Le parti variabili del discorso

Le parti invariabili del discorso

Il nome Il verbo

La preposizione La congiunzione L’articolo L’avverbio .

.L’aggettivo Il pronome He is John.

He is tall and thin. He has got brown hair and green eyes. . He is 12.He is American.

Ariel. .He has got glasses. He has got a sister.

He’s wearing blue trousers and an orange T-shirt. . He’s wearing white and green trainers.

His a!ourite ootball player is "essi. He likes ootball. .He likes hamburgers and chips.

He likes "ath but he doesn’t like #cience. .He doesn’t like basket but he likes rugby.

#he is an $talian girl. .#he is "aria. #he is short and thin. #he is % and she is happy.

#he has got a big dog. blond hair. . straight.#he has got long. #he has got big blue eyes.

#he likes ruit and !egetables. but she doesn’t like meat.#he hasn’t got brothers or sisters. .

#he likes rock music. #he doesn’t like sport. Her a!ourite sub&ect is 'nglish. . #he doesn’t like "ath.

#he’s wearing a green blouse and purple trousers. #he’s wearing white and yellow shoes. .

$t doesn’t like ish and !egetables. $t has got two riends) "aria and John. $t likes bones. $t has got long brown tail. . $t is young. $t has got long ears.$t is (ob. $t lo!es playing ball but he pre ers sleeping. $t is a at dog. $t is a dog.

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