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Publication plan Title- Amplify Positioning statement- The monthly must have rock music magazine Price- 3.

50 Frequency of publication- Monthly Distribution- It will be distributed to supermarkets and newsagents Rationale- The approach of the magazine is to appeal to rock music fans aged 16-30. To keep them updated with the latest news about the rock music industry. The main section of the magazine is to keep the reader informed about their favourite artists/bands and make them feel connected to them. Style- The rock music magazine style will be informal to interest the younger adults who I am targeting. I will also keep the interviews concise and two the point to keep them interested in the interviews and other content. The magazine will use Basic English and slang to make the reader feel comfortable reading the magazine. Regular content Opinion. Monthly chance to win concert tickets. Mail. Your questions answered. Q and A. Do you know your music knowledge- the monthly rock quiz? Free poster. Your monthly subscription offer.

Feature content A year in rock. The months new releases. Rock review. Cover story interview with Jan. The return of elbow. Artic monkeys new album. Kings of Leon new tour. Year in festivals pull out leaflet. Linkin park exclusive. Led zeppelin- the lost tracks.

House style

Amplify Headlines- 28 days later Cover lines- Seedy Motel Stand first- Birth of a hero Captions- Calibri (body) Feature first paragraph- Arial rounded News first paragraph- Arial rounded Body text- Calibri (body)

Colour scheme- Black, Yellow, White