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Northerners Perspective

How to argue/facts

Southerners Perspective

How to argue/facts

Compromise of 1820

They were less favorable of it because they gained less land from it.

In the compromise the south gained entire Missouri while the north only small Maine.

They were more favorable of it because they initially gained more land. They were highly against it because the northern gain of California was a imbalance in senate votes, which resulted in the north gaining more power

The south were able to obtain Missouri which was located above the 36 30' line. Even though the Fugitive slave Act was enacted in favor of the south it was loosely enforced in the north .

Compromise of 1850

They were highly favorable of it because they were able to obtain California as a free state.

Since California was between the 36 30' California was just admitted as a free state

Runaway Slaves

The North were in favor of it.

The northerners wanted to help black slaves be free by helping the go through the underground railroad where there were people such as Harriet

They were highly against it.

The south believed that this was unconstitutional because they were losing their property, which they paid for themselves.

Tubman helping them. Fugitive Slave Law The North were not in favor of it and did not enforce it in their territories The once the slaves pass the 36 30' they should have been free, since slavery is forbidden there, but if they are forced back then that is against the compromise Popular Sovereignty The northerners were highly against it because it allowed states to be slave states Allowing the people decide could be very dangerous because most of them do not know what is best for them. This could also allow slavery to flourish throughout the nation Kansas-Nebraska Act The northerners were highly against The entire Nebraska territory The southerners highly favored it The Kansas state would help The southerners were in favor of it because it gave the states a chance to have slaves in it The people are the ones who should decide if slavery should be legal or not, since it is their land that they live in. The south were highly favorable of it because it brought back runaway slaves. The south considered slaves as their property, so this law is completely just since it protects their rights to keep their property.

it because it split the proposed Nebraska territory into two states: Kansas and Nebraska in which they would choose their slavery status based on popular sovereignty

should had been part of the North since it was above the 36 30', and if this act was enacted then it would shatter the Missouri compromise that has been standing for 34 years

because it gave them the Kansas state.

equalize the imbalance in senatorial powers between the north and south. The north were also able to get the highly desirable railroad.

Bloody Kansas

The northerners were in favor of it because they fought for what they thought was right

The northerners had groups of people that were armed sent to Kansas to repel the southerners, because they believed that Kansas should not

The southerners were highly against it because Kansas was suppose to be a slave state but there are northerners invading their land

According to the Kansas-Nebraska Act, Kansas had become a slave state and if the northerners are fighting for Kansas to become free they are breaking the law.

be a slave state and and fighting off instead should be free. Uncle Tom's Cabin The northerners were in favor of this It helped people from across the The southerners were highly the southerners

This booked prevented much

book written by Harriet Beecher Stowe.

nation to realize how horrible slavery really was and that it should had been stopped. It also gathered much supporters for the abolitionists cause.

against it

support to come to the South from European countries because their people were struck with Tom's Fever.

Dred Scott Case

The northerners were not in favor of it because it was an insult when the supreme court did not allow the slave Dred Scott be free when he lived in the free state of Illinois for 5 years.

The northerners believed that Dred Scott should had been freed because he resided in free soil for much time, which should had guaranteed his freedom.

The southerners were in favor of it because it gave new rights and powers to the slave owners

The case concluded that slaves were property so slaves could not have been free even if they resided in free states, and that the Missouri Compromise had been repealed when the KansasNebraska Act had been enacted.

John Brown

The northerners highly supported

They considered him as a martyr

The southerners were highly

John Brown had killed innocent

John Brown's cause as he invaded and captured the federal arsenal in Kansas.

and praised him as a hero. Northerners believed that his execution was harsh and uncalled for.

against his unjust cause and considered him as a murderer

people during his raid and was probably crazy, so how was he a hero.

Election of 1860

The northerners were highly in favor of their outcome as Lincoln was elected as president out of the 3 other nominees from south democrats, north democrats, and Constitutional Union

Lincoln of the Republics was the best choice because he had no enemies and favored the stopping of slavery extension.

The south were not in favor of Lincoln's win and decided to secede out of the Union

They did not want a president who highly favored against slavery and would rather secede away from the Union