Cardiff Sufi Group

Weekly Readings

Single-Minded Remembrance

With this week’s readings, we move to consider the theme of remembrance. We suggest this four step approach to working with this selection • • • • Read this selection, out loud if possible, seven times. !well upon the phrase or sentence that touches you. "sk yourself what relevance or application this has for you #inally, sit in the afterglow of these reflections and open yourself to whatever new insight or message the !ivine might have for you.

Text One $f your thought is fro%en practice remembrance of &od. Recollection of &od brings thought into movement make remembrance the sun for this congealed thought. '(.)*+,-)*+(Text Two .ou who are kept in pawn to food, you can be free if you suffer yourself to be weaned. /ruly in hunger there is abundant nourishment search after it diligently and cherish the hope of finding it. #eed on the 0ight, be like the eye, be in harmony with the angels, 1 best of humankind. 0ike the "ngel, make glorification of &od your sustenance. ',.23,-234-