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1. Install cinema 4D with your prefer language 2.

At the registration window insert any name you want and generate a serial for the cinema 4D you want to use first generate a PID (you can enter one of your choice) and then generate the serials 3. Paste into the registration window and start setup 4. After installation you can go to maxon site and download every update you need or simply use the online updater. Enjoy Cinema4D Prime : 10400099156-TMNS-LBFT-PCWS-LKMB 16400099156-MPBD-ZJNG-SVWP-SMXP 15400099156-XCCG-LWBF-HTCV-MPZG 14400099156-JWCH-CLCM-GVTK-SZXG 11400099156-HSGC-BMWG-JRCT-LCRW 30400099156-XBVL-KJSH-XGFM-PTKS 10400099156-THXG-XMTC-HDJF-KNXV