurie. You are not to write anything else in your texts. Text me the letter C. As members of our family. They didn’t have long to wait.” He looked at each one of them. She smiled and waited patiently to see what he was going to do. Colin. making him smile as he mirrored her love. looking up at Jace and waiting for him to continue. “You children now belong to me and Jackson. he could see that the three of them knew and accepted him as their alpha. He stood silent and imposing as he looked down at the three young adults before him. he nodded. Jackson. “I will respond to every message with my first name. “Take them out. If you need help you’re to text me the letter H for help. Cole. “Program the numbers I give you into your phones. Nothing more. He looked at them with a seriousness that brooked no argument. seeing the information processing in their brains. Doc Barrett. Are we clear?” he asked quietly. Martha. When you’re not on pack land. and saw her looking up at him with adoring eyes. Julia. Adrian. Again they nodded.” They nodded and busily added the numbers for Jace.Laurie’s Loves 265 “Are they charged?” he continued. waiting for her to voice any objection. and crossed his arms across his massive chest. Alexander. When you’re heading home to the ranch you’re to text the letter R for ranch. a .” He looked over the three of them slowly. When he saw them complete the programming. “And you belong to the pack. Lucian. you are to follow pack law. Their three children reached into their jeans and pulled their phones out of their pockets. That means check-in. I expect you to check in only once when you’re out. Butler. it’s your responsibility to look out for each other. and the main number to the ranch as he dictated them. He could feel the emotion of her total trust deep within his body as she sent him love through their bond. Then you are to delete all the messages so no one will be able to see how we communicate with each other. Allowing his wolf to flash golden in his eyes sealed the statement. making sure they saw the truth in his eyes.

“I don’t know why I can’t seem to get enough of it lately. “Go have fun. Her eyes were sparkling with tears and shone with love for each of them. turning to watch her silently. welcoming his strong arms as they surrounded her. They worked silently beside each other. “I’m sorry. It was wonderful. Once everything was washed and put away. Martha smiled. cleaning the kitchen as the children left to go to the movies. disappearing down the hallway to head to his office.” Laurie smiled. Unable to hold back any longer. He smiled down at her and winked.” she apologized.” she teased.” He turned then and kissed Laurie’s mouth quickly before releasing her to reach out and grab the sandwich from Mitchell’s plate. It’s making me go to the bathroom all the time. . she leaned into Jace’s side. Martha joined her at the sink. acceptance. then turned back to face the kids. placing the empty mug on the counter. giving her a slight push to get her moving. The three of them nodded then turned to look at Laurie and saw her smiling at them.” he told his two friends. “Thanks. For the first time in her life. “I think I’d better stock up on that tea for you. Laurie blushed. It would only be a matter of time before she realized the miracle that was growing inside of her. embarrassed by her recent obsession with the delicious blend of herbal tea. turning to step back and lean against the sink.” she told the older woman. laughing.266 Lynnette Bernard deep growl escaping from him as the protective emotions he was feeling broke free. bringing it to his mouth and taking a big bite.” he teased as he walked away. she finally felt that her children were safe. And she felt the love. “Just remember what I told you. Martha took Laurie by the shoulders and physically turned her toward Jace’s office.” he told them. and protection of the pack for all of them. happy in the knowledge that it was Laurie’s pregnancy that was creating her cravings as well as her constant need to go to the bathroom. I really need to cut back. “Hurry up and finish eating. Mitchell. “We don’t want to be late for the movie. sipping her tea slowly. Mitchell laughed and reached for two slices of bread to make a new sandwich. She knew that Laurie would embrace the pregnancy and love the precious new life that she was destined to share with her alpha and beta.

Laurie’s Loves 267 “I’ve taken up enough of your time. She knew that their bonding had made this change in him. Leaning back. she knocked softly.” Laurie smiled and walked away from Martha.” He nodded. “Thank you.” he whispered against her ear. easing his stress and making his burden of leading and protecting his pack that much easier. The baby had changed her scent just enough to make her presence known. She closed the door behind her and walked over to him. He rolled his chair toward her. She didn’t need to be told twice to go to her mate.” she told her firmly. he laid his head on her stomach and closed his eyes. She was happy to see him smiling more and more and could feel his contentment. “Do you?” Laurie laughed. “Go to Jace. he smiled as he looked down at the black lace bra that she wore. leaning back in his chair and opening his arms to welcome her. I’m sure he would appreciate your company right now. Jace looked up at her and smiled. nipping her lightly with his teeth.” she told him softly. She leaned against the edge of the desk and looked down at him. kissing the spot just behind her ear. Laurie giggled as he pushed up her shirt to lick at her belly. and that knowledge made him smile against Laurie’s body. kissing her belly softly. taking a deep breath to breathe in her scent. “Come here. drawing it toward his mouth and kissing her knuckles lightly. reaching out to take her hand in his. and I bet he could use a break. putting her arms around his waist and rubbing his back gently. stepping between his legs as he made room for her behind his desk. She craved being with him. Leaning forward. His immediate smile when he saw her made her heart flutter. He’s been in his office for most of the afternoon. standing slowly to take her in his arms and kiss her lips softly. opening the door when she heard Jace call to enter. “You were wonderful with the kids. “I think you have way too many clothes on. He reached down and tugged at the purple baby doll shirt she wore until it was pulled over her head and tossed on the floor behind the desk. trapping her between him and the desk. her eyes twinkling in excitement at being close to him once again. baby. . reaching up to gently trace the scalloped edge over the top of her breasts. “Mmmm.” he hummed. Walking to the office door.” he told her.

and unzipped his fly. . Laurie’s mewl of need made his cock harden near to bursting. surprising him as he fell back a step. biting down gently. drawing her nipple into his mouth and suckling it gently. “Jace. running her tongue around the delicate orbs. Rubbing her gently. unbuttoned the top button on his jeans. caressing the huge bulge behind it as she unveiled her prize. she drew his jeans and underwear down until he lifted his feet one at a time to allow her to remove his boots and his clothes. worshiping them. sucking his balls into the warmth of her mouth. Pushing at the waist of his jeans.” he whispered as he turned to worship her other breast while his hand reached down and palmed her mound through her jeans. She just knew she needed his touch like she needed air to breathe. until she was able to free his engorged and already leaking cock. she was barely able to catch her breath. Leaning forward. With strength Laurie didn’t know she had. he pushed his fingers against her core. along with his boxer briefs. baby. “I’ve got you. tossing it aside without care. wanting the material of her jeans to go away so he could sink himself into the warm wetness he knew awaited him. she latched onto his nipple and suckled furiously. When he reached behind her to release the catch on her bra and pull it slowly from her body to throw it on the floor beside her already discarded shirt. she lowered them. Without hesitation. Reaching down.” she whispered. smiling at the moan that escaped him. Before he could reach down to draw her up into his embrace. She couldn’t prevent the moan that escaped her when he leaned down to capture her breast seductively. He moaned as she pulled them deep into her mouth. He groaned at the feel of her heat. she unbuckled his belt. she reached up and took his heavy sac into her hand. creating a space big enough for Laurie to do what she wanted to do. Laurie moaned and pushed into his touch.268 Lynnette Bernard His breathing became labored as he caressed the luscious mounds. Kneeling down before him. caressing it gently before leaning forward to carefully take it into her mouth. She carefully lowered the zipper. unsure what she was asking of him. she pushed at him. rubbing his thumbs across her nipples as they hardened into peaks that ached for more. she reached for his T-shirt and pulled it over his head.

yet his gentleness with her touched her heart and made her cry. “I love how you make love to me. She nodded and smiled. Laurie smiled at the memory of their time together just that morning when both men loved her until she screamed and patiently stretched her and filled her with lube until her body was ready to accept the hot pink butt plug. he reached down and pulled her up so that she stood before him. He pushed against it lightly. swallowing it down in one long sweep until he hit the back of her throat. his whole body starting to vibrate with need at her gentle loving. By then they were both hard and aching.” she whispered. “Are you all right?” he asked her quietly when he saw her eyes glistening with tears. His hands held her head as he slowly rocked himself in and out of her welcoming mouth. kissing her as she looked up at him. But that laughter quickly turned into a moan when his hand made its way to her backside and gently pushed against the plug that was deeply embedded inside of her. Everything about him screamed power. She raised her hands to balance herself against his hips. She released his sac with a pop then reached up to take his cock in her hand and draw it toward her mouth. loving the feel of the strength of his body under her hands. reaching up to touch his face with utmost tenderness. . and then she swallowed to take him deeper. immediately rubbing their seed into her to make sure their scent enveloped her and once again claimed her as theirs. Carefully easing himself out of her mouth.” he whispered. The male satisfaction that stared back at her made her laugh. smiling at the groan that escaped her. unsnapping her jeans so he could slip his hand into the back of her pants and reach down to slide his fingertips along her crack to gently separate her cheeks and find the bottom of the plug as it lay nestled within her rectum. and she had happily watched as they stroked themselves while she held and caressed their sacs until they shouted their release and came all over her breasts. “Do you have any idea how much Jackson and I enjoyed putting this inside of you?” he whispered.Laurie’s Loves 269 “Laurie.

gently pushing inside her until their bodies met and held. Pulling out of her slowly made them both groan. quickly unzipping her jeans and pushing them. Laurie’s muffled scream made him smile against her pussy. He knew she was trying to be quiet so that the rest of the ranch didn’t hear them. Reaching down. showing him her pink star and the bottom of the hot pink plug that peeked out from her virgin ass. he easily lifted her and turned her until she was face down on his desk with her backside tipped up toward him. then pushed it back in. groaning at the tightness that the butt plug created within her. Reaching down. Pushing her back against his desk until she was lying on her back. he waited until she became more aware and smiled up at him before he started a slow and torturous glide in and out of her sweet body. he sucked it into his mouth and bit down on it gently as his fingers pumped into her wetness. No pun intended. he leaned toward her and breathed in the sweet scent of Laurie’s arousal. His mouth was on her almost immediately. with her legs on each side of his shoulders.” he told her almost desperately. down her legs until they were kicked off her body along with her sneakers. he took his cock in hand and guided himself to her warm and weeping channel. looking for and finding that sweet spot that would send her over the edge. When he reached that delicate morsel. along with her panties. or passed out from the pleasure. I need to see. He wasn’t going to stop until she either screamed his name. but she was fighting a losing battle. giving just the right amount of pressure to build her back up to peak level before quickening his pace and pushing her over the edge once again. Whichever came first. jolting a spike of pleasure through her body.270 Lynnette Bernard “Baby. With strength that amazed Laurie. . he gathered some of her cream and circled her clit. and he breathed deeply to try to stay his own orgasm. Looking down at her sated expression. Standing up. he carefully eased his thumb and index finger into her tight hole and gripped the bottom of the plug to pull it partway out of her body. He held himself still inside her as her body’s waves of contractions stroked his cock. licking the abundance of juices already dripping from her sweet pussy and moaning as he lifted his head to her hard and swollen clit. Just knowing that he would be the first to enter her there made his chest tighten in excitement.

stroking her back gently as he lined up his painfully hard erection against her sweet body. “So full. With each thrust of his cock. whispering in her ear. Jace was more than happy to oblige. He leaned over her. and he refused to hurt her. “Push out. increasing the pressure as his movements became harder and deeper. It was a tight fit.” he whispered. but his cock was by far much longer and wider. Laurie groaned and reached up to entwine the fingers of his left hand with hers as he leaned over her to gently hold her close to his chest. he gathered juices that were leaking from her pussy and swirled his finger around her already sensitive clit. so he wouldn’t hurt her. baby. He pulled the plug free from her body and carefully dropped it to the floor before taking his cock in hand and pressing the tip to her already stretched hole. The lube they had filled her with when they had inserted the butt plug earlier eased his way. “Are you all right. baby?” he whispered against the back of her neck. breathing heavily. He was glad his cock was already covered in her juices and her hole was already filled with lube. He refused to let go until she found her release. lying down against her back. The added coating of her crème helped to make the ride a smooth one. “Please move. The head of his cock sank slowly into her. but he was careful to rock his way in until he was balls deep. He hesitated a moment. Reaching under her body. he grazed her clit. An experience he hoped they would repeat often. The butt plug had helped in stretching her.” her voice was barely above a whisper. He smiled as she followed his instructions and felt her body accepting him. He stilled all movement. he couldn’t stop the growl from escaping him as he saw his cock disappear into her body. taking a deep breath and praying he could go slow enough so that she would enjoy this first time. . Looking down. “Yes.Laurie’s Loves 271 Laurie’s constant moans of approval made him smile. and he groaned as he watched her body swallow him with ease. waiting for her body to adjust to the thickness of his cock.” she moaned. He wanted her to enjoy this experience. pushing back against his body so that his hips rested tightly against her.” she pleaded. He pulled nearly all the way out before carefully sliding back deep inside of her.

and he yelled out her name as his seed erupted from his body and filled Laurie’s exquisitely tight back hole. Her muscles squeezed down on Jace’s cock. Jace.” she whispered. willing his heart to stop racing. bringing her body with him to turn her so that she sat sideways on his lap. leaning up to kiss his neck gently as he pulled her tighter toward him. Jace lay against her back. His orgasm barreled through him.” he told her after a bit. Jace’s seed was leaking from Laurie’s body and was pooling on his legs. he was able to slowly pull from her body. Laurie. . smiling at the moan that left her lips as he did so. petting his chest lightly. “I love you. kissing her back tenderly as he stroked her face and arms to gently coax her down from her orgasm. He was having a hard time keeping the overwhelming emotions in check as he felt the total joy of finally finding and holding their mate. fighting to control her breathing. Laurie screamed his name as wave after wave of pleasure crashed through her body. tightening every muscle in her body in complete rapture. Laurie laid her head on his chest.272 Lynnette Bernard “Come for me. He cradled her possessively in his arms. honey. When his cock unknotted and finally softened. He sat back on his chair. “I love you.” he commanded as he pushed hard against her clit and simultaneously bit down on her shoulder over his mating mark. Laurie lay against the desk. They were both sweaty and smelled of sex. and he was lost. but neither seemed to notice or care.

Jace knew that. Jace was glad to see that Mia and Dean had become comfortable within their pack. Jace’s talk with Dean about what exactly being a triad partner meant had gone well. He was impressed. The fact that Patrick was being held without bail and was awaiting arraignment made them all breathe a sigh of relief. He and Jackson were calmer now that she was with them. they wouldn’t have to deal with him for a very long time. It seemed that Mia’s fate within the pack was also growing. in time. had adhered to his rules regarding keeping in contact with him whenever they were away from home. Jace was especially proud of the calm acceptance Dean had of the way any children Dean and Mitchell would have with their future triad mate would genetically belong to all three of them. He had proven to be the right person for such an unusual circumstance. Once again. her future destiny would be revealed as well. Mitchell’s happiness at finding out that his triad partner was Dean also made the ranch a happy place to be. Laurie’s contentment seemed to blanket the rest of them with happiness. but also by his acceptance of the shifter world and how it would affect his future. Dean had talked with Doc on several occasions in order to totally understand the shifter world and the relationship between triad partners and their mates. In soothing the men. He was glad that they.Laurie’s Loves 273 Chapter 26 The calm and casual normalcy of the next two days did a lot to eliminate the tension that had surrounded all of them because of Patrick’s attack. along with Mitchell. the Fates knew what they were doing in choosing Dean. If all went well. not only by the maturity of the young man. They drew strength from her in ways that they never would have thought possible. . she had calmed their wolves.

“She loves you. “You don’t have to go shoving me all over the place. nodding. Dean stepped forward and bridged the awkwardness for her as he always did.” “You’d better. “She has brought more joy and love into our lives than we could have ever hoped for. lazy. “Come on. as he walked up to stand next to Jace.” Jackson’s million dollar smile lit his face. Thankfully.” Dean spoke up as he stepped up behind his sister. He turned to smile down at the young woman and shook his head.” he said finally.274 Lynnette Bernard The children of the pack gravitated toward Laurie.” Mia told him. “I’m glad. Martha and Julia bustled around. “Let’s get the rest of the food and set everything out so we can finally get Mom and surprise her. “She’s been so busy helping with pack business. honey. “I’ve never seen her so happy. “I want her to be happy.” He looked at Mia very seriously. okay.” . then back at Dean before returning her attention to them. “I don’t think she has a clue. unsure how to handle it. his voice strong. setting up plates and cups and napkins while Nikki showed Alexander and Butler where to place the giant cooler of iced tea.” she said finally.” “She’s happy.” Jace smiled. unable stop the feeling of joy that spread through him.” he told her honestly.” Mia protested. She deserves the happiness that you two give her. She had proven herself to be a natural alpha mate and a gentle but firm leader who had earned the respect and caring of all of them. she falls into bed exhausted every night. We love her very much. “Do you think Mom has any idea what we’re planning?” Mia’s voice drew his attention.” he told her honestly.” Jackson said. “Thanks. They were all excited to surprise Laurie with this birthday celebration.” he teased as he pushed her toward the sliding glass door that lead inside. “She belongs here with you. Mia. and she welcomed and loved them all. Mia blushed at the unaccustomed kindness. “We do. Jace looked out across the open expanse of the yard as he stood on the back deck.” “Okay. too. and he reached out to grab a strand of Mia’s soft brown hair to tug it teasingly. He watched as Mia and Dean worked with pack members to decorate the deck with streamers and balloons. placing his hand on his alpha’s shoulder. Mia looked at both men.

I don’t know if it will affect her more seriously now that she has mated to you both. Jace smiled at him knowingly.” .” Mia worried. she had to blink back tears as he leaned forward to breathe in the strong scent that was mixed with the sweet smell of cinnamon and apples. Martha smiled and turned away so she wouldn’t let the children see the pure joy she knew had to be evident on her face. “Someone put wolfsbane in Mom’s tea?” Mia asked. he and Jace stepping toward her and reaching out to take her arms to steady her. Martha turned and reached into the sink to lift the teaspoon that lay there. and she was clutching the counter to steady herself. all their lovemaking could be a contributing factor.” Dean teased.Laurie’s Loves 275 “Quiet.” Jackson told them quietly.” she whispered. unaware of the reason she was so tired lately. “Where is Mom anyway?” Mia asked as they all gathered in the kitchen. “It’s a poison that’s particularly deadly to wolves but is very dangerous to humans as well. “The spoon also has the scent of the tea Laurie drinks. Her face had lost color.” she explained. Of course. “Jace. waiting for Martha to hand them the platters of food.” he growled. Jackson. her chest hurting with the pain that was slamming through her chest. “She’s upstairs. She nodded. Martha?” Jackson asked immediately. turning around to face the men immediately. stepping forward. “Wolfsbane. depending on the amount used. “Will that hurt her?” Martha never took her eyes off Jace and Jackson. she took a deep breath to calm herself and was immediately filled with a scent that sent her heart pounding as fear seized her. turning his attention back to Martha. They looked at her with full smiles that disappeared instantly when they saw the horror in her expression. brat. lying down. and tears filled her eyes as she realized he didn’t understand the significance of the spoon.” she began. “But it will definitely kill the baby. “I hope she’s okay. Stepping toward the sink. “What’s wrong. Holding it up to Jace. smiling at the thought of Laurie resting. winking at Jace and Jackson as he passed them to follow Mia into the kitchen. too.

276 Lynnette Bernard Both men turned as one and ran from the kitchen. Jace flung open the bedroom door. but they couldn’t feel her. They turned as one toward the door to see Janine standing there with another cup of tea in her hands. “I didn’t do anything. “What’s going on?” a voice called from the doorway. nearly shattering them as they neared the door to their bedroom. Alpha. But only silence greeted them. . Dean’s own fear consumed him. They barely breathed as they walked to the side of the bed to look down at her. Jackson grabbed the tea cup from her and smashed it against the wall. let alone form words. Watching her for any movement of life. Mia walked over to the end table and looked down at the cup of cold tea that sat there. The fact that someone was trying to take her away from them made Mia freeze in fear. but they didn’t care about anything except getting to Laurie. “Mom?” he called to her loudly. agony in her eyes at the thought of losing their mother. barreling through the ranch to take the steps two at a time as they raced toward their mate. Laurie! Both men called to her repeatedly through their bond as they ran toward their bedroom. “Do you think she drank any of it?” she barely whispered. somehow managing to keep control of himself and not kill her immediately. Jace’s hand tightened around her throat. “What have you done?” Jace growled in her face. She looked at Dean. one hand at her cheek. Janine’s face paled in fear. the other resting on her stomach as if she knew she needed to protect their unborn daughter. Laurie was lying on their bed. Jackson right behind him.” she croaked out. They tried to sense her life force. He stepped toward the bed and looked down at their mother. Their mother was the person who had always loved them unconditionally and the one who had protected them with every ounce of her being. barely able to breathe. his voice cracking with emotion when she ignored his words. That scared them. they were frozen in fear as they watched her lying so peacefully on her back. Jace and Jackson’s growls filled the room as they lurched toward her and threw her against the wall. They could hear everyone running behind them.

She was going to deserve every bit of punishment she received for this blatant attack. “Please wake up.” Jace slowly removed his hand from Janine’s throat. “Put her in the detention cabin. She was completely responsible for her actions.” Jace whispered against her temple. they joined forces as they reached deep inside themselves to talk to their baby.” Jackson whispered softly. They leaned closer to her. She would not be forgiven for trying to kill the mate of the alpha and beta. “Poison!” Janine’s painful gasp made Jackson pause. his eyes glowed golden as his wolf fought for freedom. then turned to walk toward the bed.” His voice was filled with rage. baby. No mercy would be shown this evil woman. leaving the room immediately to locate Vera. If I go near her right now. “We need you to open your eyes.Laurie’s Loves 277 “Did you think killing our mate with poison in her tea would go unpunished?” Jackson growled. Jackson reached out and touched Jace’s shoulder. Vera said Laurie wasn’t feeling well and asked me to bring her the tea. “I thought it smelled funny. ready to shred Janine’s throat. He had fought against having a mate. Now his heart was breaking at the real possibility of the loss of the wonderful woman who had been gifted to them by the Fates. Carefully placing their hands on her belly.” Laurie remained still between them. sharing their warmth with her as they wrapped their arms around her torso and held her tightly against them. which made them both relax a bit. darlin’. . Turning toward his men. his right hand morphing into deadly claws that reached up.” Alexander and Butler nodded and turned. Her breathing was slow and steady. “I just brought her the tea. sweetheart. Jace turned and looked at Jackson with desolation in his eyes. “Laurie. kissing her cheek lightly and nuzzling into her neck. or their unborn child. but Vera said it was the special blend in the tea that would help settle Laurie’s stomach. He climbed onto one side while Jace climbed onto the other to lie carefully next to Laurie and gently take her in their arms. I’ll rip her to pieces. “Get Vera. Her cruel coldness had made her act out against their queen.” Tears were falling freely from her eyes by now. There was no scent of deception surrounding her.

smiling down at her.” Jace told her. Sweetheart. Her very pregnant scent. stretching against her men as they held her between them. please let Papa know you’re okay. so I had to lie down to take a nap. Their soft growls vibrated against her. I didn’t want to worry you or make you feel sick. you need to let Daddy know you’re still there. too.” Jace growled against her ear. “Did you drink any of that tea?” Jackson asked her worriedly. Reaching up. After what seemed like an eternity. Jace was reaching forward and tenderly stroking his fingertips over their daughter’s head and Jackson was holding her hand as it rested against Laurie’s face. Leaning in toward Laurie. “What’s going on?” she asked worriedly.278 Lynnette Bernard Baby. A warmth filled both men as they were surrounded with the vision of Laurie sitting on the couch in the den with both of them on either side of her while their daughter nursed at her mama’s breast. “I closed our bond so you wouldn’t feel how sick to my stomach I was. He leaned back to look down at her. Please don’t be mad that I tried to shield you. Laurie began to stir. indicating the cup that sat on the bedside table. kissing her neck gently before leaning back to look down at her. Jace. Their voices were raw with emotion at the relief that their baby was all right. . “No.” “We’ll talk about that later. “It is now. I was too tired after Janine left. calling to her to come awake.” She leaned forward until her face was touching both men’s chins. Laurie looked at it quickly then leaned back against her pillow. The vision that they would share such intimate moments with Laurie filled them with happiness. she let out a gasp of surprise as she saw the group of people who surrounded their bed. I know. Opening her eyes. Jackson’s voice broke with emotion as he linked his mind with Jace’s to search for their baby’s heartbeat and life force. they nuzzled into her neck and kissed it lightly. “Is everything okay?” Jace nuzzled into her neck and breathed in her scent. I see it. And I felt a little nauseous. Jace’s pleading voice called to her. she touched their faces and gently caressed their cheeks. Jackson. smiling at the sight of Jackson taking a deep breath to reassure himself of the presence of their baby.

very slowly. confused. they each brought a hand to her belly and tenderly touched it.” Jace told her. She saw the fear in their eyes as they both leaned their heads against her forehead.” she told the concerned but relieved group. “That woman is going to pray she was never born.Laurie’s Loves 279 The bed moved. Slowly.” “But why?” Laurie protested. Jace lowered his body next to hers and reached up to tenderly stroke her cheek with the back of his index finger. “You guys are scaring me. Jackson moved back down to lie beside Laurie.” she whispered. “Why wouldn’t I be okay?” she asked.” Martha nodded toward the door. They were worried that she wouldn’t be happy with what they had to tell her.” he promised. quickly taking her in his arms and holding her gently. and Laurie looked up to see Mia and Dean climbing onto the bed at her feet and move their way up so they could lie beside her.” Mia told her angrily. “I’m glad you’re okay. The men looked at each other and sighed. holding her kids tightly against her body. tears filling her eyes. She turned toward Jace and Jackson as they sat against the headboard. “I hope you’re going to kick some serious ass!” Jace nodded. Laurie watched everyone go. Mom. “You don’t have to worry about her anymore. “We have things to do before Laurie comes down for dinner. his expression thunderous. “Does Vera hate me that much?” she whispered. “Why would she want to poison me?” Laurie’s stunned voice broke into their conversation. “Let’s go downstairs.” Dean whispered. waiting until Mia and Dean removed themselves from the bed once they kissed their mother’s cheeks and whispered that they loved her. Martha reached forward and took the tea cup from the side table. The older woman shooed everyone out and closed the door behind them. “She’ll never be able to hurt you again. confused and a little afraid. Laurie’s brow furrowed in confusion. everyone. his voice breaking at the emotion that he finally allowed to escape. “Because that bitch Vera tried to poison you. his voice strong. .

looking down at her and smiling tenderly. honey. We’ll all be there with you. but she .” “No. And we’re very happy that you’re pregnant. You won’t be exhausted taking care of our baby without help.” Jackson reassured her. And the entire pack is your family now.” “Baby. She hesitated.280 Lynnette Bernard “You have nothing to be afraid of. “No. what do you mean you can’t?” Jackson asked her.” he told her firmly.” Jackson stepped forward and reached down to place his hand gently over her belly. Allowing his connection to their child to be shared through their bond.” “What do you mean?” Jace closed his eyes and concentrated on the baby growing within their mate’s womb.” Laurie’s panicked voice stopped his forward movement. She wanted to believe them. her breath coming in quick heaving bursts. he felt Jackson’s happiness and Laurie’s shock at the feeling their baby was sharing with them. “We won’t resent you for your time with our baby. That’s not fair to us.” Jace whispered. She was afraid. turning to face them immediately. We’ll be right there with you taking care of her. Laurie. You won’t be alone. Laurie’s shock quickly turned to instant fear. as if she would bolt at any movement he made. standing slowly and walking toward her with utmost care. and she pushed out of their arms and jumped from the bed. This is a very good thing that’s happening to us. you aren’t. “You can. honey.” Jace walked toward her and reached out to take her hand gently.” she whispered. “Do you have any idea how much we’re looking forward to feeling our baby moving inside of you? Do you understand that we will love and protect our little one with everything that we are? Please. “You’ll hate me for taking care of the baby and not giving you enough of my time. “Don’t compare us to Patrick. She wanted to experience the beauty of her pregnancy and the birth of her child with men who wanted the baby. Laurie. “Our daughter is growing inside you. don’t be afraid. “This is a beautiful gift. tears falling down her face. “I can’t. and you are. He could feel their daughter’s happiness as she cuddled into the safe warmth of Laurie’s body.” Laurie looked at both men with hesitation.

Laurie. Opening his memory to Laurie and Jace. She just knew it. “She’s beautiful. Laurie gasped and covered her hands over her mouth as emotions rushed up and spilled out of her. and she could feel the rightness of the three of them making their baby.” he told her honestly. “Our daughter sent us a vision when we were holding you as you slept the other night. looking up at both men in awe at what she had seen. too.” Jackson nuzzled into the crook of her neck. “Your scent is different. Having a child with them would be a wonderful thing. Laurie’s gasp at the realness of the vision made his heart happy. “How can you be sure I’m pregnant?” she asked finally.” “How do you know it’s a girl?” Jackson stepped toward her and smiled down at her as he watched her hands gently caressing her stomach.Laurie’s Loves 281 had to admit that she wanted their baby. Jackson could sense Jace’s complete joy at the memory and knew Laurie could feel their honest emotions about what they had been gifted. wrapping his arms around her and kissing the top of her head. it’s not. “Really?” Jace nodded. “Is that normal? For a baby to be able to do that?” Jace shook his head and stepped toward her. “I thought your scent was amazing before. They could see the fear in her eyes. “Just like her mama. . “It just shows us how special our bond is and how amazing our daughter is. kissing her lightly.” Laurie whispered. She experienced the honest love and happiness her men had felt as they held their daughter and cuddled her against their chests.” Jackson told her happily. and she wanted them to be a part of the ups and downs of raising a child. but now it’s filled with our daughter as well. he sent them the beautiful scene of their daughter giggling in his and Jace’s arms.” Jace answered immediately.” he admitted. then reached down and gently covered her belly with her hands. she looked from one man to the other.” “She did?” Laurie’s voice was filled with awe. Stepping back out of their embrace. Both men surrounded her with their love. but they also saw the spark of hope that was there. Laurie’s eyebrows rose in surprise. “You smell so wonderful. “No.

She couldn’t prevent the feeling of pure joy that bubbled up within her from escaping in a giggle of pure delight.” Laurie smiled at both men.” Jackson groused. “I was distracted by the thought of having Laurie naked beneath us for the next few days. Both men’s cocks went rock hard instantly. unable to prevent the instant flash of the surprise birthday party from reaching her through her bond. “I think I need to take you both back to bed and make love to you for the rest of the day. There were more than one hundred people waiting on the back lawn to surprise their mate for her birthday. we have to bring you outside so the pack can be officially informed about our baby.” Jace told her honestly. “I couldn’t help it. “Way to go. “As much as we would love to keep you in bed for the next few days. Both men groaned at the thought of an afternoon of loving. because both men growled possessively before holding her tightly against their bodies. sending them a vision of several sexual positions that she wanted to experience with them as soon as they could find time to be alone again.” Jace protested. astonished.” she told them happily. Laurie felt immediate satisfaction at their arousal.282 Lynnette Bernard She must have let her feelings transmit through their bond. It was going to be a long afternoon. “Oh hell.” Jackson moaned. “There’s a birthday party for me?” Laurie asked. . Jace. But it wasn’t meant to be.

For now. It was because his children were sending him . “How did I ever get so lucky?” Her voice broke at her question. “Hello to you.Laurie’s Loves 283 Epilogue Laurie moved awkwardly in the lounge chair as she sat on the back deck. too. The pack’s acceptance of them was instant and total. Just thinking about her life now made tears come to her eyes. Rubbing her hands over her tightening belly. and Mitchell were following their alpha’s order. the three of them were sharing an off campus apartment. Dean. Mitchell was attending his first year at the local community college and would be transferring to Mia and Dean’s university at the beginning of their sophomore year. Mia and Dean had gone off to the same university in September. She shifted carefully. although Mia had proven herself to be an alpha female in her own right. she smiled as the baby pushed against her touch. trying to find just the right position to ease her discomfort. She knew his happiness at receiving their texts wasn’t because Mia. The darkness of the night surrounded her with a sense of peace as she waited patiently for her men to emerge from their run. emotions overwhelming her as she thought about the baby she was carrying and the love Jace and Jackson showed her daily.” Laurie whispered. Laurie still counted her blessings that they were safe and doing what they wanted to in order to follow their dreams. sweetheart. They couldn’t be prouder of all of them. All three had kept their promise to Jace and texted him every day to check in with him. Jace had explained to Laurie that Mitchell and Dean needed to be close in order to strengthen their triad partnership. Both Jace and Jackson were happy that Mia would be under the young men’s protection. She loved to see the smile on Jace’s face as he viewed their texts and quickly typed his name to send them back his confirmation that he knew they were safe.

Nothing was more important than the well-being of their baby. Yes. As they leaped up the stairs and made their way over to her. There wasn’t a day that went by without them telling her and showing her how much they appreciated every moment of their life together. Looking up. starting at their heads and running her hands soothingly down their silky pelts. Leaving her teaching job had been a difficult decision to make. She reached out her arms and waited for them to carefully climb onto the chair with her and gently lower their heads to her distended belly. “I’ve been having contractions for a while. Jace and Jackson were there every step of the way. and she looked forward to every day.” What? Jace’s panicked voice shouted through her head. The way they enjoyed her being pregnant was almost unreal.” she answered honestly. they shared along with her. And she finally allowed herself accept that they truly were in it for the long haul. Seeing Jace and Jackson so happy that the children belonged to them made tears fill Laurie’s eyes. Every movement of the baby. making her jump in surprise. she couldn’t stop the feelings of warmth that swept through her body. “Did you have a nice run?” she asked them. . supporting her decisions and showing her daily that they truly wanted to be a part of every aspect of her pregnancy. There was a shimmer of blue around the wolves. How are you feeling? Jackson’s gentle voice spoke through their bond. every emotion she felt. baby. every change in her body. she saw the two wolves appearing from the surrounding trees and trotting up to the deck. smiling down at their gentle eyes as they looked up at her. and she found herself surrounded by two naked and very worried mates. Her pregnancy had also been a major factor in her decision. She laughed as they nuzzled against their baby and reached up to gently stroke through their soft fur. but more importantly.284 Lynnette Bernard the messages. “I’m a little uncomfortable. Her role in the pack made her feel needed. it made her feel like she belonged somewhere for the first time in her life. but she was sure that she had a more important job to do within the pack.

“For gushing all over you. his voice firm.” she told them. “For what.” Jackson told her gently as he leaned down to kiss her temple. “I’m so sorry. . and she gasped as she doubled over with the power of the contraction. What’s happening now is just as precious to us. the tears spilling over as embarrassment overwhelmed her. coating them all in the warmth of amniotic fluid. gasping when he felt the tightening of her muscles as another contraction took hold. barely able to get out the words.” She made the effort to stand when both men reached forward to carefully pull her up until she stood beside them. “I think I need to go upstairs. Laurie?” Jace admonished. please listen to me. What greeted her when her emotions touched theirs was a feeling so filled with love and happiness that her worries were immediately calmed. you really need to stop trying to shield us from your pains. We love every moment of this miracle. “Every change that your body has gone through with this pregnancy has been a source of joy to us.” “Open your bond to us. counting in his head until he felt her stomach soften under his hands after a minute. reaching out to touch her belly gently. honey. She reached for their arms as she looked up at them with tears in her eyes. rubbing her belly soothingly as he tried to offer her whatever comfort he could.Laurie’s Loves 285 “Why didn’t you call to us.” Laurie apologized sincerely. As soon as she found her footing. Another pain gripped her. “The last one was five minutes ago.” He waited until her eyes met his before continuing. “Laurie. “I just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t false labor before I said something. “How far apart are the contractions?” “Baby. a horrified expression on her face.” Laurie closed her eyes and released the box she had been keeping closed around her emotions so the men wouldn’t know she was in labor. There is nothing embarrassing or upsetting to us that we felt its warmth. she felt a gush of liquid escape her. “I’m sorry. “You’ll feel exactly what we’re feeling. The fluid that just escaped your body has protected our baby for the past forty weeks.” “How far apart?” Jace asked her again.” she whispered.” Jackson scolded her.” she answered quietly. Jace reached up to place his finger under her chin to make her look up at him. baby?” Jackson asked her as he held her to his body.

standing outside the enclosure. Jackson slid it open quickly. waiting to help. It was time. Bedroom. but she stopped him with a gentle hand on his chest.” Jackson called out. “About two minutes. Jace stepped forward to lay their precious mate down. Martha’s eyes filled with tears of happiness that her two adopted sons were about to become fathers. get Doc Barrett and Nikki. Now. “How’re you doing.” Her words were clipped as the pain of the contraction overwhelmed her. sweetheart?” he whispered. unsure what to do. waiting for Laurie’s contraction to subside. Both men went with her. following them both through the kitchen. “How far apart?” he asked quietly. Nikki stood by his side. “Martha. Nikki reached for the large bath towel that hung on the warming rack beside the shower stall. and both men were comforted by his calm.” Doc nodded quietly.286 Lynnette Bernard “Talk. “In here. glad to have Jackson there to start the shower and help him undress Laurie then help her into the enclosure. “Please take me into the shower. . Jace suddenly glad that he had made the decision to have such a big shower built when he had designed their suite. They rocked her and gently rubbed her back and belly as her labor intensified. and the warm water will help me relax. Laurie?” Nikki asked her as she waited to wrap the towel around her best friend. Jackson’s panic almost made her laugh. I need to stand to get through the contractions. Jace leaned down and scooped her up into his arms. They immediately surrounded her with their arms as she hung onto them and bent over slightly as each contraction took her. and up the steps to their bedroom. the main room. Pushing open their bedroom door. “Laurie?” Doc Barrett’s voice called to them from the bedroom. Jackson rushed to their bed and pulled back the bedding. “What.” Jace said quickly. Later. Almost. Martha nodded and ran to the phone.” Jace nodded and turned quickly toward the bathroom. Doc. “She’s progressed pretty quickly.” Jackson shouted as they passed her in the kitchen. rushing toward the sliding glass doors that led inside the ranch. The baby would soon be born. Doc came into the bathroom quickly.

reaching out and taking his black T-shirt that she had worn so many months ago when she had fallen into the stream. Jackson took the towel from her body and began to carefully wipe her down.” Laurie told Jace. reaching up to touch her face gently. “but I already feel like I have to push. smiling at the two men who had given her so much happiness. Jackson wrapped it carefully around Laurie’s body before bending and lifting her in his arms and heading toward their bedroom. all the love they had for her shining in their eyes. pulling the shirts she was wearing to her hips and gently holding her legs beneath the back of her knees. Mate?” Jace teased her. The men took their places at her sides. “With everything I am. “Help me?” she whispered. “Are you ready to get into bed now.” “I think we’d better get you to the bed. Laurie. Very carefully. That she wanted their shirts on during the birth of their baby touched them in a way they could never have imagined. looking up at both men.” Laurie whispered. Jace looked behind the bathroom door and grabbed the two shirts that hung from the peg there.” Doc told her calmly. “I would say you’re pretty close to delivering.” Laurie moaned as another contraction took her. and she leaned back against them . she reached for the red flannel shirt that belonged to Jackson and quickly put her arms through the sleeves. Taking the towel from Nikki. he followed them into the bedroom and stood back as Jackson lowered her to stand beside the bed. and settled back against the pile of pillows that had been set up for her so she could sit at a bit of an incline while she delivered their baby.” Jace answered immediately. Without hesitating. “Give me your shirt.” Laurie nodded and sagged against her men as the last contraction finally released its hold on her body. please get me the shirts on the back of the door.” Jackson vowed as he helped her step out of the shower. The feel of their strong hands on her soothed her. She nodded. “Jace. Both men smiled down at her. Once he helped her lift the shirt over her head and settle it down the length of her body. “Always.Laurie’s Loves 287 “I’m good.

They could see Doc’s hands reach forward.” Laurie nodded and took a deep breath as the next contraction hit her. tears falling down her cheeks as she looked down at her daughter. “With the next contraction. bearing down with all her strength. honey. I want you to push as hard as you can. reaching out and touching Laurie’s face gently. Nikki smiled widely at the strength of the baby. Laurie.” Jace’s voice was rough with emotion. Both men couldn’t stop the tears that were falling freely down their faces. Laurie smiled at both men as they carefully took the scissors from Doc and reached forward to make the necessary cut to the umbilical cord. Nikki cleaned off the baby quickly and wrapped her in a clean blanket. Watching Doc carefully wrap their crying daughter in a blanket and hand her to Nikki. Tears filled her eyes as she saw that her best friend was finally a part of the most loving family she had ever seen. The adorable face she made as she scrunched up her lips and let out a howl of protest at being taken from the warmth of her mother’s body made them smile. offering each of them an instrument. “The baby is already crowning. thankful for her nursing skills. “Congratulations.” “She’s beautiful. they were overcome with the miracle of what had just happened. She is. Both men watched silently as she checked the baby’s heart and respiration efficiently. “Yes. . walking back to Laurie and placing the sweet little girl on her chest.” Jackson whispered. “You did good.” Doc told her calmly. and then Laurie gave a final push. Both men leaned down and kissed her forehead gently.288 Lynnette Bernard as they carefully pulled back on her legs and helped her to hold them in place while Doc Barrett examined her. she saw the way they were overcome with emotions. Their baby entered the world in a rush of fluid. reaching out with careful hands to touch their daughter’s cheeks.” Nikki told her. “Would you like to cut the cord?” Doc asked them. and she was thankful for their strength as each push took more and more energy out of her. and her heart swelled with love for them.” Laurie whispered. Her mates helped her to sit up. “She’s perfect. When they looked at her.

Laurie.Laurie’s Loves 289 Laurie looked from their daughter to the men who had helped create her and couldn’t stop the love and warmth that poured from her and surrounded them through her bond.” Jackson spoke against her ear. “You both make beautiful babies.” “You just let us know when you’re ready to make another. She looked up at both men and winked. smiling at the instant growls that escaped them. hell!” Jackson moaned against her temple.” Jace whispered. sweetheart.” he growled. “Thank you for our daughter. holding her hand and petting her hair as she fed at Laurie’s breast. Jackson. reaching up to trace his index finger across its gentle swell.” Laurie said quietly as she looked down at their five-month-old daughter. she sent them a vision of the three of them in their bed. “I think that would be a wonderful idea. Without hesitation. leaning down to kiss Laurie’s lips tenderly.” she told them. “I think we need to practice every day. “Aw.” Jace smiled as he moved to kneel before her and watch his daughter suckle at Laurie’s breast. “She’s getting so big. “It was definitely our pleasure. **** Laurie sat on the cushion in the middle of the couch in front of the fireplace. “Thank you. winking playfully. “I agree. a mass of arms and legs entangled as they loved each other. Jace laughed. . Laurie smiled and leaned into his touch. Both men sat on either side of her. leaning down to claim her lips as soon as Jace released her.” Jackson told her. What do you think?” The absolutely feral expression of desire that consumed both men made her heart do a funny flip. unable to say more. “Do you think you want to make another baby with us?” Laurie laughed and reached out to touch each man’s face tenderly. accepting and returning their love. Jackson held her against his side tightly. They smiled down at her. reaching out to touch their daughter. reaching out and hugging Laurie to him as he placed gentle kisses across her available breast.

COM . THE END WWW. the delicate bracelet with the charm of her and her two wolves dangling against his neck as she caressed him. Her mates. It was a beautiful symbol of their life together. reaching up to gently card her fingers through his midnight black hair. Leaning back.LYNNETTEBERNARD.COM LYNNETTEBERNARD@GMAIL. she offered Jackson her lips and sighed contentedly as he tenderly claimed hers. She was happier than she had ever been in her life. thanks to the two men who had given her unconditional love and acceptance.290 Lynnette Bernard Laurie smiled down at Jace. Her loves.

. books. and lives her fantasies about them through her writings. and babies. music. She is a staunch advocate of “happily ever after” and changes the endings of any movie that she sees or book that she reads that doesn’t follow that rule. vampires. movies. shifters. science fiction. The cowboys of Colorado will always hold a special place in her heart.ABOUT THE AUTHOR Lynnette Bernard is a fan of Broadway. who have turned out to be outstanding adults. She has the hots for cowboys. She has two babies of her own that were the perfect children. romance. the ocean. and really nice guys.

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