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Correcting Hudson’s Crooked Political Vision

Correcting Hudson’s Crooked Political Vision

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Published by: Thavam on Nov 28, 2013
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Correcting Hudson’s Crooked Political Vision

• by Nimalka Fernando

• - on 11/27/2013

On the 4th of November 2013 I was onta ted by many friends and relatives !r"in" me to listen to #!dson $amarasin"he%s radio &ro"ram on a state radio hannel' I normally don%t listen to #!dson%s &ro"ram be a!se I &er eive it to be low "rade hea& &ro&a"anda by a &rod! er who has self styled himself to be a wre ker of ima"es' (he words !sed in this &ro"ram are filthy and dero"atory' )nd it is a hallmark of the defamatory and biased &oliti al !lt!re and tradition that #!dson re&resents' ) &oliti al !lt!re and tradition whi h is refle ted in the *inner man+ within #!dson blindly followin" the re"ime and their thinkin" within a !lt!re of "overnan e whi h an best be des ribed as bein" a!thoritarian' I had to for e myself to listen to #!dson%s &ro"ram be a!se it involved a dire t and &ersonal atta k on me' I listened to it from aro!nd ,'00)- and o!ld only listen to it for aro!nd thirty min!tes' Only those with war&ed and r!el minds an ontin!e to listen to blood !rdlin" dis&lays of ven"ean e and wrath entered on mis"!ided hatred. mis on e&tion and misdemeanor' /ven at the &oint at whi h I sto&&ed listenin" to this &ro"ram the &rod! er was ontin!in" to fa ilitate and en o!ra"e allers to ontin!e on with their ideas to annihilate and assassinate me !sin" vario!s methods' 0hat I did listen too &ainted a very "rim &i t!re of how a state radio hannel an be !tili1ed to ond! t a &!bli hate am&ai"n. or"ani1e and ons&ire &!bli ally to kill me' 2!rin" this &ro"ram on state radio me and *&eo&le like me+ were referred to as a s&e ial breed of mos3!itoes that re3!ire s&e ial methods to be destroyed' ) &erson who identified himself retired from the army was of the view that I

sho!ld be handed over to 4 leaners maintained by 5otabaya% as &art of an o&eration by armed servi es' (he onnotation here im&lies that state ma hinery sho!ld be !sed to stifle o&&osin" voi es' #ow damnin"' I ask myself and yo! the 3!estion. has #!dson%s &oliti al vision be ome so !nfo !sed that he let this sli& o !r6 Or more sinisterly is it more fo !sed then ever6 0hen someone im&lies on $tate radio that the state has * leaners+ for vario!s &!r&oses does this mean that these leaners are !sed to wash off dirt from lothes. b!ildin"s. roads or wash off &eo&le6 0ere these the * leaners+ who washed off 7asantha . 8avira9 and :ra"eeth6 0o!ldn%t yo! like to look at yo!rself in a &oliti al mirror #!dson and see that yo! have be ome the very enemy yo! ondemned at one &oint; &arty to or"ani1ed terror6 (o me. this a&&roa h is very lear' $tate radio and state (< is bein" !sed to or"ani1e terror and stifle dissent' =allers who 9oined this &ro"ramme in the ommer ial hannel of the $7>= s!""ested that the =hair&erson sho!ld ontin!e this "ood work so that the *N5O "an"+ an be dealt with one by one !& to -ar h 2014'I remind yo! that in -ar h 2014 $ri 7anka is to be reviewed by the ?N#8= and the $ri 7ankan "overnment has been notified that #!man 8i"hts 2efenders m!st be &rote ted in $ri 7anka' Is this how the state ma hinery o&erates to "!arantee that &rote tion6 I have been involved in radio and (< talk shows before and from e@&erien e I know that these allers had a s ri&t' (hey made their statements on !e from the &rod! er' (hey were very onfident of what they said' (hey made no mistakes and did not st!tter even for a se ond when they made their statements' For some reason. $7>= a!thorities did not reali1e that they were ommittin" a riminal offen e Aaidin" and abettin" in m!rder &!nishable !nder whatever is left of law and order in $ri 7anka' I m!st say that if there is anythin" left of law and order in $ri 7anka. there m!st be &ro&er. inde&endent and im&artial in3!iry into this in ident and the &er&etrators m!st be &rose !ted' 7et them be bro!"ht before a o!rt of law and be held a o!ntable for what they said and did' (he basis for the $7>= &ro"ram is a voi e !t taken from another hannel where it was stated that I had been sneaking abo!t the o!ntry from 1,B,' (his is what leads me to the on l!sion that the $7>=%s &oliti al vision is rooked. &ersonified by the very man who heads it' #!dson is a t!ally $7>=%s mas ot or brand ima"e in rookedness be a!se of his im&aired vision into the &oliti s of this o!ntry and o!r en"a"ement' It is a shame that an esteemed state instit!tion is bein" misled towards a nat!ral disaster d!e to the rooked &oliti al si"ht of the =hair&erson of the $7>=' #is vision m!st be orre ted immediately and this is my o&inion on how it sho!ld be orre ted' First. ask yo!rself the twin 3!estions as to why s! h &ro&a"anda is bein" &ro&a"ated and why the "overnment%s &ro&a"anda ma hine a !ses ivil so iety a tivists for not bein" &atrioti 6 ) ordin" to them we do not love the o!ntry and #is /@ ellen y stated that all ivil

so iety a tivities m!st be !nder&inned by love for the motherland' ) *love for the motherland+ dis&layed by his /@ ellen y himself in a former )vatar that travelled to 5eneva in the 1,B0%s and s&oke a"ainst h!man ri"hts ab!ses in $ri 7anka' #e fa ed many hallen"es and threats to do so and now in a twist of fate we are at the re eivin" end of similar hallen"es by a "an" with a rooked &oliti al vision allin" for o!r elimination be a!se we inform the international abo!t atro ities ommitted by the state and the orr!&tion s&readin" to all levels' $e ondly. ask yo!rself the 3!estion as to what is really "oin" on in the motherland6 (he re"ime is involved in fa ilitatin" very o&en land "rabbin" aro!nd the entire island; in Caffna. (rin omalee. -annar. =olombo and even in #ambanthota land is bein" "rabbed' $!&&orters of the re"ime and family members are dire tly involved in this' )bd! tions of &ersons and missin" &ersons have not been investi"ated and addressed' -ore than D000 ases of enfor ed disa&&earan es. the se ond hi"hest om&ared to Ira3 in the ?N system lie idle' O!r friends who did not disa&&ear have had to flee the o!ntry and live in self im&osed e@ile d!e to fear of threats to their lives' 0ho is involved in s! h "an"sterism6 2o &eo&le who love the motherland dis&lay their affe tion by breakin" her laws and ra&in" her onstit!tional san tity6 (hirdly. who is really betrayin" o!r o!ntry6 8eso!r es of the state television network are bein" !tili1ed by a &rivate s&orts hannel witho!t &ayin" any ost for their !se' (o& offi ers in the $e !rities /@ han"e =ommission left one after another "ivin" reasons of bein" 4&ress!red from above%' ) &erson fo!nd "!ilty by the $!&reme =o!rt of the -otherland for fra!d!lent transa tions a"ainst the state ontin!es to holdin" hi"h &osts' =hildren of &oliti al leaders have be ome owners of very e@&ensive 7ambor"hinis and )ston -artins' #ow an it be that while we are aware of the in ome earned by their fathers as -embers of :arliament and as &oliti ians of $ri 7anka they are able to afford s! h e@&ensive ars6 )re these 4"ifts from 5od% be a!se of their love for their o!ntry6 )re the rest of the yo!th doomed to s!ffer and str!""le to find em&loyment "oin" behind orr!&t &oliti ians be a!se they don%t love their o!ntry eno!"h6 Is this why we have 1,E yo!th !nem&loyment6 Finally. the word and e@&ression Flovin" the motherland% has been !sed to benefit the 8a9a&akse lan and &eo&le like the =hair&erson of the $ri 7anka >road astin" =or&oration' It is a 4<eil of :atriotism% whi h hides the nakedness of their orr!&tion' 0e are not bo!nd to &rote t the r!lers and the stoo"es who are dra""in" o!r motherland into disres&e t internationally by their own rooked &oliti al vision' 0e have every ri"ht to s&eak abo!t violent and orr!&t &ra ti es of r!lers that violate international h!man ri"hts standards and norms every state as a member of ?nited Nations have a"reed to !&hold' O!r o!ntry is not merely a mass of land and water' It has &eo&le and

so iety. iti1ens and re&resentatives of iti1ens' Go! annot ask !s to love o!r motherland while yo! sim!ltaneo!sly ra&e her. hide yo!r rime with more lies and ask !s to kee& o!r mo!ths sh!t' (his "eneral mindset whi h yo! &er&et!ate into o!r so iety m!st be sto&&ed' 7ook at what is ha&&enin" to the women of this o!ntry' (hey fa e ra&e and e@&erien e se@!al violen e b!t have to remain silent d!e to fear of bein" so ially sti"mati1ed' If they e@&ose this rime the leaders of o!r so iety will be the first to all them Fbad women%' -eanwhile. &eo&le like #!dson with their rooked &oliti al vision ontin!e to ra&e the motherland daily with their lies and threats of violen e' (hey &er&et!ate a !lt!re of violen e and i"noran e' (he r!lers of this o!ntry ra&e her every se ond of every min!te of every ho!r of every day and we are alled traitors and non &atrioti for e@&osin" this violent rime and #!dson ontin!es to hide it by misleadin" &eo&le with his rooked &oliti al vision' O!r ons ien e and &oliti al vision is lear' 0e will ontin!e to fi"ht a"ainst those who violate o!r o!ntry be a!se they annot see what they themselves have be ome'

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