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How to set the payment file out directory and payment file suffix for EFT payments in Payments

Module How to to specify the output location and the payment file suffix for EFT bank files. This is a fairly simple and common requirement for EFT bank files generated out of iPayments module in E- usiness. The following is the na!igation path to set the same" #racle Payments $etup -% Payment Process Profiles -% Payment File &nformation section The fields #utbound Payment File Prefix' #utbound Payment File Extension and #utbound Payment File (irectory allow you to configure through setup (ocument for #racle Payments )F&*+*,&+-$.)/etalink *ote 012345.4 (ocumentation #racle Payments *ote 026212.4
NOTE:748434.1 - Oracle Payments Release Notes, Release 12.0.6 NOTE:791226.1 - EP!: "!# $or %n&le E'ro(ean Payment !rea %n 11% an) R12 NOTE:8461*4.1 - EP!: et'( +nstr'ct%ons $or EP!

#racle ,ash /anagement *ote 782997.4 http"::it.dspmanagedser!;45-How-to-Produce-#racle-$upplier-Payment-Files: