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Editorial Writing in Company Newletters

Editorial Writing in Company Newletters

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Editorial Writing Tips in Company Newspapering
Editorial Writing Tips in Company Newspapering

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Published by: Romulo Aradanas Bagacina Jr. on Nov 29, 2013
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managers or board of directors of the company. . left. conservative.the voice of the newspaper .a reflection of the staff’s positioning (right. liberal) on the political spectrum. neutral. .news peg + opinion = editorial ..a reflection of the views of the owners.

to explain . .. and sometimes cause people to take action on an issue. promote critical thinking.to praise .to criticize . .to persuade readers to think the same way you do.to influence public opinion.

- your purpose your audience word count style or tone .

.recycling and environmental .corporate social responsibility / community involvement .ethics.product promotion .ways to improve efficiency and work habits . governance. workforce issues/diversity . sustainability. risk management.

1. Hook – Grab the reader’s attention 2. Clearly state the issue before giving your opinion The Hook an exciting quotation a rhetorical question a thought provoking statement Startling facts anecdote Irony .

hackneyed quotation: "Time is gold.      The Webster’s Dictionary introduction Example: Webster’s dictionary defines slavery as “the state of being a slave.” and as “a condition of hard work and subjection.” as “the practice of owning slaves.” . .” The “since time immemorial” introduction Example: Since time memorial. In this essay it is my objective to . . slavery has been a problem in human history. An overused.

Include facts that support reason 1. end with a bang . Concede on some points of the opposite side 1. State and refute the position of the opposite side. Offer at least two possible solutions. State reason or evidence to support your position 2.1. 2. Restate opinion on issue 2.

or if we wait for some other time. “change will not come if we wait for some other person. end with a warning - rephrase the thesis statement* - Poverty is considered the worse product of our generation. (thesis statement) Let us not forget that it is appalling and is a big insult that poverty is a creation of our time.” We have it in our power to change the world over. Will you use yours to save the world? call for some sort of action - As Barack Obama said.provocative question - quotation - The power is in our hands. Let’s take that first small step and stand up against all forms of gender discrimination. We are the change that we seek. we will all lose what we enjoy now. . If we don’t act now to mitigate the effects of environmental degradation. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Don’t be preachy… .Attack! . me. personally.ADDITIONAL TIPS: .No I.Avoid editorial of explanation . I think. my. for me… . in my opinion.No bylines .

make the title catchy sound professional… .ADDITIONAL TIPS: wrap it up in a concluding punch keep it to 500 words.

To summarize… .an editorial is like a CAKE! .

Thank you… .

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