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9 Security Tips for Anyone

9 Security Tips for Anyone

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Published by Jackie A Paulson
9 security tips for anyone
9 security tips for anyone

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Published by: Jackie A Paulson on Nov 28, 2013
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1. Listen and ask questions to clarify what other person said.

Paraphrasing: say back to the other person, in your own words, what you think they said. 2. Keep things that are private Locked up, period. It's not acceptable to keep sensitive papers or personal things out for others to steal period. 3. Processes are cheaper than technologies. Instead of hiring guards and putting in an expensive card access control program, try locking a door or put up a wall. 4. Set up a hotline: for fraud, stealing, etc...Give employees a way to "ANONYMOUSLY" report violations of company policies. Not only will the fraud dept. learn about the problems that might otherwise have gone detected, such a hotline is also a surprisingly simple way to deter fraud, stealing, etc. 5. Think like a spy: what information do you want to keep from your competitors? If you worked for a competitor, what devious tricks might you use to find out this information? Don't be afraid to get creative as you brainstorm, and then look for the most basic vulnerabilities that might lead our competition to this information. 6. Employees usually know that trade secrets are valuable, and stealing them is illegal under the 1996 Economic Espionage Act. 7. Train everyone on company policies, procedures and code of conduct. 8. Recruiters and other gatekeepers in the hiring process want to know what kinds of results you have achieved, so be prepared to explain them. The best way to differentiate you is to be able to actually describe a situation, the action taken and results that were accomplished in a way that displays an overall understanding of risk...Display your understanding of the problems or risks before they implemented a solution, did you tailor the solution to meet the risk appetite of the business? 9. At a sensitive meeting, keep sign simple by saying, "Private Meeting."

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