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Secondary (6-12) English & Performing Arts Teacher
Reading & Literacy Resource Specialist
College Preparation & Awareness Coach
C.A. Reading Certificate Expected May 2016
C.A. Secondary Credential: English Expected May 2014
C.A. Substitute Teaching Permit September 2011
M.A. English Language Arts & Literacy, Loyola Marymount University
Secondary Teaching Credential in English
Reading Certificate
G.P.A. 4.0/4.0
Expected May 2014
B.A. African American Studies, California State University, Northridge
Concentrations in Urban Education, Literature, and Theatre Arts
Honors Graduate
G.P.A. 3.98/4.0
May 2010

Oscar De La Hoya Animo Charter High School 2013 - Current
English Teacher & Drama Coach
Teach World literature for sophomore class, Academic English Essentials for students with a Lexile level between 200-900,
Expository Reading and Writing Course (ERWC) for senior class. Coach & founder of the Drama Team and Performing Arts

Animo Jackie Robinson Charter High School 2012 - 2013
SPED Instructional Aid
Administer remediation instruction for a single student in all academic subjects and work towards IEP goals.

Environmental Charter Middle & High School
Substitute Teacher
Stood in for teachers in their absence delivering lessons and managing classrooms for diverse student populations from west
and south Los Angeles.

Miguel Contreras Learning Complex
Leadership Development Instructor
Taught Community Organizing for 9
grade Academic Leadership Academy students in Downtown, Los Angeles. Designed
curriculum using mixed media, social justice activism, and hip hop pedagogy. Helped students complete leadership
requirements towards graduation.

California State University, Northridge
Teachers Assistant
Assisted the professors with design and delivery of lessons for several undergraduate classes including Hip Hop and Politics,
Political Institutions, Black Women in Contemporary Times, and Social Justice Movements. Administered exams on test
days. Ensured students met service-learning components to each course providing them with volunteer opportunities and
evaluating their performances.

North Hollywood High School & East Valley High School
Administrative Intern & Mentor
MenLored a caseload of 60 sLudenLs LhroughouL hlgh school Lowards college goals. 1aughL summer school for Algebra 1 & 2, CeomeLry,
and Lngllsh 9 & 10. 1uLored year-round ln varlous sub[ecLs. ueslgned and lmplemenLed college preparaLlon programs for sLudenLs and
parenLs. laclllLaLed afLerschool programs for sLudenLs and parenLs.

Sun Valley Middle School & Walter Reed Middle School
Facilitator & Mentor
1aughL college knowledge course for grades 7 and 8. ueslgned currlculum and classroom managemenL sLraLegles. Chaperoned fleldLrlps
for groups of 30 or larger.

6+ years in college awareness and preparation for middle to high school aged students.
6+ years mentoring at-risk, urban youth ages 12 and up.
3+ years in parental engagement and community outreach.
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Loyola Marymount University
Graduate Research Assistant
AsslsL vlce resldenL ln research and publlcaLlon endeavors
Search daLabases for relevanL arLlcles and sources
WrlLe llLeraLure revlews and edlL arLlcles for publlcaLlon

Media Done Responsibly (formerly Mothers Day Radio)
Director of Curriculum Development & Community Partnerships
ueslgn and plloL Mu8 currlculum and summer programs
CulLlvaLe relaLlonshlps wlLh currenL and poLenLlal sponsors and donors
WrlLe granL proposals and reporLs Lo corporaLe, foundaLlon and governmenL funders
uevelop and expand lndlvldual donor base, annual glvlng campalgn and ma[or glfLs
Crganlze and malnLaln granLs calendar
8esearch and secure asslsLance ln company developmenL, leadershlp developmenL, volunLeer recrulLmenL, program
evaluaLlon and communlLy engagemenL
ueslgn and lmplemenL soclal medla and markeLlng sLraLegles

Families In Schools
Program Associate
ueveloped and revlsed college and career preparaLlon Currlculum for parenLs, mlddle school and hlgh school sLudenLs
lmplemenLed college and career preparaLlon programs aL varlous mlddle schools, hlgh schools and communlLy cenLers
laclllLaLed Lralnlngs and personal developmenL of Leachers, lnLerns and volunLeers
ueslgned survey and evaluaLlon Lools Lhen analyzed and assessed program ouLcomes based on collecLed evaluaLlon
lanned large evenLs lncludlng banqueLs, press conferences, and personal developmenL Lralnlngs

Available upon request

2+ years of development, grant writing, and building community partnerships.
SDAIE & ELD Curriculum Design CPR & First-Aid Certified Theatre Arts, Design, & Technology
Culturally Responsive Teaching Integration of Media & Technology Facilitation & Training