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Department : Electronics& Communication Engineering Course Title : Mobile Communication Lecturer T.A : Dr.Mohamed Esam Khedr : Eng.Abdusalam Adham Term: September-2012 Course Code: EC521

Sheet #4
1. In New York city there are two systems: o system 1 : with Course 6 channels Code : serving EC 332 320 customers. o system 2 : with 6 channels serving 225 customers. Determine the Blocking Probability for each system. 2. Let the Busy traffic area of 12Km diameter fits seven 2Km radius cells. The heaviest traffic cell has a map as following : o Two 8-lanes freeways passing through the whole cell. o Two 6-lanes freeways passing through the whole cell. o Ten 4-lanes heavy traffic streets passing through the whole cell. o 107 2-lanes heavy traffic roads passing through half the cell. Assume that half of the cars have mobile phones, among them 0.8 will make a call during the busy hour. And the average spacing between cars is about 10m during busy periods.  calculate the predicted number of calls per busy hour per cell?  According to the above scenario for evaluating the number of calls/cell/busy hour, with an average calling time of 1.76min and with a Blocking Probability of 0.02, how many channels are needed? 3. A cellular system has the following configurations: Identical cells, each 6km diameter cell has the following configurations: o Two 6-lanes, 6km long heavy traffic streets. o Eight 4-lanes, 3km long heavy traffic streets. o Eight 2-lanes, 2km long heavy traffic roads. o Average spacing between cars at busy hour is 10m. o 30% of the cars have phones. 80% of the subscriber make calls at busy hour. o Co-channel to Interference ratio C/I >= 22dB. o Blocking probability <= 0.02. Average talking time = 1.5min. Now  Calculate the number of calls/busy-hour/cell?  Find the number of channels / cell? Total number channels/cluster?  Evaluate the reuse distance?  What is the maximum accepted number of customers per cluster?  Compare interference from 1st tire against the 2nd tire interfering cells!