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Name: Date: Ref. From: HIGH FREQUENCY SUPERFICIAL ULTRASONOGRAPHY OF Rt. HAND • A well defined, lobulated outlines, dense echogenic mass like lesion is seen anterior to the Rt. thenar muscles. It displays good effacement and separation from thenar muscle fibers and also it has no relation with the long flexor pollices tendon. This mass appears highly vascular along its entire parenchyma. Doppler interrogation of these intra tumoural vessels shows high velocity turbulent flow suggestive of multiple intra tumoural A ! fistulas. A feeding artery to this mass lesion is seen posterior to the lesion, it displays high velocity flow on Doppler interrogation. The two possibilities for the above findings are" Highly vascular fatty tumour (Possibly malignant).. Liposarcoma. Huge A-V malformation resting on thenar muscles. #xploration with #xcisional biopsy is highly indicated. • • 1) 2) Thanks,