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Job descriptions:

Quality Assurance Manager

1. Ensure that the Quality Management System is implemented and maintains its effectiveness in accordance with applicable standards (ISO !!1" #. Manage internal audit and corrective$preventive actions% programs to maintain ISO certification and regulatory compliance. &. Manage Quality 'ssurance functions to assure that all products manufactured meet customer( company( )uality( and regulatory re)uirements. *. Manage and implement with his team +roduct( +rocess( and Supplier 'udits. ,. Manage and implement with his team Measuring tools( welding -igs calibrations. .. /iaise with 0ustomers( and after sale service centers to handle and -udge customers% complaints. 1. 2eed bac3 all non conformities and customer issues to all internal departments( and follow up corrective and preventive actions.

Quality Control Manager

1. Manage( coordinates( and performs re)uired activities in the area of a )uality control program( designed to ensure continuous improvement and release of products consistent with established standards( Engineering 4rawings( and procedures. #. 0reate all needed chec3 lists( travelers( tests( and procedures needed to monitor and control product( and process )uality. &. 2ollow up in daily basis all production lines% )uality control tem( and activities. *. Manage and implement with his team( all needed corrective and preventive actions. ,. 'naly5es statistical data( and design re)uired measures( tests( chec3ing procedures to maintain product and process )uality. .. /ead and share in all )uality improvement activities. ( Quality 0ircles( Meetings( +ro-ects" 1. 2eed bac3 all non conformities( raised from production line( to all internal departments( and follow up corrective and preventive actions.

System& Process& Product Audits Section Head

1. #. &. *. ,. 0reate all system( product( and process audit plans /ead and share with his team in carrying out all audit plans +repare and feed bac3 non conformity reports of all implemented audits. 2ollow up completing and implementing of corrective and preventive actions. +repare reports to reflect products( and process )uality levels.