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30/11/2013 Your re ! 0"#$"%

Materialist Bravery Awards

Dai Andthatsit Materialist Bravery Awards Committee Humanism House 17 Mortality Lane &andiville Daw'inshire &(12)*LA

Dear Mr Harris+ ,t -ives me -reat .leasure to in orm you that/ in a00ordan0e with the de0ision o our Committee/ you have met the ne0essary 1uali i0ations and are hen0e orth to have your e2istin- Materialist Bravery Award B&3456 u.-raded to 7,L(6&+ 8he de0ision to de0orate you with this .resti-ious award was 9e0ause o your 0ommitment to s0ien0e and reason: and also your 0oura-e/ .ra-matism and sel ) dis0i.line+ 7u0h 1ualities have led you to re;e0t the alsehood o a Li e A ter and/or Beyond Death+ You have there ore shown that you are e2tremely su.erior to those in erior .eo.le who hold su0h mysti0al 9elie s+ Yours sin0erely/ Dai Andthatsit <eneral 7e0retary o the MBA 4ominations Committee+

, your MBA is 4ot a i2ed =lease let us 'now