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Teacher: Meghan Litchfield Mentor: Renae Whitaker Subject: Algebra 2

Daily Lesson Plan Form

Grade Level: 11th and 12th

Campus/District: Date: October 10, 2013 Caddo Mills High School Overall Goal of Lesson: The purpose of this lesson is to introduce matrices. It introduces finding the dimensions of matrices, adding/subtracting matrices, and multiplying matrices by a scalar. Instructional Objectives: Students will be able to identify the dimensions of matrices. Students will be able to add and subtract matrices. Students will be able to multiply matrices by a scalar. Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS) & ELPS: (typed out completely) (2A.1) The student uses properties and attributes of functions and applies functions to problem situations. (B) collect and organize data, make and interpret scatter plots, fit the graph of a function to the data, interpret the results, and proceed to model, predict, and make decisions and critical judgments. Key Vocabulary: Matrix, Element, Row, Column, Equal Matrices, Adding Matrices, Subtracting Matrices, Scalar, Distribute

Higher Order Questions: When can matrices not be added and subtracted? How do you determine if two matrices are equal? How do you make two matrices equal? Student Activities: (Keep in mind the following: Scaffolding, Independent or Cooperative activities, Groupings, Reading,
Writing, Listening, Hands-On/Minds-On, Connections to previous knowledge, etc)

Grading homework, taking notes, making connections to previous knowledge to learn something new (distributing and order of operations), beginning extra practice/homework assignment Modifications/ELL Strategies Anticipatory Activity for Lesson: The activity for this A modification would be handing out a lesson is completing examples in the notes. The examples copy of the notes for a student so they do in the notes are finding dimensions of matrices, adding and not have to copy them down. For an ELL, subtracting matrices, and multiplying matrices by an provide the student with definition example. The last few examples are putting the translations in their first language. adding/subtracting and multiplying by a scalar together. Time Allotted Teacher Input/Lesson Activity: Take attendance. Have students get a calculator if have not 5 min. done so yet. Pass back any papers if necessary. Pass out notes for lesson.

10 min

10 min

Modeling: Go over new definitions with students. Work example for each type of problem that we will be covering during the lesson (finding dimensions, adding/subtracting, multiplying by a scalar). Guided Practice: Have students lead teacher through examples on notes. Ask students leading questions to help them understand the problems. Independent Practice: Have students work problems in notes by their self. After students are done, choose a different student to come solve each problem on the board and show the class how they completed the problem.

10 min

5 min

Lesson Closure: Ask students questions after the notes to see what they comprehended in the lesson and to see how well they understand the new material on matrices.

Assessment Methods/Strategies: Hand out homework assignment to students. Allow them to work on assignment till bell rings. Walk around the room to monitor students and direct 5 min them through the problems if they do not understand or need help. Resources (supplies, equipment, software, etc.): ActivInspire, Promethean Board, Graphing Calculator

Reflection: This lesson is new material for the students. It is the beginning information over matrices. Students should not have much trouble with this lesson, even though it is new material. This gives students insight on dimensions of matrices and when dimensions matter for adding/subtracting matrices. This lesson also shows that order of operations matters for matrices as well and the distributive property is used for matrices.