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You can configure probes and probe parameters by including the probe statement and its attributes at the [edit services rpm] hierarchy level using Junos OS CLI as below.
owner owner { test test-name { data-fill data; data-size size; destination-interface interface-name; destination-port port; dscp-code-point dscp-bits; hardware-timestamp; history-size size; moving-average-size number; one-way-hardware-timestamp; probe-count count; probe-interval seconds; probe-type type; routing-instance instance-name; source-address address; target (url url | address address); test-interval interval; thresholds thresholds; traps traps; } }

For more information about configuration statements at the [show services rpm probe] hierarchy, see the JUNOS Services Interfaces Configuration Guide. Note: You can use either the Junos OS CLI configuration or the J-Web graphical user interface (GUI) or SNMP to view and configure the fields listed in Table 5. The following sections contain more information about using the Junos OS CLI and J-Web GUI for configuring and monitoring RPM.