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Expoit 2u1S Isabella Tonn Isabella.tonnhotmail.

How to get from the Airport (Vienna-Schwechat) to Krems

As always, theie aie a T0N of uiffeient options, but I am just mentioning the quickest
anu easiest way. If you want to seaich foi a uiffeient way, use this website
(http:www.oebb.ateninuex.jsp) anu type in "!"#$%#& ()*" to "+#,-. /0 1,# 2%0/3".

Befoie you use any public tianspoitation, iemembei to buy a ticket! If you get caught
without one, you will pay t1uu! Theie aie ticket machines all ovei the place.
!"# %&' %()*+%, -. /'0+ 1"22345()+6 789:;<=. valiuate both of youi tickets befoie
getting into the tiain.

1. >)?0+22@A?0 >B (uiiection WIEN FL0RIBSB0RF) to !"#$ &'$()*+',# (also
calleu Wien Nitte)

INP0RTANT: If you plan on tiaveling moie often with tiains in Austiia, I stiongly
iecommenu you to apply foi a -C'5%+(2,)A5D6 7D(,)'"0%3)A5D=. You neeu to biing a
piinteu out pictuie anu an IB when getting one. At all 0BB stations, which have an
office, they will give you a papei veision of the caiu - the plastic caiu will be senu to
you latei. Bepenuing on how olu you aie, theie aie uiffeient mouels. Foi moie
infoimation please visit this site. But please note, the )A5D (, 0'% 1'5 15++.
Expoit 2u1S Isabella Tonn

2. E0D+5F5'"0D E9 (the gieen line; uiiection: BEILIuENSTABT) to -."**#/'0

12 G5A(0 fiom Spittelau (uiiection KRENS AN BER B0NA0) to 3+#4) '$ (#+ 56$'0
0n this website you can check when the tiains to "Kiems an uei Bonau" leave.
Bon't foiget to be exact. Type in the full names of each station ! Anu, take youi time
anu %A*+ D(5+)% %5A(0, %' H5+I,, you uon't want to change tiains when having multiple

Bave a safe tiip! "

When you aiiive in Spittelau, buy the %()*+%J -%5AK+2 L02A0D6 A0D )?'',+ H5+I, A,
D+,%(0A%('0. ! Two uiffeient machines, one fiom a company calleu "WieneiLinien"
anu one fiom "0BB". You neeu to puichase at the 0BB one to get the uiscount!!!!
Bepenuing if you alieauy puichaseu the "voiteiscaiu" you will eithei pay t14 oi

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