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Are Indians Less Quality Conscious? - Group Discussion

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Are Indians Less Quality Conscious?

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Hussain said: (Mon, Jun 24, 2013 06:25:41 PM)

Hello friends. My point of view is that it is amount of money in your pocket which enforces you to buy a particular product because if a person do not have budget to buy a quality product then how can he buy the product. The best example which I would like to give is, the apple available in the market they range from 40 rs per kg to 100 rs pkg so suppose if I have only 50 rs in my pocket how can I buy the good quality i.e. 100 rs pkg apple. Thus I would end up saying that it is only the standard of living of particular people which lets you to compromise on the quality.
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Monika said: (Sun, Jun 23, 2013 12:53:20 AM)

Are Indians Less Quality Conscious? - Group Discussion

Yes! The bad quality of products has affected the Indian society so much. The peoples purchases the poor quality products and suffers from many problem. Government of India quite ignores the quality of material and other items build in the India. The peoples also has wrong interpretation about the product quality, they thinks that the product of high prices are good and products with low prices are bad but this is not true because many times the cheaper product works for the long times whereas the high rate price products destroy after using few times. There are many problems that peoples are facing with the bad quality of product: 1. Low standard of living. 2. Standard of particular brand decreasing. 3. People are unsafe with bad quality of products. 4. Market demand decreasing. 5. Lower price products are no more purchased. 6. Export and import of items decreased. 7. Bad quality products adversely affect the partnership with other countries in the field of market. I think the Government should take a serious step in improving the quality of products.
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Pralad Dessai said: (Fri, Jun 21, 2013 07:44:58 PM)

A cheap quality product usually comes with more quantity. A person who cannot afford to buy a product of high price usually ends up buying a cheap product. But it does not mean that he does not want to buy a good quality product. We usually compromise on the quality by seeing the price of the product.
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Ankita said: (Wed, Jun 12, 2013 07:12:55 AM)

Hello Everyone. Its a great opportunity to express our personal belief and opinion here through this discussion. Many of us have specific views about Indians are quality conscious or not, but I am of the opinion that its matter of choice about where we do not want to compromise on quality and where we can, taking into consideration monetary, time and other resource constraints. For eg: even if a person is poor, don't you think he tries to get best possible quality in that, he wants to afford the fees of best doctor for health of his family, he eats the best that he can afford. These are the necessities of life where no compromise can be done. It will be detrimental if he compromises on quality of basic necessities. But if I talk about luxuries he may think of spending on cheap and satisfying products. For example, if somebody has to buy a fan for his room and AC for this son room, he will think of buying best quality fan so that it lasts longer & instead of buying AC from OGeneral (the most expensive brand sold in India) he may go ahead with LLoyd AC (money constraint). Ok, I have talked enough about lower class compromising because of monetary constraints. Let me talk about upper class. Suppose a very rich person have to take a flight for his meeting with International delegates. He forgets to carry his comb which is essential if one wants to look fresh after a journey of 20 hours. Do you think, he will go and look for the most expensive brand that he generally buys? No, he will simply end up buying whatever quality comb is easily available. So, I think it can be concluded that being quality conscious is a function of constraint be it monetary, time or otherwise.
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Abinaya S said: (Mon, Jun 10, 2013 11:49:53 AM)

Indians are not less sensitive about quality. But the problem here is that, Indians tend to be sensitive over what they think is the quality of a product. Be it the rich or poor, Indians invariably relate quality to the price and more



Are Indians Less Quality Conscious? - Group Discussion

often the brand. The retailers know exactly the minds of Indians. Branded products here don't come with the same quality as abroad, export qualities vary in different countries based its people. So yeah Indians are sensitive about quality, but they not the best judges of what is qualitative.
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Rohit Raushan said: (Sun, Jun 9, 2013 09:08:33 PM)

Hello everyone, It's a great opportunity for me to say something upon this interesting topic. This is not good to say about Indians that they are less quality conscious. As well as we know that most of our population are not so rich. Even they are not capable to fulfill their whole desires. They are forced to compromise their some desires according to their earning capability. This is well known that they purchase car, bike, cloths, houses or their so many other wants. Some of them are capable to buy a costly car which range can be above 10 to 15 lakhs, but most of their ranges are also can be less than 5 or 2 lakhs. One thing is also so important that we well know that here is a mental culture in our country India that is to save money for the future. There is a big unemployment in our country. This is also a big reason for this. An unemployed person could not have a heavy pocket because their financial source does not be so stronger and they have a big responsibility of their family. So it is not correct to say Indians less quality conscious, the truth is some of the Indians are compelled with their income. Thanks.
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Prem said: (Thu, Jun 6, 2013 07:13:25 PM)

As per my view, every person want to become rich so obviously if he would be rich the quality consciousness comes their way. As many international brands are stepping in India after liberalisation and globalization with new trends so I believe that people in India are being more conscious not only for its quality but for trends as well.
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Abhi said: (Wed, Jun 5, 2013 12:33:25 AM)

I do support for my country. We cannot say people of India are less quality conscious. There are lot of factors which affects persons mentality while buying a product. He may be quality conscious but his budget has to accommodate it otherwise he go for what he can but in that too he choose which is best this shows he is quality conscious. For example if a middle class man wants to buy a class he can't afford costly car like Audi in that case he goes for the best in the category he can afford so Indians are surely quality conscious.
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Yash said: (Sat, Jun 1, 2013 07:40:51 PM)

Good evening everyone. I do agree that indians are less quality conscious because products manufactured in India are mostly manufactured according to the basic income of the Indian population and all quality conscious people basically go for import products which are to much expensive as compared to Indian so it depends upon the purchasing power of the individual.
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Deepak Jha said: (Tue, May 28, 2013 09:41:40 PM)

HELLO FRIENDS. Here in this topic, the question in the Indian people are quality conscious or not. And according to my point of view, most of the people are quality conscious, because majority of the people whether rich or poor, would always been ask about the quality of the product before buying it. Let us take an example:- suppose I am a merchant or owner of a branded outlet. Now if some customer comes in my outlet choose some product and then comes to me, would ask about the quality that "this item is good or not". Whether he is going to buy that item or not, he most probably will ask about the quality of that product, now here only we got the answer that most of the people are quality conscious. And we always go through the majority, so we can say that Indian people are quality conscious.
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Amit Bhbanj said: (Tue, May 21, 2013 04:21:50 PM)

Are Indians Less Quality Conscious? - Group Discussion

Well the topic is good but it has only one answer: "income". In India people of every section of society wants quality, but due to less income most of the people compromise and shift to less quality products, on the other hand rich people can buy quality products as they have sufficient money power moreover these quality products are also high in prices because of growing demands in richer section of the society so there is no scope of poor people to become quality conscious.
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Chengappa M said: (Wed, May 8, 2013 11:17:52 AM)

Hello everyone! This is certainly a debatable topic. Indian is a country where there is always been irregular share of money amongst its citizen, ours is a country where rich person gets richer and the poor gets poorer. In this economic inequality, common man has to think twice when he thinking of buying menial things like groceries for home. Comparing and buying has become a routine. In this situation the manufacturing industry which aims at high sales of products in order to reduce the rates of their products ignore the quality factor of the product. The 'Chalta hai!' attitude of the citizens of the country have in some way led to the decrease in the quality of products in the country. The steps taken by the government like ISI mark AGMARK are helping maintain the quality of the product. These standards should be followed strictly to improve the quality of the products manufactured in the country.
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S K said: (Mon, May 6, 2013 04:08:26 PM)

People usually compare quality today with brand & price. There is a very fine line between quality and price. General buying tendency says branded products which are costly will have better quality. But the fact is, this is usually not the case. Many brands in the market offer good quality products like the recent Baba Ramdev product range has great quality and worthy prices. Though many famous brands are faking with fancy advertisements and catchy lines. When it comes to quality check, it is just the government who can intervene and help consumer to choose best. Strict actions for those found guilty will sure improve levels of quality.
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Sk Arman said: (Sat, May 4, 2013 05:32:15 PM)

Hi friends, No one in the world is quality conscious but quality conscious. When it comes to India as majority of the people, around 70% of the people can't afford a better product. As the same product, lesser in quality and price, is available in the market so, they go for it. Its not their by choice its their circumstances that force him to be money conscious not quality. Remaining 30% of indians they are quality conscious in other way means they are always looking for goodest quality as they can afford. So finally we could say that those not having money are money conscious and those having money are quality conscious. Thanks.
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Barkha Singhal said: (Wed, May 1, 2013 12:57:20 AM)

Well according to my view this can't be concluded as whole that if India is quality conscious or not. This actually is a personal phenomenon and the same behavior can't be expected from everyone. A product which is inferior to one may be superior for another like a black and white TV may be superior to a very poor family where the same act as a inferior product for a rich person. Superiority and inferiority is a relative concept which depends on the income of the person. Also a person tries to have the best deal while purchasing a product both in quality and price but within his/her budget constraint. Moreover, quality of a product and income of a consumer is directly related i.e. the more the income of a person,



Moreover, quality of a product and income of a consumer is directly related i.e. the more the income of a person, more he will be quality conscious and vice versa.
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Are Indians Less Quality Conscious? - Group Discussion

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Hemalatha said: (Fri, Apr 26, 2013 04:56:13 PM)

Hello friends, In my point of view indian's are quality conscious, if buying item is very important and if it is useful regarding to their health. Otherwise the item is not used that much useful then they not bother about quality.
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Aanish said: (Thu, Apr 25, 2013 08:05:10 PM)

I would like to say about this topic is that India is developing country. Here people are divided in two group rich people and poor people. So rich people never compromise quality but poor people always prefer quantity rather than quality because they don't have enough money to buy good quality product. If someone highly educate but not have enough money then maybe he purchase less quality product but if some people have rich but they are not well educate so they don't know about good quality may be the purchase less quality product. Actually it is depend on mindset of people what are they thinking but main reason is money.
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Poonam said: (Fri, Apr 19, 2013 11:41:34 AM)

Hi FRIENDS, I would like express my views on this topic also. India is a developing country. Some people are poor. Some are mediocre and some are rich. Rich people not compromise with quality. But poor people need food in their respected money. Quality doesn't matter for them. On the other hand mediocre also exist here. For mediocre quality depends upon their salary and and mindset. If their pocket allow they will go with quality otherwise not. But nowadays things are changing middle class people are going with quality. They think they will buy less thing but of good quality. In short India people purchasing power and mindset depends upon people they will go with quality or not.
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Nitin said: (Fri, Apr 12, 2013 03:05:19 PM)

I would say that it depends upon the level of education and the paper he earns. No matter how much he earns if he is not aware of Armani etc, he won't purchase it and on the other side if a person is well educated yet does not earn enough, will not go for high quality items when he can go with substandard. Hence, a combination of both is necessary which India lacks a lot. So yes I do agree with the topic.
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Zorro said: (Sun, Apr 7, 2013 04:04:38 PM)

Being quality conscious means only considering quality as a parameter at the time of purchasing goods or services. But Indians are not only quality conscious but also price sensitive. Like everyone we need quality at lowest possible prices. Rich and upper middle class families never compromise on quality but poor and lower middle class families do compromise at certain point of a time. Most of the Indian population being poor hardly consider quality because for them even if they get meals twice a day is enough for them. So it can be said that rich Indian people are quality conscious whereas people with low income aren't. Thus it can only be said that Most of the Indians are less quality conscious and not all of them. Thank you.
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Ankush Jaggi said: (Sun, Apr 7, 2013 01:06:45 PM)

Hello friends, I totally agree with topic as we Indians are not quality conscious. Thing is India is such a diverse country one cannot simply generalize any thought. There are folks which belong to wealthier class and from middle class, vast share of India's population comes from poor background (BPL families). Yes, us Indians do care about quantity many a times and it is basically comes down to one's perspective of things and richer lot will always go for quality and other lot will always go for economic thing.

There is one great thing about us Indians is that whatever we are getting we are more than happy and in hard times we are all together and we show a never die spirit.
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Manisha Bhattacharya said: (Fri, Apr 5, 2013 11:35:12 PM)


Hello friends,

Are Indians Less Quality Conscious? - Group Discussion

The topic is Indians are less quality conscious, as per my concern this is totally wrong. I just want to divide the peoples of India in two parts 1st who comes under rich families, middle class and the poor one. It is quite obvious that rich people does not care about money obviously they will buy quality products problem will occur with middle and poor families it will depend upon their income. 2nd category who comes under uneducated rich people like people who lives in villages they do not have any idea regarding the quality and quantity. They look for the quantity only. And another 1 more thing is that the mentality in India that people think that high price products are only good in quality but it is always not true. THANK YOU.
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Sathya Shivam said: (Thu, Apr 4, 2013 08:27:12 PM)

Hai friends, First I have to say something about the given topic "are indians less quality conscious". It should not be decided based on the nationality. It should be decided based on the economic strength of the people. If you earn more obviously you go for best product in the market, if not, you choose what you are able to buy. Is all the persons in USA (developed nation) are quality conscious? no. It is depend on the income of the individual and his character.
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Apurva said: (Mon, Apr 1, 2013 03:09:32 AM)

Hi Friends, I think we people are quality conscious but in low price which is bearable. Also, we people want to spend more money in quality instead of quantity. Now a days we are using brand products instead of using local product. We are using packed articles instead of open products. We are importing different different articles to our country which is increasing. This shows that we turned our faces towards quality instead of quantity. Thanks.
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Shanmuganathan said: (Fri, Mar 29, 2013 10:43:23 AM)

Hi friends, India is developing country. We can see lot of diversities among the people region, climate and also in mentality too. Our peoples are mostly from villages, there literature rate is not affordable when comparing with city people and most of them are below poverty line, therefore their mentality will be " something is always better than nothing". So they won't care about the qualities they want to face the situation so they need some product. Usually they won't mention the product name in the shop but they mention the product at the rate, what they have (5 rupees bathing soap). Many of us had experienced this before.
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Prateek said: (Wed, Mar 27, 2013 01:06:39 AM)

India is a very diverse country, life styles of people in India are very different, hence accordingly product range also vary very much. Some people want good quality product whereas some people give more value to product cost hence they sometimes compromise in quality. With over 1.25 billion population, we can not generalize that everyone compromises with quality but many people, due to various reasons (budget constraints etc. ) tend to compromise quality over price.
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Pajnka said: (Mon, Mar 25, 2013 11:16:44 PM)

When we talk about India, we must consider the people from different economic groups. If we consider a person below poverty line (30-40% Indian population) , who can't even afford proper food. How can we expect them to think about quality. But when it comes to middle class, they are definitely quality conscious. So as per my view, it depends upon standard of living of person (which in turn includes their economic class, education and awareness).
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Kunal said: (Mon, Mar 25, 2013 06:53:15 PM)



Are Indians Less Quality Conscious? - Group Discussion

According to me we can't say that India is less quality conscious. It is dependent on two reasons. Either money or awareness. India is the country of villages, so in villages people are rich but they are not aware the latest product. The other reason is all India's populations 40 percentage are below poverty line. They don't have as much income to afford them.
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Rahul Udhwani said: (Wed, Mar 20, 2013 06:53:17 PM)

Hi Guys Good Evening, I would like to thanks for your Kind advice. It is my pleasure to share my opinion. In my point of view, In India there is different type of products are available, we cannot insist to other for use this. There are many inhabitant whose income is quite cheap, They have to manage under their limited income, And its all depend on income, Who peoples are earning more than their needs so they can easily take Western and quality product. But who is earning under than their needs so they have to manage their low income. Govt has to take some important action toward to poverty. We have seen much such action which was taken by Govt but utility is that richer become more richer and poor become more poor. Thanks.
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Neha Garg said: (Mon, Mar 18, 2013 03:54:20 PM)

Hello Everyone, According to my opinion In India there are many kinds of people some of them are quality conscious eg. Richest one and some are not like people in rural areas. Just think about a poor man he will first think about his needs and his budget and then about quality because quality products are expensive and quality can not fulfill his needs. So In India people are quality conscious as well as quantity conscious. Thank You.
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Rajeswari Kuttimalu said: (Sun, Mar 17, 2013 12:26:41 AM)

According to me Indian people are quality conscious because every person want something special to show their status. Today majority of the Indians are youngsters they are educated, and they know which is better and which is bad and they are well aware about the brand so every like to buy quality good which is available at reasonable price. I will tell one example few days before me and my grandmother went to market, my grandmother searching some shop I asked what you want then she said I want "PEARS" bath soap because it is very good for skin. Even 70 years old lady know the quality of the product and branding then how can we say Indian people are less quality conscious? Thank you.
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Devjyoti said: (Mon, Mar 11, 2013 08:08:07 PM)

Dear all, Good evening. As per my point of view this statement is wrong. Because if you see population is growing so scarcity of work place is coming into picture. So what is happening the people who worked hard or smart gets better income and hence they live a healthy life. What does it show? They are quality conscious. Where the people who don't have this much income sophisticated life is dream for them. It does not mean that they are not quality conscious. So always money matters.
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Vaibhav Aggrawal said: (Fri, Mar 8, 2013 04:20:16 PM)

As far as my consciousness goes, I think Indian are less quality conscious. This is due to a large population of India resides in village and sub towns. This sector of population are not worried about the quality. They are only worried if they are getting the commodity. Taking example of food, the quality of food is getting bad. The nutritional value of food is quite poor. But still people are either consuming it willingly and unwillingly both. Taking other example, the quality of R&D work that is happening in our country is far below standard. There is no good investment over the quality improvement.
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Neha Thakur said: (Tue, Mar 5, 2013 06:25:06 PM)

Are Indians Less Quality Conscious? - Group Discussion

Definitely dudes, The Indians are lagging with quality only because of competition. And I can say it as Indian mentality. Indian people always take the direction where the cost is less. Less cost means we have to reduce the quality. Of course the quality products are always treated well. As example in Andhra pradesh "pulla reddy sweets" are more famous than any other international brand.
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Aditya Parashar said: (Fri, Mar 1, 2013 01:37:09 PM)

Hi, This is Aditya, According to me every thing depend on budget. In India average earning people is very less and responsibilities are much. All people having responsibility and fear of society and relative. What they do they have to manage all things.
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Manisha said: (Sun, Feb 24, 2013 12:50:49 PM)

According to me quality and price are the two weights on a balance. But specially if we look into developing countries like India, where majority of the population is middle class, quality would hardly matter what matters is the quantity. Let me give you an instance, whatever superb facility you endorse in a car the first thing that comes to a client is the mileage. But yes quality for many is to show royalty. EX- a wealthy person will buy a pen of costs Rs 2000 just for the shake of getting a status in the society. However with the growing phase of our country people are howling towards being quality conscious. Thank you!
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Suvendu said: (Mon, Feb 18, 2013 08:59:20 AM)

Hi Friends, Besides discussion on the quality of product bought and sold by our countrymen we should also try to analyse the quality of services given and received by our people. Be it an employ of small firm or multinational companies or the customer care of mobile/software firms. Are the services extended by the really up to the quality. Do they really cater to your needs and problems ?
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Devendra Kumar said: (Sat, Feb 16, 2013 03:46:21 AM)

Hi friends, According to me, None wants to use a poor quality product, either it is for ones body or for the use and throw purpose. But it is the money which makes people choice different as well as. Their thought and awareness with the materials. As I HAVE seen that even though people have less budget, they spend money to find high quality product. So I think it does not matter with country, but their people thinking, awareness, income and their fondness.
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Arnab said: (Thu, Feb 14, 2013 10:46:48 PM)

Quality of the product is about its performance. A Parker pen worth 70 rs is may be of high quality but that doesn't mean that Reynolds pen of 10 rs is of lower quality. Every product has its own targeted customer.



Are Indians Less Quality Conscious? - Group Discussion

Product of same cost should be compared to each other. Thus I think Indians are not completely cheap.
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Vikrant said: (Wed, Feb 13, 2013 01:37:37 PM)

Hi everyone, In my opinion its true for all middle-class peoples who think more about quantity rather than quality. We have to pay higher for quality products its true fact. And if we think of higher middle class people they are okay with paying for quality. In spite of these things for once in the year we can go for best quality but for these its requires savings and patience to. So to be quality conscious we should try achieving higher, dream higher so that we will able to achieve success and high bank balance to. Strive harder to cope for best quality.
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Ashwini Y. Gharge said: (Wed, Feb 13, 2013 01:21:06 AM)

Yes, I think Indians people are less conscious about the quality because 70% people are from rural area and they don't have enough money to spend on their food so because of that they prefer cheap rate of product which are less qualitative. China create a great market in India because they are giving less costly product but the product are not survive for a long time but even then also people still buying the china made product. Hence I would like to say that Indians people are more quantitative rather then qualitative. Thank you.
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Discoverhere said: (Thu, Feb 7, 2013 12:14:17 PM)

Hi Friends, I have some opinions to be shared. Basically quality consciousness comes with the literacy and his/ her knowledge in applying concepts gained. I do agree the family status will be a reason for quality consciousness but it will be to some extent. May be the buying ability will be limited But we can improve the quality consciousness by conserving the food. For Instance, Many people know that used oil will cause problem, But we used to it. Instead we need to minimize the frequency of using used oil, This can be achieved only if we got literacy on hygienic life / ads on it. Overall its up to each individual to adhere to quality consciousness.
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Himangi said: (Wed, Feb 6, 2013 10:38:31 PM)

According to me consciousness about. Any product or service arouses only out of awareness of people. This means if people are aware of good & bad impacts of the quality of. Services they receive from the various vendors then only they would be conscious about the quality of the product, but since awareness is one of the factors that is lacking in most of the Indians that may be either because of illiteracy or due to lack of info and experience that can vary between person to person, Indians are less quality conscious. The most obvious example of lack of quality consciousness is that most of the people buy the eatables, medicines and other such products without being concerned about the date of expiry. Also most of the people give priority to the money that is to be spend on the commodity. That is why they end up buying those goods that cost less by keeping the quality of goods at stake.
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Shubham said: (Wed, Feb 6, 2013 09:10:33 PM)

Hi friends, in my point of view Indians are less quality conscious because good quality product requires high price in general, but as we know that in India their are all three types of class-rich, middle, poor, but last two class ie middle and poor class of people are more in our country. So they can't afford such a high price, so they are bound to manage with those product which has less price or brand-less product. Their would be one more reason that today still there are lots of uneducated people in our country and prefer to follow their tradition as well as quality doesn't mean to them anything but only quantity, they even don't know about branded product and used to of buying priceless things.
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Are Indians Less Quality Conscious? - Group Discussion

Raviraj Jadeja said: (Mon, Feb 4, 2013 11:29:46 PM)

Every body in this world likes good qualitative products, nobody is fool who says I like less qualitative product, it is very simple the person who earns much will choose best quality, person with average earning will go for better and other low earning people go for low quality. In India you will find all this three classes, hence we can say that in India people choose quality according to their need and capability.
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Mohit said: (Wed, Jan 30, 2013 11:04:51 AM)

Hello friends, according to my thinking Indian population are the second largest number in the world, so in the metropolitan cites people are not afford the price of any product either it was cloth or food, and you see my friends say Indians are more judgmental about products they do not see the quality of product, they see only quantity of product. So brand are not important for a good product. THANK you.
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Alisha said: (Mon, Jan 28, 2013 11:48:32 AM)

India is a country with rich, poor and middle class people. I don't think every one look forth for quality because they can buy product according to what they afford. Few people buy only branded things, few go for things according to the color, material etc. But most of t people get things they can afford. And we all know as cost decreases qty also decreases. Thank you.
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Surya said: (Sun, Jan 27, 2013 07:46:28 PM)

Hi friends in my point of view India is not a low quality conscious. Because our country has a large population but there will be no money to buy things like other country. Examples take some engineering colleges in other country colleges are very nice in teaching and everything by giving large money but here we are not able to give that amount of money.
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Rahul said: (Sun, Jan 27, 2013 01:37:09 PM)

I do not agree with this statement that Indians are less quality conscious. According to me Indians are as much as quality conscious like people of other countries. But in India quality varies from person to person, like people who are rich go for quality products and poor people go for less quality products. But the trouble is more than 75% people of India are middle class and their earnings are limited and on top of that they have to do saving for their children, hence sometimes they have to compromise in quality but that does not mean we are less quality conscious.
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Shivam said: (Thu, Jan 24, 2013 10:25:12 AM)

Hello Friends. We can easily admire that the Indian population can be categorized into certain levels. Each one of us prefers to live a quality life but due to price rise in almost each commodity every one can not afford to make use of expensive materials. Hence they have to compromise with quality. Well I must say, for this Indian Government must take required steps to reduce poverty and decrease the prices.
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Sushant Kumar said: (Sun, Jan 20, 2013 04:00:17 PM)

Hello everyone, In my point of view I am totally disagree with given sentence that is "Indians are less sensitive about the quality of the product", it is because it all depends upon the need of the particular person. When we are talking about India the we know that India is a one of the fastest growing country in the world and hence the living standard of the people of India is according to that. So we are not suppose to compare the standard of living of Indian and the American, because it fully depends upon the need of the people. For example before some years the communication system in India is fully depend upon the post office, but now most of the people can afford mobile so they are using it and this came only because of their improved life style. If anyone dose not think about their need and always use qualitative things in that case they have to suffer the loss for that. For example think if I have to by a car for going to office. I live in Patna, and if I am going to buy BMW for that then it can be problematic for me because all roads of Patna are not so good that we can run BMW over



Are Indians Less Quality Conscious? - Group Discussion

for that then it can be problematic for me because all roads of Patna are not so good that we can run BMW over that roads. Then in that case we have to suffer from the loss. Even though the BMW is more qualitative as compared the alto but it useless for me in the present condition. Finally I want to conclude myself on that the quality of all types of things basically depends upon the need of the person and we Indian are not always choose the les qualitative things, thanks.
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Payel said: (Sun, Jan 6, 2013 06:32:09 PM)

I think the product we use how long it persists without causing any damage, whether we are comfortable with this or not, how much it is essential to us and most important is we will buy the product from the next time or not, . All these factor collectively determines the quality of a product. Everyone thinks about all these basic quality either buy a car or a cup. So, the term "QUALITY" varies person to person. It is not necessary that a rich foreigner purchases a shirt from a shopping mall is of very high quality and a poor Indian buys a "Lungi" from the footpath is not up to the mark. The "lungi" may run a long and The "shirt" may left behind. In that case value or quality of "lungi" higher than "shirt". So, I want to conclude that quality depends upon how it suits to us. There is nothing to consciousness about Indian Particularly.
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Saranya said: (Thu, Jan 3, 2013 08:26:49 PM)

In my point of view India is not a quality conscious. It depends on income of a family. There are three types of people living in India. Lower class. High class. Middle class. If you take a lower class family, they have to buy a product within their budget. When considering middle class they will buy product within their budget. But they don't giveup quality of the product. High class family will also buy high quality product. I conclude that quality depends on the income of a family.
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Rajesh.Psna said: (Thu, Jan 3, 2013 12:18:02 PM)

In my opinion I disagree with the statement that Indians are less quality conscious. Because, you know now India is in 2 place in human population. But here only 19% are high class peoples remaining 81% are middle class and poor peoples. So these 81% peoples they do not have enough money to live in this country. Suppose they want to purchase any quality product means they have to spend more money from his earning. So its not possibles for that 81% of peoples. So that is main reason for Indian peoples going to less quality products.
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Nidhi said: (Mon, Dec 31, 2012 08:19:31 PM)

Hello everyone, According to me Indians are not "less quality conscious", its all depends as per their status or you can say as per their earnings. Most of the people in India belongs to middle class family and so their earnings are limited, in which they try to manage their expenses as well their savings. So they try to buy things which are more profitable as well as cheaper to them, sometimes less quality conscious according to their need but not always, they try to buy things which are long lasting in which they never compromise with money, but as I said it depends on the need of the person.
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Durai said: (Tue, Dec 25, 2012 06:16:04 PM)

Hi Friends from my point of view quality is the need for everyone since some doesn't have that much money so they will go for the products which are cheaper and quality less. I can give some example for this if a class customer is going for sony digi cam is for prestige but class b customer is buying sony for quality and now a days people are very conscious on quality so according to Indian consumers are quality conscious if they have money.

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Are Indians Less Quality Conscious? - Group Discussion

Jupiter Alappat said: (Sat, Dec 15, 2012 09:33:31 AM)

Hi Friends, As we know if we go to any market or the place where we buys our daily products, we like one product and asking for price if it is more than the budget we will not purchase it, so with this example I could say that its really and ultimately depends on how much you have in our pocket to spend for all these things. And also our people looks for "high quality @ low price " it does not mean that we are looking low quality, I disagree with this topic and I support those who are disagreed this topic, also will consider the people who agreed this topic because as per their vision it is correct. !
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Amar Shaikh said: (Tue, Dec 11, 2012 11:01:09 AM)

Hello friends, This sentence depends on peoples income and Qty.of family members. Actually in India there are three type of classes, Class Family (Qty) Income. 1. Upper Class 4 4000 p.m. 2. Middle Class 4 2000 p.m. 3. Lower Class 4 1000 p.m. So, just think and fix your self in above's any class you can easily find your answer. If my income is more to survive in market I can go though good quality products its upper class thinking, middle class may bought less quality products than upper class and lower class must have to go though low quality products for survive and fulfill their basic needs because of low income. So my friends it depends on income and family members Qty. Thank's!
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Neeraja said: (Mon, Dec 10, 2012 11:22:54 AM)

Hello friends, As I am an Indian I would like to support my country saying that Indians are not quality conscious. As all know that India is a multi divers country very people have individual opinions about their wants and needs few may look at the price and many may opt quality as trend changes the variety of the product changes so to follow it pupils may select new fashion products but not the best quality one's. We can also say that quality also depends upon the type of the product we purchase we can not look for quality in daily usable small products in the same way we cannot neglect quality on costlier products like electronic goods etc. Finally I want to conclude that India is quality conscious only up to a certain percentage. AS it is a developing country I hope it will be developed and maintains quality in every aspect. Thank you.
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Akshay Kasana said: (Sun, Dec 9, 2012 11:18:56 PM)

Hello friends. In my opinion I disagree with the statement that Indians are less quality conscious. In India people try to buy products within their budget. They does not buy less quality products intentionally. In India most of the population comes under middle class and poor class families whose income is not much. Most of them cannot even arrange meals twice a day. It is not because of their lack of knowledge or understanding about quality but it is due to their low income that they cannot afford best quality products. It is because of their income that they have to compromise with the quality of product.
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Rahul said: (Sun, Dec 9, 2012 01:14:14 PM)

Hello friends.



Are Indians Less Quality Conscious? - Group Discussion

As per my opinions that in India which is a developing country peoples are quality conscious and they demands only which things these are really want. Peoples are seen best quality products in his budget. I believe that only brands are not provide the quality products rather other products also available in market which have good quality in better price and can affordable. Some of the peoples develop a mentality in mind that branded things are represent his status. Big brands are also provide same products likely to others these are only make you foolish as per as well managed business strategy. In my opinion that quality is first than brands and Indians are well to afford quality. So Indians are quality conscious.
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Prateek said: (Wed, Nov 28, 2012 12:02:00 AM)

In my view agree that Indians is quality conscious because quality is not depend of only high price product, that depend to performance, feature and test of product in a minimum price. And Indians people believes buy maximum quality product in minimum price & minimum budget. So Indians is a quality conscious.
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Bharwad Rahul said: (Tue, Nov 27, 2012 09:03:25 PM)

No I am not agree this statement, As in India 70% of people are full of farmer, Indians in good olden days ate home made food and no refrigerators were used to store vegetables for 15 days, And some part of our population can't afford the quality standards. So, its not that Indians are not quality conscious but we don't get the quality standard.
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Trupti said: (Wed, Nov 21, 2012 08:54:35 PM)

Hello friends I'm agree with this that Indians are less quality conscious because quality depends upon strategies of economy. And Indian economy. Depends upon farmers status. As in India 70% of people are full of farmer. And farmer can. Earn not more then 70,000 per year. So according to there income they purchase.
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Jahnavi said: (Tue, Nov 20, 2012 05:57:36 PM)

Hi. Friends. I cannot agree with the topic"Indians are less quality conscious". Why because In India we are having different types of citizens. We have. Poor families, middle class families and also we are having very rich families in India. Some of the peoples are having combined families. Due to the cause they cannot afford that much money for branded and quality goods. But they are also wants quality goods. But their background and their family position can't supports.
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Chandra said: (Tue, Nov 20, 2012 12:31:25 PM)

Indians are not have less quality conscious. India is a fastest developing country in the world. In India, there 3 kinds of people living they are. 1. RICH PEOPLE-wants to buy quality products. 2. MIDDLE CLASS-wants to buy products which is depends on their income status. 3. POOR CLASS-always wants to buy more number of products by using low amount of pelf.



Are Indians Less Quality Conscious? - Group Discussion

SO MONEY WILL DECIDES THE PEOPLE QUALITY CONSCIOUS. In India, most of the people are uneducated so they don't know the quality of products & villages are backbone of the India which is depends on the agriculture of villages.
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Kumar Anupam said: (Sun, Nov 18, 2012 03:42:03 PM)

Hello friends. In my opinion Indians are not less quality conscious but due to certain circumstances they forced to purchase those products which are of less quality, due to rise in prices of any product whether its FMCG, CONSUMER DURABLE'S or APPAREL, mainly in food grains they do more compromise. If you see govt participation, here govt is also lacking, bulk of rice, wheat are spoiling in govt warehouses instead of distributing they are keeping with himself or exporting to other countries, difference between the INR and foreign currency leads to rise in cost of quality. Now if you want better quality you have to pay more, and this all burden is beard by the public.
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S.K said: (Sat, Nov 17, 2012 05:05:21 PM)

One should think logically and factually about this topic. The quality may not be considered for the food that we eat or something else. It should be a part of our living. Some of them had discussed that the poor cannot afford for quality assured things since it is costlier and they cannot go for it. Its the real fact. But if we are considering as a example say the food we eat, the better the quality, the healthier we become. Ultimately taking considerations of different peoples i.e., I won't like to mention as poor or rich people, rather I will say people with weak financial background definitely see the quantity and not the quality. Hence India is less conscious about the quality.
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Kal'Yan said: (Fri, Nov 16, 2012 04:26:48 PM)

No Indians are not less quality conscious. The companies that manufacture goods locally have disregard towards the Indian customers and so they always adulterate the essential consumer goods such as milk and other food items. Sell goods of third rate quality like clothes, vehicles etc and charge huge amounts. The foreign companies that have set their foot in India are manufacturing a better quality at discount prices and so public is leaning towards specific brands. The Indian manufacturers are less quality conscious I can say.
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Robin said: (Fri, Nov 16, 2012 02:15:30 PM)

We cannot say Indians are less quality conscious because as India is a developing country there is the rich, the middle class and the poor. People choosing quality directly depends on which society they are from. For poor quantity matters rather than quality as heir wages are less and find it difficult to feed every member. Middle class and rich won't compromise on quality. So are Indian are less quality conscious or not? the answer lies to which sector they belong.
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Raju said: (Thu, Nov 15, 2012 07:25:43 PM)

Hello friends. In my view, I don't think that Indians are less quality conscious, it totally depend on the situation. India is a developing country and here poor people, middle class and rich family is there. For poor people they can not even think about the quality as they do not have enough money to feed their stomach, they look only for the quantity because for them quantity is much more important than quality to keep them alive. Middle class family though they don't have huge amount of money even they try to buy best goods and product with what they have. And about rich people they always go for quality as they can afford what they want.
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Govind said: (Wed, Nov 14, 2012 03:10:12 PM)

Hi friends. We can say that quality is directly proportional to the price of the product. For a country like India where per capital income is low so it is not possible for Indian to purchase a high quality product. So on the basis of mass consumption we can say that Indian consumers are users of comparatively low quality products. In the other hand, government policies also plays an important role. As we can see that three to four years ago



In the other hand, government policies also plays an important role. As we can see that three to four years ago Indian government banned the import of dairy product from China after banned by USA. Before the banned by USA we were using it without any problem.

Are Indians Less Quality Conscious? - Group Discussion

So we can say that Indian customer are not very much conscious about quality product.
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Suprit said: (Tue, Nov 13, 2012 09:42:20 AM)

Hello mates, The very fact of being quality conscious, depends upon ones financial status. Means no person will buy a product of inferior quality intentionally. If someone is buying a product of poor quality, then it may be because of that individual's lack of knowledge, or may be that person is obsessed by some particular brand or it may that his financial condition is weak. When it comes to financial condition, even though the person is poor he will try to get best deal within his budget. So one can't say that he is compromising with quality, because that is the best he can afford! The best example of quality consciousness we get to see in our daily life is the scene in a vegetable market. There we can see people fetching and arguing with vendors for good quality in least possible price. So I think, being quality conscious is not just about buying branded items, but it is about getting best deal in ones budget. And Indians do it very well!
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Danny said: (Thu, Nov 8, 2012 07:21:48 PM)

I Believe its about their financial condition which force them to buy the inferior quality products as it comes in low price tag, so for people living below poverty line, they, by default are in this category. If we talk about rich people their financial condition allow them to choose and pick whatever they want. Worst affected are the mediocre class. Its the peer pressure which they have to cope up with.
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Swastika said: (Mon, Nov 5, 2012 10:59:58 PM)

I believe that cost of a product is 'directly proportional' to the quality of the product. So I completely disagree with this fact. Only a deserving price can be granted for a deserving product. People in India could be seen giving more importance to BRANDED things. So as they are of high quality they have all the right to charge more. So it is good for the country developing trust on a trusted brand. So they are quality conscious.
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Vidhi said: (Mon, Nov 5, 2012 10:33:04 AM)

I think now a days, one mania is emerging that if one want to purchases a good quality product, one has to pay high price for it. But no one is thinking about the lower class. As lower class has to endeavor for one day meal. How they can afford quality products. Hence if one has good money, one can think of better quality product than one has. At the end I can say that Any Indian can be quality conscious if his pocket allows.
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Pratima said: (Sat, Nov 3, 2012 01:58:15 PM)

I first thanks to all of you for your views but I think Indian's are good quality conscious as compared to other countries. According to me, Quality conscious is not only means to wear costly branded products. As we know that India is Agricultural country. There has been mostly villages except some big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore etc. Apart from this, India are attracted to every corner of countries. It is just because of good quality conscious. Whereas in dressing point of view it's not too bad as compared to other countries Indian dressing are different in different states.
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Aisha said: (Wed, Oct 31, 2012 04:12:39 PM)

In my point of view we cannot say that Indians are less Quality conscious because every individual have their own concept of acquiring it. Some people wants to acquire large quantity while some want to acquire a good quality product even the quantity is less. The most important thing is that people should be aware of what quality is actually.
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Are Indians Less Quality Conscious? - Group Discussion

Anitha Menon said: (Fri, Oct 26, 2012 08:53:08 PM)

Hello Hi! I would like to make a note that Indians are not much conscious about the quality of a product. They just get attracted to the ads and buy the product if they like it, blindly. ! Its not a problem for the ones who are economically high in standard but it matters for the ones who strive for a day meal or the ones who cannot really afford it. And they are forced into a situation to buy low quality product. They cannot be blamed for this but what I feel is if the good quality product is at affordable price for lower middle class people, then am damn sure people of India would choose the best quality.
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Rima said: (Fri, Oct 26, 2012 08:15:02 PM)

Hi everyone, I do not agree with the statement that Indians are less Quality conscious. It is certainly true that everybody meets their requirements differently by the assets provided to them. But it cannot be said that Indians are less quality conscious. We people actually don't have access to the quality needed. Even if you will be sitting in a renowned restaurant, you can't be sure about the quality standard given to you. Adulteration has increased so much in our country that we don't get the quality standards up to the mark. And some part of our population can't afford the quality standards. So, its not that Indians are not quality conscious but we don't get the quality standard.
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Sahil Patel said: (Wed, Oct 24, 2012 01:22:21 AM)

We can see quality from a different perspective. Quality-consciousness also depends on attitude. Majority of Indians have "Let-go" attitude and Minority people are ambitious. Ambitious people strive for perfection and are very quality-conscious where are people having "let-go" attitude are used to adapt to the whatever they get and thus are not less quality-conscious.
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Sujit Kumar Nishank said: (Sun, Oct 21, 2012 11:57:46 PM)

Hi everybody, In India peoples are not conscious about the quality because I think quality always depends on the money. If a person has income 30000 per month so they will want to buy quality product but whose income is 3000 per month. How would they want to buy quality product. Because the price of quality product is high so I think quality product is always goes to rich person.
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Simran said: (Sat, Oct 20, 2012 08:41:16 PM)

Hi friends. I would like to say that its all about the mindset and the purchasing power of the people in India that depends on the money they possess with them. India is a developing country and the fact is that all are not alike here. Some are very rich. Some are mediocre. And some are living even below poverty line here. When one go for shopping they all move with their already managed budgets. Some budgets allow to focus on quality some allow focusing on just the quantity. Quality is now a synonym for high price which is beyond the imagination for those who find difficulty to meet their daily requirements. Quality is a feature everybody wants to ensure the good for them and their belongings. But in some cases the pockets don't allow to concentrate on quality. The situation will remain as it is till we have great disparities in economic conditions of the different sectors of our society. The day this kind of differences go away from our society that would be the quality day for all Indians.
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Vikram Isbs said: (Sat, Oct 20, 2012 06:18:32 PM)

We can not directly conclude that Indians are quality conscious or not. In my opinion quality consciousness is part which can only be applied on those who are having enough income to afford their wants. For example take a sample of 100 business people who can afford Apple, blackberry, Galaxy phones but they are buying quite cheaper phones. So for that sample we can say Indians are not quality



Are Indians Less Quality Conscious? - Group Discussion

But if we see the reality the people having income and surviving in Tier I, Tier II, Tier III, Cities they are not negotiating with Quality. They are quality Conscious. Rest this point can not be discussed on 60 % Indian population, who are surviving their life in rural area or on those who exist Below Poverty Line.
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Niranjan said: (Sat, Oct 20, 2012 02:25:59 AM)

It would be unfair to say that we Indians compromise on quality on anything and everything that we buy. Although we may compromise on non essential commodities but most Indians would never compromise on the essentials like education or healthcare. Also as stated by many, "with good quality comes an increased price tag" which many are unable to afford, but classifying Indians as being less quality conscious would be unfair as this is the case in many developing countries and in the low income groups of some developed countries also. Also the one of the reasons for us to develop such a lax attitude is because of the sluggishness of consumer grievance cells and consumer courts to provide speedy justice to people affected by low quality products which is quite opposite to the scenario in other nations where a single complaint regarding low quality products can result in a lawsuit being filed against the company.
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Kiran said: (Thu, Oct 18, 2012 08:28:30 PM)

In India, lots of people have no money for food, then how could they think about quality or brand etc. If we bought a quality product, we have to pay lot of money from our monthly income, which leaves no money for savings. Quality product is only made for India's richest people and high society people.
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Prashant Sharma said: (Sun, Oct 14, 2012 08:14:11 AM)

I also agree with my one of my fried views, Its not like that Indian are not aware aboutqualitative product, but the actual thing is that before buying any quality product I would have to think do I have theenough money in my pocket to survive my daily requirement for food, rent an all so that says about the low income or mediokrs life style. But if I have the good amount of money as in monthly income I would definately go for Good quality product. So as per my aspect the only thing matter what is my liablities, what I have in my pocket after fullfilling my needful that makes the Indian people to go for the Quality product or not.
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Saravana said: (Thu, Oct 11, 2012 10:16:37 PM)

Hi friends. I'm pretty sure that different people think in different ways. So quality is not only a policy but also a satisfaction that they get from their desired products. For some people it is pride of ownership of a typical brand. With sufficient money we can spend it wisely for some valuable product otherwise buy something which is good enough. When we survey Indians concern towards quality its crystal class are that they get fond of a particular brand once they are aware of it. So awareness hinders importance of quality. Yes they are currently less quality conscious.
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Anuja said: (Thu, Oct 11, 2012 01:19:32 PM)

As a point has two sides that is negative as well as positive so this point also has. Because it is differentiate with the point of view of each and every person because every person thinks differently. Some might conscious about quality because they think that the price must stick with some kind of quality, lets assume if we are buying a shirt from street then it should have a branded quality it doesn't make any sense. And if the point is about Indians then I don't agree because in India as well as in other country the perception of every person is different according to their like as well as their affordability.
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Vijaykumar Bojja.Niper12 said: (Wed, Oct 10, 2012 08:15:43 PM)

We can not make a common conclusion regarding this issue about a country especially like India, which has a large



We can not make a common conclusion regarding this issue about a country especially like India, which has a large economical diversity. Quality and high price are two sides of a coin. It is difficult to get a quality product with low price. You can say "not quality conscious" when a person with good income, who is not spending his money to get quality products or unaware of quality. We can't say Indians are not quality conscious because here a common man struggles to get fundamental things like food, water, shelter. There are many people living below poverty line. In another aspect, I can say that Indians are quality conscious. Because they always expect a quality & healthy relationship with the people, which you can't find anywhere in these world.

Are Indians Less Quality Conscious? - Group Discussion

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Preeti Leos said: (Mon, Oct 8, 2012 09:31:58 PM)

Hi, Yes I think Indians are generally less quality conscious, but not all Indians. This thing depends on a person itself, to which thing he give more priority- to QUANTITY or to QUALITY. Lets take an example of a poor family, what that Indian has to do with quality of food, clothes and shelter. Now take an example of a rich family, that Indian will consider, will stress only to quality, only to brands. All good Indians who are having considerable money prefers quality. I personally prefer quality than quantity. Since our 80% of India's population is in poverty so I can generally conclude that Indians are less quality conscious. That is the reason China sends its less quality products, 3-4th class products to India and 1-2 class products to USA because it knows that everything can be easily sold in Indian Market, be it worse or of best quality. But yes of best quality also. Thank You.
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Ashutosh Bajpai said: (Mon, Oct 8, 2012 12:42:59 AM)

Hey guys, I know that quality comes with price and every class specially low income class can not always afford it, but it doesn't mean that people are less conscious about quality, what restrict them is there pocket. More over due to stiff competition in the market companies offer average quality products at low prices and people can easily go for that and for this reason only they do not bother so much about the quality.
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Pandivalli said: (Mon, Oct 8, 2012 12:20:50 AM)

Hi, I totally disagree with point Indians are less quality concern. Because quality of living depends the income of the family and the knowledge of the person. 1st consider the family is having 4 or 5 persons but their income is low. So they are in the situation of managing their needs with limited budget. So they have to sacrifice the expensive things. 2nd the people in rural people does not aware of the branded products. They are not educated that much. So they used to use less quality product. So the quality doesn't depend about the country it's only depends about the money and knowledge of the people.
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Vignesh said: (Thu, Oct 4, 2012 09:38:20 PM)

Hi. Actually India stands second in world population. Among this 80% of this only youth it statics from RBO. So what I am saying quality satisfying the implied needs. Actually quality is compared and it satisfies the customer requirement in sense of aesthetics, reliability, durability, etc. First like to classify the indians in to three category 1) top class 2) middle class 3) low class. Coming back to top class people these fellows will definitely aware of quality then will expect such product. But middle class and low class people they will not such a big thing like quality first thing they open up from the mouth what is the cost of it? I won't say that middle class and low class people will not aware of the quality but they did not expect as much level.
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Abhiskek Rai said: (Thu, Oct 4, 2012 09:20:44 PM)


I agree with this tag which given about India but not 100%. In my view only those people who don't have enough



Are Indians Less Quality Conscious? - Group Discussion

I agree with this tag which given about India but not 100%. In my view only those people who don't have enough income and so, they can't think about quality just because of money problem, are less conscious about quality. In market quality less products are coming just because of more population of those people who has less income and they consumes it at very large scale and also input for quality less product is very low in compare with quality product so producer are spending their money to produce these type of products to get maximum profit. To control this problem government should take some strict decision about product like checking of those products which don't have mark like ISI and etc on product and banned them when they not fulfill requirement for quality.
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Satyam Aggarwal said: (Thu, Oct 4, 2012 06:40:38 PM)

Hi one and all. According to me India is lack concern about quality of product not only due to lack of money but also due to improper distribution of resources. Both factors work on it. Also there is no guarantee that branded products are always totally safe, just because they have a high price and good packaging. For example- Pesticide was found in Pepsi. Insect in Dairy Milk. There are many complains lodged in the consumer forums against many big companies, who claim to give us the best and pure product but somewhere remain unsuccessful. These questions need to be answered. In short, I think its just the money factor that can make an individual quality or quantity conscious. Its not particularly about Indians, even the people of the richest countries can become "less quality conscious" when their pocket is empty.
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Bivash Pradhan said: (Thu, Oct 4, 2012 10:23:41 AM)

I like to say that Indians are not less conscious cause behind that due to prices hike of daily essential things in the market, various types taxes the middle and lower class peoples are unable to bear the expense of that beside that they have to bear the educational fees for his children thats why they do not find the quality product and buys some medium product which has medium or cheap price.
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Athith B said: (Tue, Oct 2, 2012 07:53:11 PM)

Hi, Quality is "meeting or exceeding customers demands" and this need varies from person to person, But this need of the customer is restricted in India due to the income criteria which is a critical aspect as well as illiteracy, if in a village a better quality product is sold against a lower quality similar product having lesser price its obvious that people go for it without the second thought. Only people of people of higher class go for quality products while the other class manage with lower quality.
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Syed Fawaz Ahmed said: (Tue, Oct 2, 2012 10:15:24 AM)

A person care about quality when he has enough money, for ex. A rich husband would gift necklace on her wife's birthday, a middle class man would gift a gold ring, whereas a lower class man would just gift a Saree. So I believe that based on income people become more or less quality conscious. But the quality of love is 100% among all categories of Indians, so here I will disagree that Indians are less quality conscious:-).
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Swarnendu Samanta said: (Sun, Sep 30, 2012 04:27:43 PM)

Hello friends, Regarding this topic, my opinion is Indians are not less quality conscious because of in India the economy does not permit to all to maintain Quality. Besides Quality does not depend on price of the thing but it depends on its behavior. They are forced to choose low price thing (may be considered as low quality by other) after meeting their daily essential commodities as a large portion of people belong to middle class or middle-lower class. In India there is a very good Quality Human Resources which can help to grow up but various problem like politics that also not be utilized properly but I must say that Indian have power to maintain high QUALITY if they revive themselves from the said problem. Thank you all a lot.
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Are Indians Less Quality Conscious? - Group Discussion

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