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Chocolate Gingerbread QUADS You need to use QUARTER of these quantities. 6 g !

lain flour " g cocoa # tbs$ ground ginger #% g butter& cubed #% g bro'n sugar #( g golden s)ru$ You 'ill need* +a,ing $arch-ent Coo,ie cutters !lastic stra's .cing and s$rin,les Ribbon /ethod ". 0eat o1en to "( C2Gas %. #. !ut the flour& cocoa& ginger& butter and sugar in a $rocessor& and 'hi33 until )ou can4t see an) lu-$s of butter. Dribble in the s)ru$ and $ulse to a s-ooth dough. 5. Ta,e about half the dough at a ti-e and roll out bet'een # sheets of ba,ing $arch-ent to the thic,ness of a 6" coin. !eel a'a) the to$ la)er of $arch-ent and use coo,ie cutters to -a,e sha$es 7 lea1ing about #c- bet'een each sha$e as the) 'ill s$read as the) coo,. !eel a'a) the dough tri--ings and lift the $arch-ent 'ith the sha$es onto a ba,ing tra). %. +a,e for "# 7 "8 -inutes until fir-. 8. Re-o1e fro- o1en and use a $lastic stra' to -a,e a hole for hanging. 9or, quic,l) 7 if the biscuits cool and harden too -uch& the holes 'on4t be as neat 7 then $o$ the tra) bac, in the o1en to re:'ar- for " -inute.