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Customer Query Management Project Report: Call +91 - 99431 68178 for full project report (applicable for

MBA final year st udents) Customer query management solution platform is on demand product information pla tform. Your customers can now ask specific queries about your product, service o r support & receive authentic information from you. It helps brand owners to dir ectly engage end customers & provide information that increases customer involve ment, satisfaction with your brand & improves loyalty. Salient Features: Product Authenticity Usage How to use it? / operate it? Usage instructions Life information Food, Pharma Compatibility Product Specifications features, performances, functions etc Safety tips Maintenance information Storage instructions Warranty / user registration Information about nearest service centre, customer support centre, show room etc Product benchmarks, comparisons, user ratings, feedbacks etc Latest & new product releases & new offers. Real time, remote product demonstrations electronic goods etc Information, offers & promotions like customer who bought this also bought etc Platform provide consistent information specific to query. It complements the sa les executives from channel partners & retailers. Many customers would be intere sted to get information directly from you. It improves the brand image & creates an opportunity for manufacturers & brand owners to directly initiate the dialog ue with end customers.