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Department Production Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli – 620 015.

Tech.Tech. (Industrial Engineering) M. L 3 3 3 3 3 0 15 T 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 P 0 0 0 0 0 4 4 C 3 4 3 3 3 2 18 COURSE OF STUDY Probability and Statistics Advanced Operations Research Analysis and Control of Manufacturing Systems Elective I Elective II Operations Management Lab. L 3 3 3 3 3 0 15 T 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 P 0 0 0 0 0 4 4 C 4 3 3 3 3 2 18 List of Electives Elective I & II CODE PR 663 PR 665 PR 669 MB 681 COURSE OF STUDY Facilities Planning Value Engineering Project Management Financial Management L 3 3 3 3 T 0 0 0 0 P 0 0 0 0 C 3 3 3 3 Department Production Engineering.M. Tiruchirappalli – 620 015. . National Institute of Technology. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING The total minimum credits required for completing the programme is 60 Semester I CODE MA 611 PR 651 PR 653 PR 659 Semester II CODE PR 652 PR 654 PR 656 PR 658 Semester III CODE PR 697 Semester IV CODE PR 698 COURSE OF STUDY Project Work-Phase-II L 0 T 0 P 24 C 12 COURSE OF STUDY Project Work-Phase-I L 0 T 0 P 24 C 12 COURSE OF STUDY Quality Engineering Modeling and Simulation Work Design and Ergonomics Elective III Elective IV Simulation Lab.

Commerce L 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 T 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 P 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 C 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 Department Production Engineering. Tiruchirappalli – 620 015. . National Institute of Technology.Tech.M. (Industrial Engineering) Elective III & IV CODE PR 666 PR 668 PR 672 COURSE OF STUDY Supply Chain Management Total Quality Management Terotechnology L 3 3 3 T 0 0 0 P 0 0 0 C 3 3 3 Or any other elective subject from any other department List of reserve Electives: CODE PR 661 PR 662 PR 664 PR 676 PR 670 PR 671 PR 674 COURSE OF STUDY Sequencing and Scheduling Advanced Optimization Techniques Production Management Systems Enterprise Resource Planning Design & Analysis of Flexible Manufacturing Systems Computer-Aided Process Planning and Control E.

Sultan Chand and Sons.Reliability of systems . V. 2. Prentice Hall Of India PR 651 ADVANCED OPERATIONS RESEARCH Linear programming. 6th Prentice Hall of India.Statistics. Variance. 5.Confidence interval estimation of population parameters . Shortest path model – Maximal flow problem . . 4.Branch and Bound technique-Zero-one implicit enumeration algorithm .Testing of hypotheses . Duality analysis-sensitivity analysis-changes in right. Taha. 3.S.Separable programming Quadratic programming-Geometric programming-Stochastic programming. Poisson and Normal distributions .Method of least squares . Basics concepts of reliability . BOWKER and LIBERMAN. Exponential. Weibull and Beta distributions .Uniform.Analysis of variance .applications of dynamic programming – Cargo loading model – Work force size model – Equipment replacement model – Inventory model.C.methods. MURRAY R.One way and two way classifications . MURRAY R.Tech. (Industrial Engineering) MA 611 PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS Random variable . An introduction.Maintainability equation . SPIEGEL. Schaum’s Series.Quality and Reliability.. Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics.K.Goal programming. Raw moments from moment generating functions of respective distributions. Tiruchirappalli – 620 015. Parallel Maintenance .Large sample tests for mean and proportion . Prentice-Hall. and KAPOOR.Standard probability distributions Binomial. Geometric. F-test and Chi-square test. TRIVEDI K. Special distributions ..Regression and correlation – Rank correlation – Multiple and partial correlation . Probability and Statistics with Reliability and Queuing and Computer Science Applications. New Delhi.M. S. GUPTA. Sampling distributions .Failure rate analysis . Engineering Statistics. Gamma. Curve fitting .. Probability and Statistics.Preventive and corrective . SPIEGEL.Cutting plane algorithm.Availability .Mean. Dual simplex method. Handy M. REFERENCES 1.Two dimensional random variables . Operations Research. REFERENCES 1. Unconstrained nonlinear algorithms-Constrained algorithms.2001 Department Production Engineering.Moment generating function.hand side constants of constraintschanges in objective function co-efficient-adding a new constraints-adding a new variable.Crashing of project network – Resource leveling & Resource allocation technique. Schaum’s series.Simplex method – Big M method – Two phase method – Special cases .T-test. National Institute of Technology.Time series analysis.Series.

T.. Facilities layout 7. One machine – n Jobs. John Wiley & Sons. (Industrial Engineering) 2. Elsayed and Thomas O. Boucher . 1994. . 2. “ Operations Management. 1994. John Wiley & sons. Harvard project manager 3.Travelling Salesman problem –Job shop scheduling – Assembly line balancing REFERENCES 1.S. Elsayed A.K. Prentice – Hall of India. Job shop scheduling 11. Tiruchirappalli – 620 015.E. 1992.M. Inventory management 9. Don. "Operations Research”. 3. R. Smart cam 2. Principles & Practice.Ravindram and J. 1992.R.Lot sizing – MRP Versus MRP II – Software structure of MRP – Re planning frequency in MRP Introduction to Job Sequencing – n Jobs. A. andSarin.G.Printice Hall Publn. Transportation 5. Forecasting PR 652 QUALITY ENGINEERING Basics of quality – Quality objectives – Quality control – Quality Assurance – Quality costs – Quality loss function – Statistical tolerancing – quality gurus and their philosophies Department Production Engineering.Tech. Operations Research. Three machines – n jobs . Linear programming 4..2002 PR 653 ANALYSIS AND CONTROL OF MANUFACTURING SYSTEM Production system –Forecasting and its types – Forecasting errors and tracking signals Inventory costs Terminology of Inventory systems – Inventory policies –Analysis of Static Deterministic Inventory Models Aggregate Production Planning .Value stream management for lean office Introduction to material requirements planning . Buffa. M Machines – n jobs. . Quality management 10. Material requirement planning 8. M Machines – sequencing Jobs on Parallel Machines – Minimization of Setup costs . Soleberg.Two Jobs . New Delhi. “ Analysis and Control of Production Systems.” Modern production /Operations Management”. Philips. PR 659 OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT LABORATORY OBJECTIVE: Practical Exposure on Operation Management Packages 1. John Wiley. Monks J. 3. National Institute of Technology. Panneerselvam . Project management 6. Two machines – n Jobs.

L. and Leavensworth. GPSS. Prentice Hall. 2.QUEST.IS2500 plans – MIL STD 105E Quality function deployment – FMEA – Quality circles .ARENA. . C . Philips J. E. McGraw Hill.ISO 9000 series and 14000 series – Kaizen – 6 Sigma concepts . REFERENCES 1.FORTRAN. Statistical Quality Control.9 PR 656 WORK DESIGN AND ERGONOMICS Introduction to work study . Jerry Banks and John. Keltor.Micro motion and memo motion study. Prentice Hall Inc. Work measurement and its methods.Monte Carlo Simulation. NewJersey. Law. Tiruchirappalli – 620 015. Taghuchi techniques for quality engineering. 2nd Edition . 1991. Random number generation an their techniques . 1978. Trant. National Institute of Technology.discrete and continuous system . NJ. New York. Douglus C.tests for random numbers Random variable generation – Analysis of simulation data .M.Introduction to GPSS – Case studies . ‘Simulation modelling analysis’.Tech. Jhon Wiley & sons. Carson II.. 3.1984. Department Production Engineering.D.Montgomery.Limitations of simulation. SIMAN V. (Industrial Engineering) Control charts for variables and attributes – Process capability studies Design of experiments – ANOVA .VMAP . 1982. A. C++. Introduction to statistical quality control. REFERENCES 1. Geoffrey Gordon.Productivity – scope of motion and time study . 1984. Mcgraw Hill.Work methods design.1998.M. areas of application . MODSIM III. Simlation languages and packages .Ross. 3. McGraw Hill.Input modeling – verification and validation of simulation models – output analysis for a single model. 2. PR 654 MODELING AND SIMULATION Introduction to systems and modeling .Simulation of manufacturing and material handling system. Discrete event simulation and their applications in queueing and inventory problems. ‘Discrete – Event System Simulation’. ‘System simulation’. S. and W.Taguchi methods – Reliability – MTBF – MTTR Acceptance sampling by variables and attributes – ASN – ATI – AOQL . Motion study-process analysis – process chart – flow diagram – assembly process chart – man and machine chart – two handed process chart .

need for layout and its types. 3. E. Facilities layout and location. National Institute of Technology. Motion economy. John Wiley &sons. M. Mc. selection and specification. Queing & Inventory modeling in c language 7. Group technology – Production Flow analysis (PFA). Design of work space.handling equipment types.1984.J.design of controls and compatibility – environmental control – vision and design of displays. Raeph. REFERENCES 1.Tech. 1977. Modeling and simulation in arena 3. White. network location problems. . an analytical approach. 2. and CRAFT.Ergonomics practices – human body measurement – layout of equipment – seat design . REFERENCES 1. Robot work cell simulation 10. “Introduction to Work study “. White.J.A.. ILO. and John A. Plant layout and Material handling. Modeling and simulation in SIMQUICK 5. 1990. “Human Factors in Engineering and Design”. Department Production Engineering. Mc. 1974. ROC (Rank Order Clustering) – Line balancing Material handling design .. and J. (Industrial Engineering) Work sampling – Determining time standards from standard data and formulas Predetermined motion time standards – work factor system – methods time measurement. Prentice Hall Inc 1984. Modeling and simulation in Quest 4. Computer aided factory integrated management system 8. Measuring work by physiological methods – heart rate measurement – measuring oxygen consumption– establishing time standards by physiology methods. Layout design . John Wiley. Simulation using simulink (Matlab) PR 663 FACILITIES PLANNING Facilities requirement . Random variate generate using c 9.Design cycle – computer algorithms – ALDEP.A. containers and packaging.Graw Hill. Geneva. Barnes. Facilities planning.m.. Modeling and simulation using witness 2. New York. 1. Plant location analysis –simple problems in single facility location models. Analytical Estimation. CORELAP. Tompkins. “Motion and Time Study – Design and Measurement of Work “. Modeling and simulation in gpss 6. chair table.L.Cormick. Richard Francis. John Wiley. PR 658 SIMULATION LAB. 2. James Apple. 3.M. Tiruchirappalli – 620 015.

2nd End. McGraw Hill Book Co. L. PR 669 PROJECT MANAGEMENT Project development cycle . 2004. Project cash flows –Investment criteria.Objectives of investment decision making – Technical analysis. Basic steps in using the systems Value analysis . different services. Department Production Engineering. 1st Edn. V Edition Tata McGraw Hill. 1990.D. The Indo American Society. CPM. “Techniques of Value Engineering and Analysis”.M.. National Institute of Technology. value engineering case studies. Effective organization for value work..’Project management’. Wysocki ‘Effective Project Management W/Cd’ John Wiley 2nd edition 2000 3. Sundaram publishsers. ILP and goal programming model. 27th reprint 2007. Implementation and ReviewManagement’. ‘Projects Planning... REFERENCES 1. Parker.Net Present Value-Cost Benefit Ratio-Internal Rate of Return -Pay back period –Accounting Rate of Return Costing .Software Metrics – Software quality – Risk management in SPM. evaluation of value. setting and solving management-decision – type and services problem. Miles.Tech. Materials and inputs – production technology – product mix – plant capacity – location and site – machinery and equipment – structures and civil works – project charts and layouts. Prasanna Chandra.. Tiruchirappalli – 620 015.” Value Engineering Theory”. (Industrial Engineering) PR 665 VALUE ENGINEERING An overview of value engineering (VE) . REFERENCES 1. analysis. G..Emerging issues. Financing .Network techniques for project management – PERT.Understanding the decision environment. 2. Portfolio theory and capital asset pricing model approaches to risk analysis . Tufty Herald. VE Team.”Compendium on Value Engineering”.Financial and economic appraisal of single project – multiple projects and constraints – method of ranking – mathematical programming approach – LP. designer. definitions. .Definition. function analysis system techniques-FAST diagram.D. problem solving system. Concepts and approaches of value analysis and engineering – evaluation of VE.E. Tata McGraw Hill. Co-ordinate. Effect of value analysis on other work in the business. Introduction to Software Project Management (SPM) . Evaluation of function. Results accelerators. 2. S. 1983. construction management contracts. Choudhury. 1972 3. Problem setting system.

and Meindl. . D.N. 2001. D... 2. Vikas publishing Hina 2002. Designing & Managing the Supply Chain: Concepts. Evaluating a potential supplier. Chopra. D. Sensitivity. Planning and Operations. Information and supply chain trade-offs. Strategies & Case studies..system. National Institute of Technology. Elements of supply chain efficiency. MUSIC-3D systems. “Financial Management theory and practice”. Simchi-Levi. 2003. and Simchi-Levi. Independent Demand Systems (Probabilistic Models): Q. 1996. Doebler.W. 2.. Mathematical modelling under known stock out costs and service levels. Pearson Education (Singapore) Pte. Second Edition.system.. “Financial Management – theory and practice”. and Burt. Vth edition. Prasanna chandra.all units. REFERENCES 1. Key issues in supply chain management. P.I. Core competency.M. 2004.Deterministic Models. Various costs. TMH. P. Quantity Discounts . Van horne.M. Tata McGraw-Hill Edition.. Importance of suppliers.pandey.C. New Delhi. Department Production Engineering. incremental price. Bullwhip effect. Flow in supply chains. Supply contracts. Value chain. (Industrial Engineering) MB 681 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Role of financial management Capital and inventory management Capital budgeting Financing decision Risk analysis REFERENCES 1. PR 666 SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Introduction to Supply Chain Management (SCM): Concept of Logistics Management. 1997. J. E-procurement Introduction to Inventory Management: Selective Control Techniques. Ltd. “Fundamentals of financial management”. S. P. 3.. Second Edition. Tiruchirappalli – 620 015. Concept of supply management and SCM. Make-or-buy decisions. 3.Tech. Decision making and application: Decision making in SC – Applications of SCM – ware house management system – product data management – E –Commerce – Reverse logistics – Cases in Paper industry – Furniture industry. . Kaminsky. E. Competitive bidding and Negotiation. Purchsing and Supply Chain Management: Text and Cases. PHI. Sourcing and Procurement: Outsourcing benefit. Supply chain Management: Strategy. McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Limited.

razeligh. National Institute of Technology. Rose . Ltd. Tata Mcgraw Hill Publishing Company. 3. linearly increasing and Weibull modelsestimating of reliability. Maintenances systems and economics of reliability ... New Delhi.”Quality Control Handbook”. Affiliated East West Press Pvt. Srinath. 2.E. Condition based maintenance . MTTR. Tiruchirappalli – 620 015. Juran.advantages and disadvantages . MTBF. "Mechanical Fault Diagnosis & condition monitoring".1977.vibration monitoring vibration parameters . Balagurusamy. maintainability and availability functions and their mathematical expressions Maintenance and spares management . "Reliability Engineering".organizing principles – Structural total quality organization Introduction to iso9000 standards . failure density and MTTF for hazard models. .J.E.F. Collact. REFERENCES 1.Prentice Hall publications. (Industrial Engineering) PR 668 TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT Concepts of quality systems . MTBM & MDT repair hozard rate.M. Department Production Engineering. 3. Quality audit – policies and objectives audit of quality plans – audit of execution Vs plans – product auditing – audit methodology – quality rating – audit reporting.M.individual breakdown replacement policy .ISO 9000 series ..1993 2. "Reliability Engineering".Non-maintained systems – Reliability definition and its important – method of improving reliability redundancy techniques – failure data analysis Reliability models.The total quality management system – Characteristics of the total quality management system. normal distribution .1984.preventive group replacement. J.preventive replacement.1991.Failure costs – appraisal costs – prevention cost – avoidable and unavoidable cost.Hazard models – constant.vendor qualification process – vendor quality surveys – Vendor quality improvement – vendor quality rating and evaluation .&Gryna.L.M.. “Total Quality Control”. Vendor relations – objectives and activities . exponential. PR 672 TERO TECHNOLOGY Probability concepts – Probability distributions – density and distribution functions for uniform. The task of quality organization .individual preventive replacement policy . “Total Quality Management “.Kogan page Ltd . Feignbaum.Maintainability and availability concepts.Tech.vibration instruments REFERENCES 1. weibull.S..

SPT. Production planning and control. Kalyanmoy Deb. Integer programming. . Parallel machine models . 2. Kenneth R. Introduction to integer non-linear programming. non-linear programming – unconstrained optimization techniques. Applications of optimization.L. Classification of optimization problems. Other models . Prentice Hall. Job shop models – dynamic job shop simulation. EDD sequence – minimization of mean flow time. King. 3. objective function surfaces and multilevel optimization. Flow shop models . “Engineering optimization – Theory and practices”. 3.. REFERENCES 1. 2. 1974. and Nemhauser.Scheduling function and theory – scheduling problem: objectives. Introduction to Genetic algorithms. 1998.P. Tiruchirappalli – 620 015. (Industrial Engineering) PR 661 SEQUENCING AND SCHEDULING Single machine models . Introdution to sequencing and scheduling. 1995.Baker. 1975. Basics of constrained optimization. sequencing theorems . PR 662 ADVANCED OPTIMISATION TECHNIQUES Introduction.R. National Institute of Technology. algorithms and systems.S. Design constraints. R.Independent jobs Minimizing makespan. Basics of geometric programming. problems. Pergamon International Library.M. constrain surface.Tech. John Wiley and Sons.Rao. Multi-objective optimization methods and applications. J. Integer linear programming methods and applications.Scheduling of intermittent production: Resource smoothing – Giffler Thomson algorithm – Branch and Bound method – Scheduling of continuous production Line balancing. John Wiley and Sons. neural network based optimization and optimization of fuzzy systems. Scheduling: theory.Johnson’s problem – Extension of Johnsons’s rule for 3 machine problem – Jackson’s method – algorithm – Palmer’s method. Optimization for Engineering design – algorithms and examples. G. PHI. Garfinkel. New Delhi. Formulation of problems – Separable programming and stochastic programming. 1995. constraints – pure sequencing – performance measures. mean tardiness etc – branch and bound algorithm –assignment model. Quadratic programming. New Delhi. Simulated Annealing. REFERENCES 1. concepts of design vector. John Wiley & Sons. Singiresu S. 1972. Michael Pinedoo. Karmakars method of solving L. Department Production Engineering.

Introduction to optimized production technology (OPT) . ERP Demystified.Business Process Reengineering (BPR).Implementation Methodology Vendors.ERP-Present and Future .M.Tech.Data Mining . 2. Thomson Learning. 1989. Tiruchirappalli – 620 015. economic quantity method. McGraw Hill.ERP Market . PR 667 ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING ERP: An Overview .KANBAN System –Types of KANBAN cards. Department Production Engineering.ERP and E-Commerce .. 2001 3. periodic order quantity method. Tata McGraw–Hill Publishing company limited. REFERENCES 1. S. “ Japanese Manufacturing techinques: 9 Hidden lessons simplicity “. R. Consultants and Employees Project Management and Monitoring. “Materials Requirement Planning: The new way of life in production and Inventory Management”. REFERENCES 1.. Schonlenger .ERP and Internet Future Directions in ERP. National Institute of Technology. ERP: A managerial Perspective. Alexis Leon. Introduction to MRP and MRP II –Evolution from MRP to MRP II –Lot sizing in MRP systems – Lot for lot method. 1982. part period balancing. Brady. mass production. Browne. 3. Total Quality management system –Quality system Management – ISO 9000 series – Quality circles –Concepts – Formation & Implementation. J. New Delhi 1999. 2002 2.ERP and Related Technologies . The Free Press ..Contracts with Vendors. ERP Implementation . Addison Wesley Publication Co. New Delhi. .OPT philosophy improvement tools –Requirement and assumptions of OPT.Supply Chain Management. Hairnet & Shimane. Wagner – Whitin approach –How to choose lot sizing policy. batch production. (Industrial Engineering) PR 664 PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Manufacturing systems . Enterprise Resource Planning.On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP) .Benefits of ERP .ERP Implementation Lifecycle . Tata McGraw-Hill publishing company Limited. Business Modules in an ERP Package . Just In Time (JIT) . Data Warehousing .Sadagopan.J. Enterprise Integration Applications (EIA) .Turbo Charge the ERP System.CIM and production management –Job shop production. 1975. Consultants and Users . Orlicky. “Production Management – A CIM Perspective”.

Tech.Wysk. Prentice – Hall. 2. 2001. Department Production Engineering. inc. 2. Problems in the economic evaluation of a flexible manufacturing system. 3. 1993. “Flexible Manufacturing Systems”. Variant process planning – preparatory stage – production stage – family formation – data base structure – search procedure – plan editing – parameter selection. Generative approach – forward and backward planning – input format – CAD modes – decision logic – decision tree – artificial intelligence.Capacity optimization . ‘CAD/CAM’. John Wiley & Sons. Tien-Chien Chang and Richard A. REFERENCES 1. Tiruchirappalli – 620 015. Andrew Kusiak..Group technology – justification of FMS Planning problems of FMS . Decision models for pre-release planning in FMS – Batching . Models for the performance evaluation of an FMS configuration . Prentice Hall.assignment of operations and machines: The whitney and Gaul approach–The Bastos approach –A hierarchical approach – The Kuhn approach – Integrated batching and operation / machine assignment. Horst Templelmeier and Heinrich Kuhn. “Intelligent Manufacturing Systems’. 2007. PR 671 COMPUTER AIDED PROCESS PLANNING AND CONTROL Process Planning . Computer and Automated systems association of SME. 3. ‘Introdution to automated process planning system’.Decision models for the design of a FMS .Routing optimization . ‘CAD/CAM integrates and innovation’. P.Equipment optimization Decision models for the design of a FMS-Classification of decision problems and models in the selection of the optimal FMS configuration-quantifiable goals of the configuration planning. Mikell. Visvanathan Narahari. Routing optimization: Routing optimization with an unlimited number of pallets. 2005. Prentice – Hall. REFERENCES 1. . National Institute of Technology. Khabal Taraman.M. “Performance modeling of Automated manufacturing systems”. Groover. 1996.part design representation – Engineering design – design drafting – Computer aided design – CAD input/output devices Geometric modeling for Process planning.Group technology.coding and its types Process engineering – experiment based planning – machinist handbook – and decision trees – process capability analysis. 1990. (Industrial Engineering) PR 670 DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF FLEXIBLE MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS Flexible manufacturing system and its Subsystems . PHI.Long range planning of flexible manufacturing systems planning phases in the operation of a flexible manufacturing system. New Delhi.

Electronic Commerce. Kalakota & Whinston. E-commerce: Effect on job. Department Production Engineering. Warranties and New Products – Cyber law issues – Privacy and Transborder flows. Napier. E-commerce – Legal Issues: Software Intellectual property law – Contract law for Ecommerce. Michael Chung. Channel conflict management: Security and Encryption – Abuse and Netiguette – Internet Governance – Economics of E Commerce – Equilibrium price – Electronic Marketing – Taxing – E business – Road map for success – case studies. Judd. Creating a winning E-Business. multidisciplinary approach to E-commerce – Software’s – case studies. Rivers and Wagner. Jae Lee. Efraim Turbon. E-commerce Management: Net Centrism – Navigation – Digital Design – Web Metrics – Business models – Hyper Markets – Intelligent Agents – Auctions – Design. REFERENCES 1. Addison Wesley. 2000. Fraud – Security of Information and Risks – Electronic Highway Robbery. . Tiruchirappalli – 620 015. National Institute of Technology. (Industrial Engineering) PR 674 E-COMMERCE E-commerce Technology: Principles – Potential – Data Warehousing – Temporal Coherency – Networking Infrastructure – Software Tools – IP. trade. Thomson Learning. industry. growth. A Managerial Perspective. Protocol – Case Studies. 2. 2001. international co-operation – Tax problems Application of E-commerce in different sectors – service. 3. HTML – Cryptography – Consumer Interface Technologies – OALP & Data mining – Case studies. H. Frontiers of Electronic Commerce. David King..M. TCP HTTP. Pearson Education Asia. 2001. domestic etc.Tech.

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