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Full statement ANC urges public to exercise restraint on Nkandla report The African National Congress notes and

d cautions the public and political formations on the report of Inkandla by the mail and guardian today. The process pertaining to the Inkandla report as per the Office of the Public Protector is still to be released by her Office. Therefore what has been publicized has not been proven to be that report and neither has it been verified by the Office of the public protector. The ANC is calling on all South Africans, particularly those who have started to comment on the story, to exercise restraint and caution until the Public Protector releases her report. Failure to do so will prejudice the process as outline by the Public Protector and all involved stakeholders. At this stage we believe that the report is undergoing inputs and comment by various stakeholders necessary. We believe that the report will be subjected to prescribed precaution. As the ANC we will await the report of the public protector before we can comment on the content and the findings thereof. We urge the Pp to release the report soonest. As the ANC, we continue to have confidence in our President and we believe and know that he is not responsible for any wrong doing with regard to the Inkandla security upgrade. Issued by: Jackson Mthembu National Spokesperson African National Congress