Sirintroenthep Degree of Study Department Academic Year Master of Engineering Environmental Technology 1995 Abstarct Waste treatment and energy production from piggery waste was carried out using two stage anaerobic process. Morakot Asst. Organic acids were produced in a stirred tank reactor. Prof. Sanan Tangsathit Tanticharoen Taoprayoon Assoc. of the reactor was about 225 m2 / m3 The ratio of surface area and volume and the void fraction (E ) was 0. respectively. the alkalinity of the acid tank. Dr. and 27%.6 g / gTVS. . 17% acid production was 4. Prof.94.5 g / gTVS. In the acid process. Gas Production was 0. Dr.Thesis Titles Waste Treatment and Energy Production from Piggery Waste by Two Stage Anaerobic Process Thesis Credits Candidate Supervisors 12 Mr. The feeding was down flow type with sludge load operation. The methane reactor was an anaerobic fixed film with polyamide thread as support media. TS and TVS reduction were 73%. At HRTs 15 day and organic loading rate (OLR) of 0. recycle of effluent from biogas digestor increased Mixing enhanced the organic acid production. At HRTs 5 day the organic acid production decreased to 3. organic COD.93 gTVS / l-d. When organic loading increased to 3 gTVS / l-d.02 1 / l-d which composed of 70% carbon dioxide.

2 1 / gTVA).14 gTVA / l-d.1 days HRTs and organic loading rate of 6. TVA and COD reduction were 80% and 90%. increasing organic loading rate to 5 gTVA / l-d at 2.1 days HRTs decreased TS and TVS reduction to 70% and 60% respectively.Biogas production from the methane digestor was 0.stage Anaerobic Biogas Production / Process I Piggery Wastes . : Organic Acid Production / Two . at 2. Keywords. respectively. Gas production was 0 2 1 / g of piggery waste (wet weight) with 35% TVS. The percentage of methane was 72% The result from two stage anaerobic process showed that the system could reduce COD more than 90%. However.95 1 / l-d (0.

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