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DIDACTIC UNIT AREA: ENGLISH ACHIEVEMENT: make sentences in comparative and superlative form

EVIDENCE: 1. Working on the student´s book 2. Making sentences comparing people, places and things 3. Taking part in a performance AXES communicative COMPETENCE Pragmatic: Comparative and superlative form FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS four hours TIME

GRADE _________7______


1. My family 2. Who is the oldest person in your family? 3. Tape recorder and literature cd, the teacher takes the students to the English lab and they will hear a cd about an England student 4. Taking about the teacher´s family 5. Asking questions about the student´s family 6. Making a performance in the English lab about the family members 7. Answering the questions from students book pg 30, 31 8. Introducing the ss´family 9. Hot spot 2 ( Mackmillan publishing)

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