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A 19TH CENTURY NURSING CHAIR A Victorian walnut nursing chair of elegant ro ortions an!

su erior "ualit# car$ing es eciall# to the to rail% At resent in a original later $el$et u holster# which is in fair con!ition &ut woul! &e rewar!e! &# a new re'u holster# (o& % Circa 1))*% Height ' 9+c, -e th ' .1c, /i!th ' 09c, % 1rice 200* G34%

1o5et watch A gents oc5et watch% An ena,el !ial with &lue! steel han!s an! a secon!s !ial% A 61 (ewel Swiss ,echanis, %with le$er esca e,ent an! to win! Circa 197*% Case wi!th 0*,,% -ate8circa 1970% 1rice 16* G34% 9il la, A su er& 4a, with all the !etailing of its late 19th centur# era% !ate of ,anufacture as 1):1 &# 3REVETE ; 4<323E4GE%

1rice2%+++ G34%