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Cheshire & Mersyside CSU

ROI & analysis on multiple campaigns Case Study

The NHS is structured with commissioning Support Units providing a range of services from business planning and contract management, right through to communications human resources, nance, procurement and medicines management. Cheshire and Merseyside CSU based in Nantwich, Cheshire provides an array of communication services for two clinical commissioning groups in South Cheshire and Vale Royal with 31 GP practices

Social media has become an integral part of the General Practices which Clinical Commissioning Groups service. Their communication strategy involves engagement with the general public and third party care providers. The digital team use social media to highlight key messages that are driven through the NHS national campaigns (such as the recent Stoptober) and local engagement campaigns driven by the CGTs themselves. The issue Andrea Foster faced, was that they could not track multiple campaigns running o one social account.

One of the really great features of SocialSignIn is that we allow you to track multiple campaigns that are running on a social account. Andrea was able to create multiple campaigns within SocialSignIn and then assign her teams posts to each of these campaigns so that they would be monitored separately. She was also able to analyse each campaign as they were active, and this allowed her, and the team to track the most popular and engaging posts that generated the most click throughs on links (We shorten and track your links for you!) and the most reach. Using this information they were able to replicate the most popular posts and improve the ROI of each campaign they were running. need to create a campaign page and then assign the posts you want tracking that relate to that campaign to that page. You can run as many campaigns as you like, and analyse the information on each campaign at any time in the reports tab. From this you will be able to see which posts are getting the most reach and how many click throughs you are getting on links you have posted (Did I also mention that we also shorten your links for you!)

Andrea Foster Social Media Manager

The ever increasing usage of social media has been made simple to execute and eective with SocialSignIn

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