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CALLAC LTR to Mayor Gacrcetyi - Keep the Proud Bird

CALLAC LTR to Mayor Gacrcetyi - Keep the Proud Bird

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Published by: Editor on Nov 30, 2013
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Jan B. Tucker with….. For I.D.

Only: Formerly 7 Term Chairman of the Board of Directors – California Association of Licensed Investigators tate Director California Leag!e of Latin American Citi"ens Co#$resident F%&'(LA Cha)ter 'O* Board +em,er Alameda Corridor -o,s Coalition +em,er Local ./012 T'3#C*A Formerly 2st %$ Local ./45/ Criminal -!stice Col!mnist Co!nter)!nch +aga"ine Commentator Blac6 Tal6 7adio Comm!nity Advisory Board +em,er – 8ec6 9 C Al"heimers Disease 7esearch $ro:ect

FBI Director Louis Freeh

Atty Gnl Janet Reno

Labor Sty Hil a Solis !resi ent Bill "linton

J.B. T#"$%R & ASS'"IAT%S !.'. Bo( )** Torrance "A +,-,./,)**

*0,.10..+-+1 Fa( 0+-,

"ali2ornia !ri3ate In3esti4ator License 5!I/0,0)*
%6ail7 a 6in89anbtucker.co6 www.9anbtucker.co6

November 29, 2013 Honorable Mayor Eric Garcetti Honorable City Attorney Mike Feuer Honorable Controller Ron Gal erin !by email an" #a$% &oar" o# Air ort Commi''ioner' (orl" Air ort' A"mini'tration &l") 1 (orl" (ay, 1't Floor *o' An)ele' CA 900+, &y Email- *A.&/AC0la1a2or) RE- 3HE 4R/56 &7R6 Honorable Mayor Garcetti, City Attorney Feuer, City Controller Gal erin an" Honorable &/A Commi''ioner'38e Cali#ornia *ea)ue o# *atin American Citi9en' !CA**AC%, Cali#ornia:' a##iliate o# t8e National *ea)ue o# *atin American Citi9en' !N**AC% i' o o'e" to any action o# t8e &/AC t8at "oe' not #ully accommo"ate t8e continue" e$i'tence o# 3HE 4R/56 &7R6 !34&% at it' re'ent location2 %FF%"TS ': "';!%TITI': 7n t8e a't 7 #ormerly 'erve" a' a branc8 o##icer or activi't in t8ree !3% NAAC4 branc8e' !;an Fernan"o <alley, 7n)le1oo" ;out8 &ay, an" Com ton% a' 1ell a' #ormer ; ecial A''i'tant to t8e late <alerie Monroe 18en '8e 1a' 1

;out8ern Cali#ornia *e)al Re"re'' C8air o# t8e Cali#ornia ;tate Con#erence NAAC42 &a'e" u on t8at back)roun" an" e$ erience 7 am concerne" t8at any action by t8e &/AC t8at e=ect' 34& #rom it' re'ent location 1ill 8ave a ro#oun" e##ect on com etition #or ban>uet an" event #acilitie', e' ecially #or A#rican American community or)ani9ation' in t8e area2 38ere are ot8er #acilitie' t8at com ete #or bu'ine'' in t8e re)ion2 38at e$i'tin) com etition enable' community or)ani9ation' to 'eek an" 'elect #rom com etin) bi"' #or NAAC4 Free"om Fun" event', 3u'ke)ee Airmen ' on'ore" event', c8urc8 event', an" a 18ole 8o't o# ot8er community #unction'2 38e'e #acilitie' are vital to t8e re'ervation an" e$i'tence o# NG/ #unctionality in t8e area2 Eliminating just one of them, especially TPB, will upset the delicate balance of competition in the area and very likely raise the cost to non-profit N !s in the region for their critical historical and ongoing events" Historical< % ucational & Ins=irational >alue At 8tt '-??1112#acebook2com?=an2b2tucker you 1ill #in" my Facebook a)e 8oto 18ic8 #eature' me 1it8 my )o"'on, Ha''an #rom 2009, taken at 34&2 Ha''an 8a" =u't )iven 8i' #ir't ever ublic ' eec8 #or 8i' )ra"uation ceremony #rom a Com ton Air ort #li)8t ro)ram ' on'ore" by t8e *o' An)ele' C8a ter o# t8e 3u'eke)ee Airmen2 Member' o# t8at c8a ter 8a" =u't returne" #rom 4re'i"ent &arack /bama:' inau)uration in (a'8in)ton 6C2 Many eo le '8are #on" memorie' o# 34& an" event' t8at 8ave taken lace t8ere2 7 am 8o1ever le'' concerne" about remini'cence' o# t8e a't t8at 7 am about t8e #uture2 Air ort mu'eum' e$i't in t8e area, but none '8are' t8e "ra1 o# an ea'ily acce''ible an" 1ell run "inin) #acility to "ra1 eo le in to learn about t8e 8i'tory o# #li)8t who would not otherwise seek out a flight museum to take their children to" Nor "o any com etin) mu'eum' o##er 'uc8 an im ortant array o# 8oto)ra 8ic re re'entation' o# 1omen an" minority aviator'2 7# you vote to eliminate 34& #rom it' current location, you mu't be er'onally re are" to acce t t8e re' on'ibility #or an'1erin) t8e #ollo1in) >ue'tion'• • • • 2 (8ere 1ill )irl' be able to 'ee in' irin) 8oto' o# Amelia Ear8art@ (8ere 1ill A#rican American )irl' )et a c8ance to 'ee 8oto' o# &e''ie Colemen@ (8ere 1ill A#rican American c8il"ren 'ee 8oto' o# 3u'ke)ee Airmen 18o came #rom t8eir nei)8bor8oo"' in t8e *o' An)ele' area@ (8ere 1ill Ae1i'8 c8il"ren be able to 'ee a monument to an American

Army Air Cor ' ilot 18o 1ent on to 'erve a' a ilot #or t8e Ha)ana8 in 7'rael:' 1ar o# in"e en"ence@ 7# you vote to eliminate 34&, you vote to eliminate in' iration an" o ortunitie' #or c8il"ren2 Re' ect#ully Bour',

Aan &2 tucker


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