Service Manual
CONTENTS SPECIFICATIONS 1) General 2) Transmitter 3) Receiver CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION 1) Receiver System 2) Transmitter System 3) PLL Circuit 4) Terminal Function of Microprocessor 5) Terminal Connection of Microprocessor SEMICONDUCTOR DATA 1) AK2341 2) AN78LO5M 3) AN8010M 4) BU4052BF 5) LR408721 6) M5218FP 7) M56760FP 8) MC7808CT 9) RH5VA32AA-T1 10) RH5VA45AA-T1 11) S-AV17 12) TK10487MTR 13) AT24CO2N-10SI-2.7 14) AT24CO8-10SI-2.7 15) uPC1241H 16) Transistor, Diode and LED Outline Drawings 17) LCD Connection EXPLODED VIEW 1) Bottom View 2) LCD View 3) Top, Front View 1 4) Top, Front View 2 VERSION TABLE 2 2 2 3 4 4 5-7 8 9 10 10 10 11 11 12 13 13 13 14 15 15 15 16 16 17 18 18 19 20 21 PARTS LAST MAIN Unit CPU Unit VCO Unit SP Unit EJ19u. Mechanical Parts Others Packing.. EJ20u EMS-5A EMS-11 ADJUSTMENT 1) Required Test Equipment. 2) Adjustment for DR-130 3) Adjustment Points 4) Adjustment Quick Reference CIRCUIT DIAGRAM 1) EMS-5A 2) EMS-11 3) Main Unit (T/E/EZ/EA/TA) 4) Main Unit (TEl1/TE2) 5) CPU Unit PC BOARD VIEW 1) Main Unit Side A 2) Main Unit Side B 3) CPU Unit Side A. 4) CPU Unit Side B 5) VCO Unit Side A 6) VCO Unit Side B BLOCK DIAGRAM

22-23 24 25 25 25 25 25 25 26 26 26 27 28~29 30 30 31 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 37 38 38 39

TWIN 21 M.I.D. TOWER BUILDING 23F, 1-61, 2-CHOME, SHIROMI CHUO-KU , OSAKA, 540-8580 JAPAN Tel (81)6-6946-8150 fax (81)6-6946-8175 e-mail: export@alinco.co.jp

1) General Frequency Coverage: RX: 136.000 ~ 174.000MHz TX: 144.000 ~ 148.000MHz RX: 144.000 ~ 146.000MHz TX: 144.000 ~ 146.000MHz RX: 130.000 ~ 174.000MHz TX: 130.000 ~ 174.000MHz RX: 136.000 ~ 155.000MHz TX: 136.000 ~ 155.000MHz RX: 150.000 ~ 174.000MHz TX: 150.000 ~ 174.000MHz (T version) (T version) (E/EZ version) (E/EZ version) (EA/TA version) (EA/TA version) (TE1 version) (TE1 version) (TE2 version) (TE2 version)

Frequency Resolution: Antenna Impedance:

5, 10, 12.5, 15,20,25kHzsteps 50 ohm unbalanced

Power Supply Requirements: DC 13.8 +/-10% Volts DC Current Drain at l3.8V Receiving: Squelched less than 800mA Transmitting: High/10.0A (approx.) Low/3.5A (approx.) Dimensions: 140mm(W) x 40mm(H) x 154mm(D) Weight: 0.86kg (approx.)

2) Transmitter Output Power:

Emission Mode: Modulation System: Max. Frequency Deviation: Spurious Emission: Microphone: Operating Mode: Offset : 3) Receiver Receiving System: Intermediate Frequency:

High: 50Watts (DR-130T/E) High: 35Watts (DR-130TE1/2) High:10Watts (DR-130EZ) Low: 5Watts (Approx.) F3E(FM) Variable Reactance Frequency Modulation +/ -5kHz (Wide Version) +/ -2.5kHz (Narrow Version) -60dB or below carrier Electret Condenser Microphone Simplex/Semi-Duplex 0ffset from 0 to 15.995MHz

Sensitivity: Selectivity:

Superheterodyne Dual Conversion 1stIF: 17.2MHz 2nd lF: 455kHz 12dB SINAD less than -l6dBu (144.000MHz ~ 147.995MHz) More than +/-6kHz at -6dB (Wide Version) Less than +/-15kHz at -60dB (Wide Version)

Audio Power Output: Speaker Impedance:

More than 2.5W 10% Distortion 8 ohm Page-2

1) Receiver System 1. Front End The signal from the antenna is passed through a low-pass filter and input to the voltage step up circuit consisting Of L14. The signal from L14 is led to the gate of Q1. D19 is the diode limiter circuit against the excessive input power of more than 20dBm. Q1 is the FETwhich has two gates. The voltage of the gate 2 is set higher to get the high gain and sensitivity. The signal from Q1 is led to the triple band pass filter (L4, L5, L6), and gets the high image rejection ratio. 2. Mixer Circuit The signal from the triple band pass filter is converted into the first lF signal of 17.2MHz. The receiving signal is led to the gate 1 of Q2, and the first local oscillator signal is led to the gate 2 of Q2. To get the high conversion gain, the local oscillator signal voltage is set to about 1V. To reduce the high adjacent channel interference, the band width of the FL2 is set to 20kHz. The signal from FL2 is amplified by Q8, and input to FM IF system IC3 of TK10487. 3. lF Circuit The TK10487 has the second local oscilltor circuit, mixer circuit, detector circuit, squelch circuit, and so on. Pin1 and 2 are the terminals of the crystal oscillator circuit. Pin2 (emitter) is connected to the ground via the resister R3 to prevent the oscillator from decreasing the power at the low temperature. Pin4 of IC3 is connected to FL1 directly because the matching resistor for ceramic filter is built-in. The quadrature circuit (pin10 of IC3) is connected to the ceramic resonator X2 for the temperature stability and good quality. The signal from pin11 of IC3 is connected to the LPF. The detected AF signal, which has flat frequency characteristics, is led to the control unit and used as both squelch signal and tone squelch signal. De-emphasis circuit consists of R31, R32, C26 and C27. The LPF amplifier consisting of Q5 and Q6 is located far away from the VR in the control unit, so it outputs the high voltage signal to prevent S/N from the deterioration. The squelch switch circuit consists of Q4 and Q16, and switches on/off at the point where there is no voltage to prevent from the switching noise. The S meter signal from pin12 of IC3 is led to the CPU in the control unit after adjusting the level at D20 and VR5. The S meter signal is thermal compensated by TH1 and stabilized. The noise amplifier consists of pin13 and 14, the built-in OP amplifier in IC3. The output signal of noise amplifier is amplified by Q14, rectified by D5, and then led to the pin15 (hysteresis comparator input) of IC3. 4. AF Circuit IC4 is about 5W audio power amplifier IC. When the capacity of pin1 in C16 is increased more, the output incidental noise becomes smaller. The highpitched tone becomes smaller at the same time, This radio's capacity of C16 is determined considering the high-pitched tone. Page-3

Circuit The signal from VCO is ampriied by TX. The signal from Ql9 is passed through the transmission/reception selector. 2. Q301 in the VCO is grounded using the gate oscmator.2) Transmitter System 1. The output signal from the microphone amplifier is passed through variable resistors VR2 for modulatlon adjustment and input to the VCO unit. Modulation Circuit 3) PLL Circuit The microphone amplifier IC1 (IDC. Page-4 . The limiter circuit uses the saturation of the OP amplifier. 4. and amplified byQ20 and Q15. lC301 is pulse swallow system based PLL IC with the built-in prescaler. RX wide band LO amplifier Q19. and input to the antenna connector. and PLL circuit on the other side. Q9 and Ql3. The amplified signal is input to the low-pass filter IC1A. which synthesizes 150MHzlband signal. The VCO unit is designed for the PLL circuit. The PA unit is driven at 200mW driving power. The RF signal amplified 50W in PA is passed through D3 and three-stage transmission/reception low-pass filter. putting the VCO on one side. the power down circuit consisting of R101 and TH2 works to prevent the device from the destruction. When the temperature goes up unusually. and amplified by Q3. The signal from the microphone is led to pre-emphasis circuit consisting of C36 and R47 and then to the limiter circuit. The output power is controlled by the voltage ofV1. 3. PA Circuit IC5 is 50W powered amplifier module. TX Amp. LPF) consists of two operational amplifiers. ALC Circuit The power detection circuit consisting of D17 and D18 rectifies the output signal voltage. The loop filter consisting of Q302 and Q303 is the active type. and its frequency covers 134MHz to 174MHz without transmission/reception shift circuit. Sub tone deviation is determined by R24. Output power is controlled by voltage of V1 in lC5 and collector voltage of Ql5. R25 and VR2. The radio does not have the adjustment variable resistor for sub tone deviation. The detected DC voltage is led to the VR1 (power adjust trimmer).

) Microphone Mute (H: Mic Amp is off.58MHz) Crystal Oscillator Terminal (3.) RotaryEncoder Input ToneOutput ToneOutput ToneOutput ToneOutput EEPROM Write Status External Input RotaryEncoder Input Band Plan Detection Input (Common) Tone Unit Detection Input Back Up Signal Detection input Ground ResetInput Crystal Oscillator Terminal (3.58MHz) Ground CTCSS Tone Detection Output For Trunking Band Plan 4 (V/U Selection) Band Plan 3 (445/435 Selection) Band Plan 2 (5k/12. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 I/O O O O O O I I I O O I I I O O I O O O O I I O I I I l I O I I O O I I I I I O Logic PinName SEG19 SEG20 SEG21 SEG22 SEG23 GND Vref Vcc 1750_ Clock BEEP Active Low MUP Active Low MDN NoUse EID Active Low SQL ActiveHigh MUT Active Low REl Clock TO3 Clock TO2 Clock TO1 Clock TO0 ActiveHigh XWR Active Low RE2 Active Low BPO Active Low TID Active Low BU GND Active Low RST Xin Xout GND Active Low TDO Active High DTD NoUse Active Low DD4 Active Low DD3 Active Low DD2 Active Low DD1 Active Low DD0 Clock SCL Description LCDSegment19 Output LCDSegment20 Output LCDSegment21 Output LCDSegment22 Output LCDSegment23 Output AnalogGround 0V Reference Voltage Input 5V CPU Power Supply hnput 5V ToneBurstOutput BeepToneOutput Channel Up Input (Microphone Control) Channel Down Input (Microphone Control) Squelch Control (L: Audio is off.5k Selection) Band Plan 1 Band Plan 0 Clock Output for EEPROM Page-5 .4) Terminal Function of Microprocessor Port No.

Port No. I/O Logic 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 I/O O O O O I I O I I I I I I I I I I I I I I O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O I I O PinName Description Data Output for EEPROM Clock Output DataOutput Strobe Output for PLL IC Strobe Output for CTCSS IC Shift Key Input Signal Detection Input Transmission Power (H: Low Power) VFO/Memory Key Input Call Key Input CTCSS Mode Set Input Reverse Key Input Function Key Input MHzKeyInput PTTKeyInput Power Supply Input for LCD Power Supply Input for LCD Power Supply Input for LCD LCD Common 0 Output LCD Common 1 Output LCD Common 2 Output LCD Segment 00 Output LCD Segment 01 Output LCD Segment 02 Output LCD Segment 03 Output LCD Segment 04 Output LCD Segment 05 Output LCD Segment 06 Output LCD Segment 07 Output LCD Segment 08 Output LCD Segment 09 Output LCD Segment 10 Output LCD Segment 11 Output LCD Segment 12 Output LCD Segment 13 Output LCD Segment 14 Output LCD Segment 15 Output UnlockInput SignalMeterInput LCD Segment 18 Output Clock SDA Clock CLK Clock DAT Clock ST1 Clock ST2 Active Low SFT Active High SD Active High H/L Active Low V/M Active Low CAL Active Low CTC Active Low REV Active Low FNC Active Low MHz Active Low PTT LV3 LV2 LV1 COM0 COM1 COM2 No Use SEG00 SEG01 SEG02 SEG03 SEG04 SEG05 SEG06 SEG07 SEG08 SEG09 SEG10 SEG11 SEG12 SEG13 SEG14 SEG15 ActiveHigh UL Analog SM SEG18 Page-6 .

Page-8 .

Page-9 .

Page-10 .

Page-11 .

Page-12 .

Page-13 .

Page-14 .

Page-15 .

Page-16 .

Page-17 .


ES0017 KZ0047AZ FM0152 FF0028 FF0031 KS0041B Page-19 .

FM0152 FF0030 SS0052B FP0034 NK0009B NK0010A Page-20 .

2k 10k R333 8.2k R334 220k 220k Page-21 .7k 4.5p D304 1SV215 1SV215 R315 10k 22k 22k R316 100 56 56 R332 8.14 lSS355 S-AV7 QA0084 lSS355 M67781L QA0084 M67781H QA0100 L12 P3 T/E/EZ/EA/TA QKA35D TE1 QKA35D TE2 QKA45D R43 47k 0 47k 0 27k R57 R101 22 15k 100 2.7k R111 - R121 0- R122 220 0 220 R130 47k - W5 JP JP 3) VCO UNIT C315 T/E/EZ/EA/TA 3p TE1 3p TE2 1p C331 4700p 4700p C332 0.2k 100 2.2k R102 1k 4.75.7 47p 56p 1000p C112 22p 22p 18p C139 22p 12p 10p C149 0.6.5k/5k Tranking V/U R294/R295 0 0 0 0 0 R296 lK - R297 1K - CN204 UE0165 UE0165 UE0165 UE0165 UE0165 UE0165 IC208 AT24CO8-10SI - 2) MAIN UNIT C7 T/E/EZ/EA/TA 1000p TE1 TE2 C43 33p 33p 47p C62 47p 100p 33p C63 10u/16V 100u/16V 100u/16V C68 15p 22p 10p C71.01uF 0.7 4.5p 0.01uF C150 153 154 155 156 C151 T/E/EZ/EA/TA TE1 1000p 10u/20V TE2 1000p 10u/20V C152 10u/35V 10u/35V D4 lSS355 lSS355 D11 12 13 16 1SV215 1SV215 1SV214 D15 lC5 L4.2k 8.5.VERSION TABLE 1)CPU UNIT T E EZ EA TA TE1 TE2 W1 JP JP JP TX Free W2 JP JP RX Free W3/W4 JP JP Tranking R284 R286 0 0 12.

1 2 C75 Diode Diode Diode Diode Diode Diode Diode Diode Diode Diode Diode Diode Diode Diode 1SS355 DA204U T106 DA204U T106 1SS385 G3B 1SS355 1SV215TPH4 1SV214TPH4 1SV215TPH4 1SV214TPH4 1SV215TPH4 1SV214TPH4 DAN235U T106 1SS385 C76 C113 C114 C115 C116 C117 C118 C119 C120 C121 C122 C123 C124 C125 C126 C127 C128 C129 C130 C131 C132 C133 C134 C135 C139 0 1 2 C140 C141 C147 C148 C149 C150 C151 Description Chip C. Chip C. RCC06SL390J-L46AU CU3013 Chip C. C1608JF1E104ZTA C10 CU3059 Chip C.C16MV 10HW+TS C29 CE0343 EIectrolytic. Chip C. C1608CH1H560JTA l CU3035 Chip C. C1608CH1H470JTA 0 CU3020 Chip C. Chip C. TMCME1V106MTR C1608JB1H102KTA C1608JB1H102KTA C1608JB1H102KTA Description NAIN Unit Parts Name Ver 0 1. C1608CH1H100CTA CU3031 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KTA CU3035 Chip C.1 CU3019 Chip C.C EIectrolytic. C1608JF1E104ZTA C18 CU8042 Chip C. C1608CH1H470JTA 2 C44 CE0339 EIectrolytic.2A TT11 CFW455F UM1-172M M5218FP-T01-1 MC7808CT TK10487M uPC124lH S-AV17 M67781L M67781H AN8010M-E1 R-B2. C1608CH1H100CTA 2 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KTA C43 CU3017 Chip C.1 2 0 1 2 page-22 . Chip C. Chip C.1 2 Ref No C95 C96 C97 C98 C99 C100 C101 C103 C104 C105 C106 C107 C108 C109 C110 C111 C112 Chip C. Ceramic C. Chip C.C Chip C.2 0 l. Chip C. Chip C. Description Parts Name Ver NAIN Unit C1 CU3035 Chip C. C1608CH1H330JTA 0. Chip C.2 C69 C70 C71 C72 C73 C74 0. C1808CH1H470JTA C51 CE0339 EIectrolytic. C1608JB1H102KTA CU3035 Chip C. C1608CH1H330JTA 2 0 CE0339 EIectrolytic. C1608JB1H102KTA CU3035 Chip C. C1608CH1H220JTA CU3035 Chip C. C1608CH1H470JTA 0 CU3023 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KTA 2 CS0049 Chip Tantal TMCSA1C105MTR CU3035 Chip C.C16MV 47HC+TS C33 CE0337 EIectrolytic.C16MV 10HW+TS CU3022 Chip C. Chip C. C1608CH1H040CTA CU3047 Chip C. Chip C. C1608JB1H102KTA C36 CU3047 Chip C. EIectrolytic.1 2 0. C1608CH1H470JTA CU3035 Chip C. C1608JF1E104ZTA C11 CU3047 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KTA 0 1. C1608JB1H102KTA CU3019 Chip C.2 0 1.C16MV 10HW+TS C53 CS0049 Chip Tantal TMCSA1C105MTR 0 : T/E/EZ/EA/TA 1: TE1 2: TE2 None: all models C77 C78 C79 C80 C81 C82 C83 C84 C85 C86 C87 C88 C89 C90 C9l C92 C93 C94 NAIN Unit Parts No. C1608JB1H102KTA C2 CU3044 Chip C. C152 CS0375 C153 CU3035 C154 CU3035 C155 CU3035 C156 CU3035 CN1 UE0191 CN2 UE0191 CN3 UE0043 D1 XD0136 D2 XD0014 D3 XD0013 D4 XD0254 D5 XD0130 D6 XD0130 D8 XD0254 D9 XD0107 D10 XD0254 D11 XD0132 XD0131 D12 XD0132 XD0131 D13 XD0132 XD0131 D14 XD0246 D15 XD0254 D16 XD0132 XD0131 D17 XD0250 D18 XD0250 D19 XD0130 D20 XD0145 FL1 XC0001 FL2 XF0015 1C1 XA0068 1C2 XA0082 1C3 XA0144 1C4 XA0079 1C5 XA0185 XA0273 XA0274 1C6 XA0119 JK1 UA0037 1SV215TPH4 1SV214TPH4 MA742-TX MA742-TX DA204U T106 DTZ2. C1608JB1E153KTA C28 CE0339 EIectrolytic. Chip C. C1608CH1H470JT^ 0 CU3020 Chip C.2 0 l. Chip Tantal Chip C. C1608JB1H103KTA C13 CU3047 Chip C. Ceramic C. C1608J81H102KTA CU3035 Chip C. Chip C. C160GJB1H102KTA CU3047 Chip C.2 Ref No Parts No. C1608CH1H040CTA CC5068 Ceramic C. C1608JB1H103KTA CU3035 Chip C.C Chip C. C1608JB1H102KTA 2 CU3019 Chip C. C1608CH1H150JTA 0 CU3015 Chip C. EIectrolytic. C1608JB1H102KTA CU3015 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KTA C46 CU3059 Chip C. Description Parts Name Ver CS0237 Chip Tantal TMCMA1A475MTR CU3035 Chip C. Chip C. C1608JB1C333KTA C26 CU3047 Chip C.C50MV 2R2SW+TS C34 CE0340 EIectrolytic. C1608JB1H102KTA CU3011 Chip C. C1608CH1H010CTA C7 CU3035 Chip C. RCC06SL390J-L46AU CC5068 Ceramic C. Chip C. Chip C.C16MV 10HW+TS C39 CU3031 Chip C. Chip C. C1608JB1H102KTA C21 CU3028 Chip C.C16MV 10HW+TS C52 CE0339 EIectrolytic. C1608JB1H103KTA C24 CU3059 Chip C.2 0 l. C1608JB1H103KTA C14 CU3047 Chip C. Chip C. C1608JB1H103KTA C12 CU3047 Chip C. C1608CH1H470JT^ 0 CU3020 Chip C.2 C1608JB1H102KTA 11PSJE 11PSJE PI22A02M DTZ5. CU3035 CU3035 CU3019 CU0027 CU3019 CU3035 CU3047 CU3012 CU3035 CE0340 CU3012 CU3035 CU3035 CU3003 CU3003 CU3035 CC5064 CC5020 CU3035 CU3035 CU3023 CU3035 CU3035 CE0339 CE0338 CU3035 CU3035 CE0341 CU7003 CU3035 CU3035 CU3064 CU3035 CU3035 CU3035 CU3039 CU3036 CE0339 CU3035 CU3023 CU3023 CC5064 CC5059 CC5058 CS0232 CU3035 CS0236 CU3047 CU3035 CS0227 Parts Name C1608JB1H102KTA C1608JB1H102KTA C1608CH1H470JTA C2012CH1H470K C1608CH1H470JrTA C1608JB1H102KTA C1608JB1H103KTA C1608CH1H120DTA C1608JB1H102KTA 16MV 47HC+TS C1608CH1H120DTA C1608JB1H102KTA C1608JB1H102KTA C1608CH1H020CTA C1608CH1H020CTA C1608JB1H102KTA RCC05S L220J-L46AE DD05-979SL-1 80J 500 C1608JB1H102KTA C1608JB1H102KTA C1608CH1H101JTA C1608JB1H102KTA C1608JB1H102KTA 16MV10HW+TS 25MV 4R7SW+TS C1608JB1H102KTA C1608JB1H102KTA 16MV 100HC+TS C3K31NAR102K C1608JB1H102KTA C1608JB1H102KTA C1608CH1H1R5CTA C1608JB1H102KTA C1608JB1H102KT C1608JB1H102KTA C1608JB1H222KTA C1608JB1H102KTA 16MV10HW+TS C1608JB1H102KTA C1608CH1H101JTA C16C8CH1H101JTA RCC05SL220J-L46A E DD05-979SL120J500 DC05-979SL100J500 TMCMA1V474MTR C1608JB1H102KTA TMCMA0J685MTR Ref No Parts No. C1608JB1H102KTA C49 CU3024 Chip C. C1608CH1H1R5CTA CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KTA CU3019 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KTA CU3064 Chip C. C1608JF1E104ZTA C25 CU3102 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KTA CU3035 Chip C. Ceramic C. C1608JB1H103KTA C42 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H103KTA C16 CU3102 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KTA CS0049 Chip Tantal TMCSA1C105MTR Parts No. C1608CH1H220JTA 1 CU3011 Chip C. C1608JB1H562KTA C3 CU3100 Chip C.1 2 0. C1608CH1H470JTA 0 CU3020 Chip C.1ATT11 Ml308 Ml407 Ref No C54 C55 C56 C57 C58 C59 C60 C61 C62 C63 C64 C65 C66 C67 C68 0. C1608CH1H010CTA C6 CU3002 Chip C. Chip C.C16MV 100HC+TS CU3005 Chip C. C1608CH1H560JTA l CU3035 Chip C. C1608CH1H271KTA C22 CU3035 Chip C. Chip C. C1608JB1H103KTA C15 CU3047 Chip C.C Chip C.0'0. C1608JB1C393ZTA C4 CU3044 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KTA 2 CU3015 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KTA CU3035 Chip C. C1608CH1H390JTA CE0339 EIectrolytic. C1608CH1H560JTA l CU3035 Chip C. C1608CH1H121KTA C50 CU3019 Chip C. Chip C.C16MV 1000HC+T C30 CE0342 EIectrolytic. C1608CH1H820JTA CU3019 Chip C.C16MV l0HW+TS 1. Chip C. C1608J81H103KTA C38 CE0339 EIectrolytic. Chip C. C2012JB1C104KTA C20 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KTA CU3018 Chip C. Chip Tantal Diode Diode Diode Diode Diode Diode Filter Filter lC lC IC lC lC IC IC lC Connector Chip C.2 C8 CS0049 Chip Tantal TMCSA1C105MTR C9 CU3059 Chip C. Chip C. Chip C.2 0 1.2 CE0341 EIectrolytic. EIectrolytic. C1608JB1C333KTA C17 CU3059 Chip C.C16MV 47HC+TS C35 CU3035 Chip C.C Chip C. Chip C. C1608JB1H102KTA 2 CU3019 Chip C. C1608JB1H102tCTA CU3035 Chip C. Chip C. Chip Tantal C1608JB1H103KTA C1608JB1H102KTA TMCMC1D106MTR 0 1.2 Plug 15A 0. Ceramic C. Ceramic C. C1608JH1H471KTA C40 CS0049 Chip Tantal TMCSA1C105MTR C4l CU3047 Chip C. Chip C.2 0 1. RCC06SL390J-L46AU CC5068 Ceramic C.C16MV 470HC+TS C31 CS0049 Chip Tantal TMCSA1C105MTR C32 CE0340 EIectrolytic.1 2 0. C1608JF1E104ZTA C47 CS0049 Chip Tantal TMCXSA1C105MTR C48 CU3035 Chip C. Connector Connector Connector Diode Diode Diode 0 1. Chip C. Chip C. C1608CH1H101JTA l CU3017 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KTA C23 CU3047 Chip C.C16MV l0HW+TS C45 CU3035 Chip C. Chip C. C1608JB1H103KTA C27 CU3049 Chip C. C1608CH1H220JTA CU3019 Chip C. C1608JH1H471KTA CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H103KTA CU3005 Chip C.PARTS LIST Ver Chip Tantal Chip C. EIectrolytic. C1608CH1H560JTA l CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H562KTA C5 CU3002 Chip C. Chip C.

R33 RK3038 Chip R.5 T 0. R19 RK3060 Chip R. Chip R. Chip R. R20 RK3060 Chip R. R31 RK3054 Chip R. Chip R. Chip R. Chip R. R26 RK3026 Chip R. R32 RK3057 Chip R. R18 RK3042 Chip R. Pot Trim. R9 RK3001 Chip R. R36 RK3038 Chip R. R40 RK3054 Chip R. Chip R. Chip R. R2 RK2024 Chip R. Chip R. R48 RK3026 Chip R. R3 RK3050 Chip R. Parts Name ERJ3GSYJ103V ERJ3GSYJ103V ERJ3GSYJ220V ERJ3GSYJ101V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ183V ERJ36SYJ471V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ223V ERJ3GSYJ331V ERJ3GSYJ222V ERJ3GSYJ101V ERJ3GSYJl03V ERJ3GSYJ101V ERJ3GSYJ221V ERJ3GSYJ103V ERJ3GSYJ123V ERJ3GSYJ101V ERJ3GSYJ153V ERJ3GSYJ153V ERJ3GSYJ153V ERJ3GSYJ101V ERJ3GSYJ103V ERJ3GSYJ101V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ103V ERJ3GSYJ153V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ470V ERJ3GSYJ471V ERJ3GSYJ272V ERJ3GSYJ392V ERJ3GSYJ100V ERJ6GSYJ471V ERJ3GSYJ000V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ104V ERJ3GSYJ103V ERJ3GSYJ564V ERJ6GSYJ104V ERJ3GSYJ153V ERJ3GSYJ332V EFU6GSYJ153V ERJ6GSYJ222V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ472V ERJ3GSYJ101V ERJ3GSYJ103V ERJ3GSYJ222V ERJ3GSYJ104V ERJ6GSYJ100V ERJ3GSYJ272V ERJ3GSYJ104V ERJ3GSYJ000V page-23 . Chip R. R15 RK3050 Chip R.1 2 0 1. R42 RK3041 Chip R. Chip R.1 2 0. R51 RK3054 Chip R. Chip R. R10 RK3071 Chip R. Chip R. Trimmer Thermistor Thermistor Trim. Chip R. Chip R. R49 RK3038 Chip R. RK3055 Chip R. Pot Crystal Discrinbnator Crystal Tube 2 R58 R59 R60 R61 R62 R63 R64 R65 R66 R67 R68 R69 R70 R71 R73 R74 R75 R76 R77 R78 R79 R80 R81 R82 R83 R84 R85 R86 R88 R89 R91 R92 R93 R94 R96 R98 R99 R100 R101 R102 0 l. Chip R. R47 RK3062 Chip R.5 T 0. Chip R. Chip R.2 Chip R. R53 RK3044 Chip R. Chip R.0 4. R6 RK3062 Chip R. R38 RK3054 Chip R. Chip R. R28 RK3058 Chip R. MAIN Unit Ref No Parts No. R17 RK3057 Chip R. Chip R. Chip R. Chip R.2 0. Pot Trim.2 Ref No Parts No.6 Earth Spdrg DR130 3SK131V11. R14 RK3071 Chip R. R35 RK3050 Chip R.5T0. R5 RK3034 Chip R.8 MR 3. Chip R. R25 RK3047 Chip R. R103 R104 R105 R106 R107 R108 R109 R111 0 : T/E/EZ/EA/TA 1: TE1 2: TE2 None: all models 0 Parts Name ERJ6GEYJ2R2V MCR50JZHJ471 ERJ3GSYJ103V ERJ3GSYJ564V ERJ3GSYJ471V ERJ3GSYJ104V ERJ3GSYJ222V ERJ3GSYJ222V ERJ3GSYJ000V ERJ3GSYJ564V ERJ3GSYJ472V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ564V ERJ3GSYJ103V ERJ-12YJ151 ERJ3GSYJ393V ERJ3GSYJ222V ERJ3GSYJ683V ERJ3GSYJ683V ERJ3GSYJ123V ERJ3GSYJ103V ERJ3GSYJ103V ERJ3GSYJ103V ERJ3GSYJ562V ERJ3GSYJ472V ERJ3GSYJ101V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ473V ERJ3GSYJ222V ERJ3GSYJ392V ERJ3GSYJ223V ERJ3GSYJ393V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ-12YJ220 ERJ3GSYJ103V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ392V ERJ3GSYJ223V ERJ3GSYJ331V ERJ3GSYJ223V ERJ3GSYJ222V ERJ3GSYJ182V ERJ3GSYJ473V ERJ3GSYJ273V ERJ3GSYJ100V ERJ3GSYJ101V EFU3GSYJ000V ERJ3GSYJ104V ERJ3GSYJ10lV ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ564V ERJ3GSYJ223V ERJ3GSYJ332V ERJ-12YJ471 Parts No.8 MR 3. Pot Trim. Chip R. Chip R. R41 RK3042 Chip R. R16 RK4028 Chip R. R7 RK3042 Chip R. R13 RK3038 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ000V ERJ3GSYJ822V ERJ3GSYJ103V ERJ3GSYJ104V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ560V Ref No R55 R56 R57 Ver Description MAIN Unit Parts Name Ver 1. R30 RK3045 Chip R. Chip R. R21 RK3051 Chip R. R44 RK3014 Chip R. Chip R. Chip R.1 2 l Chip R. R11 RK3046 Chip R. R29 RK3042 Chip R. R8 RK3042 Chip R. Chip R. Chip R. Chip R. Chip R. R22 RK3050 Chip R. Chip R. R12 RK3038 Chip R. R37 RK3045 Chip R. R45 RK3026 Chip R.2 0 1. Chip R. R34 RK4018 Chip R. Chip R. R43 RK3058 Chip R. Chip R. Chip R. Chip R. R50 RK3071 Chip R. R39 RK3032 Chip R. RK3046 Chip R.1 2 Chip R. Chip R. R27 RK3038 Chip R. JK2 UE0190 JK4 UJ0024 L1 QC0063 L2 QC0063 L3 QC0048 L4 QA0084 QA0100 L5 QA0084 QA0100 L6 QA0084 QA0100 L7 QC0067 L8 QC0063 L9 QKA45E L10 QKA45E L11 QKA45E L12 QKA35D ERJ3GSYJ221V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ473V 0. Chip R. Pot Trim. R54 RK4034 Chip R.0 4. Chip R. R4 RK307l Chip R. R24 RK3050 Chip R.Ver Ver Parts Name ANT Cable SJ1403JDIJ010 NL322522TJ047M NL322522TJ347M NL322522T-100K 0 1. Chip R. Chip R.2 0 l.8MHz CDBM455C7 X49U-16.745MHz VC0 Shield 0.1 2 0.2 2 Description Connector Connector Coil Coil Coil Coil Coil Coil Coil Coil Coil Coil Coil Coil Coil Coil Coil N L322522T-R10M N L322522T-047M MR 3. Chip R.7 1mm x 6 Silicon Dumper Silicon Dumper 49U Silicon Grease G746 L15 L16 M106 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 Q10 Qll Q12 Q13 Q14 Q15 Q16 Q17 Q18 Q19 Q20 Q2l Q22 Q24 Q30 0 2 QKA95D QA0084 QA0100 QC0067 QKA35D SD0034 XE0012 XE0012 XT0094 XT0095 XT0095 XT0095 XT0061 XT0096 XT0037 XU0131 XU0148 XU0112 XT0112 XT0095 XT0084 XT0095 XU0152 XE0001 XT0114 XT0030 XT0099 XT0095 XU013l XU0148 FET FET Transistor Transistor Transistor Transistor Transistor Transistor Transistor Transistor Transistor Transistor Transistor Transistor Transistor Transistor Transistor Transistor Transistor Transistor Transistor Transistor Transistor Transistor N L322522T-R10M MR3. Chip R. Chip R. Chip R. Description R1 RK0108 Chip R. R23 RK3050 Chip R. Chip R. Chip R. R46 RK3001 Chip R.6 Coil Coil Coil Coil Coil 0. Chip R.03. Chip R. Chip R. R111 R112 RK3049 R113 RK3050 R114 RK3062 R115 RK3038 R116 RK3023 R121 RK3001 R122 RK3030 R123 RK3038 R130 RK3058 R131 RK3042 TCl CT0012 TH1 XS0012 TH2 XS0013 VR1 RH0106 VR2 RH0103 VR4 RH0060 VR5 RH0106 VR6 RH0061 X1 XQ0054 X2 XK0002 X3 XQ0059 TS0092 TT1001 TZ0049 TZ0056 YZ0001 ERJ3GSYJ222V CTZ-10AW TD5-C220DH TD5-C2680DH EVM1YSX50BQ4 EVMIYSX50B14 MVR32HXBRN473 EVM1YSX50BQ4 MVR32HXBRN472 X49U-12.5 T 0. Chip R. 12T1 2SA1576 T106R 2SC4081 T106R 2SC408l T106R 2SC4081 T106R 2SB1132 T100Q 2SC4099 T106N 2SC2412K T146R DTC114EU T106 DTC144EU T106 DTA114YU T106 2SBl292F 2SC408l T106R 2SC2954-Tl 2SC408l Tl06R UMC5TR 2SK880GR TE85L 2SC4403 2SCX3BB6-T1 2SA1736Y TEl2L 2SC4081 T106R DTCl14EUTl06 DTC144EU Ref No Parts No.0 4. Chip R. RK3050 RK3050 RK3018 RK3026 RK3038 RK3053 RK3034 RK3038 RK3054 RK3032 RK3042 RK3026 RK3050 RK3026 RK3030 RK3050 RK3051 RK3026 RK3052 RK3052 RK3052 RK3026 RK3050 RK3026 RK3038 RK3050 RK3052 RK3038 RK3022 RK3034 RK3043 RK3045 RK3014 RK0028 RK3001 RK3038 RK3062 RK3050 RK3071 RK0069 RK3052 RK3044 RK3052 RK0039 RK3038 RK3046 RK3026 RK3050 RK3042 RK3062 RK0001 RK3043 RK3062 RK3001 Description Chip R.8 L13 L14 MR3. Chip R. 12T1 3SK131V11. Chip R.09. Chip R. Chip R.5T0. Chip R. Chip R.

R Chip.R Chip.R Chip.R Chip. C1608JB1H102KTA C239 CU3023 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KTA C235 CU3047 Chip C.R Chip. C1608JB1H102KTA C210 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KTA C213 CU3035 Chip C.R RK3070 Chip. C1608JF1E104ZTA C219 CU3059 Chip C.R Chip.2 ERJ3GSYJ000V 0 1.R Chip. C1608JB1H102KTA C211 CU3035 Chip C.R Chip.R Chip. C1608JF1E104ZTA C217 CU3051 Chip C.R Chip.R Chip.R Parts Name ERJ3GSYJ273V ERJ3GSYJ472V ERJ3GSYJ474V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ103V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ105V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ104V ERJ3GSYJ104V ERJ3GSYJ104V ERJ3GSYJ104V ERJ3GSYJ104V ERJ3GSYJ103V ERJ3GSYJ103V EFu3GSYJ103V ERJ3GSYJ472V ERJ3GSYJ472V ERJ3GSYJ472V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ000V ERJ3GSYJ222V ERJ3GSYJ000V ERJ3GSYJ472V ERJ3GSYJ223V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ103V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ36SYJ223V ERJ3GSYJ000V ERJ3GSYJ104V ERJ3GSYJ473V ERJ3GSYJ473V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ104V ERJ3GSYJ471V ERJ3GSYJ471V ERJ3GSYJ000V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ000V ERJ3GSYJ000V CPU Unit Parts Name Ver ERJ3GSYJ153V ERJ3GSYJ153V ERJ3GSYJ153V ERJ3GSYJ153V ERJ3GSYJ153V ERJ3GSYJ103V ERJ3GSYJ000V 0 1.R Chip.R RK3052 Chip.R RK3050 Chip.R Chip. C1608JB1H102KTA C212 CU3035 Chip C.R Chip. C1608CH1H101JTA C241 CU3023 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KTA C204 CU3035 Chip C.R Chip. C1608JB1H102KTA C231 CE0312 EIectrolytic. C1608JB1H102KTA C205 CU310l Chip C.R Chip.R Chip.R Chip.R R296 RK3038 Chip.R RK3026 Chip.R Chip.R RK3052 Chip.R Chip. RK3055 RK3046 RK3070 RK3038 RK3038 RK3038 RK3038 RK3038 RK3050 RK3038 RK3038 RK3074 RK3038 RK3082 RK3062 RK3062 RK3062 RK3062 RK3050 RK3050 RK305O RK3046 RK3046 RK3046 RK3038 RK3038 RK0014 RK3042 RK3001 RK3046 RK3054 RK3038 RK3038 RK3038 RK3038 RK3038 RK3050 RK3038 RK3038 RK3054 RK3001 RK3062 RK3058 RK3058 RK3038 RK3062 RK3034 RK3034 RK3001 RK3038 RK3038 RK3001 RK3001 0 : T/E/EZ/EA/TA 1: TE1 2: TE2 None: all models Description Chip.R Chip. C1608JB1H102KTA C238 CU3035 Chip C.R Chip.CECEVICA100R C234 CU3035 Chip C.R RK3058 Chip. C1608CH1H300JTA C249 CS0218 ChipTantal TMCMDI A476MTR C250 CU3043 Chip C.R Chip.R RK3102 Chip. C1608JB1H472KTA C251 CU3043 Chip C. C1608JF1E104ZTA C220 CU3059 Chip C.R RK3050 Chip. C1608JB1H102KTA C208 CS0232 Chip Tantal TMCMAI V474MTR C209 CU3035 Chip C.R RK3038 Chip.R RK3102 Chip.R Chip.R RK3052 Chip.R Chip.R R297 RK3038 Chip.R Chip.R Chip. Description RK3052 Chip.R Chip.R RK3001 Chip.R Chip. C1608JF1E104ZTA CN201 UE0170 Connector B9B-ZR CN2 UE0192 Connector 11R-JE CN2 UE0192 Connector 11RJE CN2 UE0165 Connector B4B-ZR EZ R287 Parts No. C1608CH1H101JTA C240 CU3023 Chip C. Description XD0255 Diode XD0127 Diode XD0230 Diode XD0230 Diode XL0029 LED XA0289 IC XA0364 IC XA0238 IC XA0208 IC XA0198 IC XA0367 IC XA0236 IC UE0035 Connector EL0024 EP0003 Lamp EP0003 Larnp XT0095 Transistor XT0113 Transistor XU0029 Transistor XU0145 Transistor XU0112 Transistor XU0112 Transistor XU0060 Transistor XU0112 Transistor RK3062 Chip. C1608JB1H102KTA C215 CU3035 Chip C.CECEVICA100R C207 CU3035 Chip C.R RK3052 Chip. C1608JB1C473KTA C206 CE0312 EIectrolytic.R R295 RK3001 Chip. C1608CH1H101JTA C222 CU3023 Chip C.R RK3062 Chip.R Chip.R RK3074 Chip. C1608CH1H101JTA C242 CU3035 Chip C.R Chip.R Chip.R RK3102 Chip.R RK3043 Chip.R RK3050 Chip.R Chip. C1608CH1H101JTA C223 CU3051 Chip C.R Chip.R Chip. C1608JB1H102KTA C229 CS0209 Chip Tanta[ TMCMB0J 106MTR C230 CU3035 Chip C.R RK3058 Chip.R Chip. C1608JB1H102KTA C202 CU3035 Chip C.R RK3102 Chip. C1608JF1E104ZTA C221 CU3023 Chip C. C1608JB1H472KTA C252 CU3059 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KTA C247 CU3085 Chip C. C1608CH1H101JTA C226 CU3023 Chip C.R Chip. C1608JB1H102KTA C203 CU3035 Chip C. Pot VR20 RV0009 Trim.R RK3052 Chip.R Chip.R RK3072 Chip.R Chip.R S201 UU0015 Switch S202 UU0015 Switch S203 UU0015 Switch S204 UU0015 Switch S205 UU0015 Switch S206 UU0015 Switch S207 UU0015 Switch S209 UQ0011 Switch S210 UR0002 Switch VR201 RV0009 Trim.R Chip.R Chip. Description Parts Name Ver CPU Unit C201 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KTA C216 CU3059 Chip C.R RK3026 Chip.R Chip. C1608JB1H103KTA C236 CU3031 Chip C. C1608JB1E223KTA C218 CU3059 Chip C.R RK3054 Chip.R Chip. C1608JB1E223KTA C225 CU3023 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KTA C243 CS0237 Chip Tanta1 TMCMAI A475MTR C244 CU3051 Chip C. C1608CH1H300JTA C248 CU3085 Chip C.R AT24CO8-10SI-2.58MHz18P LCD Light LCD Rubber Connector LCD Hokk!r Mic ebnnector SpacN>r Crystal Sheet LCD Finer Tube 1mm x 12 Bond G17 page-24 .7 AN78L05M RH5VA45AA-T1 RH5VA32AA-T1 Ref No R288 R289 R290 R291 R292 R293 R294 lC209 JK201 Parts No.2 ERJ3GSYJ102V EZ ERJ3GSYJ102V EZ SKQD-90l SKQD-901 SKQD-901 SKQD-90l SKQD-901 SKOD-90l SKQD-901 ESBJ64801 EVQ-WQGFl 524B EVU-F2AF20B14 EVU-F2AF20B14 #30 Blue 02JD40-02 T/E/EZ #30 Red 02JD40-02 EAEZ DSMT3.R Chip.R Chip.7 EZ BU4052BF FM214-8SMPY LCDDRW1 BQO3l-30403A BQO31 -30403A 2SC4081 TlO6R 2SC2873Y TE1 2L DTC114YU T106 DTC143TU T106 DTA114YU T106 DTA114YU T106 UMC2TR DTA114YU T106 ERJ3GSYJ104V ERJ3GSYJ153V ERJ3GSYJ684V ERJ3GSYJ158V ERJ3GSYJ272V ERJ3GSYJ101V ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ101V ERJ3GSYJ105V ERJ3GSYJ153V ERJ3GSYJ104V ERJ3GSYJ223V ERJ3GSYJ474V ERJ3GSYJ473V ERJ3GSYJ203V ERJ3GSYJ103Y ERJ3GSYJ203V ERJ3GSYJ103Y EFU3GSYJ203V ERJ3GSYJ103Y ERJ3GSYJ203V ERJ3GSYJ203V ERJ3GSYJ473V Ref No R224 R225 R226 R227 R228 R229 R230 R231 R232 R234 R235 R236 R238 R239 R241 R242 R243 R244 R247 R248 R249 R250 R251 R252 R253 R254 R255 R256 R257 R258 R259 R260 R261 R262 R263 R264 R265 R267 R268 R269 R270 R271 R272 R273 R274 R275 R276 R277 R279 R280 R281 R284 E/EA CPU Unit Ref No Parts No.Ver Ref No D201 D202 D203 D204 D205 IC201 1C202 IC205 IC206 lC207 IC208 Parts Name Ver MA8110H MA704WA TX DAN202UTl06 DAN202UT106 TLSG264 M37410M6H AT24CO2N-10SI-2.R Chip.R Chip.R RK3102 Chip. C1608JH1H471KTA C237 CU3035 Chip C.R RK3052 Chip.R Chip.R Chip.R RK3050 Chip. Pot W1 MACL04AA W2 X203 MRCL04AA XQ0045 Crystal DG0003 FG0133 FM0077 FP0034 FP0069 TL0008 TT1002 Tube YZ0042 Adhesion PL201 PL202 Q201 Q202 Q203 Q204 Q205 Q206 Q208 Q209 R201 R202 R203 R204 R205 R206 R207 R208 R209 R210 R211 R212 R213 R214 R215 R216 R217 R218 R219 R220 R221 R222 R223 Parts No. C1608CH1H101JTA C227 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1E223KTA C245 CS0237 ChlPTantal TMCMAI A475MTR C246 CU3035 Chip C.R Chip.R Chip.R Chip.R RK3052 Chip.

2 0 l. RK3058 Chip R. C317 CS0217 Chip Tantal C318 CU3003 Chip C.6+6FeNi2 _ OB2. RK3054 Chip R. RK300l Chip R.R R402 RK3038 Chip. C302 CU3016 Chip C. RK3023 Chip R. RK3026 Chip R. C304 CS0063 Chip Tantal C305 CU3035 Chip C. RK3044 Chip R. card) Protection Bag HP0037 (Brackt) Protection Bag HP0035 (Radio) Protection Bag HU0073 Fixture (A) DR130 HU0075 Fixture (B) KZ0003 Button Cover PK0047 Schematic Diagram PR0215 Seat EZ PS0181 Instrution Card E/EA PS0182 Instrution Card (T/TA/TE1/TE2/EZ) PT0004A Lot Nurrdber Sear ADUA38 R-B2.2 0 : T/E/EZ/EA/TA 1: TE1 2: TE2 None: all models C1608CHIH C1608CHIH C1608JB1H102KTA TMCSAI V104MTR C1608JB1H102KTA C1608JB1H103KTA C1608JB1H102KTA TMCSA 1V334MTR C1608JB1H472KTA C1608JB1H472KTA TMCMA1C225MTR TMCMA1C225MTR C1608JB1H102KTA C1608JB1H472KTA C1608CH1H030CTA 0. C320 CU3015 Chip C.R FG0057 UX1049 Mechanical AD0010 Screw AE0014 Screw AJ0017 Screw AK0003 Screw FF0015 FF0021 FF0028 FF0030 FF0031 FG0138 FM0152 FM0083 Washer ND0004 NK0009B NK0010 NP0066 KS0041B KZ0001B Ref No Parts No. RK3050 Chip R. RK3038 Chip R. RK3050 Chip R. C328 CU3035 Chip C. C321 CU3031 Chip C. RK3022 Chip R.6+ FeNi1 Light Shield Cloth Volume Tape Cloth Cloth Cloth Rubber Cushin DR130 IC Spring Spnrg Washer Dlal Cover Dial Knob VolurTN3i Knob Power Switch Knob Bottom Case Front Panel DR130T M5+20 FeCr Fe3PM4x8BC Nut M-5FeCr M5+20FeCr Sprirg SW-5FeCr W-5FeCr FGBO15A Bracket Spanner CushionDR130 Item Carton DR130 Item Cafbn DR130 E/EA/EZ ERJ3GSYJ821V ERJ3GSYJ103V ERJ3GSYJ821V ERJ3GSYJ224V VCO Case Ref No Parts No. Description Others EMS-5A EMS-11 DS0260 DS0280 DS0281 PH0009 PR0157 PR0161 Packing AA0013 Screw AE0012 Screw AN0002 Nut AJ0093 Screw AZ0009 Washer AZ0010 EF0005 Fuse ADFM78 FM0079 HH0042 HK0306 HK0308 T/TA R333 Ref No Parts No. C326 CU3059 Chip C. RK3066 Chip R. C329 CU3035 Chip C. C310 CU3043 Chip C. RK3046 Chip R. RK3046 Chip R. TS0081 Case HP0006 (Screw set) Protection Bag HP0009 (Code) Protection Bag HP0016 (Button cover) Protection Bag HP0028 (Instr. C307 CU3035 Chip C. C325 CU3035 Chip C. C331 CU3043 Chip C. RK3034 Chip R. C323 CU3015 Chip C. RK3054 Chip R. RK3044 Chip R. RK3026 Chip R. RK3046 Chip R.2 0. Description XT0111 Transistor XT0096 Transistor XT0096 Transistor XU0060 Transistor RK3022 ChIPR.5W Speaker Cushion Wire Ver Ver Parts Name Ver Parts Name Ver Ref No Q303 Q304 Q305 Q306 R301 R302 R303 R306 R307 R308 R309 R310 R311 R312 R313_ R314 R315 0 1. RK3026 Chip R. RK3050 Chip R.1 C1608CH1H010CTA 2 I C1608JB1H102KTA TMCMC 1A226MTR C1608CH1HO20CTA C1608JB1H102KTA C1608CH1H220JTA C1608JB1H471KTA C1608JB1H102KTA C1608CH1H220JTA C1608JB1H102KTA C1608JB1H102KTA C1608JF1E104ZTA C1608JB1H102KTA C1608JB1H1O2KTA C1608JB1H102KTA 0 C1608JB1H472KTA 1. C330 CU3035 Chip C. C316 CU3035 Chip C. C332 CU3001 Chip C.7 ERJ3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ102V Cushion Wire EJl9u Parts D3+8FeNi B2. C315 CU3004 Chip C. C308 CS0235 Chip Tantal C3O9 CU3043 Chip C.1 2 Microphone (E/EZ/EA) Microphone T/TA Specifications Card T/TA Specifications Card E/EA Specifications Card EZ Registration Card T Seal TA Seal EA R316 R317 R318 R319 R320 R321 R322 R323 R324 R325 R326 R327 R328 R329 R331 R332 KZ0004B KZ0009A SS0052C TS0080 Front Panel DR130E Top Case Chassis Front Shield Case T/EZ /TA E/EA Parts Name 2SC4081 LN T106S 2SCAO99T 106N 2SC4099T 106N UMC2TR ERJ3GSYJ470V ERJ3GSYJ47lV ERJ3GSYJ471V ERJ3GSYJ472V ERJ3GSYJ473V ERJ3GSYJ472V ERJ3GSYJ472V ERJ3GSYJ152V ERJ3GSYJ332V ERJ3GSYJ101V ERJ3GSYJ332V ERJ3GSYJ470V ERJ3GSYJ103V ERJ3GSYJ223V ERJ3GSYJ101V ERJ3GSYJ560V ERJ3GSYJ220V ERJ3GSYJ103V EFU3GSYJ102V ERJ3GSYJ332V ERJ3GSYJ000V ERJ3GSYJ47lV ERJ3GSYJ223V ERJ3GSYJ471V ERJ3GSYJ223V ERJ3GSYJ101V ERJ3GSYJ10lV ERJ3GSYJ272V ERJ3GSYJ101V ERJ3GSYJ102V C1608JB1H102KTA AT24CO8-10SI-2. RK3040 Chip R.2 0 C1608CH1HOR5CTA 1. RK3026 Chip R.2 B9P-BC-2 B6P-BC-2 1SV215TPH4 1SV215TPH4 DA204UT106 0 1SV215TPH4 1. RK3038 Chip R.C IC401 XA0367 IC R401 RK3038 ChlP. C314 CU3043 Chip C. C306 CU3047 Chip C. Description SP Unit ES0017 Speaker FG0040 UX1047 EJ19u C401 CU3035 ChlP. RK3034 Chip R. Description VCO Unit C301 CU3013 Chip C. RK3049 Chip R. RK3050 Chip R. RK3034 Chip R.x3M Receptacle 15A YZ0118 Tape 50mm YZ0121 Tape 10mm page-25 . RK3034 Chip R. C319 CU3035 Chip C. RK3043 Chip R. C311 CS0220 Chip Tantal C312 CS0220 Chip Tantal C313 CU3035 Chip C.2 M56760FP QA0067 NL322522T-3R3M 1 NL322522T-2R2J-3 2 NL322522T-3R3M 1 NL322522T-1R2J-3 2 NL322522T-3R3M NL322522T-2R2J-3 2SK5O8K52-T2B 2SC4081 LN T106S R334 Parts No. CU3002 Chip C. RK3026 Chip R.Parts Name VS-57-O814-1. CN301 UE0188 Connector CN302 UE0185 Connector D301 XD0l32 Diode D302 XD0132 Diode D303 XD0130 Diode D304 XD0132 Diode IC301 XA0235 IC L302 QA0067 Coil L303 QC0044 Coil QC0043 Coil L304 QC0044 Coil QC0040 Coil L305 QC0045 Coil QC0043 Coil Q301 XE0010 FET Q302 XT0111 Transistor 0 1 2 0 1. C303 CU3035 Chip C. C322 CU3035 Chip C.6+8FeBG 2. RK3054 Chip R. RK3018 Chip R. C324 CU3035 Chip C. RK3044 Chip R.

R515 RK3048 Chip R.C. R506 RK3089 Chip R. R502 RK3022 Chip R.CMS56. C2 CU8035 Chip C. C7 CE0315 EIectrolytic. C503 CS0230 Chip Tantal C504 CU3059 Chip C. 0 : T/E/EZ/EA/TA 1: TE1 2: TE2 None: all models page-26 . UX0133 Wire EMS-5 EMS-11 Parts Name 1M2.C. R9 RK0040 ChipR.3V IOOuF C4 CK0003 Ceramic C. Description EMS-11 C1 CU8003 Chip C. CN501 UX1050 Wire IC501 XA0239 IC Q501 XT0095 Tansistor R501 RK3040 Chip R. R15 RK0025 ChlPR. ClO CS0066 Chip Tantal FAR1 XB000l Crystal ICl XA0042 IC Q1 XT0031 Tansistor R1 RK0062 ChIPR. R510 RK3054 Chip R. R4 RK0039 ChipR_ R5 RK0039 ChipR_ R7 RK0039 ChipR_ R8 RK0021 ChIPR.6864MHz Carton Protection Bag Rubber Cushion P.B. R508 RK3047 Chip R. Pot W1 MACK02AWire W2 MYCK02AWire C2012JF1E104Z C2012 B1E393K C2012JF1E104Z C2012JB1H471KTA C2012JB1H471KTA C2012JB1H102K ECEV1CA470P CK45-F1H102ZTA TMCSB 1D225MTR FARC4CA0358000K01R LR40872 2SC2712Y TE85L ERJ6GEYJ473V ERJ6GEYJ473V ERJ6GEYJlO2V ERJ6GEYJ222V ERJ6GEYJ222V ERJ6GEYJ222V ERJ6GEYJ181V ERJ6GEYJ272V ERJ6GEYJ104V Efu6GEYJ331V ERJ3JSYJ000V ERJ3JSYJ000V Micro Switch SS-5 EVQJQHJ-04G EVCLQHJJO4G HSWO880JD1 -210 CVR42A-103AW1D #28A02-020-02 #28Y02-020-02 Tube Ref No Parts No. C3 CU8003 Chip C. R17 RK3001 ChipR. C513 CU3015 Chip C.3+12FeCr 1M3.Parts Name Ver Parts Name Ver Description Screw Screw Screw Screw Microphone Ver EJ20u /EMS-5A Ref No Parts No. R10 RK0069 ChipR. C6 CU8016 Chip C. Description Parts Name Ver EMS-5A C1 CC5029 Ceramic C. VR501 RH0106 Trim. R16 RK3001 ChipR. X1E393KYA C2 CK0011 Ceramic C. R509 RK3068 Chip R. C4 CU8012 Chip C. R507 RK3067 Chip R.Ox1mm Curl Code EMS3 P. Description EJ20u C501 CS0236 Chip TantaI C502 CU3059 Chip C. R2 RK0062 ChIPR.C C8 CK0004 Ceramic C. SC45J1C104Z-A C3 CE0037 EIectrolytic. C509 CS0237 ChlP TantaI C510 CU3019 Chip C. R512 RK3055 Chip R.C. SW1 UM0002 Switch SW2 UU0009 Switch SW3 UU0009 Switch SW4 US0015 Switch VR1 RH0031 Trim. C512 CU3015 Chip C. R505 RK3051 Chip R. R504 RK3038 Chip R. C5 CU8012 Chip C.B.5+10FeN PM2+5FeCr PM3+8FeBC Stopper WM-6OAT MIC Rubber Cushion Rubber Switch Protection Bag Rear Case Front Case PTT Button Up Button Down Button Slide Switch PTT Spring 1. C511 CU3035 Chip C. R503 RK3067 Chip R. AJ0013 AJ0025 AP0004 AP0008 DE0007 EY0006 FG0045 FG0055 HP0036 KB0033 KM0153 NP0041 NP0042 NP0043 NS0003 SC0004 TT1002 UE0125A UP0183B TMCMAOJ685MTR C1608JF1E104ZTA TMCMA1E105MTR C1608JF1E104ZTA TMCMA1E105MTR TMCMA1E105MTR TMCMA1E105MTR C1608CH1H10lJTA TMCMA1A475MTR C1608CH1H470JTA C1608JB1H102KTA C16O8CH1H220KTA C1608CH1H220KTA EJ20u AK2341 2SC4081 T106R ERJ3GSYJ152V ERJ3GSYJ470V ERJ3GSYJ274V ERJ3GSYJ102V EFJ3GSYJ123V ERJ3GSYJ912V ERJ3GSYJ274V ERJ3GSYJ562V ERJ3GSYJ334V ERJ3GSYJ223V ERJ3GSYJ223V ERJ3GSYJ273V EFU3GSYJ105V ERJ3GSYJ224V ERJ3GSYJ682V EVM1YSX50BQ4 DS-MAT3.7K S1 US0015 Switd1 HSWO880-01-210 S2 UU0009 Switch EVQ-QHJ04G S3 UU0009 Switch EVQ-QHJ04G S4 UM0002 Switch MICn Switch SS-5 AS0142 Screw Set DE0006 Stopper EY0006 Microphone WM-60AT FG0045 Mic Rubber Cushion HP0036 ProtectIOn Bag KB0033 Rear Case KM0071 Front Case NP0041 PTT Button NP0042 Up Button NP0043 Down Button NS0003 Slide Knob SC0004 PTT Sprirg UE0051A Curl Code UP0193 P. R511 RK3054 Chip R. Bond G17 Ref No Parts No. R513 RK3074 Chip R. R514 RK3066 Chip R. 50V102 Dl XD0067 Diode MA700 Rl RD0031 Reststor R20 1/4W 680 R2 RD0021 Reststor R20 1/4W 180 R3 RD0039 Reststor R20 1/4W 2.2K R4 RD0039 Resistor R20 1/4W 2. C505 CS0230 Chip Tanta1 C506 CS0230 Chip TantaI C507 CS0230 ChlPTantaI C508 CU3023 Chip C. R3 RK0035 ChipR.a. Pot X501 XQ0057 Crystal HK0305 HP0029 PG0057 UP0243a YZ0042 Adhesion Ref No Parts No.2K R6 RD0040 Resistor R20 1/4W 2.

SSG Output frequency: 1GHz or more Output level: -20dB/0.5Hz and lkHz 600 ohm.80V Current : 15A or more 12. Audio Voltmeter Measurable frequency: 50Hz to 10kHz Sensitivity: 1mV ~ 10V Page-27 .l00% 1. Power Meter Measurable frequency. Audio Dummy Load Impedance: Dissipation: 8 ohm 5W or more 7. Regulated Power Supply Supply voltage: 13.I Up to 500MHz Impedance: 50 ohm. Digital Multimeter Voltage range: Input resistance: FS= 18V or so 1M ohm or more 2. unbalanced Measuring range: Full scale of 60W or so 10. unbalanced 3. Linear Detector Measurable frequency Up to 500MHz Characteristics: FIat CN: 60dB or more 4. Frequency Counter Measurable frequency. Oscilloscope Measurable frequency: DC to 30MHz 13. Distortion Meter Measurable frequency 1kHz Input level: Up to 40dB Distortion level: 1% . Audio Generator Output frequency: Output impedance: 88.2ppm or so 9.I Up to 500MHz Measurements stability: 0. Spectrum Analyzer Measuring range: Up to 2GHz or more 5.1uV to 120dB/1V Moduration: FM 8. Tracking Generator Output frequency: Up to 2GHz or more 6.ADJUSTMENT 1) Required Test Equipment 11.

Turn the squelch and volume knobs counterclockwise. Power supply voltage is 13.00MHz PTT: OFF *1 Measurement Test equipmen Unit Freq.03MHz S Meter SSG out: 15dBu *1 Mod: OFF LCD S Meter Front Frequency:145. RX speaker output level is 50 to 100mW 1.03MHz Front SQL SSG out:-10dBu *1 LCD Busy Panel SQL VR:Threshold *1 or bond-center of your radio version *2 or bond lower limit of your radio version *3 or bond upper limit of your radio version Terminal Adjustment Unit Parts L4-L6 L14 Specification/ Method Remarks SINAD: Turn the coil L14.then turn on the power switch. Make sure that SQL is Busy ON open Page-28 .L5 to the MAX in order SINAD is above12dB Check TP1 Main Main VR5 Full flashing Main Check S Meter does not light.0V Terminal ANT SD RX Adjustment (ALL SSG out =EMF) Condition Measurement Item Test equipmen Unit Frequency:145.00 +/.Counter Power Meter Back Digital Multimeter Main Adjustment Unit Parts MAIN TC1 PLL VCO L302 Specification/ Method Remarks 145.03MHz Distortion Meter Sensitivity SSG out:-10dBu *1 Main Frequency:134.00MHz PLL Adjustment Condition Item Frequency Frequency:145.L6. 3.00MHz SSG out:-2.03MHz SSG out:0dBu *1 SSG RX Frequency:145. MAX L4.7-1.L5.8V.L4.2) Adjustment for DR130 SSG Mod:1KHz +/-3.0dBu *2 Frequency:174.00MHz power: Low *1 PTT: ON PLL VCO Frequency:145. The display shows that the frequency is 145.0V 1. Power switch is off.8-2.100Hz MHz 2. 2.2V Check 0.5KHz/DEV SP terminal is connected to 8ohm dummy load.0dBu *3 Frequency:145. Press and hold the "F"key.00MHz SSG out:-2.03MHz Panel SSG out:0dBu *1 Mod: OFF Frequency:145.

so that the radio comes back to conventional Page-29 .85kHz/Dev Check 2.W5.EZ) Above 5W Check (T.0kHz 4.00MHz or 155MHz Power:Low *3 PTT: ON Frequency:130.0 +/-0.W4.60-0.2kHz/Dev /Dev Check 0.00MHz DEV Power: Low *1 AG:1KHz -30dBm PTT: ON Frequency:145.E.00MHz CTCSS Tone Power: Low *1 DEV AG: OFF PTT: ON ToneSW(88.E.00MHz Power:High *2 PTT: ON Frequency:174.EZ) VR5 5.1.5kHz/Dev *1 or bond-center of your radio version *2 or bond lower limit of your radio version *3 or bond upper limit of your radio version If the logic boad EJ-21D or EJ21D exists .7kHz 4.2kHz/Dev /Dev AG Linear DetectorBack Power Meter ANT Main 4.00MHz Low Power Power:Low *1 PTT: ON Frequency:145.first pull out the logic board and re-connect W3.00MHz Tone Burst Power: Low *1 DEV AG: OFF PTT: ON ToneSW:ON Measurement Test equipmen Unit Terminal Adjustment Unit Parts Specification/ Method Remarks 52w VR1 Power Meter Back ANT Main +/.5Hz):ON Frequency:145.0w +/.E.0.00MHz Power:High *1 PTT: ON Frequency:130.00MHz MIC Gain Power: Low *1 AG:1KHz -47dBm PTT: ON Frequency:145.5W (T.0W Below 10.TX Adjustment Condition Item VR1: max Power:High PTT: ON High Power Frequency:145.EZ) VR2 4.5A Above 5W Check (T.5-3.7 +/-0.

7kHz +/-0.5W (EZ) 4.0W 10.1.0W 10.1kHz 2.0kHz +/-0.3) Adjustment Points 4) Adjustment Quick Reference SSG Output = EMF Specifications -10dBpV (12dB SINAD) -10dBpV (12dB SINAD) -10dBpV (12dB SINAD) -10dBpV (12dB SINAD) 1.8V~2.4kHz +/-0.0.8V~2.2V 145.1kHz 15dBu "Full" 5W+/-0.00MHz +/-100Hz 52W +/.00MHz +/-100Hz 52W +/.5W (EZ) 2.2V 145.5W Parts L4 L5 L6 L14 L302 TC1 VR1 VR2 VR4 VR5 VR6 Item RX Sensitivity RX Sensitivity RX Sensitivity RX Sensitivity VCO Frequency Reference Frequency TX High Power Deviation Mic Gain S Meter TX LowPower Specifications -10dBpV (12dB SINAD) -10dBpV (12dB SINAD) -10dBpV (12dB SINAD) -10dBpV (12dB SINAD) 1.0kHz +/-0.2kHz 4.5W +/.5W Page 30 .0.5W +/.1.2kHz 15dBu "Full" 5W+/-0.




Page-34 .

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