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Tomas Claudio Post 1063 VFW Celebrates 90th Anniversary in Philadelphia

by Dr. Joan May Cordova @ForCommunities

Led by Commander Tony Sostenes Rivera, the Tomas Claudio Post 1063 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) celebrated its 90th Anniversary in Philadelphia on November 9, 2013. Some 100 guests who gathered during Veterans Day weekend felt honored by Commander Rivera’s presence as one of the region’s few surviving World War II veterans. “Manong” Tony Rivera spoke of leading the post for many years.

and those POWs and MIA. Ladies Auxiliary and District President Purita Acosta spoke of how the event honored all veterans – present. those in memoriam.a tradition created to engage youth in activities with the VFW. She also explained the significance of the empty table setting for “the missing man.Past adjutant Senen Fontanilla welcomed guests who gathered both to honor veterans as well as to celebrate the crowning of the Ladies Auxiliary’s 25th annual Buddy Poppy.” said President Acosta. “We ask all Americans to remember these POW and MIA women and men who did not come home.” .

members placed flowers on a memorial table as individual names of veterans were called.In a moving ritual led by the Ladies Auxiliary. .

.After Tomas Claudio Post 1063 VFW Commander Tony Rivera. and Councilman David Oh lit candles to honor veterans. District Commander Jeffries. they saluted their fallen comrades.

Commander First District. Purita Acosta. Both are grandchildren of World War II veterans. Mr. Ladies Auxiliary and District President. Sostones Rivera.Photographed from left to right: Dr. Past Adjutant of Tomas Claudio Post 1063 VFW.S. Commander of Tomas Claudio Post 1063 VFW with Mr. Rommel Rivera. Councilman David Oh then read and presented a Proclamation from the City of Philadelphia to Tomas Claudio Post 1063 VFW in honor of their 90th Anniversary. President of the Filipino American Association of Philadelphia. The event concluded with the coronation of 2013 Buddy Poppy Boy Carl Christian and Buddy Poppy Girl Maliyah Lyn Jalosjos.A. Department of Foreign Wars of the U. Both he and Commander Jeffries gave brief remarks on the significance of veterans’ lives and work. Mr.Clifford Jeffries. Mrs. . Senen Fontanilla.