UCF Electromagnetics Applications I • Inductor and Transformer • Generator and Motor Energy Applications (Low Frequency) RF Applications (RF Frequency) • Microwave Engineering • Antenna and Propagation • Wave Scattering • Inverse Scattering • Radar and Imaging • Electromagnetic Compatibility • Electronic Packaging .

UCF Electromagnetics Aplications II Optical Applications (Optical Frequency) • Lens and Optical System • Electrooptics • Display: LCD and OLED • Laser • Lidar and Imaging • Biophotonics • Nanophotonics • Integrated Optics .

com/academia/student_center/tutorials .ucf.ucf.eecs.UCF EEL 6482 Electromagnetic Theory Course website: http://www.htm Or Google: Thomas Wu Undergraduate EEL3470 website: http://www.mathworks.eecs.html MatLab website:

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