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By Harry, Sam and Nathan.

The genre of our film is Action. The non -diagetic sound, facial expressions and props will help create the action feel to our opening sequence. We chose this genre because it has many conventions that can be easily conveyed to an audience, for example a chase scene or a fight scene.

The plot of our opening sequence is one of which there is a wanted criminal who is being chased by a secret service agent. The criminal is being chased across Hertford from the train station where the chase begins, to where it ends at the top of the multi-storey car park where he has no where to run. Or does he? Most of the opening sequence will be a chase scene through Hertford, however it will begin in Ware when the criminal gets on the train.

Sam Villain (Teen serial killer who hasnt been caught yet) Nathan Agent (Secret service agent set out to catch the criminal) Harry Pedestrian (Gets knocked over by criminal)

We will be using a variety of locations including: Hertford Train Station Hertford Town Ware Train Station Hertford Multi-Storey Carpark