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Dear Charity Golf Coordinator,

I hope this letter finds you well. Please let me have a brief moment of your time. In 2005, my daughter
Kallie was born with a massive congenital heart defect. Three open heart surgeries later we are blessed
with a vibrant, adorable two year old with her life in front of her to live. My wife and I realize each day
just how fortunate we are. To date, I have been the coordinator of multiple charity golf outings to raise
awareness and revenue to fight this terrible disease. Upfront, I am not selling anything, however I am
spreading the word on a fantastic new product that I have developed, specifically designed to generate
revenue at charity golf outings.

The name of my company is MgolfOnline, and enclosed you will find our marketing collateral, and more
importantly how we can help you. Not only have we been highly successful as an revenue generator, but
we have received endless rave revues from participating golfers. The best news is that there is no out of
pocket costs for our services --- WE WANT TO HELP!

HOW IT WORKS Let us provide a unique service that is sure to enhance your next charity event --
award winning video swing analysis. Video swing analysis is widely recognized as one of the most
effective training tools in the industry, yet 90% of golfers have never even seen their swing. Mgolfonline
allows the golfer to capture, view, analyze, and pinpoint flaws simply and precisely. All uncertainty is
removed when you see yourself in side by side comparison with a PGA Tour Players. We can also
advertise your or charity on each analysis creating a wonderful memento. Let us help you create additional
revenue stream for an important cause.

HAVE CAMERA WILL TRAVEL We will travel! One of our professional mobile video teams will
gladly set up shop at your place of convenience (see enclosed). If you do not have a suitable hitting area,
we will provide all pertinent equipment, with safety at the forefront. Within 48 hours swings will be
analyzed in our analysis lab by our certified PGA teaching professional, and emailed to participating
golfers! Our dynamic software is industry rated number one, and has recently been acclaimed in the Wall
Street Journal.

Thank you for your time an consideration and I look forward to speaking with you in the near future.

Yours in fund raising,

Matthew Mulvihill

VP of Strategic Development

“The swing analysis was a great idea. I couldn’t wait to get to work on Monday
morning so I could open my email and get my lesson”

Keith Christie
CEO Christie Enterprises

“Excellent, excellent! You guys did a great job and were the hit of the tournament.
We want you back next year.”

Stan Tworetsky
CEO Holdings Inc.

“We made close to $1700.00! Fantastic feed back from many golfers. Can we have
you back next year?”

James Galvin
CFO Clinton Nurseries

“Thank you for a job well done. Every one was giving you kudos at the awards
ceremony. The charity made money and participants were happy… so I am happy.”

Dr. M. John Sheppard

Greenwich, CT

Charity Events, Tournaments and Outings. Enhance your next function with a unique gift! A pioneer in
internet video golf instruction, has combined their talent for teaching golf with their
expertise in video swing analysis to provide a unique gift for tournament golfers… a personalized video
lesson for every player in your event.

SCENERIO 1: SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Enhance your outing by providing a video

sponsorship for service. Each video is embedded with a graphic display that can include
the sponsor’s logo and personal message. Instead of redundant “give a ways” such as tees, hats umbrellas
etc… why not use us as a fantastic gift to reward your generous participants’

For example: “Home Depot would like acknowledge and thank each participant for supporting this noble
cause. Please enjoy your personal video swing analysis and best wishes.”

SCENERIO 2: NO OUT OF POCKET COSTS! We are willing to provide our services on a

contingency basis. We are amiable to negotiate a substantial percentage of the proceeds as a contribution to
your charity. A win, win situation for all!


analysis as part of the tournament package, but pass the costs onto the golfers, and MGolfOnline will give
back a substantial amount back to the charity.

HOW IT WORKS It’s easy and user friendly. MGolfOnline sets up our video equipment on a
designated tee box. As players pass through, we capture their swing both side view and down the line

No slow down of play

Each players golf swing is critiqued by our staff PGA Professional
Video Lesson are emailed directly to participants (sponsor, charity logos or message included)
Again, we are amiable to negotiate a substation percentage of the proceeds as a contribution to the charity.