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Ximin Zhao Professor Dutta Engl 1101 11/29/13

Different class styles in different countries

Education decides the level of development of a country. Also, education condition is decided by environment, the government and economy. Therefore, different countries have different class styles and different literacy environment for people which belong to their own country. I got some pictures from the internet which will show different points that in different countries class.

American senior high school. In America, students go to school at 7:30 am, school closed at 2:15pm. They have six classes in a day. American students who attend the public school do not need to wear uniform, but if they attend the private school they need to wear uniform. Most of

them have good classrooms, and have chance to get education. American students have many time after school. They can attend the activities that they like.

Japanese senior high school. In Japan, students go to school at 7:30am; they will have 5 to 6 classes in a day. In the afternoon, they usually attend some activities such as clean classrooms, go to playground and reading in library. They need to wear uniform all time in any senior high school. Also, there are two kinds of uniform, one of them be worn in summer the other be worn in winter. Most of Japanese students get good classroom and get the education opportunity.

Indian senior high school. In India, students go to school at 8:00 am, the schools closed at 2:00 pm. Go to school is a happy thing for Indian students, because they can get 120 days holiday in a year. In India, most of private schools have better literacy and education condition than public schools. Therefore, the parents are rich will send their kids to private schools and the poor parents will send their kids to public schools. In India,

Chinese senior high school. In China, students go to school at 6:30 am, the school close at 10:15 pm. The only one goal is get a good grade in final exam so that they can go to a good university. Also there are private schools and public schools in China, but they all need to wear the uniform. There are many poor kids can not get the chance to go to middle school.

In England, students go to school at 8:40 am, and schools closed at 3:30 pm. After that they can attend some interesting activities. Most of them have 2 to 3 hours homework time to do their homework. English students like to make their own schedule for study. Also they like to go to library to read and find some resource. The library is an important place for English students.

The education in Afghanistan can not be continue in middle high school level. First, the country is in the war right now. Second, Taliban control the country, they forbid women get education opportunity. Third, many poor family still ask their kids to read and learn knowledge, but they get a very bad and poor literacy environment.



In French, there is not a definite time for going to school. The time need depends on the schedule of students. There are 80% students go to public schools. They do not have class in Wednesday afternoon and Saturday afternoon. They do not have a definite classrooms, they need to change classrooms depends on the kinds of the course. In middle schools, faculties set up the wall around the campus, because they must insure that students a safety. French students also have final exam, the grade in final exam decided the university that they can go. Consequently, students have different life and get different literacy environment in different countries. Some of them get nice environment, but other can not. In spite of there are different class styles, study can make a person change stronger and wise.