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A) General Information (The following information will be used only for the
purpose of analysis and will not be shared with anyone)

Please tick the relevant boxes.

I. Total number of years in this organization:

Less than 1 year 1 – 5 years

6 - 10 years 11 - 15 years

II. Department :

B) For the questions that follow, please use the following scale to express the extent to
which you agree or disagree with the statement given in the questionnaire. Please tick:

1, if you ‘AGREE’ with the statement
4, if you ‘DISAGREE’ with the statement

Agree Somewhat Agree Somewhat Disagree Disagree
1 2 3 4

S.No. Statements 1 2 3 4
1) Please indicate your level of agreement with each of the
following statement:
a) My job is appreciated.
b) I am provided with all resources to perform.
c) The working conditions are good and safe.
d) I feel stressed in my job.
e) I like my job.

2) I am recognized as an individual.
3) I get support and teamwork from other departments in the
4) I understand the company’s objective and try to achieve the
5) The mission/purpose of the company makes me feel that my job
is important.
6) The departments formed with clear-cut goals/tasks to be
achieved by the team members.
7) The reporting structure is very easy and clear between my
superior and me.
8) My senior encourages high achievement by reducing the fear of
9) My senior clearly defines my job responsibilities.
10) My senior communicates to me the areas of improvement in my
11) My senior is objective, in terms of tasks assigned and outcomes
observed, while evaluating my feedback.
12) My senior, or colleagues at work, seems to care about me as a
13) The company makes efforts to identify my strengths and
14) The organization views its employees as assets.
15) I get an opportunity to do innovative things at work.
16) My views and participation are valued.
17) In this organization the tasks performed by an individual is
assessed with reference to ones experience and expertise.
18) The organization structure facilitates teamwork, which enhances
effective accomplishment of tasks.
19) Management has created an open and comfortable work
20) People who are hardworking and results oriented are praised and
rewarded in this organization.
21) The compensation paid in this organization is commensurate to
the responsibilities shouldered.
22) The compensation is satisfactorily reviewed from time to time.
23) The work accomplished by teams is periodically evaluated to
check its effectiveness.
24) In this organization the inter departmental communication is
effective and reliable.
25) The organization gives adequate paid leave.
26) The insurance scheme provided by the organization helps in
motivating employees.
27) The suggestion scheme provided by the organization helps in
the welfare of the employees and benefits the organization.
28) I am satisfied with the gratuity policy adopted by the company.
29) Management is flexible and understands the importance of
balancing my work and personal life.
30) I feel secure about my job.
31) My organization shows respect for a diverse range of
opinions,ideas and people.
32) I am accountable only to my boss.
33) Which qualities you like in your senior, Please tick the desirable
a) He/she practices the standards by setting personal example.
b) He/she communicates effectively, open-minded and trustworthy.
c) Does not hide any information pertaining to the department or
the task I am involved in.
d) Makes himself/herself easily accessible to discuss issues
pertaining to our job and personal needs.
e) He/she is a constant source of inspiration to all the team

34) Please rate the following , as per the preference level where 1 is least preferred
and 4 is most preferred : (Rate from 1to4)
(A) a) If the company regularly conducts cultural activities.
b) If the company takes care of employees transportation problem.
c) If the company contributes towards the employee’s child education scheme.
d) If the company remembers your birthday and anniversary.

(B) I can enjoy my late sitting if( Please tick the desired one) :
a) It is for the completion of work.
b) It provides extra money.
c) It provides food/snacks.
d) It provides compensation allowance.

Any suggestions : ________________________________________________________