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1. The History of Watches 2. The Indian Watch industry 3. Titan Watches – Background 4. About Titan 5. Types of Titan watches 6. Vision and Mission 7. Watches 8. Management 9. Stores and Registered offices 10. Advertising 11. Awards and International trading 12. Collaborations and Acquisitions 13. Competitors 14. Financial analysis 15. Community Development and Corporate Social Responsibility 16. SWOT Analysis 17. Titan Ideology 18. Innovation 19. Titan International 20. International Brands 21. Energy Consumption 22. Recommendations 23. Experience and Learnings 24. Bibliography

The History Of Watches
The watch has produced several transformations through the many years. There have been many modifications and technological improvements that have created it achievable to use them on your wrist and inform the time with a push of a button. Unlike the watches made a lot of centuries ago, the watches of today provide cutting edge technological innovation and contemporary day convenience attributes. The watch is steeped in history and has witnessed us through Globe Wars and Nuclear Warfare. The initial time keeping unit was actually a pocket watch. Right after the railroad began using the pocket watch, the watch market grew by leaps and bounds. With the invention of the wristwatch, watches became progressively well-liked among professionals and common people. The LED digital watch and the Pilot's watch have taken the watch styles and functions to a total new degree. The pocket watch is the oldest type of watch in manufacturing. In the starting, they had been fully personalized pieces of jewelry that had been generally owned by royalty or the abundant. However, although, the early pocket watch designs did not precisely inform time they "lost" time as the day progressed, making it out of the question to synchronize instances among a group of men and women. The revised technology produced it probable to begin creating the pocket watch smaller sized and smaller, until finally it sooner or later commenced to be worn on the wrist. The wrist watch commenced to see a remarkable burst of creation throughout wartimes. The army noticed a use for a watch that could be easily read while carrying out responsibilities. Right now, there are a multitude of watch suppliers that specialize in wristwatch creation. There are watches sporting stunning jewels and watches that are primarily geared toward function. Some are battery operated, even though others run from the electrical power of the sun. There are watches that will suit into any cost variety, also. The LED Digital wrist watch arrived about in the late 1960's and early 1970's. These watches had been very distinctive in that they require no moving parts to inform the time of day. Passing an electrical charge via inorganic materials generates the LED digital engineering. The People in America and the Japanese have been the forerunners in the advancement of the LED digital watch. Early models have been high-priced, but are low-cost to date. The Aviation watch (Pilot watch) is a very functional timepiece. These watches truly assist to sustain flight strategies, perform pre-flight planning and navigate flights, so they are very crucial for pilots. Utilized mainly by the army and aircrew, the Aviation fashion watches are also well-known between avid outdoorsmen and athletes. All watches are analog or digital in

nature, some are even both. Adult males, girls and young children will be capable to discover a wrist watch that is just excellent for their requirements/needs.

The Indian Watch Industry
The history of watches in India dated back to 1957. During a visit to Japan, Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru (Nehru), received a watch as a gift. This sparked off his dream of seeing watches being manufactured in India. The dream became a reality in 1961, when the government owned Hindustan Machine Tools Ltd. (HMT), entered into a tie up with Citizen of Japan, to set up the first watch factory. Citizen also trained select Indian people from HMT at its watch manufacturing facility in Japan. Indian watches market was for long dominated by public sector organizations like Hindustan Machine Tools Ltd. (HMT) and, and has now left the pioneers far behind or nowhere in market by private sector enterprises like Titan, Sonata, Ajanta and Timex along with foreign entities jostling for display space in the smallest of shops selling these products. Before the establishment of HMT as the dominant player in the Indian markets initially, the country was solely dependent on imports to meet the internal demand. However, establishment of HMT as the leading player in the wrist watch segment in the 1960‘s, changed the scenario. In post liberalization India, the market stood to witness intensive competition between foreign and Indian manufacturers like Timex, Movado, Longines, Rado, Rolex, Fréderique Constant, Mont Blanc, Swatch, and many others. Many watch makers have made significant inroads in the industry and others are in the process of establishing themselves, currently. Besides this, buyers are extremely choosy about the brand and type of wrist watches they wear. Being extremely brand conscious, their tastes have evolved over the years and have gone beyond the realms of durability to choose in terms of aesthetics and elegance. Thus it is a buyer‘s market with multitude of designs that have entered and flooded the market place. The size of the watch market currently is estimated to be around 40 to 45 million pieces annually. The organized sector alone contributes up to 30 percent of this figure, and the rest of the demand is being met by the unorganized grey sector. This data is significant indeed in view of the socio economic distribution of the Indian populace. More than 58 percent of the population is under twenty five and more than 80 percent of the population is below 45 years of age. In dollar terms, the estimated annual market size is around USD 195 million, despite the fact that the penetration of watches is the lowest, compared globally. Looking into this fact and the long standing Indian tradition of comparing watches with jewellery and other

traditional items, many watch companies are interested in setting up base in India. The average growth in the size of the market is slated to be around 10 -15 percent per year. A casual study of the watch market reveals that it is segmented on basis of multiple proportions such as price, benefits and types of watches. The price of the watches is a major motive in the minds of the customer. Accordingly, three segments can be identified here, namely low priced, medium priced, and high priced watches. The lower priced segment consists of watches priced less than INR 500; the medium price range consists of watches in the INR 500-1500 range and the high priced watches come in the INR 1500 upwards range. There are other higher categories as well such as the premium and luxury range, but they appeal to only a small category of the watch market in India. According to a recent study, more than 90 percent of the watches were from the lower price ranges with international costs being less than 20 Euros. Moreover, around 20 to 25 watches are being sold for every 1000 citizens. Thus there is enormous potential for growth of the industry in this untapped segment. Some customers look out for features like fashion appeal, technology, sophistication and status. Others go for durability, economy and precision. Many customers prefer mechanical and automatic watches, while others prefer quartz watches. Newer segments are also on rise such as ladies watches, children‘s watches and gent‘s watches. Customers usually base their preferences and buying decisions on a variety of factors like price, durability, utility, aesthetic appeal and brand name. A combination of all these points ultimately forms the customer‘s buying decision that translates into the purchase of a watch. The retail sector has just begun to boom in India. Since the early 1990‘s, Indian customers are relying more on departmental stores and shopping malls to purchase their wants and needs. Watch manufacturers are looking at a suitable mix to market their products ranging from exclusive retail outlets to display sections in malls and large departmental stores. In the end, though India is still considered to be a difficult market to penetrate, due to reasons like price sensitiveness and its largely unorganized sector. However, with the right planning and the right partners and experienced collaborators, it is expected that both international and domestic watch manufacturers will do well in the Indian markets.

There was hardly any need for consumer contact or research. You went there only to buy a watch. dingy and typically located in the older. These watches incorporate top range features such as date and time. In those days of pre-liberalization the watch market. and the consumers did not change it for 10. like most consumer markets in India. elegant and durable.Titan Watches. never to simply check out. All this affected the consumers. In two decades the company has built an impressive watch business to become India‘s largest manufacturer and the world's fifth largest manufacturer of watches. they did not pay a high price for the new piece because they were buying another time-keeping device. altimeter. was way behind the rest of the world.Background Titan Industries was established in 1984 as a joint venture between the Tata Group and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO). Back in the early eighties. Xerxes Desai. Precision of these watches is achieved by use of timekeeping technology of quartz crystals thus resulting to far greater accuracy than the mechanical type of watches. never to browse. which used the unwinding of a mechanical spring to tell time. Styling was basic . The technology in vogue was the reliable. it lasted quite a while. Titan would go against that and build its line based on quartz. preferring to sell through wholesalers. It was a sellers' market. The watch shops were narrow. and neither the brands nor the retailers saw it as important. barometer and compass. so one watch was enough. Titan decided to make style a table-stake. 15. And when they did change it. but outdated "Mechanical" technology. . a Tata veteran and the then MD of Tata Press. Watches remained a time-keeping device. So he and his team went about breaking all the rules in the category: Mechanical technology was the norm . The company set up its corporate office in Bangalore (Karnataka) and its watch manufacturing facility in Hosur (Tamil Nadu). a leading brand in India and the world‘s fifth largest watchmakers. Accuracy would become a selling-plank. Titan brand watches are precise. doing well that way. and make Titan a fashion accessory. traditional markets of the city. Visual merchandising was very much at the stage of "decoration" if any. 20 years. He knew that that was the only way that this new brand would explode the market and wrest control from the dominant HMT. the Tata Group had identified the watch category as a potential consumer market for the Tatas to enter. Xerxes Desai's vision was to dramatically alter this perception of consumers. Titan watches are a brand from Titan Industries. Since the quality of the watch was quite good. was chosen to lead that venture.Quartz had not really taken off in India. The companies themselves did not have much contact with retailers.This was a constraint imposed by the technology as well the outlook of the manufacturers.

6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 218 500 1018 3530 4400 5038 Market capitalization Titan is the sheer scale of its offering and the consequent choice it offers to multiple segments across taste. with a 60% share of the organized sector market (the total market.There was no importance given to presentation. Titan dominates the market. age and economic background. is one of the most prestigious and visible retail brands in the country. it is taken for granted that a watch is a fashion accessory. dingy and uninteresting . backed by world-class quality created at a worldclass plant located just off Bangalore. Today. offering world-class levels of shopping comfort and customer service. mesmerized consumers. was launched into the Indian market on the back of these new rules.Choice was limited . Advertising was expenditure .You had 200 models to pick from. Titan's quality record is impressive. is estimated at around 42 million units). So Titan. Shops were dark. functions and price. These stores not only helped Titan to gain leadership substantially. but also irrevocably altered the retail landscape of the watch market through a demonstration effect on the traditional dealers. Even the early range had distinct offerings for different . Right from Day 1. including the unorganized sector. Titan brought in the concept of retailing into the watch market. The World of Titan. that was it. its sales and service network is wide and deep.Titan saw this as a vital investment. Titan decided to inundate consumers with a wide choice in style. demolished competition and rode into the sunset with panache. in early 21st century India. Titan saw this approach as the foundation of its leadership strategy in the early days. The initial range was 350 models. Titan invested significantly in advertising and in that process created a set of memorable and effective properties over the years. It created waves right in the early days. backed by the Tata name. established a network of fine showrooms which would later become the world's largest network of exclusive watch stores. and therefore no attempt made at it. and its network of exclusive showrooms.

dress watches (gold plated cases with ornamental gold plated bracelets) for those with a preference for jewellery. rugged watches (all steel watches with a skew to functionality) for those whose usage demanded certain durability.requirements: a formal watch (gold plated cases with fine leather straps) for the executive. the smart and contemporary collection for the young 21st century executive. for the sophisticated India woman who appreciated such things. high precision chronographs) for those with the penchant for adventure. it was Sonata. In 1999. the ethnic range. In 1992. with striking symbolism from ethnic India. smart and affordable plastic watches for the youth: The other side of Titan for the other side of you. Titan has built on this principle over the last 15 years. In 2001. trendy. it was Fastrack. the brand has collections like the Octane. it was Insignia. colorful.each of them unique and fascinating. . And in 2008. the affordable. the trendy range for the youth. In 1996. the cute and colorful range for kids. the solid gold and diamond-studded range of luxury watches for those affluent people to whom gold is a precious acquisition. Diva. it was Aqura. it was psi 2000. for those seeking exclusivity and status. WWF and Zoop . rugged. In 1998. very distinctive and international-looking top-end watches. almost year after year: In 1989. it was Raga. In 1993. it was Steel. funky range for the young and young-at-heart. good quality range for the budget-conscious. In 1994. sporty and very masculine watches with serious sports features (200-m mater resistance. the cool. it was Dash. it was Nebula. In 1997.

The umbrella brand Titan is one of India's leading watch brands that brought about a paradigm shift in the Indian watch market. other hospitality facilities inside the organization as well as around the organization. The watches are readily available. All that one has to do is to buy online from the comfort of their living room and the watches will be delivered right to their doorstep. Regalia. . The company has a world−class design studio that constantly invents new trends in wrist watches. The Titan industries also maintain the roads . The new brand philosophy of Titan. Titan industries provide very good infrastructural facilities to all its employees who are working in the organization. Aviator. Titan Raga the feminine and sensuous accessory for today's woman. Several other popular collections like Heritage.About Titan The company has manufactured more than a 100 million watches till date. Nebula − crafted in solid 18k gold and precious stones. For some of the directors and managers the company provides the accommodation as well as separate vehicles for transportation. Titan's customers are therefore consistently introduced to exciting new collections. the Titan portfolio has over 60% of the domestic market share in the organized watch market. The Titan brand architecture comprises several collection and sub−brands. They are cheap and therefore people from different lifestyles can afford to buy the watches. And it also provides canteen and other basic facilities as well as safety facilities to its employees. Today. these watches really give you value for money. The company has 247 exclusive showrooms christened World of Titan'. making it amongst the largest chains in its category backed by 700 after−sales−service centers. Called the best from India. Notable among them are: Titan Edge The world's slimmest watch which stands for the philosophy of "less is more". which connect. and has a customer base of over 80 million. The brand Titan is committed to offering its consumers watches that represent the compass of their imagination. touches this as well as all other aspects of the brand. Octane & WWF also form a part of the Titan wardrobe. with various facets of their deep−rooted yearnings for self-expression. each of which is a leader in its segment. Practically every man and woman‘s fashion taste has been catered for in the Titan watches. offering quartz technology with international styling. parks. encapsulated in the words "Be More". in India and to the whole wide world.

but it also makes them stand out as the wrist watch for every man. the watches are available in haute fashion of leather and metal combinations. broad straps and trendy metal bracelets for girls and sports watches in leather and metal straps for the boys. The main collections under it include:        Formal . The innovative technology combined with unique.Titan watches are the future fashion statement. and magnetic compass. These designer watches come in all-gold and bicolor look with intricately designed bracelets and patterned dials.in keeping with the demands of changing times. customized message engraving and a lifetime guarantee. this time between ethnic and contemporary. woman and sportsman either in formal and casual wear. steel-leather and all-steel perfectly suit the hands of young professionals and range from highly fashionable to simple looks. pure leather straps. simple yet stylish designs.designed for the largest set of customers. Types of Titan Watches Titan offers watches for every occasion. you too can be part of this great revolution.another fusion. . the watches in this category are stylish yet affordable.the collection features wrist-gears with groovy colors and funky styles. sapphire crystal for resistance against scratch. the watches have features like stopwatch. bold. timer.the steel-gold. The good news is that with just a slim budget. After all. Sporty/Casual . Their durability and stellar performance under various environmental conditions not only makes them to be in very high demand.a perfect fusion between sophistication and function. to name a few. Titan watches have large sales and service network and they come in wide variety to cater to the different market segments. The Titan brands of watches are pacesetters in the lucrative watch making industry. Economy . Dress wear . Technology .these are crafted from 18 karat solid gold and inlaid with precious stones. Fashion . Luxury . they are so elegant and futuristic such that they combine what is in existence today in fashion and what will come tomorrow.

innovative. Corporate Citizenship .At Titan Industries.In all our pursuits. Quality Quality Certified under ISO 9001 in Dec.Vision and Mission Vision: To be a world-class. high performance is but a way of life and is nurtured by teamwork. and to contribute to the community. we ceaselessly strive for excellence. Values and Standards: Total customer orientation . Mission: To create wealth for all our stakeholders by building highly successful businesses based on a customer-centric approach. progressive organization and to build India‘s most desirable brands.Customers take precedence over all else. Creativity and Innovation .Driven by innovation and creativity. always.We ensure that a part of our resources is invested in environment and community betterment. Employee appreciation .’94 ISO 14000 certification in 2002 TS 16949 certification in Feb ‘05 .We value and respect Titanians and endeavor to fulfill their needs and aspirations. Passion for excellence . Performance culture and teamwork . we focus on smarter approaches and newer technologies.

the Titan edge is the world‘s slimmest watch with a thickness of 3. just as anyone would desire in a watch. The watches are available online and once you place your order and pay for the product.5 mm. function. They have the slimmest quartz movement with a measurement of 1. Titan Edge is the best collection that will give you a combination of values. Originally from India. This particular watch has a designer impression engraved on the screen and it will always remind you how valuable that watch is. Wearing the watch on your wrist will give the impression of classiness and individuality. The ultra slim design is achieved by a unique combination of style and technology. The designer watch is both stylish and caters for the needs of everyone whether in business or in sports. .15mm. Technology has combined both fashion and functionality to bring out good designer watches to the market. Owning a watch has never been this easy. Its size is complemented by its sense of elegance and simplicity. style and budget are what you should look for in a good watch collection. Titan Edge watches will offer the wearer the best service. The Titan Edge has more than 18 spinoffs in different materials such as stainless steel and gold.Watches Titan edge It is a product of innovative technology. Design. the watch is delivered to your address.Titan Edge watches are unique and very fashionable. the youth or the lady at home to purchase the designer watch for either business or fun. The watch comes in a slim and sleek design which will sway you to get one for yourself. The watch comes in different designs to entice the business class.

A Titan regalia watch is also designed with many elements in mind such as technology. There are elegant and stylish designs of watches that you can go for. luxurious and available in either gold or silver plated. you can now find Titan Fastrack watches in various online sites. Currently. The weight of the watch also leaves it comfortable when wearing. The high selling brand was created by incorporating exemplary design and innovation. reliable and dependable. then titan regalia watches could be your only option. the accessories will just be perfect. It is big. trendy and funky. there is high demand of the watches. The Fastrack watches are cool. It does not matter whether the occasion is formal or casual. For the last about twenty years. people are using watches as a fashion necessity. . Elegantly designed. This is an accessory that you need in order to achieve an elegant and sophisticated look. and therefore it is suited to the names big boned wrist. but is as well durable. good building materials. This appeals to the young generation of today who want to look the best and wear the best. Thanks to the advances in technology. It is advisable that you should carry out some research so that you can find an outlet that is offering the watches at an economical price. The advantage of the watches is that they can be used during all occasion. If you are looking for a harmonious input of style. technology and durability.Fastrack The Fastrack was launched in 1998 and was aimed at bringing about a freshness of style into the highly competitive watch industry. elegance and style. It is important to know that the price of watches will vary depending with where you are buying from. Titan regalia watches are designed for men who value class. Currently. Titan Regalia This collection is exclusively for men and it is available in both gold and silver. and a long lifespan. this is a brand that doesn‘t only keep time. titan regalia watches are one of a kind and are indispensable accessories.

the popular Titan Raga Diva symbolizes all that is feminine by virtue of its curvy and graceful motifs. it stays at the crest of the fashion wave for a long time. These are every woman‘s dream. and it would take an extraordinary watch to do it. Titan Raga Chocolat. These watches are mainly designed to cater for the needs of women who want an elegant and accessorized look. shades and textures. feminine and beautiful is the only way that we can describe the watches. Titan Bandhan watches basically comprise a lovely. You have to admit that the Titan Raga Helia or the Kiara designer watches are not your everyday ordinary watches. They intend to appreciate the bond of love between couples and thus come in a pair.Titan Raga Designed exclusively for women. The watches can be worn during different occasion whether it is formal or casual situations. Selene. They are so futuristic in design such that when you buy one. Bandhan watches can be found in various designs. Slim. gorgeous and stylish ladies watch and an outstandingly elegant men watch. Titan Raga Crystals and Titan Raga Aqua. The Isisa. The other collections are the Titan Raga Diva. Titan Bandhan watches are available in about 15 exclusive designs. They are so fashionable and they have an appeal that cannot be resisted by women all over the world. each crafted to suit different occasions. However. These are the perfect accessories that you require in order to make your look elegant and unique. there are also other ranges of packaging‘s that may suit other occasions. elegant. the majestic Bandhan collection is meant for a couple and it is meant to cement the bond between a man and a woman. such designs made for weddings are packaged in a wedding themed box. More important. . For instance. It is hard to appeal to a woman‘s fashionable taste. Titan Bandhan Available as a set of two or a pair. there are those designs that are made to suit wedding gifts or even anniversaries. Kiara and Freya are some of the watches found in the Titan Raga Diva collection.

style. class. a good weight on your wrist. The designs of these watches have ensured that each piece is a magnificent . style. Available in bracelets and kada for women. elegance and technology. and of course their stylish look brings out that fashionable look in a couple. Basically. explicit designs are some of the words you could use to describe Titan nebula watches. durability and dependability to suit style.Whichever the package you see fit. but they also function well and are long lasting. Basically. it‘s a wrist watch that personifies success. not only do the watches look good. this line of watches is a serious ingenious way of combining character. strap made of classic leather or pure gold for men and some with pearls and diamonds. class and elegance. can come with customized features and are fairly priced. They are an ideal representation of uniting of two souls. It comes in silver or gold casing with leather straps. it‘s a luxurious watch but affordable. the heavily jeweled timepieces are available for both men and women. Titan Nebula A fantastic piece cast in solid 18-karat gold and other precious stones. Titan Nebula watches are a true reflection of a dedicated design team that combines technology. Basically. Titan Nebula is truly worth its weight in gold. Exquisite. Titan Nebula watches are designed for distinct tastes and likes. these watches greatly complement each other and are a good reminder of togetherness between two individuals. technology above reproach and taste at the same time. Other advantages will also include comfortable while wearing. efficiency. It is a moment in time for the greater India. Titan Heritage The luxurious brands under this collection are inspired by the great Indian cultural and spiritual heritage such as the Sun God and the Taj Mahal.

They are designed by enthusiast of the astronomy world and built with exciting features that will definitely add to your way of keeping time. style and charisma. of all which are built with a stylish and elegant look for men who value that. Alpha. Most notable are the bold look in the dials. Delphin are the star brands making up this constellation. and architectural elements from its traditions. but doing so with a difference. there are about fifteen exciting sophisticated styles in this particular collection. the sleek shapes and the gorgeous leather straps. For instance. the Titan heritage 9200YL01 comes with a white dial color. The two pieces envisages Indian beauty. The overall outcome can only speak of character. each design comprehensively depicts a certain layered Indian history. is Stambha inspired by the stone pillars believed to join heaven and earth. it‘s not only about keeping time. Basically. Basically. you cannot wear any of the titan Orion watches collection and miss to unravel the Orion in you. The blend of colors in titan heritage watches is also a blend of creativity and dedicated designing.show of art and craftsmanship. Titan heritage watches are not only about looks. Titan Orion Aptly named. Leo Aries. They‘re built in a way that helps develop artistic values of India around the world. With Titan Orion watches. Manufactured by Titans who . brown straps. I mean. class and charisma. The dials are incurved with superb designs inspired by traditional craftsmanship and the straps come either in leather or gold. Konaraka is also a magnificent piece in this collection and greatly borrows from the Orissa‘s sun temple. this brand imbues masculinity for the 21st century man. performance and durability. Centaur. Some pieces included in Titan heritage watches include Mandala. and it‘s a stylish ladies watch with a gold body in color. The watches are designed to keep accuracy and are as well comfortable for use. which comes with contrasting textures and shades that resemble stonework used in Hindu temples and step wells. but also brings into the market reliability of high level. Next.

Titan Orion watches have been built with quality. In fact. which measures up to 1/20th of a second accuracy. Simply. which add excitement and ease in using the watch. this collection. They bring out a harmonious bold and formal expression to the wearer. Inspired by spreading awareness of some of the species endangered in India. this may be a good way of finally bringing out that bold. Whale and Red Panda. Titan WWF watch is an ingenious effort between Titan and WWF (World Wildlife Fund) – India to raise the much needed awareness on wildlife. as well as connect with the environment in a responsible manner. Its detailing has also made it unisex. Titan WWF These are Nature themed watches for the nature lovers. Turtle. In fact. With features such as chronographs. The collection entails a series of elegant and unique designs of watches enthused by lovers of our ecosystem in raising the much needed awareness. has ensured that the whole series of these watches built with the required attention.have been in business of producing world class stylish watches for the last two decades. these elegantly designed watches are a campaign for the protection of the endangered species. stylish yet formal look you‘ve always wanted. Otherwise. Dolphin. it‘s also pocket friendly. Needless to say. style and class. it helps the consumer develop ingrained thirst in expressing themselves. potential and even aspirations. The collaboration between the titan‘s design team. yet proved again why they are one of the best watch manufacturers in the world today. a simple accessory like a watch can quickly give a rough idea of your lifestyle. and WWF. . for any discerning individual globally. Comprising of Rhino. dedication and detailed to the core. there are designed for men who have a touch of quality. It‘s inbuilt with multi-functional features. and everyone who wears it will definitely take pride in his/her surrounding. stylish and will bring you out as an environment conscious individual.

Actually. styles and designs. Titan purple watches are available in different styles. This is because the watches help in making bold fashion statements. If you want to find the latest elegant designs. Titan Zoop Titan Zoop watches are a must have in order to make your wardrobe complete. It is important to know that the type of watch you wear reflects your personal preferences and tastes They are provided in the market at an economical price. You can find them both online and locally. The main advantage of the watches is the fact that they are very affordable. In many online sites. they will make heads turn in whichever place you will be at. but also elegant. There is a harmonized look that is provided in the watches which helps in creating a positive impact. The watches come with different colors. then titan watches are a must have. these watches have what it takes. This makes many people to purchase the watches. The straps of the watches are available in different combinations such as leather and steel. You can be assured that the watches will not only give you a taste of class but also style. The watches are not only stylish. If you love accessorized looks. sizes. you are likely to find great deals being offered for the watches. The Titan Purple is available in three models. When it comes to innovation. The advantage of these accessories is that they help in making bold fashion statements. they are provided at an affordable price. it is recommended that you should shop online. The amazing issue is that despite the attractive designs of the watches. You can be assured that the watches will not only give you a taste of class but also style. The titan watches are readily available. The watches are not only stylish. Wearing the titan purple watches will make heads turn in every place you go to. The watches can be used in different occasion whether formal or casual situations.Titan Purple This is a simply designed but elegant woman‘s watch. The watches are available in different finishes. but also elegant. The advantage of the watches is that they help . sizes and designs.

Titan Octane For sportsmen and women. anyone wearing this watch in their wrist will always make a statement. Usually. quality. Octane watches come with a two year international warranty. The collection entails unique and elegant watches that ranges in designs and also brings spectacular features in the world of sports. The watches are manufactured by titan industries which are reputable. perhaps this is because they are built to very high standards. then you must go for the titan zoop watches. with the recent trends of fashion and style in today‘s sports. or persons who love a sporty look. It‘s more than a wrist watch. If you want an elegant and sophisticated watch for your kid. This is basically to ensure accuracy. .in adding some femininity to your looks. Remember that you should take your time and compare the prices. In order to benefit from amazing deals. In fact. Titan octane watches are part of a collection that brings magnificent designer watches of quality. This is something that makes them to last for long while they are still efficient in their operation. Titan octane watches are a synonym of achievement. most of these watches come with inbuilt features such as chronographs or retrogrades. There is a wide range of watches that will meet your preferences. Furthermore. This will not only help to save your time but also energy. In fact. The manufacturers have blended technology. and their popularity is not only in India. durability and endurance. This will help you to go for an outlet that is offering the watches at a good discounted price. Titan zoop watches have good quality. Basically. Titan octane watches are about high performance. color and style in these watches. the stainless steel finishing comes with tight links. The watches are readily available in various local outlets and online sites. octane watches will have your wrist sorted. but across the world. It is about taking charisma even into the field of play. it is advisable that you should shop for the watches online. they still maintain certain looks that you can pick from the various available designs. Though tough.

stainless steel designs. The designing of the watches is mainly focused on serenity and simplicity.Titan Obaku Titan obaku watches are a must have fashion accessory in the current world. The watches combine different options such as texture. These are the watches that you need in order to make your look complete. The advantage of the watches is that they help in making fashion statements due to their irresistible allure. The watches are manufactured using the latest technology. buckles. The watches have got good quality. This helps in increasing the durability of the straps. Titan obaku watches have straps that are made using original leather. This is a feature that makes the watches to last for long as they are working efficiently. This material is known to have adequate strength and are environmental friendly. There are some features that are provided in the obaku watches that help in distinguishing them from other types of watches. design and functionality. There are some models of watches which are designed using a material known as Kevlar. simplicity and functionality. The options include the following cases. This is because the watches offer good aesthetic value. Japanese steel and bands. The straps are made by use of several layers of leather. The wide range of watches have a balance of accuracy. . There is skillful craftsmanship that is involved in the production of the watches. Obaku watches are providing a wide range where you can choose from. shape and simplicity in order to come up with elegant designs. The watch industry is growing tremendously in order to cater for the high demands.

Titan Braille Titan Industries Ltd has unveiled Braille watches designed for the visually impaired. As the name suggests. The watches are also manufactured with a great deal of style and technology. These brands of Titan sonata watches. some consist of leather straps. 995. the watches come with . branded Titan Braille. Priced at Rs. These watches crafted with a protective liftable top cover and raised patterns on the dial make a great aid for visually impaired people to have time on their fingertips. their prices would be one of the hit reasons for this brand. Titan undertook an extensive research with a group of visually impaired people from all walks of life to understand the various elements that makes the watch user-friendly.Titan Sonata With over 650 models. Titan Sonata watches are mainly allied with the working class in India. steel and plastic. This brand is quite popular with the middle aged. The main objective was to ensure that a flawless product is available without hindering the daily routine of the user. these watches use a quartz movement. and are made from different materials such as gold. Despite being fairly priced. this series of watches have a finishing that is gold plated. this brand of watches remains to be the most admired brand. Perhaps. It runs across a trend of multicolored watches that mostly attracts the young ones. One of the well-liked models amongst the watches is the Titan Sonata ‗Yuva‘ collection. the Yuva collection is a blend of much color and patterns and it targets the youthful market. However. The stainless steel cases make it sturdier and reliable. Mainly. but their quality and style is also a great contributor. Titan Sonata watches that are Gold plated are also a member of this group. they are durable and some in this group are waterproof. are found in analog as well as digital. Designed in round and rectangular stainless steel cases. Majority are built with gold plated strap.

which is backed by a heritage of 80 years in the art of Swiss watch making with all its intricate trappings of exquisite craftsmanship and impeccable detailing. It is targeted at new generation achievers who go beyond the obious. Crafted and designed with the legendary Swiss eye for detail and perfection.Contemporary. . And if that doesn‘t convince you. 8500 and Rs. It is manufactured in a state-of-the-art factory in Switzerland. painstakingly made from carefully selected materials and crafted with a passion for detail Priced between Rs. one look at a Xylys timepiece will. it possesses you). who know who they are and set their own standards and live by their own values. All the watches are created with a fine sense of design. Xylys Xylys. These special watches will be available at all World of Titan showrooms across the country and select multi brand outlets. says it succinctly. Titan aims to bring about a redefinition of sorts in the premium watch segment with Xylys. is an exclusive brand of Swiss made watches from Titan.a warranty and battery life of two years. Every aspect of a Xylys watch from the movement to the elegant face to the detailing on the case. accentuates this experience. 24000. the Xylys range of watches comes in three collections . Xylys has been created in collaboration with renowned Swiss designer Laurent Rufenacht and Titan's own design advisor Michael Foley. The tagline (you don‘t possess a Xylys. It is a style statement for those who stand apart from the crowd. every Xylys watch is an experience of love at first sight. Classic and Sport and offers over 100 distinctive models.

995. .Titan HTSE Light as faint as that from a candle or the display screen of a mobile phone can recharge this Titan watch. is priced between Rs 6. Watches built on the HTSE platform convert electrical energy from light sources like sunlight. comprising 10 different styles. diffused light (which bounces off a rough surface or scattered by a translucent medium and thus reflected or scattered in different directions) and candle light and store it in a lithium-ion battery. HTSE draws its design inspiration from space stations. satellites and space ships that use photo-voltaic panels for their energy requirements. The new range of watches under the High Tech Self Energized (HTSE) platform have a photovoltaic panel under the watch dial that converts light into electrical energy. and is currently available in the top 12 cities across the country. The HTSE collection.495 and Rs 10.

MD of Titan .Management Bhaskar Bhat Debendranath Sarangi N Sundaradevan Ishaat Hussain T K Balaji Vinita Bali R Poornalingam V Parthasarathy N N Tata C G Krishnadas Nair Hema Ravichandar Das Narayandas Harish Bhat H G Raghunath S Ramadoss Subbu Subramaniam Managing director Chairman/Chair person Director Director Director Director Director Director Director Director Director Director Chief Operations Officer Chief Manufacturing Officer Chief Human Resources Officer Chief Financial Officer Bhaskar Bhat.

You walked along the wall. This experience now has over 255 branches and has penetrated the width and breadth of India. You could get a better idea about that collection through such a contextual presentation and could make up your mind which collection was right for your requirement. where recessed "mood windows" showcased specific collections in the appropriate context with the help of visuals. the World of Titan was born. improve image. the showroom immediately stood out on the street and attracted walk-ins. Hosur – 635126 Telephone: +91-4344-664199 Fax: +91-4344-276037 Email: corpcomm@titan. keep competition at bay and keep the brand name salient on the high streets of the country. this chain has become even more integral to the brand's destiny today. In a pioneering effort that dramatically altered industry standards. Registered offices and watch plant Titan Industries Limited 3. increase price premium. decorative props and word (the place looked almost like an art gallery). The concept of exclusive brand stores was almost nonexistent. Helping the brand increase sales. Located in the newer parts of a city.in . Then you would walk along to the selling area.Stores and Registered Offices Another successful customer-facing aspect about Titan has been its stores. sell the more expensive watches. Once inside. where the entire range was displayed in style. with a good frontage and layout. You walked away overwhelmed. Smart and helpful salespeople waited on you there and helped you choose the best piece by giving you information and suggestions. you were totally impressed with the presentation.co. Sipcot Industrial Complex. Organized retailing did not exist in the late eighties. Refurbished with a contemporary look in 2001.

in .C3. Uttaranchal Unit I . 173B. Khasra No. Bangalore .Khasra No. 176B Telephone: +91-0135-6540201 / 264084 Fax: +91-0135-2640843 Unit II – Khasra No. 148 D. Integrated Industrial Estate.152.153 Sector 2. SIDCUL. Pantnagar .C2. C1. 148B. Udham Singh Nagar Dist. +91-80-2526 3001 Email: corpcomm@titan. Haridwar.263153. 149B Telephone: +91-0135-6540202-3 Fax: +91-0135. Village Bantakheri. 176A. 37. Uttaranchal – India Corporate Office Titan Industries Limited.Roorkee District. Khasra Nos.560017 Telephone: +91-80-6660 9000 +91-80-6660 9027 +91-80-6660 9028 Fax: +91-80-2526 9923. Tower A. 150.co.151. 10B.Titan Industries Limited Mohabela Industrial Area. Tehsil .2640958 Titan Industries Limited Plot No. Uttaranchal – India Telephone: +91-01332-231072-73 Fax: 01332-231074 Titan Industries Limited Plot No. Dehradun – 248002. Golden Enclave. Airport Road.

The catalogue ads also helped customers to shop off the page and almost decide which model they wanted to pick. Mozart's symphony had already been immortalized for contemporary non-cognoscenti in one of the greatest movies of our time. where the gifting of a Titan culminated in a moving personal moment and a strengthening of the bond between the protagonists. teacher. with mostly the same effect. From Day 1. Funk and has become such a powerful audio mnemonic for the brand. These not only helped build a good-sized gift segment for Titan. which was released in 1984. Starting in 1987 in its pure classical versions. with a single violin playing the melody. AMADEUS. In the early nineties. Retailers also became used to seeing customers walking into shops with newspaper "cuttings". During those years.Advertising Titan also chose to invest heavily into showcasing all this innovation to the consumer through advertising. This approach continues to this day. Chosen by Xerxes Desai and the creative head of O & M in 1987 for its class and western vibes. boyfriend. . Operatic. daughter. and thief!) and with local flavor (for Onam in Kerala. a series of films involving a variety of characters (father. asking for the models shown there. the segment from Mozart's 25th Symphony has arguably become Indian Advertising's most memorable track. Watches had always been favorite things to gift. but also became Titan's Theme Campaign. Titan chose to develop the "Gifting" market. ex-boyfriend. written when Mozart was only 17 years old. Rock. Indian Folk. A set of 3 films were developed in 1991 around 3 relationships. building strong emotional values for the brand the most enduring part of the Titan advertising has been the music track. Titan was convinced that there lay a greater potential in that segment. came from Suresh Mullick who was O & M's creative head in 1986 when Titan's first TV campaign was being planned. this piece has been rendered in countless innovative versions over the years: Indian Classical. How did the Titan music originate The idea of using the flamboyant third movement from Mozart's 25th Symphony in G minor. These films became a big hit and created a genre of advertising films which lasted a good 8 years. and Titan had benefited from that. Puja in Bengal) were created and released. the 'catalogue" advertising of Titan became its trademark as it was used regularly and effectively to merchandise new models.

Singapore. Team Titan faces the 21st Century with a mix of passion. Titan has also done the seemingly impossible reverse thing: taking Indian quality to international markets. Moving into the European market in the mid-nineties and Asia Pacific in the late nineties. Portugal. Named ‗No 1 Brand‘ in the ‗Consumer Durables‘ category in the ‗Brand Equity Survey 2008‘. With over 100 million satisfied consumers and a track record of breaking the rules. Adjudged one of the ‗World‘s 50 . Titan today sells in the UK. Philippines and many more countries. 8 out of 9 times (the ninth time it was No 2). leave alone heard. Great Quality and Great Prices. Oman. the Arabs. Perhaps it is in the nature of great and enduring music that it can be adapted to such a variety of powerful visual images united only by a single mood and message. But the original score did go through numerous metamorphoses as it was rendered with musical instruments that Mozart could not have even heard of. Consumers and professionals alike have resonated equally to Titan's successful efforts in bringing international standards to India. Titan was voted the Most Respected Consumer Durables Company in a Business World Survey in 2003. Dubai. And in 2008. Since starting export operations in a small scale to the Middle East in the early nineties to exploit the resident NRI population. The customers are no longer only NRIs. Spain. Awards and international trading Titan was voted the Most Admired Brand (across categories) in India by consumers. They are the Thais. excitement and energy.The music was such a resounding success that it was never ever dropped. Titan has come a long way. in the first such study by Brand Equity done in 2001. it emerges as the 24th Most Admired Brand in the ET Most Admired Brands survey done annually. Titan has put together an irresistible proposition for the people of these countries. by Economic Times a leading Indian financial daily. and no thoughts were ever entertained of making a change. Titan was voted the Most Admired Consumer Durables Marketer by industry professionals. Malaysia.through a combination of Contemporary Style. it was also the most admired Consumer Durable brand. Greece. in A & M's annual survey done between 1992 and 1999. the Filipinos . the Greeks.

Titan Industries on June 18. raw materials. manufacturers of watch movements and components for technical documentation. assistance in procurement of manufacturing equipments. Singapore. New Delhi. Daman and Diu. Pizza Hut has entered into a tie. Won ‗The Brand Leadership Award‘ at the India Brand Summit. Titan Industries time product division received ‗The Sona Kaizen Champions Trophy‘. The company proposed to manufacture 2 million digital and ana-digi watches in collaboration with Casio Computer Company of Japan. etc. A new deal in which the customer who orders a ‗speed lunch‘ gets it in 12 minutes or gets it free. Titan Industries Design Team won the ‗Young Design Entrepreneur of the Year‖ award byNational Institute of Design and Business World. Titan partners with LVMH Group. Won the ‗No 2 Retailer in the Country‘ Award by Retail Asia Publishing. As part of the offer. . A MOU was signed between the company and Casio in November. Won ‗The Golden Peacock Award for Environment Management‘ in 2007 by Institute of Director (IOD) in association with World Environment foundations (WEF). Is a joint sector project set up with the Economic Development Council of Goa. 1986. the company proposed to set up a joint venture company with Hour Glass of Singapore to set up watch boutiques in leading Indian cities for the sale of luxury watches and also be responsible for wholesale and after-sales operations. Titan Time Products Ltd. Ford Mondeo also has a Titan clock installed in every car. Titan Edge by Marico Innovation Foundation. Titan featured at number 4 in the ‗Top 100 Brands‘ in the Annual Survey conducted by the Economic Times 2008. announced the launch of Tommy Hilfiger watch collection in India.up with Titan through which a Titan Fastrack watch will be displayed on every table to mark the 12 min countdown. In 1995. Adjudged ‗The Retailer of the Retailer‘. 2004. Collaborations and acquisitions The company entered into a collaboration agreement with France Ebauches (FE) of France. Won ‗Innovation for India Award 2008‘ for the design and development of its ultra-slim movement watch. Pizza hut has introduced ―Barah Nahi Toh Tera‖. Won ‗The Amity Corporate Excellence Award‘ in 2009 by IIPM and Sunday Times.Local Dynamos‘ by consulting Group India 2008. Adjudged ‗Most Admired Brand‘ in ‗Time Wear‘ category for the 8th consecutive year at The Images Retail in 2009. Titan has entered into an exclusive sub licensing arrangement with GVM International Ltd. a member of the Murjani Group for the marketing and distribution of Tommy Hilfiger watches in India.Acknowledged as the ‗Fashion Retailer of the Year‘ by Image Retail Forum.

NIKE. new innovative designs.45000. value for money. The guarantee. GUCCI. wide dealer network. discounts and offers is some of the things which means a lot a price sensitive market. IMFQ (Chinese watches).295 – Rs. HMT. into the hinterland of the domestic market. Titan Industries. Moving on a little above top what is the future of the watch industry and is the fastest growing segment today Swatch which is known for it name in watches owns a segment in the range of aboutRs. backed by the guarantee of TATA-India‘s biggest business house which people have faith in. the Research and development.Competitors Almost a decade after driving the State-owned watch maker. Titan offers its Sonata brand which comprises of about 47-50% of the titan sales (Figures according to showroom owners). HMT. the committed service team. . Competitors to Titan TAG HEUER HMT RADO CASIO SEIKO ESPRIT CITIZEN SWATCH CARTIER GIORDANO LONGINESS MAXIMA QUARTZ IMFQ-INDIAN MADE FOREIGN QUARTZ FASHION HOUSES – DKNY. More so ever these watches are more of the sporty type with steel being their trademark of it‘s the entire range of formal watches but both the sporty and the formal are difficult to find under one name In view to these companies Titan offers its world watch. producers of the eponymous brand of watches. Many competitors do not go beyond a certain range or do not come down below a certain range. To start of with the lower segment maxima quartz. the lower segment in which Titan carves itself the path to being the market leader. ADIDAS. has remained alert to the threat from foreign labels following the removal of quantitative restrictions on the import of watches. BVLGARY Titan‘s portfolio comprises of products from Rs.3500-10000.

and more so ever value for money. This unique concept plays well for titan to offer a wide range of products with the Indian touch and providing the customer a well designed international store. Titan manages to cater to these segments with the Nebula. combining new products with the old ones which one no one in the watch market can boast of are some of the techniques none in the upper market can do. Hugo boss. Rado Sonata Hmt maxima Nebula Titan Citizen xylys Rs.dior Fastrack Esprit. the world watch (a part of it). the Insignia. The titan portfolio in these ranges boast of steel watches. Market map Raymond weil. a wide dealer network. Swatch. the Edge. the edge.500 1000 2000 4000 5000 10000 30000+ Tag huer. a gold plated watch. Competition is head on with such companies which are gaining importance in today‘s society. and the World Watch – International Styling Indian Prices. the slimmest watch in the world. couples watches. C. an international store. Moving on further up the pricing ranges we come to a market which is not price sensitive but wants an exclusive product and who do not mind paying the price. Carrera . the gifting technique. DKNY. Rado which is known for its expensive diamond watches. wide dealer network . Thus broadly speaking TITAN has 60% of the watch market in India Today because companies existing have a niche market where as TITAN gives the flexibility to the customer to choose a watch more or less than his budget giving him the same guarantee. Tissot Omega. the name TATA. the bandhan. These companies have a Niche market for themselves and pertain to a particular segment but Titan its more flexible in pricing offering more value for money. Giordano. the trendy youth watches. the use of festivals and occasions. selling on emotions. these products offer satisfaction and a sense of well being (based on research details).The steel collection. Fossil. distinguishing itself for example as the slimmest watch in the world giving oneself the identity no one can offer. have a niche for the top cream of the society. pure gold watches and combined with Tanishq which apparently has gained a status of its own jewellery with watches. the fast track. the World watch. the formal wear.

Bringing a smile to the community creates customer affection ensuring sustainability. to name a few. The company has made a positive change in the lives of over 2000 people. The company ensures that the harmony. Various work-place initiatives are conducted to achieve this: War on Waste . the company has formed a Community Development Forum. a mandate tomorrow. Efforts are made to engage the employees in programs designed to fulfill our ecological and social responsibility.an initiative that reduced the impact of manufacturing operations on the environment. tsunami relief work. 5. 2. HIV/Aids awareness. village adoption. With a dedicated force of 250 enthusiastic employee volunteers. At Titan Industries. community rehabilitation. Children‘s education Enabling the disabled Artisan parks Women‘s empowerment Environment management programmes Miscellaneous community initiatives Titan Industries‘ community initiatives are committed to build partnership for social development. The company‘s miscellaneous community development activities include orphanage support. 4. focus on sustainable initiatives and improve the quality of life of the communities where the initiatives operate. 3. The Company's credo towards CSR: Social Responsibility-an initiative today. peace and inclusive approach at work place are maintained. Corporate Social Responsibility is more than philanthropy it is an internal process that reflects the soul of the company. 6. eradication of child labor and environment protection.Community Development and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy The company‘s diverse CSR initiatives include: 1. Titan Industries believes that corporate responsibility begins with the employees. vision improvement program. This forum works towards mobilizing society and volunteers to make the community initiatives a success. . a program to provide work to rural unemployed women.

that provides housing to 1300 residents collaborating with NGOs MCA and Ashraya Employment . a signatory to the Global Compact. Other noteworthy awards for CSR include: • FICCI-SEDF Award for Social Responsibility • The Rotary Club of Bangalore Award for Corporate Citizenship • The PHDCII Award for Good Corporate Citizenship Ranked among the nation's best corporate citizens. Titan Industries is committed to take on the social responsibility and fulfill it with dedication. benefiting over 400 artisans Titan School and Titan Foundation for Education .for students in Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri districts (Tamil Nadu). Titan Industries. A few among these successful projects are: Titan Scholarship .a primary school with over 550 students. based on academic performance and socio-economic background for over 550 students form the economically backward section Titan Township – a sustainable community in Hosur (Tamilnadu). 2008 and 2009 respectively. Titan Industries has received the ‗President of India‘s Award' for employing the disabled. top ten and Top eleven companies in the ‗Karmayog CSR Rating of India‘s Top 500 Companies‘ in December 2007.to over 120 physically challenged people Karigar Park – a social entrepreneurship project with six parks. The company has also been ranked as one of the top four. . expanding to classes IX and X with a provision to accommodate 160 more students Meadow Project (Myrada) – a collaborated effort with self-help groups of rural women to provide gainful employment to more than 400 rural women in and around Hosur (Tamil Nadu) Recognition of CSR: As an appreciation of its significant contribution to the community welfare.Successful CSR programmes: Titan Industries has embarked on and completed several community development programmes as part of its CSR initiative. is a recipient of the prestigious ‗Helen Keller Award‘ and the ‗Mother Teresa Award‘.

and Tag heuer also pose as a major threat. Lack of futuristic approach Lack of flexible thinking. youth. Kids are fascinated with mobile phones rather than watches and incidentally.SWOT Analysis Strengths Watches as a fashion accessory Quality or price positioning Brand image Market segments with large potential: women. It also has an opportunity to enter into gadgets market. It also is the world‘s 5th largest watch manufacturers. of course. Weaknesses Main USP is the low cost watches. There is potential in the rural market as well. the budget-conscious and. Currently. Competitors like Seiko. Mobile phones also are nowadays preferred to know the time rather than watches. Visual Merchandizing has been Titan‘s strength ever since its inception. Customer value and offered after sales service in a showroom environment. Following a top management change in which Mr. . Titan is now set to be part of the larger Tata vision.000 people in a developed society. children. they show the time. Titan has a wide portfolio of watches.000 people. compared with 250 watches per 1. Titan ideology Operations at the Rs 727 crore Titan Industries Ltd is now set for more than just plain watch making. Another strength is that its parent company is TATA group. International tie-ups with Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger is also another strength. Casio. Exchanging offer can also be introduced. Opportunities Nearly 34 million watches are sold through gray market channels.. the big spenders. Also the fashion trends keep on changing. Titan also has a heavy financial support as well. Xerxes Desai as managing director and its successful VRS scheme (which saw the exit of close to 600 employees). sales in India stand at a low number of 25 watches per 1. Service centers are also very rare. Threats Too many players will dilute the market & the profit margin Low priced China watches are a major threat to Titan. sportsmen. Bhaskar Bhat took over from retiring Mr.

And Mr. For starters. India's first dual face watch with dual functionality and styling. Eventually.‘‘ Mr. Titan's latest offering. Titan is an established profitable concern. once again underscores the excellent collaborative work undertaken between Titan's Design Studio. Interestingly. the answer to Titan‘s prayer for an extended marketplace might just lie in a de-risking strategy which will segment its business and manufacturing capabilities into core product-related and non-product related OEM business (which has already commenced in a small way in the precision instruments/ parts supply arena). But this is not an American change-manager style of working. technology is expected to be a key driver for the company and Titan is pulling out all stops to explore how they could build in technology both from an operations point of view and a product related view. Bhat is quick to add. takes sophistication to a higher level with the introduction of FLIP. Interestingly. Bhat is of the firm belief that new initiatives would help it be part of the larger game plan and not just to change the way ongoing operations have been handled. Changes must be part of the future strategy. Watches in the FLIP collection incorporate two watch movements embedded in a single case. Titan has also made it to the select list of suppliers from the Asian region for a global automobile maker and expects to see a Titan made customized dashboard clock ticking on the cars for the global market. Titan Industries Limited today announced the launch of the latest innovation to hit the Indian watch market. The collection explores innovative constructions allowing for unique flips. Titan‘s future vision will begin right from the moment the Tata work-level program is rolled out across the company. FLIP. the Production Department and the R&D team. ‗‗Most people ask me what changes I am going to bring in for Titan. The dual faced watch allows wearers to switch between international time zones and alternative lifestyles be it formal or casual. with the mere flip of the dial. FLIP represents a . Innovation Reinforcing its technology leadership in the Horological industry. The FLIP creates dramatic appearance changes ranging from a stark minimal style to a very sporty one.

Priced between Rs 5495 and Rs 6500. "The biggest challenge during product development was in devising a series of innovative constructions and transforming each into unique and striking design expressions.that changed the face of the Indian watch industry. With this launch. the unique collection. will be available in 2 cases and 6 variants. Quadra and Interbrand. This provides the customer with the added benefit of using the watch without concerns of depletion of the power source. Bijou Kurien. As part of this collection. Titan Watches. The collection also features a watch in the ultra-light material — Titanium. we bring in a distinctive combination of style and dual functionality. which will definitely appeal to the evolving tastes and preferences of our discerning global customer. total quality management. Titan Industries began its operations with an innovative offering . Titan Edge.quartz watches . FLIP once again reiterates Titans technology and R&D capabilities. The AGS watches are available in 2 cases and 5 variants priced between Rs 7995 and Rs 8500. we opt for external expertise from leading consultants like McKinsey. 360-degree feedback process and benchmarking. one watch that I could wear on a shoot. They use cutting-edge business excellence tools such as Tata Business Excellence model based on the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Excellence. making us one of the pioneering. . "I think FLIP is the perfect accessory to complement my ever-changing lifestyle. It‘s extremely stylish and fashionable."The FLIP collection will be supported through a multi-media ad campaign across niche electronic media and select print publications. a formal evening or to a lounge bar. Innovative ideas at Titan Industries have led to significant achievements such as Single Point Solutions to every Original Equipment Manufacturer customer." Award winning designer and lead designer of the collection. said Mr. creating a bold new-age expression of style and technology. who unveiled the collection expressed. COO. To facilitate innovation. stated. Michael Foley.dramatic fusion of technological and structural innovation. Titan also announced the availability of watches with the Automatic Generating System feature. Special manufacturing techniques like MIM (Metal Injection Moulding) had to be used to keep the design features true to the original concept. is probably the best example of the spirit of innovation in the organization – a feat achieved in less than five years of their existence. global watch brands. The design ethos derives links to the form and construction of modern day bridges. Celebrated actor Akshaye Khanna. world‘s slimmest watch. The price points of the collection are yet another significant achievement for the product development team since it has been designed keeping in mind the evolving Indian customer.

Through a combination of contemporary style. 2 position in the Middle East. Singapore. Every international brand is available. Titan operates in the mid-premium price segment category. Apart from this arrangement. At the international level. Oman. Dubai. in a plethora of designs and prices. efficient after-sales service and focused advertising. Qatar and Bahrain.the slimmest watch in the world Titan is presently the market leader in its category in Oman and Bahrain. This launched the Titan brand of watches in the UAE. Titan emphasizes world-class quality supported by excellent after-sales service policy that goes beyond the international norms. Titan has successfully established its brand value internationally. there is a watch for everyone.Titan International Titan Industries entered the international watch market with their business endeavor in the Middle East in 1991. With over a hundred million satisfied consumers world over. attractively designed retail outlets. Arabs and Filipinos. Titan has put together an exceptionally appealing proposition for the people of these countries. Titan expanded to Asia Pacific in the late nineties.000 to the lowest-priced range that retails at $10. With innovative technology-driven products like Titan Edge . and at No.Titan Industries has distributors in every country it operates in. a company must have a wide distribution network. To succeed in this 'shopping mall of the world'. Thais. and Vietnam are some of the major countries where the brand is offered. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait were added in 1994. Oman. From luxury brands starting at $2. Malaysia. excellent quality and affordable prices. for every occasion. The distributors set up exclusive and multi – brand stores to sell Titan products. and has recently made a foray into South Africa. The watch industry in West Asia is extremely competitive. The customers include non-residential Indians as well as Vietnamese. These were issues Titan had successfully addressed at home. To remain a successful global player. retail also takes place via high street retailers. power retailers and department stores. Titan has further reinforced its thrust in the international markets by evolving products to suit the tastes of the local consumer as well as being contemporary keeping the current international trends in mind. Being the fifth largest integrated watch manufacturer in the world. That knowledge .

offering designs in tune with changing customer demands. through outdoor media. and Titan is their first choice in its category. They have exclusive distributors in each country. power retailers and department stores. Regalia and Edge collections are very well accepted. we offer world-class quality supported by excellent after-sales service that goes well beyond international norms. is much appreciated for its innovative technology. The process of gaining a foothold in this region has been one of intense learning for the company. of which 50 per cent are exclusively for the region. "Our pricing policy reflects the 'value for money' concept. Incidentally. Bhaskar Bhat. It got a first-hand feel of international competition and customer expectations.000 well-designed retail outlets that offer a pleasant shopping experience for the customer. but soon switched tracks to woo young consumers between 25 and 35 years of age. . Titan offers nearly 800 designs. radio and TV." The region has an excess of brands fighting for shelf space." says Mr. based on age and demographics. Being the sixth largest integrated watch manufacturer. the company positioned itself in the premium segment. head of sales for the Middle East and Africa. Chavadi. managing director of Titan. marketing is the key differentiation to separate the brand from the competition and make it stand out in the clutter. a Titan distributor in Dubai says. Ronald Rebello. They even helped us to compete against global brands when they entered our domestic market." The company has evolved from selling watches to developing special product ranges to suit the tastes of local customers. says: "These inputs were very useful." Titan has set up a large retail network. who set up exclusive and non-exclusive showrooms. Edge." says Mr. Initially.and experience would now be tested in the global markets. manager of ETW. who want distinctive fashion designs at affordable prices. As watches moved up from being just time measuring devices to fashion accessories. the highest priced one costing $100. Brand promotion is conducted year-round." With more than 250 brands throwing advertising at the consumer. and local players like Westar. Fastrack. "We operate in the mid-price segment against Japanese brands like Citizen and Seiko. "The Raga. Royale. Titan selects advertising media strategically. Chavadi. and also sell through high street retailers. The region has more than 1. the company kept pace. the slimmest watch in the universe. getting valuable inputs about handling foreign markets. Most people have more than one watch. in order to maximize its reach and visibility. Titan now targets its collections at specific customer segments. Titan watches retail at an average of $30.

The company is now looking at other Gulf countries to market its perfume. International Brands Tommy Hilfiger Watches Tommy Hilfiger. with a market share of 18 per cent.Sales promotion initiatives such as dealer and consumer promotions are held seasonally. natural. Titan is currently the market leader in watches — in its category — in Oman and Bahrain. spirited. "Some major customers are the Dubai Petroleum Company. fragrance. Expansion plans include new countries as well as new products such as 18-carat studded jewellery. Today. for greater mileage. It is number two overall in West Asia. Damas's stores in the UAE. one of the best-known American fashion brands. has its roots in Elmore. for which consumer testing is underway. New York. The look these watches represent is cool and classic. Oman and Qatar sell Tanishq 22-carat gold jewellery. fun and always fashionable. the customer segment is the same as for watches and jewellery. the company expanded its product portfolio. hip. "Titan has made good headway in institutional sales. the jewellery division contributes 20 per cent to Titan's business in the region. Titan recently launched a perfume called 'Evolve-100%' for test launch in Dubai. and the company is working to consolidate its position through an innovative and fashionable product line suited to local customers. The foray into perfumes is natural. The Tommy Hilfiger watches are crafted with precision and care and finished with unique signature details for unmistakable style. jeans. The brand is recognized world over for watches. Tanishq is retailed through an exclusive distribution tie-up with Damas — one of the largest retailers of gold jewellery in the Gulf. real. and backed by an exceptional marketing effort. Rebello. The designer styles with an unmistakable ‗Tommy twist‘ are offered with collections to suit different tastes." In 1997. Lipton and several leading banks. confident. The watches strike a cord with people who espouse the brand attitude of being optimistic. relaxed and spontaneous. The market is growing exponentially. moods and . launching Tanishq jewellery in West Asia." says Mr. Currently.

Hugo Boss watches are now available in India.occasions of wear. one of the world‘s most popular European brands. sharp acronym for French Connection United Kingdom. Hugo Boss watches were launched globally early this year. Titan Industries Limited has made Tommy Hilfiger Watches available in India at most ‗World of Titan‘ stores. French Connection set out to create well-designed fashionable clothing that appealed to a broad market. f c u k is a short. through unique design and a true sense of style the company has. leading multi-brand watch outlets. has its roots in Germany. Central and Lifestyle. The Hugo Boss watch designs connote European elegance and couture and are a symbol of power and sophistication. and eyewear. and fragrances. Hugo Boss Watches Hugo Boss. thanks to Titan Industries Limited. Watches complement and complete the portfolio. f c u k has been launched in select Large Format Stores and Multi Brand Outlers across the country by Titan Industries Limited. . shoes. accessories. over recent years expanded its portfolio into exciting new areas including men‘s and women‘s toiletries. French Connection Watches Founded in 1972 by Stephen Marks. watches. jewellery. It is now one of the strongest brands in Britain and operates in over 25 countries. and department stores like Shoppers Stop. Hugo Boss is known for shoes. Having established a strong core clothing business.

there is steady decline in the Specific Energy Consumption. Specific Energy consumption: . Since then Titan has been involved in continuous improvement and energy conservation. The core team led by the unit head – Chief manufacturing Officer. which depicts continual reduction in energy consumption over the last several years due to our sustained efforts to conserve it with the implementation of various energy conservation projects & measures to increase the efficiency of the equipments. Energy Conservation Commitment.Energy consumption Titan has implemented various Energy conservation projects as on going practice. Policy and Set up Titan visualized the importance of Energy conservation way back in 1995 – 96. Last 10 years specific energy consumption figures are shown below.

The unit also committed to preserve its safety of its employees. Quality of the treated effluent used for landscaping will be analyzed and it will be within in the CPCB/TNPCB norms. a) Water Effluent In our manufacturing facility two streams of water effluent are generated one is domestic and another is Trade effluent. Domestic effluent includes the stream from sewage and sullage (from canteen operations) are collected in common collection sump and it is treated by conventional biological process and 100 % recycled back into landscaping. Trade Effluent Electro plating is one of the most important processes in a horological industry. products and services by specific actions to upgrade the environment and safety. Effluents generated from these processes (90 KLD) are treated at the dedicated .Energy Policy: Environment and Safety Titan Industries Limited is committed to making a net contribution to the environment by minimizing the impact of its activities. cylinder warming and A/C Cooling tower.

Quality Management Systems Standards Titan and the Environment . b) Air Gaseous emissions from electroplating process. Stacks and the exhausts are analyzed and SPM standards are maintained as per the norms. gold recovery processes. The Company is also extremely conscious of environmental issues and has been recognized in this regard by the Hosur Industries Association. .ISO 14001 but going beyond Compliance Titan's products and services have very little or marginal impact on the environment. During buffing / polishing operation dust and suspended particulate matters are released and same has been treated by cyclone separator and bag filters before exhausted through chimney. The Company has been certified under ISO 14001 EMS standards. gold stripping processes are exhausted through stack after treating through counter current packed bed scrubbers. C) Solid waste management The solid wastes are generated during the treatment of process effluent are collected in plastic barrels stored under roof and periodically disposed to the in-house Secured landfill facility The Company is proactive in its approach towards the Environment and is compliant with statutory and regulatory requirements. Titan adheres to all related legal and statutory requirements. In addition equivalent amount of fresh water intake for the electro plating processes has come down. Jewellery as well as the Precision Engineering Divisions are certified under ISO 14000:2004 Environment Management System Standards and under ISO 9001:2000. The Watch.effluent treatment plants and further it is treated through Reverse Osmosis and Mechanical Evaporation System and 100 % recycled to the process and meeting zero discharge norms. Initiatives taken: · Minimizing the use of cyanides in plating by adopting non-toxic PVD technology. The Company's environment control results are continuously monitored with respect to both TNPCB and International Finance Corporation (World Bank) norms. · Eliminating the use of ozone-depleting substances ahead of the Montreal Protocol deadline.

. · Piloting the study of conversion of industrial waste into useful civil materials.Environment Management Award 2003 . · Promotion of rainwater harvesting at manufacturing locations.26 Lac kWh. · Adopting Vermi-composting for the conversion of garden / vegetable waste in to useful manure. · Recycling brass scraps.62 Lacs · Adhering to all statutory norms. · Cumulative Energy savings . As a culmination of all these initiatives.at the 5th World Congress on Environment Management. · Water consumption per watch down by 47%. · Brass scrap recycling back to process . · Waste water treatment with efficient effluent treatment and use for industrial cleaning and gardening.saving during 2002 . · Daily plant water consumption reduced by 28%. Awards and Recognitions: Titan Industries Ltd was adjudged one of the World‘s 50 ―Domestic Dynamos‖ by Boston Consulting Group in a survey of the top 50 fastest growing domestic companies countering multi national majors in their respective domestic markets through innovative products and marketing thus continuing to grow at an accelerated pace despite international competition.03 Rs. Results: · Energy consumption per watch reduced by 41%. Titan Industries is a signatory to the Global Compact and is committed to the implementation of the 10 principles of the Global Compact. Titan Industries is also guided by the principles of the Global Reporting Initiative. we received The Golden Peacock.· Minimizing the use of plastic packaging with eco-friendly materials. · Rainwater harvesting in 3 manufacturing locations.

Then there is Zoya.The Company also continued to be recognised for its product and retail brands and its innovations as under: .Won the Top Retailer 2007 Asia Pacific c . a line of exclusive and luxuriously-fashioned boutiques launched last year that cost about Rs150 million each to set up. gift delivery facility. The new store is just the latest in a number of unique retail experiments that Titan has undertaken. the glittering new Titan outlet in Bandra is what the company calls its flagship store. Titan is going all out to create and present a watch-buying experience that is beyond the ordinary. and is aimed at the designer jewellery market. the classy watch store that Titan opened in Bangalore to market about 40 premium and international brands in an upmarket ambience. Take. and loaded with a bouquet of customer services. . represents the new face of Titan Industries. a full service watch care centre. It is this store that best establishes the Titan identity — as the purveyor of unique and niche retail experiences. So why is the 291st store attached to a ‗flagship‘ tag? Simply because this Titan store. Titan has designed an array of customer services such as personalized laser engraving.500 models and designs.Titan the brand won Images Fashion Award for the ‗Most Admired Brand for the year 200708 for the 7th consecutive year‘. Launched in the first week of March 2010. all aimed at converting footfalls into satisfied customers. . Evoking the experience Titan Industries is leveraging its retail network of over 530 stores to enhance its identity as a lifestyle accessory company On a busy street in one of Mumbai‘s western suburbs lies one of the biggest watch retail showrooms in India.Titan Industries Ltd won the Images Fashion Award for the ‗Retailer of the Year‘. gift vouchers. . Helios. and so on.Titan Brand was ranked first amongst the consumer durables category in a survey by Economic Times.Won Marico Erehwon Innovations for India Award for the slimmest watch . Apart from the stylized and luxurious ambience of its stores.Titan Edge . spread over 2.500 sq ft.Bronze Award . this despite the company having 290 other Titan retail outlets spread across India and overseas. stocked with over 1. for instance.

Some of the noteworthy contributions are a state-of-the-art Titan township in Hosur. Family members are also made to feel welcome at Titan by including them in awareness programmes. house deposit allowances. transport. having bagged the 24th position across all industry categories and the first position in the Retail Industry category in the 'Great Places to Work' study instituted by The Economic Times. the stores are small (400-500 sq ft). Titan can be best described as a huge living organism pulsating with highly motivated and dedicated employees. internal and external accident benefits. long service awards. HR and Administration. bags.‖ The company provides a host of welfare measures such as a crèche facility at the manufacturing units. It also boasts of the Titan School. . cultural programmes. which is open to all the residents‘ children. celebrations such as Father‘s Day. It is built on the passion and emotion of its proud employees. The company also extends medical facilities and provides highly subsidized food to workers who are not on its rolls. Every employee is treated with care and concern and is allowed to grow and blossom.At the other end of the spectrum. belts. family picnics. death relief fund. Putting people first comes naturally to us. sunglasses. sports competitions. an act of kindness that goes beyond statutory requirements. medical. Titan is setting up teen-oriented stores for its Fastrack brand. gymnasium. an interest subsidy on housing loans. says. canteen. Spouse‘s Day. Putting people first A host of skill and talent development programmes along with processes that encourage and nurture employee involvement is what makes Titan Industries a great place to work Titan Industries is not a brick and mortar company. designed by renowned architect Charles Correa. A culture of camaraderie is evident in the enthusiastic celebration of all Indian festivals and special occasions such as birthdays. Loans for marriage. etc. S Ramadoss. factory visits. No wonder then that the company has won the ‗India‘s Best Companies to Work For . business meets. etc are offered to unionized and non-unionized employees. Over 600 families reside in this well-planned township. wallets and wristbands. ―Titan has always believed in the concept of Human Capital. vehicle loans. vice president. anniversaries. The company has been recognized for many ―firsts‖ both in terms of its products as well as employee initiatives.2009‘ award. etc. located near college campuses and cater to the college crowd by selling youth accessories such as watches.

‗Face of Titan‘. Mr. Mr. Employees are free to directly communicate with the . Titan‘s HR structure is designed so as to understand and cater to the needs of employees at every level. cultural activities. The company also has a strong culture of volunteering. These committees are related to the canteen. Retale. At the local level. and other community initiatives. This enables employees to play a more active role in their work lives. resolve grievances and counsel employees. Company representatives also visit newlyweds at their residence to congratulate them and give them gifts. But it isn‘t all play at Titan. Apart from this. The efforts of volunteers are actively supported by the management too. etc. The company has established a structure consisting of small group activities. Over 300 volunteers participate in blood donation camps.‖ These occasions are used by the management to communicate the goals and aspirations of the organization. etc. music. While the sports committee enables sportspersons to participate in local. The open house interactions are typically presided over by the MD and heads of key functions. a practice that has helped cement ties between the organization and employees and their families. Ramadoss adds. and Dream Team awards. Employees are recognized and rewarded for going the extra mile through a well drawn out three-tiered recognition programme. enable deployment of welfare measures and larger HR initiatives. Titan has also instituted a special recognition programme for frontline employees. ―More than 1. AIDS and environmental awareness. namely. Outstanding Titanian. and cross-functional teams to enable employees to express their ideas for making things better. safety. which is well entrenched within the organization.000 children participate in the Children‘s Day programme each year to display their talent in drawing. combines with the biannual open house interactions to instill confidence in employees that their opinions and views are important to the company. The UPEs are entrusted with the task of taking care of specific units within the company and acting as a single point of contact for employees. Champions. Moment of Fame. ―The UPEs communicate with employees.‖ The UPE system. suggestion schemes such as SEED and Idea Plus. the cultural committee hones employees' talent and encourages them to perform at special events within and outside the company. sports. Glitter Buzz. Employees with a flair for writing are encouraged to contribute to in-house newsletters such as NEWS BOX. namely. eye camps. there are regional HR executives and Unit Personnel Executives (UPE). ‗Super Stars‘ and ‗Look for Stars‘.Children‘s Day and community initiatives. the company has formed several committees through which employees can express their talents. Ramadoss says. painting. regional and national events.

sexual harassment. Ramadoss. Additionally. Training is also provided on stress management and yoga. "All categories of employees go through an average of two to five man days of training each year. The programme ensures that the organization has a continuous supply of high-potential individuals. They can also approach other managers to discuss official and personal issues.speak@titan. English and Hindi speaking. U. with designated office bearers and executive members representing various units. etc. personality development and grooming. . The company also encourages employees to take up higher studies.MD via email or phone. Often the management forms committees which specifically focus on understanding and resolving employee grievances. in turn. The growth and development of its people is very important to Titan. Mr.co. Ramadoss says. These are centrally monitored by HR. ensures that employee needs are catered to. Titanians. which is meant for grooming future leaders in the organization." says Mr. which will help them.‖ In addition. etc. have acknowledged the approach by naming it ‗a great workplace‘. Titan encourages its employees to participate in public events. seminars and competitions by providing additional training and mentoring. which encourages employees to express their concerns and complaints in a non-invasive manner. ―We have a formal structure to impart knowledge and skills through in-house as well as external training programmes. the presence of a formal union. address the aspirations of the talent and provide opportunities for career growth. The focus is to recognize high performance. The Tata philosophy is quite evident in Titan‘s approach towards its employees. People remembered it fondly. take leadership roles. ―Titan has a formal documented grievance redressal procedure. There are other formal structures that deal strongly with issues such as ethical conduct.‖There is a structured Talent Management process in place at Titan. associating it instantly with the watch brand that changed the face of the Indian timepiece market. Timing it right Titan has rewritten the rules of watch making to emerge as the brand of choice for Indians of all ages and from every strata of society The advertisements changed but the memorable melody that accompanied them remained the most popular aural mnemonic for Titan.in is another formal e-channel.

one of the largest integrated watch and jewellery manufacturers in the world and the world's sixth largest manufacturer of watches. functions and price. The company has achieved this success in the middle and upper middle class segments through its flagship brand. has completely altered the way Indians view timepieces. including the 3. a joint venture between the Tata group and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. No other watch brand in the country has the depth and skills of the award-winning design team at Titan. The designers had designed the watches. the company. could come up with just 200 models. State-of-the-art technology. Very early in the game. Today. the slimmest watch in the world and one of Titan's standout innovations. That the foray has been immensely successful is evident. more utilitarian than attractive. Titan marked the Tata group's entry into the precision engineering. The other big factor that makes Titan a winner is its tremendous range of offerings. . bearing in mind factors such as the buyer's age and taste. a remarkable differentiation in an Indian market where 95 per cent of watches sold were mechanical.600 designs. considering that Titan is the clear leader in the organized sector. It also helped smooth India's entry into an elite club of only four countries in the world that have been able to manufacture all the components of an analogue timepiece. Consumers could choose from a range of watches. the brand chose to work with quartz. timekeeping industry. Established in 1987.Watches in those days were staid objects. and in the mass market through its Sonata range. Into this field stepped Titan Industries. whereas other watchmakers.6 million watches every year and has a share of the Indian watch market that is more than three times that of its nearest competitor. The company had 350 different models at the launch stage itself. The establishment of Titan gave Indian wrists an object of beauty to sport.5mm thick Edge. excellent design abilities and innovative retail practices have transformed Titan's watches into lifestyle and fashion accessories. ready to rewrite the rules of the business. each different from the other in terms of looks. it is in the design and styling aspects that the brand's superiority has come to the fore. The company manufactures over 6. with a market share of over 50 per cent. While the accuracy of the time displayed by Titan's watches is guaranteed. Good design and innovative technology were hardly priorities for manufacturers. Titan set the standard on every parameter of watch-making excellence. The brand went on to justify its presence at the top and prove just why it is so comfortable there. taken together. and the occasion for which the watch was to be worn. The Titan watch collection now includes more than 1. In terms of technology.

which showcased Titan's concept of premium and sophisticated retailing. The Titan brand also included decorative table clocks incorporating classic and contemporary designs. the gold and diamond-studded luxury watches. and Raga.500 dealers across the world. Indian consumers nominated Titan the 'most admired brand in India' across all product categories. aimed at executives. Titan has consistently pushed the envelope. Nebula. Titan was rated one of Asia's top 200 companies (and among India's top 10) from 1994 to 1998 by the Hong Kong-based Far Eastern Economic Review. Steel. one of the four European countries where it has a sizeable presence. Titan has crossed domestic shores and is available in 30 countries. the others being Portugal. Titan is also the leading brand of choice throughout the Middle East. It has 2. Through the years. Fastrack. Business World nominated Titan as India's 'most respected consumer durables company'. a funky collection for youngsters. created for the woman of today. 175 in number now. ranging from 10 in Brunei to 300 in Spain. Greece and the UK. Appreciation for its product and brand qualities also came through several Indian and international awards. ranking among the world's largest network of branded watch outlets. Its focus on innovation. These showrooms. In 2001. The relentless endeavour to innovate and to be worthy of the trust that consumers have in its products is the hallmark of the pioneering Titan brand. topnotch technology and customer delight has helped it better itself and raise the bar for itself and its competitors. . In 2003. serve as a promotional tool for Titan.Titan also launched the Sonata sub-brand for budget-conscious buyers. in a first-of-its-kind survey conducted by The Economic Times. The act of shopping itself assumed the nature of an experience with the World of Titan showrooms. The large crowds that throng the showrooms are proof of the level of customer satisfaction that Titan has achieved.

Kids are very fascinated by mobile phones and incidentally they show the time as well. It also has great potential in the exchange market. It can keep exchange offers where customers can exchange their old watches for new watches at a discounted price. keep it constant and not let the quality deteriorate it can become the world‘s second or third largest watch makers or even first. This will bring a lot of revenue for the company. By looking into these small areas Titan can truly become the world‘s number one watch company since it has the potential. Nowadays people look at watches as a fashion accessory rather than a necessity.Recommendations Even though Titan is the fifth largest watch makers in the world. This makes Titan a class apart from other watch makers. Titan too needs to work on some of its flaws and try to avoid various threats. Titan can enter into the rural market with low priced watches and this will lead to better opportunities for the company. . The quality of Titan watches is one of their biggest strengths. they can also come up with innovative technology and designs in watches which will attract more and more customers. With the changing fashion trends. nobody‘s perfect. Titan can also give more importance to children‘s watches and come up with more attractive collections for them. One of the biggest threats is mobile phones. More and more collections should be introduced to cater to every need of all individuals. Its innovation is its key strength with inventing the world‘s slimmest watch and also making Braille watches. If they work on it.

Inspite of its international competitors people prefer Titan over watches like Hugo Boss. This has acted as an advantage because the quality products have automatically attracted profits over the years and also the trust of the customers as well. Creating the world‘s slimmest watch shows the creativity of Titan and how it has improved over the years. Tommy Hilfiger etc. . women empowerment and also coming up with a Braille watch for the blind. I have been hearing it since childhood which creates a very soothing effect on the listener. Titan has grown from being an Indian company to having showrooms and customers all over the world. The number of awards won by Titan shows the dedication and sheer excellence of the employees and the products. especially in India. I have got to learn about the various strategies used for marketing the various watch collections and also advertising. The main reason for this could be the price as well as the fact that Titan has created a place in the heart of people and is always preferred over other brands. Raga for bringing out the feminine side of women. It has become a global player in the watch industry.Experience and Learnings Titan is one of the most successful Indian brands. shows Titan‘s concern for the people who are less fortunate in society. With its various programmes like enabling the disabled. Bandhan to bring couples closer than ever and even Zoop to bring out the boldness as well as the innocence of children. Even though it has the ‗Tata‘ brand name it has been successful by using its own strengths and qualities for attracting the public towards its products. Advertising has played a very important role in the success of Titan as well. artisan parks. I feel very happy to see Titan do every little thing possible for the society. I have also seen that Titan cares about its environment as well and makes sure its production does not affect it in any way. Another interesting thing is its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In India and abroad every second person ha s a Titan watch. The Titan music is so memorable. I gained knowledge about the various strategies used by Titan to get to the position it is in today. Along with its regular business. In the course of the project. Fastrack to keep the young generation look cool and funky. Titan caters to every individual‘s needs with its varied collections of watches. This project has helped me learn a lot about the Indian watch industry. Innovation at Titan is quite remarkable. Over the years it has created its own place in the watch industry and has earned the trust and confidence of its customers. Titan surely believes in quality rather than profit making. It goes that extra mile to do its bit for the environment. which has excelled in the dynamic market with its constantly changing needs by using the market-product strategies with careful research of the consumers. It tries to reduce wastages and help protect the environment in every way possible.

My internet usage has improved to a great deal after this project and have learnt the practical work managers normally have to do. I have gained a lot of knowledge about Titan and have benefited a lot from this project. Overall. .I have made such an extensive project for the first time and it has given me great knowledge on how to make a project report.

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