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Butterfly WebQuest

Developed by Liz Grohal

This is a language arts lesson for K-2nd grade students. The students will be able to sequence the stages of the lifecycle of a butterfly. The students will be able to identify key vocabulary words and use these words to label illustrations. The students will need this lesson to be teacher directed in a computer lab. The class will work through the lesson together as a class. The students will be able to practice the Caterpillar song and movements, work on the craft

project and sequencing pages during their regular classroom time, as assigned by the teacher.

We are going to discover the lifecycle of a butterfly! As we work through this web quest we will learn about the different stages a caterpillar must go through to become a butterfly. We will encounter all kinds of fun activities.

Let’s watch this video and listen and learn the song about a caterpillar. Click on the Caterpillar

The Task
 We will listen and watch a video explaining the lifecycle of a butterfly.  We will move around or navigate through a website to label pictures.  We will play a game online to show our knowledge about the lifecycle of a butterfly.

 We will print out pictures of the lifecycle of a butterfly and sequence.  We will work in a group and learn how to make a paper plate butterfly lifecycle craft project .

The Process
1. We will watch the video of the butterfly lifecycle. Listen carefully to the names of the stages.

Click on the caterpillar or larva

2. We will now go into a website and label the pictures for the lifecycle of a butterfly.

Click on the chrysalis or pupa

3. Let’s see what you’ve learned! We will play a game about the lifecycle of a butterfly.

Click on the butterfly.

4. We will now print out the worksheet on the lifecycle of a butterfly and create a book. After you print, you will work on this sheet in the classroom. Remember color the stages, then cut out and put the pages in order and staple. 5CAF356F970876131DDFCE70D977C4C80C72&FORM=IQFRBA#view=detail&id=D8AC5CAF 356F970876131DDFCE70D977C4C80C72&selectedIndex=0

Click on the butterfly

5. We will look at a picture of the lifecycle craft project we are going to make in the classroom. We

will work in groups. Each student in the group will complete one stage of the lifecycle using the materials provided by the teacher. Each group will share their lifecycle craft project.
Click on the leaf


 The resources or materials you will use to complete the sequencing worksheet and the lifecycle craft project are:       Printer Crayons Scissors Paper plate Glue Materials-leaf, macaroni, sticks, markers

After your work is finished, you and the teacher will complete the worksheet that best describes your work on this Butterfly Web Quest.

Circle the face that best describes your work. 1. I sequenced the pages of my book correctly.  2. I learned the lifecycle of the butterfly.    3. I helped my group by completing my section of the lifecycle craft project.   

In conclusion, you have learned so much about the lifecycle of a butterfly. You also worked in a group to create a project. You will use all this information as we continue to learn about butterflies. Listed below are some other great websites we can look at to learn more.

 