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Parasites lives in a close relationship with another organism, its host; and causes them harm.

The parasite is dependent on the host for its digestive and reproductive functions. The parasite has to be in or on its host to live, grow, nourish, and multiply. Parasites rarely kill their hosts, but they malnourish it by consuming the nutrients and keeping them from going to the hosts (Komarudin, 1998). Laguna de Bay is the largest lake in the Philippines. Located at the east of Metro Manila and in between of Rizal to the north and Laguna to the south. Fishery is the most dominant use for the lake. The lake is home to variety of creatures and organisms that comprise its biodiversity pool (Santos-Borja, 2006). This study will concentrate on the Pangasianodon hypophthalmus that is caught on the assigned sites on Talim Island, which is located at the center of the Laguna de Bay and it is under the municipality of Binangonan Rizal, Philippines. Fish is an intermediate host of infective metacercariae which can be transferred to human when the fish is eaten raw or uncooked. Prevalence of Metacercariae in Arius sp. is very low. Preliminary studies on the determination of parasitic species present on Arius sp. indicated the presence of many varieties. Velasquez (1982, 1986), summarizes the host and geographical distribution of Haplorchis taichui (Fao, 1997). According to Africa (1937-1938) and Refuerzo (1940) the parasite Haplorchis yokogawai can cause myocardial complications and heart failure to
humans due to blockage of coronary vessels caused by the parasites egg and is found on the musculature of the fish. Lopez (1979) indicated that Opegaster minima can be found at the whole digestive tract, but intestines are the normal site of infection. There are also different varieties found on the fish digestive tract of the fish, also including the body cavity. They cause diseases, malnutrition

and growth reduction. Parasitic infections have signs. They sometimes cause change in color,

. reduction of its size and more. hypophthalmus caught along Laguna de Bay.presence some of spots or itch. This study aims to do a survey of the parasites in the P.