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Part A: Flag Ceremony Part B: Simultaneous Character Parade Part C: Program I. Opening Remarks.Shella C. Navarro Principal II.

Story TellingKihlua Nichols Hermoso Grade II Pupil II. Introduction of Judges and the Criteria for Judging (Best in Character Costume ..Jennifer Oruga III. Presentation of Characters..Kinder, Grade I and II Pupils IV. Awarding .Cherry May Santiago a. Spelling Quiz Bee Grade I, Grade II, Grade III Grade VI V. Presentation of Characters .Grade III and IV Pupils VI. Awarding ..Regina Quintana a. Word Factory Grade V Grade VI VII. Presentation of Characters Grade V and Six Pupils VII. Awarding .. Jennifer Oruga a. Battle of the Bookworm Teachers Category VII. Special Number..Red Cross Candidate Grade III VIII. Awarding .. Josephine Lucero a. Best in Character Costume IX. Closing Remarks..Adelinda Dollesin