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BO XI R2 Architecture (5 Tier's


We have five tiers in BOXI 1.Client Tier The client tier is the only part of the BusinessObjects Enterprise system that administrators and end users interact with directly. This tier is made up of the applications that enable people to administer, publish, and view reports and other objects 2.Application tier The application tier hosts the server-side components that process requests from the client tier as well as the components that communicate these requests to the appropriate server in the intelligence tier 3.Intelligence Tier The intelligence tier manages the BusinessObjects Enterprise system. It maintains all of the security information, sends requests to the appropriate servers, manages audit information, and stores report instances 4.Processing tier The processing tier accesses the data and generates the reports. It is the only tier that interacts directly with the databases that contain the report data 5.Data Tier The data tier is made up of the databases that contain the data used in the reports. BusinessObjects Enterprise supports a wide range of corporate databases